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“Frigid Bitch” Nesta Archeron

Nesta is:______________

Is she a sister who failed her younger siblings? Or a sister who fought for her younger siblings?
She’s standoffish and emotionless. But perhaps she’s hesitant and reserved.
Maybe she’s an insulting shrew to Cassian. Or rather defensive toward the male?

What is Nesta Archeron to you?

To me she was someone I loathed in the beginning chapters of ACOTAR. That is until I finally caught a glimpse through Nesta’s walls that she keeps up. 

Nesta saved Feyre’s foxglove painting and trekked for days through the winter woods to try and get Feyre back from Tamlin.

And this is how Feyre describes her in the moment she finally begins to understand her eldest sister.

“I looked at my sister, really looked at her, at this woman who couldn’t stomach the sycophants who now surrounded her, who had never spent a day in the forest but had gone into wolf territory … Who had shrouded the loss of our mother, then our downfall, in icy rage and bitterness, because the anger had been a lifeline, the cruelty a release. But she had cared—beneath it, she had cared, and perhaps loved more fiercely than I could comprehend, more deeply and loyally.”

Here we have a complex character. Flawed, yet still learning how to trust and grow after all the traumatic events in her life.

One can only imagine how some perspectives might change if she were a male.

If Nesta was a male character she would dubbed with “tortured hero” status, yet she is given the “frigid bitch” treatment.

You can dislike Nesta. That’s completely fine! But it becomes a problem when blinded by labels and stereotypes we put on females that we would disregard when a male is the focus instead. 

We’ll take it at the same time. It’s still a Hogwarts victory. We’ll tie for it.
—  so how much do you thing this weighed on Harry’s soul after Cedric was gone? It was his decision to take the cup together, Cedric wanted him to win because he saved him in the maze but Harry being the fair person he is insisted that they take the cup at the same time because for him, they both had deserved it. So when all was said and done, how much weight do you think he felt on his shoulders? How much more could he have felt after what had happened? How could they let him crumble under all of this? With that being said, how could they have saved him from something only Harry knew?

(Slight) Wonwoo x Reader

Words: 852

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It wasn’t easy being the best torture specialist in all of South Korea. You couldn’t accept every job, and you did have a few tries with the law. The charges were always dropped, because you had quite a charm. It definitely helped with getting information out of your subjects.

That being said, many gangs asked for your assistance in tortures. Of course, you could not accept all of them. One gang in particular, always attracted you, though.

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Ex-Aid really fucked me over with female riders. And I wouldn’t normally complain about that (begrudgingly used to it by now), but the show kept teasing us for no good reason. Poppy just stopped transforming because why, one of the previews tricked us into thinking she might become Genm Lv. 0 when she didn’t (even the shot itself tricked us until the very end for no good reason!), and Nico could have transformed into Cronus at literally any point before and while the show decided to wrap up Taiga’s character arc in a poorly written way.

I mean, even the past three years have shafted us for female riders. Ghost had one woman transform into a dumb mook form once, and she got her ass kicked almost immediately and we all know how Drive treated Kiriko.

Toei, either commit to female riders or don’t do them at all, but don’t have this shitty middle ground where it’s okay to bait us with it.

Several times a week we hear the lady across the street shrieking for her dogs to come back (she lets them run lose all day) and it’s like… maybe if you fenced in your giant yard they could have plenty of room to play in and not harass everyone else or possibly go missing -__-

anonymous asked:

I know I'm trans but I've been through so much depression this past summer and I'm worried I've convinced myself I'm trans because the idea of transitioning makes me feel better? And I told my mum and she said she doesn't understand and that she doesn't know why I have to label myself and she's made me doubt who I am so much and made me really internally transphobic like I can't be trans that's hard and no one will love me. But my friends are being supportive do u have any advice I feel hopeless

Yes, it definitely sounds like you could be doubting yourself because of your mom being cruel and your bad mental health.

We all experience doubts similar to those, so you definitely aren’t alone, and what I do is I tell myself that I figured this out, that if I wasn’t trans I wouldn’t have had to put so much time into questioning.

Gender doubts are so frustrating - but you need to try to separate them from your mental illness. If you were happy as your assigned gender you’d know it, but you obviously aren’t.

Keep reassuring yourself that you know who you are and you can be who you want to be.

