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Tantalizing: 08

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Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: No Smut, Slight Angst
Word Count: 5,281
A/N: This is my last chapter from the series, and though it doesn’t have smut and it might not satisfy all readers, I do hope you enjoyed and continue to stick around after this fic to see the others I have in store. This was my first actual series/fic to write and start here on Tumblr, and I’m glad I had such great support for it!

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We’re All To Blame || 13 Reasons Why

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Pairing: None 

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Summary: Guilt. It eats you up alive, until you just can’t take it.

Warning/s: Mentions of Suicide, Reader has a massive freak out.

Author’s Note: I’m aware that in my Rules post I said I wouldn’t write about these things but it’s what happened in the show. This wasn’t requested, it was just a dream I had a few nights ago and I hope you guys enjoy it, please give feedback. I didn’t get the checked so I don’t know if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes so bear with me please. Enjoy! 

Gif Credit: @clairertemple

Word Count: 906 

Tags: None (message me if you’d like to be added to the tags list for the following: 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Zach Dempsey, Alex Standall)

Y/N didn’t have a tape, but she felt like she should. She didn’t hurt Hannah like Justin Foley did, or Jessica Davis, or Alex Standall. And she didn’t destroy her like Bryce Walker did. But she didn’t feel innocent either, and she couldn’t understand how everyone could just walk around acting like they did nothing wrong. 

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BTS reaction to their SO being asexual

requested by anon

Dear followers, as you can see, we have decided against doing a classic reaction to this, but instead write an address. All we ask of you right now is to keep reading, because we really want to do this right. So please lend us a second of your time, so we can explain ourselves.

So, we, as a team, decided not to do this request and here are the reasons why:

While both of us, Admin Krümmel and Admin Moon, are very passionate about queer rights and representation, we both feel like we cannot do this reaction justice. We both feel like writing this would not make people very happy, and that’s the opposite of what we want to do with our writing. We work very hard to do the best reactions and stories we can, but we feel like there is no right way to do this.

You see, it is easy to write a reaction to something trivial like getting ice cream, or something similar, because it is more open for interpretation. And even if you feel like a certain member would react differently, the way they eat their ice cream won’t hurt you or make you feel bad. 

When it comes to sexuality and gender it gets both harder and easier. Easier because it is simply basic human decency to accept a person for who they are, so it is easy for us to write those reactions, because even if the way they react isn’t exactly how you imagined, it is easy to do the group of people you are adressing justice. We don’t have to write anything that might hurt queer people because we can assume that every member of Bangtan is decent enough to react in a positive way, even though it is a more sensitive topic for people.

But in this case it is harder for us, because we are assuming the SO in the request and the member are already in a relationship. It might sound weird, but it makes things a lot harder, because it requires us to pass judgement on the members sexual drive.

You see, there is no doubt in our mind that the boys would accept you as you are, ace, aro, trans, nonbinary, gay, bi, demi or anything else. But it is an entirely different thing when we have to judge if they would be in a relationship with you because of it. While we don’t want to assume the sexuality or the sexual drive of any of the members, it is pretty clear that all of them have different needs in a relationship. So writing that all of them could be in a relationship without sex or physical intimacy would be dishonest of us. But it would be just as wrong to say member A would not be in a relationship with you because xy. So we really just have the option of painting a dishonest picture of reality or upsetting people for something they have no control over.

We want you to know that it’s completely fine to be asexual. As a person who doesn’t feel much of a sexual drive myself (Admin Krümmel speaking), I can guarantee you that that is completely normal and simply a part of your personality.

But just like it’s okay for you not to feel sexual needs, it’s also a part of a person to have needs and these need to be respected, too.

Let me say it in a different way. Imagine this would be a request about their SO having crooked teeth. It would be easy to write something good, that would make people happy because you don’t really have control over your teeth and we can assume that the members vanity would not be stronger than their love for you and their human decency. But sexdrive is something they don’t have control over.  

The problem is that to be in a relationship with someone who is asexual is that they would have to give up various degrees of physical intimacy completely. And to us it feels like lying, saying that every member would be 100% okay with that, because we can assume that most of them probably like sex.

And that’s where our interests clash. Of course we want to show you that you can have a beautiful, meaningful relationship with someone, despite the way you feel about romance or sex. But we think that we also have to acknowledge that some people  might feel different about sex and romance.

So we can’t please everyone, as much as we want to.

The point is that if we write this reaction, with our opinion of the members, we might upset some readers, who really like one character and we don’t want to upset the asexual community at all.

We think that all of you out there deserve happiness and a functioning, meaningful relationship, no matter how much intimacy you like. 

