because we need more of them

The reality is that women are emotionally and physically weaker than males. We do need provisions to protect them. The trade off is that they should not expect to be treated equally.

Manslation: Men oughtta be in charge of LITERALLY EVERYTHING because I decided we got better more stronger brains AND arms. And you better be grateful to me for protecting you from… me.

Alternate Manslation: Gee, miss, that’s a nice life you got there…. it’d be a shame if something………….. HAPPENED to it.

I know why and respect that people do it but it’s so shitty that we need to list off all of our marginalizations and traumas not only on our blogs to get any kind of “respect” but also on posts where we have to swallow our pride and ask for money. Of course certain groups are realistically because of society more prone to needing help financially but the fact it’s not enough to see someone in need and want to help them if you can. and that a lot of people on here need to know how “oppressed” you are before wanting to help you fucking sucks and is so transparent

“Congratulations to the team of cadets from Clan Wren and Clan Onyo,” the teacher’s voice boomed, “for winning the Poetry through Engineering contest thanks to the wonderful poetry of naming a theoretical design that destroys traditional armour after the Duchess who attempted to destroy our warrior culture.”

The young Wren beamed up on the stage, vindicated against all those who thought she was only here because of familial connections.  The (slightly older) daughter of Clan Onyo was happy too - though perhaps more for the prestige and opportunities this bought.

“Special mention must also go to the designs for the World Devastator Orbital Mining platform,” their teacher continued, “reminding us all of the need to assess our impact on the ecosystem when we obtain the raw materials for expansion….”

Sabine’s mind drifted as the list of runners up dragged on, imagining the prestige she’d one day bring to Clan Wren.  Tristan could handle all the boring parts of leadership, while she’d get them glory in battle and art - making this ridiculous design showed she could do anything she put her mind to!

She grinned again, as another round of applause started. This was where she belonged.

Warhammer 40k Needs-

Let’s get some more necromancy in 40k! Let’s raise up dead gods, and fallen primarchs with crackling purple magic. Let’s have some awesome Chaos witch become a powerful force in the Eye of Terror because of her huge dead legion! Come on, you love bragging about the daily billionwide body count in 40k, BL & GW, so how’s about we put all those casually killed to work? Raise them up! Endless hoards of ork skeletons, waves an waves of lost Guardsmen, the heavy hitting shock of undead Space Marines, the twisted fleshy horror of rotten Tyranids! New 40k faction: THE ENDLESS DEAD! Covens of witches using the countless dead to conquer the galaxy for their new god, a Nagash/Morr figure, in opposition to resilience and rebirth that Nurgle offers.

I’m an out gay and throughout college I made a ton of friends and a lot of them were cis and Hetero. I wish that I made more gay friends. Especially on social media because the things I tweet and reblog consistently are social justice for queer and trans people of color and it’s absent from their blogs and tweets. My community is thoroughly educated on these things but it’s the cis hetero communities that are in desperate need to know the oppression and violence that queer/trans poc go through daily. We [queer poc]have been conditioned since we were born to fit heteronormative values and even asinine notions of blackness and it is imperative that cis and hetero people actively used their voices and platforms in their communities. The way power and knowledge work, queer/trans voices are silenced and the least that activism requires is your VOICE.

i have my gender evaluation appointment for T on monday. there are 3 possible outcomes, 1 of which is rather unlikely. outcome 1: i get approved for testosterone during the first appointment and that’s it, easy peasy. outcome 2: i have to schedule a second appointment with her because we don’t get through everything she wants to get through in the first one, and then i have to wait for the second appointment to know if i’m approved for testosterone or not. and outcome number 3 (the unlikely one): this therapist decides during the appointment on monday that i need more therapy before i can be considered for HRT. that’s unlikely in my mind because i had a phone appointment with my actual therapist today and i even told him about the depressive swing and the angry swing and how i got through them and he recommended that we leave it on a i call him if i need him sort of basis instead of scheduling another appointment. it’s really weird to think that i’m actually close to what i’ve been wanting for so long. and it’s also weird to think that at this point, i don’t actually have any therapy scheduled for my future at all? what the heck??? recovery is so weird y'all.

