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Hi, I just read about the Bosco Verticale in Milan, and about China starting construction of a similar vertical forest in Nanjing, and thought you may have interesting insight into the design, or the effectiveness of these solutions. Or perhaps a thought-provoking architect's perspective on the challenges with something like this, and maybe why they went with this design as compared to an alternative one? When I look at them I see vertical Aztec Chinampas, would love to know how you see them!

Nanjing Towers Stefano Boeri

I see a concept that looks and works better in a rendering because in execution it lacks architecture. Basically we took a mundane looking tower and added a bunch of planting areas and trees to all the balconies. That is all. I think these types of projects will fade quickly out of favor.

Kandalama Hotel Geoffrey Bawa 

Some years down the road we will be talking about how to refurbish these towers in a more sustainable way because the amount of maintenance and water needed to keep them looking “green” is not sustainable. Probably the only project of this kind I consider a success its not a new one, the Kandalama Hotel by Geoffrey Bawa, and it works because of the scale, the location and its immediate connection to the nature surrounding the hanging gardens.

Bosco Verticale Boeri Studio

Aztec Chinampas

Some Belated Valentines 2k17 Highlights from Flower Land

- The giant Russian man who stormed through the door while we were quite busy and shouted “Whoooo is helping me? I need BEST FLOWERS in the WORLD because I have BEST WIFE!!”
- The old man who picked up his roses at 8 AM and when I said “I hope she likes them!” giggled and said “These oughta keep me outta the dog house for at least a week!”
- At 3 PM: “I need a delivery of tulips to the south side today.” “We aren’t doing any more deliveries to the south side today.” “I should tell you that this is on behalf of my client {Redacted Football Player} of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.”
- “Hey, boss, I have an order from FootballPlayer of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.” “Don’t you mean FootballPlayer of The Bears FOR NOW?”
-“Okay tell him we’ll do it but he has to buy all our remaining tulips.”
- One guy wanted to buy a teddy bear holding a real rose so I made a teeny tiny rose bouquet for the bear to hold and it is easily the cutest thing I have ever made.
- This same guy grabbed a 55 dollar
arrangement from my table and brought it to me and said “Add flowers to this until it is 200 dollars.”
- Valentine’s Day makes some men crazy.
- When the last man came in to pick up his arrangement twenty minutes after we were supposed to close everyone who was working shouted his name in unison and it was Hilarious.
- All the parents sending flowers to their single professional daughters. Almost all of them made me teary. People from all over the country have daughters who live in Chicago and are single and they all wanted to send their single Chicago daughters flowers.
- “A man is calling and he says you are his best friend?” “What?” “He has an Eastern European accent?” “OH! It’s the man who has the best wife!”
- “I would like 100 roses.” “That will be 600 dollars.” “I would like 12 roses.”

Just some words on Malec this episode.

The scenes we got between them were nice! But I wanted MORE. And not just because of my fan needs, but also because the STORY of the episode needed it, I think.

Like how there’s no post-sex scene or anything for Malec? Not even them talking about it in pjs for 30 seconds? Would Clary and her man who she’ll have sex with (whoever that ends up being on the show) get a similar treatment? IDK. Malec is the first couple with 2 mains who’ve had sex, so idk how they’ll treat the rest of them. But is this gonna be another case of a show where the lgbt+ couples get 0 sexy scenes/scenes that imply they even have sex and the het couples get a lot?? We’ll have to see I guess.

Also? It’s not really explicitly stated Magnus and Alec actually had sex? Alec gives a vague answer to Izzy, Magnus doesn’t confirm to Jace. Like Alec has always been cagey about his personal life with his siblings and Magnus doesn’t know Jace THAT well, so again it makes sense he wouldn’t outright say “ya we had sex.” But at the same time, I would’ve liked a bit more of something there! Jace mentions he feels Alec is happier, but I would’ve liked if Alec had said it to Magnus? Or Magnus had said something like that to Alec? Or some sort of mention that the sex even happened??? 

I hope Alec talks to Magnus about his cat eyes later this season. Like if he says something like “show me again” that’d be nice. Because Magnus doesn’t really see Alec’s reaction, and Alec doesn’t look at them while facing Magnus full-on. Basically I just really want a scene where Alec says something along the lines of “you’re beautiful to me whether or not you glamour your mark.” Because Magnus is insecure about his mark! And Alec cares about him and wants to make him happy!

