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What I think of the MOON signs:

Aries: A lot of mental activity, thinking too much about what interests them. They could be intellectuals. They may appear calm on the outside, but a tornado is going on inside them. Optimistic, very competitive and impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. That’s the reason they change their mind so easily about everything. Very curious, but opinionated. The Aries moon at it’s worst may blame things on others, unable to take responsibility. However, they don’t hold grudges and are usually kind and easygoing, wanting to do the right thing because they aim to live up to this ideal image they have of themselves, whatever that ideal is. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: not everyone is out to get you, enjoy yourself, RELAX!! and don’t let your need to be the best, even when you are, poison yourself and your relationships. Celebrities with this moon: Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Rihanna.

: Charming, very charming. Has a great sense of humor and loves companionship. They will tell you stories, they will make you feel warm. They may not take criticism well, but who does? They do not like to be rushed into things, they like stability and comfort even when being adventurous. They may enjoy shopping too much. Ruled by Venus, they are romantic and affectionate in love, sometimes possessive, and they chose love over friendship. Depending on the Sun and Venus, this moon can be extremely jealous. But wishing to keep balance they will hide it under a passive aggressive attitude which can cause more wrong than right. They look for the best in people and usually will find themselves giving too much, but their desire to maintain balance will help them stay on track. They look more reasonable than they are. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: keep shining, but don’t be so proud. Not everything is like you see it. Sometimes it’s OK to fuck up and admit it. Celebrities with this moon: Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Mother Teresa, Chris Brown, Jim Morrison.

Gemini: Absent minded? You bet! However they compensate that through their wit and curiosity. They are versatile and easy going. Even on the least easy going suns a Lunar Gemini will ease up the chart. They mean well, I do believe this, mostly because they are not interested in what other people are doing. They do not get caught up in gossip and do their own thing. They can be irritable and moody, but not usually. They are lazy even though they want to have a hand on everything! They have so much they want to do, but their minds go faster than their power of will. They are nervous thought, and if they have a problem they may not know how to act upon it and feel paralyzed. Gemini moons are fun and very chill. At their worst, Lunar Geminis can be very cold and indifferent. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: you are capable of anything if you work! You are not alone… And look around more, be warmer. Celebrities with this moon sign: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Lawrence.

Cancer: are cancers tired of hearing they are emotional? Yes, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Cancer, as a moon sign, is powerful because the moon is the realm of emotions. Being emotional doesn’t mean weak, on the contrary, a Cancer moon has to be strong to be able to feel as they do. And Cancer moons are indeed strong. They are tender and sweet, and a roller coaster of emotional outbursts. They are in touch with their feelings, so much so, sometimes they get too caught up in them, becoming self-absorbed as if their own emotions are the only emotions that matter. What’s the problem with this? That if they are feeling pain they tend to forget the good things in their life and instead of trying to get better, the get lost in self-pity. They have a good memory and a soft heart, even when you least expect it. They do not do well with criticism, they do not take jokes lightly. They love, they love a lot, even through their mood swings. And find it hard to let go. Do not take this moon sign for granted, they are loyal AF. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: you need to act more and build the future instead of clinging to the past. Celebrities with this moon sign: Taylor Swift, Kurt Cobain, Keanu Reeves, Shakira.

Leo: This moon is outgoing and bright. Yes they need attention, yes they love flattery, yes they can be overly dramatic and yes, as the Leo they are, they do think highly of themselves. And that’s part of the reason they are so successful, they are confident and know they are more than capable of handling anything. They truly are more than capable. They are proud, but have qualities to back it up, and you can’t hate them because they are loving. All that they have for an Ego they have for a heart. They need a lot of love and even though they know they are great, they want to hear it. If you want to cheer them up, genuinely tell them the good qualities you see in them or let them win at a game they love. This is a nice moon to hang around with, a romantic moon, a quick to anger moon, and a moon that won’t try to hurt you, unless you stand in their way. They can be dramatic and get this, they hate drama. They love the whole “nobody loves me” and slamming doors, but oh boy! they‘ll think you are crazy if you act like them. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: yes, we love you, but do not act so dramatic! Celebrities with this moon sign: Julia Roberts, Mahatma Gandh, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise.

Virgo: yes, this whole post was about my perception on the moon signs, but I must warn you I am especially biased about this one… I’ve met so many Virgo moons! Many people I love have Virgo Moons! (I am a Virgo rising myself) And I love them, but we crush. All Virgo moons I have come in contact with were and are… way too… critical. They don’t seem to know you have feelings. They will say nasty comments about your personality, hobbies, clothes… but will get angry at the slightest thing you say to them, and they will over-think it for ages. For even though they are hard on others, they are hard on themselves as well. They do not realize their own defects. However, once they do, they will try to correct them. They also say the good stuff… but not so often. They are sharp and they love a good debate. These people are smart and may involve themselves in jobs that allow them to help humanity. They are not mean or petty, just critical and defensive because they want to make things perfect and be perfect (perfect from their point of view). If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be… yes, you guessed! Watch your words, they cut. No, you are not always right and you don’t need to be. And not because you don’t like something does it mean it’s wrong. Celebrities with this moon sign: Madonna, Dalai Lama, Nicki Minaj, Sean Connery.

