because what are priorities

Percy “ignoring explosions in the background” Jackson

Percy “puts in earbuds to pretend he can’t hear the world ending” Jackson

Percy “waving his hand through an emergency Iris Message while yawning” Jackson

Percy “oh no I didn’t see your 27 missed calls, I guess I missed the action” Jackson

Percy “sipping a can of soda and pretending he can’t see Apollo” Jackson

Percy “choosing SAT prep courses over adventurous quests because his priorities have done a complete 180 from what they were when he was 12″ Jackson

i can list these all day

harrisonchevy  asked:

Hi! I was wondering how you feel about non-AZA accredited zoos. The Pittsburgh Zoo lost their accreditation a few years ago (because of an issue with one of their programs I think) but I still think it's an excellent zoo. Do zoos have to be AZA accredited to be good zoos?

Congratulations, you have pinpointed one of the largest cans of worms in the animal care industry! The response I’m about to give you is absolutely, definitely controversial - because honestly, there’s no one answer that everyone will agree with. 

I do not believe that lack of AZA accreditation should automatically condemn a zoo. (They will probably be very unhappy with me for stating this, since they’ve been advocating since at least the 1970′s for the government to recognize them as the only accrediting authority and shut down every facility they don’t accredit). As far as animal care, education, and conservation work goes AZA accreditation is the best reliable indicator of quality for public - but there’s a lot of reasons a zoo might choose not to be accredited in the first place, or might lose accreditation, or might choose not to be re-accredited. So no, not all “good zoos” must be AZA - but the public needs to be much more critical consumers in order to determine which non-AZA facilities are good zoos. 

One of the biggest reasons a zoo may not be AZA accredited is functional. AZA accreditation is designed to support and accredit primarily large urban zoos with a lot of funding. It really isn’t a good fit for smaller suburban or rural zoos: those that do decide to go for AZA accreditation spend years and a huge amount of money trying to meet AZA’s standards, and even after all that work not every non-urban zoo decides to stay accredited because the priorities of AZA doesn’t necessarily line up with what the organization needs to do to survive or what the community that supports it wants to see at their local zoo. This could be, for instance, that the type of education and conservation messaging AZA wants to see from its facilities isn’t appropriate for a rural setting or that the internal structure of the organization that AZA requires just isn’t functional at a smaller zoo. Mill Mountain Zoo, in Roanoke, Virginia, recently mutually split from AZA because it just wasn’t a good fit - but their animal care programs are still the same, and AZA thinks highly enough of them that they’re still allowed to participate in highly prestigious SSPs such as snow leopards, pallas cats, and red wolves. 

Another reason a zoo may not be accredited is because of differences in agreements over animal care requirements. Lack of accreditation due to these types of issues can’t really be qualified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reasons because each case is so individual. Sometimes facilities choose not apply for AZA accreditation in the first place because of a known conflict with their requirements. To pick a controversial example - and this is only a hypothetical - a facility like Myrtle Beach Safari would probably choose not to apply for AZA accreditation because their facility breeds color morph tigers, which AZA standards prohibit. The facility’s entire philosophy around tiger breeding and exhibition would have to shift drastically in order for them to make the changes AZA would require. Other times, facilities choose to leave AZA and/or purposefully lose their accreditation because of a disagreement over new rules. That’s what happened with Pittsburgh. Management at Pittsburgh didn’t agree with the requirement that all AZA zoos transfer over to working their elephants in protected contact, and eventually chose to lose the zoo’s AZA accreditation - and all the grants and federal exemptions that go along with it - in order to continue working with their elephants in the manner they believed was best for their specific animals. 

It’s also worth noting that some facilities may choose not to be part of AZA because of political reasons. AZA is notoriously condemnatory to any facility they don’t accredit. I’ve heard a lot of AZA staffers and surrogates, including directors or upper management at AZA facilities, say really nasty things about rural or smaller zoos with incredible frequency. They call them “roadside zoos” and though there’s no actual definition of the term, the official AZA usage appears to denote “anyone AZA doesn’t accredit.” (I wrote more about that here, if you’re interested in that specific political rabbit hole.) AZA as an organization itself appears to have partnered with HSUS in the fight to shut down all “roadside zoos” - including an officially sanctioned panel addressing it at the 2016 national conference - and the CEO of HSUS has been indicating in his messaging that AZA is now helping them police the rest of the zoo industry. This treatment doesn’t necessarily get better when a zoo starts working towards accreditation - I know someone whose facility was referred to as a “roadside zoo” literally as they were being congratulated for having been accredited. The official AZA messaging is that it has a cordial and professional relationship with other accrediting bodies like the ZAA - but they consistently publish documents that denigrate ZAA’s credibility as a professional organization and urge lawyers and lawmakers to not only ignore their input but even help regulate them out of existence. With that sort of blatant political enmity, it’s understandable that zoos external to AZA might be utterly uninterested in working to join the group that constantly publicly attacks their existence and professionalism and instead go it alone or join a different accrediting group. 

