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Davy Perez is sort of filling the huge hole that Robbie Thompson left in my heart when he left. His last two episodes have been incredibly good, so I’ve decided to take advantage of the motivation that has apparently come back to me. As usual, most of the posts I write focus on the Dean/Cas relationship, so if that’s not your thing, you will probably not like this. There are five things about episode 12x15 that I want to point out as relevant to me in regards to Dean and Cas.

The first relevant thing was that Dean’s the one communicating with Cas. Dean was talking on the phone with Cas while Sam was doing the same with Mary. Of course, Sam had to become Mary’s direct line of communication, mostly after he agreed to work with the BMoL. And of course Dean was the one receiving updates of what Cas was doing –both at the beginning and at the end of the episode. It’s exactly what anyone would expect. I simply liked the visuals. For example, Dean’s and Sam’s conversations were simultaneous the first time we saw Dean on the phone with Cas.

The second time, it was obvious Dean was the one making the call even if he had Cas on speaker. 

I think these visuals reinforced the idea that when Cas isn’t at the Bunker, Dean keeps an interest in whatever he’s doing.

The second relevant thing was that Dean noticed something was off with Cas. Just as Dean was the one who noticed that something wasn’t alright with Mary in episode 12x13, this time he noticed that something felt off with Cas, too. As I mentioned above, Dean had Cas on speaker; that means both Dean and Sam heard what Cas was saying. However, Sam didn’t notice anything weird, whereas Dean did. The same happened last season when Lucifer was possessing Cas. Dean noticed that something was off, but Sam dismissed Dean’s suspicions. Dean is very perceptive with the people he loves.

 Another important thing regarding the Dean/Cas relationship had to do with Cas’ conversation with the other angel in this episode. The other angel asked Cas if he ever missed Heaven. He said that no matter how much he loved Earth, it wasn’t home. Cas made no comment about it. Don’t you think it’s interesting that an angel talked to Cas about home just three episodes after Dean Winchester offered Cas to go home?

(Source x

It’s even more interesting to think that both episodes were written by the same writer. Don’t you think it’s also very remarkable that this angel used the words “family” and “true family” to convince Cas to give himself a chance to be forgiven and welcomed in Heaven? It was Cas himself who called the Winchesters his family three episodes ago; it was Cas himself who confessed how much he loved them.

(Source x)

All of that happened in an episode written by Davy Perez, so I’m pretty sure what’s going on with Cas is on purpose, and I’m quite excited about it. I’ve spent more than 3 years waiting for the moment when Cas will choose the Winchesters (and by that, I mean Dean) not because he has to, not to save anyone’s life, but simply because he really wants to.  

The fourth relevant thing I need to mention is the fact that Dean thanked Crowley for saving Cas. Dean Winchester thanking the King of Hell himself for saving Cas was something I never expected to happen. I knew Dean was grateful; I just didn’t think he would bring himself to say it out loud. For some reason that reminded me of Benny. In season 8 we were shown that Dean learned to trust Benny because he saved Cas. Dean never said it textually, but the subtext was very clear. This time Dean used his own words to express his gratitude to Crowley for saving the life of someone that means a lot to him. That was better than I could have expected.

The last thing about the episode I want to point out is the foreshadowing we were given during the conversation between Sam and Gwen. I’m perfectly aware that the lying part Gwen mentioned was supposed to make Sam realize that lying to Dean was a bad idea, and that was why Sam told Dean the truth about working with the BMoL at the end. However, in this episode we had another person who decided to keep information from Dean: none other than Castiel. Cas didn’t tell Dean that he was going to Heaven to talk to Joshua, but Dean will find out sooner or later.

The thing is that the relationship between Marcus and Gwen doesn’t foreshadow anything good for Dean and Cas. Gwen is the one who survived, the one who felt that Marcus loved her more than she ever loved him. The one question she asked herself was: Why couldn’t I just tell him the truth? She lied even though she knew everything was over, but why was everything over? I suppose it was because of the long distance thing. What about Dean and Cas? Cas was tempted with the idea of going back to Heaven. He lied to Dean (or at least didn’t tell him something) probably to make things easier, just as Gwen. What can be more of a long distance situation than going to Heaven while the other person stays on Earth? Is it possible that season 12 will end with Cas going back to Heaven? (Of course, even if that were the case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be forever).

Some people might think that Gwen could be a Dean parallel. Truth be told, I thought about that possibility as well, but I discarded it because I don’t think lying to Cas is part of Dean’s arc. In this episode the one who had to leave was Gwen, so I see her as a Cas parallel because it’s more logical to expect Cas to leave. Nevertheless, I have to say that the “Why couldn’t I just tell him the truth?” could apply to both Dean and Cas. Dean hasn’t told Cas his feelings. What if Dean’s the one staying on Earth feeling that Cas loved him more than he ever did and feeling guilty for never telling him the truth about what Cas meant to him. This could be interpreted in both ways, and for some reason I consider the two options too painful to bear.

These are the things about the Dean/Cas relationship that caught my attention from episode 12x15. Dean is obviously the one communicating with Cas, the one noticing that something is going on with Cas, and the one being thankful for still having his angel alive. In addition, Cas’ arc about choosing to be an angel or human isn’t over yet. He still has to figure out what family he wants for himself and where exactly his home is. Finally, season 12 is foreshadowing more unrequited love between Dean and Cas (or at least that’s what they both think) and a huge chance that Cas ends up this season upstairs.  This episode has a lot of layers to discuss, so if I missed something, I hope someone else can write about it. All in all, I appreciate the effort Mr. Perez is making to keep his episodes consistent to the themes that are being developed. Now I’m looking forward to the rest of the season that will probably make me suffer too much.

