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On Hot Pepper Gaming

Hot Pepper Gaming had its last episode today and I wanted to write something personal about it. I had this joke that I would always say when somebody talked to me about the channel - that it was sort of silly how the most successful thing I’ve ever done was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. Classic self-deprecation, but the more I said it the more I realized just how important this dumb idea was to me.

Myself, Erin, and Jared started HPG half as a joke and half as a creative outlet to sort of prove that we knew what we were talking about. When we began, we were all lower-rung creatives working predominantly at Maker Studios - a YouTube multi-channel network. My only claim-to-fame at that point in my creative career was that I had something small to do with the Harlem Shake becoming a thing, and I really, REALLY didn’t want that to be the only accomplishment I had in my life.

I approached Erin about the idea, who called up Jared to join up with us. With a borrowed camera, $20 worth of craft supplies, and a weekend of work, we had shot the first three episodes of Hot Pepper Gaming. We planned to post weekly for a couple months regardless of if it gained traction or not, but on the first episode we were already growing faster than we could follow.

It’s sort of a funny thing how collaboration works. I remember being completely fine with filming Hot Pepper Gaming on a white background, but Erin’s simple suggestion that we use a yellow backdrop meant so much to the branding and style of the channel that I don’t think we would have succeeded without it. Erin, Jared and I all had something to contribute to the project, all of which combined together to create something much bigger than the sum of our parts. And because of this we were able to travel around the world, interact with fans, and sit in rooms with people we respected not only as their creative equals, but later on as their dear friends.

There’s so many great stories that I’ll post whenever I get nostalgic about Hot Pepper Gaming, but for now I just wanted to say something small that I think might describe my feelings better than me droning on about this will. We used to film Hot Pepper Gaming out of Erin’s old apartment, and after the first shoot we decided to grab dinner at a bar next door. I remember us all sitting at the bar, eating pub burgers and toasting to whatever the hell we just did, in our post-pepper andrenaline-rushed euphoria. I remember one of us asking hey, what if this actually does well, and then us all shrugging and laughing.

I’m currently on a flight back from Montreal, Canada, where Jared and I participated in Square Bowl, a yearly charity event that this year supported Doctors Without Borders. We were sitting on a balcony of an apartment in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, watching the sun set over a park that was freshly-covered with snow. He and I talked for a while about how we were raising money for an important charity with a group of friends and creative collaborators we loved; and how so many of them we knew, specifically, because we had hurt them with hot peppers.

I don’t know what I would say to 24-year-old, fighting-tooth-and-nail-to-create-stuff-and-have-people-care-about-them Vernon if I had the chance, but to think about myself then and see myself now is surreal. I owe so much to this dumb little project, and I’ll never forget it.


here are my thoughts on the whole bts copying bigbang discord

do i think it was bts’ choice to have the ‘no signal’ thing as part of their performance? probably not, and thus i dont think we should be blaming the group themselves because, realistically, its unlikely bts have that much creative influence over what they do in performances

so no, i dont think we have a right to be angry at bts, but i do think we have a right to be angry that it happened (regardless who was responsible). VIPs are the only people (excluding those who know him personally) to even get close to understanding how much the Act Like Nothing’s Wrong stage meant to TOP. It had deep meaning for him and likely related to past mental struggles he experienced. He is a vulnerable man with a strong stage persona but decided to show some vulnerability on stage in the form of this performance. He used the ‘no signal’ screen to hide behind whilst performing to show how much it meant to him and how it affected him. It was the solo song he chose to perform as one of his last before enlistment. It was an immensely powerful moment between him and his fans on the tenth anniversary. And thats why i’m annoyed that something with such meaningful symbolism is being taken and used for aesthetic purposes.

its a shame that people have taken this misunderstanding as an excuse to have a go at each other, but i hope this helps some people understand why some of us are quite upset at this

People come back for the characters. You could ask your average Supernatural fan to explain the mythology of a season and they’re gonna explain it in terms of the characters they respond to. Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, whoever they’re into in whatever combination. I think that’s the important thing. So as long as we can keep these characters vibrant and developing, and move toward more serialized storytelling that TV in general has done and that we have done, allows that. I think we can keep going for a while. I think what’s going to stop us ultimately is at what point do Jared and Jensen decide they’ve played the roles for too long, or at what point do we get to a point where we feel like we’re repeating ourselves, or we feel like we can’t take some of the bigger swings – whether they work or not – that we’ve taken in the past. So for me to give an end date, I couldn’t do it. I think we’re all really hopeful of getting to Episode 300. We think that would be a really awesome milestone. Could it go beyond that? Creatively, yes, I think it could. But just because something could doesn’t mean it should.
—  Andrew Dabb in “How Long Supernatural Can Last, According To The Showrunner,” CinemaBlend (February 10, 2017)
The Twelve Houses

The First House: At the time you were born, the sign that was rising over the horizon is what you would call your Rising Sign or Ascendant. Since it is your first house, it’s the first thing people see of you. So it can determine your appearance of how you look physically and/or how others perceive you when meeting you for the first time. This is the perfect example of when some people say “I’m not shy once you get to know me.” Some Cancer risings, for example, are shy people when meeting them at first, but if their sun sign is, let’s say Gemini, once they get comfortable around you, their wild side comes out.

The Second House: Now that you know who you are instinctively, your second house is a result of how you aim to secure yourself in life within your qualities of your ascendant. It is the way we express ourselves in terms of achieving what we want and how we get what we want, such as money, material goods, etc.

The Third House: Have you ever felt the urge to dig deeper and explore the limits of the universe? That is you expressing the third house. It is the thirst of knowledge of asking questions trying to figure something out. Exploring, searching, hoping you find the answers. Investigating. 

The Fourth House: Once you have done your searching, it is in the fourth house where you have finally found your answers. It is when you decide to settle down and make a home for yourself with your newfound knowledge. It is who we are after dealing with our experiences. 

The Fifth House: Because we have searched and found, it is in our fifth house where we are able to feel confident within ourselves and express ourselves creatively because we are proud of what we have accomplished. 

The Sixth House: It is in the sixth house when we learn to determine what is good for us and what is bad for us. After our many experiences we now know how to take care of ourselves, whether it be in health or nutrition, knowing that if we do not take care of ourselves, we are not doing ourselves, mainly our heart, any favors.

The Seventh House: When we begin to expand ourselves and are able to socially join others, it is when we have reached the seventh house. We learn that we are not only to take care of ourselves, but others as well. It is the way we join relationships whether it be a marriage, friendship, or your daily yoga class. It’s a form of union.

