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Me and my crew** are doing a calendar for the 2018 year! Eep! I’m posting this little bit because I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for stuff you’d like to see in the calendar :) 

Whether that be notes, pairing requests, sending me reference to fan art, anything! We have some ideas, but I just thought I’d open it up to you guys cause I love you so much <3 and you’re all so creative and amazing!


** Not pictured Jack and James 

Headcanon: There’s always something a little bit eccentric about the way that El speaks as she gets older. 

Brenner only gave her enough language so that she could understand commands– he read her nursery rhymes for basic comprehension but otherwise baby-talked to her. 

Hopper read aloud classics like Anne of Green Gables. They kept it up long past when she could read herself because they both enjoyed the activity, and moved from children’s classics to Wuthering Heights, Moby Dick, etc.

And we all know EL watches plenty of soaps, partially out of boredom, partially in an attempt to understand how the world outside the lab works, partially just for fun. These are FILLED with corny, highly-stylized dialogue

As a result, she expresses herself in a surprisingly poetic way sometimes–  She has a tendency to surprising analogies, from all those nursery rhymes, but the vocabulary she’s acquired is both romantic and a little antiquated from all that daytime tv and those reading sessions. Every so often a word of SAT-prep quality pops out of her mouth, much to the gangs’ pleased confusion. Luckily her frankness belies any pomposity. The highfalutin quality of her vocabulary is mitigated by a steady gaze, or an earnest blush. 

ouat2011  asked:

Season one or two? Top fav characters? Thoughts on ships? Gimmie.

Yes queen, ask me stuff!

Okay, so I love both seasons way too much, but I’d choose season 2 over season 1. I think it’s so much more intense (though it might seem a little bit rushed) and LET’S TALK ABOUT THE PAIRINGS SUCH AS JANE AND HOPPER OR STEVE AND DUSTIN AND STEVE AND THE KIDS OR MAXINE AND LUCAS OR EVERYTHING ELSE!

Top characters. This is hard because I honestly love them all and they’re my children, except for Billy. However, I’ll always have a sweet spot for Dustin, I love him, also Steve (LET’S TALK ABOUT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AYE), I love Chief Hopper, and all the badass female characters, I liked Maxine a lot, especially in the end. And Bob. We can never forget Bob.

Ships. Oh boy oh boy. Okay, so from my tweets you already know that I’m all for Nancy and Jonathan (that private investigator - my spirit animal), but at the same time I love Steve and Nancy? Like? What the heck? But “how’s the pullout?” had me screaming THAT’S IT, THAT IS IT. Then Mike and Eleven/El/Jane? Don’t even get me started because I’ll cry. The only drawback of season 2 for me is probably the amount of interaction these two had and compared to how much of that we had in season 1 I just wish we were given a lil bit more. But the scenes they did have made me cry, so I’m not complaining. Lucas and Maxine, I’m sold. I love my son Dustin, but he’s meant to be a child™ of Dad slash babysitter Steve for now. And also Joyce and Jim. The way he’s there for her? Sign me tf up.

I can’t think of anything else to add at this moment because I’m all emotional again, but yeah, that seems like pretty much it.

I Heard Your Voice In A Dream Chapter 9

“What is it like to have a panic attack?” Lauren asked suddenly as Ally drove over to Normani’s house to pick up the other three girls for their karaoke get-together.

Ally was applying a coat of lip gloss when they stopped at the red light. She turned to Lauren with a confused look. “I don’t know I’ve never had one before.” She replied. “Wait—are you okay?” she asked suddenly, looking at Lauren with an alarmed expression. “Does anything hurt? Do you feel like you’re going to pass out? Jauregui, don’t you dare pull any shit on me right now or so God help m—“

“I’m fine.” Lauren assured, fumbling with her cane. “I’m just…” the younger girl chewed on her bottom lip nervously.

The light turned green and Ally’s small foot hit the car pedal to start driving again. “Just what Laur?” she questioned, taking a quick glance at Lauren.

Lauren hesitated for a couple minutes, an awkward silence consuming them. Ally frowned, looking at Lauren with sad eyes and wishing her best friend could see her hurt expression. “You don’t trust me, do you?”

Just when she thought she and Lauren were getting somewhere, when they were finally beginning to rekindle their friendship…Lauren just out-of-nowhere shuts her out again. She really didn’t know why. At first, she didn’t think much of it because Lauren tended to shut out everyone and enclose a hard wall around her.

But now Ally was confused.

Camila suddenly comes in and Lauren’s sharing more with her and becoming closer with her than Ally ever could be with Lauren. Did it anger her? Yes, so much. Because while Camila was a nice girl, Ally’s been there for Lauren in more ways than Camila has. From Lauren getting diagnosed with cancer, to losing her eyesight, Ally was the only friend that ever stuck to Lauren’s side. And to this day, she still was there for her in any way Lauren let her—if she ever let her. She’s proven to be a worthy friend, heck, Lauren doesn’t know the things Ally has done for her—the things she has sacrificed to be a friend to Lauren. Ally can give a million things she’s done for Lauren, but Lauren will never appreciate or acknowledge a single one. And it hurt, because it made it seem like Ally was just another person to her when to Ally, Lauren was like a sister.