All of you, part of the asexual community or not, deserve happiness, and representation, and safety. 

And we don’t want to be part of the reason you feel bad.

We hope that you all understand our position; and that this is not supposed to mean that you can’t imagine being in a relationship with whoever you like.

We hope that you all have a nice day~

-Admin Krümmel and Moon

Ooooh, but if the theory is true that Mirio was supposed to become All Might’s successor and he trained under him… plus the fact that so much of his body language reminds of All Might… and counting on the fact that my bad feeling will probably prove wrong and it turns out that he is a complete sweetheart…

Then I really, really want him to become good friends with Izuku. The supposed successor and the real successor. All Might’s fanboys. The aspiring young heroes who can wreck their enemies when they turn serious.

Not only would they be one hell of a tag-team, they would also drive at least Endeavor and perhaps Aizawa and Bakugou up the wall by how similar the two of them are to All Might. XD

You know, like… Mirio starts with a loud, “Don’t worry!”

And Izuku recognizes it and joins in, “Why?”

Before they finish simultaneously, “Because we are here!”

(Somewhere in the background, you can hear someone whisper, “Look at these dorks.”)

being with kyuhyun would include...

Slow progress is better than no progress. 8D

  • Kyuhyun probably being that guy who likes to sass you
  • Cause he’s annoying like that
  • But you start to notice he doesn’t like it when anyone else talks like that to you
  • And then you notice he’s actually being nice to you
  • And kind of awkward
  • Which you take advantage of obviously
  • Soon it becomes obviously that he likes you and then you decide he’s your boyfriend now okay
  • He doesn’t argue because now he doesn’t need to do the awkward asking out bit
  • The two of you hanging out together whenever you have free time
  • And probably tag team sassing people cause that’s how you roll
  • Kyuhyun being embarrassed about public skinship so you insist upon holding hands and hugging him because awkward Kyuhyun is the cutest Kyuhyun
  • He probably really likes playing with your hair
  • He won’t admit it tho
  • Which will lead to a lot of smack talk from both of you and him pouting whenever he loses
  • But he’ll eventually get over it if you admit it was a fluke though we all know the truth
  • You getting to watch him at his singing rehearsal since he always wants to have your opinion on every song
  • You probably having to be the one who drives most places for certain reasons
  • Kyuhyun attempting to make a big deal out of proposing to you
  • It’ll mostly go haywire, but that just makes it all the more memorable
  • Probably a small traditional wedding
  • The kind that goes by fast because Kyuhyun just really wants to get spend time with just the two of you
  • When the two of you make love you’re probably one top more often than not
  • Kyuhyun just really likes looking up at you
  • When you sleep he’s not much of a cuddler but he always sleep with his hand touching you in some way like resting on your stomach or something like that
  • Him not being the type to contact you when he’s away because he’s so focused on his job
  • And then he comes home to the house rearranged and he can’t find anything
  • Maybe he should have frickin’ called huh
  • You probably only have one kid
  • Your kid’s spoiled cause you know Kyuhyun’s not going to be the disciplinary parent because he needs to be the favorite
  • Just growing old together where he’ll spontaneously decide to serenade you
  • Even during all your old folks shows like shut the fuck up Kyuhyun
  • But he’s not going to because even as an old fart he‘s not gonna listen very well

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about how Sara never hesitated when she gave Michael and Lincoln her grandmother's ring to help them board that cargo ship back home? We all know she doesn't really have anyone from that side of her family anymore, and it's conceivable that the ring was the last heirloom she has left, but she gave it to them anyway, no regrets. She has her own family now, with her son, Michael and Lincoln, whom she determines to protects.

yes, please, let’s talk sara.

one of the recurring, and driving themes of prison break is family.  almost every single person in fox river that we were introduced to was in there because of family…no one more so than michael, who literally tattoos his entire body and purposely gets himself thrown in prison to save the only family he has left…lincoln.

sara also starts the show only really having her father, who she isn’t even that close to, and who eventually dies.  stripping her of everything.

that’s when she turns to the origami, michael, the only person she really has at this point.  her life has started to spiral in a direction she never could’ve predicted, and when she was looking for answers, a plan, she was presented with the origami, this time not as a way to make her smile, but as a solution, a source of hope.

and eventually, as we know, the trust michael and sara have for each other turns into a love that has them literally creating a family with each other in the form of their son.

so yes, sara wears the ring of her grandmother, the only link to the tancredi side of her family, the past, only visible in the form of a piece of jewelry that she displays prominently on her hand.

but when michael’s life is in jeopardy, the love her life, the father of her child, she doesn’t even hesitate to give up the tancredi part of her to ensure that the scofield family stays together and alive.  she refused to give up scofield when she remarried, and she’s just as adamantly refusing to give up the scofield sitting next to her in that scene, having made her choice a long time ago, inking her own allegiance on her back in the form of an origami tattoo, because her name is no longer sara tancredi, she gave that away when she married michael, it’s now and always SARA SCOFIELD.

