because was the first time he talked gently with her

Jeff Atkins Imagine-

“Can I have this dance?”

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You and Hannahhadjust shown up to the Winter Ball with the group of girls you went stag with. You were promised a fun night, but honestly you weren’t that big into dances. However, Hanna wanted to go and you knew that it was because of Clay, so you decided to support your friend in this small encounter. You walked in, the music seeming too loud accompanied with all these dancing kids all over each other. You looked around and saw your crush, Jeff Atkins, and couldn’t help but blush a bit at how cute he looked in his white tux. Hanna smiled as she saw your sudden change in mood. “Go talk to him” she says and you look at her and smile gently. “You first” you say, referring to Clay. She rolls her eyes and bites her lip. “Maybe next time” she smiles and you chuckle as you guys continue in. Hanna went to go talk to some people, leaving you alone to wander by yourself. You head over to the punch table and get yourself a cup of juice before going to sit on the bleachers. You look out at the kids and find it interesting with who is dancing with who. You feel someone sit next to you and you look over to see Hanna. You smile, “Hey” you say. She smiles. “Of all the places to be at a dance, you chose here?” She looks at you. You smile. “What can I say? I’m not much of a dancer” I say and look over to see Clay Jensen sitting by himself. I look at Hanna. “Go talk to him, he’s alone and I already know he would love your company” I tell her. She bites her lip and shakes her head. “No can do, I don’t want to leave you here by yourself” she says and you chuckle. “Oh please, you came for him, go dance with him” you smile. She shakes her head and you just leave it be.

Only minutes later you watch Jeff go over and sit next to Clay. You watch them glance over to you and Hannah. Jeff starts talking to Clay and you can’t help but smile at how flustered Clay seems to get. You always admire Jeff for how kind he always was to Clay, and really anyone. You watch as Clay makes eye contact with Hannah and stands up to make his way over. “Go meet him” you slightly bump your shoulder into Hannah’s gently. She smiles gently and nods. “I’m going to do it” she lets out a breath and stands up and meets him on the dance floor. You watch the awkward, but cute encounter before looking up to see Jeff looking at you. You blush a bit and smile gently, deciding it was time to go talk to Jeff. You get up and make your way across the gym before you see Jeff and go sit next to him.

“Hey Atkins” you smile gently and look at him. He smiles and looks at you. “Hey Y/L/N” he says. You smile. “I’m surprised you actually got Clay to ask Hannah to dance, she was really happy about it” you smile gently and see the two on the dance floor. “Oh trust me, he was not going to leave this dance without dancing or at least talking with her” he chuckles softly. You smile and nod. “Glad to hear that,” you say and look at him. “You look handsome by the way.” You compliment and blush a bit. He smiles, “Thank you, you look very beautiful” He compliments. You blush and smile. “Why thank you” you say and look out at the people again. 

A slow song comes out, one of your favorite songs in fact. You watch the couples get close and start to dance. You hear Jeff sigh gently next to you, in a more encouraging way. “Can, um, can I have this dance?” Jeff says quietly. You look over and smile. “I would love that” you say as you guys stand up. He takes your hand and leads you down the bleachers and you two go out to the dance floor. He holds your hand and rests one hand on your waist in just the right spot, not too high and not too low. You smile gently and hold his hand and rest one hand on his shoulder. You two waltz and you smile gently. “You know, i’m really glad you came tonight” Jeff says softly and you look up at him. “Really? Why?” You ask softly. He smiles and looks at you. “I’ve always wanted an excuse to dance with you. You are really sweet and beautiful, and you just are someone I want to get to know” he smiles. You blush and smile. “I’ve always wanted to get to know you too” you smile gently. He smiles and spins you around, causing you to giggle softly. He smiles gently. “Well in that case, would you like to go on a date next Friday?” he asks. You smile. “I would love that” you say as the song ends. He smiles and gives you a hug. “Awesome, next Friday it is” he kisses your head gently. You blush and look over at Hannah and Clay, they aren’t together anymore. Jeff sighs gently. “I’m gonna go get Jensen, i’ll see you later” Jeff smiles gently. You smile. “See you later, thank you for the dance” you say and he kisses your hand gently before going.

You watched him go and couldn’t stop the smile that seemed to stay on your face. You had a date with Jeff Atkins, and suddenly a new love for school dances.

The Cliche Lives (Zack Taylor First Date Fluff)

PromptFic requests would you please write something where Zack is on a first date with a girl he really likes just some romantic sweet fluff.

Zack was nervous for his date with (Y/N). He sat outside Trini’s house, waiting for her to come out, so she could help him get over some butterflies. He eventually got tired of just sitting around, so he paced instead.

Finally, Trini jumped down from her window and glared at Zack. “What do you want?”

“Woah, Crazy Girl! What’s with the mean face? Can’t a guy talk to his friend without the hostility?” Zack smirked at her to piss her off.

“No, he can’t.” She started climbing the side of her house towards he window.

“Wait, wait, wait! It’s just that I have my first date with (Y/N) tonight and I’m just kind of nervous,” he admitted with a blush.

Trini gave him a blank look before she burst out laughing. “You, Zack Taylor, are having cold feet?! Oh my god, this is awesome. I have to text the others,” Trini pulled out her phone, pulling up the group chat with an evil glare.

“Trini! Come on! Help me!” Zack whined. “This date has to go well. I really like her.”

Trini rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Doesn’t matter to me. It’s not like there are many ways it could go wrong anyways. I mean, unless you decide to jump onto another speeding vehicle, I’m sure she’ll love you.” Trini actually looked pained at her own words.

Zack tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “Wow… that was actually nice… I think.”

Trini shoved him. “Get the fuck out of here, douche. You have disrespected me. Leave the premises.”

Zack laughed and hopped away backwards. He spun around lazily and put his arm in the air, waving behind him. “Thanks! See you in detention tomorrow!”

Trini jumped into the air, easily reaching her window with her supernatural powers. “Good luck! Don’t choke!” And with that, Trini slammed her window shut.

Zack tripped and sighed in Trini’s general direction. He knew Trini would be able to help him. However brutal it was.

Zack arrived at (Y/N)’s house about 10 minutes later - just in time for their 7 pm date. He knocked on the door and stood back, patiently waiting for someone to answer. Luckily, it was her, so he didn’t have to talk to anyone else.

But maybe he should’ve talked to someone else first to better prepare himself because damn, she was perfect. Zack smiled brightly at her, and held out his hand as an invitation.

“Hey there, beautiful.”

She raised her eyebrow at him. “Cliche, much?” she smirked.

“Oh, uh, I- I mean, um, hi?” Zack stuttered.

She laughed and gently laid her hand in his offered one. “Getting you all flustered is fun. You’re cute when you blush.”

Zack smiled evilly. “Ah, I’ll get you back for that.”

“Later. Now, where are we going. You said dress in easy to move in clothes that are warm.”

Zack led her away from the house. “You’ll just have to see, won’t you?”

As they neared Zack’s hideout, he decided that it was a good time to blindfold  (Y/N). 

“You’re totally going to murder me out here aren’t you. So cliche, bringing me out to the dark, empty woods to slit my throat.”

“Oh, shut it. You may be the prettiest girl I’ll meet, but you’re still a pain,” Zack laughed.

They finally reached the abandoned train car of his. Zack pulled off the blindfold and outstretched his hands, internally trying to calm himself. He didn’t really know what she would think of his hideaway. He tried to gauge her reaction through her facial expressions.

“Ah, so is this your evil lair where you’ll torture and kill me?” she asked with a playful smile. She approached Zack grabbed onto his torso and spun him around. “I suppose I’ll just have to let the handsome criminal mastermind do his thing now, huh?”

Zack beamed at her. “I suppose you will,” he said as he spun with her tunelessly. Risking it, he carefully pressed his lips to (Y/N)’s. He could feel her smiling, so he held the position a bit longer, savoring the warmth. 

When he pulled away, he found her blushing and trying to hide her face. “Look who’s the flustered one now,” Zack joked. 

(Y/N) huffed, but didn’t deny it. 

“Come here. I want to show you something.” Zack took her hand and led her to the train car. He found the ladder that he used to use before he became a Power Ranger and gestured for (Y/N) to go first. She climbed the ladder while Zack naturally climbed the side of the car. They reached the top, and Zack brought her to the edge nearest to the cliff drop-off. 

He sat down and patted the spot next to him. (Y/N) sat down and linked her hand with his without hesitation. “So, what are you showing me?”

Zack let himself relax when he felt her fingers intertwine with his. “Patience.”

Slowly, the lights of Angel Grove began lighting up. One by one, streetlights lit up, the lighthouse, homes, and so on. But what Zack really wanted to show her came on last. 

“There,” he pointed to the water. Boats were passing by the docks, all lit up. The lighthouse also circled around the. The water reflected the light beautifully. It faltered once in a while with ripples. “The water never fails to amaze me.”

(Y/N) stared at the lights in awe. “I suppose cliches are your thing.”

Zack chuckled. “Wow, you never cease to amaze me.”


The two sat in silence while they watched the ships slowly float by. At some point, (Y/N)’s head rested on Zack’s shoulder and Zack’s head rested on her’s.

“Cliches are good,” she whispered.

Zack huffed in amusement. “Are they?”

“… Only with you.”

Zack felt his chest warm up. He pushed (Y/N)’s hair behind her ear and, for the second time that night, kissed her, breathed her in, smiled with her, and fell in love with her.

Sabo / Coby Reaction

Bonjour ! Et bien en fait je suis malade, c’est d’ailleurs pour ça que je poste aujourd’hui … Du bist German ? Ich spreche Deutch !

Coby reaction to his S/O saying “I love you” for the first time:

-Would be calm at first like “Can you repeat please I wasn’t listening I was working on my new…”


-Will stay silent at first because he will not understand quickly.

- Like “I’m shock babe give me a second”.

-In fact he will be silent FOR TEN FUCKING MINUTES

-But he will finally say something back like : Oh ah yes wa humm…

-Being a mess as always

-Of course he loves her back because he don’t want to spend time with people he doesn’t like.

- Finally will say somehting like : Really ? You know, I like you too…

- Will smile like an idiot until the next week.

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Sabo reaction to his S/O saying “I love you” for the first time

-Will smile like “Yeah, I knew it”.

-Will hug his S/O the second after

-And whisper something like “I love you too “ or “I love you more”

- Maybe he will gently kiss her

-Or maybe just smile and laugh sweetly for 3 hours.

-Will stay with his S/O until the end of the day, always hugging, kissing and talking with her.

-Sweetest as possible!

-She will becomes a family member in a minute, because he knows she is the one, until he dies.