The Eight House: When we decide to get rid of the things that we no longer see fit, it is the eighth house that we are expressing. It is a no-nonsense quality we possess in the eighth house because we see the ultimate truth and nothing else. It is traditionally the house of death.

The Ninth House: Once we have weeded out what we no longer need, we are now embarking on the longest journey of all. Religion plays a key part in the ninth house because it is the truth that we found in the eighth house that will continue to take us on a journey. It is our philosophy of life. 

The Tenth House: Once we have found our strongest sense of clarity, it is in the tenth house when we begin to see what we can do with it. For example, once we have realized what we are best at we can make a career out of it. 

The Eleventh House: Because we have seen our vision, it is in the eleventh house that we decide how we are going to put in motion our vision. We are now going to turn our dreams into reality. And because we are ready to show our vision to the world for others to see, we express humanitarianism. 

The Twelfth House: Now that we know what we want to achieve, we also know that sacrifices might have to be made. It is in this house where we learn that in order to send our message, it is better to deal with the sacrifices than to throw away all our hard work. 

Happy reading, and thank you for reaching the end!

- Astrologia xo

Humans in Space theory.

Humans can warp probability. 

I read this book, a hard sci fi novel in high school. Fucked if I can remember the title but the basic premise was that there was a brain-nanite thing that you could inhale and it would change things. Also the Aliens enclosed the whole solar system in some sort of shield. Nothing in, nothing out. 

There was a woman who was part of an experiment in probability. Her brain-mod would allow her to not only predict, but alter the ‘up’ or ‘down’ spin of some sort of ion or another that was completely random. 

But think about it. Humans are against ALL ODDS the craziest, most intelligent, cruelest, most compassionate, gentlest, harshest beings. There’s no predicting a human because we don’t actually follow the universal laws of probability. To attempt to graph our behavior patterns in a sane quantifiable manner leaves you a little nuts. We perservere, survive. We have NO CHILL when it comes to some things, and are extremely lax about others. We can’t really be predicted, because we’re always altering our realities. 

Even our greatest heroes face ‘impossible’ odds and survive. Especially, even. A human is at their shining best when the entire universe is in a point of flux. When choices become the most important things we have. We stare into the blackness between the stars and wonder. Hope. Dream. Wish. We change energy with a thought. We reach out and touch not just things but people, hearts, minds. 

Aliens just watch us and are either baffled, indulgent, or terrified. We’re tiny beings in the grand scheme. Numerous but fragile. Perfectly adapted to hostile environs. We have taken aggressive adaptation to the point of modifying our bodies for our environments synthetically. We can take a situation from ‘we’re all gonna die’ to ‘holy shit we lived’ with just one flash of genius. We can stare into the face of danger and smile. We live for those life or death adrenaline scenarios. Some of us have made entire careers out of being batshit crazy. 

Humans warp probability. 

It’s technically classed as a psi ability in some alien lexicons, but one that’s passive. There’s various grades of it too. Captain Kirk, for instance, is like ‘Let’s make some noise’ and they all survive. Han Solo says ‘Never tell me the odds!”. Arthur Dent reaches into a bag and produces the question that fits the answer. River Tam turns the tide of battle with a mental flip of a switch. Samantha Carter again and again builds doorways between stars, sometimes with nothing more than her wits and the equivalent of a paperclip and tinfoil. Jane Foster survives longer than anyone else ever has with the literal force of chaos flowing through her veins. If she wasn’t human, she’d never have lived long enough to save her world. 

These are all people who are extraordinary, who through their sheer humanity have built new futures. 

Aliens can’t quanitfy us because we’re chaos in motion. Rogue physics, the edges of cosmic constants. Variables with no fixed value. We make choices, and reach out and touch other beings, and we take logic and probability and the most likely outcome of things and twist them into new shapes. It’s more than just creative thinking, high-stakes adaptation, or even empathy. 

A human can literally even the odds. 

That’s why alien crews like keeping humans around. We’re crazy and unpredictable and able to survive just about anything. We’re loyal for the most part, to love or money or Crew. Once a human decides that you’re theirs, they will literally warp the universal constants for their crew. 

That’s our alien superpower, I think. 

You got it bad

Q… The poor thing. He was a brilliant hacker and an excellent Quartermaster, the best they had ever had. But he was incredibly… oblivious with things related to the heart, actually he was oblivious to any human interaction, completely blind. Moneypenny learned that when she got out with him and had to literally tell him the guy next to the bar was checking him out.

She really enjoyed helping his Q to get some fun every now and then, it made him happy and it helped to increase his focus during work.

But when she noticed Bond flirting with the lovely man and not getting even a glance in response from Q, she didn’t tell her friend what was really going on with the double-oh, because clearly it wasn’t something serious, 007 flirted with everyone​ anyway. So she decided to sit and watch the whole thing to have some fun.

Then Bond started to act a little odd… for him at least. He stopped flirting with every single person he encountered, but his attempts to get Q’s attention didn’t stop.

He used his free time not to be in a bar trying to lure a precious woman to his bed, but to be in Q Branch following the Quartermaster around​ like a protective puppy. And he had this new expression on his face, one Eve hadn’t seen in him before, like he was looking something so precious every time his eyes laid on the cute Quartermaster and at the same with sorrow on his face when Q waved a hand towards him dismissively as he wanted to chase an annoying fly away.

James fucking Bond was pining. This was so rare and especial because the man was infamous for one night stands and his determination to avoid serious relationships. And yet he was staring at Q like a twelve year old girl with his first crush, like he wanted to learn by heart every single one of Q’s features.

Interesting. She had to know more, in fact, she had to know everything.

But first she had to watch and observe how oblivious Q was and how serious Bond’s intentions were.

So… It seemed their Quartermaster stayed oblivious even though Bond keep wandering around Q Branch and learned how to make Q’s tea just the way he liked and helped him to develop new weapons. At least, due to 007’s efforts of being a good agent, the curly haired genius started to smile widely at him, but ignored completely when Bond looked right back with an embarrassing besotted look on his face.

And boy it got worse.

Eve always had the feeling Bond was a possessive and jealous man, but she never had had the opportunity to prove that theory because Bond’s conquest were just that and he didn’t care enough for them to feel possessive over.

But Q… he was definitely something else, at least for the double-oh.

And boy was Bond jealous.

Everybody knew double-ohs were flirty, it was just part of who they were and that didn’t mean they wanted more than that, well sometimes they wanted, but they did it mostly out of instinct.

So… The majority of them flirted with MI6 workers all the time, including Q himself, although he never noticed anyway.

Then one of them, 009, did it when he was returning the equipment and Q was so happy everything returned almost intact he couldn’t help but smile at every single thing the agent said.