My Princess -Wonho Mafia AU (chapter 10. FINALE)

Character profiles      Chapter 1    Chapter 2  Chapter 3     Chapter 4   Chapter 5     Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9 (smut)

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Y/N’S POV [February 15. 7:09 am]

Slowly I woke up the next day, our clothes were everywhere.I looked to my side and saw Wonho still in a deep sleep. Last night things got heated quickly, he made my body crave something I’ve never had before. Although I was scared that didn’t stop my body wanting what it needed. As I lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice him waking up until I felt his warm hand on mine. A blush came to my cheeks and there was no way to hide it, I felt beyond shy about what we did last night. 


I woke up to only see y/n staring at the ceiling, a small smile appeared on my face as I remembered what happened last night. We were finally free, she’s all mine. She is my princess and I am her prince. Softly my hand reached for her, a blush began to form. She was feeling shy.. After all she did get shy with any type of affection and well last night was one big step. 

“Good morning princess,” I said in my deep yet raspy morning voice. Her plumped lips formed a smile, “good morning” she replied. She slowly moved closer to me, I wrapped my arms around her waist as held her close, softly I placed a kiss on her cheek. “How you feeling?” I asked her.

“A bit sore… But I’ll be fine.” she replied as she played with her fingers. She then turned around to face me, I felt her soft plumped lips on mine. I smiled and kissed her back, she was shy but much more confident with affection. Her hands began to run through my hair, a soft sighed left me, it felt relaxing.

After a while of laying in bed and talking we showered and got ready to go out for breakfast. There was food in fridge and we needed to eat. 



Last night when he asked me to run away with him I was unsure of what do to. I love him but I also love my father. He raised me and given me everything I could ever need so I can’t help but feel like a traitor. But he was becoming scare and demanding, he wanted to marry me with Kihyun and I could never marry anyone who I didn’t love. Wonho also mentioned about us getting married, I love Wonho but I’m not sure if I’m ready for marriage just yet. I had informed him about how he felt and he was glad I did so, he said there was no rush to do so, that made me much more relaxed.

Today all we’ve done is woken up, shower, go out for breakfast, buy groceries, and now we were currently shopping for home supplies. But I couldn’t help but feel like we were being watched and I think that Wonho feels the same because he’s keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. We were ready to check out, our cart had cooking supplies such as pans and coffee mugs, and other small things such as silverware. 

Wonho always seemed like the type to not be interested in shopping and running errands but he hasn’t complained at all. Once we paid for everything we headed back home. His house had 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, one in the main room and one seperate. It also had a lovely kitchen, a big living room, and a huge garden. I love it, it has everything a home needs. After we put everything we had bought away we cuddled up in the living room and began our movie marathon. 

KIHYUN’S POV [1:30 pm]

I couldn’t believe my ears once I heard it. Wonho had stolen MY girl. Y/N IS MY WIFE TO BE. Wonho and I have been friends for years but I couldn’t forgive him this time. He always got the girl and I was tried of it, those two were very good at acting. In public they hated each other but secretly they were in between the sheets. As soon as y/n’s dad found out he promised to kill Wonho and I wasn’t going to stop him.

I looked down at the computer as her father drove, we were tracking them down by a secret chip her dad had installed in y/n earings. Pretty sneaky ehh. When we first found out we had asked the boys if they knew where they were heading. No one knew, except Shownu. He refused to speak, and her father not being able to control himself, shot him 2 in the abdomen. According to the boys who rushed him to the hospital, said he was fine, he just needs recovery. But that was the least of my problems. I needed to know where y/n was, she can’t be with Wonho. She just simply can’t.

I’ve always been the nice guy and maybe that’s why I was always the one with a broken heart at the end, but it was over now. There is no more being Mr.Nice Guy, y/n needs to know how I really feel about her. She couldn’t say yes to being my valentine because all she cares is about Wonho, but she needs to learn that there’s other guys who are dying for her love. Guys like me, I can treat her better than Wonho does, I can love her harder that Wonho does, I can do anything better than Wonho does.