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LIKE beru whitesun is 7th generation free and owen lars is only 3rd, but then, owen is a landowner, which gave him special status among a community of mostly tenant farmers and laborers.

the fact that they were officially married was another status symbol—there were lots of husbands and wives on tatooine but beru and owen had the republican-stamped signatory that cost a shameful number of credits and weeks of waiting for the correct forms to process and the registry to audit for fraud. (it was common, especially on outer rim planets, to register false bonds for the purposes of collecting on benefits the republic extended to family units. senator palpatine had worked very hard to tighten those regulations, it had been the crowning achievement of his 9th session.)

but at the same time, they’re raising a second-generation kid called ‘skywalker, which no one would mistake for a family name—’skywalker’ is something a scared pregnant slave girl picks at twenty-four, when she wants to give her child something, anything, and there’s nothing else. (at some point, beru stops gently suggesting luke could call himself ‘lars’ every time he comes home with a mulish look and a fat lip.)

and luke carries it all with him—han’s never seen the kid as white-knuckled furious as the first time han mentions he’s technically sort of one of jabba’s goons. it takes leia a few days to talk luke around, and then only because han swears up and down he was never involved in the water trade, just spice and information.

(’water export?’ leia had asked, when luke mentioned it. ‘tatooine is a desert planet, wasn’t every drop needed—’

‘yes,’ luke spat bitterly, and that was the end of that.)

……………….honestly though luke skywalker grew up less than a 150 klicks from where his father was raised, anakin wouldn’t have recognized the features of his life.

What would the captain do if their lovers were pouting them ?

Shunsui Kyoraku : He will finally follow his S/O : kissing and stroking their neck, asking if he did something bad and trying to make his lover confess.

Soi Fon : First she will feel a little bit annoyed that her S/O blame her. Seeing that nothing changes, she will getting mad at them and reproaching to act like a child. She won’t give up, too much pride in this little body of her.

Rojuro Otoribashi : First of all, he’ll let them calm down. Then he’ll apologize, knowing what he has done wrong, and drive them to some shopping or meal where they want.

Unohana Retsu : She will try to understand why her S/O is pouting by oversee their reactions and gestures. Then after her investigation she will talk the needed time to tamp this story.

Shinji Hirako : At first, he’ll try to make them laugh. If it work he’ll take them to ice cream outing and go over it. If they don’t stop pouting, he’ll hold them to their bed and lay under the cover in a backhug.

Byakuya Kuchiki : He’ll come by behind and gently take their hand for them to pay attention to him. He doesn’t like these kind of situation because he always thinks he made them suffer.

Sajin Komamura : He will stand in front of his S/O until they gave him an explanation. He’ll feel really sorry if he did something bad but he really wants to know the reason. If his S/O was ready to speak he will hold his hand listening to them kindly. That’s his animal instinct that made him dominant in a crisis time, he feels like it’s his role to take the problem in hand.

Kensei Muguruma : Kensei, without being violent and hurting them, will blocked them on a table or against a wall espacially if his S/O is rowdy. He knows that they’ll stop complaining on what he did and focuse on the present.

Toshiro Hitsugaya : He’ll internally burn with them, pouting is something he found childish. They’ll have it out but before his lover he feels weak so he’ll them say that he’s the guilty one. Things will cool down with time… 

Zaraki Kenpachi : He will act as he used to because be surrounded by childish/playful people is his daily life.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi : He isn’t the kind of person to care about it. He just doesn’t notice these kind of foolish things.

Jushiro Ukitake : A man kind as he is, he will give them candies, chocolat, a massage annd other sweet things he’s an expert in. He’s too fluffy for them not to give up and melt in his arms.

In Dreams

Rating: Gen
Set in Season 5

Trigger Warning for Violence and Depiction of Death

It’s oppressively dark, so dark that he can scarcely see her, or the rest of the team. The clouds hang so low that he swears he can’t make out anything in the distance between his head and his feet. One shouldn’t feel claustrophobic outdoors, but between the dense humidity and layers of riot gear, he is quickly losing his breath. But he can hear her, the sound of her leather tactical gloves creaking against her weapon, he can feel her shoulder bumping up against him.

“Stay behind me,” he whispers.

“No way,” she hisses.

Their ear pieces crackle and give the order. Flash bangs send the darkness into strobing bursts of white light the metal doors swing open. She’s already ahead of him, weapon raised. His heart is jackhammering in his chest. Flashlight beams bounce off of the walls. The room is wide and bare, nowhere to hide, and blessedly empty. He lets his arms drop and a deep breath tumbles into his lungs like water filling a bucket dunked into a well.

Voices from every corner call “clear!” The room is illuminated by the eerie yellow light of glow sticks. She’s a good twenty feet from him now, looking just a little disappointed that she didn’t get to zip tie a half dozen domestic terrorists. He offers a smile and shrug as he slings his weapon over his shoulder. She smirks back but then her expression suddenly shifts to something else. It takes him a moment to track and figure out what she’s looking at and with such dread.

The floor.


Hatches open all over, a half dozen of them,with guns cackling like a murder of crows. A trap. He watches the room flash, a lightning storm and sees her, in staccato slow motion, falling, and falling, and falling.

He is moving against a current to get to her. As quickly as it started, the gunfire stops.

There is gasping, choking, pained crying. At least four have fallen. All of the shooters seem to be neutralized.

“Scully?!” he says as he drops to his knees next to her.

She coughs and blood spatters around her mouth like a macabre Rorschach. His hands dance about, looking for a wound to tamp.

“Leg,” she gasps. “Too much.”

Her inner thigh is torn open and blood is pulsing out in waves.

“Hang on,” he says as he presses the heel of his hand against the wound. She winces behind bloodstained teeth. He knows that there is more, she wouldn’t be spitting blood if she didn’t have internal bleeding.

“Took one in the jacket, I think my lung’s collapsed,” she wheezes painfully.

“Help’s coming,” he tells her.

Her eyes go unfocused and she suddenly looks almost peaceful.

“Hey, Scully. Stay with me,” he says as presses harder against her thigh. His fingers are slickened with blood and the gaping injury is too big for him to cover. The femoral artery is either badly lacerated or entirely severed.

“I’m bleeding out,” she says softly.

“No, no, no, look at me, Scully,” he pleads. He begins fumbling with his belt and pulls it off in one swift move. He wraps the belt high on her thigh and pulls it as tight as it will go. She should have jolted or winced, something. But she didn’t.

She is staring, glassy-eyed at the ceiling and struggling to breathe shallowly.


She doesn’t respond, just blinks languidly. The blood is still coming and coming and coming. He feels the panic rise up like bile in the back of his throat.

“I’m so thirsty,” she mumbles. And then, nothing. Her eyes slip shut and she stops fighting to breathe.

“Scully? Scully?! SCULLY?!”

He is still screaming her name when he rises from his pillow. He grasps wildly for her, trying to pull her back from the brink. She isn’t there.

He is soaked in sweat, his is windpipe raw as he tries to slow his breathing.

He snatches his phone off of the coffee table and dials blindly.

It rings and rings and rings.

“Hmmm, Sc’lly,” she answers, voice slurry and thick with sleep.

It’s as if she’s pulled a thread and unwound him with the simple greeting. His jaw immediately unclenches and the tightness in his shoulders releases. He closes his eyes and exhales deeply.

“Mulder? S’that you?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he says, trying to steady his voice.

“You okay?” she asks.

He scrubs his fingers through his hair and draws a breath in through his nose.


He can hear her shifting blankets about and sitting up.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” he tells her, remorseful that he has woken her.

“What’s going on?” she asks, her voice clearer, more awake.

“I’m sorry, Scully…I just…”

I just saw you die in front of me.

“Mulder,” she sighs, mild irritation creeping into her voice. “It’s late and we’ve got a flight to catch in the morning.”

“Yeah…yeah. I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, g’night, Mulder,” she sighs, as cordial as a person can be at three in the morning. The line goes dead, no not dead, quiet. He heaves a great sigh and lays back down. He does not sleep.

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So what about a sequel to the soulmate AU bc I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days  part 1 here

  • It’s not odd for Percy to wake up with his arms twisted around Annabeth and her back pressed against his chest or to have her arms wrapped around his stomach and her crowding up against his back.
  • It’s the best way to wake up.
  • He found Annabeth, his soulmate (which is weird to finally say) just a few days ago. It’s–it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.
  • The thing is–he hasn’t really been able to leave her side lately. It’s normal though, when people find their other half, it’s human nature to need to be beside each other all the time because they had already been separated for so long. Everybody knows that, so thankfully, Percy’s swim coach is cutting him a bit of a break right now about not keeping him too long after the other guys or letting him lift weights when he knows that Annabeth is in class instead.
  • It’s disorienting, and it’s perfect. 
  • When he’s not in class or swimming, he’s with Annabeth. Thankfully, they have similar schedules so he doesn’t have to go too long without seeing her. They usually get something to eat and then wander through the streets holding hands and talking unless they go back to Annabeth’s dorm to watch a movie on her laptop. Whey they do that, they always fall asleep together, and Percy gets to wake up to Annabeth’s alarm going off and seeing her grumble as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes and flops back down against his shoulder.
  • They’re going slow. They haven’t really discussed anything between them yet (after all, they just met), but Percy knows that he just wants to be beside her. He’s good with whatever she wants, as long as she’s right there with him. 

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Avengers Preference 7 - He Needs You

Thor - 

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Because it’s getting to him - not being able to travel from Asgard to see you all the time. Being you - the girl he loves - you understand, and learn not to worry about him too much, but he would go hour, after hour of feeling terrible. If he was refused to go to Midgard, he would sit in his room, relishing over the memories he would spend with you. When he eventually got back to Midgard, you were the first person he found; the second you came into his sight, pulling you into a hug which pulled you off the floor. Thor’s lips would soon find yours, making up for all the time you had spent apart. He didn’t let go of your hand for a while, either. He needed you right now, even if it was just your presence. 

Steve - 

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Because he missed everything - His old life, Bucky, Peggy… You held no feelings for the Super Solider talking about his first love, because it was her, and although he felt terrible for talking about her, he couldn’t help himself. The cure to fix him was always quite sweet - Steve would tell you a song, one he listened to. One he truly loved. Using the Internet, you would find it, and play it, gently swaying around with him; your hands round his neck, his around your waist, whilst his head rested on top of yours. It was his sign of comfort, and being able to protect something he loved. He found the homely feeling, and understood, you’d never let him go.

Tony - 

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Because his reputation was getting to him - alright, he still did the odd flirting whenever you attended a party or social event, but you had been together for almost a year. Yet, the press were eagerly awaiting on the day you would both split, leaving Tony Stark ‘King Bachelor’ once more. Once the news of a latest article reached him, he flipped, cursing everything and everyone. You eventually found him slumped in his lab - sore throat, red eyes. You rolled your eyes, making yourself comfortable on his lap pressing a kiss to his forehead, gently humming a tune from the radio. He couldn’t help but show a content smile, either. That’s when he knew you were there, that it was real, and he needed you. 

Bruce - 

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Because he can’t stop thinking. His job seems to be taking over his life, more than the ‘Other Guy’ did, and he blamed himself for not spending as much time with you as he could. He’d come into your room at night, close to tears, as he realized all the things you could of done. Instead, his brain continue to whir with ideas and thoughts, until he thought he’d go insane. You’d see him, breaking apart, and take his head in your lap, continuously pressing kisses to his forehead until he was calm. He knew he needed you - you were his antidote to the pain he couldn’t stop.