“You look lovely today, Q.” The man smirked.

“Thanks, Raymond,” he said and smiled back quickly, because he was more interested in the pistol in his hands.

The agent leaned in, because he was the first to receive such a positive response from the man and tried to take off his glasses, playfully, but he had bad look apparently, because Bond was in Q Branch at the moment and watched almost everything.

He didn’t do anything… well not anything aggressive at least, he just approached them and stranded behind Q, hovering over him like a dangerous shadow, and bared his teeth at the other agent over the Quartermaster’s shoulder.

009 took few steps back immediately, lifting his hands in the air in surrender and walked away before Q noticed anything.

Q turned around, probably feeling Bond’s warmth behind him and quirked up his eyebrows in confusion.

“007! I didn’t see you there!” He said and turned back to whatever he was doing.

“Of course you didn’t,” the agent commented to himself looking almost devastated.

Bond was also very protective of the man. Everybody learned that the hard way.

An agent from the FBI came from USA to discuss a matter of international security with MI6, he also needed the assistance of a hacker so they took him to Q Branch to met their favourite boy. But when the agent saw the glasses, the messy curls and the jumper he didn’t feel impressed.

His mistake was to make an out loud comment about it.

A comment in front of James Bond.

“I was expecting something more… uh… you know,” the American trailed off.

Eve was there and she didn’t help the man finish because she really didn’t like him.

Bond glared at him like he wanted to kill him. The agent was unaware because he was staring at Moneypenny instead.

“No, we don’t know, please do tell…”

“Well… He looks kind of weird.”

Bond shoved the man against the wall, with a hand over his throat and growled.

“He’s brilliant, creative and has saved the lives of all the agents, including me, more than once so you better show him the respect he deserves when you’re talking to him or I’ll make you regret it, are we clear?”

The American nodded too​ afraid to utter a word. It was enough for Bond though ‘cause he let him go.

Eve rolled her eyes and decided it was time to help.

“You got it bad, Bond,” she smirked.

He got it so bad he didn’t even try to deny it or ask was she was talking about.

“Yes,” he said as serious and indifferent as he could, but his​ neutral mask fell as soon as he looked at her. “Help me.”

“Don’t worry, I know exactly what to do.”

Eve just​ went straight to Q’s desk and blurted everything out.

“Bond is interested in you,” she said.

But Q, oh her lovely oblivious friend, looked up at her in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“He wants you, so very much,” she pressed.

“Oh!” Q blushed prettily. “I’m flattered but now I’m not looking for a one night stand. I think I would like to start a serious rela-”

“Bond wants that too,” she assured.

Q frowned.

“Are we talking about the same double-oh, 007?”

“I don’t blame you for doubting, I was as shocked as you are when I found out, but believe me, he’s being completely sincere,” Eve insisted.

“Well… in that case… I think-”

“Please go talk to him because his lovesick puppy eyes are driving me crazy,” she huffed.

“I-I will, I promise.”


The change was obvious almost immediately, it just took a week for them to have this ridiculous and stupid smile on their faces every time the other was around and Bond took every single opportunity he had to kiss and touch Q in front of everyone just to remind them the Quartermaster was taken.

And although she was happy for both of them, she wondered if she just made a mistake. Because now that she thought of it, she just gave the Quartermaster more power than he already had.

He controlled almost everything that happened in MI6 and now he had one of the best and most dangerous agents wrapped around his little finger.

Good thing she trusted Q, otherwise she’d be panicking at the moment.

✂ - discovering to have a common enemy/rival…and decide to collaborate (w/ bartender!jin)

Tonight was supposed to be a good night.

Here, we put emphasis on the word supposed because that shit is ruined the moment you made eye contact with a certain someone. If the word horrible is what you use to describe the lowest of the low, you’d need a better word for this person. He was more than an ex-boyfriend. A liar, cheater, cocky ass wipe and a bunch of other creative names you came up with your friends but now, it wasn’t a time to pull out a list of insults when in front of you - “Okay, what’s up? You look like you’re about to throw that bottle of beer at my face,”

You scoff a laugh, placing the glass down to the counter carefully in case you do, “Tempting,” With one last check that that guy is still existing on the other end of the club, you face forward to Seokjin who seems to pay attention to the way the crease line your forehead and the constant sighs every five minutes. Yes, there’s lingering tension between the pair of you but it was much better since the recent Christmas.

But hey, you and Seokjin wouldn’t have this special relationship if things changed into rainbows and sunshine. You liked the way things were and though some people might think you’re crazy, that’s borderline insulting, you seem to be fine with it. Somehow, maybe only for Kim Seokjin.

“Remember that guy we talked about when we got drunk on Christmas eve?”

He snorts and tucks the rag away, leaning on the counter as he raises a brow, “The asshole that cheated on you?”

“Yeah, he’s-”

“Still talking about me, I see?” A voice - terrifyingly familiar - rings into your ears and Seokjin watches as you press your lips into a thin line, turning your cheek to - “I can’t possibly forget the guy that had no balls to break up with me in person after cheating on me. You can do better than e-mails,”

“You can do better in bed,”

You bite down on your tongue, because your grip you have on the beer bottle is rather tight but with the touch of another, Seokjin as you check, keeps you calm before he speaks up.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to mind your business and get a move on if all you plan on doing is disrupting peace for the night,”

He scoffs, the same time your hand is being flipped over so Seokjin can hold onto it for your assurance it’s fine, more like I’m here for you indirectly.

“Who is he?” He seems to notice your hands locked together on top of the counter, visible like a pedestal (the thought alone was nice), “Your new boyfriend?”

“So what if I am?” Seokjin doesn’t know where this form of need to provoke comes from but he already hates the guy.

“Excuse me, dickhead. Was I talking to you?”

“Whoever it may be, you don’t listen well to orders, do you?”

That’s when you squeeze Seokjin’s hand. Not sure if you want him to stop or to get going because you deserve so much more than this. But Seokjin knows how you feel - once a upon a time, you were in love with this guy. So as Seokjin remains his hold in your hand, he doesn’t know if he should feel thankful when your ex-boyfriend merely scoffs at the sight of a bouncer lingering nearby. All he is rolls his eyes, deeming his time was wasted over this before he stalks off.

