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I really need your help guys. A series of unfortunate events have been occurring in my life and I’ve finally decided that I will not let what’s left of my family to completely fall apart this 2017. My mom is going through a lot. One of the cases, being scammed a few weeks ago and I want to help her earn her money back so I can continue my education for the upcoming school year as well. We have no one else to go to for help. My mom, and my 3 siblings is my only family while the others are either dead or have prejudiced against us.

I will not go to detail on this because I do not want you guys to feel bad for what’s happening. I just really need help, not just for me but for my family.

If you’re interested, you can contact me through my email:

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you’re a king, so you must have some grandiose justice as facade, but i understand, even if you don’t tell me. you can’t continue to live without directing your wrath at someone, right? even after you defeat them, you will transfer that hate to someone else, right? the two of us will probably keep on fighting everything in this world that rejects us, even after there is no one left in the world. because we’re that kind of human after all. and that’s fine with me. by doing that, you will become my king who will push forward no matter what, because we have to fucking break that shitty destiny of this world. we will fight to the death. are you ready for that?

  • Diane: You kept it from me all this time. I knew something was going on! You let me hold her hand and wipe her tears, and all the time she was to blame! And you let me believe he was capable, that Andy could do such a thing?
  • Robert: We had to keep it quiet if we had any hope of getting proof against them.
  • Diane: And you couldn't trust me to keep it to myself?
  • Aaron: Because you're too honest, Diane, and Robert knows that. He knows Chrissie would have been able to see it all over your face if you hadn't told her straight up yourself.
  • Robert: Not that it even matters now Rebecca's screwed us over. They'll have destroyed the vase properly this time, it's the only evidence we had left. I don't know what else to do. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
  • Diane: There must be a way to get them.
  • Robert: There isn't.
  • Rebecca: (entering) Knock, knock. Just all the answers to your prayers arriving. I never thanked you for helping me, Doug... hopefully, this will do.
  • (shows the video of Lachlan getting the vase)
  • Robert: You filmed them?
  • Rebecca: Guilty.
  • Rebecca: Though it doesn't show much more than him carrying a bag.
  • Robert: But it'll get the police interested. This is a chance to get Andy home.
  • Diane: Robert, Andy's not coming home. He ran from the police. If he comes back, he'll go straight to prison.
  • Robert: Why? it worked for Aaron, once Adam confessed and said he had nothing to do with it.
  • Aaron: But Chrissie won't do that, hse's got no reason to.
  • Diane: Even if she's found guilty, it doesn't let Andy off the hook, wherever he is. Is that another lie, not being in contact with him?
  • Robert: No. Even if we could clear his name, I've got no way of letting him know. I thought he'd been in touch, but he... Well, I can't just stand by and let them get away with it.
  • Rebecca: They won't.
  • Diane: Are you really ready to turn on your family?
  • Rebecca: I'm here, aren't I? With the only shred of evidence left against them, and I'm giving it to you.
  • Diane: We can't have Andy back... but we can make them pay.

Well well well.. after doing as well at my exams as expected (ie pathetically flopping) I’M BACK. Miss me?? (don’t answer). First of all, I hate you all bc the minute I had to study, ts2 simblr “””suddenly””” became a fucking cornucopia of unstoppable activity. I know that was a planned attack against me so dont even try to deny it. Where was all this energy when I would pass 200 hours staring at a dead dash???? ANYWAY, let’s move on..

Recap time, in case you forgot, because I certainly did: when we last left the Unions, Daniel grew up into a 19th century communist, Komei cheated with Marissa Bendett, and Victoria spent a magical night with Malcolm Landgraab in retaliation. We pick up right where we left off…

Aka KOMEI ANNOYING UNSUSPECTING ANIMALS, WHAT ELSE. I faintly remember having the idea to turn Komei into a werewolf?? Have never succeeded in doing this without cheating, but if there’s one sim who can make it, it’s secret-lives-of-furries over here.