God she needed a drink now, she thought as she rubbed her forehead when Lauren didn’t answer her question.

Ally scoffed as they drove in silence. “That is indication enough to what I asked, thanks.” She mumbled, gripping onto the steering wheel.

Lauren didn’t say anything. She continued fumbling with her cane, feeling guilt for what she’s just done—what she’s been doing since the longest to Ally. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Ally, because heaven knows that Lauren trusted the smaller girl with her life, it was Lauren’s stubborn need to not dump her problems to people.  Being blind was already a big enough problem, why did she need to add more? She didn’t know why, but lately she’s felt like Ally had things going on that Lauren couldn’t help her with. She couldn’t pinpoint what the problem might be, but she couldn’t approach Ally about it. God she was such a bad friend.

And then there were her feelings for Camila. Lauren rubbed her forehead at the thought because the Miami native was all she could think about lately. It surprised her just how much of an effect Camila had on her, because she made it so easy for Lauren to open up to her. She had this presence about her that made it easy for Lauren to trust her. She hated the fact that Camila was slowly seeping into her perfectly kept walls but at the same time, she didn’t mind. Because since the longest, Lauren couldn’t recall a time she felt truly happy. And all Camila had to do was simply be there for Lauren to feel this overwhelming joy she hadn’t felt in so long.

But she knew. She knew she couldn’t get her hopes up that anything other than a friendship could surface between the two. They were just friends and Camila would be absolutely insane to be in a relationship with a blind basket case like Lauren.  It would be too hard, too complicated. And besides that, who could fall for a girl like Lauren? Camila was too good for her. Camila was like a beautiful, blooming rose in a garden and Lauren was the asshole that picked them out and ripped off the petals. She couldn’t hurt her like that; she had to avoid as many casualties as she could because if she hurt a rose like Camila, she’d never forgive herself.

The car stopped in front of Normani’s house and Ally didn’t say anything, only sending a text to Normani that they were outside waiting for them.

Lauren pursed her lips before hesitantly speaking up. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, just loud enough for Ally to hear her.

Ally turned to her and only nodded. “It’s fine.” She said quietly, smiling weakly. How many times would she forgive Lauren until she couldn’t forgive anymore?

Pushing her shades up the bridge of her nose, Lauren exhaled. “I want you to have fun tonight.” She ordered Ally. It wasn’t a request, it was a demand. “For one night, don’t worry about being my bodyguard or anything. Be a teenager and have fun for once.” Her head lifted up to await Ally’s reply. “Okay?”

Ally stared at her with a surprised look, not expecting Lauren to say those words. The tiny girl nodded slowly. “Okay.” She relented. “But…you should have fun too.”

“Ally,” Lauren began. “you and I both know I’m only doing this out of commitment. There’s not a lot a blind girl can do at a karaoke bar.” She shrugged. “But it’s fine, as long as you’re having fun…that’ll be enough for me.” She corners of her mouth lifted slightly. “Don’t worry about me for once.”

Ally knew for a fact that regardless of what Lauren was saying, she’d try her best to make this night as fun as possible for her best friend. “Thank you.” She whispered softly, smiling.

Lauren didn’t say anything else after that and they waited in silence until their silence disappeared with Normani, Dinah, and Camila’s loud voices entering the car.

“Hey girls!” Normani greeted as they got inside the car.

Ally grinned and nodded to her. “Hey! Are you guys ready to go?”

“Hell yeah! I’m ready to bless the club with my beautiful vocals.” Dinah said cockily with a smirk.

Normani bowed her head and pretended to pray. “God, Jesus, Buddha, anyone.” She began. “If you care about the human race just a little bit, you’ll prevent Dinah Jane Hansen from singing on stage tonight. My ears would like to stay with ability to hear, please.” She smirked.

Dinah whacked Normani’s arm and playfully glared at her. “I’ll whack you into another nationality, Hamilton!” she threatened, chuckling.

“I’m kidding Di.” Normani rolled her eyes playfully. “We all know you’ve fucked with my hearing a long time ago.” She smirked playfully, causing Dinah to gasp dramatically.

“Chancho, you better hold me back right now because I’m about to start a Poly beat down!” Dinah exclaimed to Camila. Though Camila was too busy staring a little too long at Lauren who was quiet but clearly listening to the interaction since she had a soft smile on her lips.

The girl broke from her thoughts and looked at Dinah. “What?” she asked, dazed.

Clearly being a bodyguard isn’t nowhere near your future profession.” Normani replied, chuckling.

“But staring at Lauren is a skill she’s a professional at.” She muttered for only Normani to hear who laughed.

Camila heard Dinah and glared at her. She sometimes hated her friends for teasing her so much.

“I will burn all your Beyoncé memorabilia.” She threatened. “Both of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Dinah exclaimed, putting her hand over her heart.

“Arson can be considered art.” Camila smirked, wiggling her eyebrows.

Normani raised her hands in surrender. “I don’t know about you Dinah, but I love Beyoncé too much to risk it.” She said in defeat.

Dinah crossed her arms and nodded. “You win this round Cabello, but we’ll be back.” She threatened. “We will come back hard.

Normani nodded in agreement and mouthed the word, ‘Hard’, with a smirk.

