because we would both just give up

Christmas Card Idea

For a Christmas themed SaveWOY project I’ve been toying with the idea of fans designing WOY themed Christmas cards to mail to the Disney executives, both as thanks for putting up with our campaign efforts and just because it’s in the spirit of Wander to do so.

Then I thought “Wander has helped so many fans with depression and illnesses. Where are there a lot of people who could do with some help or perking up?”


I know DeviantART have their members design and send Christmas cards to patients in hospitals. Now I don’t want to give the impression that we would just be using these patients to boost the campaign, but looking at the petition comments alone, I can see so many people who were helped thanks to the show. So maybe bringing a little bit of Wander into these people’s lives could also help them. Even just making them smile by receiving a Christmas card.

Maybe we could arrange to get everyone’s card designs printed and delivered to a children’s hospital? I’m sure the children would love them and it would certainly make their Christmas a little brighter while being stuck in hospital.

Thoughts? And don’t hold back. If it’s a bad idea, tell me.


I would bend the hands of time, just to return to a point when you believed without a doubt– that tomorrow will be better. I would drink the ocean for you– the whole ocean. Why? Because as writers, we are colorful sponges never stopping even for the largest of metaphors. I would learn sign language just to speak with you on the days when you give the world silence. I would stop writing if that would make you smile more. I would give up the most important parts of me just to keep you safe. I would scream our whispers because hearing doesn’t always involve listening and loving doesn’t always mean staying forever. I would search for you in my next life. And the next. And the off switch to our lives would be inside of your smile. I would love to love you until you believed in love all over again. I would smile, but only if you are. Wait. We both can’t be sad. I’ll smile regardless. I would seek you out among the stars and ask you– “how long did it take you to become this beautiful?” I would replace all of your sadness with my arms– I’ll hug your smile back into place. I would bleed into rivers just to tell you that even the bodies of waters loved to feel rosy. I would write until my hands gave out, just to tell you how much you mean to me– In my next life, I’d still write you… poetry. I would.

The Killer Behind the Mask

(An EXO Halloween Oneshot)

Warning!: There is violence and some language throughout the piece. It’s not horrible but I wanted to give you a heads up! Enjoyy~ XD

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Our chants echoed throughout the abandoned house, encouraging two of our friends to kiss. We aren’t weirdos or anything. The bottle just landed on them so what’s done is done. They both squirmed, disturbed about kissing the other.

“Why couldn’t it be one of you?” Baekhyun asked, glancing between Anya and I.

“Because it seems like the bottle knew that it would be much more interesting to see you two kiss.” Xiumin chuckled, adding fuel to the fire.

“Ah, come on. Can’t we spin it again?” Chanyeol begged, his eyes meeting each of ours to try to persuade at least one of us.

“Nope. Come on, just do it real fast. It will be over in like 2 seconds.” Chen egged on, grinning wickedly when the two looked at each other and just as quickly turned away, embarrassed by the situation.

“Fine.” Chanyeol grunted, moving his body to face Baekhyuns. Before Baekhyun even had a chance to respond, Chanyeol grabbed him by the shoulders and quickly placed his lips on his and pulled away. They both whinned and wiped at their mouths afterwards, making the rest of us cheer and laugh.

“Okay, who is next?” Sehun asked, grabbing to fix the bottle in the middle of the circle.

“Suho! It’s your turn~” Kai singed, patting him on the shoulder. Without hesitation Suho leaned and spun the bottle, making us all whine when it landed on Anya.

“Ah no fun! You are two are dating. You can do that anytime!” Lay complained pointing at the two of them. Ignoring him, they leaned across the circle and kissed each other, both of them smiling as they pulled back.

“Okay, I don’t know about you people, but I think I am done kissing guys.” Chen piped.

“Ditto. Let’s do something else.” Baekhyun agreed, still not meeting Chanyeol’s eyes.

“Like what?” I asked as I picked a kit kat from the bowl of candy between Kyungsoo and I.

“Well it is Halloween… And we are in an abandoned house…” Chanyeol explained, trailing off as he shivered, remembering where we were.

“Should we really be here? I mean… He is still on the loose.” Sehun emphasized.

“Oh come on, what are the chances that he would come here? I mean there are like thousands of people near here so there is no way he would even try something tonight… Right?” We all grew quiet, the cheery and playful atmosphere from before gone.

For the last couple of weeks people have been murdered by this man who, dubbed by lots of Media and reporters, is called the Mask. The only lead they have on finding this guy was that he killed his victims all the same way - decapitation.

Brutal I know. It must be something to do with why he hides his face or something. Like he doesn’t like people looking at him? All I know is that I want to be as far away as possible from that psycho.

As if on queue, we heard a noise upstairs. All 11 of our heads turned, slightly terrified after what we we’re just talking about.

“Uh, you guys heard that too right? I am not just going crazy?” I asked.

“Ah come on. It was probably a mouse or som-” Before Lay could finish, we heard an even louder creak than the one from before and we were all officially freaked out.

Half of us rose to our feet and slowly walked towards the sound.

“D-Do you see anything?” Baekhyun asked, sitting as far away as possible from the stairs.

Suho started to head up the stairs ahead of all of us and when he vanished from our sight we heard a scream. The rest of us immediately ran up to see the problem when we all groaned when we saw what it was.

“Really? You couldn’t come through the door like a normal person?” Chanyeol asked.

“No of course not. I had to scare you guys, come on,” Tao explained as he was the one that was making all noise. “You would have done the same if you were me.” I rolled my eyes and proceeded to head back down the stairs to where we we’re sitting before. I turned back around to see the rest of then following, reprimanding Tao for scaring us all too much.

“Well, now that all of us are here, what should we do - Besides playing hide and seek Chanyeol.” Suho said when seeing Chanyeol start to get excited and lift a finger up as if to suggest something. Chanyeol slowly lowered his finger, pouting at the rejection.

“Well, have any of us even checked out this house yet? I mean, we should at least look around.” Anya suggested. No one disagreed with the idea and after turning on the lights we went to look around the abandoned house.

The reason why the house was abandoned? No one knew. It has been empty ever since the last owners left it two years ago and people don’t go near it. Maybe it’s because of the eerie vibe it gives off or the question as to why the friendly owners vanished so unexpectedly. Either way, when someone gave the idea of ‘Why don’t we spend Halloween in that house“ we all readily agreed to it, being the rebellious crazy group of teenagers we are.

I followed behind Baekhyun and Kyungsoo as we went towards the kitchen, our eyes constantly scanning the room, the walls, the door - everything. When we reached the room, nothing seemed out of place. Grant it, there were unwashed dishes in the sink and some very old food left on the floor, but besides that the place looked as if no one ever left it.