Can followers add anything else/some positivity in the replies 💙 -Matt

things i’ve noticed after starting to work in a male dominated place with my mom

first of all yall know I got a really androgynous face so some days people will assume I’m a girl, others they’ll think a boy. at this point, i don’t care that much because I’ll see them for 3 days and then never again… so Meh.

I work in the construction field so ofc it’s male dominated. My mom is the only woman I’ve seen on another contract we had, and she told me there were only 20 other woman having the same job as her in all of Quebec… which is a really small number.

so here’s a list of thing I’ve noticed on the site:

- sexist jokes, a fuck lot of them. “Uh? a woman? are you here to clean?” “I didn’t know women could do that job!” “I thought I asked for a man!” “You sure you know what you’re doing?” etc, etc

- people not trusting my mother, at all. I’ve had clients contradict my mother a lot, telling her that she didn’t know what she was doing (she has been in the field for 10 years, and they never did anything like that), tell her what to do, order her around, etc.

- if people thought I was a girl they’d doubt I’d be able to help my mother, if they thought I was a boy, they’d think my mother was there to help me.

-some guys trying to get me in their jokes to mock my mother. we once had a really difficulty contract because everything was badly calculated and she was panicking, and while I was helping her do her math and calm her down, the guy told me “at least there’s a man here to do the math! women really can’t do that” and he winked at me……..

- people sitting on a chair right behind us to stare at us while we work, ready to point ANYTHING they’ll see even if it’s obviously not done. my mother had to explain many things to clients because they wouldn’t listen that the tile at the corner behind the microwave that was a millimeter on the left wouldn’t be visible and that you couldn’t move it anyway. it happened on multiple contracts

- women being overly excited that another woman did the job and 100% trusting her (which is adorable I love when we work for women just for this… they are also so patient and offer us a lot of food and drinks, they usually let us sit at their table to eat too)

-guys flirting with my mother all the time… it never stops.. yall she got a boyfriend 2 kids and shes almost 50 please

- guys staring at her ass (we’re often on our knees to work… so it happens often)

-people underestimating my mother all the time (and me if they think i’m a girl too) and not being able to accept the fact she owns her own company

-blaming everything on her. if she complains because the walls and floors are not ready she’s just not good for the job, is something is a lil out of place because she cant do anything better she sucks at her job, etc, etc. at the same time i see men who do a worse job being applauded for it.

- people comparing their shitty work they did themselves to my moms job saying they should have done it themselves and it would have been better (I’ve been in the field for only 6 months and I can see how bad their job is…)

- people telling us we should be paid less (and the truth is… we should be paid more)

- a looot of people thinking we can’t lift our things… it’s cute that they try to help us for travelling but at the same time… why only us and not all the other boys working ??

- “wow.. that’s really good for a woman!” “ I wasn’t expecting this when I saw it was a woman doing the job” it’s all compliments yeah but are they really :-)

theres probably more that I can’t think of…. but there’s too much and it’s in quebec, one of the less sexist places…….. i can’t even imagine around the globe how it is


My sister and I are orphans, you see. And we could have ended up anywhere. We could’ve ended up in any family. And if we had, we would have been entirely different people. But my mum, Siobhan, this woman, she chose us as her own. We are who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her wings to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter, finding my biological sister…it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature vs. nurture. So to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

i genuinely do not understand how dragon age: inquisition gives each of your followers the same specialisations that you can later pick from yourself, and then………… has complete strangers teach you via fetch quests.

bioware could’ve done so much more; even just cutscenes with your companions would’ve been better than the specialisation quests. cutscenes that could differ depending on whether or not you’re in a romance with them, and how high/low your approval is.

imagine solas begrudgingly teaching a low approval inquisitor … but he puts them through the ringer, because if they are to learn, they have to learn. imagine a romanced sera correcting your bow stance with a big grin on her face, a giggle underneath with her hands on your waist - like this, honeytongue! imagine a high approval blackwall giving you all that he knows because you gave him a second chance. 