Loki -  

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Because he’s lonely - you had gone on a trip with some of your friends, and he was still located at Stark Tower. He hadn’t made the best impression on the Avengers, so isolated himself, with books, as he used to. But, since you were in his life, the loneliness and want for companionship began to grow even more. When you returned, you could barely say hello to anyone, before he dragged you away, kissing you heavily. He carefully pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. He needed you, otherwise he would fade away, becoming something he knew you wouldn’t love.

READ - I need you guys to send me Preference Ideas…I’m running low. ALSO, CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE TONY STARK OR NOT?

Masterlist -

ok but. imagine the first time Dave sleeps at jade’s place. it’s late, like 1 am and Jade is asleep on his lap because they thought starting a movie at 12 was an ok idea. Dave is crazy tired and the movie is still going, but he doesn’t care and oh god he has to drive back to his shitty messy apartment still after getting Jade in bed and locking her door for her.

so he turns off the movie Jade was so excited to watch and gently shakes her awake. she talks to him half asleep for a while before actually waking up enough to get ready to sleep. her makeup is smeared and she’s just like. “you look tired. I don’t want to have to worry about you driving across town tonight. why don’t you just stay?” and he gets all embarrassed and he doesn’t really have proper sleep stuff but he agrees anyway

but like. Jade clumsily searching for a new toothbrush under the sink. Jade trying to teach Dave how to braid at 1 am while Dave brushes his teeth. and Dave following Jade into her bedroom before she’s changed and she’s like “hey!!!! get out!! I gotta change!!!!!” and she finally opens the door in a hideous baggy shirt and little shorts. and Dave comes in and just takes his pants off and fumbles while trying to plug in his phone. Jade getting into the other side of the bed and staying on the edge because she’s not sure if he’s staying for convenience or if he wants to. and that’s answered by Dave being the sort of person who hugs pillows when they sleep. but guess what no extra pillows and there’s a Jade. Jade cannot move the whole night because he’s clinging to her but she doesn’t mind at all. these are the things that keep me up at night

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Some Akutagawa and Chuuya parenting headcanons please?

I’ve been waiting for someone to request these!


- He isn’t a hands-on Dad. He watches his child from afar since he doesn’t trust himself to actually take care of the child. He still praises them and rewards them when necessary

- Is a strict and firm father who doesn’t let his kids misbehave but is fair with them however

- Has a natural talent for getting his kid back to sleep if they wake up crying in the night. Probably because he’s so careful and gentle with them when he holds them which makes them feel safe.

- A warning for everyone. Never insult this guys kids. You will regret the day you were born if he hears you talking crap about them

-Akutagawa wouldn’t want a child at first because he couldn’t see himself as a father.It would have to take his S/o to persuade him to finally agree to having a child


- Has fallen asleep many times with his child rested on his chest. It actually pretty sweet because he’ll have his hand gently placed on their back and the other arm loosely hanging off the sofa.

- I’d hate to be the boyfriend of his daughter. Its just death stares and “Don’t you try anything funny on her..” at every meeting which annoys his daughter greatly.

- He promised himself that he wouldn’t get drunk in front of the kid because he doesn’t know what his drunk self would do. Surprisingly he’s kept to this promise and only gets drunk after the kids have gone to bed

-“Mr. Nakahara I’m afraid your child was in a fight today and there will-”

“Did they win though???”

“Well yes bu-”

“Then I don’t see your point”

- Get extremely depressed when his child soon grows taller than him as he only felt tall when around his kid. He would also dislike it if his child wore any heels of some sort for the same reason.

Girl Meets Yearbook

Has anyone wondered why Lucas had told Maya ‘hey’ so gently in Girl Meets Yearbook when she was supposed to be Riley ? A lot of people may think it’s because she was dressed up as Riley so he just thought he was talking to Riley. But in my opinion i think it was the first time Maya ever told him ‘Hi’ so nicely without any nickname like ‘huckleberry’ or ‘ranger rick’. Then you can see how his face immediately softens and is like mesmerized by her. I swear these two give me the feels.

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So I had this big argument with my mom, and I realised that all I need is mom!Leia and Jaina moment (I can't find any because daddy!Han is very popular but mom!Leia...) so please please can you draw one?

OKAY SO. first: I am sorry about the Mom Argument. Mom Arguments are always messy and sometimes hurtful, so I send hugs your way

SECOND: Mom!Leia is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING 2 ME and I have actually drawn a thing here from a while back. BUT. I will draw more VERY SOON. 

Third: I think Daddy!Han is more widely accepted just because in the eu itself, Han is literally like the Galaxy’s Number One Dad (which is great and I fully endorse it but. Leia is important too, ya know?) but for some reason they show Leia as being not as close with her kids? Or at least, Jaina? which is, like, manifestly untrue, because to Leia, the girl who grew up adopted and new the worth of one’s parents and all that jazz, she’d never - ever - put her career over her children and gosh diddly DARN eu writers why would you even entertain such an idea, certainly don’t know. ERGO I will direct you to some of irnan’s fics with ideal MomLeia here (briefly), and here (more than briefly). There are loads more inserted into ninety percent of her swallows and amazons verse, BUT FOR NOW let us go through some MomLeia headcanons because MomLeia is necessary for life:

  1.  Leia and Jaina don’t always entirely understand each other - haven’t from when Jaina was a little kid, because that child has always been and probably will always be a daddy’s girl, in a loose sense of the word. Jaina, in my head, doesn’t fight back against situations like her mother does, rising up to the plate tooth and nail, but kind of lets the trouble come to her and rolls with the punches, you know? (and this isn’t even my own personal headcanon - read Junior Jedi Knights and know that that child is unnervingly like her father). So often they don’t quite understand where the other is coming from entirely, especially as Jaina gets older, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t very close. Jaina feels close to her mother in a deep-rooted sense that has a lot to do with quiet chats they share together ever since childhood, and never once in her life has Mom treated her like a clueless little kid. So I guess where I’m getting at with this is that, me, for example, I often have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye with my dad. Like, my brother is a lot more similar overall to my dad than I am, and understands him in a way that I have difficulty with and probably never will. But at the same time, I feel this deep-rooted sense of trust and closeness with my father that almost transcends our frequent arguments and the way we always misinterpret what the other is saying, you know? SO WHAT I’M SAYING is that I envision Leia to be a lot like my dad that way: always, always looking out for her kids and always treating them with respect and trust, sitting with them to patietly explain all the confusing corners of their family and why Mom sometimes does the things she does and how important her kids are to her. Like she lets them know, because she trusts them not to screw up, and honesty, to Leia, is a Very Important Thing, coming from someone who’s been lied to almost her whole life about family things. 
  2. Actually one of my biggest headcanons is that Jaina and Mom do this thing where they sit together quietly sometimes (Jaina always feels so very grown up, and one time Mom even lets her take a sip of her caf) and Jaina asks Mom things about life the universe and everything, and even though she doesn’t totally get what Mom means sometimes, she bounces ideas off her mother and trusts the answers Mom gives her because Mom is Mom and Mom would never, ever lie to her
  3. Leia loves her children fiercely and without reserve. They are the one thing that she would unhesitatingly draw blood for, unflinchingly hurt others to protect. Their safety goes above and beyond that of anyone else, and her protectiveness of them is like this lovely fluffy blanket that they’re wrapped in. Where Dad is their solid, constant supporter, Mom is the safety blanket they fall into as they grow older and make mistakes. (And Uncle Luke is everything else, warm and lovely and probably the Best Person In The Galaxy)
  4. She doesn’t excel at Typical Mom Things, exactly, like baking or making nice packed lunches, but she does excel at things that you’d never voice aloud but would think are what makes a Mom inherently a Mom - like the tilt of her mouth and the sparkle in her eye when Jacen thinks up a new joke, not teasing at all, but almost proud, in a funny sort of way - or how she so naturally leans over and wipes the bit of butter from the corner of Anakin’s mouth as he finishes of the last of his sandwich (and later, Jaina will do the same thing and feel Very Grown Up because that’s just what mom does). Or the way she goes down on her knees and opens her arms wide for a hug, says “come here, you darlings” and presses a kiss to Anakin’s tousled head while the twins bury their faces in her shoulders. Or how, sometimes, she’s get a mischievous glint in her eye and tell Jaina exactly where Uncle Luke’s most ticklish spots are, or Jacen how to tie Dad’s old shirt to the stick more effectively so that their fort can actually have a proper flag, you know, because Proper Flags are very important for forts, of course. And it is an undisputed fact that Uncle Luke makes the best hot chocolate, but Mom knows how to keep it warm just long enough so that when they come in front adventuring with tangles in their hair and Jacen waving around a fist full of some cool looking rocks they found at the edge of the pond, it’ll be sitting there just the perfect temperature for them to gulp down eagerly. 
  5. When Jaina gets old enough to ask Boy Questions, she decides to ask Mom first, because that’s just what you do - but Mom’s answers stray into the “we were stuck in the belly of a giant space worm” vicinity fairly quickly and apologetically and Jaina gapes for ten minutes before deciding to go find Aunt Mara at the shipyard
  6. Jacen and Anakin declare that they can always tell when Mom and Dad have been kissing, because Mom’s got this glow in her cheeks that’s only ever present after that sort of thing. Jaina swears she doesn’t think about it, but the first time she kisses a boy she comes home and spends the next fifteen minutes inspecting her face in the mirror to look for that Glow. Mom finds her and asks what happened and even though the Space Worm Debacle comes to the forefront of Jaina’s thoughts, Aunt Mara is on a mission of some sort with Uncle Luke and so Jaina sits down on the edge of the ‘fresher sink and tells her Mom everything that happened with a deep blush on her cheeks and Leia laughs and kisses her forehead and says not to worry about The Glow, because, sweetie, you’re only fifteen and when I was fifteen, I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet. (Jaina feels a lot better about the whole thing after that)
  7. When Jacen and Jaina are seven and Anakin is five, Dad and Chewie are away and Uncle Luke is on Yavin and the lights in their apartment flicker and die and maintenance doesn’t show up for a good hour so Mom decides that she’ll just have to fix it herself; Jacen says “you know how to do that?” and Mom bops him on the nose gently and tells him that she doesn’t know how to do some things, thank you very much, Dad and Unlce Luke don’t have the monopoly on fix-it genes in this family, and here, I’ll show you guys how to do it too. Halfway through the operation (Jaina takes to calling it The Operation in a very important tone of voice) Mom starts humming a song they’ve never heard under her breath and when Anakin asks, she tell him that it’s an old Corellian spacer shanty and Dad sings it under his breath when he’s fixing things all the time and that’s one thing Dad has taught her, and do they want to learn it? (they do)
  8. When Jacen is ten (AND HERE I will say that I shamelessly nabbed the beginning of this headcanon from Irnan ALL RIGHTS GO TO HER) he falls out of a tree trying to look at birds and breaks his arm and Grandfather shows up for the first time, in Force Ghost form and sits and talks to him until Mom and Dad and Uncle Luke find him. Later Mom asks him how he wasn’t scared and Jacen considered not telling her the truth, because Uncle Luke’s told them all the Story and in the Story, Grandfather spent a lot of time doing Not Very Nice Things, and Mom gets this funny look on her face when Uncle Luke brings him up, but then he figures that he can’t lie to Mom so he tells her nad she looks at him a long, long moment before gently pulling him into a hug and pressing a kiss to his forehead. She doesn’t mention it again, not even when Jaina starts talking to Him when she hangs around the ship yards, or how He helps the three of them escape from under the sewage tunnels That One Time and find Aunt Mara before it’s Too Late, but Jacen knows taht she’s talked to him herself about it because Grandfather never does or says anything that Mom might not approve of and Jacen thinks that that’s really nice, actually, because he sort of likes Grandfather, even though sometimes he can say funny things that no one understands but Jaina says probably mean something very very important.
  9. I don’t know how this strayed so far BUT MOM LEIA IS V IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE Leia is a character that takes family and attachments and relationships VERY seriously, on account of her own confusing family past and how much she depends on Luke and Han to keep her sane, AND THEREFORE she needs to be a Mom that is a Great Mom and sometimes she makes mistakes and is a little overprotective BUT she loves her children unconditionally and they love her back just as much.
  10. OKAY
One Meeting to Remember—Hoseok & Jimin

A/n: Okay, let me say that this…this could be like my second or third smut I’d ever written. This is from when I started writing. I hope you guys like it!