I quickly shivered. "This place gives me the creeps,” I whispered to no one in particular. I brought both of my hands up to my arms and continuously rubbed, hoping this weird feeling I had would go away. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun started searching the drawers and the fridge when one of them found something very out of place.

“Um, guys?” Baekhyun asked. Kyungsoo and I immediately headed over to see what he found. When I reached him my eyes widened at what was in the kitchen drawer - a knife. A very sharp one in fact, and very clean. It did not seem to fit with the other things in the kitchen as it looked as if it was used yesterday.

“Weird,” Kyungsoo whispered.

“Uh, it’s a little more than weird Kyungsoo.” Baekhyun sassed, scared of the item he held in his hand.

“Well we should put it back. I don’t think we should take it but I am curious as to why it is here.” I piped, studying it closely. After a bit, Baekhyun placed the knife neatly back in the drawer and closed it, leaving the three of us a little more spooked than before. We glanced around the room once more and started to head back to the living room when the lights started to flicker.

Startled, we turned our heads up to look at the flashing lights when they shut off, leaving us in the dark. Scared, I clutched onto the nearest person to me.

“Uhhh, I don’t like this.” Baekhyun said. We stood in place, waiting to see if something would happen when the lights suddenly turned back on. We were dazed. I slowly looked to find that I had clutched onto Kyungsoo. I met his eyes and quickly let go, embarrassed that I grabbed his arm.

“S-Sorry.” I whispered. Oh, did I forget to mention? I kind of have this crush on Kyungsoo. So yeah. That wasn’t awkward or anything.

“It’s fine.” He answered, shrugging it off as he smiled at me. My heart did a little flip - feeling happy before everything went to hell. Just as we were sharing this moment, we heard a scream from upstairs. All three pairs of eyes meeting, we quickly ran after the scream and saw Anya clutching her hands over her mouth, sobbing. Confused, we shifted our eyes to see what she was looking at. When I saw it, my heart started to beat uncontrollably. What we saw was Suho. Dead.

Or the best part about it all. His head. Was gone. I became terrified. This was exactly like the murders I was telling you about earlier, remember? Psychopath with a mask, likes taking people’s heads? Yeah.

“Oh my god,” I whimpered, trying to hold my tears back. I looked over to Suho’s now ex-girlfriend to see that she was completely broken. She hadn’t stopped crying since we got over here and I didn’t think she would stop anytime soon. I ran over to her and immediately pulled her into a hug, hoping that in some way it would comfort her.

The rest of the guys came running in and when they all saw what we did, the looks on their faces were identical to mine.

“Shit,” Tao hissed.

“W-What happened?” Lay asked, still trying to wrap his head around this situation.

“I-I don’t know,” I answered, still holding onto a broken Anya. “We came here after we heard Anya’s scream and we found S-…like this.” I stated. I glanced once more over at the body in front of us and just as quickly turned away, terrified by all of this.

“W-Where’s his… you know…” Kai stuttered. I glanced over to see Kyungsoo shaking his head at him not knowing how to answer. We were all quiet for a moment before someone asked the question I was dreading.

“Y-You don’t think-” Chanyeol suggested.

“I don’t know. But what I do know is that we need to get the hell out of here.” Chen interrupted and he disappeared out of sight, most likely heading for the front door. I noticed a few others vanish as well and a minute later they came back up and covered what was left of Suho with a blanket. Anya had started to calm down a bit and I shifted her head towards me to make sure she didn’t have to see him again. Chen then came back to in view with the rest of the members, all of them out of breath.

“So, I have some bad news,” Anya, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, and I - who all stayed put - turned to look at him for answers. “All the doors are shut. We couldn’t get anything open and so are the windows. I mean, I knew they were boarded up but I didn’t think it would be that tough to take them off.” He muttered.

“So are you saying we are stuck here then?” I asked, fear starting to settle in. He silently nodded, making the rest of terrified.

“There has to be a way out.” Xiumin said, running his hand through his hair. “I mean we have to call someone! We can’t just be locked in here!” We all started to panic. Tao then started to pull out his phone.

“My phone is still working. Let me see if I can call the police or something. I will be right back.” He said, walking away from the room.

“Please tell me you guys aren’t thinking the same thing I am…” I whispered, letting go of Anya as she had finished crying.

“Thinking that we are locked inside an abandoned house with no way out and possibly trapped with a serial killer?!” Baekhyun started to panic. “I-I can’t do this guys! There is a freaking body over there that used to be our friend and now we are stuck here?! This isn’t right!!” He yelled and then ran off down the stairs.

“Baekhyun, wait!” Lay yelled, running off after him.

“Great, and now we are getting more and more separated.” Kyungsoo said. “W-” Before he could finish, the lights started to flicker again. The rest of us turned to look at the familiar flashing lights and then they shut off.

“N-No not again!” Anya yelled. I could feel her let go of me and I heard her footsteps as she ran out of the door.

“Wait, Anya!!” I yelled after her, blindly trying to search for the way out when I ran into someone else. “Sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s fine. Just don’t move.” The voice said back. I recognized it to be Kyungsoo’s voice again and I instantly felt a little calmer. “The killer might be using the lights off to his advantage so we have to stay put. Moving could get us killed.” He muttered.

“B- What about Anya?” I asked, trying to also hear what the other member’s were whispering about in the background.

“We will go find her after the lights turn back on. I promise you okay?” I felt his arms on my shoulders and although I couldn’t see his face I could tell he was trying to reassure me with a smile.

“O-Okay,” I responded, just hoping that everyone would be okay. That no one else would get hurt. The lights seemed to be off for a long time until they suddenly switched back on. I opened my eyes to see Kyungsoo still in front of me and Kai, Chanyeol, Chen, Xiumin, and Sehun still in the room. We all meet eyes and after making sure we were all safe, we breathed a sigh of relief.

“We need to go check on the others,” Sehun suggested, speaking up for the first time since all of this has happened.

“Yeah, I am going to go find Tao. Make sure he is okay.” Chen said.

“I am coming with you. You shouldn’t go alone.” Chanyeol urged. Chen nodded his head and they both left shortly after.

“I am going to go find Lay and Baekhyun,” Xiumin declared, leaving shortly after.

“I-I am going to stay,” Kai uttered, shaking slightly.

“I will too. Two is better than one right?” Sehun looked over at Kai and forced a smile. Kai noticed and returned the gesture. Relieved knowing that no one would be left alone, I took Kyungsoo up on his offer.

“We should go find Anya.” I whispered to Kyungsoo.

“Okay let’s go find her.” Kyungsoo following closely behind, we went down the stairs and were quickly met with Chen and Chanyeol. They looked panicked and I became frightened again.