“Thanks for everything”: a romantic goodbye

So, all Destiel shippers (myself included) are probably familiar with this scene from Season 8:

You don’t have to look very hard to see the Destiel there. Cas knows he’s going to stay in Purgatory, and he wants to say goodbye to Dean without letting him know that. But it gets even better, because this isn’t the first time someone has used those words on Supernatural…

In “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” Dean is turned to a vampire and goes to Lisa’s house to say goodbye. More specifically, he tells her:

So, what we have here is one member of a canon serious, romantic couple using the exact same words to say goodbye to his significant other under very similar circumstances (about to leave, doesn’t want to admit it to the other person). If that ain’t a parallel, I don’t know what is!

(That is all.)

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Lily Sunder's daughter was revealed not to be a nephilim. Ishim only killed her daughter because she wouldn't love him back and he wanted to kill the thing she loved most. Which is also why he tried to remove Cas' "human weakness". Though, they are making this nephilim out to be a huge destructive force, but in the season 8 finale Cas killed a nephilim all by himself and there was no mention of nephilim before or after that episode till season 12.

The question isn’t what Lily’s daughter was, but what the angels believed she was, and the implications of Dagon’s statement that birthing a nephilim is always fatal.

Outside the text, we could call it a potential continuity error. 

Inside the text, we look at that, and go, “Okay, but if the angels believed Akobel fathered a nephilim with Lily, and Lily was alive, what’s the reason for the inconsistency here?”

That’s a wide field of possibility.  Is Dagon lying?  Did the angels believe Ishim because nephilim are sufficiently rare that this isn’t common knowledge?  Are there work-arounds?

As for nephilim as a destructive force, we know from S8 that even a garden variety nephilim whose angelic parent is probably a rank and file angel is strong enough to hold its own, but not really an emergency.

Lucifer’s nephilim, on the other hand, is an emergency because this isn’t just a nephilim, but a nephilim whose parent is one of the archangels.  Like, the other one?  Maybe a blip on the angelic radar.  This one set off alarm bells heavy enough that even the BMoL caught on.

That might be an emergency.

WHO ARE MY TOP 11? [opinions, bonus points + eliminated trainees who deserve to debut]

- he’s so fucking talented. i was never a nuest stan but when i found out that he was getting such high rankings as weeks pass, and after hearing his rap in 겁 during rap evaluation, i definitely wanted him to debut (again).
- ideally, i would want him to be the leader of B.O.I; he seems like a really cool person who would calmly lead the group.
- bonus points include the fact that he looks like hwiyoung from sf9 and that he’s my bias, and also the fact that he’s an overall really goddamn handsome man and i am most definitely a sucker for him.

- 저장! wink boy. he’s just as talented, i really want to see more from him. it really impresses me that he is always holding his spot in the top 5, but i clearly see why is he so loved by many.
- would definitely be the center, visual, and sub-vocalist. he is so charming it literally hurts me.
- bonus points? a really nice all-rounded trainee. he deserves to debut.

- he deserves everything. a really damn talented trainee tbh. i am so so proud of him for rising from rank #27, to #12, and finally, up to #5. he’s improving so steadily and i really want to see him be successful.
- his rapping skills are no joke. killer, in fact. the really cute twist is how cute and innocent he is; like did anyone catch him blushing and looking down when yoojung started sexy-dancing during episode 5? jesus, what a baby.
- i wouldn’t mind him as a leader, too. from the way mnet showed how he led his group during rap evaluation with donghyun and dongbin, we can all agree that he calmly leads his group and solves problems with a clear mind, as well as quietly motivates them and cheers them on.
- bonus points: MY ULTIMATE BIAS, humble, all-rounder, and always looking for ways to improve more.

- as the first center, i really expected a lot from him, and he has definitely lived up to expectations. although he dropped in ranking-wise, in the end he’s still rising back up to top 5. clearly, he’s receiving a lot of love from fans, and i’m not the only one who thinks he deserves to stand on stage as an idol.
- he is honestly so so humble; and when he was called out for “being greedy” for the center, he stopped saying “please love me”, and instead started saying “please don’t hate me”. he deserves so much, i really want to see him debut.
- ideally the center, and lead vocal.
- bonus points: super charming.

- he dropped, but you have to admit that he has a hella ton of talent.
- definitely one of the most sassiest, yet humble trainees. he never expected to get rank #3 during the first elimination, but he stayed ground and you can see how he sacrificed a lot during vocal evaluation.
- sub-vocal.
- bonus points: memelord, mood maker.

- he is so talented; like have you heard his vocals? he deserves it. i get that he’s not the best visual but his vocals are fucking killer.
- bonus points: humble. really. fucking. humble.

- dropped by so much, but he’s been trapped in brave entertainment’s dungeon for a while. let him live, knets.
- 5 YEARS OF TRAINING, and he’s so talented!!! killer looks, killer voice, killer charms, killer dancing. killer, killer, killer. he needs to debut. like, B.O.I is gonna be empty without him.
- bonus points: fluent english. :)

- i was honestly so blown away when i was watching the first/second episode of pd101 and i heard him sing his original piece. he has such a distinct voice; it’s really calming and i would definitely love to hear that voice again.
- lead vocal or main vocal.
- bonus points: a really, really underrated trainee.

