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peskyshortcake  asked:

Clark making Brainy wear a Supergirl costume.

“This will not fool anyone, Clark.” Brainy said, grateful that his ID mask had adjusted to Kara’s voice as Clark helped him get used to the outfit.

“Of course it will. Kara tells me it happened before- even her boss couldn’t tell the difference.” Clark said. “And besides, my disguise is much easier to see through.”

“I hardly think glasses count as a disguise.”

“Come on, it was the most normal thing I could think of!”

“I know.” Brainy said. “Are you sure I have to imitate her?”

“Only today. It’s for patrol, while she and Lena go on their first official date as a couple. You don’t even have to do any fighting.”

“…I am only doing this because she asked nicely.”

“I know.” Clark said. “I’d kiss you, but…”

“I understand.”