“Where’s Tao?” I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking. They both lowered their heads and neither of them said anything. “I-Is he…” Before I could finish, Chanyeol burst into tears and Chen placed his hand on his back, comforting the friendly giant. Reality then hit me. No one was safe. And we were trapped here with a psychotic killer. Tears started to swell up again when Kyungsoo grabbed me by the wrist, bringing me back.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” His voice was soothing, giving me some hope - if any at this point - that we would find a way out of this. We had to.

“W-We are going to find A-Anya,” I stuttered, my voice breaking. “Y-You guys should go upstairs with Kai and S-Sehun.” Chanyeol and Chen both looked at me and Kyungsoo. They both nodded and headed up behind us, Chanyeol still a blubbering mess. I used my right hand - the one Kyungsoo wasn’t holding - to wipe the tears off my face before taking a deep breath.

“O-Okay, let’s go find her.” I whispered, looking at Kyungsoo. His eyes softened as he saw me and nodded. Still holding my wrist, we started to search the rest of the main floor. We luckily saw Baekhyun, Lay, and Xiumin. Baekhyun looked as if he could pass out and Lay and Xiumin were barely sane. We told them to head back up stairs and they did so. We also came across Tao - or what was left of him. It pained me to see him but I had to know.

I inched closer and was not surprised to find that his head was missing as well. I glanced at Kyungsoo and we both knew then who we were dealing with. The Mask. Why the hell pick on some random teenagers though? As the thoughts circled my head, we heard something from downstairs, something that sounded like a crash. I was afraid to go towards the sound at first but thinking it might by Anya, my feet started to move on their own.

Kyungsoo following behind, we went down to the basement. The place was unbelievably cluttered for a house that had been uninhabited for two years. Boxes stacked high, I quietly started to call out for Anya. Kyungsoo then suddenly pulled me back, making me turn to look at him. He mouthed to me 'Let me go first’. Startled, I let him slip in front of me as I huddled closely behind, holding onto the bottom of his shirt. We then heard another crash, even louder than the last and we stopped.

“A-Anya?” I whispered, calling out for her one more time. With no response, we inched even deeper into the darkness. I continuously looked around, paranoid that at any moment something would jump at me when I ran into Kyungsoo as he had stopped.

“Kyungsoo?” I peeked around to look at his face and his eyes were laced with fear. My heart started to accelerate and when I turned to look around the corner, I covered my face with my hands as I gasped. Anya was leaning up against the wall, her neck cut slightly . Her leg was twitching and hitting a metal can, making a very similar sound to the one we heard before.

I immediately ran over and noticed that she was somehow still alive. Her eyes met mine as I kneeled down beside her, lifting her head up as to keep any more blood from spilling.

“I-It’s okay,” I told her, knowing all too well that it wasn’t going to be. As she stared into my eyes, she was barely breathing, taking very short and raspy breaths. Tears started to fall, gently hitting her face as I watched her like this. “I-I’s sorry,” I whispered. “This-”

“Y-Y/N,” She suddenly said, making me freeze. “I-It’s-” She stopped, coughing slightly before she continued. “O-One of t-them…” She trailed off. My eyes widened.

“O-One of the guys?” I repeated back, hoping to hell that I heard her wrong. But she nodded slightly, confirming my fears. I glanced over at Kyungsoo and noticed that he was as taken back as I was. “D-Do you know who it was?” I asked, hoping that I could at least somehow avenge her. She nodded once more.

“I-It was-” And just like that, mid-sentence she abruptly stopped. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes slightly started to roll back. Knowing that she was gone, I started to cry even harder and pulled her closer to me. She didn’t deserve to die like this. No one did. And know I am being told it is one of us? One of the guys? I closed my eyes, wishing that it would all go away, but to my luck, it wasn’t going to happen.

Kyungsoo at some point came over by me and placed his hand on my shoulder, letting me know what he was here for me. I quickly glanced over at him and noticed how he was crying too. I then gave him a hug, hoping that we would find a way out of this. I loved everyone here tonight and now knowing that one of them is a killer - the Mask - I knew that I needed to find out who did this and put a stop to it.

Kyungsoo’s arms then slumped around me, holding me close. “We will find who did this, Y/N. I promise.” He whispered, into my ear. We sat like this until I calmed. I let go of him and glanced up to meet his eyes.

“I-I’m okay. We should get back to the others.” I said. He gently nodded, trying to make sure that I was stable as I got up. “D-Do you think we should-”

“Tell everyone that the killer is among us? I don’t know…” He trailed off, thinking about it. At this time, the one light in the basement started to flicker again. We quickly glanced at each other again and started to run up the stairs. We reached the floor level in no time and just then the lights shut off for the third time tonight.

“Don’t move.” Kyungsoo whispered. I then suddenly felt his arms around me again, holding me close to him as we stayed still near the corner of the wall. If there wasn’t a serial killer after us I would be loving this moment but there was no time to fawn. People are dying and we are the only ones who have a lead. We stayed put for another couple of minutes before the lights miraculously turned on once again.

Kyungsoo then let go of me. “Are you okay?” I nodded, quickly checking the surroundings around us.

“We should go check on the others.” I said. Right after, I ran up the stairs and headed to the room where everyone was earlier. When Kyungsoo and I got there, we both froze. Baekhyun and Lay were on the floor, right next to where Suho’s body was, as if in a line. Both heads missing, I glanced over to see Chanyeol, Chen, Xiumin, Kai, and Sehun terrified. Pass the point of crying, I tried to study each of them as if I could I see who wasn’t as surprised by this situation.

“Y/N! Kyungsoo!” Chanyeol yelled, running towards us, grabbing us both in a big hug. “We were so worried about you two-” When he pulled back he noticed the blood at my shirt and instantly became worried. “Y-Y-”

“It’s not mine,” I reassured, answering a little quietly. “It’s…Anya’s.” They all lowered their heads as if giving her a moment of silence before continuing. “Did this just happen?” I asked.

“Y-Yeah,” Sehun piped from the corner of the room. “T-The lights went out and when they came back on…” He motioned to Lay and Baekhyun’s bodies, making me sigh in frustration.

“You guys didn’t hear the killer killing them?” Kyungsoo suddenly asked, thinking the same thing I did. “If they were killed in the same room as you, how did you not hear it?” He continued.

“I don’t know! I wasn’t really listening for the sound of someone’s head being chopped off!!” Chen yelled, frightened.

“No need to yell Chen,” Xiumin said, trying to calm him down.