Completely engrossed in Komei’s wolf adventures, I forget poor Gunther’s birthday, something that is tragically becoming a running theme. It looks like Gunther has grown out of the unbearable Komeiness of his face?? Good job Guns! 

Then something happens that changes the course of this family forever…

As in, THIS IS THE AMAZING OUTFIT GUNTHER GROWS UP IN. JFC. 3 months later, I’m still semi-mad about getting saddled with a third kid but man, what a pay off. Theres something missing from this masterpiece tho..

….Oh yes. There we go. If you thought this family could not look any better, THINK AGAIN.

Gunther has been a kid for a good 2 minutes when I look at Komei’s panel and what do I see???????


What a sophisticated way to get your penis cut off! Props to you, Komei.

A decent sized bird flew into Liam’s window and broke the outside pane. I heard it but it didn’t register what it was until I was taking the girls to Homelink and they pointed out the broken glass and dead bird on the ground.

I need to buy a high chair for Addison but I keep putting it off because the dining room is already crowded and a high chair is just going to make it worse.

I bought more cloth diapers for Addie since I haven’t gotten around to replacing the elastic in her current ones. It doesn’t look hard, I just need to make the time to do it.

A friend tagged me in a shirt about tacos and like, I love tacos but I don’t have them very often but now I ~neeeeed~ that shirt?

I called our licensor and left a message asking what else she would like from us before we schedule our first home visit. I’m feeling a little panicky because we have less than a month to get licensed and we haven’t even had one home visit yet.

Addison is turning 1 in less than 2 months and I’m semi freaking out.
What the heck?! How is she almost 1?! 😭

Jen pointed out to me earlier today that I’m out of the house for different things 6-7 days a week. Between ballet, gymnastics, riding lessons, and church I’m taking kids to different things every single day. I need a break.

Ror has a work conference next week Tuesday-Thursday and they might be staying in CDA to cut down on all the travel. If he doesn’t come home for 3 days mama is gonna need lots of sugar and caffeine in the form of frapps because my 3 ½ year old is slowly driving me crazy.

Speaking of 3 ½ year olds.. Liam is the cutest, funniest, craziest kid I’ve ever met. How he’s related to me I will never understand and I adore the socks off him but at the same time I’m like ‘hey Rory, can you take Liam to work with you so I can get a break’?
He’s exhausting.

I’ve been cleaning and organizing the last two days and I’m excited for Sunday and Monday because I’ve decided it’s time to get the garage cleaned out. It’s disgusting out there and I need it to not be. Yesterday I spent 1 ½ hours cleaning Liam’s room, Jen and Nikki picked up Nikki’s room and today I organized our vacuum closet.

Anyway, I’m just rambling.

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BMWSequelDotCom on Twitter said that she's been told directly that there's not much else we can do as a fandom to save the show and that all that's left is for the platforms is to make a decision. Of course I love all our campaign ideas and will continue participating in our fight, but does this mean they're not really helping at this point? What do you think she meant?

I’m going to actually ask her and find out. I think she means that some fans have dropped out because we don’t have results yet. It’s difficult for people to be patient, but I’m in this for the long game, and I’m still fighting. 😼
For the record, we’ve made waves so far, and the networks definitely know what the show means to us. There is truth in her statement that the decision ultimately lies with the networks.
That doesn’t mean we should stop fighting though.

Yep. It was that. She’s worried a lot of fans gave up after the article about Netflix. Again, it’s rough to keep interest without results, especially since our generations are more prone to instant solutions. Any ideas on how to keep the momentum in the campaign? (I’m sending this to @theowldetective too)
  • Valkyrie: It's me.
  • Skulduggery: What do you mean?
  • Valkyrie: It's me. I caused this. I made this happen. I knew magic was dangerous, right from the moment I joined up, the very first day, but I stayed.
  • Skulduggery: I'm glad you did.
  • Valkyrie: Stop being so nice. We left nice behind a hundred miles back. I'm trying to be honest, okay? Because do you know what the worst thing is of all? Out of all the shit we have seen, all the bloodshed, all the horror...You know what is worse than all that? I loved it. I bloody loved it. And I'd keep telling my parents I was sorry, and I'd say to little Alice I'm sorry, but I loved it so much. I knew things no one else knew and, oh, I felt so special. And when we lost people, it was so, so big, and I could say it was worth it. Because the bigger it was, the more important I was. And the more people we lost, the more that meant I was a survivor...and I was better than them. My God, this is all my fault and now Darquesse has my parents and my beautiful little sister and I wished this on them.

