because we are perf

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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy

my next #i have money! project is to adopt a jaguar at the toronto zoo for the boyf

he also said that one day (aka when im not forever away) we can go to the zoo! I think im also maybe going to try and get him to go to the rom and science center with me!! (tho i dont know how into museums he is… maybe not these…) BUT ALSO SAILING LESSONS

one day ill have money and transport and we will actually be close enough to do things


This is Callie. She’s going to be staying with us for a little while.


“That first song, uhm. I know that it’s like, ours. The only reason I played it was ‘cause–”
“Because it’s good.”


okay y'all, with the lexark shit coming out the arse because elyza lex and alicia clark are perf, we also get zombies with them. and the walking dead universe. so heres a low down on things u may wanna know if u plan on fic/art/head canons.

-zombies dont exist! in this universe, the idea of zombies never occurred. this is why they call them walkers/undead/shufflers/biters etc. the myth of zombies never happened.

-everybody has the virus. everybody. you dont need to be bitten to turn. you just need to be dead. the bite infects the body so that the person dies and the host virus can take over and keep killing people. the host virus cant take a living body, only a dead one.

-walkers have terrible eye sight. like its super fukn shitty. however their sense of smell and hearing are still pretty good. sometimes to survive a group may cover themselves in zombie guts to get past a hoard to cover the smell of human.

-everyone has their own name for walkers. this is because people dont know what to call them. refer back to: zombies dont exist. (the mains in twd call them walkers, however other groups have called them biters)

-a walker /must/ have severe head trauma to die. they can ‘live’ as just heads without bodies, but they cant ‘live’ with a knife through their skull.

-the fuckers are slow as hell. but they would follow a snack till the ends of the earth. the best way to get rid of them is to kill them or find a reallly good hiding spot.

-a walker will abandon a fresh kill in order to chase an alive human.

-animals dont have the virus! however a walker will eat animals, the virus doesnt transmit. imagine how fucked youd be if a bunch of zombie mosquitos were hooning around. quite fucked.

-those who are fans of twd or know their shit plz add to this!





This is going to be so long, since my experiance in this family, espiecially on tumblr, has been amazing, I can’t believe it been a year, and I I could not ask for more amazing people to be apart of it. I love all of you so profoundly, I seriously do!

If you see that someone is on here, and they’ve changed their url, please tell me so I can fix it !

Bolded are ultimate faves :)


Rielle: Rielle. HI. Um i just wanted to say that you have been an amazing friend and that you are soososo talented! Thank you for making the gif for the blog awards, i love you to pieces. Keep swimming, lol

Ashley: My babe. Even though we are like 5 years apart, you still are such an amazing friend and you are so beautiful and im kinda jealous bc you are kinda more punk rock than me but its ok because i love you.

Elisa: You are a lil poop but i love you to death and our snapchats give people life like we are fab and you are the cutest shit ever, i lub you

Justina: You were the first person that i had met off the internet to video chat live, and you are o pretty and i promise you that the day you meet cal he is going to fall so in love you because you are perf and ilysm.

Emma: Even though we still dont talk that much anymore, i love you to pluto, and i miss our nightly rants to one another about how much people suck over snapchat, and we are like the same persona except youre blond. Say hi to Libbie for me!

Emily: We share a love for Matty Healy, and even though you are lil poop i love you to death, and youre my bae #catmilyforever

Alex: I know we dont speak that much anymore, but we need to again. You have been able to introduce me to so many coolio people on here, and you are sosososo fab, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I love youuu

Yazz: I AM SO PROUD OF YOU bc ur a big poop and your so pretty and amazing and I love you to death and beyond, Yazz, you are such an inspiration to so many people, including me, and you are so fab and stong. I love you.

Jessica: JESS I LEARNED THE RAP TO FANCY so now we can rap together and i love you to bits bc we fangirl over hot youtubers you met and we’ve video chatted which we need to do again sometime, and i love you ssos so sos o much.

Stephanie: STEPHANIE MY BABY you were my first ever friend here on tumblr, and you have been so amazingly nice to me, and even though there anren’t many ways we can communicate you still manage to be a star. I love you.

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