okay so like, we’re TOLD that centaurs reject the status as “beings” to “beasts” because they’d have to share the status w like, vampires and stuff but that seems v sus to me considering how centaurs feel about humans/wizards THEMSELVES

like it seems FAR more likely that they said “fuck u” to the status BECAUSE a WIZARD was trying to CLASSIFY them and not only that, but classify them as “close enough to civilized people [wizards] that we might [sort of] respect you but also that you have to listen to our laws [not that we’ll consult you or consider your needs when making them, of course]” like no fucking WONDER they said hell no to the classification 

like it seems completely reasonable to me that centaurs, considering how SHITTY wizards treat anyone who isn’t a wizard, fucking hate wizards and would want NOTHING to do with them

[also, like, it’s kind of fucked that a wizard decides who is “sentient” enough to be a person and who isn’t, and the classification is based off of how “near” to being a wizard that person is]

it’s come to our attention that there’s been a bunch of messages sent to gossip blogs about our application. the reason our application was the way it was, is because we wanted characters to have some short questions rather than asking for secrets right away so muns had some time to think about their secrets and didn’t need to commit to them right away. so we thought we’d make sure everyone was clear on the plot of the group and leave the more extensive stuff such as coming up with a secret for when they had some more time to think about it. but apparently people didn’t like that, so we have a new app. 

there was also some messages about how our plot revolves around the magazine and that magazine issues haven’t been posted. while the magazine is a part of the plot, it’s only one part. the pr rep has been giving out tasks, initiating conversations, creating drama, etc. and i’ve mentioned on this blog that the reason magazine issues haven’t been posted frequently is because we were still a small group and it was hard to post magazine issues every few weeks when there wasn’t much to write about, and unlike the gossip blog, magazine issues are supposed to be at least for the most part truthful and not just stuff that the writers made up because they didn’t have enough information. 

now that our group has grown ( and we’re so happy that it has ) you guys have been promised that as soon as the family matters task is over, you’ll have a new magazine issue. 

i know that pretty much every group has mean messages posted about them on gossip blogs, and that’s okay. but we love our group very much and are thankful for every one of you, and we hope you all enjoy being here. if there’s ever anything that we can do to make being in our group a more enjoyable experience for you, our inboxes are always open. have a good night, pumpkins. 

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top five Haikyuu dialogues?

i’m assuming you mean quotes? sorry if this isn’t what you meant, feel free to send another ask if you want rip

  1. “because people don’t have wings, we look for ways to fly” – ukai
  2. “i’m not good with people, and i don’t want to interact with them” – kenma
  3. “i’m trying to be humble by not letting everyone know i’m the best” – haiba
  4. it’s painful; i want to stop. when i feel that way, i take a step forward” – hinata
  5. “motivation? what more do you need than pride?” – yamaguchi

ask me my top 5 ____ !



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

“thank you!”

today is #yoiappreciationday! thank you to anyone who creates yoi content, you are all what make this fandom great and what keeps the hype and love going <333 below are a few of my favourite creators! <3

@cousaten - @tosquinha - @haedraulics - @micocoadraws - @lucycamui (like a fairytale!!) - @zepatvish (I love your IG stories and posts) - @burucheese - @yumomo - @shelliihe (bless her asdfjkl; i’m so glad I met you through your art and yoi ;O;;; ) - @keilattes - @zephyrine-gale (quality content <3 ) - @crimson-chains (mafia!) - @mohkja - @indiansummersunset - @yoidailygifs - @hinamie - @randomsplashes (hilarious gotta love) - @cookiecreation - @ammeja - @siroite - @seek-victory - @reipx (those smiles!!) - @blau678 (i bought their blessed artbook) - @midnights-stars (hey bb) - @aku-usagi (I bought her prints and she’s super cool in real life!)

anddd thank you to all the rebloggers and fans that keep us going ;7;;; we wouldn’t be here to create yoi content without you guys <3

and thank you @positivelyyoi for making this event!!

One More Little Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

If you haven’t seen the original post, it’s here.

I thought of one more thing.

