because we all live dangerously

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same Never a Jedi AU anon - okay, so what if Qui-Gon is alive?

If Qui-Gon were alive, I have a feeling Obi-Wan would have stayed his Padawan for quite a long time. They’re kind of inseparable, those two, tied together by loss and their own weird reactions to forming a bond (in Qui-Gon’s case, running, in Obi-Wan’s case, clinging and then eventually running). Fighting the Sith would have been a big moment for them. Huge, even. Might even have changed their dynamic because Qui-Gon would be like “The Sith are back. We need to stop them.” because danger to all living things and blah blah.

I wonder how Qui-Gon would react to adult Anakin. Would he still immediately see the Chosen One? If anyone wants Anakin to join the Order, it would be Qui-Gon. Heck, I bet he was even like, “I’ll train you whether or not you join the Order” and Obi-Wan is standing to the side hoping his former Master isn’t serious about giving the dangerous bounty hunter a lightsaber to play with.

Did Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon ever date in this AU? No. They care deeply about each other, but no smooching happened. Makes things a bit less awkward when Obi-Wan and Anakin start inevitably dating.

The world is crying. The tragedy has no end. When does it end?

Love intensely. Love as much as you can. Dark times are ahead of us. The best we can do is cling on to the ones we love and enjoy the time we have. The tragedy can never be made better with simple words, but let’s love for all the members of the community who can no longer do it. No fear now, just love

This is a sad sad day

I’m writing this post in English so my international friends could read this as well, they should.
Four years ago, when I started my military service, I had the option to choose which of the five borders I want to be on. I chose Gaza, basically because it’s closest to home and I suffered personally from Palestinians shooting rockets at me all the time, so I wanted to defend my country in a way it’ll make me feel like it really matters to me.
During my military service I had done and learnt so much about the controversy and the reality we’re facing; My job as a Scout was to scan the strip on 24\7 shifts, watching day and night that no one is trying to get inside Israel or trying to harm our forces. I witnessed with my own eyes how they send children to run to the gates so they can watch from far enough to write down intelligence (how long does it take to our forces to get to the point, where do our forces stand in the field, later ask the children to tell them things about the area from their point of view and etc.) and of course, our army won’t ever harm children, so they question them and send them back to Gaza. And as simple as that, it goes back all over again.
I was there when they launched missiles and rockets to our lands, not one or two, not dozens, but hundreds a day! I can’t even explain the feeling when the Code-Red sirens are being sound all over, one second you try to live your life and the second you realize you only have 10 seconds to find a shelter or you’ll die.
I was there when they sent kids to the boundary-fence with the intention of jumping over it and get to the nearest Israeli city, and while we tried to get a hold of the situation they put explosive devices near the opposite side of the fence and thought we wouldn’t notice because we’ll be too busy to handle it as well.
I was also a part of Operation Pillar of Defence, where I did not see my house for nearly a month. I was in the middle of the war. I saw with my own eyes the things happening inside and no one is telling you about, and I saw so much more I cannot tell because it marked as “Top Secret”; But believe me when I say I know the truth, and no matter how many innocent people are in Gaza, and there are many, Hamas is using them to harm us even if they don’t want to. They have no choice and so do we. It’s hard to shoot down a person I know Hamas only sent because they threaten him that they’ll kill all his family members, but I can’t just let him kill my own men. It’s a sad story.