Camila laughed and shook her head. “I question why I became friends with you two.”

“You love us, shut up.” Normani argued.

 “I won’t confirm nor deny that.” She said simply.

“Are you guys done now?” Lauren spoke up, sounding irritated.

Now we are.” Normani mumbled. “Such a kill joy Lauren.” She pouted. Lauren only shrugged, indifferent to the accusation.

Ally drove off and they headed to the karaoke club. Dinah spoke up suddenly. “I hope you remember our bet, Lauren.” She addressed.

Lauren raised an eyebrow. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” She said sarcastically.

Dinah smirked. “You know what I’m talking about.” She told her. “And you know you’re going to lose.”

“Good luck with that Hansen.” Lauren scoffed. “You will not drag me into that stage even if my life depended on it.”

“I like to consider myself a pretty strong individual.” Dinah retorted. “Your ass is going up that stage. I hope you have songs picked out in your head Jauregui.”

Lauren hummed. “Okay.” She said uninterestedly.

“I wonder what the dare should be…” Dinah continued, finding a weird pleasure in pushing the other girl’s buttons.

“If it’s to stay away from you for a whole week, I wouldn’t mind that dare.” Lauren bit back, a smirk plastered on her face. Dinah wanted to play? Lauren would join in on the game.

Dinah crossed her arms as she reflected Lauren’s smirk. “Very funny,” she said amusedly. “But I think I have a much better dare in store for you.”

“You act like you’ve won already—which you won’t.” Lauren retorted, scoffing. “But please, spare me the details of whatever dare your twisted mind came up with.”

The Polynesian only hummed. “Fine.” She grinned to Camila. “But I will say one thing,” she said. “The dare will be very entertaining—for some people at least.” She wiggled her eyebrows to Camila who glared at her friend.

Camila was going to murder Dinah in her sleep the next time she had the chance, she thought. She loved the girl to death, but if she could just not embarrass her for one second or meddle into her non-existent love life…it’d be great.

The rest of the car ride was nowhere near quiet; Normani and Dinah insisted they listen to Beyoncé on the ride to Cooper’s Karaoke Club. So through the whole car ride, Beyoncé blasted in the car while Dinah, Normani, and even Ally sang loudly along to it.

Camila giggled when she watched Lauren acting annoyed and rubbing her forehead, throwing out comments like “I’m already blind, do I really need to be deaf too?” or “Let Beyoncé sing solo, she doesn’t need the accompaniment of screeching crows.”

But Camila knew Lauren was only faking her annoyance; because she caught a small smile appear on the girl’s face when Ally began singing and laughing along to “Flawless”. Lauren didn’t show it, but Camila knew that she deeply cared for the short girl driving.

Finally, they arrived to the karaoke club and once Ally parked the car in the parking lot, Camila, Dinah, and Normani practically jumped out of the car in excitement.

“Quick question,” Lauren spoke up as she opened the car door and placed the cane out in front of her. “Are we hanging out with teenage girls or children?”

Ally laughed and playfully pushed Lauren. “Shush, you know you find it amusing.”

Lauren stepped out of the car and her cane guided the dark-haired mystery. “I don’t know how that—“she referred to Dinah, Camila, and Normani’s voices singing loudly. “Is amusing.” She finished.

Ally walked next to her, locking the car. “It’s fun.” She insisted. “You’re no fun at all, Jauregui.” She teased. “All you do is read depressing poetry and listen to Lana Del Rey.”

“Hey now,” Lauren defended. “Edgar Allan Poe is a genius.” She exclaimed. “And I like a tortured soul.” She shrugged. “And Lana Del Rey has the sexiest voice on Earth.” She chuckled as she linked her arm with Ally’s.

Ally suddenly smirked. “I’m sure there’s many things you find sexy.”

Lauren quirked up an eyebrow. “Explain.”

“You’re smart. Right?” Ally smirked even more as they entered the busy karaoke bar. “Figure it out.”

Lauren protested. “That is downright cruel Ally!” she exclaimed with a grin on her face.

Ally laughed, enjoying seeing the playful side of Lauren resurface. For how long? She didn’t know. But she’d enjoy it for as long as it would last. “I love you too Lauren.” Was all she said as she led Lauren to the table Camila, Dinah, and Normani had occupied, the three girls laughing their butts off.

“You do not want to know what Camila just did to get us this table.” Normani said through fits of laughter.

Lauren sat down in front of Camila, putting cane away. Ally watched amusedly the three girls laugh. “Well, color me curious.” She chuckled. “What did you do Camila?”

Camila’s laughter died down. “I—um,” her cheeks turned red. “I kind of tried to flirt with the host since most of the tables are occupied.” She paused. “The host is a male.” She explained. “I am the gayest to ever gay.” Dinah and Normani burst out laughing again. “So in my terrible attempt to flirt, I offered him a blow job.”

Ally joined in on the booming laughter coming from Dinah and Normani. Lauren was the only one with a raised eyebrow, but her face threatening to break the façade and burst into laughter herself.

“You…did…what?” Ally exclaimed in between laughter fits.

“I offered him a blow job.” Camila said innocently. “Isn’t that what guys like? They’re raging hormones.” She shrugged.

“Stick to girls Camila, stick to girls.” Dinah snickered.