Something I said on this post was that Darkiplier’s shell cracks because it “can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him”.

Someone pointed out to me, “Wait, don’t you mean three souls? What about us?”

And at first I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now I’m thinking.

I’ve seen theories saying that, since Dark walks away from the mirror and we’re still in it, that he pushed our soul right back out, and that he had manipulated us for that chance to be alive again.

I don’t think he “manipulated” us for that, per se, but that mirror thing still bugged me… until now. (I think the gif might be from @markired again, but I’m not certain, sorry.)

Celine and Damien needed us to form Darkiplier, right?

What if… in those last moments the Colonel was speaking to us…

… we saw just how much Wilford needed them?

So we decided to let Dark take over, push us out even, so that Damien and Celine could follow the Colonel.

What if we sacrificed ourselves for this?

What if we literally saw how much poor, broken William needed his only support system, and decided that maybe… it’d be okay if we let go?

What if we let go in the name of love, and that’s why Dark walks away without us, because we see that Will needs Damien and Celine more than he needs us, and we're… okay with it?

This is some Shakespearean sh*t right here.

I know, it’s a stretch, but as a new-founded Wilford Warfstache protector, I find… a weird sense of comfort in this theory.

We might have made the greatest sacrifice we could, for Wilford, our poor, broken Colonel.

And I think that’s a beautiful tragedy.

– *tiny edit tim*

One thing that makes me think this might be true?

You know Mark Edward Fischbach would do it.


He finds Lance waiting on his bed for him when he returns to his room, and can tell from a single glance that Lance knows. That somehow— either because Matt or Coran told him, or because he just understands Keith that well, even after so many months apart— Lance knows exactly what happened while Voltron was fleeing Naxzela. What Keith had been prepared to sacrifice. What he’d nearly done.

Lance looks up at the hiss of the door sliding shut. He hasn’t even changed out of his paladin armor. Not fully. His arm guards and chest plate have been removed and discarded on the floor, but otherwise he looks just as he did when Voltron finally reached the Castle again— singed, disheveled, and staring at Keith with large, mournful eyes.

Keith can’t bring himself to meet those eyes. They’re even more blue than Keith remembers, and so full of hurt it makes Keith’s chest ache. Lance should never have to look that way about anything. Particularly not because of him.

Keith turns away and takes his time removing his black, Marmora armor. He can’t bear to see Lance so upset. Can’t stand the heavy silence between them. The thick tension just waiting to snap. Can’t stand it at all, but also can’t think of anything to say to dispel it. Words were never his forte, after all. He was much better with actions. Except, this time, his actions are what’s causing this situation, and he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

He hangs his armor in his closet— the one spot of black among all the red and white he’s so used to wearing. A visual reminder of all he’s left behind. All he’s given up so his team can keep moving forward. Across the room, Lance shifts. He shifts, and he clears his throat, and Keith closes his eyes, waiting, as always, for Lance to cut through the tension. For the berate that’s surely on his tongue. For the angry words and endless rants he’s come to expect from Lance.

It doesn’t come, though. When Lance finally speaks, it isn’t loud, or enraged, or anything Keith’s used to. It’s soft, instead. So soft he barely hears it. And so rough and broken it nearly breaks his heart.

“Keith,” Lance murmurs, voice shaking even over that single word. “Why?” Why did you leave? Why did you abandon us? Why did you give up? “You glorious, reckless idiot. Why did you do it?”

Why did you almost let yourself die?

Keith swallows thickly. “Something had to be done,” he answers. “It was the only choice.” He glances over his shoulder at Lance and gives him a sad smile. “After all, the universe needs Voltron. It doesn’t need me.”

“We need you,” Lance protests, standing. He crosses the room in three quick strides and turns Keith to face him, hands gripping Keith’s shoulders like iron vices, and the most serious expression Keith’s ever seen across his face. “I need you.”

And if that isn’t the most ridiculous thing Keith’s ever heard. Because if either of them needs the other, it’s not Lance. It’s not this boy who shines so brilliantly, who is everything Keith has ever wanted to be and more, who could probably charm the whole universe into peace if he really put his mind to it.