- oh my goodness. his rapping. i am speechless.
- if you watched the rap evaluation performance with jinyoung and sanggyun (and minho, but let’s not talk about him for now), you would have to agree that his voice definitely does not match his face. like, hello? tiny, squishy, smol baby face, with a voice so deep i can literally swim in it? his rapping was fucking killer. i really want him to debut and make yuehua ent. proud!
- rapper.
- bonus points: literally the cutest thing ever.

- the purest trainee i have ever seen.
- a lot of people are saying he’s still young and has much to learn, as well as “he’s not ready to debut” and some even “let him train more”, but i believe that he deserves to debut. he’s working really hard and as a 15 year-old (14, if you look at it internationally), he’s an all rounder and there’s nothing he pretty much can’t do.
- bonus points: MAKNAE!!! smol child.

- A-TOM!!! fuck it up. fuck me up.
- forget that cutesy-concept center in 누난 너무 예뻐; he killed it during his rap evaluation with euiwoong and jinyoung. he’s such an all rounder and i really want him to debut (again); he deserves so much more and i just want to see him on stage. i was never a stan of toppdogg but when i found out that he was in pd101 i really hoped for the best, and seeing how he is still in top 35 there’s a slim chance of him making it to top 11.
- bonus points: actual daddy™.


- first and foremost, everyone just take a moment to appreciate how fucking lit his rap was in 니가 알던 내가 아냐. he’s such a good rapper, like, he’s KILLER. even in 만세, he showed his skills. if he was still in top 35, he would easily be in my top 11, like euiwoong and sanggyun.
- “우진영 미쳤지” FUCKING ICONIC!!!
- bonus: his fluffy pink hair. and i mean, he’s not even bad looking. he’s actually really cute after you see him for a while.

- his contemporary dance with zhengting got me shook as fuck.
- his dancing is amazing; and i can’t deny that he’s pretty good looking. he definitely deserves to debut as much as the other 12 i have mentioned above. like, give him love!!!

- hear me out.
- if it wasn’t for his scandal, or his bloody past, or the instagram messages that were later proved fake, i believe that he is a genuinely good guy who just wants to debut. i have a lot of things to say about the entire controversy, but this post isn’t about that, so i’ll keep quiet and move on to my main point—
- which is the fact that he’s actually a really good rapper, as well as a leader, who honestly just wanted the best for his team. if you tell me he isn’t a good rapper, why did he get #1 for his rap evaluation with jinyoung, euiwoong and sanggyun? and we all know how fucking amazing the three of them were; you can’t tell me that minho is not a good rapper.
- he has a different vibe, somewhat a bad boy vibe, but you have to admit that it’s really fucking attractive. even after today, i still look back to find pics of him on tumblr or something.
- LEAD RAPPER. i really hope something happens and mnet accidentally releases the non-edited version of 니가 알던 내가 아냐 so we can see minho spitting fire. like, i would kill to see him rap during that rap evaluation.
- bonus: call me biased for stating all these points, but, he was my first bias in pd101. and with that, he also looked like kihyun from monsta x. +13 points.

- offroad was literally unknown to so many people. i remembered mtv airing “offroad adventures” and i found out that they were a k-pop group, but then it striked in my head that i’ve never heard anyone talk about them. i later discovered that dongsu, who had the stage name “rio” in offroad, was in pd101, and i honestly wondered what had happened to the (if i am not wrong) six-membered group.
- he deserved a lot. he was a genuinely really good trainee/rapper and he worked really hard to stand on stage again, for a chance to debut (again).
- bonus: really, really humble, and ridiculously friendly.

- unnoticed.
- i found him through “i can see your voice 3”, the episode where jessi was the guest and he was the first to be eliminated because she claimed that “pretty boys can’t sing” (she was proved wrong, duh). after sharing his story about how he rejected the offer to he in exo because of studies, and later discovering that he was in banana ent. and that he was in pd101, i was really happy. as an ex-sm trainee, it proved that he had a hella ton of potential. it’s just upsetting that he wasn’t even in top 60.
- he has a really soothing voice. if you really hear him sing, i don’t think anyone can resist. he really deserves to debut, but for now let’s cheer him on for his acting career!
- bonus: a+ looks. period.


- i don’t know why is he still in pd101, like literally. what are knets doing?

- when i heard about him and everyone was so hyped about him, i though he’d be some bigshot who would be the first to get rank a. turns out, he’s a rank f who made me ask why knets want to keep him in the running.
- i swear, if he ends up in top 11—

- everytime i see him i am reminded of flash from zootopia because of his imitation during his self intro.
- enthu kiddo who honestly just deserves much better than pd101.

- he gets hella annoying sometimes.

- also gets hella annoying sometimes.
- sly as fuck.

- what even is he?
- remember when he fell running into rank a?
- honestly so squishy; i just want to protect him.

- BOYS24.
- talented, but we haven’t seen him enough.

- shape of you™

- worthy of debuting, but just, not enough because of knets. y'all lost an all-rounder. good job.

- literal chick trainee.
- innocent 16 year-old (15, internationally).

- “i wanna be a swaggy rapper.”

if you made it all the way here
i’m like beyond proud wow i
i wouldn’t even read it all the way down
virtual hug if you did though!

