because we all know who's really driving

Ooooh, but if the theory is true that Mirio was supposed to become All Might’s successor and he trained under him… plus the fact that so much of his body language reminds of All Might… and counting on the fact that my bad feeling will probably prove wrong and it turns out that he is a complete sweetheart…

Then I really, really want him to become good friends with Izuku. The supposed successor and the real successor. All Might’s fanboys. The aspiring young heroes who can wreck their enemies when they turn serious.

Not only would they be one hell of a tag-team, they would also drive at least Endeavor and perhaps Aizawa and Bakugou up the wall by how similar the two of them are to All Might. XD

You know, like… Mirio starts with a loud, “Don’t worry!”

And Izuku recognizes it and joins in, “Why?”

Before they finish simultaneously, “Because we are here!”

(Somewhere in the background, you can hear someone whisper, “Look at these dorks.”)

Then I realize that maybe all I really want is someone whom I can call home. Someone who will not only make the butterflies in my stomach flutter over and over but someone who will give me security. Someone whom I can wake at 3 in the morning and not get mad just because I want coffee and we’ll drive to the nearest coffee shop, buy coffee, sit on the pavement and talk about life and other stuff. Someone who can understand that there will be moments of silence but knows that all I really need is a long hug without asking why. Maybe all I really want is someone who will always listen to my poems and tell me whether it’s good or not and not just someone who will praise me all the time. Someone who will kiss me in the middle of our argument, whose chest is always available whenever the weight of the world crashes in. Someone who’s brave enough to face what life has to offer with me and stay.

you know what I want the most in a DP reboot? Vlad redemption arc. The show proper treated him as a villain that was 100% irredeemable, a heartless bastard who wanted to steal Jack (the only person who considered him a friend)’s wife and ultimately, supposedly, ends up dying alone in space. For a continuation let’s say he didn’t die (or did but is now 100% ghost) and that his empty loneliness is what drives him to actually be a decent person; apologizing to Jack for all the harsh things he’s done and said to him. Danny eventually learning to trust him and understanding he has changed (because you know how stubborn our hero is and would take a few episodes of “we’re really gonna believe him???”) because, as he learned after talking to future Vlad in TUE, everyone deserves a second chance

I am going to a Bon Jovi concert tonight. I don’t care for Bon Jovi at all, but my cousin’s son is in a band that won the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi and that’s a pretty big deal. we have ‘obstructed view’ seats and I thought about leaving after the opening act (I didn’t pay much at all for my ticket, so it wouldn’t really be throwing money away), but there are other people with me who want to stay. And I’m the one driving so drinking would be a bad idea. So I have to sit through a Bon Jovi concert sober.

I’m saying this because you all may fall victim to me bitching throughout the concert. I know some of you may like them, and that’s awesome, but I was quite happy to leave Bon Jovi to the 80s.

What if A is just a metaphorical name for “A Guilty Conscious?”

If the girls killed someone that night, it could be their paranoia driving them to do and see things… some all knowing, all seeing creature is obviously out there and knows what they did. They can’t stop or find A because it doesn’t really exist. 

The masks could also be just a metaphor. A has no face because the liars do not want to see who is behind that mask because then they’d be confronted with their biggest fear.

It’s why we will never get a real reveal because there is no one there to be revealed.

If anything, the liars lies and crimes will be exposed to us… but not an omnipresent villain.

And the show ends with someone finishing the last chapter of their psychological thriller novel that is based on true facts. Once upon a time there were four little liars who killed someone and it drove them into insanity. :P


If black people feel left out, white people will tell them to create their own or go back to something that was stolen from them from those white people

But if white people feel left out, it’s discrimination, everyone should be equal, every and all lives matter, but apparently adequate, unoffensive, and non stereotypical representation for black people is too big of an order.

And the shit really lapses back and forth, because white people who say all lives matter make the shit difficult by acting like white lives are in danger of being persecuted the way black lives are everyday.