we could’ve had it all and instead we had forgettable npcs

“I quit my job earlier this year. I’m taking a little time to focus on myself. I worked from nine to six everyday. I often brought my work home with me. I was getting sick, and anxious, and I wasn’t sleeping well. But I could never accept my weaknesses. I’d see other people working harder than me, and I’d think: ‘If they can do it, why should I feel tired?’ Eventually I pushed myself so hard that I became depressed. One reason I couldn’t slow down is because my entire family is hard working. Both my parents are architects. My grandfather is an engineer. The importance of hard work has been passed down through the generations. I think the entire country is afraid to stop working. There have been so many hard times. There’s been so much hunger. For so long we had to work all the time just to survive. Even though things are better now, that’s a difficult to psychology to escape. I’m starting to interview for new jobs. But I’m asking different questions. Money is the last thing I worry about. I’m much more interested in the schedule.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

1. The last time you made the mistake of making a home out of a pair of arms and a soft smile, you learned the hard way that anything that moves, that can blame, that can cause ache does not deserve such an elevated status in your heart. Still, you are an anomaly, a wild thing hoping for a home. A sailor wishing to leave the ocean and return.

2. I still remember a day when your father had lifted you in his arms and told you that you are loved, more than you ever know. It was two days before the plane crash that took him. It was two days before I saw death dance in your broken eyes for the first time. I don’t think it ever stopped dancing there.

3. Yesterday, someone asked you, “who do you trust most in the world?” And you felt that your lips were sewn shut. Everybody you should love and trusts’ names felt rough and raw on your tongue like they were in a foreign language that you had become too ancient to learn. So instead you whispered your own name like a secret into the abyss and hoped no one saw the sadness that had crawled it’s way along with your name out of your mouth.

4. A summer ago, you asked me what it was like to not need a place to call home. I know you asked this from a place of trauma, that your trauma has convinced you it will all be okay once you find a home. But it is lying, because what you need up find is your healing. And I told you that wanderlust had etched itself so ornately into my bones that I had no choice but to travel till it had sated itself. You looked at me with envy, even as I thought of all the people who would love to make a home of your heartbeat. You however were looking for a certain kind of love that you would call your very own. A kind of love that would never abandon you the way everyone you have ever loved has.

5. Something about you glowed bigger and better than all the stars we gazed at in the night sky. And even then, even when you had everything, you longed for a human to belong in. But everytime you laid the foundations for something good, they came crashing and tumbling down on your head. Because your trauma is a perfectionist and no one could quite become what you needed and wanted at the same time.

6. I wish I had told you then what I told you in that very last letter before I left. That child, why did no one ever teach you that you cannot turn people into homes? People are rivers, ever changing, ever flowing. They will disappear with everything you put inside them. Still, that home you are hunting for does have a heartbeat. But it isn’t one locked in anyone else’s chest. Just look inside your own.

—  Nikita Gill, People Aren’t Homes

“my sister and I are orphans, you see, and, uh, we could have ended up anywhere. we could have ended up in any family. and if we had, we would have been entirely different people. but my mom, siobhan. this woman, she chose us as her own. we are who we are because she carried two little london urchins on her wings to canada. watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter finding my biological sister, it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. a choice of nature versus nurture. so, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.”

As if I wasn’t sad enough about Shiro already..

Like, I always thought this part was stupid when I watched season 2

It just seems so weird, because in season 1 Shiro says:

“Zarkon’s been building his empire for 10,000 years.
We’re not going to tear it down overnight with five inexperienced pilots and one support ship.“

And like yeah, duh… Taking down an Empire that size takes years probably.

And there Shiro is saying:

“You realize once we defeat Zarkon, the universe won’t need Voltron anymore.”

And like, no Shiro, that’s not how this works… and you know this. Taking down Zarkon is not the end of it, you’ll still need to free planets, establish a new rule. Stuff that will take years to do.

But then after watching season 3 you kinda really start getting the feeling Voltron was kinda all Shiro had in his life?

So it seems like what he’s really saying there is: “Are you guys still gonna stay with me after we defeat Zarkon? Are we still gonna be a family?”

(Maybe he expected them to say like “No Shiro, we still have lots of stuff to do after we defeat him! This is definitly not the end!”)

And all of them go:

"We can return to Earth.”

"I can look for my family.”

And even KEITH is like:
“I guess I could look for mine.”

And Shiro just stays quiet.

It’s because… he doesn’t actually has a family, right? He has nothing to look for.. Nothing to go back to.. Voltron is his family. And none of them sees it like he does.