You hadn’t even realize you were holding your breath until Seokjin gives you a light tug, then lifting up your abandoned beer bottle to which you take gratefully as you try to relax. After a sip, you’re about to set it away but you motion it to Seokjin because he looks like he could need some but - “You probably need it more than me. And I’d need something stronger because that guy is a prick. No offense,”

With a chuckle, and your hand still in his that even Seokjin himself doesn’t want to bring up (because just maybe he wants to hold onto it a while more), you smile, “None taken.”

tinynrpreisakura  asked:

Love this profile! But I am curious...what if...Saeran had had own route after you go through every route (at least once regardless of the ending you get) and finish every little piece of the game? I have never managed to get through the casual story because of school, but I know the plot and lore pretty well. I want to see your opinion >.<

This is actual a cool concept to think about! But I’m going to take it a bit farther-

So you know how Seven has those moments where he breaks the fourth wall? Well, consider that you finish every route, every ending, the after endings, DLCs, and at the end Saeran is waiting for you. He greets you with his child-like, yet sinister smile. 

“All done? I’m glad. But now what?”

You’re confused, what does he mean?

“You’ve seen the fates of everyone, what’s the point of continuing?”

You’ll just replay them again, you tell yourself. No reason to psych yourself out.

“You’re probably telling yourself you’ll just play it again. But how long until you get bored?”

You start to get nervous. It’s just a game, why is it bothering you so much?

“It’s just a game, we’re just characters. It’s not real. Soon you will get bored, the creators will get tired, and we will just be a lost thought, bound to be deleted.”

This isn’t funny anymore, you think. You’re about to close the app, when you’re interrupted by the chilling sound of Saeran’s laugh.

“Thinking about running away? Fine, I won’t stop you. Everyone leaves eventually. But don’t expect a warm welcome when you decide to come back.”

The screen glitches, the device vibrating aggressively in your hand.

“Because when the game branches, there’s no going back.”

fuck that was bad but like i have as much creativity as a toaster and i’m hella tired pls end me


hey guys!

so, I’m going to meet loo and andrew next week on a comic con. now, since loo has gotten so much shit over the past months, me and some of my friends decided to make a small project, where we’d write letters, maybe even put some creative stuff in there we did, and I’d give it to her at the comic con.

sounds good, doesn’t it?

yeah, well, problem is, so many of the people who wanted to take part are now bailing on me and I don’t want to give loo a book with only idk.. less than 10 pages. that just looks shitty.

so here’s the thing.

if you want to write loo something, or show her something you did (fanart, graphic, gifset, meta, video. ANYTHING creative) and can send it to me in 5 days (because they all decided to bail on me now, I know, I’m fucked :’) then just send me a message and you’re in!

you don’t have to pay for anything, I’m doing everything in photoshop and I’m going to give her the book personally so she’s for sure going to get it. my bestie is going to record everything so if you want to see her reaction to it, you can as well.

if you want to be part of this, just shoot me a message so we can talk about the details and I’ll give you my email adress so you can send me the stuff there.

so to sum up, here’s what you gotta do, if you want to be a part of this project:

- Send me a letter for loo. put everything you want in there. there’s no limit as to how long it’s supposed to be. just write what you always wanted to say to her.
- write your first name on white paper and make a photo of it, then send me that photo (going to include all of the signatures on the last page. kinda like a birthday card)
- if you have any creative stuff you want to show off, I’ll gladly put it in there as well, but if you don’t it’s fine too.
- you can also send me a picture of yourself, but again, if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s okay. I’d include the picture on your page with the letter so she’d have a face to go with the letter

and that’s basically it.

if you’d like to be a part of this, again, just send me an ask or a message on here and I’d be forever grateful haha.


RIP Club Penguin

Okay, so since it is the day Club Penguin is shutting down, I figured I would share a few stories from there that I remember the most. We all remember the arrival of the dojo and cardjitsu, the blowing up of the original hq, the arrival of Herbert, the changes in art style, the new puffles and everything. But these stories came from my youth and mostly real life, so they are very close to my heart.

So, I first joined when I was 6 or so under the user name of Pinkiannah(I think that is how I spelled it) and I was obsessed. My bro and I would play it everyday after school or on the weekend. We actually fought over whose turn it was to play.
I remember keeping my penguin pink constantly to fit my username and I remember my favorite puffle being a pink one that I creatively named “Pufflannah” I adored her and had her walk with me everywhere. But, one day, Pufflannah ran away. I was devastated to say the least, I screamed and cried about how she was gone. So, to make me feel better, my brother helped me collect enough coins to adopt a new one who I named in honor of her. I then went on to get fricken 10 puffles over the next few years as more and more came out. I remember getting another pink one named icing to go with sprinkles (a blue one), an orange one I named Jake (when I was obsessed with AT), a brown one I named Brownie Brain(I still love that little guy, the brown ones are my favorites next to the yellow ones), and a rainbow one named Skittles.

Another story involves my older brother( @all-stargamer99 ) who also had his own account (I have another story involving him after this), he bought the Club Penguin merchandise like the original puffle plushes and even a cardjitsu deck, but his favorites by far were the plushes. He named them after his original puffles on his account and made little scrapbooks out of pictures he took (I may scan them just because they are actually super adorable).
But one day, being the silly 8 year old he was at the time, decided that his blue puffle was in need of a hair cut. So he cut the puffles hair and started crying once he realized his mistake. To make him feel better, I gave my pink puffle plush a hair cut too, so that his wouldn’t feel alone. Tbh, I think we still have those plushes, I will have to find them when I wake up.

My second to last story once again surrounds my brother and his obsession with Club Penguin. At this time I was slowly out of it and went on to Pixie Hollow(which is now closed and that sucks, the games on there were awesome!) and other online games. But, my brother also was obsessed with this Playstation 1 Spiderman game. So, at the age of 10 (likely a little older, I vaguely remember) he decided to make a Club Penguin super hero named “Puffle Man” who basically could shapeshift into any kind of puffle and use their abilities to stop these super villains he based off of marvel bad guys! He made a fun little comic series about the guy based around the plot of that Spiderman game I was talking about! The character was actually… really well made for a kid his age! I loved reading the comic since he involved these symbiote/bear things into his story to make a black suit arc as well! I think at one point we tried to make a spin-off into the future to follow the guy’s kid? But we only made one and a half issues.

Tying that last story into my final one, I was inspired to make a comic of my own! It was called Bat-puffle(a puffle that was basically Batman but he could turn into a bat) fighting this evil Penguin villain I creatively called “The Penguin” it was only a page or two long and it was crappy. However, my brother loved it! Around this time, we had been shown the wacky adventures of Baman Piderman and decided to make our own version with Puffleman and Bat-puffle! We made a thick book of comics based out the cartoons that were out at the time, and we planned to follow through with the rest, but after a while we just stopped due to interest in other things.