Libra: Another very charming moon sign, but unlike their sun sign, the Libra moon person is more secretive. They love love. They are very romantic, it can break their heart. They want to be liked and do not enjoy arguing and outbursts of emotion. They can be superficial and vain, but they are also sweet and peace oriented. They are dreamy, calm, they want to open up, they have a lot in their minds, more so then what they are willing to share. They can be extravagant - for some reason - and quiet. They have a dark side: they can get caught up in their negative emotions but never share it with the world. They might be artsy, bohemian, and proudly so, and they all have a personal sense of style. Whatever they are inside- hippie, hipster, painter, lawyer - they will dress to show it. You can tell a lot about these people from their clothes. They might not be terribly steady in love, sometimes they fall for too many people at once. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: there is more than what meets the eye, there’s more than looking for others approval. Celebrities with this moon sign: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Kate Winslet, Jude Law.

Scorpio: This moon is sensual and dark, this moon wants passion, this moon is romantic and is not afraid of commitment! This moon wants loyalty and is loyal. They are dramatic, very dramatic, like a Leo moon, but without the bright disposition. They are egocentric and at the same time, giving. They hold grudges, but if they love you, you won’t need any reassurance because they will be there showing you. They are hot headed and domineering, they like to feel in control. They are jealous and fear betrayal. They will not put up with your bullshit for too long. They have a strong will and they will get where they want to in life. Do not mess with them. They will not take revenge, but they will not forgive you. They feel a lot, and also expect a lot from others. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: chill, chill, chill. Not everything is about you, trust a little more, lighten up! You will be glad you did. Celebrities with this moon sign: Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry.

Sagittarius: This moon is curious, careless, optimistic and has a childlike manner to it. They look chill to others. They talk quickly, and are a bit impatient. They are naive, afraid of commitment and dislike restrictions. They need space and personal freedom to be happy. They are carefree and may not always be in tune with others emotions, sometimes they are oblivious to how others feel. They will be there if you open up, but may not be the most empathetic of ears. If things get tough, they will run away. They like to do research and could do well in this area, thanks to their curiosity. They want to explore the world and meet new people, they like talking and can get irritated easily. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: Sometimes grounding yourself is needed, sometimes you see more by looking within than by avoiding quietness. It is OK to sit with oneself, don’t avoid things out of fear of working through the rough parts. Celebrities with this moon sign: Albert Einstein, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Capricorn: this moon is closed up. This moon needs to feel productive and they measure their worth through their ability to get somewhere in life. They want money and material things and YET they will cultivate a spiritual side. This moon worries about everything. A woman (or a person with feminine energy) with this moon is loyal and stable, a man (or person with masculine energy) with this moon sign, however, finds it hard to be with one woman because they do not know how to be vulnerable. They have will power and emotional strength, they will give you everything you need if you ask - you’d have to ask as they do not know what people need. This moon cares about their style as well, like the Libra moon, this moon dresses up for the job they want, as they say. They like shopping. They can also be alone for long periods of time, they do not mind being in their room all day. Something most people do not expect of this moon sign is their high sexual drive! They can be very kinky and like to sleep around. This moon is cautious, and doesn’t take risks. They like to know the outcome and will think of all the possibilities before rushing into things. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: oh, you, it’s ok to be vulnerable. If you never open up, you will miss your life. Take risks, maybe not always, but do not let love pass you by because of fear. Celebrities with this moon sign: Amy Winehouse, Adolf Hitler, Johnny Depp, Napoleon.

Aquarius: what a witty moon to have. In my opinion, this position makes a person fast, goofy and brainy. They are detached and bubbly, they look not as smart as they truly are. They like attention, but will not give it to you! They are aloof. They care about facts, though. They call it the Aquarian Age for a reason. They want to know things, but will not argue with you if you do not see things as they do. They like to keep their emotions to themselves and do not like to be serious. So maybe, listening to others talking about their problems is not their strength. They just want to chill! If a sarcastic comment is what you need, go talk to them. They care about history and humanity, they want to make a difference. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be:: care about people a little more, ok? They might need you as much as you need them. Celebrities with this moon sign: Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Conan O'brien.

Pisces: Yes this moon sign is the most compassionate and empathetic of all the moon signs. This moon is psychic, and will know how you are feeling even better than you. They can easily feel overwhelmed by the harsh demands of this world and, at their worst they can turn to drugs or other ways to escape reality. However, they are funny, goofy and optimistic, they live in their dream world and seem to be in a far away land. Even though they can be masochistic, and can be a pushover, this moon sign sees everything and everyone with rose colored glasses, including their future. They think everything will be alright even if death is right in front of them, they will think they are dating a kind person even if they find them cheating on them every Saturday. They are indeed innocent, gullible, but what most people do not know about this moon sign is that once they see you for you, there is no way back. They put people they love on pedestals, but if you fall, it will be hard for them to put you up there again. Which is not a bad thing, it is better not be on a pedestal anyway. However, the problem is, when they get betrayed or hurt, they start to think the worst of people. They will not revenge, but maybe they won’t let you back into their life, they are afraid to be vulnerable. It is easier for them to be there for others than to be there for themselves and show the world all the messy they are inside. They feel guilty over everything and even though they care about people a lot, sometimes they have trouble showing it. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: love yourself more, take care of yourself and do not be a doormat. And stop the self-pity. Celebrities with this moon sign: Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley.