We’ve been driving for about 4 hours now, and according to this GPS we are an hour away from y/n. I wonder if she’s okay, if she’s eaten, if she knows what she’s gotten into because she’s blind. She doesn’t see that this whole situation has gotten out of hand.

[2:25 pm]

I looked around, we were 5 minutes away from y/n. My heart was beating faster than it should I needed to hold her. I looked to my side, her father’s jaw was clenched, his blood was boiling, or so he told me so. The car stopped in front of a house, outside there was a familiar car, Wonho’s. I got my gun and so did her dad, we loaded them and rushed out of the car.

Y/N’S POV [2:32 pm]

I was cuddled into Wonho’s side as we peacefully watched a movie, sudendly 3 loud bangs where heard at the door. I shot up, the loud banging caught me off guard so it did give me a fright. I looked at Wonho, he motioned for me to be quiet as he quickly turned off the TV. 

“ I KNOW YOU”RE IN THERE WONHO! OPEN THE DOOR AND GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK BEFORE I END YOUR LIFE”, my father yelled through the other side of the door. Tears where starting to form in my eyes, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Wonho took my hand and quickly pulled me up, rushing me as far away from the door. 

There was a moment of silence before someone kicked the door down, that’s when I came face to face with 2 men. My father and a scary Kihyun. My father pointed his gun at Wonho.

“Let go of her.” He demanded.


“Save it young lady, you’re in big trouble” he snapped at me.

Kihyun looked over at me with mixed eyes, they were always happy but not this time. They were dark and full with anger, I watched as he took his gun out and pointed it at Wonho. 

“Give me my girl back!” He yelled at him.

Wonho’s eyes widen, he’s never seen him like this. “Kihyun…” He began to speak up.

I interrupted him, “Appa… I love him… please let me be happy.” I began to beg but he wasn’t having any of it.

“I told you to end it with him but you disobeyed me!” He boomed. “You had a chance and you screwed it over! You maybe be a princess but life isn’t a fairy tale darling… I’m going to count to 5 and you better move away from him before I shoot.”

I looked over at Wonho, my eyes covered with tears, it can’t end like this. I’m not leaving him, if he dies, I die. Kihyun walked over to me since I wasn’t moving away from him. He roughly removed me away from him, he kept a tight grip on my arm so I wouldn’t escape. He moved next to my father and pointed his gun back at Wonho. 

Wonho didn’t say anything, had he given up on us? My heart broke as I watched him. He was crying, he was crying. Never in life life had I seen him cry. It was like he was made out of stone, he always bottled up his feelings but he was finally releasing them, 


“Y/n I love you”


“Don’t ever change for anyone, you got that?”


“I’m going to be gone for a while but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other.”


“Please take care of yourself, we’ll meet again, I promise you… See you later my princess…”



I quickly turned away as I began to hear the guns go off. Kihyun and my father began to shoot him to death. A thump was heard, his body had hit the ground and the shooting had stopped. With much force I managed to look his way, his body was on the floor. It didn’t move, he was bleeding out, his chest wasn’t moving the way it should. At that moment I knew I had lost the love of my life.

Thank you all for joining me on my first ever scenario series, I am glad many of you love it but everything sadly must come to an end. Please let me know of what you guys would over all rate it, feedback is very helpful. I’m sorry I made you cry, I did shed a couple of tears as I wrote this. Thank you all once again

What it’s like to be a single demisexual wlw with a high sex drive, explained with Jenna Marbles gifs

(aka the post absolutely no one asked for)

1. Getting ready to go to a queer social event:

What can I wear that says “I have no idea how to flirt so if you like me you will have to ask for my number because I’m terrified of making you or any woman feel uncomfortable so I won’t ask you for yours because what if you don’t like me but then you feel like I’m being pushy and oh my god I haven’t even met you yet and I’m already sorry for wasting your time” Also, am I butch? Am I femme? What are clothes? What are words? What are I? What am you? What are this?

2. Showing up to the event and seeing so many other women dressed up and looking amazing:

3. When everyone else is all

with each other.

But you’re just like

And like you WANT to because your hormones/s*x drive is literally

But your brain is like

Because you know that nothing works until you’re ACTUAL BFFs. This ride takes an entire friendship to be ready for another person, so you have to be all

4. And when you mention that you’re demi it’s like

Now they all think I’m asexual. But I’m not. I like sex a lot. And often.

And don’t get me wrong, to all my fellow ace peeps out there:

But I’m not actually asexual. I freaking love getting all

I just want to be really close friends before we bang.

5. You see another woman who just makes you think

And you start talking and OMG You Have Things In Common and Holy Shit You Just Made Her Laugh so then your brain gets all

But then her friends show up and they start talking and ok now what do you do?