I would also hazard a guess that more organizations may choose not to associate with AZA given their apparent inclination to partner closely with animal rights organizations like HSUS. Smaller zoos get harassed endlessly by the animal rights organizations, regardless of their actual quality, and would absolutely have no interest in working to gain membership in a trade group that appears to be in bed with their long-time antagonists. 

Tl;dr: Accreditation and who has what why is really complicated. It’s not as simple as the “good vs bad” messaging AZA has been promoting. It’s very tied into industry politics, animal care philosophies, and the practical realities of running zoos. As discussed above, there are all sorts of reasons a zoo might choose to not get or to forfeit AZA accreditation. Some are reasonable, some are not, and it ends up being something consumers have to study in depth for each non-AZA facility they’re interested in to figure out if they want to support it.  

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. Get a tissue, you’re gonna need it. 

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Throw me under a bus to CTO and CEO? I throw you out of country.

(warning: long story. tl:dr at the end.)

My prorevenge story is from earlier in my career when I was a team lead of 20 people and was accountable for one of the core product lines company sold. Company was a tech startup and was in process of disrupting sector we were in. So much so that our parent company, a huge global conglomerate bought us out right as we were growing into mid size. Parent company invested hundreds of millions of dollars to try to hypergrow the business after buyout which also costed them hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re talking fuck ton of money.

Now back to my revenge story. In tech startup, infrastructures is often given just enough money and love to be just good enough to keep things alive. If you make it out of early stage and have a growing business then you pay your dues and put in some serious work to get your infrastructure to be more sustainable and scalable like a start of a real business. Or you suffer the consequences and slow the growth of the company in wide degreeing of severity. Our company just hit that stage and required major overhaul or business was going to suffer greatly. I’m talking like slowing our growth by 50% because that’s what was told to us as why this is now #1 priority for everyone involved. To take care of the overhaul SVP of IT was put in charge by the new CTO to get this done. SVP of IT being ‘busy’, he put his top lieutenant whom I shall call Asshat to run point on it.

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Elsewhere University Clubs Website and Podcast

(Sending this here because it’ll be more visible.)

I’ve a number of messages about the podcast and website for Elsewhere U., and I would like to say that we’re working on it! It’s going to take some time, but if anyone would like to contact us about the project, could you please go to That way we can keep track of everyone involved, and manage our resources better.

What we need:
- More clubs! We have 17 potential spots open just for this purpose! Any club you can think of that would appropriate for such a unique college can be sent in, and it’ll be reviewed before getting put up on the site. (Note: Treat it like an actual club, with members and leaders and such. A club has no use if it has nobody in it!)
- A logo! I’d normally try my hand at making one, but this is a large project, and it feels fitting to have it be open to everyone. Also, I’m kinda creatively-exhausted from working on the website for four days straight (and if anyone thinks they can design a better website, by all means, send in a code). So, have fun designing!
- Lorekeepers! People who would be willing to sort through and keep record of all the things that are considered “canon” by the creator charminglyantiquated, aka Sam. This is to just keep a general idea of the style of the University, it is in no way meant to restrict any creativity.
- Musical artists! We’ve already got one person volunteering to help with sound, but if the podcast really takes off, we’ll need more than that. Send in those songs and random inhuman sounds to contribute to the radio!
- Stories! Tidbits of events that pepper the radio broadcast in the form of rumors, or perhaps full columns on the happenings at the school submitted to a not-yet-created news club. Getting in examples of student life is one of the top priorities in this project, because it’s what sparked the idea for all of this in the first place!
- Art! It’s not very wise to take pictures of the Gentry, but drawings are welcome- who knows, perhaps a Gentry Identification club might spawn from it. Also, a labelled campus map would be above and beyond, if anyone wanted to try their hand at it.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, but this is a good enough place to start as any.

you guys i’m hyperventilating. go direct some of the enthusiasm their way, this is the coolest thing


i feel that this is necessary?? because guys, slam dunk

also i’d rather do other things than write my dissertation

so i was just casually thinking about michonne’s reaction to rick’s apparent death for the millionth time, you know as one does, and while i think i understand why people thought her reaction was out of character i can’t say i agree. tbh, i think it’s the exact opposite: it’s the natural culmination of all the character progression she’s gone through over the last few seasons.