Ah. I know there’s only so much time in a show. But still. 


See here is the thing I don’t mind Climon and Izzy/Raphael (Rizzy) because I know they are just minor relationships adding onto bigger plots and bigger relationships. I mean don’t get me wrong, Climon can sometimes get me feeling because they are cute (better as best friends) but they are still cute. And it’s nice to know that Simon was finally able to admit his feels and act on them even if the relationship isn’t going to last. Plus with Simon and Clary finally dating, we are one step closer to CLACE! 

Rizzy on the other hand is nice… I mean kinda random, very very random. But hopefully it means more screen time for Izzy and Raphael even if they are ‘together’. I mean I wish the forming of their relationship wasn’t based off Izzy’s need for drugs, but it is what it is. I don’t mind the drug abuse storyline because when she finally kicks it, it will be a nice arc for her character. It will prove that she is a strong shadowhunter and person, even if she doesn’t think so. 

Shadowhunters is a good show, a great show. But like all shows it has its ups and downs, it’s enviable. These last few episodes the show runners and writers have messed up majorly with Malec and isn’t okay. But we need to look past their mistakes and look towards the plans they have to redeem themselves in Season 2b. (They can’t really do much season 2A, because it’s over in like 2 episodes.) All I know is I am not going to stop watching this show. Their love for their fans and their diversity  ( some would so limited, I might say needs improvement.) make the show a lot more than what it is. Their heart and passion is inspiring. 

This is just my opinion on all the major topics people have been talking about lately. I mean no disrespect to anyone who might think differently. We have a right to proclaim our own opinion. And I mean to do no harm to anyone. With all respect. xx 

p.s Magnus Bane is the true hero, it’s nice to see a character of the LGBQT community have such a major impact on all the characters. Harry Shum Jr. has been doing an amazing job.

look there was pain and there was more pain and there was a lot of pain but

lucy preston canonically believes god led her to garcia flynn

and while next season (BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING ONE) is going to be a pile of pain and angst and rage and them needing his help and him losing it entirely, IT’S NOT REVENGE GOD/ETC IS BRINGING HIM TOWARD


and that will i think be the stronger force in the end but damn

Hope is the anthem of my soul

Today is better.

Well, honestly, I was feeling better last night on my way home from Korean class. I spent all day yesterday angry, upset and in shock. Even though we all knew this was coming at some point in time. But I put my music on shuffle and “Hope is the Anthem” by Switchfoot came on. And it helped. 

I started thinking about Grams and her situation. And I just remember all our conversations. One thing stuck out because she’s said it a lot since Mom passed. She misses Papa and Mom fiercely. Throughout her past battles with cancer, she said the only reason she fought was because us grandkids needed her. Then, after Trey passed, she started saying it more. And that she hoped it wasn’t too much longer before she could go be with them.

Grams is ready. And I think I’m starting to understand and embrace that.

We still have time. Still no one has really told me what sort of time frame we are working with. It could be a couple months or several months. All we know is that the cancer is not going away this time. Grams was pretty much a miracle patient the first two times. Her doctor said that she shouldn’t have gone into remission those times, but she did. But she had us to fight for. Now… Trey is gone. And Meg and I pretty much have our lives set on a good track. She feels that we’ll be okay without her now.

I talked to her on the phone this morning and she was in good spirits. We both shared a few funny stories about our old house in Parkville, MO. We talked about Papa, Mom and Trey – how they were all always dancing, smiling and enjoying life. She joked about how everyone cries on the phone with her now. A couple of family members had to hang up because they were crying so hard they couldn’t talk. She said she had to tell her brother to stop crying so they could talk.

“There’s no reason to be sad,” she said. “I’m going to a better place and I’m finally going to be with Rex, Shelly and Trey. No one needs to be sad about me.”

I needed to hear that. It was a conclusion I had come to last night, thinking back to all our previous conversations. But hearing her say it again, especially now, helped. It’s still incredibly sad that I’m losing her. And it’s not going to be easy no matter what. But, it makes it a bit easier knowing that she’s not afraid and she’s prepared. And this time around, I have time to really say good-bye and all the things I want to say before she goes. I can call more (I told Grams I’d call every few days – she said once enough a month was enough). I can get back to see her while things are still good.