And then step 5 repeats itself until the event ends and then you go home to your vibrator.

Because at the end of the day, vibrator = guaranteed multiple Os

I don’t usually post about stuff like this but here’s some advice on curating fandom space, since I’m having an insomnia episode and am in a wistful sort of mood

Sometimes, I sure wish people would just like talk to me instead of being weird vipers about stuff.

But like, here we are, and if you try to make anything ultimately there will be people who don’t like what you think or don’t agree with it. I think most of the time the best thing to do even in those cases is to talk about it! So I try to, and I’ve made a lot of fantastic friends recently just by opening conversations and being honest about what I like and how I feel. 

I’ve seriously made SO many more friends than I’ve lost that way, and I’m kind of the most fulfilled I’ve ever been socially speaking for it. I’ve even made friends with people I’ve really strongly disagreed with in some respects. It’s been great!

But it hasn’t always gone that way obvs. Other times I’ve gotten people making fun of me or being disingenuous or even downright mean about stuff and like, w.e, you know, that’ll happen. So I wanted to write about how I handle that stuff and why I approach it the way I do. Here’s that ramble.

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My grammar is On let’s dive into theories

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Looking over || Joe Sugg Imagine

Hey guys! This was requested by an anon, which I won’t mention about the situation because it’s not my place but I hope everything’s ok, your amazing ❤️ this may not be very good, because emotion never really has been my thing but I’ll give it my best try. Please let me know how it goes!. To the anon who requested, your friend would be so proud, and I’m really proud of you for still being here. Your amazing, and we can beat those monsters.I hope your all doing amazing! Love you all!💖

- E x

Requested: Yes 😘
Key: Y/N - your name. — Joes POV — That day. That was the worst day of my life. The phone call, the news, the drive over. I’ve never been so scared. I can’t imagine how she felt. “Morning babe!” I say, as she crawls out of her bedroom, I approach her happily as I place the breakfast I made her on the table in front of her and sit across from her. Since that day, I’ve never appreciated her as much as I do now. It made me realise that I need to love her, as much as humanly possible. “Morning, thanks for breakfast but I’m not hungry.” She whispers, her head hanging, looking at her bare knees as she’s engulfed in one of my t shirts. Her beauty is unreal. She’s unreal. “Come on, you need to eat. I know this is a really hard day for you, but you know I’m here right? He’d be looking over you, more proud of you than ever before.” I say, standing up and moving over to where she sat, being able to tell that a year ago today still haunts her. Clouds her mind. I won’t let them ruin her. Her mind was always so beautiful, she saw people for who they really were. Not who they loved, not what religion they had, not what colour their skin was. I loved that about her. But ever since that night, somethings been different about her. Slowly, she’s getting there though. I can see her usual, happy self colouring through again and… I’ve never seen something so beautiful. “I just miss him. He didn’t deserve it. He didn’t do anything wrong.” She says, looking up at me, showing me the glimmer of the water that’s brewing in her eyes, as a single tear drops down her cheek, as the sadness slowly crawls through onto her face again. “No he didn’t, no one that was there did. And it’s painful, more painful than I could imagine. I would say I know how you feel, but I don’t. All I can do is tell you he’s looking over you now, more proud than anyone could ever be. You made it, and knowing him, all he’d want you to do was make sure you lived your life to the full.” I say, feeling the tears push at my eyes, but I hold them back for her sake. She can’t see me upset, for him. “I know I know, it’s just it’s still weird without him. A year ago today I lost the person who’s had me through everything. And all I can picture is what happened.” She says, more tears spilling down her face as she becomes nostalgic, but this time it’s not what she needs to be. “You can’t let them win. They’re disgusting, sick and they’re total monsters. I’m here, and I don’t want to to live in a state of mind where your scared. It’s ok. I’m here. What would he say if he saw you like this? He’d tell you to stand up, and make sure you’ve done everything you can to make your life as good as it can be.” I whisper, cupping her face with my large hands, and wiping away the tears with my thumbs. She shows a glimmer of a smile, like we’ve made it to the light at the end of the tunnel, even though it’s only morning. She nestles her head in the crook of my neck as I settle down in the chair, and we sit in silence for a few minutes. Eventually, she says something. “Thank you. Your amazing. Like you said, he’d want me to make sure I live my life.” She says, wiping away her tears, sitting up and pulling her plate back towards her, “that starts with eating.” She mentions, with a little giggle at the end. “It certainly does, m'lady!” I say, getting up and moving around to the other side of the table, sitting where I sat before. We spend a while having a good conversation about what to do today, before I say, “he’d be proud.”. “He’ll be looking over” she says, looking into my eyes, as the true beauty of the situation comes at hand. The true beauty of true friendship, and the true beauty of having your soul mate as your best friend.