That good ol’ “Not sure if romance feelings or intense friendship feelings but don’t want to make it weird if I’m reading the situation incorrectly because whatever it is is too valuable to me to risk” feeling. Sort of like you worry if you do try to pursue something you’ll be like the dog that caught its tail and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Very relatable feelings for edgy on purpose people who unironically wear cloaks, I assure you.

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'Once Upon a Time' First Look: Hook's Wedding Suit - Plus, Colin O'Donoghue on Why Fans will Be 'Very Happy!'

Killian Jones has never looked so dashing!

We know that many Once Upon a Time fans are currently counting down the seconds until Hook and Emma tie the knot in the upcoming musical extravaganza. (FYI, it’s only 1,209,600 seconds away.) So we’ve got something that is going to curb your Captain Swan cravings!

ET has your first look photo of Hook looking oh-so dashing in his wedding tux, plus exclusive details from set about how this velvet suit was selected, and why fans are going to be “very happy” with Emma and Killian’s journey down the aisle.

“I think I can probably credit [Once Upon a Time showrunner] Eddy [Kitsis] for this look,” star Colin O'Donoghue dished of his suit to ET during a joint interview with Jennifer Morrison on Once’s Vancouver set last month. “We were going to go in a different direction and Eddy was like, ‘It has to be black velvet!’ So that’s it – it’s black velvet.”

“It’s really soft though,” the 36-year-old actor added with a laugh.

Kitsis further explained to ET that he and co-executive producer Adam Horowitz had a very specific vision in mind when it came to Hook’s look.

“Adam and I both thought that Hook needed to have a tux that reflects his personality, so you can’t go from leather to just a basic tux,” he revealed. “We felt like he had to have a little edge to it so the velvet felt like the Hook-version of fancy.”

When asked if he feels “suave” in his wedding attire, O'Donoghue was bashful with his response. “I guess so,” he chuckled. “I hope it looks OK.”

“You look amazing!” co-star Jennifer Morrison chimed in while looking dazzling herself in her intricately laced wedding gown. “He’s been getting a little jealous about all of the attention the dress has been getting, so I’m trying to butter him up a little bit about his velvet jacket.”

While Morrison hopes that “brains explode” when Captain Swan fans finally witness Emma and Killian’s vows to one another, O'Donoghue was a bit more sentimental with his predictions.

“I think that they’ll be very happy,” he said. “Because even to get to this point in this season, they’ve had such ups and downs. So to get to this place, within the realm of what’s about to happen to them and all that kind of stuff, is pretty impressive.”

O'Donoghue continued, “They’ve just decided that, 'You know what? We love each other, we want to be together and now is the time to do it.’”


So what do the actors think Emma and Killian’s “dream honeymoon” would be? “Five minutes alone probably,” O'Donoghue chuckled.

“Yeah, exactly!” Morrison smiled. “Just somewhere with a door locked. I think just a couple bottles of wine and some french fries and a bath, maybe?”

“Oh really, what else?” O'Donoghue pressed.

“I don’t know!” she answered playfully. “I just feel like it should be really relaxing because their lives are very stressful because they’re always trying to save people and I feel like a romantic bath might be nice.”

“Well, there you go!” O'Donoghue said as he and Morrison burst into laughter.


Jen & Colin talk Honeymoon in Leanne’s ETonline interview

Give me all the honeymoon bath fics now!!

Dad concept

Jack Morrison is the reckless, not as responsible, “fun” dad who will forget his own daughter at home when he’s in a hurry to get her to the game, is regadless protective of his children but will also absolutely get into a fistfight with that PTA mom because her kid isn’t better because he can spell SAT words Janet

Whereas Gabe Reyes is the much chiller Responsible Dad who is able to eyebrow raise other parents into submission and who everybody thinks is scary just because he glares and growls more than he talks but the moment he opens his mouth what comes out are terrible puns and corny movie references to solidify his position as Alpha Dad not because of his strength or size or familial role, but because of his many, many dad jokes

Also all the moms in the suburb have a low key crush on Gabe because he can sew the best costumes in Halloween and is great with young kids and Jack will absolutely FITE ALL OF THEM

Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Teases Hook and Emma's Happy Ending

There are plenty of heartfelt love stories on Once Upon a Time, but none of them quite compare to that of Captain Hook and Emma Swan. They may be in a predicament at the moment, but not even Gideon can come between true love. While the future of the show is still uncertain, we have hope that these two will find their way back to each other in the end. POPSUGAR had the opportunity to talk with Colin O'Donoghue, who was promoting his new film Carrie Pilby, and he reflected on how far his fan-favorite character has come over the years, what it’s like working with Jennifer Morrison, and what he thinks Hook’s happy ending might look like.

POPSUGAR: Hook has changed a lot over the past few seasons. What do you think is his most admirable quality?
Colin O'Donoghue: I mean, he’s a different character now. It’s probably that he’s redeemed himself and is trying to be the best person that he can be, which is a difficult thing to do, to overcome those demons for the better of not just himself, but for the better of the woman he loves and her family. However, I did love playing the villainous Hook. It’s always fun to get to play the bad guy.

PS: Hook and Emma are definitely one of the most beloved romances on the show. What is the best part about working with Jennifer Morrison?
CO: I’m lucky that Jen and I have got a fantastic relationship. We get on so well and it makes it easy to translate that into the characters. Jen is friendly with my family and my wife and all of that is very important. Sometimes when you come onto a show, you don’t know if that’s going to work or if the chemistry is going to be there, and we just have a laugh. That’s the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We’re at ease working with each other, because if you have tension with someone, that translates on screen. Luckily, on Once Upon a Time, we get along so well, so it works.