Ps. I personally did not want to post it, but a certain Admin wanted me to do so. —Ash ^w^

“How did I get stuck in between two men?”

That was the initial thought that ran across (y/n). Not only was she with them at the same time, but they were both bandmates and friends.


Not everyday people get the chance or the money to go to such an extravagant event, such as this one. This was no normal fanmeet or concert. Oh no. The few selected people were going to be able to meet the artist and the lineup was perfect.
(Y/n) and her friends were selected to attend this event. Of course, how could they miss that? No one was going to stop them from meeting their boys.

Singing and screaming.

That’s all that emerged from the guest’s lips as each group came on stage. The girls cheered and sang along to almost all of the groups, after all, they were their fans. Yet, there was one group that had a pair of members that made (y/n)’s heart skip a beat.
There, as the final group to present, was the infamous Bangtan Boys, or commonly known as BTS. They recently made their comeback and everyone was hyped. Of course the group of friends were no exception.

As they performed, (y/n) tried to organize, within her mind, what she was going to ask or tell them when she got the chance to meet them, that is, if she got the chance.

Closing up the concert with their debut song, the boys made sure to give their all, and boy they did. Their dance moves could bring any girl down on her knees, the look in their eyes could seduce anyone who dared stare into them for too long. Little did they know, that with just their eyes, they could melt an ice cold heart in seconds.

Everything else went by in a blur, all (y/n) knew is that one of her best friends was dragging her away from meeting SHINee and into somewhere unknown.

“Where are we going?! Yah! Could you stop dragging me?!”

“No, now shut up and move ahjumma.” Her friend stated in a teasing tone. (Y/n) was one of the oldest, while (f/n) was the youngest among them and being the youngest, apparently, gave her teasing privileges. (F/n) would never miss out on teasing her, whether it was at university, at home or in public, she just had to do it. She wasn’t the evil maknae for nothing.

Coming to a sudden stop, the young girl smiled proudly, motioning her friend to make the small line to get her album signed. (Y/n) didn’t get the chance to see who were the ones behind the counter, that is, until she heard their voices.

Standing just a few feet away, were the boys from BTS, in their shining glory. A glare was directed at (f/n) as she realized what she had done. (Y/n) had made the mistake telling her friend about her “thing” for a pair of members, and now she had been dragged to meet them face to face. Lucky for them, they were the last ones on the line, giving them more time to actually have a conversation with them.

“Can you tell me why aren’t you rushing to go see Super Junior?” She whispered to her friend. (F/n) was an ultimate SuJu fan, and the fact that she chose BTS over meeting SuJu brought questions to (y/n) mind.

“They are too far away, besides, this line was shorter. Oh! And I’m hungry as well.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Just saying.” She shrugged. (Y/n) guessed that she had to pay for food this time.

As they made their way in front of the boys, they both took a deep breath and finally turned to them.

They were stunning. No picture could do them justice, they were just breathtaking. The girls smiled at them, giving them a shy wave. They responded with a large smile and a bombardment of questions. While (f/n) stroke conversation with Namjoon pretty quickly, (y/n) felt eyes piercing her back. Quietly, she glanced over her shoulder to find Jimin staring directly at her. She quickly looked away, but his stare caused for her to turn and look at him directly.

Just as she turned, a large smile was drawn on Jimin’s lips, as he caught the girl’s attention. He absolutely adored when he saw his fans turn into nervous wrecks. He made sure to always do something that would just drive them insane. But for some reason, the girl standing before him actually made him smile. Her nervousness was cute and the way she would steal glances, just made him smile even more.

(Y/n) stayed by her friend’s side at all times, but it would seem that she just wanted to have a conversation with Namjoon. Both of them were laughing as they told some random stories. With a low sigh, (y/n) kept moving along to the other members, giving them a wide smile and quick answers to their questions.

Sitting side by side were the two boys that were able to warm up her cold heart, Hoseok and Jimin, both shooting smiles at the poor girl. Inside her mind, she imagined herself pulling out a pan and whacking them both for being such cuties. Sadly, her ideas were to stay in her head.

With a wide smile, Hoseok signed her album, asked her a few questions, and even asked her if she would like to take a picture, to which, she obliged. Quickly, he passed the album towards Jimin, bidding the girl farewell. She quickly glanced back at her friend, only to see her, Namjoon and Seokjin taking a few pictures. She quickly shook her head. What was she to do with that girl.

When she directed her eyes towards Jimin, she saw him staring intensely at her, causing for a bright blush to dust her cheeks. She tried to utter some words but none seemed to come out, just inaudible noises. On the other hand, the only thing Jimin could do was laugh. To him, she looked absolutely adorable. The way she tried to divert her gaze away from him, how her cheeks turn red when she caught him staring at her. All of these things made him just want to…that’s when things went down.

With a devious smirk, Jimin gently lifted her chin, making her stare directly into his eyes.

His eyes, those deep brown eyes that could cause anyone to fall on their knees, the same ones that showed passion for what he does, a bright sparkle that is seen in eyes that show both happiness and sadness, those were the eyes that slowly melted her heart. His lips inched closer to hers, making her legs turn into jelly. With a sly smirk he released her chin, quickly changing his smirk into an innocent smile.

Trying to register the events, she took a step backwards, forgetting she was standing on a small platform and causing her to fall down. With a loud crash, everyone’s attention was diverted to her, causing for the members to quickly stand up from their seats. Yet, Jimin beat them to her when he jumped over the table and with quick movements, he was helping the girl.

When she opened her eyes seconds after she hit the ground, the first thing she sees are those deep brown eyes. They used to hold a playful gaze a few seconds ago, but now they were drenched in worry.

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I am so sorry, this is my fault.” He began to sputter quickly, his voice showing concern. Kneeling by his side was Hoseok, checking if she was actually alright. With quick movements (f/n) kneeled on her other side, asking her a string of questions in their native tongue, causing questioning looks from the boys.

“I-I’m fine! This is my fault, I didn’t notice that I was so close to the edge.” She said as she slowly sat up. Her friend said something between laughter that caused for (y/n)’s face to turn red, followed by a string of curses in their native tongue.

After the short events, Namjoon suggested that Hoseok and Jimin take (y/n) to their comfort room until they were sure she could walk on her own and that she didn’t get dizzy. She tried to reject the offer, but all seven kept insisting, to the point that she had to agree.

Slowly, they made their way into the comfort room and set her in the couch. Her eyes glanced around, admiring the small place. For seven members, this was awfully comfy. While she rested on the couch, Hoseok left to get her something to eat. Looks like (f/n) will have to buy her own food, that is, if she doesn’t convince Namjoon to buy her food. She laughed at the thought, her friend was shy but she was a very good flirt and if she wanted to, she could have any guy. All she had to do was talk.

Brushing away those thoughts, she observed as Jimin slowly made his way towards her, sitting next to her. The closeness between them made her nervous, but for once, Jimin was not smiling at her. He gently lifted his gaze, looking into her eyes for the first time since they had arrived.

“I’m sorry. You got hurt because of me. I should have been more careful.”

This eyes were apologetic and held guilt for causing the small accident, but (y/n) knew it wasn’t his fault. She cupped Jimin’s cheeks and gave him a warm smile.

“I’m fine. There was no harm done, don’t feel bad. Okay?”

A pink blush dusted his cheeks at her sudden action, quickly, he removed her hands from his face and slowly leaned in, to finish what he had started before the small accident. Before she could register it, a pair of soft lips crashed against hers.

Her face was in shock. Jimin was actually kissing her! Her eyes slowly closed as she gave into his soft lips. It wasn’t the first time she kissed someone, but it was the first time her lips fit so well with another pair. Sadly, the almost heated kiss was broken when Hoseok walked back in.

“I see you started without me.”

“You are more than welcome to join” Jimin replied with smirk. His once innocent smile was now a teasing smirk and his glistening eyes turned dark with a familiar feeling. With swift movements, Jimin pulled (y/n) onto his lap, his hands roaming down her body.

Hoseok proceeded to sit by Jimin, stealing the girl’s lips while the other ran his hands along her body, feeling her every curve. Hoseok’s kisses were hungry and rough, every now and then he’d bite down on her lower lip, causing for a soft gasp to escape her lips.

While Hoseok was busy with her lips, Jimin slipped his hand under her skirt, running his hands along her inner thigh. Both her heartbeat and her breathing began to speed up. Her hands found their way towards Hoseok’s neck. She gently pulled him closer, bringing a smirk to his lips. Shortly, he broke the kiss and lowered his head onto her neck, leaving butterflies kisses all around. Jimin began to play with her panties’ elastic band. Gently rubbing her heated core over the thin fabric. That’s when moans began to escape her lips.

Before detaching from her neck, Hoseok, gave her a harsh bite, gently sucking on the bruise. Leaving his mark.

“You have the first go, I’ll go afterwards.” He said as he stood up, leaving the two to their business.

A devilish smirk was plastered on Jimin’s lips as he continued his torture. Tugging at the fabric, he slowly removed them, giving easy access to please the girl. He was desperate to hear her moans and feel her breath against his skin. Without waiting a single second, he inserted a finger into her, getting aroused at how wet she was. As he slowly began pleasing her, he attacked her neck, unlike Hoseok, he was rougher.

Just as her moans became constant, he inserted another digit and began rubbing her swollen bundle of nerves with his thumb. He could feel her moans as he bit down on her neck, leaving a mark opposite to Hoseok’s.

Within seconds, (y/n) was a moaning mess. Shyly, Hoseok popped his head into the room and started making signs to make sure the pair would lower their voices. Just as Jimin saw this, he slammed his lips against hers, in attempts to silence her moans. Shortly, her body began to shutter under his touch, signalling that she was close. Smirking against her lips, he picked up the speed, curling his fingers inside her, attempting to hit that special spot within her. The unfamiliar feeling crept up (y/n), causing for her to break the kiss.

“Go on, tell them who’s pleasing you. Tell them who’s making you moan.”



“J-Jimin!” She moaned out loudly as she hit her orgasm, releasing all over his fingers. With a satisfied smirk, he pulled his fingers out of her and began to lick them. His action bringing a blush onto her cheeks.