Pairing - Simon x Y/N

Warnings - Much Smut 

Requested - From the smut queen @sidewomanxix “ SIMON SMUT PLS!!!! Y/n & Simon plus a couple of the other lads & idk maybe Sarah & Emily & Freya & them? Yeah, skiing trip in somewhere cold. It gets a bit frisky & Simon thinks of a kinky way to ‘heat things up’ in your cabin. But you didn’t know people where downstairs & when it’s done & you leave its all awkssssss😁 K THANK BYE, IM RETURNING TO BENEATH MY ROCK”

Notes - This is long but I like it


It had been a while since you and Simon had went on a trip, or any of the lads for that matter. It started out as a full group trip, but somehow it migrated into being a couples trip. This meant Josh & Freya, Ethan & Emily, Callux & Sarah, and lastly you and Simon. You were really excited for this trip, even though you were yet to know where you were going. 

Finally it was decided that you were to go on a skiing trip at Allenheads, a place sorta near Newcastle but not really? You weren’t 100% sure where, but it didn’t matter to you because you weren’t driving. The time came to head off for the trip. Goodbyes were said to those who weren’t going, and the rest took off. 

“Y/N, we’re taking this car.” Simon point towards the car Josh and Freya were getting into. 

“So we get the backseat all to ourselves?” You questioned you boyfriend who was a few feet in front of you. 

“Yes ma’am, but no naughty business Y/N, there are others in the car.” A wink was sent your way as Simon brought your luggage to the trunk. You followed, getting into the back with a blanket and a pillow. You wanted to be comfortable on the ride ahead of you.  

Eventually Simon climbed into the car after you. Instead of sitting next to the car door like a normal person, he sits in the middle seat. 

“Simon what are you doing?” You laughed. 

“Sitting next to my baby, that’s what.” He booped your nose. 

The ride was nice. The first bit was spent talking about sleeping arrangements in the cabin you were all going to share. Then it moved on to what skiing trails you all were going to try. Simon mentioned snowboarding instead, which you thought would be cute. 

Simon and Josh stated talking about videos they wanted to recorded. This was about the time when you started to get tired. You leaned into Simon’s arms. He wrapped them around your waist and pulled the blanket over the both of you. 

“Goodnight, Angel.” He whispered into your ear. 


The next day was probably one you were going to remember for a long time. The morning at the cabin was rushed and stressful. Simon fixed that with a long, sweet kiss to your lips. 

The mountain was so much fun. You learned how to ski, which proved to be a little hard. It look you an hour or so but finally you got the hang of it. You liked to say you were pretty good. You decided to sit and watch Simon on the bunny slopes. (That’s the slope that you learn how to ski on btw. At least where I live.) It was cute watching him fall, but get back up every time. He looked a little discouraged at one point, but you gave him a thumbs up, which you hoped would help. 

Once Simon had learned you started going on the green slopes with him. Both of you fell once or twice, before moving up to the blue slopes. 

“This lift ride is going to be moderately longer you know.” Simon said to you, looking ahead. The lift chairs were spaced pretty far apart from each other. 

“What would you like to do then?” You looked at Simon who met your gaze. His lips quickly met yours. This kiss was needier compared to the one you shared earlier. You lightly bit his lip, asking for entrance. He granted it, and your tongues battled for control over the kiss. Whilst this was happening Simon took off one of his gloves and slowly unzipped your skiing jacket so he was shown your undershirt. His hand snaked its way to your breast as he started to squeeze and massage it. You gasped into his mouth, and Simon took control over the kiss, exploring your mouth to his leisure. 

He stopped unexpectedly and quickly zipped up your jacket. “Look where we are!” He exclaimed before putting on his glove and getting off the lift. You quickly followed suit and followed him down the mountain. 

The rest of the day Simon acted as if the encounter on the lift didn’t even happen. You tried giving him looks but he pretended he had no idea what you were talking about. Finally the Skiing place closed and it was time to head back to the cabin. The whole way back Simon’s hand was very, very, close to your core. You tried to get it to move closer, but his grip was cemented on your thigh.


Simon stood changing out of his skiing gear in your room whilst you attempted to turn the heater up more. It was late-ish and you were tired so you and Simon went to bed. You both assumed the others did as well. 

“Simon the heater wont work.” You sighed in frustration. 

“It wont work?” He questioned from across the room. 