Which makes it even sadder when you realize they moved on without him in season 3.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

I really have to say ‘thanks’ to Evelyne for helping us make it [Cophine] work. You know, when we were wrapping that relationship out and you know, when we were saying 'goodbye’ to Evelyne in the final season, she and I were…we were harken back to those conversations of 'should this really continue?’, like, 'can we do it with all the practicalities?, and that sort of promise we made to each other, that, 'yep, we’re gonna work’.

Graeme Manson talking about Evelyne’s importance in keeping Cophine alive.

He mentioned earlier in the livestream that Evelyne’s co-operation with them was significant considering she herself had such an intense schedule. They worked collaboratively to fit Delphine in, to work around Evelyne’s schedule and to give her as much or as little story as she knew she could take on.
Can we acknowledge here then, that Evelyne Brochu kept giving herself to this character, to this relationship and to us because she felt to deeply connected to it. That she could have very easily said ‘goodbye’ to the project, as if it were any other project she had taken on, but that she stayed with it until the end. Can we acknowledge all the effort, all the dedication and all the commitment that was given to this character and this relationship because I am so damn thankful right now.

it used to be so easy with you, you know?
we would stay up late and talk about our feelings and the future that was ahead of us. we talked about how we changed each other’s lives and how special we were to one another. we used to talk all throughout the night, not even stopping when the sun was rising again, indicating that another day had just begun. we used to talk and talk and talk. and still, i could have listened to you for many more hours because i always felt like i needed to hear your voice just a little bit longer.
it used to be so easy with you, you know? what happened to us?
—  e.s. // the old us.

1. I knew what I was walking into ; I never thought it would hurt this much though.

2. I lied when I said I didn’t know what I wanted, I did know, I just knew that it wasn’t the same as what you wanted.

3. The day you left was the same day I gave you the last piece of me, I think you knew that. I think you came just so you could take it all before you walked away.

4. Thank you for the good times, although there wasn’t that many of them, although even they tore me apart too over time.

5. I always knew you were still in love with her.

6. My duvet smells like you. I have to sleep downstairs now because I can’t bare to sleep in the same bed that we fucked in.

7. I need to learn that I can’t run back to you again, this is the last time i’ll let you close enough to hurt me.

8. I knew it had to end but you only needed to close the door, you didn’t need to burn the whole house down with you.

9. The night before you left you made me tell you I loved you. The night before you left everything was perfect.

10. I am still trying to understand how things can go so wrong so quickly; I am still trying to understand how to live in a world without you.

—  10 things I’d say to you if by some miracle you decided to come back.

i keep seeing posts on here about how uma and harry aren’t relevant because harry flirts with everyone and while i’ve seen a couple posts defending them as a ship…. i just wanna tell you why you’re wrong… with gif evidence. sit back, y’all.

as i said before, the first “evidence” is that harry flirts with everyone but the problem is that y’all are confusing his tantalizing tactics with “flirting” because of thomas’ natural sex appeal. don’t believe me? here’s some examples of harry looking at various characters that aren’t uma.

let’s start with mal because people mainly use this one from what i’ve seen. and while the chemistry is there between them, i think that’s fair to say that its because DOVE AND THOMAS ARE A COUPLE and very obviously had something there during filming.

here we have harry right before telling mal that he could hurt her… a tantalizing tactic because he wants to KILL her:

and here we have his reaction after it didn’t quite go as planned where he genuinely looks annoyed as hell:

and since i know someone will bring up him blowing a kiss to mal… that’s after successfully pissing her and the rest of the vks off… like come ON. he had a successful reaction to his tantalizing yet AGAIN.

and after mal, you’ve got jay and ben.. which, okay. in theory they could be nice ships, but i also need you to think about the fact that he’s literally tantalizing them in every scene he shares with them. when harry is seen with ben he either is torturing him on the plank, fighting him on the ship, or ‘goochie goochie goo’ing him before uma steps in to intervene.. plus the whole “how’s it feel to be a king now” bit where he’s trying to get a reaction from him. and as for jay… again, you only see them fighting on the ship and then the scene in the alley where he’s LITERALLY trying to piss jay off. that’s what he wants. here’s some gif evidence of both:


and after having a satisfying reaction:


and after successfully pissing jay off:

now… *inhales deeply* his reactions with uma. let’s get to the good shit.