“No need to yell?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? FIVE PEOPLE ARE NOW DEAD AND YOU EXPECT ME NOT TO BE YELLING?!” He screamed, shaking violently. “I mean, we are all screwed!! There is no way out! WE ARE LOCKED IN HERE WITH A KILLER WE CAN’T EVEN SEE!” He ran his hands through his hair as he paced back in forth in the room. And then it hit me.

“W-Wait…” I said suddenly, bringing his attention to me. “Someone dies each time the lights go out, right? Is there someplace that the killer could be controlling them or something?” I asked. I glanced between everyone and saw the wheels in their head turning. Only two people did not seem as worried as everyone else - Sehun and Xiumin. They looked frightened yes, but not as nervous as Kai, Chanyeol, and Chen. If what Anya was saying is true, maybe one of them…

“Actually,” Chanyeol said suddenly. “I saw something earlier.” He then started to walk out of the room and the rest of us followed behind. He went down the hall and to a room I had not seen before. He quietly opened the door and went inside. The room was empty and when Chanyeol started to walk over to an empty wall I started to question his sanity.

“Chanyeol, are you kid-” Before I could finish, he pushed on the wall and it moved - like a sliding door. One part slid away from the wall and the other inside. We all quickly ran over and looked to see the hidden room. It was filled with televisions revealing each room of the house.

“What the hell…” Xiumin said as we all glanced at the monitors. “So the killer has been watching us this whole time?”

“It looks like it…” Kai agreed. “He must come here when the lights turn off or something to find everyone.” My eyes scanned each monitor and it would make sense. When the lights turn off, he runs here to see who he can kill next. But why attack the room full of people? Why not Kyungsoo and I? Unless…

“Unless, he couldn’t leave…” I whispered aloud.

“What?” Sehun asked. I shook it off.

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking that maybe some of us should stay here to make sure he can’t come here anymore. If this is where he is going to go first.” I lied.

“That’s a good idea.” Chanyeol agreed. “I think we should split up then. 3 and 4. I know splitting up is a bad idea but if we are in a group of four it shouldn’t be too bad right?” The others seemed apprehensive to this idea but I was in full agreement.

“I think we should. See if the second half can find where he is hiding or something.” Kyungsoo suggested.

“Okay, well I can stay here. I think me searching around might not be the best idea considering I just had a totally freak out.” Chen said.

“I will stay too. No way in hell I want to go out there.” Kai agreed, shivering at the thought.

“Same.” Sehun piped.

“I will stay back too. Just to monitor the screens.” Chanyeol suggested.

“Okay. Looks like it is me and you two then.” Xiumin sighed and glanced at Kyungsoo and I. I smiled tightly at him as he came to stand by us.

“You guys yell if anything happens okay?” I asked, pointing at each one of them. They all nodded. And at that Kyungsoo, Xiumin, and I left them alone. We went down the stairs.

“Before we go,” Xiumin suddenly said. Kyungsoo and I both turned to look at him. “I wanted to say something…” I raised my eyebrow, interested as to what he had to say. “I think- I think one of the guys is the killer.” He glanced at the two of us gauging our reactions.

“Why do you think that?” Kyungsoo asked, curious as to why he would think so.

“Well…each time someone has…you know,” He started to fumble with his hands. “It has been with someone else. I don’t know who but it just seems fishy. Also, the fact that none of us have seen anyone else since we got here - it has just been us.” As if speaking telepathically, Kyungsoo and I looked at each other and we both knew then that Xiumin was innocent.

“Actually…” I started, bringing his attention from his fingers to my face. “Before Anya…passed, she said that it was one of the guys. We didn’t know what to think about it but now that you say the same thing…”

“It is probably true.” Kyungsoo finished, sighing heavily.

“How though? How could one of our friends just kill us like it’s nothing? I don’t understand…” Xiumin explained.

“I don’t know either but if it is true we need to be prepared.” I stated, walking away from the two of them and towards the kitchen.

“Y/N?” Kyungsoo called after me. I headed straight for the same drawer where Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, and I saw the knife and pulled it open. However, there was no knife there.

“Y/N? Is everything okay?” Xiumin asked from behind me as they both had followed me into the kitchen.

“The knife…” I whispered. “I-It’s gone…” I frantically searched the other drawers hoping that I misplaced the drawer I remembered but it was nowhere to be found. “There was a knife here and now it’s gone.” I explained to them.

“That is not good. At all,” Xiumin said.

“Someone must have taken it…” I said.

“Who? The killer? But he can’t cut off heads with just a knife…Did someone else take it?” Kyungsoo pondered. Heart racing, I tried to remember if I saw anyone next to the kitchen but I couldn’t remember anything. And then the worst happened. The lights started to flicker again.

“No, no, no!” Xiumin yelled.

“Stay calm! Let’s just wait it out. If we don’t move, he can’t hear us and hopefully see us.” Kyungsoo explained. Both Xiumin and I nodded, following his lead. We all squat down, thinking that the lower to the ground we were, the safer. And then the lights clicked off.

“K-Kyungsoo?” I whispered like a fool. I had been acting strong this whole time but now, knowing that the likelihood of us making it out alive was very low I started to panic. I reached around for him and when his hand suddenly met mine, I held it very tightly.

“I’m right here. It’s okay,” He whispered back, trying to be quiet. He squeezed my hand lightly, letting me know that he was here for me when the lights came back on. Startled, we glanced at each other and saw Xiumin looking around as well.

“Why was that one so short?” I asked, terrified. Just then, Xiumin ran up the steps back to the room. Kyungsoo and I met eyes once more and quickly followed after, hoping that everyone was okay. But when Kyungsoo and I got up the steps, we both froze in horror. Xiumin stood still and right in front of him was the killer. The Mask. Before I could call out to him to get away, the Mask, swung his what-seemed-like-machete and sliced Xiumin’s head clean off, as if cutting butter. Petrified, Kyungsoo pulled me back down the stairs as I cried, knowing that everyone else in the room must be gone as well.

“NO!!” I yelled, pissed. I quickly shook off Kyungsoo’s hand. This was it. I am done with this asshole.

“Y/N!” He screamed, trying to get me to come down the stairs. But I was not going to run. I was done running. This man - this so called friend - has killed everyone I have loved today and I was not going to have any of it. I slowly went back up the steps to face the killer. He was in the same place, breathing heavily as we stared at each other.

“Y/N!” Kyungsoo continued. He eventually gave up and came back up the stairs, standing behind me. Knowing he couldn’t get me to come down, he decided to stand with me instead.

“WHY! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” I yelled, venting my anger. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US! YOUR FRIENDS?!” At this the mysterious man started laughing, the echoes filling the halls.