“I think it’s on a set temperature so this means our room is going to be freezing all night.” You crossed your arms and pouted. Simon crossed the room, wrapped his arms around you and pulled your back against his chest. 

“Did you know that sex creates body heat?” He said in a low voice directly into your ear. A shiver went through your body as he started kissing from your ear down your neck. After a few minutes he tugged at the bottom of you shirt, signaling he wanted it off. After your shirt came your leggings and underwear, leaving you bare naked in the freezing room. Your only source of heat now was Simon, who had left your side to go sit on the edge of the bed. 

You turned around to face him, your arms covering yourself for warmth. Simon was sitting on the edge of the bed, just in his underwear. There was a clear boner in his underwear as well. You averted your eyes back to his face which wore his classic smirk.

“Why did you leave me, I’m cold Simon.” You whined, walking towards him.

“Y/N, stop and put your arms to your side.” Simon commanded you.

“Why?” You asked, doing as he said. 

“Because now your nipples are hardening all on their own.” Simon licked his lips and you blushed. He motioned you over to where he was. Once you stood in front of his form, he picked you up and put you under the covers, his body hovering over yours and the covers over the both of you. 

His lips connected with yours into a passionate kiss, Simon grinding down on you. A moan left your lips. “Touch me Simon.”

“What do you say, Y/N?” Simon asked while grinding down on you still. “Please touch me Simon.” Once the words left your lips one of his hands went down to your core. His finger circled your clit, making load moans leave your lips. He stopped what he was doing. 

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Y/N, we have to stay quiet, or the others might hear.” He scolded you. 

“They went to bed Simon.” You replied, wanting him to continue to touch you. He considered this for a second, and then continued what he was doing. One finger was pumping in and out of you at a slow pace, then two. You tried really hard to keep your moans quiet, but it just wasn’t working out. 

“You close Y/N?” He asked cockily, his fingers now moving in slow come here motions. You nodded frantically. “Good.” He pulled his fingers totally out of you, causing a high pitched whine to leave your mouth. You were so close, but now you were going to have to wait again. 

Simon pulled down and off his underwear, and his member sprung out. His tip was red and he looked painfully hard. You reached your hand up and grabbed his shaft. Using his precum as lube, you stroked him up and down. 

“As much as I love this feeling-” he paused to let out a moan which you felt go straight to your core, “I’d much rather be in you.” Simon got off the bed to grab a condom. When he came back, your hand was rubbing your clit. Simon batted your hand away.

“Baby, that’s my job.” With that, he pushed into you and set a moderate pace, faster than before. He slowly climbed in speed, eventually pounding into you. Loud moans and swears could be heard throughout the room. Hopefully not throughout the house as well. “I’m close,” He said to you, his mouth attached to your nipple. You both came as he hit your g-spot, over and over. 

Once you were both done, Simon pulled you into the little spoon position. 

“Are you warm now?” He asked, kissing your temple. 

“Yes, thank you.” 


The next morning Freya told you that you had a very high pitched moan. You and Simon skied without the others that day, not wanting to face the teasing from the others. 

2016. This is an early version of my DnD character, Essper Ardara. She’s a religious scholar with… unacceptable… views on morality. You see, in the Dungeons and Dragons setting, good and evil are concrete concepts. If you’re good, when you die you go to the Good-aligned planes; if you’re evil, you go to the Evil-aligned planes. Certain creatures, like angels and devas are always good, and others are always evil. 

It’s entirely possible to be forcibly changed into a different alignment (contracting lycanthropy makes you chaotic evil). The things that make you Good or Evil are always the same, regardless of race, class, culture, or creed. There are spells that will reveal your alignment. People who are Good know that they are good, people who are Evil know that they are evil.

The question is: who says? Just because an angel claims to be Good and that all it’s actions are Good we should trust it? Is that really all there is to the universe? Essper says no. Essper says that the gods have blinded everyone to the Truth for a reason, and the only way to truly discover the Truth is to become more than a god. To exist beyond Good and Evil.

Isn’t the drive to be Good in and of itself a selfish desire? Good actions bring you happiness, ease your conscience, make you feel like you fit in with your community. Barring mind control, everything we do is something that we want to do, even if we don’t like it.

All actions are inherently selfish. Just do what you want.

(And what she wants is to raise a goblin as a zombie and carry it around as her baby. Among other things.)

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Sammy’s Girl - Jack Gilinsky Blurb

‘Okay, y/n, you can do this..’ I said quietly to myself taking a deep breath in and opening the door of the room. Before I went downstairs, I took a look at my boyfriend, Sammy who was still sleeping on the bed.