“Sheesh. She’s pretty loud.” Hoseok said as he walked back into the room. Gently, Jimin lifted her from his lap.

“She’s all yours. We’ll have to have another go later on.”

“I agree, she can’t have all the fun, now can she?” He said as he pushed her down against the couch.

“I want you to be as loud as you were, got it?” With a light nod, he processed to take possession of her lips, slipping his fingers into her without warning. Compared to Jimin’s, his hands were bigger and his fingers were longer, giving (y/n) an entirely different feeling. Her back arched in pleasure as he quickly began to hit the same spot that Jimin had just attacked.

Her moans against Hoseok’s lips turned him on, causing for his pants to get awfully uncomfortable. But as much as he wanted to fuck her senseless, he had to hold back. If he went for the second round, he was not going to hold back. Quickly, the familiar feeling began to creep back, causing once again, her body to shudder under the new touch. Breaking the kiss, Hoseok picked up the pace, making sure to hit her special spot over and over.

Before he knew it, (y/n) was moaning his name louder, bringing shivers down his spine. He was just loved how his name would roll of her tongue. The way his name sounded between pants and moans, assured him that when the second round came, he’d make sure everyone heard his name coming from her lips.

“You should hurry, the others are coming.” Jimin chimed in, a smile on his face.

With a grin, Hoseok picked up the speed once again. Shortly, (y/n) hit her second orgasm of the day as she moaned out Hoseok’s name as loudly as she could. Proud of his work, he pulled his finger out of her and repeated Jimin’s action.

“Sweet.” He complimented, bringing a dark blush to her cheeks. Quickly, (y/n) fixed herself up and sat on the couch, as her friend and the other members made their way into the room.

“(Y/n), are you okay? Did you rest?”

“Yeah, I did.” She smiled. Standing behind Namjoon were the two rascals that promised her a second round, wearing innocent smiles, as if nothing happened.

With smiles and shy bows, girls bid their fair wells and thanked the boys for the special treatment. Quietly, Jimin slipped a paper into (y/n)’s hand, giving her their number for the next meet up. With a smile, she left the room, promising to see the rascals later that night.
-Ash ^w^


Hi! This is just a little Reylo One-Shot that I had been thinking off for a while and decided to share it :) A little heads up though, it contains a sort of sex scene though it’s not very graphic. Also English isn’t my native language so I’ll apologize in advance for any mistake!

Ben Solo and Rey trained together since childhood to become Jedi, but what starts as a rivalry between two precocious children turns into friendship and then to something else. Five years after Kylo Ren joins the dark side, he’ll come across Rey once more. One-Shot

It was strange to remember that they had started out as enemies.

Kylo Ren couldn’t exactly recall the first time they had met, only that for as long as he could remember, since he had started to train as a Jedi with his uncle, Rey had been a pain in his ass. No matter what he did, she did it best. He had always been the talented one between his friends, smarter, faster, more determined and yet no matter what he tried or what new trick he came up with that little plague of a girl was always there kicking his ass.

The two of them were stubborn and always tried to one up each other, which didn’t exactly lead to a good relationship.

His uncle had often tried to pair the two of them together for trainings, but it took him less than five seconds to realize his mistake, having to torn the two kids apart from hitting each other with their fake lightsabers.

It had been a rivalry well known by everybody; the two of them simply couldn’t be ten feet near one another before sparks started flying, and not in a good way.

She used to mock how slow he was by besting him at duels, often turning and circling around him at blinding speed, making him loose his balance and falling to the ground.

He, on the other hand, made fun of her height, for even though they were the same age, he was one head taller than her, and he loved to remind her that by ruffling her perfect pony tail while passing by, earning an angry cry from her. He would lean casually against her during trainings, his elbow resting at the top of her head, though he would quickly move away before she could bite him or kick him in the shins. He had once even taken her fake lightsaber, a wooden stick that she had decorated with endless drawing so tiny and perfect he couldn’t help but to be owed by them, and held it over her head, laughing when she jumped to try and get it, though the one who laughed next was her, when she kicked him in the groin. After that particular incident, he had never tried that move again.

Even through the years and the constant flow of people that left and stayed, their status had always been the same, enemies even if it wasn’t too clear why they were still fighting about, they remained the same, their fights had become more of a game and it came a day when they were no longer opposites but rather friends.

He couldn’t remember either when that had happened, they were both still too young; twelve, maybe thirteen years old when something had got them talking, perhaps a friend of theirs or a task that they had to do together? Whatever it was, their relationship grew as if they had always been the best of friends; after all, they had known each other almost their entire lives.

She didn’t mock his lack of speed nor did he brag about his stature but rather joked about it, they would play races trying to out run each other but instead of competitions, this time they were games.

It was, however, when he turned fourteen that he truly started noticing the darkness in him, how he enjoyed more than he should to beat a kid at training, or how his anger flared when the praises weren’t for him. But during all those moments Rey was with him, silently by his side and with a smile on her face that was only for him, and that made the darkness back away. He never asked her if he could feel it in him, he didn’t have to, they knew each other so well that he didn’t consider it a coincidence when she bumped him on the arm when his uncle’s punishment drove him mad or when he was about to snap, and he was more than grateful for her friendship.

It was also during that age that he started to truly pay attention to the people around him or, more accurately, to the people around Rey. He would notice how some boys and girls stared at her when she smiled, as if it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Or how they reacted to her kindness, always present. It ashamed him to feel jealous of other people, because he knew that he was truly afraid to lose her. After all, he was only her friend, and for the first time in years that thought didn’t fill him with joy but with sadness.

He wanted more.

And he remembered exactly the first time they kissed.

It had been an afternoon after lessons. The two friends had gone off walking and talking about nothing in particular when they had sat in silence against one of the building’s exterior walls, too tired from the work of the day.

They had stayed in a comfortable silence, just the two of them enjoying the cool breeze gently blowing through the buildings when she had taken his hand. It was a simple gesture and one that they had done so many times before, but in that moment none of them thought about what they were doing when they both leaned against each other and kissed.

It was merely a brush of the lips but as soon as they had done it they had broken apart, an startled expression on their faces and stood quiet for a few breaths staring at each other before they quickly kissed again, this time more urgently; her fingers found the curls of his hair and held him tight whilst his hand took hold of her waist and pulled her towards him. They kissed until they were gasping for breath, and then they kissed again laughing and smiling so much that it made the job difficult, but they kept going anyways.

After so long, he still remembered the kisses of the next years, but it was when he was alone at night with nothing but his lonesome thoughts that he remembered the first time he heard her moan.

It had been some years after their first kiss, and only one before he left her, five years ago but he could still recall the way her body had felt against him, the softness of her skin and the glorious sound of his name coming in gasps from her lips. He missed her. He missed the way she would arch against him, nails digging on his shoulder and back as if she were as desperate for his touch as he was for hers. In those moments the light and darkness didn’t exist, and the only thing that mattered was drawing as many gasps from her as possible, to make her scream as loud as she wanted to for as long as she wanted to.

He loved her, more than anything but in his juvenile stupidity he had never told her so, believing  she already knew that, and yet when the darkness inside him became so grand he couldn’t ignore it, when it was no longer just darkness lurking inside of him but he had become darkness himself, he left.

He left and he never looked back, convinced that he was doing the right thing by not letting her see the monster that he had become.

Now here he was, five years later and he still could not forget. When he had seen her in the forest as he had been looking for that droid he felt that pull to the light as strong as he hadn’t felt it in so long, and instead of taking pleasure from causing pain like he always did, he hated himself for paralyzing her, for going through her mind as he felt the dread and anger cursing through her.

When he walked into the chambers and saw her strapped in that chair, looking at him with barely hidden contempt he wanted nothing more than to leave, break her bonds and let her get away, never having to face her, to confess that he was the monster that now haunted her nightmares.

But it was time he owned up to his mistakes, and if the woman he loved would hate him he knew then that it had all been his fault.

And so he took off the helmet.

anonymous asked:

Your headcanons are awesome! May I request a KBTBB one where their child is being bullied at school?

Thank you for reading them and requesting this :D Sure thing! Here you go! I don’t know if this needs a warning, but I’m going to put it. 

Eisuke: “I want to quit piano.” Takumi said, with tears in his eyes. 
Wait, what? Takumi loved playing the piano, he even said so himself. So why does he want to quit? Eisuke stared at his son, confused and baffled by the words that came out of his mouth. This was Takumi’s life, and he had the right to quit, but Eisuke wanted a reason. 
“I understand. You can quit, only if you can give me a valid reason.” Eisuke said, peering into his son’s face. Takumi glanced around the room and continued in a soft voice. 
“There are these guys who told me that they would beat me up for being a sissy. They think that because I take piano lessons.” he whispered, tears streaking his face. 
Eisuke’s face immediately hardened. Bullies? They were bullying him? Threatening him? 
“Takumi, do you like playing the piano?” he asked his son. Takumi nodded with enthusiasm, finally looking up at his father. Eisuke nodded and looked at Takumi with a tender smile. 
“Then keep playing. Don’t let other people control your life. If you want to do it, then there’s nothing to worry about. Leave the boys to me.” Eisuke said, confidently. Takumi felt a lot better as he returned to his room, but Eisuke was furious. Because he couldn’t hire someone to go beat these kids up, he did the next best thing. He hired secret bodyguards that would protect Takumi from a distance, and would teach the boys a lesson if they laid a finger on him. This wasn’t the end. This was just the beginning. 

Soryu: Although Soryu was a mobster, he had a great connection with Sakura. They would always play together and Soryu adored his daughter from the bottom of his heart. So when he saw Sakura eating less and less everyday, he knew something was wrong. It was her favorite omelette, and she barely touched it. Sakura took 2 small bites out of the omelette and excused herself from the table. You and Soryu both looked at her plate, and felt uneasy. She was just a teenager, was she starving herself? Or worse? Soryu went upstairs to check up on everything, when he heard noises from the bathroom. It was Sakura. 
Soryu busted open the door, and gently turned Sakura around from the toilet bowl and hugged her. She was crying into her dad’s shoulder, at what she was trying to do. They retreated back to her room, as Soryu silently stroked her hair. Soon, Sakura started to talk. Apparently, a group of girls at school had been criticizing her about her weight and her appearance. The girls had been pretty harsh, spreading rumors and isolating her from talking to anyone, so Sakura couldn’t take it anymore. Soryu could feel his heart breaking, as he listened to what his daughter was saying. 
“I really care about you, and I’m worried. I know that this is going to be hard, but your mom and I will be here with you every step of the way. The girls that are giving you a hard time will learn their lesson. Trust me.” he said, leaving a kiss on her forehead as she fell asleep. Soon after, Soryu started to call someone. 
“Hey, yeah. It’s me. I have a favor to ask of you.” he whispered into the phone. 