Even today, we talked about upcoming stuff and I told her about my visa and plans to start my own company – that I now have a friend who created his own start-up a few years back and said he will set me up with everything I need to know to get things rolling. I ended it with, “So, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve got things under control over here.”

She laughed and sniffled a bit.

“I know. I never needed to worry much about you and Meg. But I still pray for you all the time. It’s what grandmas do,” she said.

It’s not going to be easy. Losing someone you love never is. But I feel like this time is going to be a bit easier than the others. Even though with Mom we knew it was coming, I still felt unprepared. And with Trey, we were still hoping for a miracle and that he’d wake up. With Grams, it feels different. I don’t feel as depressed as I did with the others. Or worried. Probably because I’ve known for a long time that Grams was ready to go home. She’s almost 80 so it was going to happen at some point in the near future. And I know that she doesn’t like people worried or crying about her.

I can’t really do anything about the crying, because I’m a huge crybaby and the tears will come when they want to come (I’m actually failing miserably to keep them in check as I write this). But at least I’m not worried. Whatever the time frame, I’ll deal with it. And I do know that at least she won’t be in pain anymore. And she’ll be with Papa, Mom and Trey. (And I’ll be adding another tattoo…) All that matters is that I squeeze out as much Grams-time as I can. And treat every conversation with her like it could be our last, just so she knows how much I love her and appreciate everything she’s done for me.

She’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. 

I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, Kiss me harder, and You’re a good person, and, You brighten my day. I live my life as straight-forward as possible.
Because one day, I might get hit by a bus.

Maybe it’s weird. Maybe it’s scary. Maybe it seems downright impossible to just be—to just let people know you want them, need them, feel like, in this very moment, you will die if you do not see them, hold them, touch them in some way whether its your feet on their thighs on the couch or your tongue in their mouth or your heart in their hands.

But there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate.
And there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care.
We are young and we are human and we are beautiful and we are not as in control as we think we are. We never know who needs us back. We never know the magic that can arise between ourselves and other humans.
We never know when the bus is coming.

—  Rachel C. Lewis, Tell The People You Love That You Love Them.

While cops mace children, the black bloc protesters carry them to safety and immediately search for their medics. 

When cops try to mace disabled people, members of the black bloc will escort them to safety as fast as possible, continuing to shield them with their bodies even when the police try to pull them away.

When cops try to mass arrest protesters by blocking off their exits both from the front and the back, the black bloc organizes and charges forward to break through and allow people to escape. 

While the black bloc damages property, the cops damage people. 

Black blocs love and want to protect people more than cops ever will. The image of black blocs being evil and disorganized chaos is a lie fed to us to stop us from showing solidarity with each other.

We need to protect each other and love defiantly against the state. We need to help each other, because the law won’t. 


Look at that man with the blue suit, and the girl beside him.

“Well seems someone drank more than they shoud….”

Then we have who I’m guessing is Sara. She looks ready to record the moment.

“Oh it’s Yuuri!”

Then we have Mila.

And the poor girl just can’t hold it anymore…

And now even Victor has to take some photos, he doesn’t even care he is talking with other people at the moment.

“Ok just wai-… I only need one photo of this… Ok done!”

Also JJ…

“Don’t worry, we are cooler than that.”


They are feeling it….


“Oh no… now there’s another one.”





“OK now… who brought the pole?”

Are you ever sorry?“ He asked.

"For loving you?” She smiled and shook her head. “No. There are so many things to be sorry for, but loving you isn’t one of them.”

For some reason, that answer made him even more restless.

“What are the things you’re sorry about, then?” He asked after a while.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t quite right for you. That you weren’t quite right for me. That the timing wasn’t quite right for us. We were never lacking in love. It wasn’t ever a question of whether we loved each other enough or not, because if love could fill a whole room - ours would have needed more space. It would have burst out of the windows and banged open doors.” She stopped, and smiled such a sad smile it broke his heart all over again.

“You know I loved you so much.” He whispered.

She reached out to squeeze his hand and said, “I know, darling. I know. But even the greatest of loves cannot withstand the wars of this world. And no matter how much we loved each other, it wasn’t a war we were supposed to win.