“How could I do this? That’s a good question…” He started, walking closer to me. “Let me tell you why. Since I am going to kill you anyway, I might as well share my story with someone.” He said. His hands slowly went up to his face to take off his mask. One hand on each side, he lifted it and placed it on his hair. Terrified, I stepped back, too in shock to process who it was standing in front of me.

“K-Kai?” I whispered.

“Correct!!” He yelled, grinning wickedly as he applauded. “I wondered when you were going to get it. Took you long enough.” He sighed, tossing his mask to the side. “All your running around in circles, trying to figure it out, was starting to get boring. And I am not very patient so…” He shrugged, laughing slightly.


“Why? Oh yes. That’s right. I was going to tell you. Hmmm…where to begin?” He pondered, clapping his hands together. “How about the part where I decided to become what you guys call 'The Mask’. Well it all started about when I was a young child. Everyone always said I was attractive right from the get-go. 'Omo! What a beautiful child!’ or 'He is so handsome’. People would say this to me everywhere I went and at first it felt good to be loved but then - something happened.” He inched closer to me, machete still in hand as he swung it back and forth. I gulped.

“When I was in middle school, a group of boys - you have to love them - decided that beating me up was a good idea. Since the girls they liked all liked me apparently, they thought hitting and kicking me would solve it. So, I tried to protect myself but there was too many of them. I remember crying and being in so much pain that day. It was horrible, really. And so after that day, they always called me…ugly and other horrible connotations. So one day, I thought, well, if no one can see me, then they won’t be able to hurt me right? I could even hurt the ones who hurt me instead!” He yelled, smiling.

“So, when I transferred to this school, I was already broken and when I met you guys I knew - I knew then how I could get my revenge. Heck, you guys even let me into your little group so easily. All I had to do was be nice and crack a few jokes here and there. I decided then that before tonight, I should try killing once, you know? Just to see how it would go. And you would not believe the RUSH. It is insane, let me tell you. I have never felt anything like it before. So I made sure to mention this little spot to Suho and when we all thought it was a great idea, I started to set up things. The computers, locking the doors after everyone got in, the flickering lights to go off every 30 minutes - everything. All you guys had to do was go along, and let me kill you.” He was now only a few feet away from me and I was horrified.

“But then you,” He pointed at me with the machete. “Had to be all detective and figure out what was going on. So it made this night a lot harder but now that everyone else is dead…All that is left is you.” He whispered. It was then he came running at me. I was ready. I wasn’t going to run or hide any longer. I closed my eyes and waited when I heard something else instead.

I opened my eyes to see that Kyungsoo had stabbed Kai on his right side with the knife from the drawer earlier. Kai’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Kyungsoo, terrified.

“W-Why-” Before he could finish, Kyungsoo pulled the knife back out of his body, making Kai gasp at the pain. Kyungsoo, then pushed him down the stairs and we watched him fall on each step until he reached the bottom. He fell hard and when he landed he didn’t move an inch. I sighed in relief. I felt horrible for doing so but my life was about to end so forgive me.

I turned then to look at Kyungsoo and I immediately hugged him, grateful. We could leave now. It was all over. I leaned back to look at his face when I noticed the look in his eyes.

“K-Kyungsoo?” I asked, my heart starting to race again - and not the good way. I immediately pulled back from him.

“You know…” He started. “I thought this night would go differently as well…” He continued, using his shirt to wipe the blood off of the knife. “I thought that Kai would be able to do this easily but then like he said, you being all detective really made things difficult.” He glanced to look at me and laughed a little.

“W-What do you-”

“Kai? The Killer? No, no, no. It wasn’t him Y/N.” He whispered, coming closer to me. “You really think he could have done this all by himself? Get away that easily? He needed help. And that was where I came in. Heck, I even suggested this whole idea to him.” He leaned in to whisper in my ear, the hairs on the back of my neck standing. “All I had to do was distract you and he could get it done.” He then pulled back and his smile made me freeze.

“I am the killer behind the mask, Y/N. I helped him with everything. I am the REAL deal.” He chuckled. “And now-” He stopped. I then felt the knife in his hand go through me, making me feel unbelievable pain. “No one will never know that the real killer is alive.” He then just as quickly removed it. I fell to the ground, holding the wound on my stomach, trying to ease the pain.

“I did like you Y/N. A lot really. And I know you liked me too. But those feelings would get in my way and I can’t have that. You understand, right?” I glanced up at him and meet his eyes.

“Y-You monster…” I muttered, coughing out blood as my body was giving out on me.

“Eh, I have been called worse.” He said, shrugging it off. “Good-bye, Y/N. Nice knowing you.” And with that he started to walk down the steps. I watched him go, cursing him with each step that he took. He walked over Kai’s body and with one last look over at me, he pushed open the door and left me there. I glanced all around the house one last time before I closed my eyes, knowing that I was not to wake up again.

You know what?
Who cares what everyone else thinks?
Yeah, they’re going to talk bad about you behind your back, if they’re brave enough they’ll say it face to face. But who cares about all of that, honestly the only thing that matters is what YOU think of yourself. For once put your own thoughts before everyone else’s and forget their judgement. Nobody is here to impress others; so do what makes you happy both when no one is watching and when all eyes are on you. If you mess up, who cares; just more experience and knowledge. The world would be a significantly different place if everyone didn’t give a shit what everyone else thought and that amazes me. Every single human being grows up worrying about what strangers/and people who aren’t strangers, thinks of them. Because we all feel the need to be liked. Why are our mindsets so shitty until we finally come to the realization that we’re not going to lead happy, fulfilling lives if we strive to impress everyone but ourselves? Those who teach us are terrified of us being an embarrassment or a failure; but are you really an embarrassment or a failure if you’re happy?

What I'd do...

Have Charlotte blame Dana and have them face each other at Fastlane, that way Charlotte can keep her PPV run going without having to give the title back to her!

I’d then have Sasha turn heel next week, and set up a title match against Bayley at Fastlane. Now I may seem hypocritical for this but if we want Sasha vs Bayley vs Charlotte (vs Nia maybe) then Sasha HAS to win the title for the simple reason that it gives BOTH Bayley & Charlotte legit rematches to then set up the triple threat at Wrestlemania!

