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Fuck managers: we've got a relatively new manager who is incredibly uptight about the rules. Our doors only work one way and are on opposite sides of the store, and were not meant to let people out the "in" door. I let a disabled elderly woman out these doors because she hadn't realised where the exit was and I didn't want to make her go all the way across the store again when the disabled parks are by the entrance anyway. For some reason, this makes me a terrible employee.

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hi! i've been really into reading baeksoo for a while now and am running dry on new fics so your blog + masterlist is a blessing!! :) do u know any fics where baek is more than the annoying/loud trope and ksoo actually likes/envies how social/charming/friendly he is? like the dynamics in sundaes for sunny days, we've got one thing in common, your everyday stranger and all's fair in love and doggy care. thanks!!! :)


It’s nice to hear if our blog can be of any help ^-^ Also apologies that it took us so long to reply!! Your request was kinda tricky because many fics are about Kyungsoo being kinda annoyed by Baekhyun at first before warming up to him. And I love tsundere!soo a lot, but it’s nice when there’s some changes in their dynamics as well :) 

But these are some fics that I could think of. In these fics Kyungsoo likes Baekhyun’s nice/bright/charming/outgoing/confident/etc. personality or he is kinda amused by Baekhyun but doesn’t find him annoying or anything like that. 

I hope at least some of these are the type of fics you were looking for :>

- Admin T (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Joanna had just got back from raiding the nurse station. She just so happened to in a dog onesie. Her latest roommate made her wear it by getting rid of all her actual pajamas because apparently they were ‘nothing but rags’. But whatever. Joanna didn’t care. Even if this was some dumb prank or attempt at bulling. She’d rock that onesie and shove it in her roommates face. 

What she hadn’t expected was to bump into the one and only son of Grumpy. “Dill jesus you scared me! I thought you were one of the teachers!” She muttered to him. The dog head of the onesie wasn’t up but the paws wouldn’t be hard to notice..


Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

Fear Factor (2x02)

Disaster || Hansel

For once things seemed to be going relatively well. Hans and Rapunzel had been living in the cottage nearly a month now, and there was no sign that anyone from the Southern Isles knew where they were. Better still, the nightmares had all but stopped, the arguments had died down–not completely of course, but bickering was to be expected–and with Pascal at her side again Rapunzel seemed in better spirits than ever.

Of course by now the walls were covered in charcoal sketches. Pretty as they were, Hans couldn’t deny they were a little… colorless. So one day Hans came up with an idea. “Why don’t we go to town and buy you some paints?” he asked with a smile. “We’ve got plenty of money saved up, after all.”

four: you're his celebrity crush
  • Harry: "so harry, tell us about this crush you have on y/n!" the interviewer exclaims, making harry blush. "oh, uh, i just think she's pretty is all." he shrugs and niall laughs. "he's such a liar, this kid never shuts up about her, y/n this and y/n that." the interviewer laughed. "oh here, y/n! over here!" he shouts and you smile coming over. "hi, wow i'm standing next to one direction." you laugh as the boys all push harry over to you. "y/n, you know harry styles, don't you?" the interviewer asks and you nod smiling brightly at harry. "well harry here, has a huge crush on you." liam laughs. "is that so?" you ask and harry blushes, nodding. "well, i happen to like you too." you smirk.
  • Liam: "and the winner is, y/n!" you jump up from your seat behind the boys with a huge smile on your face. as your walking down liam grabs your wrist, "congratulations you deserve it." he smiles shyly and you lean down to kiss his cheek. "thank you!" you exclaim. once you've returned to your seat it's commercial break. louis turns around and smirks, "liam has the biggest crush on you." liam turns around quickly. "i just think you're pretty. and nice. and a good singer." he blushes and you smile softly. "you're pretty, and nice and a good singer too." he beams at you, "so are you staying for the after party?" he asks.
  • Louis: "and that was one direction's new hit, steal my girl!" you exclaim into the microphone. "so y/n.." the dj trails off. "you've been helping host the show all day for the premiere of your new song," you nod, "and we've got some guests here to listen to it." he smirks. "oh yeah?" you laugh. "come on in boys." he yells and two boys walk in. "louis and zayn." you smile at the two boys. "you're new song is gonna be amazing love, i'm sure." louis smiles shyly and zayn snorts. "he's saying that because he has the biggest crush on you." you smirk. "are you saying my song isn't gonna be good zayn?" you ask. "no!" he exclaims quickly, "of course not, i'm-" "it's okay, i quite liked hearing louis has a crush on me." you smile and kiss his cheek softly before turning back to the dj.
  • Niall: "niall!" the red carpet interviewer called him over, the boys following behind quickly. "so niall, as much as i'm sure of viewers would love to hear who you're wearing and how you feel about your competitors, i wanna know about this not so secret crush you have on the actress y/n?" she smirks and niall blushes. "she's just such a talented actress and i mean, i'm sure you've seen my horrible acting, i'm just in awe of her skills." he explains happily. "well i'm sure i could give you a lesson or two sometime!" you laugh after hearing that. "y/n!" the interviewer exclaims happily. "hi, zayn and louis pulled me over." you smile widely. "but, if i do give you some lessons, i expect some vocal lessons in return." you turn back to niall and smirk. "yeah. yeah, okay." he smiles and you kiss his cheek before making your way down the carpet.
  • Zayn: "zayn..." ellen trails off, "one of my spies overheard you talking backstage about a crush of yous." she smirks and zayn blushes looking down at his hands. "tell us about y/n." liam prods, nudging zayn in the ribs. "well uh, she's just like an amazing actress, i love all her movies and uh she's a very lovely person, i've talked to her at an award show once or twice and she's very pretty, that's all." he says quietly, slightly embarrassed at his crush on you being outed. "well you know how i love scaring people, don't you?" and as ellen says that you come up behind zayn and whisper a soft 'boo.' in his ear, making him jump of the couch. " i happen to think you're very pretty too zayn." you smile as you walk around the couch to hug him. "and lovely, a very lovely boy."
  • AUTHORS NOTE: this kind of sucks, but i've been so busy with school and i wanted to post something, sorry.

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Shoving Ereri in the faces of anti blogs by putting shit in the tags won't make us like it, it'll just annoy us. Intentionally misplaced fanart aside, it's still a ship between a 30-something year old and a teenager, which is gross even in fiction.

Oh gosh, why are you all still doing this XD

Sweetheart, ship, don’t ship, and think whatever you want, I really couldn’t give one less shit. 

Oh and if you couldn’t tell, annoying you was KINDA the goal because you all were doing quite some terrible crap to us