Baba: Riiko always came back from kindergarden happy, until one day. Her beautiful smile was rare these days, and she wasn’t motivated to do anything. The once bubbly Riiko was now uninterested most of the time. Her eyes were always full of sadness, and Baba couldn’t take seeing his princess like this everyday. 
“Princess? Is something the matter?” Baba asked, placing Riiko on his lap. Riiko sighed and cuddled into her father’s chest without a word. Soon after, Baba heard a sniffle. Baba rubbed her back, comforting her so she would feel better. After the tears stopped, Baba looked into Riiko’s eyes. 
“Now can you tell me what happened? Or maybe we should discuss this over cookies?” Baba asked, making Riiko giggle. Baba took out the cookies in front of Riiko, and patiently waited. Riiko opened up about how there were mean girls in her class that didn’t let her go on the swings or talk to anybody because she was “weird.” They always gave her mean glances and treated her like dirt all the time. 
Baba was crushed, but he had to stay strong for his princess. 
“Well, what if I volunteered at your school? So I can stop the mean girls, and be there to talk with you.” Baba said, gently. Riiko’s face lit up brightly, the first time she smiled this big in the last 2 weeks. 
“Can you daddy?!” she shrieked happily. Baba nodded, as Riiko was jumping up and down with happiness. She wasn’t going to be alone in class anymore, and her dad was going to protect her from the mean girls! Riiko happily skipped into her room to get ready for the next day, as Baba picked up the phone. He contacted the teacher to inform her that he wanted to volunteer, with a warm sensation in his heart. 

Ota: Ota stood in the kitchen, concerned about his son chugging the milk that was in the fridge. Yuki didn’t even pay attention to his father, and continued to drink the milk until he wanted to throw up. Ota stepping in front of his son, and gently took the milk away from his son. Looking between the gallon of milk and Yuki, Ota demanded an answer. 
“Yuki, I approve of drinking more milk, but you’ll get sick at this rate. Want to tell me what’s going on?” he asked, smirking. 
Yuki wiped the milk from his mouth, and broke down in tears. He ran out of the kitchen, and into his room. Ota placed the milk back into the fridge and raced up the stairs to sort this out. He opened the door to his son’s room, and saw that he was curled up in bed. Ota walked over and gently sat on the end of Yuki’s bed. He rubbed his son’s shoulder, and soon calmed him down. Yuki looked up at his father with teary eyes, and started to speak slowly. 
“I’ve been getting harassed at school by some guys who told me I couldn’t hang out with them until I grew another half a foot. They call me really rude names because I’m shorter than them. I have no friends because of them. They made up these horrible rumors about me and nobody’s talking to me.” Yuki whispered, still in tears. 
Someone was messing with his son? This was not going to be pretty. 
“Yuki. What those guys are doing to you is horrible. This isn’t your fault, okay? These guys aren’t worth befriending in my opinion, but I’ll support you through every decision in your life. Thank you for telling me this. We’re going to get through this together, okay?” Ota said, calmly. 
Yuki seemed more at ease, and smiled widely as he thanked his father. Ota hugged him, as he walked out of the room and grabbed his phone. 
“Hey, it’s Ota. I need you to find some dirt on these boys." 
He was going to fight fire with fire. 

Mamoru: After another tough day at the station, Mamoru came back home to find a seemingly empty house. You were gone because you had a dinner party to go to, and Mio was nowhere to be seen. Mamoru walked into the apartment, and made his way to the bathroom when he heard it. It was coming from Mio’s room. The sniffling and the quiet sobs of his teenage daughter. Knocking on the door, he called out to her. 
"Mio? Can I come in, sweetheart?” he asked, in a tender voice. When she didn’t answer, Mamoru slowly turned the doorknob. What he saw was heartbreaking. His one and only beautiful daughter was curled up in bed, as tears fell down her cheeks. Mamoru walked over and sat next to her. He waited for Mio to let out anything else, as he softly wiped away her tears. When she was a bit calmed down, she sat up and handed over her phone, which was open to her social media. These were all death threats and horrible remarks regarding Mio’s appearance. Mamoru’s anger grew as he read more and more of these hate comments of his beloved daughter. There were a ton of comments calling her a “slut” and a “whore.” All Mio could do was look out the window, silently crying. 
“Mio. You’re not any of these things that people are calling you. I don’t know what made them think of this, but this isn’t going to happen anymore. And this kind of harassment is the most cowardly because they’re too afraid to face you. You’re a strong person, and you don’t deserve any of this hate. Leave your old man to get this sorted out. I promise you, that you’re not any of this." 
Mio hugged her father tightly, as she whispered a soft “Thank you” into her dad’s ear. 
The moment Mio fell asleep, Mamoru called the station. 
"It’s Kishi, I’m calling to report a case of severe harassment." 

I hope this was okay! This isn’t my best, I’m sorry about that /: I had some troubles doing this. I hope you still liked it! 

My jacket
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Cute chat between Rinn about Finn’s leather jacket and Rae’s thoughts about the mistakes she made and fixed in her life and Linda just being a very embarrassing mum.

Thankyou all so much for waiting and i’m feeling a lot better now, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/Christmas and Happy New Year emus!.  


Rae thought back through the past year, it was a rocky start for the pair, at first they didn’t see eye to eye, she thought he was a complete twat and moody, they became friends after the whole episode with Archie was over, they had many things in common, she saw a different light in Finn.

At the beginning, she wasn’t so sure about him he was annoyingly quiet when ever she was around or he would talk to Chop and blank her, it didn’t change but then her feelings started to become stronger for him, so she stupidly took some bad advice from Danny two-hats which didn’t really work, Finn was pissed at her, moodier than ever and in the closet he demanded to know what he had done wrong to her, she couldn’t say she loved him, that would of sounded so mad and crazy, she would of needed to invent a new name for madness, (the dictionary would read ‘Rae Earl’ under the word ‘Mad’) especially if he didn’t even like her back, so she said and did nothing, things changed again, his nan passed away the night of the party and she was the one to hug him while he cried into her shoulder, they spoke later that night when the party had died down, he said he liked 'talking to her and no body else’, they became even closer that night, a true friendship formed over night .

The day of her mums wedding she fell out with Chloe, 'nothing new but it was a painful day for Rae’, that one page in her battered diary caused so much pain for her and Chloe,she had no one to turn to any more apart from Kester he came through for her, she told everyone her deepest darkest secret, she had held in for so long the backpack of bullshit was finally off her shoulders and out in the open for good, Chop took the news well, he was the first one to start clapping, he understood in his own weird way, he made her smile that night at the disco, he supported her, he wanted to help in his own way and then he proclaimed his love for Izzy, nothing new really it was just a matter of time, the pair where in love for the whole time she had known them, ‘having a couple around you who are in love is a wonderful feeling, it means it does happen in this ‘small fucked up world’.

He left the reception, he told Archie where was going hoping the news would get back to Rae, it did, she found him at the chippy, he was looking hurt or broken hearted she couldn’t tell, ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ he sounded so hurt that she had lied to him, she said she was 'so sorry Finn’ but then he traced out 'I love you’ on her back, she said 'i don’t believe you’, he said ‘i didn’t care if you don’t believe me’, she couldn’t say she loved him back, it seemed to good to be true, they was a slight nerviness between them back to the pub, but it felt so right.

Well then it all started at the bowling ally, the two blokes sat behind them passing snide comments back and forth, talking about the pair, Finn never noticed but Rae did, she had somewhat an eyes for spotting people who where talking about her, it seemed they where all talking about her all the time just because she was different, ‘yeah she is larger then most she got over that a hell of a long time ago, so why couldn’t everyone else do that too its not like she had three heads and a extra arm flapping around’, then there was the start of all the doubts, it became very clear to Rae that Finn wanted her, he gently asked if he could touch her intimately, of course she said yes she had been waiting for so long for this moment, it was the first time anyone other than herself to make her come like that, he planned the caravan, her nerves got the better of her, he slowly unbuttoned the first one on her top she pulled away that was the beginning of the end.

Summer went by in a blur, she couldn’t get naked for him in the caravan or for herself, then college started and her fears were back and the whole trying to accept yourself wasn’t working for her, she tried her hardest to avoid him in college and most of the time it worked and then her mother was right for the first time in about three years, she had to speak to him, tell him her fears, they just kissed, he invited her to stay at his for a very exclusive sleep over, it was her second chance, her Rae armour had legged it behind the sofa and never returned from it’s hiding place ever again, a little while later she questioned herself, he never did say why he liked her in the disabled toilets, she couldn’t understand why he would want to be with her, she was 'a blob, with a gob’ in her eyes, just like her mum, she eventually broke up with him, tears brimmed her eyes as she told him 'i just want to be friends’, they didn’t fit, that was her only excuse in her mind and the stares they didn’t help very much.

He moved on he had a new girlfriend Olivia, the night in the pub when he brought her in, Rae was more than jealous but she had know right to be, she ended it not him, ‘it was for the best’ she repeated that to herself non-stop, watching Olivia drape herself all over him, they didn’t last long she was twenty-four, far to old for him in her eyes, he was her Finn, but she ruined that like everything else, Then like a whiplash he split up with Olivia and decided he couldn’t be in Stamford anymore and moved to Leeds, he came to her house that night before he left, she couldn’t tell him to stay because she wasn’t strong enough for this to happen, not yet, she couldn’t be the strong Rae he wanted or needed.

She broke down after he was gone, Saul came along and brought so much fear into her life that night she still had small panic attacks at the thought, she got away just in time, she was lucky, she and Chloe didn’t speak after that, Chloe was to far gone, drugged up to the nines, Rae didn’t see what was happening to Chloe before it was too late, she was gone just like all the other good things she had in her life, ruined and destroyed.

She couldn’t move on from him, she went to Liam ;big mistake, he used her, for his needs only and she took it as a different way to selfharm but with no scars or lasting damage, the damage was already done and swirling around up in her head, becoming darker and darker.
She was all alone again in the big bad world but this time she had put herself there, she paid the price for her mistakes, she watched as he moved from her, rolling over in the tiny bed barely big enough for him let alone the both of them, she cried herself to sleep listening to his breathing and loud snores, she was hopeless no one could save her now, this was the end, she had finally hit rock bottom.

Her mum and sister where so ill and in life threatening danger, they pulled through, he came back for her, she didn’t how he knew she needed him but he was there in the darkest moment, her life changed for the better that day, she had a family, she helped her mum, she brought Chloe back, they fought there demons together and got back to college, together as best friends supporting each other every step of the way, She plucked up the courage to tell Liam she just wanted to be friends, the gang was back together, Chop stood up for Archie, Izzy said sorry to Archie and Chop, Chop and Izzy had a little reunion, then he walked in and change her life and thoughts, her brain went fuzzy, she was putty in his hand the way he stepped throw the pub door striding straight towards her, she had a small doubt, but something came over her, she was strong when she had Finn by her side she could do this for both of them but mainly and mostly just for herself, he slipped the tatty gown off of her shoulders revealing her naked form, she was strong.

That’s how she now ended up with a little more confidence, knowing that Finn would always want her, not matter what her size was, or how she looked, he loved her just the way she was.

Finn’s jacket actually fitted her, here she stood in front of Finn, his jacket firmly on and firmly still in tact, no rips or brakes at the seams.

She was happy, more than happy, over the moon in fact, it was a crappy old jacket but it belonged to Finn so she loved it too.

She had gained some more confidence in the short time they had become a couple again.

He helped, he was her light at the end of the tunnel.

Her knight in shinning armour, even though she never would admit it to his face, she could tell he already had an idea that he was.