He touched me in ways I didn’t know were possible

his tender hands caressing the fragile outline of my body and his sweet lips tracing the scars framing my wrists and hips

promising between each kiss that he could never love anyone else the way he loved me

and when he left me with hickies trailing from my neck down my chest I thanked him for leaving me with a constant reminder of where his lips had touched so I had proof that he still wanted me every time I doubted myself

because every so often after we would fight my fingers would graze over the red marks on my body and I would remember what it felt like to have his hands wrapped around my neck while his hazel eyes stared deep into mine

and god would I do anything for him

but I was too much for him to handle and he didn’t want to be with someone so fragile, so it was with tears and a heavy heart I whispered goodbye while choking between my cries

but he didn’t shed a tear

and I loved him, I love him, I still fucking love him

but the worst part is

I still let him tear me apart each time I finally put myself back together

—  I told you I loved you, and you told me I was being dramatic (S.D.)

I just outlined it all out and I have what looks like about 15 chapters of eret III left. That might be less, I’m I’m efficient in passing some time narratively and if I stick to the 7k kinda chapters I have been doing but it’s definitely more than ten.

And there’s a lot of good stuff ahead, and if I really put my mind to it and sit my ass down and right I think we’ll all be happy with where I am by the end of the weekend. I just gotta crank out two badass chapters to be somewhere we’ve all been waiting for…

today’s Primary lesson is ‘Joseph begins translating the gold plates’ so I’m bringing in my family’s small collection of different language Books of Mormon to demonstrate, and wanted to show them off here too

(we don’t have a Spanish copy for some reason so I’m picking one up from the building library. the French mom bought me when I took French in high school, same with the Japanese for my brother, she bought the Welsh just because the language fascinates her, and the missionaries actually gave us the Korean copy because a previous missionary had left it behind and they didn’t know what else to do with it)

Watch me knock over every cup of coffee poured in this house.
Watch me rip the pits out of fruit just to throw the whole thing away.
I don’t know how to be angry with you.

I don’t know why I thought the sound of your voice
could make up for all of the bad things that ever happened to me.

I tried to write poems about you leaving before you left me
because I was scared; now I write them because I don’t know what
else to do in your absence.

You have ripped something from both of us
but I don’t know what it is. I’m sorry I have to lie to make it easy.
—  “We Both Know What It Is”, Trista Mateer

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truth serum: why do you SUCK


Because you saw it fit to destroy everything I stood for and everything I accomplished. You took what you wanted and you left me with nothing. And for what? Some kind of game? What did you do with it all? You take and you ruin without hesitation, so long as it furthers your blissful end. Forget everyone else’s. You’re a selfish, insolent brat and you only think of yourself, not of anything else, not of anyone else. 

You try going through the things I have gone through, then see how you come out. We aren’t all born with silver spoons in our mouths, boy. I had to build myself back up from nothing, from ruins; nobody helped me. Don’t you dare tell me you understand what that’s like, because you don’t. I never had anything handed to me in my life

I was something to be proud of. I meant something. And I will mean something again. Then I’ll be the one asking you this question, Jones.

Dear Future Wife...#575*

Before you, there were edited texts and watered down statements. Before you, there was a lot of anxiety in crafting the right sentences so I wouldn’t be chastised for being too intense. Before you, there were dumb jokes left unappreciated and eyerolls aplenty. Before you, I had to keep a certain part of myself tamped down because it scared people away. I couldn’t understand why my most authentic self didn’t ever fit with someone else. It shouldn’t be that kind of constant compromise at the core of who I am, right? What was I doing wrong?