I have so many fun memories with my older brother because of this game, and I honestly hope that the Club Penguin Island app that Disney is making fares well and is a good way to continue from where its predecessor had ended its run. RIP Club Penguin, thanks for so many years of fun and amazement.

Not Just Some Video Game

Someone had turned the ‘game’ on.

I blinked green eyes to clear my vision and peered out through the laptop’s screen. A dark-skinned boy, maybe fourteen years in age, grinned at me.

“Hello. What’s your name?” I asked, ignoring the way my words appeared on the inside of the screen. I had done this before, it was nothing new.

The boy raised an eyebrow, likely at the lack of text box to type an answer into. Hesitantly, he spoke, “Um, I’m Tucker Foley. That’s TF as in Too Fine.”

I laughed, smirking slightly. “Dude, ouch. It’s nice to meet you, I guess.”

“Wait, who’re you?”

“My name is Phantom. Danny Phantom.” I answered after a moment, running a gloved hand through my white hair. It had probably been years since the last time I had introduced myself, and the thought made me a bit nervous.

Tucker chuckled, “I can’t decide if that sounds cool or makes you seem like a total dork.”

“Why not both?” I asked with a shrug, then shook my head and smiled, “You’re taking this exceptionally well. The last person who found my USB threw their computer at the wall.”

Tucker blinked, them seemed to remember that he was talking to a video game. His eyes widened. “Wait, are you an AI? That’s so cool!”

“Kinda?” I answered, “I dunno. I guess so, since I’ve been here for as long as I can remember. What, are you some tech nerd?”

Tucker scowled and grabbed the mouse, trying to click on my face. I watched in amusement as the little white cursor moved around on the screen, unable to touch me. The growing frustration on his face made me snicker.

“Hey, sorry, I was just speaking my mind. Here, have a peace offering,” I summoned up a window for Google and wrote in a link with my index finger. When I tapped the Search button, a myriad of printable food coupons showed up. “You look like you could stand to eat a bit more.”

To my amusement, Tucker was literally drooling. I pushed the window up towards the screen so that the mouse could interact with it, floating in the corner of the screen. I met his eyes and Tucker smiled, “This is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

And beautiful it was.

Tucker took to leaving the computer plugged in and turned on at all times, so that I wouldn’t be trapped in the darkness. We talked and played DOOM together once I realized I could interact with the MMO. Every once in a while Tucker would even help me transfer my data temporarily to his PDA so we could still hang out when he was at school or the local fast food joint.

Two months and six days after he opened my file, though, he came home with an idea.

“Danny, I think we can get you into the real world.”

I gaped in shock at my friend, undoubtedly the best I’d ever had. “What!? How?”

Tucker sat down heavily as he began talking animatedly, “There’s this family of inventors living a few blocks away, I’m kind of friends with their daughter. A few years ago, they made a few robots to fight ghosts or something.” He elaborated at my raised eyebrow, “They’re ghost hunters.”


“Says the teenage AI.”

“Good point.”

“Anyway,” Tucker continued, “They never used them for much of anything because they couldn’t create an effective AI, but the bots are still around. I could use one and revamp it, then if you transfer to it you’ll have a physical body!”

I gave a breathless laugh (though I didn’t really need to breathe anyway) and beamed at my friend. “That’s… wow! Alright, let’s do this!”

It took Tucker months. Seven of them, in fact.

But it was worth it for the final result.

To my honest surprise, Tucker had access to some seriously high-quality tech and materials, most of which he admitted was scavenged from the Fentons’ lab. The deactivated robot looked almost exactly like a real teenager, with soft black hair and pale skin. The build was small and thin, strongly resembling my own. The only part of its image that made it seem inhuman was the brightness of the softly glowing blue eyes.

Well, that and the USB port at the nape of the neck, but that was concealed by a high-collared black undershirt. Most of the time, I mean. It was exposed today because it was Transfer Day, as we had decided to call it.

Shut up. I never claimed to be creative.

I shuddered in nervous excitement before slipping into my USB, losing all awareness of the outside world as soon as Tucker unplugged it. I waited impatiently for a new 'platform’ to present itself, and when it did I immediately threw myself into it.

The physical sensation washed over me like a tidal wave. I had only ever felt the digital approximations of senses before, so the incoming information from countless micro-sensors was completely new to me.

Taking an artificial breath, I opened my eyes to see Tucker leaning in close, staring at me in fascination. I lurched backwards with a yelp of surprise, then paused and marveled in the feeling of movement. Synthetic muscles moved under man-made skin as I turned my wrists and wiggled my fingers. I let out a small sound of surprise when I noticed that I even had 'birthmarks’ dotting my skin.

I raised an eyebrow at the vibrations that rippled through my chest and throat when I made the noise. I met my friend’s excited gaze and said plainly, “This is weird.”

The combination of his face and the odd feeling of real speech made me laugh, and soon we were both spiraling into a shared fit of giggles. I threw my arms around Tucker in a hug.

“Thank you, Tuck,” I breathed, holding the best human being I had ever met close, “Thank you so much.”

After a moment, he hugged me back. “It’s nothing, dude… Well, not nothing, but you get my point.”

I pulled away and stood, wobbling slightly on my feet. Steadying myself, I grinned down at Tucker, “So, you mentioned having other friends?”