Unlikely to happen as it’s likely that they’ll just give the title back to Charlotte because of Sasha turning on Bayley, but this is just what I would do with the Raw women’s division…

Based off that AU where Mephiles can gain power just by standing next to Elise and they end up becoming friends.
Eggman would still arrive only Elise actually defends her kingdom with Mephiles by her side. Mephiles is more of the fighter while Elise commands the military, but she’s usually front in lines to give Mephiles a boost.
Eggman also figured he can capture BOTH Mephiles and Elise because they’re more powerful side by side.
I feel like Elise would refer to herself as “we” pretty often, as reference to Iblis and her. A lot of people don’t catch it because Mephiles is always around her; they think she more often means him and her. The citizens who see her more often pick up on it, and outsiders find it weird who don’t know much about how her, Iblis, and Mephiles’ relationship work (they’ve heard the princess has some kind of power in her, they just don’t think it’s another entire being pff).


based on me and my friend @r-for-real‘s talk a while go. We figured Sanji and Nami WOULD do this, so I drew it. If you’re confused about the position, don’t worry. Me too. Rie was holding me on headlock too all of sudden without any explanation after she read certain post about my past (even tho she already knew about my past) XDD

Yeah. Things change. So, don’t give up! No matter how harsh life is. Things will get better. You’ll find your place, someday. Your family is out there. You will be belong.

This can be taken as SaNami or just platonic Sanji and Nami because I think both works that way.

Oh, did I mention my friend is going to cosplay Nami? Maybe you should expect some SaNami cosplays from us later when we finished our cosplays! ;)

Hello everyone!

Mudadweek has finally come to a close on the East coast. We will absolutely accept late submissions, even for people who’ve just started the weekly prompts! What we do want to do is thank everyone who participated! Because the event went overseas, we don’t have a solid number of participants, but as of right now there are 160 entries on this blog alone. That’s amazing!

We were so certain this would wind up being a small event, but it turned out huge and we can’t express enough gratitude for that!! Just because mudadweek is over doesn’t mean you aren’t all honorary members of the Brandofam.

(i’m mod so it’s real i have the authority to do this and it Counts)

If you really like mudad and mudad accessories, both of us mods here,@shonens and @fuwapeach, help run @dailymudad too, which posts art, headcanons, and submissions year round. Feel free to give it a look!

Once again, thank you guys for everything! Other jojoweeks, feel free to message us for affiliation and we’ll promote your stuff! See you next year!

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i wash my hands at least every 10 minutes because having dirty sticky hands is both a phobia and a sensory hell for me, and my hands are dry and cracking. the slimy feel of lotion or vaseline sends me into immediate shut down, but without any moisturizing my hands just crack worse. i cant give up hand washing because that would cause meltdowns and constant stress but my hands are bleeding randomly at this point. what should i do?

Note that none of the mods on this blog are doctors, so we cannot give professional medical advice. In addition to reading our ideas, please consult a licensed physician.

The best (non-prescription) thing for dry skin, if it’s the result of excessive washing (as opposed to something you just have, like eczema), is pure aloe vera. That has a different sensation from lotion or vaseline, so you definitely want to try it if you haven’t already.

Soap dries your skin way more than water alone, so if you’re washing with soap, you should also try replacing that with a soap that has aloe vera in it. It won’t be as effective as the gel because you wash it off right way, but it’s probably better than whatever soap you’ve been using.

Protip: Aloe vera isn’t green, so if the liquid inside the container is green, it’s not pure aloe vera! (although if you can’t find a non-green product, the green ones are probably OK. They’re only 1% food dye and the other 99% is still aloe vera.)

-Mod Valencia

anonymous asked:

FL has ditched the life saving message of veganism to talk about makeup like all the other handbag basics. Ever since you guys split up she's lost her direction. Her videos are so uninspired now

The main reason I stayed with FL after she started hitting me etc was that I knew in my heart she would give up the overt cause if we ever split up. 

I knew this because I had to motivate her every day to do stuff on social media or come to a pot luck etc. 

When I got her to her peak fitness and over 16million views a month in the first quarter of 2016 I noticed he she just started overtly idling and getting next level narcissistic. I knew it was time to move on and just be friends and let her do her own thing as continuing the relationship was just going to be unfair to us both.

I overtly expressed that we should just stay friends and keep our break up on the low down so the community didnt lose steam. FL wanted no part in that even though in person she agreed with me. At the Q&A she started slandering me hard in front of my biggest fans and trying to create division immediately. 

I gave her so many chances and so have so many. It is sad to see how she just spat in all our faces at the end of the day.

Anyways I hate to sound like a downer but I feel answering these questions my community asks me helps fix things up and clarify events and hopefully we can all learn, move on, build bridges and get over things.

anonymous asked:

All I want from yoi is an actual romantic scene that could actually prove victuuri being romantic partner. I don't want a scene could be interpreted. The kiss scene just give me an unsatisfactory feeling since it should be an important moment for both of them but then why is it never mention again? The "engagement" scene is not even them being engage, it just fans interpret it wrong (probably because of Pichit's wrong interpretation and victor jokingly say that he will marry Yuuri).

as you said, almost EVERYTHING in y o i is super vague and ‘up to your own interpretations’. idk what is the production team thinking and i legit thought they would make vk a ‘’’’’’’’’canon’’’’’’’’’ couple. But tbh we just gotta wait and see what they will do in s2 :/

- mod 2

262. Ginny wore her mother's dress on her wedding, not for tradition or lack of money, but because both got married heavily pregnant.

submitted by lianaofrome

“You Like Maya” -Joshaya Fanfic Part 1

“Hey Maya would you go out with me?” Zay asks walking into class Lucas trailing close behind him.

“Huh?” Maya says spinning in her desk chair to face his direction.

“Huh?” Riley repeats looking to Lucas for clarification on what was going on.

“You know on a date, we watch a movie, I yawn and carefully put my arm around you when you’re not paying attention.”

“Are you… are you asking me out?” Maya says still somewhat in shock

“Yeah sure why not?” Zay grins sitting down at his desk “I figure… Lucas and Riley are a couple now why don’t we give it a shot?”