PS: I know the show hasn’t been renewed for another season yet, but what do you think Hook’s happily ever after would look like?
CO: Hook’s happily ever after would just be getting an evening or night where both he and Emma can sit down and maybe have dinner or watch TV or have a glass of wine, because in Storybrooke, they literally never get a chance to do anything. As soon as anything slows down, you guarantee Grumpy is going to come running around the corner saying that some sort of curse is coming or there’s a giant snowman attacking the town. I think his happily ever after would just be a week’s worth of peace and quiet where they can be normal people. Maybe we’ll get to see that in the second half! That would be good.


  • Jack Morrison:
  • Tracer: Hey, c'mon! Let’s turn that frown upside down! Once you’ve got your comedic talents up to snuff, nothing will stand in your way! OK, let’s get started! First, imagine we’re in another strategy meeting and someone says, “Hold it!” What would you say? Remember, answer with humor.
  • Jack Morrison: I’d say… “Hold what?”
  • Tracer: Not quite… You should say something more like, “Hold it? But my hands are full!” Did you get it? It’s funny because they don’t mean “hold” like that! Get it? Do you get it? Tell me you get it.
  • Jack Morrison: Do people really find these things funny?
  • Tracer: Hey, who’s the comedy teacher here? I said it’s funny, so it’s funny, right? Anyway, you say that and everyone will see that you’re human too. You’ll charm the whole room!
  • Jack: I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.
  • ~~~~~
  • Tracer: Hey, Commander! How goes your humor practice? Have you tried to tell any jokes to anyone?
  • Jack Morrison: Yes. I tried your joke about being unable to hold things with the soldiers in the barracks.
  • Tracer: Really? That’s great! How did it go?
  • Jack Morrison: Terribly.
  • Tracer: Huh?
  • Jack Morrison: I abandoned all shame and said it exactly as you told me to, gestures and all. But then everyone got quiet and Ana looked extremely concerned. Winston and Genji ran off to find a healer. Angela was crying and saying something about my poor head.
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hello my dears!
finally i can show you some drafts of the R76 comic i was talking about in the last weeks!
my patrons saw these before but slowly i’ll update you all too!

This project is a quite long R76 fan comic: 10 parts divided in 10/12/14/16 scene for part; right now I’ve completed the drafts for the first five parts!

I started on the definitive pages these days, but right for now I’ll let you see some rough layout for the first part (unfortunately still without text, because that’s the last step of the work).

Let me know your first impressions, what do you think it’s happening or everything else, I’d love to know what you think!

I can say this one thing: I’m 100% you’ll cry a whole lot.

Is This a Dream?

Alright so I’ve thought about this for a loong time, and after talking to @prettyfunkyunorganized and reading her’s I decided to write mine. And omg it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be and I’ll be honest, it’s pure fucking Reaper x reader trash. I’m shameless and thirsty af, don’t judge me. But, I hope you all enjoy this.

Warnings: there’s smut at the end

You had, no idea how this happened. The last thing you remembered was playing a few rounds of Overwatch, getting play of the game with Reaper and then going to bed. You woke up in a room you didn’t recognize. At first you thought it was a dream, so you explored the bare room and then walked out.

Keep reading

OK, it’s bugging me, because I need to talk about Grant Morrison vs Original Wonder Woman and how Morrison failed at homaging it. 

It ties into stuff that’s been discussed elsewhere, like with the Star Trek reboot- if you really want to capture the spirit of something that was socially challenging 40 or 70 years ago, you can’t just reproduce that thing. Because what was groundbreaking or shocking 40-70 years ago isn’t socially groundbreaking now. Instead, you’ve got to look at what IS groundbreaking in today’s society and go with that. 

Wonder Woman was genuinely controversial when it came out in the 40s.Some parts of it were standard for it’s day- the jingoism and racism was typical bigoted white guy bullshit that dominated most of media- but the core message of it was genuinely shocking. Emphasized over and over again was this idea women are just as good as men but society was holding them back, that women can break free of that and be strong if the help each other, that they don’t have to aspire to being submissive to a man, that they can be dominant. It depicted marriage as a form of oppression, it has a main character whose WORST NIGHTMARE was being married to a man, if was dripping with so many queer implications Frederick Wertham declared it the spawn of Satan and the worst of all comics.

The bondage stuff was also genuinely pushing the envelope as far as controversy goes, people were very upset about it and believed it would encourage perversion. Sex wasn’t talked about openly back then. But the feminism and gay panic were just as huge. Marston would explain the deep (and often bullshit) psychological reasoning behind all his decisions with the utmost sincerity. He truly believed the bondage thing was essential  

Letters came pouring in. Professionals denounced it. The editor was constantly frantic and concerned, he kept talking to psychologists to make sure this was okay. He friggin’ interviewed Lauretta Bender, the head child psychologist at Bellevue hospital, who was so impressed by the feminist aspect she didn’t even mind the bondage aspect and espoused the then-radical idea that kids can’t
“learn” to be kinky or “perverted” from media, it just makes them aware of desires they already had. If they aren’t actually interested in bondage, this comic will not awaken that interest and they likely wouldn’t even really notice the bondage. What was more important to her was that the comic taught kids women and men should be equal, since she did very passionately believe comics could educate, comfort children and teach morality.