I am really sorry to all of you

I’ve been away for a while now and I have some explaining to do. 
I have recently relocated to Australia and I’ve been dealing with some wild emotions lately. To be completely honest with you all, I’ve been a little sad lately. 
This blog has been and always will be about positivity, cheer, joy, Christmas, family and you all. I haven’t wanted to get on here and just start blogging again without an explanation, and I did consider just to not come back again. Which now I realise is a really selfish and completely unreasonable thing to do.
Since I have moved away from my family things are starting to improve for me, both mentally and physically. My family was the reason I moved out this way, I couldn’t be around them anymore, I knew I was being held back and trapped from doing big things, the things I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. When I said goodbye to my family at the airport I felt this entire world just fall off of my shoulders. Yes, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to the people who have surrounded me my entire life but it also felt so good. I’m still actually trying to come to terms with having this freedom.
When I lived with my family things were hard for me, to a point where I felt completely isolated from everything. We lived 20 miles from the nearest town and up a very steep rocky road. That’s just the last 2 years living wiht my family, before that we didn’t stay in one place for very long, we moved from county to city to state to state and it seemed never ending. But as I was moving from state to state, I found someone, someone who didn’t understand what I was going through, but wanted to know how I felt and wanted to be in the details of my life. He came back and forth from Australia just to see me and he taught me that people aren’t supposed to be treated the way I had been treated, he showed me a pure and unselfish love that I had only seen a few times in my life. 
He did leave to go back to Australia, and we applied for a visa so he could come back and live with me and my family. This meant he was gone for about 8 months, I declined rapidly in this time frame. just a couple of months after he left that last time, I began exercising and becoming extremely healthy, I went vegan and all of my weight melted off of me like candle wax. I became anorexic within 5 months of him being gone that last time. I was able to hid this from my family for a while, another couple of months went by and no one noticed I hadn’t been eating, I’d been working out constantly and I didn’t want to go outside. I would sit in my room and scroll though photos of foods I wanted to eat so badly but wouldn’t dare touch it. It was one of the hardest times in my life. 
I told my mom I was having problems, she told me she was happy I told her and she wanted to find me a nutritionist, but I knew that wasn’t something I was up for. Not long after that my step-dad employed me as an “office manager” In his new business. I accepted and worked for him in our own home. This made me even more isolated and put me deeper into this hole. 
My fiancé finally came back and my family thought I would get better instantly from him being back. I now know that they pushed him to come back so much that he almost didn’t have a choice. He came back expected the absolute worse and it must have been even worse that I thought. Even when he was back I didn’t want to gain weight, I didn’t want to give up loosing 5 more pounds. So I kept going all through the summer and into the start of autumn.
After long talks with Daniel and my family moving us out of my bedroom in to a camper next to their home I finally started realising the severity of my situation, and I began to eat more, slowly more and more. During this time my mid had to recover as well so I made this blog to find some comfort and it grew so fast and so many people came to support me and the message I was sharing.
I started to feel better, a lot better, I gained all of my weight back and then some. But at my job that now my whole family was working for I was feeling left out. I felt I was there just to keep me happy, and Daniel became employed with them after I had a complete meltdown about the whole family working there besides him.
We both continued to work there for a couple of months until I couldn’t take being thrown to the side and taken advantage of. So I quit. And I was able to work on this blog full-time and really dive into anything creative I wanted to do. After a month or so went by Daniel found the job was giving him a lot of stress causing him to get sick so he decided to quit as well. 
So here we were, both jobless and confused on our next step. We spent a lot of time trying to get out of the house when we could which was close to impossible, we had to depend on other people to get us out because neither of us could drive, my parents seemed as if they didn’t want me to drive so I never got the chance. After a few months of us both being home, blowing through our savings very quickly we decided to move out, and we came to the conclusion going to Australia might be a good change and we might see something there that we could see in the place we were at. 
We decided not to tell my family we were leaving because, I was honestly very overwhelmed with how I was being treated and I was very sad over being left out of the family. No one wanted to talk to me after I quit work with the family company so I went a few months of not being able to go out, and only really being able to talk to Daniel. So, I did make the decision to not tell anyone about this move. We bought our flight, got rid of a lot of unwanted items, and I got my passport, and no one really had any idea. Until, I started asking if people wanted some of the things I wouldn’t usually just give away. 
Then, my parents came to talk to Daniel and I and we laid everything out on the floor, my mother didn’t want to hear it so Daniel and I were left talking to my step-dad and he started angry but finished agreeing with us and being understanding. 
After that Daniel and I went with my family to visit my grandparents on the other side of the country and less than a couple of weeks later we were in Seattle getting on a flight to Hawaii with Daniel’s parents. After we got back from Hawaii we cracked down on getting things packed. It took us a couple of weeks and the morning came when I had to say goodbye. 
As I said before, it was really hard and I had waited for a moment like this for so long it felt really surreal. But I also know I needed this in more ways than one and as soon as I got on that flight there was an enormous weight that fell from me.
Since being in this new place I’ve been deal with the “backlash” of everything that went on the last couple of years. So, right now I am a little lost. I’m slowly trying to find myself. I told Daniel yesterday that I need change, I feel like I really need it. Feeling that was has made me want to change my appearance very badly. I’m thinking of cutting all of my hair off again and getting new specs, changing my wardrobe. All of the materialistic things that I was taught to love by. So I guess the point of this post is to tell you I have been a little lost in my own head lately, and thats why I haven’t been around. I’m trying to reassure myself that it’s a good reason to not be around and I needed the time to try and figure things out, but it’s hard for me to feel confident in anything I say.
But with everything negative that has happened there is some positive. I got to move to an incredible place and really get the freedom I’ve been wanting. I’ve also learned a few new things about myself, one of the being I do want to go back to school next year and I’m really looking forward to doing that.
So, that’s where I have been and that’s how I’ve been doing lately. I’m really angry with myself that I have been able to keep this blog up during travelling and settling in but that’s one of the things I’m trying to work on lately, not the beat myself up over these type of things. 
So, yes, I am back right now and I will try and keep you all close to me and let you in on how things are going. 

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OMG Sonja, I can't! I just saw a big, impassioned post on how Harry's team's strategy is not to chart, therefore not to sell SOTT and the album. OMG. DOES SONY KNOW THIS??? Because I'm sure their board won't be happy with "we're focusing on image so we don't care about sales and revenue right now." WHY ARE WE MAKING EXCUSES? And what is this drivel????

i haven’t seen the post you’re talking about but that is the most hilarious thing i’ve read all day.

there is no way in hell rob stringer or the azoffs are like ‘we don’t care about making money or charting we’re only in this for ~the passion~’

the only time i’ve heard heard of a major executive favouring creativity over sales was when fox decided to renew fringe for a final season (it only got a half season order anyway) so they could wrap up the story properly and even then that only happened because 1) fox was under heavy fire from fans after canceling firefly after only one season and i’m sure they never wanted to repeat that experience with a cult fan favourite show on their network and 2) the head guy at fox said fringe was his favourite show so it was also very much a decision driven by his own self interest (and i also think they knew they’d make up for the less than ideal viewership in sales later on [both dvd sales and licensing the show to streaming platforms] because in my experience people are more likely to start a show that has a complete arc then one that ends abruptly [that’d be like reading a wip that you no stopped being updated and therefore has no satisfactory conclusion]).

the example i gave is absolutely the exception to the rule. everyone is out to make money, especially when the stakes are as high as they are in the music industry.

And a long overdue message to my writer mutuals:

I love you guys. I really do. I skimmed over your fics and started bookmarking every update, chapter, snippet, whatever.

One day, I might even get around to reading them and catching up.

But I just want you guys to know that you shouldn’t feel discouraged about your stuff. I’m probably not the only person doing this. And for every “I’ll save this for later, it looks interesting, but I have no damn idea when I’ll have free time” person, there’s also a few “I’ve read this but I’m too shy to comment or reblog it am I even allowed to??” people.