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anonymous asked:

At the end of TG both Yoshimura as the manager and Kaneki were deconstructed and shown in a different light. Do you think it's possible we will have something similar with Kaneki and Touka this time around?

I definitely agree anon, the last arc of Tokyo Ghoul was about deconstructing the seemingly selfless actions of both Yoshimura and Kaneki as both done in self interest. Not only that but both characters genuinely believed that they were doing everything for the sake of others rather than themself, and it is something they are not faced with in the end.

Kaneki realizes in his last moments that everything he did was for himself. 

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“He allows her her solitude, which he doesn’t want for her or himself. He’d like to have her back.”

First, @gimple I still don’t like you. But this part right here, it was beautiful. Daryl let go of her, even wanting her with him, because it’s what she needs. She is his priority, no matter what he wants for himself. In this case, it was her. But he can’t be with her right now. Can’t have her back because it’s not what she needs. Don’t @me 😭

  • prince taekwoon is (surprise) super mysterious!!!!!
  • doesn’t rly like doing any publicity, so his older sisters do most tv appearances for the royal family
  • when he was younger he went out with his family to the capitol and doing rounds, but he didn’t leave the palace for like……… most of his teenage years………. because he was so shy and afraid of paparazzi
  • and because of that tabloids love to run stories about him….. like a good half of the nation thought he was terminally ill for a couple of months before his parents finally forced him to do a press conference being like “hey i’m fine sorry”
  • even then he was so…. quiet and uncomfortable that everyone was like ????? are u sure
  • but in reality he was just super camera shy ;(
  • as he got older he got a little more public!! every year he plays a charity soccer games w/ the national soccer team and was like….. as good as the professional players and he even got offered a spot on the team when one of the players retired
  • but he was like ….. no…. that’s okay

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Request: Hey! Could you do an imagine where the reader gets into an argument with stiles and spills that she’s been feeling really lonely and unappreciated and unloved recently and it ends with a tonne of fluff. Thank you! Xxxx 

Originally posted by moan-s

A/N: I’m new to this blog, my name’s Gillian, call me whatever idc. But this is my first imagine so plz don’t judge too harshly. Tell me what you think! xx Set in s5.

Warnings: I don’t think there are but maybe I’m wrong…?

*Also v short but whatever

Requested by anon

Y/N knew he was pissed off. Stiles was actually beyond pissed off at this point. He seemed to be that way a lot more since she’d found out about the supernatural. Something about her always putting herself in danger or not listening to his warnings, which she never did. She never would.

He’d managed to keep it together around the pack, a sickeningly sweet smile plastered on his face the entire time. Being that Scott lived right down the street from her, he tagged along with them. He could sense the tension between the two but decided not to question it, simply thanking Stiles for the ride and telling Y/N goodbye.

Y/N waited for his inevitable explosion, but it didn’t come. Not in the car, anyway.

Stiles slammed the door shut behind him, turning on Y/N, who was bracing herself for his inevitable explosion. “What were you thinking, Y/N?”

She kept her gaze locked on the floor, “I dunno. I was helping save Lydia.”

“Yeah, from the Dread Doctors!“

“You were there too, Stiles! You could’ve been hurt just as much as me!” She yelled back, tears stinging the backs of her eyes. “That’s different.” She raised an eyebrow, challenging him, “Oh, yeah? How so?” 

 “Look, I’ve been dealing with this a lot longer than you-” She cut him off, “So what? At the end of the day, you’ll always be safe because you’re a main priority.” His eyebrows furrowed, “What do you mean? You’re a main priority too,” She didn’t look at him, avoiding his judging gaze. “Is that what you think? That you’re not a main priority?“ 

She didn’t answer. “Y/N, you’ll always be a main priority. To me, especially,” He pulled her into a hug that she quickly rejected. He brushed it off. “Why would you think that you aren’t a main priority?” 

She brought up another question instead, “Stiles, have you ever wondered where my parents are? Why they’re never here?” 

Stiles paused to think about this. He rarely ever saw Mr or Mrs. Y/L/N. In fact, he’d only seen them a few times throughout the entirety of their friendship. “Where are they?” 

She shrugged. “Somewhere in Hawaii, I think. Maybe Maui, maybe the Bahamas, it’s not like they’d ever give me an exact location on the off chance I would follow them.”