“Um we are not a couple” Riley interjects

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expectant dad!Ashton would include
  • trying to have a family for years and nearly giving up until you find yourself throwing up one morning, seeing the same spark of hope you had, also reflected in your husband’s eyes as you both prayed that this was finally it
  • ‘Mr and Mrs Irwin i’m going to put you out of your misery; congratulations, you’re 7 weeks pregnant!’
  • ashton bursting into tears, sobbing that ‘i’m gonna be a daddy! We’re finally having our baby…i love you so much’
  • buying a lil yellow blanky with ‘IRWIN’ stitched into it because you’ve just passed 12 weeks and there’s a higher chance the baby is going to make it into the second trimester
  • Ashton’s heart plummeting as you screech his name from the upstairs bathroom when he comes back home, blanky in hand and tears in his eyes
  • realising that your cries were ones of joy as you lift your shirt up to show your stomach -  ‘Ash I know it’s just little but-’ ‘it’s our baby, it’s perfect
  • that night, and every night following, he pulls you close, placing his large hand over the small rise on your abdomen covering it completely as he places delicate kisses on your shoulder
  • being in the very same position every morning, making you realise that your baby is gonna be so loved and protected
  • him promising through early morning whispers that he’d 'never leave you or baby irwin…lil irwie’ and that he was ‘gonna be the best husband and dad ever known’ 
  • him telling you to ‘please be careful’ whether it was when he left to record in another country for a week, or if you only went to the kitchen to fetch something to eat
  • buying the baby a gift every time he went to a different country
  • making an important video for Twitter with you, explaining how he has a ‘special announcement’ which isn’t band-related and he’s beaming at you when you tell the camera you’re expecting baby irwin in the spring
  • him wanting to take a picture every week beside the door to mark your ‘bump progress’
  • spending hours being intimate in a new way by allowing him to paint on your bump
  • ‘ashton i meant nice pictures why have you written ‘kickass’ on it?!’
  • ‘Babe c’mon, our kid is gonna be so kickass!! And very cute and smart and happy. I just want to see them now!’
  • him crying because he wanted to feel the first kick and the baby somehow never kicks when it hears his voice
  • But he feels it for the first time when he starts tapping soft rhythms on your stomach while you both think of names
  • ‘Ashton it’s been three hours and I’m trying to sleep can you please stop crying’
  • mentioning that ‘this baby has been drumming inside me all day’ to your friend on the phone
  • his stupid grin from the doorway with a comment of ‘hey did you say they were drumming? Taking after daddy already’
  • ‘you are not buying a baby drum kit and that’s final!’
  • ‘I knew you knocking me up would mean having a large and excitable baby dammit. Let’s hope they have your dimples and curly hair to make up for it’
  • Ashton spending an entire week on the baby’s room, even thinking about knocking the wall down between the master bedroom and the nursery for a door so that baby irwin would never be too far from mummy and daddy
  • hitting the bump by accident and feeling THE WORST EVER especially if it left a bruise like he would buy you flowers and make you go to the doctors just in case 
  • generally being hell-bent on making sure you’re safe, and worrying about something pregnancy-related 24/7
  • Organising your baby shower meant putting up pink and blue coloured balloons all over your house with him eventually putting one up his t-shirt pretending to be you
  • Getting an adorable picture together for Instagram with the two ‘bumps’, the caption explaining how he couldn’t even begin to compare to how amazing you were giving him such a precious gift, tagged with #thisislove and #babyirwie
  • Also keeking stupid videos like when the boys saw the unborn baby irwie move inside your stomach, and being kinda grossed out
  • Buying a new camera to take so many pictures of the baby when they arrive, which would be adding to the collection of every single ultrasound picture which he’s kept for all these months, in a scrapbook for his baby to look back on when they’re older named ‘adventures’

expectant dad Calum / Luke / Michael

Being newly married to Michael would mean:
  • Him randomly calling you Mrs Clifford just because it sounds sexy.
  • Making you record a new voicemail message for the house phone because you’re now both officially Cliffords.
  • “This is the Clifford house… but not like my mum and dad, okay? I mean the younger Mr and Mrs Clifford - Fuck, we’ll have to try again.”
  • Having to redo the message five times before he gives up and sticks with your first names.
  • Helping him find his wedding ring when he loses it re-enacting Lord of the Rings.
  • “I swear this is the last time I do that, babe.”
  • “Okay maybe not but I won’t lose it next time.”
  • Finding him going through the wedding gifts again because he wants to find the toaster that Calum bought for you both because Cal said it adds whiskers to the toast.
  • Discovering Cal lied and having to deal with Mikey sulking all day.
  • “But why would he lie about that? I hate him.”
  • “I don’t but you know what I mean. What kind of best man does that?”
  • Overhearing your first dance music playing as you come home from being at work because he missed you.
  • Mikey randomly pulling you into hugs because you’re his wife and he excitedly keeps reminding you of that.
  • “We get to be together because a piece of paper says so.”
  • “Wait - where did we put the marriage certificate again? I want it in my music room so I can remind myself it’s legally binding and you can’t back out, even if my 3am jam sessions piss you off.”
i ship calum and nia

okay, first of all—media rumors are the actual worst and we haven’t gotten any first hand confirmation from either of them. but yes, it does seem that they may be together.

but honestly? who gives a shit? for example, i really just don’t like arzaylea as a person or social figure, but if she does make luke happy (not sure if she REALLY does but that’s a rant for another time), then it’s okay.

i do like nia, and i do like hey violet, despite their somewhat-sketchy past. if she ends up dating calum, i would support it. why? because they’re both beautiful and talented and if they make each other happy then just let them be, damn it. i love calum and it makes me happy when he’s happy. that’s all i want out of any of this, is his happiness.

we can’t deny that the rumors and hate on arzaylea are getting to luke and affecting him negatively. do you really want the same thing happening to calum? do you want to see him become more detached and withdrawn, less of the goofy and adorable maori boy we’ve all fallen in love with?

please let him (them) be. we can’t get jealous of a celebrity relationship because honestly, it’ll get around to them. it will have an impact. there’s nothing we can do to change it. calum and nia would make a beautiful fucking couple and anything that happens between them is out of our control. if you don’t like their relationship, please keep it to yourself. if complications arise between the two of them, then i’ll have a problem. but for the time being, i want to see calum happy. i want to see him having a good time. he’s 20 years old, for god’s sake, he SHOULD be dating and having feelings for people. he needs to experience life while he still can.

don’t forget that the band technically started when he was 16. he never really had the opportunity to grow up like a normal teenager would; none of them did. do you really want to jeopardize his happiness because you don’t support a potential relationship that you can’t change?

please, just try to find the positive things about this, because there are several. please just leave them be.

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm writing a story about a girl who's been pretending to be a boy for a long time, and I wonder, what are some things her friends or people close to her might notice that are unusual for a boy to do? Or what would be hard for her to hide from people?

To be fair, we’re trying to stop actions from being designated as either male or female, because a person’s experience as one particular gender is so much more complicated than that. There are stereotypical “boy” behaviors and “girl” behaviors that are done by both genders, and this doesn’t even touch on those that identify as transgendered. 

In the Disney movie Mulan, she made more mistakes trying to be a man than she did when she was just being herself.

So if your character is going to slip up and possibly give herself away, I would advise that it’s in times where she’s trying too hard to prove that she’s a man. 

Also, if these people you’re referring to are friends of hers before she starts pretending, then I would think they’d know it’s her pretending if she acts too much like herself (which is one reason she tries to act not like herself). If they are people she meets after she starts pretending, then they’d have no reason to suspect that she’s off. She’s just being her (or she’s just being him, since she’s pretending to be a boy). 