Writing is an art, and it’s in no way easier than any other forms of art. All creative process takes a part from us and our energy, and we feel disappointed when it’s not shown the reactions we hope.
Writing is probably also the worst when it comes to getting a loyal audience, and getting feedback. Because one image, or even a comic strip or a series of images, will take about 20 seconds to skim through for most people. A piece of music takes couple of minutes, or even less if the person just listens to the start and decides based on that. But writing requires focus and time for people to enjoy.

So don’t feel discouraged about the low number of notes, or attention you get. Because I can guarantee that at least you writers have the highest rate of hooking loyal followers, people that CARE about your stuff, your characters, your story.

Regardless if it’s original fiction or fanfiction.

I wish I could’ve helped him or spent more time with him. Even though I just met him I felt an instant connection. I just wanted to say guys please love yourselves & the people around you. We lost someone very important in our culture he was a dopeeeeeeeeeee musician & all around creative. If you see someone sad don’t make them sadder ask them if they are okay and listen. People are voicing their feelings you just have to listen. Yesterday I decided to speak at NYU on suicide prevention because of his story. I will continue to shine light on this issue and raise awareness. I’m in the business of breaking every chains, removing strong holds & sending my voice in the frequency waves. God bless you for your knowledge and joy @hooliganradguitar5 🙏🏿 what an inspiration 🙏🏿 Thank you God! ❤️️❤️❤️️ #hooliganradguitar5 #donteverkillyhurself #susy #africancreature #suicideprevention #suicideawareness

Transcript of an Unapologetic Fanboy

Okay. I should never mock Dan for being a fanboy ever again, because I’m such a fangirl that I rewatched their video of them playing the RPG Phil made when he was 14 … just to transcribe every time Dan was an adorkable, (mostly) unironic fanboy in this video (you can’t really expect Dan to ever be 100% unironic, though when it comes to praising Phil he does it way more than usual). So here we go:

“I mean to say, that you actually designed that town. I am impressed, Phil!” *claps his hands*

“I love how, like, you’re 14 and you know nothing about making games, but just from playing loads of games you just knew what to do.”

“You even got the changing face animations! Phil’s coming for you, Toby Fox.”

“I love that you said that the bat ‘collapses.’ You’re not murdering any animals…”

“Phil, this is so creative…” (followed by the laughing—and very well deserved—criticism “but you really, like, the literacy levels, they need to be improved.”)

“Super lol random, Phil. I appreciate that.” (okay, possibly mostly ironic)

“I really think that 14-year-old Dan and 14-year-old Phil would have gotten along quite well.”

“Good rhyme!”

“That was some good poetry! I mean, like, if you showed your English teacher that, they’d probably encourage your creativity.”

“We’re playing this because it’s a game that you made, but I’m actually having quite a lot of fun. This is a fun game. … Does RPG Make have, like, an iPhone app? If so, that would be, like, I’d be so in for this.”

“Just draw it yourself, Phil. I’m sure it would be really good.” (okay, maybe this one was 100% ironic, because we all know how good Phil’s drawing skills are, but it was said so earnestly and kindly that I decided to include it)

“Did you make all your friends play this game? … Did they love it? … Oh my…, that’s so, like, nerdy and adorable but actually really cool.”

“Future character foreshadowing there! All right!”

“WHAT? Oh. My. God, Phil. This is some advanced … You just killed the main character!”

“What does this mean for the story? I’m actually surprised by how in depth this is.”

“I’m literally … this is the end of Undertale, guys. I’m about to start crying.”

“I’m actually surprised, Phil. You hit me with the plot twist when I was least expecting it.”

“You were 14 when you made this!”

“I am actually impressed. Please leave your comments with how impressed you are of 14-year-old Phil making this game.”

“I am hyped! I mean, you need the next chapter of this in your lives! Make sure you subscribe!”

The Disposability of Ideas

I just came back from ten days of Tennessee writer travel, including the SE-YA Book Festival and the MadCap Aspiring Writers Retreat in Lyles, TN. It was one of those trips where time seemed irrelevant — every minute was a matryoshka of more minutes. It made it seem longer, but it also meant that every day was able to contain five times more things than it should have been able to hold. Lessons were learned, classes were taught, car parts were left by the side of the road.

For months, I’d been looking forward to and dreading the MadCap Retreat in equal measure — the truth is that I always like the idea of being educational far more than like I being educational. I really only wanted the attendees to take away two things while they were there: how to be creators, not writers, and to believe in the disposability of ideas. The second is necessary for the first to be true, and the first means that you will always live a creative life even if you decide novel-writing is not for you. 

I didn’t so much care about making a room of forty-one writers. I wanted forty-one inventive, creative people to go out and live big, creative lives in forms they maybe hadn’t yet imagined. I wanted them to believe on a heart-level that creative failure was only temporary, because there were always more ideas queued up inside them, and that career failure was likewise only temporary, because there were always more options for how they could creatively exist in the world.

Courtney Stevens and I brainstormed about it and decided to make a metaphor.

On the first night, Courtney built a giant Jenga tower — something to build up and collapse without consequences.  

(we also snuck into another one of faculty cabins that first night and left 400 Peeps in goblets, but that was not part of the metaphor)

(Tessa Gratton said it was not funny, but it is)

The next morning, I told everyone to take a box from the giant Jenga and make it uniquely theirs: in a group session, @tessagratton, @brennayovanoff, and I asked folks to put three story ideas on their boxes, and we talked through what made an idea viable or not. 

Spoiler: you have to know why you came up with that idea, and what you want that idea to look like when it’s done.

We also added our own ideas to a box that the faculty shared. 

We talked about how there were no objectively good or bad ideas, only ideas that were objectively good or bad for you. How forty-some participants could all use the same idea and come away with forty-some unrelated projects if they were being specific and true to their own interests and story-telling style. 

People were doodling on their boxes. People were writing all over them. People were gluing shit to them. I painted on ours over the second day’s breakfast:

That horse, by the way, is a metaphor on a metaphor. I could paint that fifteen-minute horse on a box because I have painted ever so many horses on ever so many boxes before. The more horses you paint on boxes, the easier and faster and better they will get. 


ok so on the second day, Courtney also taught a class on psychic distancing and character development, and asked participants to write the first seven sentences of a story. They were to use one of the ideas I’d written on the box the day before and use her as the main character. I did the exercise, too, to prove it could be done in that amount of time, and my work went on the box:

I wanted participants to see how fast an idea could come together. Failure will never go away; it’s just an organic part of a creative project’s life cycle. But you can learn to go faster, so that it is just a blip in the fast moving churn of story-making.