“They just… left you?” 

“Yeah, for almost 4 months now,” She waved her hand in dismissal like it was nothing. “But it’s not like anyone cares enough to even notice.” 

“It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just, we’ve been really busy lately, you know? Lydia’s in Eichen House, Kira can’t control her powers, Scott died, I…” He hesitated, letting out a slow breath. “I killed Donovan, and Theo has his own pack that is trying to kill us.” 

“I know that, Stiles. We all have to deal with our own problems, but that’s the thing; we don’t. No one shoulders their problems alone. I don’t think I can pretend to be just okay with everything and help everyone else without asking for anything in return,” Her voice cracked as she choked down a sob. “I can’t do this anymore." 

With that, she broke down. 

Y/N crumpled to the floor, cries escaping her lips, tears streaming down her face. Stiles crouched down, engulfing the girl in a hug. She cried into his shirt, sobs racking through her body. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as she ran out of tears, a weight being lifted off her shoulders from telling him. And finally, she didn’t feel so alone.

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  • “did you even miss me?” / part two
    - the band is on break but luke doesn’t seem to want to spend time with you

  • mad for you, bad for you / part two
    - you relapse while luke is away and now that he’s back, you find it hard to get your fix and hide it [tw: drug use]

  • unwanted company / part two
    - you and luke get into a fight and you leave but return to find out he’s already moved on 

  • punishment / part two
    - you cheat on luke on a drunken night out and decide frostbite is the only way to punish yourself 

  • college blues / part two / part three 
    - you’re moving away to your college dorm and luke decides he doesn’t want a long distance relationship anymore

  • absolutely nothing / part two / part three 
    - you call luke after a break up and someone else answers 

  • go to her / part two 
    (inspired by the aria x ezra x nicole scene in pretty little liars) luke’s ex calls him and you answer and delete the call after so he doesn’t know but something happens to her and he blames you


  • “i know how the story goes..” / part two / part three
    - michael is still friends with his ex-girlfriend who thinks he’s still in love with her and will do anything to break the two of you up 

  • dirty little secret / part two / part three
    - michael is hell bent on keeping your relationship a secret from not only the fans but the boys and your best friend as well and you start to question the reason 

  • destroyed / part two / part three
    - you accidentally destroy something important to michael and he’s not very happy about it 

  • too much / part two
    - you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change 

  • silent treatment / part two
    - you and michael fight and he gives you the silent treatment 

  • give me a reason
    - you don’t understand why michael won’t take you to meet his parents 

  • new year’s kiss / part two / part three
    - you can’t wait to kiss michael at midnight on new year’s eve but a fight between the two of you before new year’s eve changes that 

  • faking it / part two 
    - both you and michael agree to break up with each other because you think that’s what the other person wants 

  • priorities / part two
    - michael has to leave yet again and you stupidly make him choose between you and the band









Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 36061/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1 // Ch 2 // Ch 3 // Ch 4 // Ch 5

Read on: Ao3

It’s Friday evening when Emma finds herself staring at the mirror trying to decide if her look is 1) nice enough for the opera and 2) nice enough for a night out with Killian.

Not that she likes him.

She definitely doesn’t like him.

She can’t like him. Because she put those feelings into a bottle and put the bottle into the wall. The nice safe wall where she can’t like him.

This isn’t going well.

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Kingdom- Chapter Three

Gajeel has had the dream about dying for the blue haired girl for as long as he can remember. Which is weird, since he’s never met anyone with blue hair in his life.

Levy has always loved myths and legends. So much so, in fact, that she was currently getting her master’s in mythological studies.

What neither of them realized was that they were living a legend all their own.

AKA the one with a knight, a princess, and a curse that keeps bringing them together just to pull them apart.

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anonymous asked:

Yo hmu with hcs of Sasuke finding out Itachi has a child? Kinda like a sequel to the pregnancy ones you did. Itachi is dead now, his final breath was his gf's name and his child's name. Sasuke tracks them down in like a cabin in the woods, what next? Thx friend. *disappears into a world of goldfish*

Coming right up! Thanks for requesting!