Yes, there are stereotypical things she could be doing that might result in her being bullied. She might care about her clothes and her hair, and she might enjoy shopping and chick flicks, but these are stereotypes, and if she’s going to be called out for these things, the people calling her out shouldn’t be right. Because then you end up perpetuating gender roles that we should be challenging, not giving into.

But whenever you’re trying to write a circumstance you’re unfamiliar with, observe. Observation is a huge part of research. Write what you imagine would be jarring to you, and remember that our definitions of man and woman are changing and evolving as more and more brave individuals speak out and tell their stories of how they define their own identity. 

I think you’ll be more successful if you write her trying to be what she thinks a man is supposed to be and this is what sometimes reveals her. And maybe she learns that things aren’t as simple as that. Ultimately though, it comes down to the story that you’re wanting to tell. Write what you think works given the plot you have planned. 


What if Tatsuki were in Ichigo’s gang from the beginning?

As requested by anon. :)

You guys have no idea how much I wish that Tatsuki were a part of Ichigo’s main gang. I want it so much! So let’s talk about all of the cool (?) things that would be different about Bleach if Tatsuki had joined the main gang!

1. Tatsuki and Orihime would both develop super powers.

When that weird pimple-gun hollow attacked Orihime, Chizuru, and Tatsuki, Orihime ended up getting super powers in order to protect her friends. Which was awesome, and I wouldn’t want to change that. I’d just want Tatsuki to *also* get super powers at that time. Then they could protect all of their friends and random bystanders together!

Orihime: D-did the power of our friendship just give both of us super powers?

Tatsuki: I think so!

Orihime: We are so awesome!

2. Tatsuki would take the Yoruichi training very seriously.

Because after taking karate for so many years, Tatsuki knows how important training and practice is, and she’s very disciplined.

Yoruichi: Okay, guys. Try to recreate what happened when you first used your powers.

Tatsuki: [uses power immediately]

Yoruichi: Very impressive!

Tatsuki: Well….I have been practicing ever since I first got this power.

Chad & Orihime: [clapping]

3. Tatsuki would call Ichigo out on his shit.

Remember when Tatsuki punched Ichigo into a window for lying to her (badly)? I do. And I think it would be great if Tatsuki were there to constantly call Ichigo out on all of his shit.

Ichigo: I’m not coming. I have to stay and fight Ganju.

Ishida: K-Kurosaki! You can’t be serious!

Ichigo: I’m not going!

Tatsuki: I support you, Ichigo!

Tatsuki: Assuming you can beat me in a karate match without using our new powers.

Ichigo: We don’t have time for that!

Tatsuki: So you see my point.

4. Tatsuki and Orihime would be together in Soul Society.

In canon, of course, Ishida and Orihime were a team in Soul Society. But I like to think that if Tatsuki were a member of the gang, then she and Orihime would be the Soul Society pair. Both because I’d want to see more of their friendship (and what a good team they’d make!) and because when that sphere started to break up, there is no way in hell Tatsuki wouldn’t immediately launch herself straight for Orihime.


Ishida: Aw, man! Tatsuki-blocked!

5. Ishida and Chad would be together.

Which I suppose would mean that Ishida and Chad would stay together - Chad did momentarily catch Ishida in canon, and in this AU there’s no reason for Chad to throw Ishida back at Orihime. This, of course, means that Chad would be there for the Kurotsuchi fight. And so I invite you to imagine Maki-Maki trying to sling Chad over his shoulder and run away from the fight when Ishida asks him too.

Maki-Maki (crushed under the weight of Chad): B-bad idea!

Chad: Maybe I should carry you.

6. When the arrancar attacked, Tatsuki and Chad would fight Yammy together.

Later, after Rukia’s rescue, the whole gang would be back in Karakura Town when the arrancar invaded. In canon, Chad and Orihime arrived first on scene, and Chad tried in vain to fight Yammy while Orihime helped the injured. In this reality, Tatsuki would be there too, and she and Chad would try to fight Yammy together. Unfortunately, this would just mean that they would both be taken out immediately.

Orihime: Sado! Tatsuki!

Orihime: I have to help!

7. When Orihime got kidnapped, Tatsuki would lose her shit.

I mean, Tatsuki pretty much lost her shit even without knowing what had happened to Orihime, because she could sense that something was wrong. But in this AU, Tatsuki would know more about what had really happened, and that would only make her more desperate.



Ichigo: O-of course we’ll go! We just need to figure out a way to get there!



8. Tatsuki would fight Yammy in Hueco Mundo.

In Hueco Mundo, Tatsuki would of course need some fights. I suppose Tite Kubo could write a new privaron espada for her. But as for an espada fight, I think Tatsuki should fight Yammy. After all, her first fight with Yammy did not go well, and therefore she would need a rematch. In this AU, though, Yammy would need to actually be the #10 espada, not secretly the 0 espada. Which I don’t think would make many people *too* upset. Yammy’s #0 espada fight wasn’t even shown on screen, after all.

Tasuki: What’s this? You got both arms back, did you?

Yammy: Of course I did! Not that I need them both to crush you!

Tatsuki: Bring it!

9. Keigo and Mizuiro would be on their own against Aizen.

Later, when Aizen invaded the real Karakura Town and decided to hunt Ichigo’s friends for sport, it would just be Keigo and Mizuiro. 

Mizuiro: I’m sad that I actually have to carry someone this time.

Keigo: …this time?

10. Tatsuki would be part of the Orihime-Chad team in the current arc.

In the current arc, Tatsuki would be part of the Orihime-Chad team. In other words, she’d go to Hueco Mundo, and then hang out there while Urahara went to Soul Society. Then she’d show up with Chad and Orihme. And just for the record, I think Tatsuki would be fully supportive of Orihime’s new outfits. In the manga, Tatsuki did suggest that Orihime do something like that to seduce Ichigo, after all.

Chad: Doesn’t Inoue look nice, Ichigo?

Ichigo: H-huh???

Tatsuki: Hang on, I think I need to punch him into the window until he admits how super hot you are.

Orihime: Tatsuki no!

*takes deep breath* okay SO:

my dad gave me a weird look yesterday because we were watching the indecision amalgamation and it was the scene where Amy is leaning up against Sheldon bc his ass takes forever to make a decision (hence the title) 

(tbh no hard feelings Cooper I’m the same way but likely somehow worse) bc  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ANYWAY so it gets me thinking about how far they’ve both come, as individuals and as a couple bc it feels like just a second ago they were

and now they’re

and on a side note I’m noticing these stems she’s sporting and can we just

like??? damn girl!!! 

and my dad gives me this weird ass look bc idk but also idc because I’m thinking here she is, leaning up against her man who, only a year or two ago, would barely touch her and i’m just

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