In contrast, another women thought the sex stuff was unforgivable and the feminism aspect was uncomfortable. But note how women were consulted about this. Note how Alice Marble, a female editor, was bought in, and it was her idea to do a back-up that highlighted “Wonder Women of History” which gave information about badass historical ladies to further inspire girls and impress on boys women have always been awesome (there is even a later story where a young boy complains to Wonder Woman he hates studying women in history because “girls are sissies”, so she makes him time travel with her and introduces him to all the amazing, overlooked things women have done, at which point he changes his mind and becomes interested in women’s history).  

So let me say it first- if Morrison really wants to reproduce the feel of 1940s Wonder Woman, he has to involve women in the process somewhere, because even in the 19-fucking-40s a woman was involved with producing Wonder Woman. He also would have to tie his comic deeply with the modern feminist movement. Stuff in Wonder Woman was deliberately evocative of first wave feminism and tackled first wave feminist issues. But those issues aren’t as relevant today. You can’t just have a stereotypical gross guy make some sexist comments and have Wonder Woman throw him to the ground and be like “there i’ve addressed feminism just like Marston did”. It has to be GENUINELY CONTROVERSIAL FEMINISM. For today, that would mean weaving in commentary about abortion, about toxic masculinity, about rape culture, trans issues- being blatantly opinionated about stuff that’s genuinely controversial.

Depicting bondage isn’t controversial in modern day comics. it’s been done. Writers have put their kinks blatantly on display for quite a while. Depicting two women kissing in a super sexualized way isn’t controversial or pushing any envelope, we see it all the fucking time. Having the heroine ditch her girlfriend and literally stomp her in the dirt so she can mack a dude is not controversial either. Nothing in Wonder Woman: Year One by Grant Morrison is genuinely controversial. Women will be groaning about it because they’ve seen this bullshit so much, not because it’s new and shocking. It isn’t pushing any envelope.

If Morrison wanted to be genuinely controversial and groundbreaking, he could have had trans amazons. He could have had Wonder Woman take her girlfriend with her on her adventure and tell Steve she was going to have to accept she was polyamourous and her gf wasn’t going anywhere if he wanted a relationship. He should have done a story full of political commentary. He could have hired an artist who was involved in doing pro-feminist cartoons, because Harry Peter, the original Wonder Woman artist, caught Marston’s attention because of his pro-suffrage cartoons. He shouldn’t have hired someone who draws women like they’re constantly orgasming. 

No stereotypical cis straight male is gonna read WW Year One by Morrison and feel threatened. They may feel pretty turned on by it, but it’s gonna be another in the pile of comics they masturbate too, no big deal. 

And you know why they won’t feel challenged? Because Morrison doesn’t sincerely believe that people can find freedom through loving submission and bondage is the key of happiness, he doesn’t genuinely believe women should take over the world and also sexually dominate men, he isn’t a person with a lot of connections to the feminist movement and he doesn’t publish controversial opinions about queerness.

Marston once published an book that claimed “homosexuality” shouldn’t be treated as abnormal and being “perverse” was healthy. That was genuinely a huge, unusual, shocking opinion to have in the 1940s. Marston took a risk in publishing it. Has Morrison done anything like that? Is he living an “alternative sexual lifestyle?” No. 

Morrison doesn’t actually buy Marston’s politics, which could be said of most people today and is largely a good thing because they’re deeply flawed even if they were groundbreaking in their day in some ways. Yet he still tried to reproduce them beat for beat and it resulted in a garbage precisely because he wasn’t sincere. He doesn’t actually believe in this shit. Marston’s sincerity is what made Wonder Woman groundbreaking, but it isn’t present in WW Year One.

Instead, he amps up the fetishy aspect, throws queerness in there solely for titillation, show a women being chained up and threatened with rape as sexy and alluring and there is no substance to any of it. It’s a shallow, rote recreation of the 1940′s comics with none of the good elements of it present, because the guy behind it doesn’t understand he has to be sincere for this to work. 

You want to know how badly Morrison missed the point and doesn’t get what the original comics were doing? He states that he thinks it’s boring the relationships between the women in the original comics were so supportive, so he’s going to add in some antagonism.

 Despite the fact “women supporting each other brings out their truth strength and if they do that they can overthrow patriarchal society” was THE MAIN POLITICAL MESSAGE of the original comics and is STILL so controversial today that every single adaptation really downplays it and tries to present the Amazons as “bad” for relying on each other instead of men. Even the movie drastically downplayed that aspect by having Diana mostly only interact and form bonds with men after leaving the island, with Etta getting only a bit role. It’s also why the “daughter of Zeus” thing has replaced her original origin, even modern day people cannot fucking stand the idea of a woman who doesn’t need a man to be involved in her life and to be the source of her power. 

But no, Morrison thinks that part is bullshit and wants to depict women as holding each other back.He thinks “female oppression” should be depicted as some random woman being put on a leash by a guy as she sexily eats from a dog bowl with her ass on full display, and it shouldn’t get more nuanced than that.

If you really want to pay homage to Marston and reproduce what Wonder Woman means, you have to take risks. You have to trumpet a feminist idealogy you SINCERELY BELIEVE IN. You have to tie it deeply into the modern feminist struggle. 

