because we should be decent human beings

Attending quote of the day...

“Patients are vulnerable when we as physicians put blinders on and zero in on a diagnosis based on our biases. You shouldn’t worry about getting sued… we are ALL going to get sued. What you SHOULD worry about is hurting someone because you blew them off.”

I’m FINALLY among decent human beings, guys. Residency search: complete.

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Looks like the ant*s are turning on Elizabeth Banks now.

I’m not surprised. I am however, very sorry for Elizabeth Banks. That being said, we as the more decent human beings, should try and support this real, living, breathing person who will undoubtedly be harassed by morons on the internet over a fictional relationship, involving fictional characters, in a fictional universe, all because of a tweet she made months ago.

i cant believe the amount of hypocrisy in this kind of biphobic thinking honestly like “you have to respect me and always listen to my opinions before anyone else but i can insult your sexuality constantly and its totally ok and not misogynistic because youre basically straight” no fuck you. I’ll still respect your minority group as one that needs protection, I’ll always consider homophobia a major problem that we all should be fighting against, but I dont have to like you on a personal level, let alone consider you the goddamn authority of feminism, when you cant even be a decent fucking human being to me. Fuck right off with this divisive nonsense. If anyone reading is tempted to make some angry response to this, I’m just going to fucking block you because I dont have time to argue with biphobic assholes today. Fucking eat me. 

Non-Jews who watch and “love” Holocaust movies are weird.

All our lives, we are inundated with pictures and graphic accounts of our people’s genocide. From middle school to high school, we are constantly reminded of this dark period with every history class (and even English class) we take. Relearning about the Holocaust alongside snickering classmates is a painful experience.

So when non-Jews willingly watch these depressing movies about the Holocaust, what are we supposed to think? What exactly do you gain from these $10 glorified history lessons?

Do you gain the right to tell all your friends about how touched you were by The Diary of Anne Frank? To tell everyone that they should definitely watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? It was such a good movie. It made you cry!

These are the movies I have specifically avoided all my life, and yet here you are, trying to show me and everyone else that you’re a good and decent human being because you felt a range of sad emotions while watching them. 

I know these films can teach people about history. But I also know that, more often than not, these films serve as a way for goyim to prove their humanity. Why else would you subject yourself to a two-hour heart-wrenching film about genocide?

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unpopular opinion: i find it really cringing everytime dan say something a decent human being should say and the phandom treat him like some sort of god for it.

Fair enough if you think that but I think it would be important to consider why people are treating him the way they are - don’t let your first impression of something like this be your last.

I personally think people, such as myself, are treating him the way they are, because they agree with his words. They agree and share the support he’s perpetuating.

Plus, even if people are praising Dan for saying “something a decent human being should say”, I don’t really see that as a bad thing because considering the world we live in were there are a lot of people who would and sadly do, do otherwise.

Considering the position he’s in (even on twitter), and the influence/impact he has on his audience, it’s really great to see him use that to highlight the importance of talking about the topics that were brought up during the Oscars.

Dan actually explained/defended himself for the tweet during the liveshow tonight which you can see here 34:57-37:25
(he words the whole thing so well i wish i could be that articulate???)

ngl it would be call to see if this moment would spark him to talk more about the important stuff like the people did at the oscars :0 !!

Hey important stuff yo

Guys !!!!! Guys!!!!! As much as i abhor that digusting shit stain and i literally wouldnt put it past him Because its fucking onision BUT we don’t know for sure he did that video to mock daniels passing we can only assume at this point (unless someone proves me wrong?) Now if he comes out with a monitized video about daniel and you know he is gonna crack some sick backhanded/underhanded jokes Then you can obviously pin him for making a mockery out of something this serious I mean God forbid this guy ever be a decent fucking human being right? Also i think we should be on guard because i just have a bad feeling he is gonna try to use this to get close to mark …matt and ryan don’t have a lot of subscribers so like he’s not gonna try to do anything with them Also i really hope no one is sending the guys onions suicide video that is the last thing they need right now is watching that scum of the earth and his diarrhea he calls “comedy”

"I Don't Care"

I truly wish people stopped saying they don’t care. We all know if you have to remind people, especially the internet that you don’t care, then you care.

Just admit it. You’re a human and you’re going to care. I care and I care a reasonable amount. I care how others view me. I care about other people’s feelings. I care about a lot. But I don’t let it dictate important and impactful decisions in my life because guess who I care about the most…myself and my well being.

I suggest that’s what people should say from now on. “I care about a decent amount of things, but I care about myself and my well being more than what others think and say to or about me”