—  we were beautiful but we weren’t quite right // Genefe Navilon
just a friendly reminder: FRIENDSHIPS ARE RELATIONSHIPS, TOO.
  • friends can be emotionally abusive.
  • friends can be physically abusive.
  • friends can disappoint you.
  • friends can lie to you.
  • friends can make you wonder if they found someone better than you.
  • friends can be manipulative.
  • friends can give you severe trust issues.
  • friends can dump you.
  • friends can be jealous that other people want to be friends with you.
  • friends can argue over the same issue repeatedly because someone’s needs aren’t being met.
  • friends can hurt you.
  • friends can judge you.
  • friends can ghost you.
  • friends can damage your self esteem.

there does not have to be a romantic undertone. we put so much weight on romantic relationships that we forget how important friendships are. romance does not automatically give your relationship more validity. treat them the same.

So often we try to make other people feel better by minimizing their pain, by telling them that it will get better (which it will) or that there are worse things in the world (which there are). But that’s not what I actually needed. What I actually needed was for someone to tell me that it hurt because it mattered.
I have found this very useful to think about over the years, and I find that it is a lot easier and more bearable to be sad when you aren’t constantly berating yourself for being sad.
—  John Green

One more issue with the translation

Chris’s boyfriend (that’s what he is shh) never says “we” in Japanese.

Frankly, he doesn’t use a subject in that sentence at all.

He says 「迎えに来たぞ」which literally means “I came to pick you up.”

”I’m here.” is an oversimplification.

I mean, it could technically mean “We came to pick you up” instead of “I” (because the subject of the sentence is implied) but… he’s alone?

It’s sort of odd that the translator decided to interpret it as plural first person for no good reason?

What would a open mic night standup in ML Paris look like? Can you even fathom how hilarious that would be? Just a handful of comics cracking jokes about what traveling abroad is like.

Comedian: “The stereotypes against the french are just out of control now. Everyone expects me to be wearing a beret and eating snails and that’s not fair. But you know, you have to hand it to them, there is a pretty sure fire way to know if someone is french now even from a distance. Because if we see a butterfly we will freaking scream.” 

I love the character specific ones, like Nino gets sorta well known in the comedy circuit when he’s a little older and he’s up there, smiling and interrupts his own jokes half the time with laughing, but his timing is impeccable. 

Nino: “So, super villains.” *the crowd waits for him to say more, but he shrugs as if the sentence needs nothing else, and laughter picks up. He’s grinning before he ‘sobers up’.* “Bad news, obviously. Probably. But, I can’t be the only jaded guy out there right? Like, am I not the only one who hears ‘MONSTER!!!’ and asks without looking up from my phone like, ‘Well, where? Like here?’” *crowds starts laughing and Nino pantomimes texting. “’Cause like, if it’s not on this block man, I was gonna order in probably.’” *laughter continues. Nino waits for a second nodding and smiling. “Have I put a pizzaman through hell by ordering two large pizzas in the middle of a warzone?” *nods* “Yes. Yes i have. Those guys are the real heroes.” *crowd laughs and he chuckles, taking his own queue to get back on topic. He readjusts the mic stand, feigning apprehension.* “So yeah. Super villains, bad news. Some more than others, and like, don’t get me wrong! It’s bad, but, come one. Everyone is a little curious what their super villain is. JUST A LITTLE.” *he calls over the laughter of the crowd, making them laugh even harder. He holds up his free hand that isnt dedicated to the microphone like hes placating them.* “I’m not saying that’s cool! I’m saying that’s the way it is. Paris is a weird freaking place now, gotta take those changes in stride. And for some of us, we already know, right? Got any other akumas in the house? *he waits, listening for the three or four cheers from different parts of the room* “Respect! Alright, so I’ve got something to ask, now that we’ve got that out in the open.” *he pauses, gesturing a little and looking around, building the tension* “Be real with me… But, come on. Was anyone else just a little disappointed?” *the crowd freaking explodes. Nino waits and tries to start again but he starts laughing too, and eventually has to raise his voice to be heard over the crowd.* “I mean, come on! You’re already striping me of my free will, now I don’t even get to pretend in the back of my head that maybe I looked super cool? I mean listen, we’ve all had our moments but, please appreciate the fact that I now have to live with the fact that my ‘dark’ alter ego is a bubble wielding super clown. Really, Hawkmoth? I don’t even get that much?” *Nino lets the laughter ride out, shaking his head and pacing the stage, chuckling to himself. In a slightly quieter voice he says* “Paris is weird man.” *slight laughter* “It is, it really is. But I grew up here you know, I remember the ‘pre-butterfly douchebag days. How weird is it? For the people who move here? Like when they pack their bags, hop on a train, get all moved in then BOOM” *Nino makes a large explosion with his hands* “Huge explosion! Shakes the earth! Fire down the side streets, evil cackling in the air, and they are seized with terror only to realize” *he pauses, turning full circle on the stage before shrugging* “No one cares. Everyone looks up, sure, they’re checking where it’s at but the people of Paris have got the calm and orderly exit thing down, it’s been years we are used to it. We’re just like ‘Oh, wow thats a rather big one isn’t it? Huh, anyways-’ Yeah no one cares. Unless it’s Mister Pigeon.” *huge laugh, a few foreign looking people look confused and Nino chuckles* “For those of you with an intact survival instinct and dont live here, it’s worth explaining. That this city has, twice, been taken over by a mad, pigeon wielding bad guy. TWICE. This is some real shit. People respect pigeons now, I will pay you to find one native citizen who still has the balls to kick at a pigeon. ONE.” 