(also on day two, @sarasarai fell through her bunkbed, making me feel better about me falling through mine the night before)

(it was not as funny as 400 Peeps in goblets, but it was still funny)

By day three, the participants’ boxes were looking pretty full. Courtney asked everyone to write down what was standing in their way, and some of the participants had to work hard to fit their doubts next to the ideas and the drawings and paint.

(also on day three, a lot of pieces had fallen off the bottom of my car and people were coming out to take pictures of it just in case it stopped being Nissan-shaped sometime soon)

(this does not seem like it should be as funny as Sarah falling through her bunk, but it sort of was)

On this last day, a lot of writers were getting pretty attached to their boxes. The cardboard was covered with their personality and doubts and hopes and ideas and art. 

Which was when Courtney and I built the bonfire.


The writers there were not their boxes. They were not just writers, they were creators. The things that covered those boxes were merely manifestations of the creativity inside them, which meant that the boxes could be destroyed while leaving the creator intact. The more you believe in the disposability of ideas, the braver you will become with the ones that spill out of you. These disposable ideas don’t require delicate handling, because they’re just one version saved on a box. The uncorrupted, untranscribed original is still in the harddrive of your heart.

We gave them one last chance to write a hope or doubt or fear on the box.


We burned everything to the ground. 

When we were done, @nataliecparker (who runs MadCap), said to me, “You know you can never use the box metaphor at one of these again.”

It’s okay, though. We’ll think of another idea for the next one. There’s always more.

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45 Beronica, please.

45. “How creative do you want me to get right now?”

Pairing: Betty Cooper x Veronica Lodge

Warnings: Maybe some slight cursing.

A/N: Thanks for requesting, nonnie! :)

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“How creative do you want me to get right now?” Veronica asked with a stern tone.
“Creative enough where I can impress Cheryl.” Betty responded.
V nodded, “Okay, glad we’re on the same page then.” She walked over to the boombox and hit play, getting in position. “Watch very carefully because I’m only going to show you these moves once.” She informed her.

Cheryl had decided it would be easier to split up into partners of two for this specific routine and almost every River Vixen was struggling to succeed at impressing her.

Betty nodded, nervously tightening her ponytail and watching very closely at every move Veronica made.
It wasn’t long before Betty became interested in more than just her moves she became interested in the way her body looked when she did move.
Veronica would look back at her every once and awhile to make sure she was watching and would only smirk when she would notice the way she was staring at particular parts of her body.
Once the song was over, Veronica hit stop on the music and tried to catch her breath before walking over to Betty. She got dangerously close on purpose, just to tease her a little. She made sure she was still breathing a little heavily just to give more effect.
“Your turn.” She whispered.
Betty struggled to nod even, but she did and soon enough the song was playing again. And suddenly she was completely lost. She stood there and waited for V to stop the music again.
“Did you pay attention to anything I just did?” Veronica asked, annoyed.
“Um…some of it.” Betty chuckled nervously.
“Tsk, tsk. You should’ve watched more carefully. Now I’m going to have to show you again.” Veronica mocked defeat.
“Oh, please. We both know I wont pay attention this time, either.” Betty sighed.
Veronica smiled widely. “Why not?”
Betty paused, trying to figure out what to say. “Because you’re way too perfect.”
“Oh.” Veronica suddenly felt her cheeks heat up. Sure, she had her suspicions that B might have liked her, but to hear her admit it felt weird. “Oh.” She repeated, nodding.
“Sorry, I should not have said that.” She chuckled, quickly grabbing her bag and swinging it over her shoulder. “Thanks for practicing with me. Maybe we could try again some other day.” She began to walk out the door but Veronica stopped her with her hand, swinging her back around until they were close once again. And then without hesitation she pressed her lips against hers in a heated kiss.
After she finally pulled herself away, she smirked before asking,
“So, do you wanna try again?”
“What?” Betty asked, nearly breathless.
“The routine.”
“Oh, yes, definitely.”

Mortal Instruments Hogwarts AU: Ravenclaw

Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis and Ragnor Fell

Ravenclaws personify intelligence, wit, curiosity and love of learning. We all know about Ravenclaw, so let me just go into depth about why I think these characters suit the House.

Magnus is one of the top students in Seventh year (but he’d never be a prefect, because he doesn’t quite behave). He is extremely knowledgeable and naturally talented when it comes to magic, and he always loves to expand his knowledge for the sake of it. This directly parallels how he’s a high warlock in the canon TMI Universe. And Magnus is witty. Fight me. 

Similarly, Ragnor, too, is a powerful warlock in canon, and therefore a very adept wizard in this AU.

Raphael is also extremely intelligent- but he’s one of those people that has no time for stupidity, close-mindedness or ignorance. In the Mortal Instruments- in Shadowhunters, even- we see his desire to lead the vampire clan (most likely because he believes he’s what’s best for it). This is why I’ve decided he’s Head Boy in this AU. Magnus, Ragnor and Raphael are in their Seventh year.

Simon is a very open-minded, creative person. He’s a free-thinker and has a very individualistic personality. We know that people like this tend to belong in Ravenclaw. He’s a muggle-born wizard, but he acclimatized to the wizarding world extremely well. He, too, is an above-average achiever in class (most classes. He doesn’t really enjoy Potions), but he isn’t a prefect. He does, however, harbor a lot of…feelings for the Head Boy. Simon is in his Sixth Year.

The actual AU fanfiction will hopefully be uploaded by the end of the week. You’ll be able to find it on my ao3 account~

BioShock is set in a dystopian future run by people who not only managed to make it all the way through Atlas Shrugged, but decided to base a whole society on it. One of the more terrifying aspects of the game are the “Little Sisters” – brainwashed, glowing-eyed little girls tasked with running around the crumbling city and extracting genetic material from the many corpses littering the ground. When the player comes across a Little Sister, they can choose to kill her and take all her genetic material for themselves, or save her for a much less bountiful amount of material. This choice determines which ending you get when you beat the game.

In the planning stage, the designers weren’t quite sure what these “harvesters” were going to look like, and the initial idea was to make them giant slugs. But the senior concept artist pointed out that it was hard to give the player a moral quandary about whether to spare a creature that most of us would beat to death with a barstool should we ever encounter it in real life.

Wisely realizing they needed the harvester to be something we could actually feel sorry for, they decided to try and come up with the most pathetic thing imaginable, a creative process that naturally resulted in a dog in a wheelchair.

An alternative design along these lines was a frog with a funnel stuck to its butt, a somewhat less obviously tragic creature, but one no less deserving of our pity. And because to achieve greatness you have to be willing to try literally anything, humanoid chipmunks were also proposed.

5 Classic Video Games That Were Almost Hilariously Different