Alright guys time for a rant

As you can see, far more than half of the fandom ships greenflame for some unholy reason. This post will be hopefully be informative enough to change at least some of those minds, because I have not one, not two, but three reasons greenflame is bad.

Point #1: Lloyd is canonically a minor.

That alone should make you stop.

Point #2: Lloyd is physically a minor

By both the comment Jay made, “whoa, lloyd’s gone through puberty” in season five, and the fact that Lloyd’s voice is changing in season 8, we can only conclude that Lloyd has not yet gone through puberty, even physically. So there’s another thing.

Point #3: Even if Lloyd was physically aged up, mental age is what matters

Pedophillia is, last I checked, illigal because, even if both parties consented, the younger is less mature and can be easily tricked into something they don’t want to do. Having a jar of tea thrown at him does not give Lloyd 5-ish years of world experience.

“But it doesn’t matter if it’s pedophillia if it’s fictional!!!1”

Yeah, um, fiction affects real life. It empowers pedophilles and tells them that pedophillia is a-okay. An example? After Jaws was released in 1975, thousands of fishers went out to kill sharks due to a misrepresentation of them in the movie. The number of sharks along the eastern seaboard of North America was roughly halved because of a horror movie. TL;DR, fiction affects reality.

“I can ship what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!”

Well, heck you. Thanks for empowering pedophiles.

Good day.

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With all these new spoilers I am so excited I feel like I'm getting too excited, haha. It's been like wandering in a dry desert for so long that I don't believe any of this can be as good as it sounds! Like the ONLY thing that's holding me back from screaming my head off with joy is that bit where daryl asks about Ezekiel, "Is he okay?" It's good there's jealously, but I'm slightly nervous they (writers) could actually could go in the carzekiel direction. Reel me in please! I need Caryl!!

I’m answering all 3 asks in one, so save people’s dashes. :)

Look people are always going to see it as ambiguous, unless Daryl has his tongue down Carol’s throat - and we knew from the set off that there was no kiss in this episode.

But aside from an obvious kiss or statement of desire, I’m not really sure how much more unambiguous they can make it (and we know this is Gimple’s style. Abe and Sasha didn’t even get a kiss, just lots of vague talk and BOOM they are a couple).

Something to look at is Tobin, poor Tobin - where is Tobin in this episode? Daryl doesn’t mention him and Carol doesn’t ask about him or mention him. When Carol is talking about why she had to leave, saying how she just can’t lose anyone else - the one person she singles out that she can’t lose isn’t Tobin - the man she was in a relationship with, the man she was living with - she singles out Daryl! HE is *THE* most important person to her - she is stating that explicitly. 

As for Ezekiel, dudes, she set TRIP WIRES so she could STOP HIM COMING TO HER DOOR! How much clearer does it need to be? She doesn’t want him even getting as far as her door, let alone inside to chat. And Ezekiel, in his lines, is agreeing to keep away from her. And we know he does because the next time they interact is Carol going to the Kingdom to talk to him about going to war.

After The Well aired there was a lot of talk about how in ep 10 we’d see Carol and Ezekiel had grown closer - didn’t happen. We’d see that Ezekiel is the one who changes her mind - it’s not. 

What we have seen is that Carol wants Ezekiel to leave her alone and not come back - nowhere in the spoilers does she say ANYTHING approaching that to Daryl. 

Daryl asking about Ezekiel isn’t him giving his blessing or Carol expressing interest in him - she doesn’t bring him up. It’s about Daryl who has done nothing but argue with Ezekiel so far, asking for Carol’s judgement on the man because Daryl trust Carol’s judgement completely. And if she thinks Ezekiel is okay, then maybe he can give him a chance.

People will see what they want to see, and that’s fine, we all do that. But the intent is CLEAR, as is the differences in how Carol reacts to Ezekiel and Daryl. This intent will be backed up as the season goes on and into season 8.  

What did y'all EXPECT? After all Magnus went through as Valentine? That’s hard on him! You can’t expect him to jump back straight in Alec’s arms just because we all want them too. This scarred Magnus, having Alec rough him up scared him. Had Valentine not interfered… Magnus would’ve been gone.

Now there’s 8 episodes left. Either wait for the rest of the season or kindly fuck off. I’m seriously done with all your whinning. Alec knows his limits after all that happened and sadly enough I seem the only one to understand that.

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I'm sorry for the passive-aggressive comment about queuing with high ranked players that I sent earlier, it originated from my bad games/day. I'm sorry. Also, genuinely wish you a good season, may you reach the goals you set for yourself. :)

ay it’s fine, I don’t really remember saying that and I defo didn’t mean that in a bad way if I did. I mean, I did play with HeyKatie and Oasis a lot last season but not because I wanted to get boosted, I played with them because I’m friends with them-

plus, I didn’t intentionally queue with these high ranked players, if I got them in my first game as soloqeue (I assume this btw, I don’t know) it’s gonna be the same skill rating. I mean, I was very skeptical in joining them in the first place but chat wanted me to/they were friendly (and that’s a big deal to me because I’m scared of running into sexist people in EU again)

After placing in diamond I decided to play with Eddy to make him feel better since he was having the WORST fucking luck, he went 2-8 and lost about 400 SR from his last season and we won 2 games and we pulled both of us into Masters again all because we were memeing and having a good time with our teammates

just keep a positive outlook, I believe it’ll turn out for the better

Season 8 Prediction #3

Mickey is already back in the States at the start of the season. He spies Ian on a date and, heartbroken but unsurprised, he goes to Boys Town to get laid. Later, we see him working under the table for a friend who runs a gun store. As Mickey leaves for work, Ian catches sight of Mickey. He desperately tries to get to him but Mickey never sees Ian. 