Last night I made a big a big mistake, bu like, really big. So,last night G, Sammy’s best friend, had a huge party that everyone was invited on. All of us got really drunk and all of a sudden G and I ended up alone in his room and as we didn’t really know what we were doing, one thing led to another and boom, I cheated on my boyfriend of 7 months. Sammy and I stayed the night at his house because none of us was able to drive and since we’re here now, I need to face Jack and talk about what happened between the two of us last night.

I went downstairs and walked into the kitchen where I found Jack. He was standing only in his sweatpants while making himself coffee.

‘Jack?’ I said quietly making him turn around. As soon as he turned around I looked away because firstly, I felt so uncomfortable watching at his amazing body, and secondly, I couldn’t look him in the eyes.

‘Hey, babe’ He said and I bit my lip.

‘Umm..can I talk to you?’ I asked still not looking at him.

‘Sure. What’s up?’

‘Well, umm, about last night. Like I want to apologize, I didn’t know what I was thinking and I’m sorry I dragged to you to your bedroom just like that and then..well, you know..’ I said and he chuckled. ‘But can we like not mention that to Sammy? Because I mean I love him and I know he’s your best friend and what we did was wrong -’ Soon I was cut off by Jack’s lips on mine. It was long and passionate kiss as he pushed his tounge into my mouth.

‘Jack, what are you doing?’ I asked breathlessly holding my hands on his abs.

‘Don’t pretend like you don’t know that we both wanted to do it for such a long time.’ He smirked. ‘And we can keep doing it whenever you want, sweetheart’ He kissed my lips slowly before going back to making his coffee and right in that moment Sammy walked in.

‘Morning, guys’ He said. ‘When did you wake up, baby?’ He asked me as he pecked my lips.

‘A-about 5 minutes ago’ I said.

‘G, can you make me a cup of coffee, too?’ Sammy asked.

‘Here, take mine, I’m gonna go take a shower.’ He siad handing him a coffee and as Sammy closed his eyes to inhale the smell of coffee, Jack winked at me and squeezed my butt and then walked past me.


I’m playing ME1 again to romance Garrus this time, and it’s amazing that all the other aliens on your team talk for ages about being an alien, what their peoples are like, what their histories and cultures are

but Garrus (the big dinosaur lion parakeet) is like “let’s talk about my police career” and he will only field questions about being in the space police

Garrus, buddy, we really need to talk about how you’re a big dinosaur bird alien. At least for 2 minutes. We have to address it. you’re my bro but I can’t let this slide, you’re the only Turian I know in the whole galaxy

i was driving a golf cart down the sidewalk at work today and at one point i pulled to the side and stopped for a guy who was walking the other way because the path gets really narrow there. and it was a little awkward like maybe he thought i was going to ask him a question

so i said hey how’s it goin’, you know, politely, and he said hey and it was fine. But then he said something else as i started to drive away and i thought it was something like ‘was i in your way’ or something. so i said ‘nah’

and then i realized what he said.

he said 'Jesus died for you’

and i said 'nah’ and put-putted away on my golf cart

anonymous asked:

C needs to make it clear if the damn song is about the group or not. Stop tiptoeing around the questions and what not. She even says she makes up half the stuff she writes. So wtf is it? She's making us all believe this song is so deep when really it could be about nothing pertaining to her life. I really wish she was never in the group to begin with.

I think everyone should stop driving themselves crazy trying to figure out who it’s about because we most likely will never find out. And it is possible that the song isn’t about anyone. A lot of writers know how to use their imagination. It’s just a better story saying that you wrote it about a personal experience. I actually don’t regret her being in the group. In the beginning we got so many good moments with the five of them, but that group ran its course. I don’t think I would appreciate LAND as much as I do now, if C hadn’t been in the group and left.

- C

samyazaz  asked:

Leverage OT3 - detention on a saturday afternoon AU

(Baby criminals!)

“Aren’t we supposed to write a letter to him or something about how we bond?”

Hardison isn’t sure if he should be proud about the evidence that Parker was actually kind of paying attention during Breakfast Club or if he should explain that Miss Devereaux didn’t actually assign them to do that, or Mr. Ford when he actually assigned them the detention. Eliot Spencer, though, scariest kid in school, explains before he can. “All we’ve got to do is homework.”

“Oh.” Parker taps her pencil on the desk a few times, frowning. “That’s stupid.”

“How do you not know how detention works?” Eliot looks kind of baffled. Hardison kind of likes Eliot, he never talks to Parker like he thinks she’s stupid like some of the teachers do. He’s also scary as fuck, but hey, nobody can be everything.

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