Yeah, I know you have that little anecdote about your glass smoking inbred cousin who got roughed up by the police because he assaulted three cops with a drum of methylamine and fucked a tree, yas, #FreeJimbo. But we’re getting stopped because we’re walking, driving, existing while being black.

So, to compare your wild ass antics where you will go to a sporting event and destroy 5 cars afterwards because you lost, or worse, y’all WON is nothing towards me who could be killed for wanting to get an arizona from the corner store.

If you say all lives matter, it’s like of course, but you’re really diluting the real issues from here because you felt excluded that what??? Your race isn’t getting killed by the police every 8 hours??? Do you want to be a victim?

(I’m really trying to cover my bases and negate all ignorant white statements right now so this post can go as well as possible)

And please don’t bring up black on black crime, crime is not relative towards race unless it is a race crime. You don’t call white people shooting up schools and shit white on white crime do you? Alright then, you just call it a tragedy, get a few family members on tv crying and go right into the political agenda to promote pro or anti gun laws.

But when companies move into mainly impoverished black areas and set prices for their services that are too high for the average local person to afford and take away from local black owned businesses that offer the same services and give back to the community, if you set that bitch on fire make a citizen’s eviction to stop that economical bloodsucking from happening, then it’s a problem. Even if it was 10 people out of 10,000 that are violent in their anger, the media will demonize people and their lives even though they don’t know the circumstances that built up towards those actions.

See when white people fuck up, they don’t have to answer for their whole race. They can crash a plane, kill a couple hundred, nbd at all because he had depression. Aww.

But if a black person does something wrong, it creates a ripple through white people’s subconscious that we’re inherently disrespectful, violent and subhuman to them, and each instance of fighting back against that tyranny that has so many black people in a stranglehold on an individual level and as a community. 

We’re tired of being suppressed and considerate of others when we have our own issues to take care of, one of those issues is us dying every damn day from 9/10 white police officers looking for their next vacation.

And if you’re white, and this offends you in anyway, before you come on here talking about how much of a good person you are and start holding up donation receipts to the NAACP, realize that I don’t care and you might as well not clown yourself by trying to justify any vitriol you have against black people.

The signs at christmas
  • Aries: the nan that does all the cooking then gets a bit tipsy on the sherry
  • Taurus: the mum that pretends she's helping but she really isn't
  • Gemini: the younger brother who's playing with his peas and JUST EAT THEM TIMMY
  • Cancer: the uncle that wears sunglasses indoors so everyone is suspicious of
  • Leo: the brother that can finally drink so gets drunk after like one beer
  • Virgo: the aunt that drinks too much and tells embarrassing stories about your cousin
  • Libra: the dad that we all know isn't driving because he's had like twelve ciders
  • Scorpio: the grandad that gets his dentures out to scare the little ones
  • Sagittarius: the great grandad that tells war stories in gory detail whilst your trying to eat
  • Aquarius: the other nan who always tries to get you to dance to Take That with her
  • Pisces: the sister who spends the entire dinner texting her boyfriend so all your little cousins go "ooOOoo"
... there’s been an attack in my country Belgium

In an airport, only about 30 - 45 minutes driving from where I live.

Fuck. I feel really really numb because of it.

We’d been fearing this ever since that horrible attack in Paris happened. They don’t know yet whether it was IS or not, but it’s probable…

There are deaths but they don’t know how many for sure. I feel for all those people and their families. Something like this shouldn’t happen. Fuck everyone who uses violence, fuck everyone who thinks they have the right to kill another person for no reason.

The entire country is under terror level 4 now.

I know that is dangerous to love someone who might not love you, not in the same way.
They fell in love with someone they really don’t know.
They don’t know me, just what I make of me.
Because when we drive 85 miles per hour down a highway it’s really hard to read all of the warning signs posted but they are the one who got in my car.
We will go faster and faster,
and for a split moment we speed into another universe,
in this universe things are happy, I am in love, I’m complete,
but moments don’t last forever
and I tried to crack your head open using a toothpick so that I can crawl inside
because I am not ready for the head on collision that will be our relationship.
—  Not finished, hoping for a happy ending. (5/17/2016)