But now…now there are unedited ramblings and grandiose word choices. Now there are Emoji sentences and constant “I miss you"s. Now we always have at least 3 more “one last kiss"es because it’s finals week for you and we can only see each other for 5 minutes at a time because neither of us can lose productivity in our respective lives. Now there are unfiltered long-winded stress rants and "I’m sorry…I feel better just getting that out…thanks for listening” and promises of a hundred hugs and kisses later when you come visit me. Now you laugh at things I say that weren’t even meant to be all that funny. Now there are impulsive little perfect gifts for no reason at all. Now there are kisses interrupted by laughter because you just remembered something stupid you didn’t tell me earlier. Now there are sleepy FaceTime sessions and cold hands sneaking under t shirts. Now there’s a reason to not have that armrest down while at the movies. And now? Half of that isn’t even me! It’s you! I’ve met my match.

Now…well, now we have a huge adventure in front of us. I’m not in a rush because it’s you and me going towards that horizon. I’m not stumbling toward it solo, hoping there’s someone else over there anymore. You found me. You’re it for me.

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2, 11, 13 and 14 for the Fanfic Day Ask Meme.

2. What is your favorite snippet of dialogue?

“I see it’s still as much of a disgrace as usual, Iknik,” says the general, clapping Varrick on the back.

“Thank you, sir,” Varrick answers, because there’s nothing else he can say. Zhu Li clenches her fists. “We cleaned the tents up in your honor.”

“I left mine dirty in your honor,” Captain Nakamura mutters, and Captain Wen kicks him in the shin.

11. What’s a fanfic idea you haven’t done yet?

oh god so many. i’ve got a conmen!kainora au lined up as well as a hogan’s heroes/rat patrol crossover. in terms of finnrey, i have two sequels to warped stars that i’m really excited to get to write.

13. Do you have a favorite character to write?

finn without a doubt. his character is just so fascinating and i love coming up with headcanons about his family and backstory and whether or not he’s force-sensitive (which he totally is).

14. What’s your favorite shipping fic you’ve written? Favorite gen fic?

my favorite shipping fic is probably warped stars (i love writing finn and rey’s relationship here, they’re so cute). my favorite gen fic is blackbird, which is a fanfic of @thethiefandtheairbender‘s alvoskia series (available on wattpad).

Thanks for asking! :)

okay i know this is a far fetched theory

so I’m laying in bed thinking about ToG because what else do i do. And i start thinking about Brannon. We dont know much about him; we know he sired Elena and the Galathynius line that rules Terrasen. We know that although he’s a bastard he is a full blooded Fae. And we’re told that he died. But i dont think we were ever told HOW. in my experience if we dont have solid proof, the character is probably still alive.

Now remember how when Brannon left Wendlyn/Doranelle he took the immortal stags with him. Sure you can argue that he did that because he was the beloved of Mala Lightbringer and those stags were her sacred animals and he wanted to honour her or what ever. BUT what if Brannon’s animal form was the immortal stag of Terrasen??? What if he didnt actually die but instead chose to perhaps fake his death and live in the woods so that he could watch over his heirs and more importantly, the Wyrdkey.

Now youre probably saying “nah wtf he wouldve helped Aelin out for sure. He wouldnt have left her alone for 10 years. but magic wasnt working meaning that if he was in his stag form when magic got blocked, he wouldnt have been able to help. the only time Aelin might have seen him was when she was in the wagon on her way to Endovier and they passed the Oakwald forest, Brannon’s forest and she sees the stag staring at her.

i know this isnt what actually happened but its fun to fantasize 

Highlight of my week so far:

Playing overwatch with my dudes, like almost every night, when an argument breaks out. There’s screaming about random things because we’re all dying. I have no idea what we were even talking about, but a friend of a friend (that no one else knew except the one guy) joined our party. Exactly at that moment, I screamed “don’t kinkshame me!!” Like, abhorrently loudly, into the mic. The guy left. Just noped right out.
We laughed for a solid minute straight and half of us died and then the guy rejoined, saying something about his mic. It was beautiful.