Originally posted by shipgallavich

By episode 9, Ian walks into The Alibi to see Mickey paying Lana child support. They argue. The end of the episode,they are at their ballpark talking and drinking. Mickey admits he saw Ian on a date and didn’t want to get involved to only get his heart broken again. Ian assures Mickey it wasn’t serious and he isn’t seriously dating anyone. They agree to take things slow and close the episode with a simple kiss. Mickey’s officially back as a regular again and they date having many of the conversations we all want them to have. 

Originally posted by shamelessusagifs

By episode 11, they make love because I’m trash and I’m not too proud to beg.

Episode 12 however, Mickey almost gets caught by a cop who thinks he recognizes him as that “fugitive guy”. He knows he needs to leave ASAP before the fake ID is seen through. He swears to do everything he can to make long-distance work, but only if Ian also promises to try.

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Lol after that interview with Kit saying Daenerys, I can't wait until Jon says her name with his northern accent. What do you think they'll call each other? Both calling each other your grace would be weird

Jon Snow’s Northern accent like instantly gives me chills haha I am DYING waiting for this moment. 

I think at first he might call her “Your Grace” out of respect. Dany will probably be too obstinate to refer to him as a fellow monarch at first in my opinion lol. She might call him “Lord Snow” (not to be a jerk like Thorne, but just because she’ll see him as lord/warden of the North but probably not recognize him as a king right off the bat) or “Lord Stark” if she acknowledges him as a legitimate Stark for some reason? Realistically she might just call him “Jon Snow.” Boring but I think it’s probable.

And then later when they are more comfy with each other I think he’ll call her “Daenerys” and she’ll call him “Jon.” 

When she does call him “Your Grace” I think it’ll be a symbolic moment showing that she respects his authority. It’ll happen at some important moment and we will all know that they are committed to one another at that point because it means that Dany wants him as the king to her queen :)

And if he finally calls her “Dany” I imagine that won’t happen until season 8. It will be a real sign of intimacy between them. 

I always have him call her “Dany” in my fanfic because I’m trash but I think it establishes a real closeness between them so I hope we get to see him calling her that eventually :)

Thanks for such a fun ask!


MCM Comic Con, Hannover, May 20th 2017 || Panel

Right after the autograph session we went to the Panel and lucky us, we got first row seats. To be honest I don’t remember that much from the panel because the day until then went by so fast, there was absolutely no time to process what has already happened but what I do remember is that they reenacted both Daniela’s and Eric’s auditions for the show which was pretty hilarious.

They also were asked how they reacted when they saw themselves on TV for the first time ever and Dani told that she was 16 years old and actually shocked and eww because she looked different from how she saw herself in a mirror and thought ‘what, that is how people see me?!’.. The whole room was laughing. Eric just thought he looked awesome. Dani was laughing. :’D

Dani also told a story about a young girl she met that told her she’s been watching the show for 6 or so years already and Dani asked her that she’s pretty young to be watching it for so long but the girl told her she always watched it with her dad who loved the show but he died not too long ago and she kept watching it for him. Dani was tearing up when she told this story.

They also were asked by me how the mood on set was when they filmed the episodes for the season 8 finale but were remembered to not give any spoilers because it hasn’t aired here yet and that we only have Queen Pin on Monday. Dani asked which number that was and I told her 17 and then they both answered that it was quite intense but they’re actors, so they can still have fun even when filming those scenes and we definitely don’t want to miss those episodes because it’s life-changing for Sam and also some sweet moments are about to happen.

Dani and Eric also told fun stories about the time when they were new on set which was for Eric the fighting scene with LL Cool J in ‘Hand-To-Hand’. LL made him think he would punch him at full force but in the very last second he slowed his punch down so he wouldn’t ‘destroy’ Eric but when he came home after that day on set and Sarah saw him shirtless in the bathroom she was laughing her ass off because Eric looked like a zebra with all those bruises he still had gotten. Dani’s story was from when they were filming the ‘Legend’ episodes on the mothership. Seconds before her very first take she realized she forgot she still had a gum in her mouth and was sorry about it and asking where she could get rid of it when she noticed a hand coming from behind right under her chin so she could spit it out and when she turned around she saw it was Mark Harmon behind her. She was in shock and embarressed but they were laughing about it.

Another person from the audience asked if AJ Chegwidden would/could come back full-time to “replace” Granger/Miguel. They both said they don’t have information about this and then Dani said something like ‘either way, Miguel can’t be replaced. We can only create a new place for someone new.’

Someone else was asking them to share their favorite memories about Miguel. Eric said he already shared his on instagram and while he searched on his account for the post he made about Miguel when he passed away Dani told hers which happened when he was still new to the show and cast only the two of them went out for lunch and had the world’s most normal talk ever, about life and family and Daniela admired that Miguel was the person most invloved with Hollywood (because of his famous family members and his long career) but at the same time the world’s most normal person. And then Eric read his post from his instagram account which made Dani cry a lot and many others in the audience were tearing up as well.

I’m posting Dani’s and Eric’s selfie from the panel too because I happen to be in there.