As a south-Israeli I lived under the fire of Hamas for 22 years, and a week ago I moved to Jerusalem to start my studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I always thought Gaza strip was the most dangerous border of all five surrounding us. But it was my saddest mistake. As my father told me when my brother assigned to Israeli Border Police (Magav) and I took it so lightly, “at least in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt we know who we’re facing with, but in Judea and Samaria Division we are in more danger of all, because the enemy lives next door.”
I didn’t fully understand it until I walked down the streets of my OWN capital city, and was afraid to lose my life with every second passing. I know not all the Arabs and Muslims are like that, I myself have some amazing Muslim friends I met through the Hallyu-Wave and we share only love to the matter, but I can’t tell the difference between an innocent Arab to a one who’s not, and it takes only one shot to lose it all - only one bullet shot, only one knife stab to lose my life. So yeah, I’m truly scared, and I believe that so are the innocent Arabs that people, including me, are looking at them with suspicious looks all the time. But why are we to blame for wanting to keep staying alive? Do you even get that all of it happened because people WALKED on Al-Aqsa Mosque? They’re saying those people not only walked there but also PRAYED there. Oh my god, people were praying (!!!!!!!!) on the holiest place to all religions. And that is the reason why Arabs are stabbing us? What god would like people to kill others because they’ve prayed to him? I just don’t get it, how did it get to the point I’m afraid to get outside my room in my own country? And why are the press and media so blind to see what’s happening here?
No Arab nor Muslim were killed before they showed an intention of harming innocent people (beside one or two cases where insane Israelis thought it would be smart to do the same and I’m sincerely sorry for their behalf). So why is Israel doing wrong this time America? What would you do if it to happen in your country? I can assure you that you’ll stop it with even stronger means.
So please, stop judging us for our political and military decisions before you try to put yourselves in our shoes, try to think of the fear we live on every day, from every country surrounding us.

As I began, so I’ll end – I was stupid to think Gaza is our most dangerous enemy. It’s not about who’s more dangerous than who, it’s about the fact it’s all dangerous. No matter where I step my foot in my own country I don’t feel safe anymore, and that’s absurd.

Once Upon a Time: Can everyone survive the wrath of the Dark Ones?

In the wake of Hook resurrecting every Dark One who ever lived, the residents of Storybrooke are facing the very real possibility that some may not survive the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time.

During Sunday’s episode, the newly resurrected Dark Ones will set their sights on snuffing out the light for good. “That’s a whole can of worms that none of us expected even existed,” Ginnifer Goodwin tells EW. “We’ve spent five seasons fighting a Dark One, so finding out that they can all come together — they are an unstoppable force when it comes to fighting the Light Ones.”

There’s just one tiny problem with the Dark Ones’ plan: They need to sacrifice a soul in order to stay in the realm of the living, which means that a number of our favorite heroes, including Snow (Goodwin), Charming (Josh Dallas), Regina (Lana Parrilla) and more are quite literally marked for death. “Once you snuff out the light, all there is is darkness,” Parrilla says. “What does that mean for everyone? All the living souls are in danger, especially because we don’t know what could happen. We all get branded, and we’re all being sent to the Underworld, so what does that mean for our future? It’s a scary fate for them.”

With the situation looking grim, Gold (Robert Carlyle) advises everyone to spend their final fleeting moments with their loved ones, which is exactly what he does with Belle (Emilie de Ravin). “There’s a lovely moment in episode 11 where he genuinely thinks that’s it for everyone, because they have been marked, and the ferryman is coming to take them all to the Underworld,” Carlyle says. “He thinks that’s the end of it. He meets up with her and gives her this car and a potion to cross the town line and be unaffected by it. She’s obviously saying, ‘Why are you trying to get rid of me?’ He’s like, ‘I’m not. I just want you to have the life you’ve always wanted. You’ve wanted to see the world, you’ve wanted to experience life, and I want you to do that,’ not telling her that obviously that he and the rest of them are going to die.”

However, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) refuses to give up hope, and searches for a way to rid the Darkness, which has enticingly offered up what Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) wants the most. “Hook is facing an internal struggle,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “For Hook, the thing that he coveted most in the world was revenge, and that would be revenge on Rumple. The real question is: Is he willing to sacrifice everyone else in his life to get revenge? The roles are reversed because now it is up to Emma to save him.”

“She feels incredibly guilty that she’s responsible for everything going astray,” Morrison says. “She knows that even though her intentions were good, a lot of terrible things have happened because of it. Now her son’s life is threatened. That’s the big thing that gets Emma every time. Even when she chose to take on the Darkness in the first place at the end of season 4, her decision to give herself up was: “Yes, Regina’s in danger, everyone’s in danger, but my son’s in danger.” Every decision for Emma since she’s been reunited with Henry goes back to her concern for him and never wanting to have to be separated from him and never wanting to hurt him again. Now, as the Dark One, she made choices to hurt him, which is devastating. Her family is in danger, including Henry, because of the choices she’s made. She’s in such a deep well of guilt and will do anything she can to make it right.”