because we usually see her as headstrong

Random DCMK Things: Episode 873-Heiji’s Attempt to Confess

I honestly love how they animated this part. They showed Heiji up-close and even put in details of his body language. 

Like this uneasy expression on his face. He was trying to cover up how soft he was being, at first. Typical Heiji was trying to put on a tough act, but he was blushing and stammering. HUHUHU KAWAIII!

I also love this lip-biting part. It’s honestly cute and sexy. 

And yeah, sweating Heiji. We all know about that part from @viehlei​ ‘s gifs. Huhuhu I’m really weird but I think sweating Heiji is a hot Heiji (pun intended).

And in this part we see his foot move unusually. Like, he’s fidgeting. And from here, notice how his voice changes. It’s actually more softer than his usual speaking voice. 

Also, props to Ryo Horikawa for the absolute wonderful portrayal of Heiji in this part. I love how he did this. If you guys follow seiiyuu/voice actors, you would know that Ryo Horikawa has done a lot of different voices and they are all really different. But in this episode in particular, he did a different voice for Heiji. I mean, it’s definitely still Heiji. But it’s a softer Heiji. Do you guys get what I mean? 

If you guys have noticed, Heiji’s voice is more on the rougher tone. It’s heavy on the kansai ben and it usually sounds aggressive. Which suits his character well. I love how at this part, Ryo Horikawa changed it a little. He greatly captured and conveyed Heiji’s emotions through slightly changing Heiji’s tone. At this part, we don’t even see Heiji’s face. We’re looking at his feet but we can understand what he’s feeling. We understand because of his voice. It sounds shy and hesitant, in contrast to the headstrong, aggressive Hattori Heiji that we usually see and hear.

And the way he said Kazuha’s name on this part… 

I was blushing and awfully giddy when I heard him say her name through my earphones and I’m not even Kazuha! I rarely hear Heiji say her name in such a soft tone. Usually when we hear Heiji call Kazuha, it’s always to command her to do something or argue with her, or even scold at her and call her “ahou” afterwards but at this part, it was just so romantic. Like, I was thinking, “Gosh! This is how I want my (nonexistent) boyfriend to say my name!” If a  guy would say my name, the way Heiji did with Kazuha’s on this episode right here, I would honestly melt into a puddle. T.T

I absolutely love how Ryo Horikawa gave life to Heiji on this part and he has been giving him life for so many years already. His voice is really versatile and he is indeed a veteran at being a seiiyuu. Also, I’m just really amazed at how a 60-year-old man could portray a character of a 17 year-old boy. Damn, that voice is so golden. Hands down to Ryo Horikawa. I love him so much! You know he’s not just delivering the lines. He really studies Heiji’s character very well. 

And look at how his eyes are fixated on Kazuha and his expression is so soft here. He’s really gonna do it. He’s scared and hesistant but he’s determined to confess to her. <3 (huhuhu my son! T.T)

I honestly love this new side of Heiji. It’s more vulnerable, transparent and gentle. It’s a big character development.  While I love the aggressive and headstrong Heiji, I also love this softer side of him. 

BONUS: Look at this adorable Kazuha. <3 She’s so lovely and innocent. You can see why Heiji loves her so much.