“What did he say after that?” Ally asked curiously.

“He was in so much shock, he just sent us to the table most far away from him.” Normani answered, recovering from her laughter fit and wiping away the tears that came out due to the laughter. “She scared him away!”

 Ally shook her head. “At least we got a table.” She said optimistically.

“We could’ve still gotten a table.” Dinah argued.

“How?” Ally raised an eyebrow.

She smirked playfully. “We just show them Lauren—automatic table.”

Lauren, although wearing sunglasses, glared. “Bitch.”

“Hey!” Dinah exclaimed. “You are my friend with benefits, I’m relishing it!”

Camila face palmed. “Dinah, you are such an idiot.”

“And you just noticed this now?” Lauren finally addressed Camila.

The other girl giggled. “I just tried being straight five minutes ago, what do you think?” she joked.

Lauren chuckled, shaking her head. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Artists tend to be crazy.” Camila agreed. “I mean, Van Gogh chopped his ear off…”

“Are you implying that you are going to chop your ear off, Cabello?” Lauren teased. “If so, I will personally take you to seek professional help.”

Camila chuckled and before she could say anything else, Normani decided to shout. “WE SHOULD GET SOME HOT WINGS GUYS!”  Camila pouted that she couldn’t say anything else to Lauren but got over it quickly.

“Only if we can get pizza too.” Camila grinned.

“How about you guys order that stuff while I go get drinks?” Ally suggested. “I figure once we eat, we can talk who’s performing.”

Everyone agreed and told Ally what they wanted for drinks. Ally nodded and took her bag, walking to the bar where they were serving drinks. She turned to see if the girls were looking at her, but Normani and Dinah were ordering the food while Camila and Lauren were just sitting there. So she reached into her bag and took out a water bottle—only the water bottle didn’t have water. She took a swing of it and felt the vodka warm up her throat and sighed in content. She just needed a little bit to loosen up.

“Okay,” Camila turned to Lauren with a grin. “Let’s say, hypothetically, you were to perform tonight. What song would you pick?” she asked Lauren.

Lauren lifted her head up, assuming Camila was talking to her. “Why are you asking?”

Camila shrugged. “What? I can’t spark up a conversation with you?” she giggled.

“No, but how do I know you’re not conspiring with Dinah to get me to sing?” Lauren retorted, a smile forming on her lips.

Camila chuckled. “You’re smart.” She observed. “But I was just asking for the heck of it. Though I wouldn’t mind hearing you sing. You sing beautifully.” She said honestly.

Lauren blushed. “I’m not as great as you are though. And I’ve…never sang in front of people. I’ve just played the piano.” She mumbled.

“Well,” Camila bit her lower lip. “Maybe we should change that. Tonight.”

Lauren shook her head. “Nah, maybe another time.”

Camila pouted. “I wish you could see my pout right now.”

Lauren chuckled. “I’m glad I can’t. I’d probably fall for it and you’d get me to do whatever you wanted.”

Camila suddenly wondered if Lauren had the ability to see, would she have a chance with her? She shook her head; she had to stop thinking this way. Lauren would never be interested in her in that way. And the sooner she admitted that, the less heartbreak she’d suffer.

“Probably.” Camila said softly.

Their conversation grew silent and the two didn’t say anything, awkwardly shifting in their seats.

“Cool Kids.” Lauren suddenly spoke up. Camila stared at her with a bewildered expression. “Cool Kids by Echosmith would probably be the song I’d pick to sing.” She clarified with a soft smile.

Camila broke out into a grin. “Nice choice.”

“Thanks.” Lauren smiled softly.

Camila chewed on her lower lip nervously before reaching over the table separating the two girls and gently removing Lauren’s sunshades. Lauren’s eyes fluttered, feeling weird without sunglasses covering her face.

Camila smiled, still chewing on her lower lip. Lauren’s gorgeous green eyes always captivated her and she would stare at those emerald orbs all day if she could.

“Why did you take them off?” Lauren asked, rubbing her eye gently.

The other girl placed the glasses on the table. “Because your eyes are beautiful.” Camila smiled even wider. “And I can’t go another day with you covering them.” She said simply. “Besides, covering your beautiful eyes is a crime against nature.”

Lauren blushed and grinned, bowing her head sheepishly. “You think my eyes are beautiful?” she mumbled, not hiding the grin on her face.

“More than that.” Camila argued. “I think you’re beautiful.” She confessed, her own cheeks turning red.

Lauren played with her hands and licked her lips in an attempt to suppress her grin from growing even wider. She titled her head up and locked eyes with Camila without even knowing it. But she felt it, she felt Camila’s eyes bore into her own. And in that moment, she wished more than anything that whoever was up there granting wished would grant the one she had now. She wanted to be able to look, really look, into Camila’s eyes and tell her she was beautiful too. Camila didn’t believe when she said it, but God, Camila was beautiful. She didn’t need to see to know that.

Camila’s eyes locked with Lauren and immediately felt her stomach tighten and her throat close up. Lauren was looking at her, but at the same time she wasn’t. Lauren didn’t see her physically, but she saw her in all the parts that mattered.

“What’s your song?” Lauren asked, her eyes no longer on Camila’s.