and so on and so forth, with such famous bits as ‘Cat Noir makes a shitty roommate’ ‘Best Man at a superhero wedding doesnt really make you feel like the best man’ and ‘The Bubbler II: Return of the Super Clown (God Damnit)’

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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Headcanon that sometime during 8th yeah Harry and Draco started dating. And at first it’s just a casual thing but the longer it goes on the more it means and the more they help each other heal.

Except the end of year is swiftly approaching and neither one of them can admit how they fill or ask the question “what happens when we leave?”

So on their last day Harry takes Draco flying to a spot hidden in the woods. And Draco is caught off guard because it’s just a little dead field in the middle of an otherwise overgrown forest and just frowns in confusion like “this field is dead, potter, why are we here?”

And Draco watches as Harry drops to the ground, fingering a blade of brown grass as he tells him “I think the curse killed it. It still grows but it won’t turn green anymore” and before Draco an ask what he means Harry keeps talking and finally tells Draco how he actually died during the final battle and came back.

“I think maybe I can’t be fixed, like this field. So sometimes I come here here because…because even though it’s dead it’s still growing and I guess It makes me feel less alone.”

“You’re not alone,” Draco whispers, tentatively sitting down as close to him as possible, their sides pressed up together as he pulls him back until their laying together staring up as the last rays of the days sun begin to fade.

And sitting there staring at potter and realizing how close he was to losing him and just how easy he could lose him now he reaches out to take the other boys hand and links their fingers and whispers “I love you, Harry”

“I love you too,” he says, his voice softer than Draco has ever heard.

And as the sun sets on their last day at Hogwarts Draco knows that their life together is just beginning.


Do not reblog any of the reposts from @j-hope-e-e-e please!

For some reasons, people think this person is the artist of the arts….


Those are all uncredited reposts coming from different twitter/pixiv artists who never gave their consent for it!!!!

The arts above belong to @katsudodonn on twitter,  わくや and from Pixiv!!!
They also don’t allow any reposts without credits and their permission!!!

We have tried to contact them but they have ignored our message and keep reposting, so we decided to let the fandom know so you can avoid the reposts and stop reblogging!

We also need to say that there are already YOI artists who made their account private on twitter because of the problem of reposts.

When you repost something or even reblog a repost, it can have consequences, please me more careful!

Thank you for reading.

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Bees did go through a pretty rough patch there … and by “there,” we mean 10 years ago. The U.S. bee population hit a low point in 2006 with 2.5 million colonies, but by 2015, that number was up to 2.66 million, a two-decade high. Beekeepers saw the problem and have been working their asses off to reverse it – if anything, we should be worried about them going extinct.

Bee populations have also been going up in other parts of the world. So why were they put in the endangered species list, then? Because seven bee species, all of them from Hawaii, haven’t been doing so well and we need to protect them – that’s what the “endangered” status is all about. It’s more of a tactical move to make sure the government actually gives funds to help those Hawaiian bees’ population go up. By the way, we’re talking about seven species out of the 4,000 ones existing in the U.S. alone. There’s still a shitload of bees out there, is our point.

7 Pieces Of Good News About Huge Stories (No One Told You)