Morrison did not do any of that, and that is precisely why his comic failed at paying any kind of meaningful tribute to Wonder Woman and is instead an offensive mess.

The promotion issue is that Gabriel never wanted it for any of them because he knew what it would do. And the rift relating to it came because he told Jack what it would do to him and Jack took it anyway. And it became this big cycle of biting down ‘I told you so’ over and over again while the position ruined him.

(You can’t turn war hound Morrison into a show pet. You can’t turn a soldier into a diplomat after what they had to do.)

And he rags on Jack (and his statue) because that’s their relationship and has been since they met. But Jack’s stressed and bites back harder than he used to. So Gabriel stops but it just feels like it makes things even worse.

(’there are things I wish you’d do more often / like laugh, and talk to me’)

And Jack doesn’t realize until everything starts falling apart around them that this isn’t what he is. That he and Gabriel were cut from the same cloth and they’re meant to Do and Act and Save. That he’s lost sight of the Solider he was during the war. The person who made it through by sheer willpower and the ability to trust the people at his back.

(Because you really can teach an old dog new tricks but you can’t teach it to be another animal instead.)

So he’s a Soldier. He’s not a Hero or Commander or even Jack for a very long time. He lives to try and make Gabriel proud again.

(And Gabriel’s not so sure he actually hit the mark right but he’s proud of the sentiment at least and that’s a lot.)

But that old story is always gonna stay that Reyes wanted that job and started to hate Morrison for it. That he tried to kill them both over it. They found a red herring and ran with it and Gabriel’s never been one to correct a mistake he can use to his advantage. So he tells Talon ‘yeah I hate him’ and ‘yeah he took everything from me’. And maybe for a brief moment he means it but not how they think.

(He let them take him from Gabriel and it hurts. It hurts like they chopped off his right hand. It hurts like they yanked his heart out. Because they really did.)

Jack feels like his first mistake was stepping out from beside Gabriel. That moment when he forgot he’d follow that man into hell. That brief pause where he let anyone make him think he could possibly have belonged anywhere else.

(He doesn’t remember finding Gabriel’s body in the rubble. Doesn’t remember holding his hand to his bloodied face and telling him ‘don’t go where I can’t follow you’. But part of him knows, deep down.)

(Gabriel remembers. Somehow. It haunts his damn nightmares in the time between them finding each other again. 'You left me,’ feels like more and more of a lie every time he tries to say it.)

And there’s still so much they don’t know or understand when they find out they’re both alive. (More or less.) But they know each other. Because they’re Soldiers and they’re Good People, even if no one else believes them now. Because often what is Good isn’t what is pretty or easy to look at.

So when Jack sees Gabriel, wearing a mask and flanked by Talon, he remembers. He remembers that thing he said years ago sitting in the rubble of what was once a building during the Crisis.

('You with me, Jack?’ 'I’d follow you anywhere, Gabe.’ 'Anywhere?’ 'I’d follow you into Hell if you asked.’)

(It wasn’t 'I love you’ because they weren’t there yet but it might as well have been.)

So he follows him. Because he trusts Gabriel. Because he owes him that, after everything. Because he made a promise and he might have messed up before but he’s going to keep it now.

And Gabriel sees him. And even if he has his own things to do, his own way to do it, it’s the first step in fixing everything broken between them. Because his right hand is back. And it might be out of reach where he is but he knows it’s there now. And that’s what’s really worth something.

(Getting sentimental? No, never, not him. He’s just finally feeling complete again.)

And they’re never going to be the same. Because that was broken and flawed. But they can pick up the pieces and make something new out of them, something better. Because they can renew promises and actually keep them. And maybe that’s idealistic. But it’s who they are.

(And that’s what they fell in love with each other over in the first place anyway. So maybe that’s no so bad.)

anonymous asked:

I just like hearing your opinion on these types of things so here goes. What do you think Paranatural could do to fix their awfully slow pace? I re-read the whole archive and it really became apparent how little has really happened over the course of years. And is it me or does the protagonist just need to cut the dang snark?

I’m hesitant to criticize Paranatural’s pacing too much because I find it’s often much less bad when you archive binge, and webcomics having slow pacing live is endemic to the format. I also don’t want to say this chapter is “badly” paced until I can see how it ends. If Morrison is putting all his ducks in a row and then will have a massive climax where all of it comes together, then it feeling slow now is totally worth it.

That said, why DOES this feel slow, besides being a webcomic? I don’t think the problem is that too little has happened, it’s that too MUCH has happened. So far in chapter 5′s 217 pages, we have:

1. Johnny discovers the identity of the club, and begins a face turn
2. Max and Isaac have a fight over Max keeping secrets Isaac feels entitled to
3. Isabel dealing with the loss of Eightfold and her new companion Flipflop 
4. Spender realizing he has to open up to his teammates 
5. Zarei and Agent Day have a confrontation that morphs into a date
6. Spender tries to learn more about Forge.
7. PJ wants a weapon so that he can join the Paranatural club. Max learns this is impossible and doesn’t know how to break it to PJ
8. Suzy is blackmailing Max for information on the Paranatural Activities club
9. Introduction of the student council and their vague plan 
10. Hijack plot 
11. Parody of overly long fight scenes in anime by way of a “hitball” game. 

There’s also Dmitri having super-powers, Forge being in Johnny, and Ed feeling like he let Isabella down, but none of those really get too much screentime. Still, that’s eleven plotlines.