Camila frowned slightly at the broken eye contact. “You’ll see.” She smiled again.

Lauren pouted. “That’s no fun. I told you mine!” she argued.

“Doesn’t matter.” She shrugged. “You’ll see soon enough Jauregui.” Camila teased, she giggled.

Lauren couldn’t protest any further because Ally had arrived with their drinks and the food came soon after, so Lauren silently ate her food but listening to the rest of the girls talking and joking around. Lauren snickered and smiled at the lame jokes Camila would come up with and even joined in on the laughter when Normani and Dinah’s bickering returned again.

“Okay,” Dinah spoke up. “I don’t know about you guys, but I want to get my karaoke on!”

“I surprisingly agree with Dinah here, I want to get up there and sing.” Normani agreed, suddenly smirk. “Who’s up for some Destiny’s Child?” Dinah loudly agreed to that.

Ally squealed. “Me! Me! I am!” she exclaimed. Ally had loosened up a lot since her impromptu vodka session, but not drunk enough for the rest of the girls to notice.

Normani turned to Camila and Lauren. “Destiny’s Child is a trio but we can always make exceptions…” she suggested.

Camila shook her head. “I’m fine for now. But I will be up there later though.” She winked at Normani.

Normani chuckled and looked at Lauren. “What about you Lauren?”

Lauren shook her head. “I’m good.”

Dinah smirked. “You won’t be later.”

Lauren glared at her and this time Dinah was able to see it since Lauren hadn’t put her sunglasses back on since Camila took them off.

Normani rolled her eyes. “We’re going to go sign up.” she told the two girls. “Don’t have too much fun now.” She winked. “I heard sitting in a table can get pretty chaotic.” She teased as she dragged Ally and Dinah along with her to sign up for a song and leaving the other two girls alone.

Camila turned to Lauren. “I bet you five dollars right now they’re singing ‘Bootylicious’.”

Lauren laughed. “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they do. I mean…it’s them we’re talking about. But I’ll bet they’re singing ‘Survivor’. That’s one of their most popular songs.”

Camila nodded, taking Lauren’s hand and shaking it. “It’s a deal then.”

Lauren chuckled. “It’s a deal.” She paused. “So are you going to sing?”

“Yeah, soon.” Camila smirked. “Why? Is the curiosity of what I’m going to sing eating you alive?” she teased.

The other girl rolled her eyes. “No.”

“Of course it’s not.” Camila said sarcastically. “I definitely believe you.”

Lauren raised an eyebrow. “I can wait.” She couldn’t suppress the smile. “Try not to hurt yourself up there.”

“Aw, you worry about my own safety?”

“No, I worry about everyone else’s.” Lauren smirked.

Camila feigned hurt. “Ouch, right in the heart Lauren.” She pouted. Lauren only laughed, her eyes squinting from the laughter. Camila grinned, feeling satisfied with herself knowing she made Lauren laugh.

Dinah, can you handle this?

Ally, can you handle this?

Normani, can you handle this?

I don’t think they can handle this!

Lauren burst out laughing. “Oh my god…”

Camila banged her hand on the table with excitement and pointed at Lauren. “You owe me five bucks! Ha!”

Lauren grumbled and playfully glared at Camila, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a five dollar bill. “Whatever.”

Camila smirked, taking the bill and stuffing it in her pocket. “You weren’t ready for this jelly.”

“You are such a dork, you know that?”

“A dork that’s five dollars richer.” Camila countered.

Lauren rolled her eyes, bobbing her head while Dinah, Ally, and Normani slayed the Destiny’s Child song. The crowd was definitely enjoying it, dancing along to the song.

“They’re really good.” Camila commented through the loud song.

Lauren nodded in agreement. “I know, right? Ally’s been singing since I can remember. She’s always loved to sing.” She smiled as Ally right on cue took over a verse. The tiny girl was shaking her hips, a grin on her face.

“She’s really good. “ Camila agreed. “Normani and Dinah are great too. Dinah wants to be a singer when she’s older; she’s really passionate about music.”

“We have talented friends.” Lauren said.                                                                              

“We do. We should have them start a trio, become a super famous girl group.” Camila joked.

Lauren chuckled. “And then we demand for 12% of their total earnings.”

“I like the way you think.” Camila waved her index finger to Lauren. “It should be 12% each.”

“Even better.” Lauren mused.

I don’t think you ready for this jelly

I don’t think you ready for this jelly

I don’t think you ready for this

Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe

Camila laughed and clapped when the three girls finished the song with fierce poses. She cheered loudly for them and surprisingly so did Lauren. She smiled and bit her lip as she stared at Lauren, but it didn’t take long for Dinah, Normani, and Ally to come back with a rush of adrenaline still present from the performance.

“That was so much fun!” Ally exclaimed, giggling.

“You guys were great! Lauren and I were thinking about both of us taking 12% of your profit if you decide to start a girl group.” Camila joked.

The other three girls laughed and sat back down. “So when are you going to go up Mila?” Dinah asked.

“Soon.” Camila smirked at Lauren. “Although…Lauren is dying over there because I won’t tell her what song I’m singing so I should hold it up a little longer.” She teased.

Lauren rolled her eyes. “You’re terrible.”

“No,” Dinah argued. “I’m terrible.”