Anders Johnson / ‘The Asparagus Is Kicking In’
[The Almighty Johnsons / Season 3 / Episode 8] 

My favorite episode, because we have the opportunity to look behind Anders’ mask which he wears otherwise perfectly. He cares much about the people who are important to him even when his family don’t want to see it.
Dean O'Gorman has this great talent that he can say so many things just with his facial expressions. It’s really fascinating. :)

Steven Hyde: Organic Character Development

A discussion with a fellow T7S fan about the characters’ unsubstantiated character shifts in season 8 inspired me to write an essay about a T7S characterization shift done well.

If a fictional character’s behavior changes, we have to be shown why the behavior is shifting; otherwise, it’s just amateurish writing that needs a severe edit.

For most of S1, Hyde is pretty damn selfish and not terribly likable. But during “Prom Night,” we see new sides of him: compassion, protectiveness, and a self-sacrificing nature. These, as yet unseen, aspects don’t come out of nowhere. Hyde’s dislike of Jackie is never shown to be malicious (I’m looking at you, season-8 showrunners), but he’s depicted consistently as experiencing her as an annoyance.

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jackie/hyde fics that are no worse than bowling

the amazing, talented @atratum asked me for that 70′s show fic recs, to which i immediately responded like this, because at this point i’m in too deep to feel shame:

the spun series by aceofdiamonds is in second person pov, but hear me out! - it’s sooo good. the voices are pretty spot on, it’s not too sappy like other fics i’ve seen, and it fills in a lot of the gaps from s5 up to s7

Missy’s trifecta of car sex fic because this show was weirdly shy when it came to these two compared to the other couples

you got love, you ain’t lonely by forcynics because we deserved to see more of the summer they got together dammit!

let me count the days by strongplacebo - because this show has practically no internal consistency (hi tina! bye tina!) and this relationship wasn’t planned, you’re left w all these little moments throughout s1-3 that you have to piece together into foundation for the later seasons. thankfully this fic is here to help you along!

that whole sleeping over thing by kendra a because we don’t see enough of these two hanging out just the two of them. also, just the right amount of fluff!

two “outside looking in” fics: jekyll and hyde by mistiec and body language by j alfred prufrock because even though we were privy to him comforting her after kelso’s cheating and their veteran’s day date, the rest of point place wasn’t and, let’s face it, their relationship kiiiiinda came out of nowhere. 

j alfred prufrock’s other fic is good too, esp with the furies breathing down your neck, because the heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes what the heart wants is zombie apocalypse fic

season 8 redo by tanith75 is a, if not the, classic, t7s fic. (seriously, every rec list has this on it). it’s fun and manages to fix season 8 (rightfully by completely ignoring it and going in it’ own direction). it can flatten the characters sometimes, but honestly towards the end the show did too, so why not read a version of s8 that actually likes its characters?

and finally, this is from a series of “diary entries” that fox put out as promo material or something and it’s a great example of hyde’s knack for giving simple, but thoughtful gifts (donna’s picture, jackie’s band tee)

My journey to Voyager

Just about a year ago I was on spring break staying up late reading Dragonfly In Amber. My DH was sleeping in the guest room so that I could read in bed and not be bothered by my tablet light. (I know, crappy of me but sweet of him.) I finished it one night around midnight. I was crying the ugly cry when I realized I could just download the next book. I said to myself “I’ll just read till the reunion.” Little did I know that wouldn’t occur till 1/3 through the book! Thanks Diana Gabaldon! I was determined to stay with Claire and Jamie till they reunited, so there I was propped up in bed when my hubby had to get up at 4am for work. He stumbled past me to the master bathroom rubbing his eyes and shocked to see me still reading and blurry eyed. His only comment “You freak!” My obsession actually started 4 months before when our daughter was home for Christmas. She was flipping channels and came upon STARZ. They were running a marathon and I think episode 8 was on and half over. She called me over and said that I had to see this show because I would really like it. So it began! I did love it and she said “Well it’s a book series from the 90s too, why haven’t you read it already? It’s just your kind of thing.” The only thing I could think of was that late in 1991 I had our third child and was kinda busy. (I’m no Diana Gabaldon!) We downloaded the first episodes that we had missed and the books too. Thanks to Amazon, we share an account and both started reading the books on our Kindles. My daughter had already tried to read Outlander once before but lost interest in her words “When Claire talked about wanting a vase for 5 chapters!” She later amended that to 5 pages before she admitted that too was an exaggeration. But she stuck with it and she is hooked too. Maybe not to her crazy mother’s extent, but she enjoys it. Our obsession has had other causalities too, my husband is now also a fan. He has watched both seasons and is looking forward to season 3. He hasn’t read the books but I read them to him when we go camping and he has hear enough to know what happens up through book 7. I haven’t even downloaded book 8 yet because I don’t want to run out of books! For the last year and 4 months I have really enjoyed my new hobby and don’t want it to end. I even enjoy fanfiction. I know DG is against it and I understand her point of view. However not being a writer myself I like how a good fanfic writer can fill in the blanks for me. Fan fiction is also how I found my way to Tumblr. I love seeing fan pics and discussions of all things Outlander. (As long as the discussion is respectful and when it turns hateful of the production staff, or the actors and their SOs it turns my stomach!) Keep up the good stuff Tumblr, you feed my obsession!