How and where?

I know this may sound a little odd but I would love it if there was some place people like us could all meet up where we all know and understand who and what we are. I just came home from a meeting from this coffee company I work at and as usual I left before anyone else because I don’t know how to interact with most of my coworkers. I’m the driver which means I deliver supplies to the cafes we have all over town. I’m only at most of these places for no more then half an hour, carrying things in and out, and this makes it very difficult to create any kind of rapport or relationship with anyone. After the managers were done talking everyone grouped up and started chatting and I had no idea what to do again. I like being a driver, it’s a great job for an introvert. I drive around all day with my music and thoughts and this part is great but it is more than a little isolating. So where do I go where I can have that meaningful connection with people who get what this is like? Sorry for the long rant but if you got this far thank you for reading.


Sans is left handed, he steers and shakes hands (and souls) with his left hand. 

no vertebrae, and not in the right place, not directly under the skull, the fact that the “spine” doesn’t go in the right place shows its not the real spine, its part of the suit that conceals the neck. how do we know this? because its already been made for trick or treating, imagine what a scientist whose life depended on looking just like a skeleton could make. Heck, maybe it is just a futuristic halloween costume. Why else would a skeleton dress up so much? they don’t have skin. 

Skulll images with red circles from submission by @doublecctotheo 

Steven Universe and shapes

Ok kids! We’re gonna learn about shapes!

You know the Crystal Gems right? Of course you do! And we all know that they are a separate group or team from some other gems we’ve seen because of shapes on their uniforms.

The Gems have stars

(I left Rose and Amethyst out…I’ll get to my reason why in a minute…)

The others have triangles or diamonds

But do you know what else has triangle on it?

Hold the heck up! What does this mean?

Rose had s star on her outfit…right?

Yeah…in a similar fashion to how Amethyst has hers

Cut out of the outfit rather than incorporated into the design. My original thought about Amethyst (sprouted from “On the Run”) was that she cut the stars into her pants in order to “fit in” with the Gems. After I posted that, I realized Rose had a “cut out” star too. It’s been confirmed by Amethyst that Pearl and Garnet are from space and she was made on Earth, but did anyone confirm where Rose came from? Pearl mentioned that She, Garnet and Rose felt the need to shut down Kindergarten to keep the Earth safe, yet they never identified where Rose came from. I would assume she came from space…but maybe not with Pearl and Garnet.

Now why do I think this?

Let’s look at Rose’s sword and cannon

No star? No diamond or triangle either…but what DO I see?

Roses. But why? My suspicion is that she wasn’t affiliated with Pearl and Garnet originally. Perhaps she came to Earth long before them and realized that it was filled with life. Perhaps SHE was it’s original guardian. It’s original defender against some unknown force from Homeworld. Perhaps the star is meant to be a symbol and it separates her from the others.

Maybe she convinced some attacking gems that Earth needed to be spared from harm…two gems in particular

And they listened to her…and followed her as their new leader.

How did I come to the conclusion that Pearl and Garnet were once “evil”?

Look at HoloPearl

THERE’S A DIAMOND. How come she has a diamond and real Pearl doesn’t? My thought behind this is that Hologram Pearl can’t be changed. She most likely takes the appearance of who Pearl once was. It’s been seen in “Beach Party” that the Gems can change their outfits..Perhaps HaloPearl can’t…why would she need to anyway? As For Garnet, I have yet to see anything that ties her to being a former “diamond gem”…Perhaps we will learn more about her in the future.

This has been a long post about shape theory. I’m just writing down my thoughts because I’ve been thinking about this for so long! If you guys have anything to add I’d love to hear what you think! :D