“Why?” Lauren raised an eyebrow.

Dinah smirked. “Because I signed you up to sing.”

Lauren’s eyes widened and her mouth gapes. “You did what?” she squeaked out. “Why would you do that?” she exclaimed.

Dinah shrugged. “Lauren, you cannot just expect me to just let you sit there all night and do nothing.”

“Yes you can. I am perfectly content sitting in this spot! My butt is enjoying sitting here listening to you guys sing.” Lauren argued. “I don’t want my ass sitting on the floor after I fall off the stage because in case you need a reminder Dinah: I’M BLIND.”

“Exactly.” Dinah agreed. “You’re blind, but your vocal chords work, don’t they?” she argued, crossing her arms. “I’m not asking you to twerk on the stage Lauren, I just want you to sing a song and loosen up a little. God knows you of all people need it!”

Ally nodded in agreement. “She’s right Laur, just let go for today. You’re young just like the rest of us.”

“Dinah just wants to win the bet.” Lauren scoffed.

“It’s not even about the bet anymore Lauren, I just want you to have fun like all of us are.” Dinah said sincerely. “You cannot tell me sitting here and watching the rest of us enjoy the night is enjoyable to you.”

Lauren sighed. “Whatever. You’re not going to get me up there.”

Camila suddenly stood up. “What if I make a total fool of myself right now?” she spoke up.

Everyone turned to her with a confused look. “What are you talking about Camila?” Normani questioned.

Camila slid out of the table and put her hands on her hips. “You’ll see—or in Lauren’s case—hear soon enough.” She said before making her way over to sign herself up.

“What is this idiot going to do?” Dinah asked, chuckling and taking a sip of her soda.

“Didn’t you hear her? She’s going to make a fool of herself.” Normani recalled. “And she’s doing it for you Lauren so feel very special right now.”

Lauren blushed and looked down. “It’s not going to convince me to get up there and sing.”

“Never say never!” Ally sang in a very Julie Andrews-esque voice.

“You just did!” Lauren sang back. “Twice!”

Ally laughed, a little too much and everyone gave her a baffled look. “What?” she asked innocently, still giggling. “It was funny!”

Camila suddenly got up on stage and tapped on the microphone, making a loud, screeching noise echo through the club. “Shit, my bad.” She muttered, her eyes widening. Some people snickered and her cheeks turned red. What was she getting into?

“So—um,” she stuttered into the microphone. “I decided to get up here and sing to you all, but I’m specifically singing and embarrassing myself completely because my friend Lauren Jauregui over there doesn’t want to get up on here and sing which is pretty sucky to be honest.” Camila explained, pointing over to Lauren who sunk in her seat slightly and blushed. “So, I’m going to show her that having fun and embarrassing yourself while doing it is completely okay.” She smiled when some people cheered encouragingly. “Right now.” She nodded to the DJ to play the song and she exhaled. “Okay, game face.” She muttered to herself.

I’ve got bi-polar disorder

My shit’s not in order

I’m overweight

I’m always late

I’ve got too many things to say

I rock mom jeans, cat earrings, Camila sang, awkwardly swaying as she tried to get rid of the nerves.

Extrapolate my feelings

My family is dysfunctional

But we have a good time killing each other

“Whoo!” Normani and Dinah cheered. “Go Mila!” Camila grinned and winked at them. Lauren listened interestedly with a raised eyebrow.

They tell us from the time we’re young

To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves

Inside ourselves

I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well I’m over it

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are) So-o-o-o-o what

So what

So what

So what, Camila sang with more confidence, flipping her hair and beginning to dance around. People began to cheer for her and join in on the dancing too.

I can’t think straight, I’m so gay, Camila giggled when she sang that line and stuck her tongue out playfully.

Sometimes I cry a whole day

I care a lot, use an analog clock

And never know when to stop

And I’m passive, aggressive

I’m scared of the dark and the dentist

I love my butt and won’t shut up, she smirked, smacking her butt and getting some cheers from the crowd.

And I never really grew up, Camila began bringing out some embarrassing dance moves like the sprinkler.

Normani put her hands on her face and laughed. “This girl…” she trailed off.

Dinah was laughing loudly, banging her fist on the table. “She’s such an idiot!” she exclaimed in between laughs. 

But the cutest idiot, Lauren thought as she had a wide grin on her face as she heard Camila sing, wishing she could see the performance for herself. But she could only imagine what Camila must be doing, and it made her giggle.

They tell us from the time we’re young

To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves

Inside ourselves

I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well I’m over it

Camila began feeling daring and stage dived into the small crowd that caught the small girl and cheered. Camila threw her fist in the air and sang confidently to the song. She hoped that it would make Lauren want to get on stage herself.

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)

So what

So what

So what

So what

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)

So what

So what

So what

So what

Camila was brought back to the stage and finished the chorus jumping around and singing with a dorky grin on her face.

(I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are)

So what

So what

So what

So what, Camila finished the song, giggling.

Everyone in the club cheered loudly and whistled. Camila laughed and had the cheesiest smile on her face as she felt her face turn red. “Thank you!” she exclaimed before getting off the stage and walking back to her friends out of breath.