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Hello again :) I agree on everything you said about the first season, but is there also something you don't like? I know a lot of fans don't like Laura (I think mainly tv-only fans)... I honestly can't find anything that I don't like, maybe the only complaint is that I would have liked to see more of Mr. Nancy with Shadow and Wednesday

The only thing I could say I didn’t like was that there were 8 episodes and not 20 because holy heck I feel like it ended so fast??? Though, I saw somewhere (twitter?) that the next season will be 10 episodes so there’s that. 

I like Laura.

I agree I would love more of the three you mentioned and I think we will get more. There was groundwork to lay this season, but ultimately it is Shadow’s story so I know we will get more of him and therefore more of Wednesday. Man, I want Anansi to have his own spin off where we watch him talk the ears off of people who come to him for tailoring. Orlando Jones is a gift to this show. 

An Analysis of the Supernatural Season DVD Covers...and what they actually mean

So in the credits of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki is always listed first. This may be due to being alphabetized (Jared vs Jensen) but I always wondered, who really is the main character? Sam or Dean? I believe they flip flop from season to season, which, while keeping the same two characters, keeps things fresh. Let’s start with Season 1:

Season 1 shows Dean as the more prominent figure in the picture (and subsequently in the season). Some may say that this is more Sam’s season because of his demon issues and the loss of Jessica. However, in season 1, Sam is still very much the little brother, and Dean the older. It is Dean who is leading the fight, keeping with his mission to find his Dad. Sam is most oftentimes the add on and the one still contemplating leaving the life. Therefore, it is Dean who is more of the constant direct presence in the season. 

Season 2 is a little trickier to analyze because the first thought that comes to mind is that this is very much Sam’s season with the manifestation of his powers via the yellow eyed demon. However, Dean still plays an extremely important role. After John tells Dean about Sam and that he might have to kill him, Dean becomes the protector of Sam- even more so than he was his entire life. Dean is also still running the pursuit of the yellow eyed demon. Each play an equal role in this season, hence their near equal placement.

Season 3 brings the issue of Dean going to hell. This one is very simple. You see Dean in the back looking off camera- a very troubled, preoccupied look. While Dean doesn’t show it, he is extremely scared to go to hell, hence his wayward glance. Sam is shown as the dominant player in the photo due to his active pursuit to help Dean get out of his deal and his overall protectiveness of Dean.

Season 4 shows Dean and Sam again as equals. This sets up the stage for their equal, yet opposite roles as the vessels of Lucifer and Michael. We also see Castiel for the first time as he comes as a major supporting character for the show. 

Like Season 4, Season 5 shows Dean and Sam as equals as they come to terms with their roles as the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. 

Season 6 shows Sam as the prominent figure due to this season being very “Sam-heavy”. Sam comes back without his soul and then has to struggle with the ramifications of getting his soul back and in one piece again. The snake is representative of Sam’s ability to be cruel with no soul as well as piecing himself together- including the more sinful and dangerous parts of himself. Dean with his arms crossed can represent his wariness around Sam and his issues with Soulless!Sam and his unease with the after effects.

Season 7 shows the two almost equally again, but with Dean being a little more prominent. Without an obvious reason why he is more prominent, it could be because of the growth of the show and the fan’s gravitation towards the character of Dean.

Season 8is also a bit tricky. You would think Sam would be up front because it is him completing the trials, but it is Dean. This can be seen as a representation of Dean’s fierce protectiveness over Sam in this season because he doesn’t want to see Sam get hurt. He is ready to take on anything that comes his way. The weapon in his hand can also be representative of his time in Purgatory which we get to see in season 8. You should also notice the scenery next to the two men. Next to Sam is dark, stormy, and dangerous, representing hell and the gates Sam is trying to close, especially with the fire on the ground. Next to Dean it is sunnier and brighter representing either the better light in Purgatory or the fact that Dean is on a brighter path than Sam’s dangerous quest.

The cover for Season 9has just been released! Here we see Sam as the prominent figure due to his continuing struggle with the effects of the trials and his problems with Gadreel. It is not until later does Dean encounter his problems with the Mark of Cain, so he is less prominent. While Dean’s problem was a major plot line in Season 9, the season deals heavily with angels, in which Sam is involved. Castiel is also seen again for the first time since the season 4 cover due to his increasing role as a fallen angel in this season.

Hope you like my analysis! Reblog with comments!

My thoughts on 7x11(WARNING FOR SPOILERS): 

Okay it’s been a really fucking emotional night to say the least and my eyes are getting watery every 3 seconds but i kinda wanna get this off my chest.

During the whole episode i was just waiting for the sad part to hit me and kill my heart, it was way too ‘’happy’’ and playful and i was just like well where is the sad part?? Doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy every single scene they had. I love watching them and even though this storyline killed me i loved every second they got on screen, Noel’s acting is always amazing and i feel blessed whenever he’s in any kind of scene or show. 

Now, i did notice they made Mickey a little bit more tough and rude than usual and maybe that’s just because different writers wrote the episodes, i mean the Mickey in episode 10 was the sweetest little baby ever and the Mickey in episode 11 was strong and not as sentimental (not until the star gazing scene and of course the end) but i enjoyed every single second of it. 

When the ending came and Mickey was about to cross the border i was terrified, my stomach was tied up into a knot and i was really nervous and anxious and i felt like that was going to be it, i thought that was the end of Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich, i thought he was going to die. I saw many people saying that they wished Mickey had died in this episode and i can’t understand how they would want something like that, i get that Mickey dying would mean never waiting for another season or episode of shameless and expecting to see his face but wouldn’t that hurt a million times more? knowing that he had a terrible death and that was the end of the character we all root for? i think that would’ve been devastating, a lot more devastating than this ending. 