For comparison, let’s compare this 217 page (and counting) chapter to the last six chapters of Gunnerkrigg Court (58-63), which are 203 pages combined, and also include a really long action scene. That feels about fair. In those chapters 

1. Worldbuilding short story with the fairies. 
2. The kids fight and try to free free Jeanne
3. Annie takes on a major debt with the pyschopomps to save Smitty
4. Ayilu gets a name 
5. Red flips out at Annie for risking her and Ayilu’s lives.
6. Annie reflects on her actions, talks about it with Ysengrin and Kat
7. Arthur and Juliette want Kat to make Arthur a flesh body
8. Kat teams up with Anthony, Annie freaks out. 

There’s actually fewer plotlines, unless you want to count “Coyote tells Parley and Smitty a story” or “Parley has superpowers now”. 

In this time, Paranatural has resolved the hitball game, Isabella dealing with the loss of Eightfold, and Spender realizing he needs to open up to his teammates. Gunnerkrigg Court has resolved six. Moreover, it’s the first six, and the only things still hanging are the ones that were introduced at the end of chapter 63. Each chapter has an end to that chapter’s story, even as the main plot churns on.

In comparison, Paranatural’s juggling more storylines at a time, so it takes a lot of pages for any one of them to get resolved. Moreover, when they ARE resolved, they come randomly in the middle of a chapter, so Isabella and Spender resolving to rely on their teammates more doesn’t feel like the big emotional character beat it is, since it’s sandwiched between a bunch of other shit and doesn’t have time to breathe. 

This is normally the point where I’d start writing about how Paranatural could be paced like Gunnerkrigg Court, and the pros and cons of that approach, but I don’t think I can actually do that right now simply because I don’t know how this story ends. So don’t take what I’m about to say too seriously as a prescription for “fixing” Paranatural. Still, in the interest of giving you something to think about

Chapter 5 is a short chapter. Zarei and Day meet up, and pry each other for information, but it turns into a date. 

In Chapter 6, Isabella and Max talk about Isaac, who later pesters Max for information, leading to a fight. Isabella discusses this with Spender, and the two notice each other hiding injuries. They have a heart-to-heart and determine to keep fewer secrets and rely on the team more. During this, we see Johnny and team bullying Jeff for information. 

In Chapter 7, there’s the hitball game. Jeff having super-strength is as big a surprise to the reader as it is to the audience, as it wasn’t set up in advance. The rest of Chapter 5 gets put here. 

This is, obviously, a pretty major change. And given that I don’t know what the endgame is for all these plotlines, they may all be bad changes. I really want to stress that I’m not saying this is how this chapter should be. There are cons to this style of pacing! (two big ones: You can’t show Hijack posessing Jeff until the chapter it’s relevant, and it requires the audience to accept that characters are politely doing their various business in an order that’s convenient for the reader instead of the way that makes the most logical sense), but then you can put stuff like this

At the climax of a shorter chapter, positioned to make it clearer that this is the big moment it’s supposed to be, instead of Isabella getting hit in the face by a door on the next page because there’s a mystery plot to get back to, or having the Zarei/Day date have it’s own place in the story, instead of randomly showing up in the middle of the hijack arc, sticking around for a few pages, and then disappearing to cut to another side-plot. I think it’s good to deal with one or two things at a time, instead of juggling a whole bunch.

All that said, if this chapter ends with all these plot threads coming together in a major climatic way, then the way Paranatural is paced is 100% correct and all the slower pacing will pay off in a big way, provided Morrison sticks the landing. And right now it looks like they plot lines are going to collide in a big way, even if I’m not sure about the “stick the landing” part, but I thought the Ghost Train was good when it was all done, so we’ll see

My thoughts about Emma’s Send Off:

Well, after six years, and countless gifs later, Emma Swan took her final bow on Once Upon A Time. A few months ago I remember, sitting on the train, reading Jennifer Morrison’s announcement. She was not going to continue past the 6th season of Once Upon A Time. Since then like many others I wondered how in the world are they going to continue the show, or what is even the point if there is no Emma Swan.

To add to the confusion her true love was going to continue on the show. Hook was going to stay but he would not have Emma by his side. That was just going to be odd. When they announced Jennifer’s return I was thrilled but then terrified of the thought that they might end up killing her character off and that’s why Hook was missing something in his life. After months of speculation, the episode finally aired (queue my frustrated eye rolling here).

Emma was finally back on my television screen and it finally felt like the show was complete. It was a great 5 minutes to start the show and then I felt like I was playing a game of “Where’s Emma”. She was basically missing for HALF THE EPISODE, when the whole episode was dedicated to her departure. It was then that I really realized how little I cared for the other characters and kept wondering where is Emma, and the fact that I need to know what happened.

With Henry calling for help, Hook and Regina showed up, but with that came the twist that I did not need in my life. This is where Once Upon A Time writers got me confused and just annoyed to be honest. Wish Realm Hook showed up and got a magic spell to look like “real” Hook, which begs the question was that wish realm a real realm the whole time? So, does that mean that the Evil Queen and Robin are still a thing and exist somewhere there? And that technically Henry was a prince there? (Guess we will never know).

The good news from the episode was that Emma and Hook (yes, the real one) are going to have a kid. They are going to be together forever. They have their happy ending and that’s what I care about. Do I wish we would have gotten more Emma Swan in the episode. HELL YEAH. I wish we would have had more scenes with her and Hook, and who knows even a moment in Storybrooke after…  I just felt like I needed a little bit more.