“You were so great Mila!” Ally exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “It was pretty hilarious. But regardless, you’ve got some serious talent going on there. Maybe we should consider you for our imaginary girl group.” She winked.

Camila smiled cheekily. “Thank you, I’ll consider it.” She winked back.

Some people walked up to the girls’ table to tell Camila and Dinah, Normani, and Ally what amazing performances they gave.

“It was an entertaining performance.” Lauren spoke up. “Really embarrassing,” she added, chuckling. “But it was really good.” She smiled softly.

Camila blushed profusely. “Thanks.” She chewed on her lower lip. “Does that mean you’re going to go up there to sing?” she asked with a hopeful voice.

Lauren opened her mouth to say something but suddenly a voice spoke up. “That was quite the performance you gave Camila.”

Camila turned around and her eyes widened at the person she saw. “Ariana?” her mouth gaped.

The tanned, doe-eyed girl flashed a grin. “Missed me?”

Camila immediately embraced the small girl in a tight hug. “What kind of question is that?” she retorted with a small laugh.

Ariana chuckled, breaking the hug. “A pretty stupid one.” She blushed. “It’s been two years.”

Camila nodded. “Two years since you graduated and headed off to L.A. to make your dreams come true. How’s that going by the way?” Dinah, Ally, and Normani watched the interaction curiously while Lauren listened in.

“You never texted me or called me like you said you would.” Ariana pouted. “But it’s going great, I actually got signed.” She grinned proudly.

Camila turned red. “Yeah, sorry about that.” She muttered sheepishly. But she quickly shook it off when Ariana gave the big news. “No way! That’s amazing Ariana! Congrats!” she exclaimed, hugging the girl again.

“It’s fine. You’re here now…looking quite great actually.” Ariana chewed on her lower lip as she eyed Camila up and down shamelessly, making the other girl blush. “Thank you! I’m working on my album right now, and they said New York City was great for inspiration. So my label flew me down here to work on it.” She explained. Ariana looked over and noticed Camila was with other people. “I’m sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself!” she exclaimed to them. “I’m Ariana, a…special friend of Camila’s.”

“It’s cool, I’m Dinah.” Dinah smiled softly to Ariana and sending a suggestive look to Camila.

Ally smiled at Ariana. “Hi, I’m Ally. It’s really nice to meet you.”

“I’m Normani, Camila has never told us about her special friend. So she has a lot of explaining to do later.” Normani said, raising an eyebrow at Camila who turned even redder.

Ariana laughed. “Well that hurts.” She pouted to Camila. “And all I could ever do is talk about you.” She winked.

Lauren’s jaw clenched when this Ariana girl began flirting with Camila. There was no way she was going to bite her tongue if Ariana tried to talk to her.

Camila blushed even more and couldn’t hold back the grin. “Oh god…” she muttered.

“What?” Ariana feigned innocence. “It’s true! I even annoyed my producers because I’d talk so much about you.” She chewed on her lower lip. “And now I’m going to have much more to talk about…” she trailed off as she eyed Camila up and down again, clearly checking her out. “But I think I’ll have to keep those thoughts to myself.” She said huskily.

Ally glanced over at Lauren and noticed her jaw clenching and her fists tightening in obvious jealousy. She nudged Dinah and Normani who smirked when they noticed Lauren.

Camila bit her lip and chuckled nervously. “You don’t change, do you?” she questioned.

Ariana shook her head. “Nope. But you clearly have, I mean, look at you!” she exclaimed. “You have definitely evolved to become even more beautiful since I last saw you.”

Camila blushed even more and began to wonder how red she must look at the moment. She hadn’t seen Ariana in two years when the then senior graduated and ventured off to L.A. to get discovered. Camila was a freshman then when Ariana left, and they had met through drama club which Ariana dominated. Camila was helping with the set design when Ariana caught her eye. She had a crush on Ariana since the longest at the time and Ariana noticed quickly. The two got to know each other and became quite close. Ariana was Camila’s first kiss and they went on a couple dates, but never went beyond that since Ariana told her she couldn’t have Camila fall too hard only for her to leave soon after. It broke Camila’s heart, but she eventually got over it. Seeing the girl again definitely brought back memories that made Camila’s stomach tighten.

“I could say the same thing.” Camila smiled.

Ariana smirked and then noticed Lauren sitting at the table too. “Oh shoot, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there!” she addressed Lauren.

Lauren turned red with anger and said through gritted teeth. “Neither did I. “Dinah snickered and Normani glared at her.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ariana in case you didn’t hear me introduce myself.” Ariana extended her hand for Lauren to shake, completely oblivious that Lauren was blind.

Lauren didn’t move and obviously couldn’t see Ariana offering her hand. Camila coughed awkwardly. “Um, Lauren can’t see…” she told Ariana.

Ariana’s eyes widened and she turned red in embarrassment. “God, I’m so sorry.” She apologized immediately. “I didn’t know—“

“Of course you didn’t.” Lauren said venomously.

“Lauren.” Ally warned, knowing very well this wouldn’t end well if Lauren continued talking.

Ariana looked taken back by the harsh reply. “Whoa, hey look, I’m really sorry if I offended you. I didn’t know.”

“Clearly.” Lauren spat. “If you did indeed know anything, you wouldn’t be this annoying and perky.”