She had zipped it half way up because well, yes she had a little larger figure but the ‘boulder’s’ as she called them where definitely in the way.
She walked fast down the freezing cold Lincolnshire street, twisting her scarf around her neck and slipping on her woollen gloves, she was heading straight for the heavy pub door, to a waiting Finn.

His eyebrows had shot up under his fringe when she walked in, he knew he left it at her’s again, but that was for Rae because she said it smelt like him, he understood that, he had some of her things in his room too.

He never expected her to wear it though, she had reservations about his cloths not fitting her, but she proved herself wrong and he always loved it when he was right and she was wrong.

He pecked her on the lips as she sat down next to him, his hand went straight to hers, fingers knotted under the table.

“Stealing my stuff now?”

“Nope, just borrowing it, it’s freezing outside, anyway you steal my things!” She smiled sweetly.

“Like what Rae?”

“My Blur album, Stone roses album, that letter you was never meant to read (the love letter she wrote him was firmly secured to his wall next to his bed) and that stupid little troll with pink hair, why would you even steal that from me?” she ask curiously.

“It’s just like memory’s, the first time i was ever in your old room was that party Chop throw and it was just there on the shelf just staring at me and just had to have it and coz of the time i found it under the bed in your new room, stuffed into a box when i was exploring plus it was right after our first night together, hmm good memory” he scrunched his nose up at her.

“whatever dickhead” she smiled shyly walking to the bar.


Drinks always flowed like every normal afternoon for the gang, slow banter between them, just a normal day like know other, life changes, that was one thing Rae had learnt, she stepped other every single barrier in her way, she tripped and caught Finn’s hand he was always there to hold her hand, he could even find her under the table without looking, he knew when she needed his hand in hers, when she had those bad days, where she couldn’t see any way out, Finn was there with a bar of chocolate, her favourite film and a lot of cuddles, he was good to snuggle on the sofa with, the way his arm would automaticly come around her waist when she laid down next to him or the way he would stroke her hair, he was a big part of her life now.

His jacket was one thing but when he had her in his arms talking softly into her ear in the middle of the pub that was a truly amazing thing, they had come so far to get to this stage, it started with a peck on the lips in the pub, to a quick make out session in the chippy toilets before college, they where having fun, finding out new things about each other and the way each other ticked, he had been sworn to secrecy to never mention the back seat of his car again, ‘well that was a whole different story, someone from the gang spotted something more then they bargained for in the pub car park’.


His jacket had come handy, it covered her when it rained, it was a pillow in the park, or she used it to sit on when the grass was damp, it kept her warm and it kept Finn warm when he did manage to steal it back, well eventually he had it for a flying visit.

She wore it most of the time, he realised one day that the whole lending her the jacket thing was his way of gifting it to her or claiming her as his, it was his thing, like marking her skin when she didn’t have the chance to stop push away or if she was to far gone she didn’t notice till the next day, he usually legged it before she punched him in the arm.

He secretly loved to snuggle to, he never said it but when he needed a cuddle and Rae wasn’t there he walked to her house and climbed the side wall to her window, she would let him in without a single word and go back to bed to cuddle and in the morning when he wanted to talking she would listen to him like when he listened to her.

The cuddle was done and sleep had taken over the house, it was quiet and everyone was sleeping until the baby would wake early in the morning.

Rae’s bedroom door slammed open, her mum walked straight in glancing at the pair fully clothed still in bed.

“Morning darling, morning Finn” she smiled placing a pile of clean clothes on the table.

“Morning” Rae mumbled into her pillow

“Morning Mrs B”

“Finn call me Linda please, your sleeping with my daughter where on a more personal level now”

“MUM!” Rae screeched, her mum knew just how to embarrass her.

“What! Rae I’m not stupid, i know what you’ve both been doing, i was once young like you both and let me tell you about the time i….”

Rae shot her mum a death glare to get out.

“All im saying is i was young and care free once, just be safe and don’t be stupid, I’m to young to be a grandmother yet” Linda pointed her finger at the pair making her point known and shut the door behind her.

The pair looked at each other and broke out into a fit of giggles.

“oh my god, she can still be more embarrassing then that ya know” she jumped out of bed and wondered over to put some music on, she looked over to see Finn stretched out on her bed.

“i didn’t think it would be anymore possible then that girl, she basically just said she knows what we’ve done it feels like she can see us or somet…creepy”. he laughed hoping she really couldn’t.

“Hey!, that’s mine give it back Finn!” Rae shouted as she walked into her room, Finn was stood in front of the mirror wearing her jacket she claimed from him.

“But it’s mine Rae” he crossed his arms, he was going to win this one, he only wanted to wear to the pub.

“Please Finn you would if you loved me” she had this in the bag, he could never resist that.

“Don’t do this Rae not tonight please just lend me it okay?”

“Fine but i want it back Finley!”

Finn laughed zipping up his jacket he had no intention of returning this, he would get her completely drunk tonight and she wouldn’t remember a thing about it in the morning.

She did forget, just like he knew she would, for almost three weeks he had his old leather jacket back.

Rae wasn’t happy he stole her jacket thinking she wouldn’t know this but she did she noticed most things, if something had been moved in her room or if Finn wore a different spray, she had a new favourite jacket the red chequered thing Finn had stashed a the back of his cupboard, it wasn’t the same though.

It was a warm sunny day the gang decided a trip to the park would be nice and brought a few beers for the afternoon too.

The girls had just sat down after finding the ice cream van which seemed to take much longer then usual, they were chatting about college when they noticed the boys had arrived.

“Finn put her down for fuck sake!, come play footy” Chop shouted from the middle of the field the boys from college had joined them for a match and waiting for Finn who currently wouldn’t stop snogging Rae half to death.

“Alright, alright i’m coming Chop!” he gave Rae one last kiss and dropped his leather jacket and ran to the boys.
The girls chatted about Chloe’s up coming date she had on Friday with a very nice boy called Joe he worked with Chop so she knew he was safe to know otherwise Chop would have a word he became protective of her after the talk the gang had about where Chloe had been, he was like the big brother she never had, but she hated it when he turned up at her last date that wasn’t a good look for her, the boys where still playing it was nearly four Rae had an idea to get the jacket she had to leave unnoticed by Finn.

“Guys I’ve got to go, look ill meet you all at the pub later, tell Finn he’s unlucky and he’s not getting it back” she picked up his jacket and her bag and left.

Rae wondered home slipping into his jacket she loved it, she had won, she laughed to herself thinking of reason to tell Finn he couldn’t have it back again.

Finn jogged over he hadn’t noticed Rae had left, she said she would wait till he was done but she was gone, Chloe explained she needed to go and told him he was unlucky and he wouldn’t be getting it back and that he knows what Rae’s talking about, he looked around searching for his jacket all he could see was his cig tin and his lighter next to it.

He jogged up the stairs Linda had let him in like she always did, she had mentioned something about giving him a key and the front door may as well be a revolving door.

The door swung open he stepped in and closed it behind him.

“that’s belongs to me” he sat down watching her sorting through her CD’s.

“Don’t you think the time has come for it to have a new owner?” Rae turned around.

“no i quit like my jacket Rae”

“but don’t you think it suits me better” she twirled around.

“you look lovely Rae, but i want it as well” he stood up walking closer to her.

“so you don’t want the gift i bought you earlier this is why i had to leave” she opened her cupboard and pulled out a bag and handed it to Finn.

“what is it?” he took the bag looking inside.

“i thought you could use that one and i could use your old one” she reasoned.

Finn pulled out a jacket that was slightly different to his old one, he looked up at Rae and grinned, he had been looking at the jacket before a few weeks ago when they had been on a small shopping trip.

“so is that a deal?”

“it’s a deal Rae” they grinned stupidly at each other.

The Magic In You

AN: CS “first time” one-shot. This is a rougher take on what Killian and Emma’s first time could be like (mostly because I was tired of the cutesy fics cause lets face it they are a sexual pair and he’s a pirate) with an added twist. Enjoy!

Warning: I am not liable for your ruined panties. Proceed with caution!

Word Count: 3200

Rated M for smut and dirty talking Killian

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Killian and Emma stumbled into her room at Granny’s, Killian crushing her with his weight against the door, “God’s Emma… do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this?” he whispered huskily against the shell of her ear, his lips grazing the lobe and tugging gently earning him a throaty whimper of desperation as he grinding his hips against her jean glad center allowing her to feel every hard inch of him within the confines of his leathers.

“Do you feel how much I want you Emma? Have you any idea how long I’ve imagined you writhing in pleasure underneath me, my cock buried inside of you, filling and stretching you…” he groaned, his thumb sensually swiping across her lower lip, breathing against her neck, each profound word he muttered to her sending jolts of lust straight through her body, rocking straight to her very core, her thighs clenching with desire.

“I long to be inside you, nestled between those gorgeous thighs of yours, listening to what I do to you. Do you promise to moan for me love?” he jeered, the pad of his thumb brushing its way inside of her mouth, Emma nipping it lightly with her teeth causing him to chuckle darkly, his hot breath against her ear making her shiver, his hips never ceasing their teasing motions against her.

God’s…” he breathed lowly, his nose nuzzling against the crook of her neck as he spread kisses against the expanse of skin there, “let me feel you Emma…” he mouthed at her collar bone, his upper lip lingering against her flesh as she threaded her hands in his dark locks.

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Ok so one more word on this..because I got hugs and stuff on the brain (those in the know why hehe) and I I just wanted to talk about it a bit if that’s alright. 

How lovely is it that the first thing Daryl did upon walking in the room was not to  clear the room but to check on you-know-who..

To make sure Carol was ok first and formest. She was his #1 priority. He asked her twice and on the second time he lifted her chin, so gently and asked  ‘are you good?”

As far as I can tell, he’s never done with with anyone else.. except Carol right here.I mean just look at how gentle his fingers touched her chin when he asked her that question. How soft his voice was. 

That ‘talking to Carol’ voice we’ve become so familiar with. When she couldn’t help but answer him honestly ‘no..” We heard that voice again.. 

“Come here..” 

How beautiful was that when he could she wasn’t ok.. knew she wasn’t ok and said those soft words and embraced her. His hand cradling the back of her head as he hugged her tight to him. To comfort her in that moment. 

When has Daryl ever done with anyone else? 

The answer is never before this. And this was the SECOND time he hugged her as we all remember. 

And of course who could sweet adorable protective Daryl toward the end of the scene. He never moved that far away from and moved between her and the danger yet again..

Just how wonderful was he to her after the whole thing went down. She stayed throughout the entire scene as a priority for him to look after and protect. He didn’t know what had happened to her in there. He just needed to comfort and protect  her. 

Carol can take care of her herself but wonderful is to have someone like him who loves her so damn much that he would prioritize her over everything else. 

When she’s hurting he knows. She can’t lie to him. And even if she is capable of looking after herself, he still looks after her here. 

Tell me he dosen’t love her THAT much. I are you. 

And if people still aren’t convinced well, you’ll see soon enough…

Caryl on everyone :)

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Fitzsimmons Handholding 2x15

To me, this is the moment that Jemma finally admitted to herself that she was in love with Fitz. The previous few episodes had them at odds with each other; fighting over Skye, her absence during his recovery, and what happened in the pod. 