Now, how I feel about this Wish Hook. I feel like I was tricked, when I watched the premiere because this is not the Hook with all the memories of what has happened over the past 6 seasons. This is a whole new Hook, who has a daughter. He has a kid. Like what. (It’s Alice.) I don’t want to see him looking for another love interest, because it would just feel weird to see a version of Hook that is not with Emma.

Anyway, you do not have to agree with me on any of this but this is how I feel. I would have loved to get more scenes in order to say goodbye to a character I have loved for over 6 years. I have been watching this story for such a long time that its good to know Captain Swan will always be together.

Thank you, Jennifer Morrison for the past 6 years. I’m so happy that you brought this character to life, and gave us such a great love story with Captain Hook. Here is to a happy beginning for Captain Swan. And a good luck to Once Upon A Time with whatever they are trying to do.

(Remember this is only my opinion, feel free to send an ask and give me your thoughts :) )


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Out of Nowhere (14x08)

I am your Chief Resident. What does that mean? I means that I am your chief, your boss, your commander, your overlord, your queen. It means when I speak, you listen. And when you make mistakes, it reflects on me. So no mistakes!

Soldier 76: Okay, let’s pick a name for our new puppy. Gabe, do you have a name for the puppy?

Reaper: Yes I do. Gabe.

Soldier 76: That’s your name, Gabe.

Reaper: I like my name.

D.Va: I have the perfect name; Mr.Dog!

Pharah: Mr. Dog? Hana, when you have a kid someday what are you going to name it? Mr. Baby?

D.Va: Not if it’s a girl.

Soldier 76: I think we should name him something that fits his personality. Like… Puddles.

Tracer: Soldier, I have the perfect name! Comet. Because he’s fast and he has a tail.

Soldier 76: And he only hits the newspaper once every 76 years.

  • (Back in Overwatch’s glory days, the agents are standing around a broken coffee machine)
  • Gabriel Reyes: Who broke it?
  • (Everyone looks nervous.)
  • Gabriel Reyes: I’m not mad. I just wanna know.
  • Jack Morrison: I did. I broke it.
  • Gabriel Reyes: No, no you didn’t. Lena?
  • Tracer: No, don’t look at me! ...Look at Genji.
  • Genji: What? I didn’t break it.
  • Tracer: That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Genji: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.
  • Tracer: Suspicious.
  • Genji: No, it’s not!
  • McCree: If it matters, probably not, but Winston was the last one to use it.
  • Winston: Liar, I don’t even drink that crap!
  • McCree: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Winston: I like the chocolate creamer to drink with my peanut butter sandwiches. Everyone knows that, Jesse!
  • Jack Morrison: Okay, let’s not fight, I broke it. Let me pay for it, Gabe.
  • Gabriel Reyes: No. Who broke it?
  • Genji: ...Gabe? Torbjörn’s been awfully quiet.
  • Torbjörn: Really?! Really?!
  • Genji: Yeah, really!
  • Torbjörn: Oh my God!
  • (everyone starts arguing)
  • Gabriel Reyes: (To the camera while everyone argues) I broke it. I burned my hand on it so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
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PS: Hook and Emma are definitely one of the most beloved romances on the show. What is the best part about working with Jennifer Morrison?

CO: I’m lucky that Jen and I have got a fantastic relationship. We get on so well and it makes it easy to translate that into the characters. Jen is friendly with my family and my wife and all of that is very important. Sometimes when you come onto a show, you don’t know if that’s going to work or if the chemistry is going to be there, and we just have a laugh. That’s the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We’re at ease working with each other, because if you have tension with someone, that translates on screen. Luckily, on Once Upon a Time, we get along so well, so it works.


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Your meta was good but Emma wearing less make up and she needs has become mu pet peeve. Mostly because people who don't like who Emma is currently and I find that unfair. Especially since its my otp. Second of all, I find it incredibly brave for someone to come on tv not wearing much make upl. I still think she looks good and I loved her engagement sweater. Emma wore a floral during her heist with Neal. It shows she's happy and in love

Look, BravePeopleWearEyelinerToo!Anon, in real life I am a pumpkin latte– hold the spice. I’m a PH of 12, that’s how basic I am. But this is TV, where hair, makeup and costume come together to give the audience a story about CHARACTER. You should notice a character, not any given hairstyle/shirt/make-up choice.

For example, Camelot!Emma didn’t have makeup and was in a raggedy bathrobe but nobody made fun of her for that– everyone just said: “Oh, fighting The Darkness ™ has taken a toll on Emma!” That’s good costuming.

Originally posted by amthedreamer

The price of dark magic is … those shoulder pads 

Likewise, I have no clue what makeup Regina is wearing at any given season because I’m too busy being scared of her. Let’s go back to S4 for a make-up fail, this time involving Belle: her fake eyelashes were so big they entered the scene before her and probably could have applied for a SAG card:

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

I can’t hear you over this make-up and that has nothing to do with Belle’s marriage

So we have to look at what S6 Emma’s makeup and hair and costume are supposed to be saying about her character, as opposed to the message they’re ACTUALLY conveying. There’s nothing wrong with florals in it of themselves.

Originally posted by simplysamnicole

You stay out of this!

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