“Lauren!” Ally scolded, looking at Ariana apologetically.

“What?” Lauren questioned. “You can’t possibly tell me this isn’t sleazy, she’s practically throwing herself to Camila.” She pointed out. “But please, don’t let me interrupt. I’m sure there’s a janitor’s closet here somewhere where you two can be in private.” She growled. Ariana turned red and looked down at the floor, not saying anything.

“What the hell is wrong with you Lauren?” Camila glared at Lauren, completely shocked by Lauren’s unexpected behavior.

“Me? Nothing.” Lauren said sarcastically. “You? Well, I could practically smell your hormones raging. You might as well hold up a flashing sign that says ‘Desperate lesbian seeking sexual partner’.”

Camila looked hurt and shook her head at Lauren in disappointment. “Fuck you Lauren.” She spat angrily before storming out of the club. Normani, Dinah, and Ariana immediately ran after Camila while Ally stayed behind with Lauren.

“What the hell was that Lauren?” Ally exclaimed, disappointment evident in her voice.

Lauren ignored her question and crossed her arms. “I want to go home.” Was all she said.

“No! We’re not going anywhere until we talk about this.” Ally insisted. “Talk. Now.”

Lauren scoffed. “What is there to talk about Ally?” she retorted,

“How about we start with your clear jealousy over Camila talking to Ariana?”

“Jealousy?” Lauren rolled her eyes. “I’m not jealous.” She told Ally. “Camila could marry that Ariana bimbo for all I fucking care.” She growled, tightening her fists.

Ally sat next to Lauren. “You’re a terrible liar, you know that?” she put her hand on top of one of Lauren’s tightened fists. “Talk to me.”

Lauren let out a frustrated breath. “I am jealous.” She confessed. “I am fucking jealous, because Ariana can see Camila. She can flirt with her and tell her she’s beautiful and watch Camila blush and smile at the floor because her flirting is working.” She gulped. “Me? I can’t do that. No matter what, anyone is a better match for Camila than I could ever be. So yeah, I really like Camila but she’s never going to feel the same way. Because there’s always going to be someone better.”

Ally frowned and rubbed Lauren’s back. “Laur…”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Lauren muttered before reaching her hand out for her glasses and cane, putting on her sunglasses. “Take me home.”

Ally sighed. “Fine. Let me just text Dinah and Normani, because I am going to have to come back to get them.” She relented.

Lauren didn’t say anything while Ally sent a text to Normani and Dinah. The two girls replied and told Ally it was fine, Ariana was giving them a ride home.

Ally drove Lauren home in silence, Lauren consumed by her own thoughts. She didn’t know what went over her, but she was just so angry. Angry at life, angry at her eyes for being shitty, and angry at herself for believing she had a chance with Camila. She was blind, and now she thought she was pretty stupid too.

“Lauren,” Ally spoke up as she parked in front of Lauren’s house. “do you love her?”

Lauren stayed silent, wincing. She opened the car door and stepped out, her cane in front of her. But before closing the door, she croaked out as if she was about to burst into tears:


So…this is late! I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy with school and college applications…it’s been stressful but things should begin to calm down! But anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and the songs used in this chapter were “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child (the song that Dinah, Normani, and Ally performed) and “Secrets” by Mary Lambert (the song Camila performed). I will try to update soon and if you have any storyline suggestions or song suggestions or you just want to send me a question or comment, my blog is loovelikee-fools.


> Jake: Commence Old-Timey Exclamations.
  • (I see all the sprites are hanging out together)
  • andrew hussie you had better not be about to make an over 9000 joke or I will quit reading this stupid webcomic so heLP ME
  • this is really the best reaction I could have asked for tbh
  • goddammit even when she’s being grimbark I love jade
  • oh my GOD all of these giant obnoxious exclamations
  • I simultaneously love and hate them so much
  • also I imagine this must be very disorienting for karkat and kanaya
  • suddenly this giant glowing mass in the sky
  • you know jake has been powering up for thirty pages now

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

OKAY, THIS MOMENT.  THIS IS A MOMENT THAT IS PURELY ABOUT THOR’S STRENGTH.  There’s a lot of moments that you can make a case more about durability than about strength (which Thor also has, of course!) like when he busted up the cement with his landing earlier, that was a lot to do with momentum contributing to the force.

In this moment, however, Thor’s just standing there and he does a half jump, enough to be able to slam down Mjolnir, but there’s nothing but his own mild momentum there, and instead it’s pure Thor vs Malekith.  You could argue that some of it is the Aether protecting its host, but we see none of the dark swirling energy like we did with Jane, you just see the impact of Thor’s swing ripping up the pavement in all directions and not just a little bit.  That’s not a personal sized crater, that’s the size of an entire plot of land!

And it goes hard enough to rip up the ground and the cement, goes all the way up to the school and shatters the windows just from the reverberations of it.  Like, if you don’t think Thor’s not holding back most of the time he interacts with things, no, he absolutely is, because we can see what he’s actually capable of here.

He was just STANDING THERE and then slammed his hammer down and THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.  (Which makes me think that when he does it on Vanaheim he’s either massively holding back in that moment OR Midgard is way flimsier than the other Nine Realms.)