when we first see uma and harry, they’re in the chip shop and the first thing that happens is her bringing the plate of food and slamming it down… and that’s where he goes to eat and she pushes his arm up and allows her to do as she pleases without becoming angry. whereas when mal touched him in the hair salon, he had a fit of rage and knocked everything off the counter. carrying on from that same scene, he watches as uma becomes angry and yells at the tv and decides to join in right after her even though no one else does until they’re instructed to.

and then again we have the moment a few moments later when uma is talking about how mal betrayed them and… i’m sorry…. his lip biting, y’all.

then we have some scenes that weren’t in the movie, but were in the music video in which harry…. who is insanely protective of his hook, allows uma to use it. check this out.

now there’s about a million other scenes, so i’m not gonna describe every single one of them, but i’m gonna say this and then leave you with the rest of the evidence i’ve got at hand.

uma tells him to do something and he does it without hesitation. he doesn’t second guess her, he doesn’t ask why.. he just acts. apart from the times he made the comment about “never being allowed to have any fun” and then the “you said i could hook him” but i don’t see that as an argument. she puts him in his place and he ALLOWS her to. uma was also the only character in the movie who could calm harry down or stop him from his crazy ass outbursts. the scene in the chip shop where gil called uma shrimpy and uma put her hand on harry’s arm as if to tell him that it’s fine? iconic. AS SEEN HERE:

“harry. we get it. chill.” iconic. “give it a rest, harry! give it rest!” ICONIC.

carrying on.

(peep that grin after she shoves him)

this post has become incredibly long and if you’ve made it this far… congratulations, but HARRY AND UMA ARE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT AND I WON’T HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT IT.

oh, and also. don’t even get me started on how he takes his hat off, kneels to be eye to eye, and then says her name with the utmost respect and adoration. if you didn’t ship them after this then… who even are you?

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Another update from Stefán! Warning, I cried so much while reading this!
  • Dear friends.
  • I have no words to describe how thankful I am to all of you, my friends. Your support and continuous thoughts, prayers and positive letters and encouragement have more to do with my success in the fight with cancer then you can imagine.
  • Let me tell you a little story.
  • During my travels around the US and North America with the Musical How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I got to meet children with cancer in almost every city we visited, more the 40 cities. I would dress up as the Grinch and visit the Children’s Hospital in each city and meet with very sick child that was strong enough to take a visit from the Grinch for a little story reading or just a short hello. Sometimes I could only wave to them through a glass window because they were too ill to make any contact to the outer world. 
  • In my carrier I have also worked with “Make a Wish Foundation” and in Lazy Town we would have children visit the studio from all over the world and it felt so good to be able to make a difference. 
  • But one girl will never leave my mind. We were playing “The Grinch” in Orlando, Florida 2015 and I had been asked by “Make a Wish Foundation” to meet with this girl, 12 years old, who had the dream of taking her family to Orlando and having a blast. She had gone to all the parks and seen a lot of shows during her stay but she really needed to meet The Grinch. 
  • I asked her if she had had a good time with her family and friends in Florida and she said yes, it’s been great. And since I was in Character as The Grinch I asked her why she wanted to meet with me before the show, The Grinch of all people. Then she looked me in the eyes, smiled, stroked my hair and said: “I just wanted to see if I could make your heart grow three sizes”. 
  • My eyes filled up with tears and I really had nothing to say and I remember thinking to myself “Stop, Stop it, you can’t be The Grinch and cry in front of this child”. I looked at her and said; “You have made my heart grow, yes”. Then the girl said ; “Well, you too Mr. Grinch” and then she gave me the warmest hug I have ever felt. 
  • This story is about all of us, all of us who are ready to give till the last moment in our lives, help others with as little as a word or two or just a hug.
  • You are giving and you are healing and just remember, it doesn’t matter how long I live because it about how I live. Life is not tomorrow, life is now.
  • Big hug and love to you all
  • Stefan Karl
Just Risk It

Summary: Trying to convince you to go to your high school reunion, Steve exposes himself.

Word Count: 855

A/N: Idk, this happened when I was trying to see if I could start a drabble series. But then the reader took charge and I kinda like it lol.

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Steve walked into the living room, hands full of envelopes, magazines, and coupon books departments usually sent. He lifted them up as everyone looked at him. “Mail’s here.”

The pile was dropped right in the middle of the coffee table, and as usual, everyone began to shuffle through the contents until they found the envelopes addressed to them. Bucky took the coupons and magazines.

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