When he finally made it through the border i was crying my eyes out and the only thing that i felt was relief, i was happy, i was happy that he wasn’t dead, i was happy that he didn’t get shot, i was happy that he was on the other side and he would have a new life. Yeah not the life he wanted, not the life he had imagined with the love of his life but he wasn’t behind bars anymore, he was free and he had money and he was going to be okay because he’s Mickey fucking Milkovich and he’s the strongest character in that stupid show. 

I felt nothing but happiness for a few minutes thinking about all of that, i felt nothing but happiness seeing Ian’s face, the way he was breaking when Mickey was crossing the border and how he smiled when he finally made it. Ian wasn’t thinking about not ever seeing him again, he was thinking that he made it, he was probably thinking that Mickey was finally free. 

Ian did give them a chance, he did go with him even if it lasted a couple days, he gave Mickey those moments, he told him that he loved him yeah it was rushed and not the way i would’ve wanted it but he said it, those words came out of his mouth. He gave him all the money he had to make sure he could start a new life, to make sure he was safe. He didn’t go with him but he helped him get there, they got to kiss again, they got to make love again, they got to spend more nights together, they gave each other that.

Now, i hate Ian’s decision as much as all of you do, i hate this storyline because the whole breaking out of prison thing was unnecessary and painful and things could’ve been so much better for everyone but they decided the worst and i’m really heartbroken about it. 

It started to sink in after a few minutes and i started crying again because of a few tweets about how Mickey was completely lonely now, how the only thing that he wanted was to go to the beach with his boyfriend, how he never fucking gets a happy ending, i started thinking about so many things and i was a mess. Right now i’m still a mess and im torn between the happy thought that Mickey is safe and he will go to the beach for the first time and the sad thought that he will probably look at the fucking ocean and think about the love of his life. 

I’ve been reading the interviews and what Noel said is giving me hope, this time he wants to come back, he said he’d be back in a heartbeat, he has hope for Mickey, he has hope for Mickey and Ian, he thinks they can be together, he thinks Mickey can do anything, he thinks the writers could somehow sneak him back in the country and make things work. Now, i know it’s hard to think about the writers ever doing something nice for him even more after this whole storyline but he has hope and he’s the only one who makes the ratings blow up and he’s the only one people want so i have a stupid hopeful feeling that maybe they will negotiate season 8 and will write something unrealistic and will bring him back because we all know Mickey will never love anyone the way he loves Ian and we also know Ian won’t either. They have to be endgame, that’s what we want, that’s what the actors want, that’s what even some of the writers want. So yeah i’ll be really stupid and i’ll be hopeful to see Mickey in season 8 hoping once again that they don’t fuck him up even more even though we all know they probably would do the same thing all over again. 

Anyway i don’t even know if someone’s gonna read this but if you do thank u and maybe i made typos or messed up while writing this but im really emotional right now and i just wanted to talk about it 


I can’t stop watching this shit (a minor compulsion…I started, and must finish).

Kimmy Schmidt is antisemitic garbage.  On top of every other sort of racism. (Vietnamese character named “Dong” played for laughs, Asians calling a black man “a Hitler” because he puts on Yellowface to portray his geisha past life (in this case, everything is a problem, because the Asians calling him racist are being portrayed as unreasonable and wrong), and Jane Krakowski playing a Native American…) this season that antisemitism is getting ridiculous.

Five seconds in, Krakowski’s character complains about the Jews trying to steal her painting.  In the second episode, Kimmy Schmidt assumes a pair of Orthodox Jewish men are “sad Santas.”  And in episode 8, we finally find out what’s going on with Jane Krakowski’s character’s painting.  It’s a Mondrian that was provably stolen from this Jewish family during the Holocaust by the Nazis, and they want it back, and are being portrayed as the bad guys! Worse, they’re just another shitty, off-color, unfunny joke.  Their names are “Harry Weiner” and “Ivana Ita Weiner.” And their daughter “Anita Weiner.”

This is getting worse by the moment, but I can’t look away…I have to finish, because I’m me.  Help.

@feministrhymeswithwitch and @kylorensrey, if you can avoid it, do so.  This is where it’s going.  And it’s not likely to get better…

Tina Fey.  Back on 30 Rock, you were less bad, in what I saw of the show.  You even recognized that the bullshit coded language used to attack “East Coast liberal values” was just another way of saying “Jewish” (though for all I know, you cribbed that right from the West Wing) and made it clear that this was bigoted.  Now, your new show is nothing but racist jokes (ok, to be fair, there’s gay jokes and I’ve caught a couple of transphobic jokes, too) and unless something drastic changes, I’m done with you.

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What are ur fave sonny and-or barba episodes? Like ones that have a lot of either-both of them??

I will focus on Sonny (with a touch of Barisi, i.e. my fields of expertise) and I will let the Barba experts tackle the Barba version of this list.

I imagine this might also be helpful to the people who are just now discovering Sonny, in S17, and would like to go back and see how it all began. So:

A Sonny Carisi Guide to Season 16 of SVU

(with handy links to visual aids, i.e. hot Sonny gifs)

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yes I know this gif is from S17 but work with me here

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