Keith’s smile turns wry and he shakes his head. “No you don’t, Lance,” he says, emphatically because he needs Lance to understand. “You don’t need me. Just look at everything you’ve done.” Look at all the people you’ve saved and inspired and encouraged in a way that I never could.

It’s not enough to convey everything Keith thinks about Lance, of course, but he honestly doesn’t think any words in the English language (or any language, even) will ever be enough. There’s no way to describe the way Lance shines in his element. The obvious joy he brings to his flying, and the fierce passion that flares through his fighting. The excitement he exhibits whenever they find a new ally. The way he draws people to him without any actual effort. The way he cares and protects and gives hope wherever he goes.

He’s a much better paladin than he gives himself credit for, and much more valuable to the team than Keith ever could be. Keith’s absence over the past few months has proven that. Has shown Voltron can continue, and even thrive, without him. That they would continue to do so even if Keith had died. They’d still have their heart, after all— it’s right there inside Lance. He’s the drive that pushes them all forward, and the glue that holds them all together, and if Keith can keep that alive by sacrificing himself, he doesn’t consider death too great a loss.

Clearly, however, Lance doesn’t agree. “That’s not what I meant,” he chokes out, voice watery and blue eyes shining with unshed tears. “That’s not what I meant at all, you idiot. This isn’t about the team, or Voltron, or even the whole goddamn universe.” His hands shift, sliding across Keith’s shoulders and up his neck to cup his face. Keith fights not to lean into the warmth of Lance’s hands, but when Lance gently tilts his head back he knows it’s a lost cause. He’s so weak to the man standing in front of him. Weaker still to the way his bright blue eyes bore into Keith, more intense than they’ve ever been before. More urgent. More desperate. More filled with longing.

“I’m your right-hand man, aren’t I?” Lance asks softly, so close now that Keith can feel his warm breath against this skin. “We’re in this together, you and me. I’d follow you to ends of the universe. So just please,” he pleads. “Please. Promise me you won’t go where I can’t follow.”

And how can Keith say no to that?

The tears are falling down Lance’s cheeks now, wet streaks against his dark skin. And, this time, seeing Lance so upset over him, over the near loss of him, Keith’s heart does break. It cracks and shatters under the weight of Lance’s grief, and Keith already knows it will never fully recover. Even if he tries to tape it back together and pretend it’s all alright, there will still be fragments missing— little shards that will belong to Lance, and Lance alone, whether Lance realizes that or not.

Keith closes his eyes and lets out a long breath. He turns his head into Lance’s hand, pressing his lips lightly against Lance’s skin, and if Lance is surprised by the gesture, he doesn’t show it. Doesn’t try to pull away or even protest.

“Ok,” he murmurs against Lance’s hand. “Ok, Lance. I promise.”

He’d do much more for Lance if Lance ever asked it of him, but supposes this promise is a good place to start. And when Lance smiles for the first time all day, and then pulls Keith into a tight embrace, he wonders why he ever thought leaving was a good idea. Lance’s arms are warm around him, more comforting than anything Keith’s ever known, and beneath the palm Keith’s spread flat against Lance’s back, he feels the faint, steady thump of Lance’s heart. Takes comfort in the fact that Lance is alive and well and right there with him. Takes comfort in the fact that Keith himself is still alive to feel it.

And, for now, that is enough.


Aries; please don’t think that you’re not wanted, or loved. People need you, we need your fire and ambition; you light up the room and make everyone forget their worries.

Taurus; you will find someone to love as much as you love them, do not fret over romance. It will come to you in good time, you are like mother nature itself; beautiful but dangerous.

Gemini; do not regret the things you could have or have done, live for the present. You are a fresh breeze of renewal, just because you messed up in the past does not mean you can’t change the future. All will be forgotten and forgiven soon.

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Ignore me asking for my deposit? That's cool, you can just pay me triple then.

A few years back I rented a duplex. I lived in it, I moved out. Nothing special. During the move-out inspection they did the standard landlord thing and looked for any excuse to deduct from the deposit.