HC’s About Sasuke Finding Out That Itachi Has A Girlfriend and Child:

Originally posted by veenia

  • So when Itachi utters his last words, Sasuke immediately knows they’re names. And not just one name, but rather two names. He wouldn’t have thought much of it, but those were his brothers last words, so there has to be something going on. But he honestly doesn’t know where to start, were they names from the past? Were they people Itachi knew currently? It would kind of drive Sasuke bonkers because he’s just stumped on why is brothers final words were two names.
  • He would make it a part of his mission when he leaves the leaf village, as an adult, to find these two people. He would ask the Hokage for the list of all the members in the Akatsuki and start from there. He would quickly go down the list, noting who was dead. But then there is going to be this name at the bottom of the list, it’s going to belong to a female Akatsuki member that he didn’t really recognize. While they were wanted for some heinous crime, she never stuck out like the rest of them, hence why he doesn’t really recognize her. BUT he would recognize the name as one of the two Itachi muttered before he died. The Hokage would inform him that she’s been AWOL for a few years. People have said they’ve seen her around Kumo, but were never really sure.
  • So of course he’s going to start there. If he finds this person, then they may know the second person and the puzzle will be complete and all will be right with the world.
  • He would end up in Kumo, he would ask around, people would be pretty iffy about the information but one common theme is that they all mention a cabin. So what does he do? Go to the cabin. 
  • The first person Sasuke meets when he approaches the cabin is not Itachi’s girlfriend, but Itachi’s child. The small person would in the front yard playing around when Sasuke approaches them. He doesn’t think much of it until he sees their face. The hair color would be the girlfriends, but those facial features, those eyes. Those belong to Itachi, it’s unmistakable. Things slowly start to click, but not all the way, he has a hard time believing that Itachi has a child and needs someone to spell it out for him.
  • The child would notice him and call for it’s mother while slowly backing away from Sasuke (he’s not the friendly neighbor type). Now Itachi’s girlfriend knew all of his fears, one of them being that Sasuke would roll up and kill both her and his child. So she sees him, shoves her child inside the house, and prepares to fight Sasuke. (She knows full well she will not win, but she would DIE for her child because it’s her child AND because it’s all she has left of Itachi).
  • Sasuke would ask for her name, she’d hesitate still anticipating for a fight. But she would give it to him nonetheless. He’d then ask for the child’s name and when that’s given to him, he would finally understand. 
  • From that point Sasuke is going to feel a lot of emotions. He’s going to be a little shocked because he never figured that Itachi would be the dating or the baby-making type. He thought that Itachi would just stay by himself until the final fight. 
  • He’s going to feel like more of an asshole for killing his brother. I don’t think that Sasuke would have not killed Itachi if he knew about his brother’s family, but he might have lightened the blows. He can partially relate to the child about not having a father. Sasuke had Fugaku but he wasn’t really a father in his eyes; Itachi was more of a father to him. 
  • Sasuke is going to be jealous of his brothers family and of his brother. He spent the majority of his life training to kill Itachi. He didn’t focus on relationships or friendships (eh, he did, but that wasn’t his top priority), he lost so many people because of what his brother did. And yet here was Itachi, making memories, being loved, creating a family. Sasuke would rather have that life than the one that was given to him. He doesn’t like that there was someone that got his brother’s affection after all these years. It makes Sasuke feel second-rate and he hates that feeling. He doesn’t like the fact that Itachi got to do some good and got to create good memories, it drives him insane. So if Sasuke seems a little harsh to his new family, it’s mostly jealousy. 
  • He’s also going to be extremely happy. He does miss Itachi, especially after the truth was revealed about why he killed the Uchiha clan. So he sees his new niece/nephew as a piece of Itachi and feels the need to protect them so Itachi’s legacy does not burn out.  He’s also happy because now the Uchiha legacy is more secure and that the repopulation won’t strictly rely on him.
  • He would end up going into the cabin with Itachi’s lover and talking things over with her. Now that he has a new family, he doesn’t want them in Kumo. He wants them to come back to the Leaf Village where they can stay near him and where he can protect them. This is his chance to rebuild the clan he lost, there’s no way he is risking that by having them staying in a foreign land. He would also want to teach his niece/nephew the ways of the Sharingan and what it really means to be an Uchiha - but hopefully he doesn’t unlock the clans Curse of Hatred. 
  • Itachi’s girlfriend would be hesitant because she has a feeling it’s a trap and that she’ll be arrested. But Sasuke swears she will be pardoned for her crimes and he will bend over backwards to make sure she and her child are not separated. She’ll agree, reluctantly, but she’ll agree.
  • Sasuke is going to keep his promise and gets Itachi’s gf pardoned. Now that there’s an Uchiha to be trained, he does come back to the leaf village more frequently and splits his time from bonding with Sarada and his niece/nephew.
  • Itachi’s gf and Sakura become great friends and Sarada and Itachi’s child become super close.