I think she was in love with him all along and knew this when she came back earlier in the season, but could never find the right time to talk about it. The longing looks she threw at Fitz before this broke my heart.

But it was the hand holding that she finally allowed herself to admit that she was in love with him, and that she needed to be there for him. She took a chance and put herself out there even though she had no idea if he even wanted to be friends anymore. Jemma remembered how hard he took it when Ward turned out to be HYDRA and realized how hard it must be for him that it turns out his new friend Mack was part of another secret organization. She needed to remind him that she was there for him and would never leave him again. 

For Fitz, this moment was the start of them rebuilding their friendship and trying to get back to where they were. He started to slowly forgive her and accept that she did what she did. What is truly incredible is how he missed all the signs of his best friend falling in love with him the way he did a year ago. So when she tried to talk about his confession in the pod, he thought she just wanted to establish that nothing had changed and that she never felt for him that way. To her, it seemed like she was too late in reciprocating her feelings because it looked like he was gently letting her down. Her expression killed me:

But Jemma had come too far and had fallen too hard to give up, and she took a leap and said, “Maybe there is.” For the first time, Fitz finally saw that she perhaps, maybe felt the same way he did. The sheer joy in those few seconds of eye contact.

This just proves that no matter how far they fall apart, they will always love each other and come back to one another by instinct.

The handholding scene was huge and allowed for them to have the potential to becoming something more, which is what they both really wanted :)

Summary: Twenty-one year old Hyuuga Hinata has been single her whole life and now she is sure that she is ready for a relationship. Little did she know that committing herself to someone else was not as easy as she had thought. [AU]

Words Count: 1,395

Rated: K

A/N: I don’t know how I came up with this plot. I personally was not satisfied with the outcome but since I finished this one-shot, I wanted to share it. I hope you guys will enjoy it though!


She met him through a friend, a friend that both of them knew dearly.

He was all tall, handsome, tan skin and blonde hair that made Hinata attracted to him at first sight. After, was his bright personality, sometimes dorky and charming smile that made her fall for him, hard. He was everything she could have ask for in a man.

Their first date was not fancy but she never minded that because being with him alone was enough. Their first kiss – more like her first kiss – was like watching fireworks boom high up in the night sky. She felt like the luckiest girl on the planet because she had the most amazing, handsome, and perfect boyfriend.

He treated her gently, cared for her as if she were a diamond and talked to her in the sweetest way that made her stomach tickled every time. Ones who saw their relationship would talk of envy and wished that they were in Hinata’s place.

He was the first person she ever showed her naked form to and was sure going to be her last. That night, he made love to her in the most painful yet, passionate way that would forever last in her mind. She knew she was not his first but she paid no mind to that.

Everything was perfect, ten months together was enough for the carefree girl to imagine her life with her boyfriend. She could see him playing with their kids whose name could be Boruto for the boy and Himawari for the girl. That is, if he did have the same set of mind like her though. She was going a little overboard but hey, who said she couldn’t think of the future? All girls were like that.

Were they?

It was surprising how all the wonderful time she had with her amazing blonde boyfriend went down the drain within a blink of an eye.

It was an hour passed eight and her date was not present yet. She decided to wait for him outside their usual restaurant; Ichirakus, remembering that he had once told her he didn’t want to enter the place alone. She kept that in mind and stayed on the same spot. Two hours passed still he never showed up.

Hinata called him, once because she thought he was perhaps busy and she didn’t want to be a bother. When she pulled out her phone from her pocket again after the third hour passed, a gush of wind hit her skin and immediately, it began raining. She squeaked, her hair getting soaked by the second and ran under the Ichiraku roof for cover.

Hinata had stood under there for another good hour until finally realizing that her date was never going to show up. That night, Hinata walked home with the rain pouring down on her, forgetting that she could have just taken a cab or a bus. The next day, she paid the price with a high fever.

Still, her boyfriend never called her or texted her back.

A week later, Hinata found herself worried and a little depressed. She called the male multiples times now, texted him whenever she had time and still he never answered her back, not even an ‘I’m okay’.

When she went to his place, he wasn’t there. His house was dark, empty. No one came to open the door for her and greeted her with a big grin, following with a desperate kiss. Nothing. She cried that night, not knowing what to do.

Hinata was a naïve girl, always thinking of the positive things. She didn’t want to report her boyfriend missing because he was twenty-two and knew that the police wouldn’t do much. So she stayed quiet in her home as dark circles began showing underneath her eyes.

Where was her boyfriend?

A day after the first week, Hinata was sitting inside the coffee shop that she and her boyfriend usually went to in the morning. Maybe it was her instincts or maybe it was because she could sense him but turning her head a little to the left, there, at the cashier, she saw him. There he was with his bright golden hair that she knew so well.

Her face fell when she saw that he was not alone. He wasn’t with a person she knew or a guy, he was with another girl. She was taller than her, her hair was shorter and dyed in a bright pink color. Her body was much slender, she had a body of a model and it was hard to admit but maybe the girl matched him even more than Hinata did.

They were smiling, laughing perhaps and it hurt the young Hyuuga dearly. Why was he with her? Were they dating? Did he stop calling her because he had found someone new? Someone better than her?

Her eyes furrowed when the blonde man turned around and locked eyes with her. His eyes widened immediately, shocked at her presence. Hinata frowned, knowing he did not want anything to do with her anymore as he turned away.

She decided to be the bigger person, not wanting to cause a scene so she stood up from her table and walked towards the exit. It was only in a matter of second when Hinata was pulled from the wrist and dragged out the café. She gasped when her shoulders were held and suddenly she was faced with the only man she had not seen for a week.

“Hinata.” He said, almost in a whisper, “What are you doing here?”

The young Hyuuga could only stared at the blonde man before her, her tears threatening to fall. What are you doing here? She was supposed to ask him that. Why was he asking all the questions? Why was he the one who looked worried and hurt?

Her head dropped to the floor and she finally cried, unable to hold back her tears. Why did he look like the victim when he was the one who left her without a trace?

“Hina –“

“I waited for you, you know?” She stated, cutting the male off, “I waited for four and a half hours that night and you never showed up!” Tears were streaming down her face now as she looked up to the tall male, “Where were you?”

The male was to open his mouth and replied when the door to the café opened suddenly and the pink hair girl stepped out, looking for him. She turned her head at their direction, spotting them immediately, “Naruto, what are you do – oh, is this her?”

“Ah, Sa – Sakura.” He stuttered, a dark blush adoring his cheeks. He turned back to Hinata, seeing her red nose and teary eyes then back to the pink hair girl whose name was Sakura, “Yes, this is Hinata. Hyuuga Hinata who I told you about. And Hinata, this is Haruno Sakura; my childhood friend.” He faintly smiled as he looked into those beautiful lavender eyes that he missed oh-so-much.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Hinata-san. Naruto could never keep his mouth shut whenever he talks about you. Well, I better get going, Sasuke is probably waiting for me.” Sakura chirped, turning around to leave only to stop suddenly and faced the two again, “Ah and one more thing, Naruto. You better stop ignoring her and tell her the truth this time.” She warned, almost in a motherly way.

The blonde shyly smiled, scratching the back of his head as he nodded and the pinknette left. He turned back to the timid girl who was still locked between him and the wall, “Hinata, we need to talk but this is not the right place.”

The two found themselves at his place, the place that Hinata had tried to find him at but failed. She sat crisscrossed on his couch as Naruto walked back from the kitchen with two cups of water, one on each hand. The blonde set himself down next to her, facing directly at her and inhaled a deep huff as he took her hands in his.

“Why did you ignore me for a whole week?” Naruto pinned his lips shut, taken back by his usual shy girlfriend’s sudden demeanor. How did she become so blunt within a week or had she always been this way and he just missed it?

He looked down at their locked hands, realizing how much he missed her small, fragile ones. And as if not wanting to let go of her hands, he interlock her fingers with his, squeezing it tightly. Letting out a sigh, he lifted his head and looked up back at her.

“Hinata, I –“

“What happened to your face?” She asked, finally realizing the dark purple mark just above his unique whisker marks. She had missed seeing them so much, “Who did this to you?” She lifted her free hand to touch it gently, making sure not to press it too hard.

The young blonde winced, hissing a little and Hinata pulled her hand back quickly. She bit her bottom lips, staring at him sorrowfully, wondering why he was so badly injured.

“Neji.” Naruto replied, catching the girl off guard immediately.


The male furrowed his brows, sighing heavily as he slumped his shoulders down. He didn’t want to tell Hinata anything, didn’t want her to hate anyone but he also didn’t want to lie to her. He had ignored her for a week and it felt like hell because all he wanted was her touch, her kisses and her love.

So he went ahead and told her what happened that night when they were supposed to meet at Ichirakus. He told her of his encounter on the way there, how he was suddenly cornered into a wall by three Hyuugas, one of them, her dearest cousin; Neji.

“They didn’t want us to meet anymore.” He explained, feeling guilty for ever having thoughts of leaving Hinata just because someone told him to. “I was told that you were getting engaged, that you had even agreed to it. I –“

“Why would you think that?” Hinata frowned.

The male shrugged lamely, unable to look at the girl in the eyes, afraid of seeing her hurt. He grabbed her other hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it before he took the courage to look at her, “Because… because I guess I’m just dumb like that.” He snorted, laughing by himself only. Hinata was not amused.

“Na –“

“Look, I know what I did was stupid and it hurt you but – but I was hurt too, okay?” He blurted out, surprising the girl, “I tried my very best to not call you back or to answer your calls and I – I did. When you came to knock on my door, I was home but I only chose not to open it because I knew I would not be able to let you go if I saw you. Do you know how hard it was for me to do that? Meeting you today was not supposed to happened, Hinata.” Naruto sighed, “But it did and – and now I can’t let you go. Hinata, you can’t go marry someone else.”

Naruto let out a loud ‘Oof” as Hinata jumped on top of him, her arms circling around his torso and her head leaned against his broad chest. He soften up when he heard her whimpered and wrapped his arms around her also.

“You’re so cruel.” Hinata cried, “You only thought of yourself. Who said I was going to marry anyone else but you?”

Naruto chuckled, letting a tear fall from his eyes also as he kissed the petite girl on her head, “I’m sorry.” He replied then it clicked in his mind on what she just said. He grabbed Hinata by the cheeks, making her look at him and tilted his head, “Not gonna marry anyone else but me?” He mocked, smirking when the girl was unable to reply back.

The blonde laughed, holding onto Hinata tighter when she tried to get off of him, “Come on, say it again.”

“No.” She protested.

“Come on.”


Naruto huffed then flipped their bodies as she now lay under him, “Fine,” He stated, “then I’ll just have to make you.” He leaned down suddenly, capturing her lips with his in a desperate kiss. She returned the kiss just as equally, missing how his rough lips felt on her soft ones. She missed him so much.

And the two spent the cold night together alone, making the room heat up. It was a night for only the two of them as they pushed aside all the bad things, vowing to take care of them later.


If there were any confusion, feel free to ask or tell me. I hope you enjoyed this short one-shot. Once again, I was not very satisfied with it but I hope you guys were. Thank you!