because we dont have school


anonymous asked:

You're fucking disgusting. You're romanticizing murder because you think a group of damaged, psychopathic people are hot. You're gonna shoot up a school some day bc you want to be like your "daddy"

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You just submitted our first (1st) anon hate letter!!! Allow me to clear some things up that were obviously not made clear to you!

1. Our URL is ironic! I thought by making our blog title literally “our url is ironic” would make that obvious,,, but apparently not! Beth and I DO NOT think dylann or his bowlcut are fucking attractive because we HAVE EYES.

2. We dont wanna shoot up our school,, and dylann roof ((who is apparently our daddy now lmao)) didnt even shoot up a school

Dont kill me lmao this was pretty petty to answer tbh
- Mod Faye