They knew from the lease agreement that we had pets, so of course the first thing the inspector says entering the house is “I smell animals, we’ll have to charge you to cost of getting a special pet odor removing cleaning service.” We were right there to call him on his bullshit with the invoice and paperwork from the cleaning service that already did a comprehensive clean, including a pet odor package. He quickly dropped that bullshit.

Then he found a carpet stain which, despite everyone’s best efforts, never completely came out. Fair enough. We were relieved that they didn’t take much off for that at all. Then he took a little more off for having to patch some holes where we hung photos. In the end we were still owed at least 80-90% of our original deposit.

They also told us we need to keep the utilities running in our name for a week after we move out so they can do some work on the place. This wasn’t in our lease as something that’s required of us, but I was nice and extended my utilities an extra week for them. Then they told us to extend the utilities another two weeks because they weren’t done. Enough was enough so I told them no.

They gave us a statement of how much our deposit was, how much they deducted and for what, and how much was left over for us. By the books… until they didn’t actually deliver it. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt but they had our mailing address for our next place and it never turned up. I called them, e-mailed them twice a week asking if they’ve mailed it or if I can just pick it up from their office. No answer, no reply. They were completely ghosting us.

We found out that the state law says if your deposit (minus deductions) isn’t paid within 30 days of vacating, you can take your landlord to court for up to three times the amount of the original deposit, no deductions. We read and studied this law well and concluded that there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to fight this and win, no lawyer required. A $90 filing fee later and our landlord was served notice of our intent. Then wooooah, whaddayaknow! After all that ghosting for 45-ish days, the day after we filed our petition we get an e-mail from the landlord saying he sees that we’re wanting to take legal action but has a tremendous offer for us to settle out of court: the full deposit, no deductions, plus the $90 filing fee back.

Fuck their low ball offer. I replied reminding them that I can force them to pay three times the deposit, but I will settle out of court for just twice the deposit. Did I need to settle? I don’t know, the law says up to three times, so I guess I was worried that if it actually went to court, a judge might decide that the circumstances aren’t bad enough to warrant that much more money for me, so it might not be worth the trouble. Twice was good enough for me, and making them lose money over it was what I was going for anyways.

They agreed immediately, and said I could pick up the check at their office. When I stopped by, what still confuses me to this day was that they still insisted on showing me the report of all the the things wrong with the house that they had to deduct from the original deposit, like I gave a fuck at that point. That ship had sailed. They were paying me twice the full deposit anyways. They could stick their petty, unfulfilled deductions up their ass.

Closing thoughts: Do landlords do this often? Why would they just blatantly withhold your deposit without giving a reason? Do they think people won’t fight for it back? Do the people who don’t fight it outnumber the ones that do, meaning they can make a profit by withholding everyone’s deposit by default?

To anyone confused about the “bazillion genders” nonbinary people talk about, here’s an explanation: They are not for you.

Listen, I honestly understand this confusion. I identified as cis until fairly recently, and for a long time I didn’t get  why people called themselves these genders that seemed pretty wild. The problem is that I think people misunderstand the intent of these labels. People assume that these are terms we’re expecting you to memorize and if you ever call us the wrong one we’ll riot. But that’s not at all the point.

The labels we use to describe our gender identities are really just that–labels. They’re a way for us to identify our perception of our gender both to ourselves and to others like us. We use them because they make us feel validated because people are expected to have a word for their gender, and we use them so we can identify others like ourselves. 

The point is, if you aren’t cis, you don’t have to understand these genders. Gender is really complicated, and if you’ve only ever identified as the gender assigned to you, it’s hard to get what it’s like to have a nonbinary gender.  The genders that people think sound “crazy,” like ones that revolve around some feeling or are influenced by a wide concept, are still totally legitimate, because they’re just words for how we feel. If someone feels like they’re gender is like the stars, that’s entirely their business.

When I say these labels aren’t for you, I don’t mean that you should ignore them. I mean that they all fall under the umbrella term of nonbinary, and all you really need to know about a person’s gender is their pronouns. If someone wants to tell you more about their gender, that’s up to them. But otherwise, leave worrying about gender to us enbies.