because was the first time he talked gently with her

One Hand, One Heart - Elriel

Warning: This fic is NSFW (though not that NSFW, because I actually made it super fluffy, with not much smut)

Elain knew she was ready.

But that didn’t stop her from feeling nervous, from being terrified that it would go wrong, that it would feel horrible, that…

Her sisters had assured her those thoughts were normal, that it was okay to be nervous when it was your first time. But, even so…

But the fact that it was with Azriel made her feel calmer. Because it was Azriel, the man she loved, and she knew he would never pressure her, never do anything unless she was completely fine and comfortable with it.

And it was for that reason – and the fact that Elain had thought about it, and ultimately decided that she knew what she wanted – that Elain was ready.

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Jeff Atkins Imagine-

“Can I have this dance?”

Originally posted by demon-of-deathlyrose

You and Hannahhadjust shown up to the Winter Ball with the group of girls you went stag with. You were promised a fun night, but honestly you weren’t that big into dances. However, Hanna wanted to go and you knew that it was because of Clay, so you decided to support your friend in this small encounter. You walked in, the music seeming too loud accompanied with all these dancing kids all over each other. You looked around and saw your crush, Jeff Atkins, and couldn’t help but blush a bit at how cute he looked in his white tux. Hanna smiled as she saw your sudden change in mood. “Go talk to him” she says and you look at her and smile gently. “You first” you say, referring to Clay. She rolls her eyes and bites her lip. “Maybe next time” she smiles and you chuckle as you guys continue in. Hanna went to go talk to some people, leaving you alone to wander by yourself. You head over to the punch table and get yourself a cup of juice before going to sit on the bleachers. You look out at the kids and find it interesting with who is dancing with who. You feel someone sit next to you and you look over to see Hanna. You smile, “Hey” you say. She smiles. “Of all the places to be at a dance, you chose here?” She looks at you. You smile. “What can I say? I’m not much of a dancer” I say and look over to see Clay Jensen sitting by himself. I look at Hanna. “Go talk to him, he’s alone and I already know he would love your company” I tell her. She bites her lip and shakes her head. “No can do, I don’t want to leave you here by yourself” she says and you chuckle. “Oh please, you came for him, go dance with him” you smile. She shakes her head and you just leave it be.

Only minutes later you watch Jeff go over and sit next to Clay. You watch them glance over to you and Hannah. Jeff starts talking to Clay and you can’t help but smile at how flustered Clay seems to get. You always admire Jeff for how kind he always was to Clay, and really anyone. You watch as Clay makes eye contact with Hannah and stands up to make his way over. “Go meet him” you slightly bump your shoulder into Hannah’s gently. She smiles gently and nods. “I’m going to do it” she lets out a breath and stands up and meets him on the dance floor. You watch the awkward, but cute encounter before looking up to see Jeff looking at you. You blush a bit and smile gently, deciding it was time to go talk to Jeff. You get up and make your way across the gym before you see Jeff and go sit next to him.

“Hey Atkins” you smile gently and look at him. He smiles and looks at you. “Hey Y/L/N” he says. You smile. “I’m surprised you actually got Clay to ask Hannah to dance, she was really happy about it” you smile gently and see the two on the dance floor. “Oh trust me, he was not going to leave this dance without dancing or at least talking with her” he chuckles softly. You smile and nod. “Glad to hear that,” you say and look at him. “You look handsome by the way.” You compliment and blush a bit. He smiles, “Thank you, you look very beautiful” He compliments. You blush and smile. “Why thank you” you say and look out at the people again. 

A slow song comes out, one of your favorite songs in fact. You watch the couples get close and start to dance. You hear Jeff sigh gently next to you, in a more encouraging way. “Can, um, can I have this dance?” Jeff says quietly. You look over and smile. “I would love that” you say as you guys stand up. He takes your hand and leads you down the bleachers and you two go out to the dance floor. He holds your hand and rests one hand on your waist in just the right spot, not too high and not too low. You smile gently and hold his hand and rest one hand on his shoulder. You two waltz and you smile gently. “You know, i’m really glad you came tonight” Jeff says softly and you look up at him. “Really? Why?” You ask softly. He smiles and looks at you. “I’ve always wanted an excuse to dance with you. You are really sweet and beautiful, and you just are someone I want to get to know” he smiles. You blush and smile. “I’ve always wanted to get to know you too” you smile gently. He smiles and spins you around, causing you to giggle softly. He smiles gently. “Well in that case, would you like to go on a date next Friday?” he asks. You smile. “I would love that” you say as the song ends. He smiles and gives you a hug. “Awesome, next Friday it is” he kisses your head gently. You blush and look over at Hannah and Clay, they aren’t together anymore. Jeff sighs gently. “I’m gonna go get Jensen, i’ll see you later” Jeff smiles gently. You smile. “See you later, thank you for the dance” you say and he kisses your hand gently before going.

You watched him go and couldn’t stop the smile that seemed to stay on your face. You had a date with Jeff Atkins, and suddenly a new love for school dances.


When The Petals Fall

A Jonerys Au

No one really tells you how cold death truly is.

Dany has never known anything but the warmth of the sun, as the Goddess of spring Dany spends most of her days under the watchful eye of her brother Viserys the God of Greed. Sick of feeling like a prisoner in her own home Dany wants to be free from her brother. When her brother leaves her alone for the first time in forever Dany thinks this is finally her chance to roam free when she stumbles across Jon Snow…the God of death and ruler of the underworld.

Dark and mysterious Jon is everything she is not.

The Winter to her Spring.

The Shade to her Sunlight.

The Ice to her Fire.

The Death to her Life.

Afraid at first Dany wants nothing to do with the with the ruler of the underworld but something draws her to him and she’ll realize that there’s more to the God of death than what meets the eye. Intrigued Dany begins seeing Jon in secret and soon falls in love with the God of death. Though her happiness is tested when Dany’s brother finds out about her and Jon’s relationship. Forbidding Dany from ever seeing Jon Dany won’t let go without a fight. Determined and unafraid Dany will travel to the underworld and will find dark adventures in a place few have ventured. Can Dany risk it all Jon even if it means never seeing the sun again?.

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Just Forget the World

Summary: A story of firsts and a last

Word Count: 1921

Warnings: Fluff, more fluff, angst?, a character death sorry

A/N: as per the request of @imhereforbvcky it’s a Sam fic and my first one so i mean you should always be nice but be nice


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normanthatisall  asked:

So...Caryl touches! Was trying to think of all the touches between them and whether it was Carol that instigates most of them or whether Daryl is more touchy than we first think? (I do!) My personal faves are his thumb rub in Consumed and the chin touch in Same Boat (the less talked about Caryl hug I think but actually one of the most important) I know you'll have a big old list of these mod that I'm sure you would love to share! 😉

You know what hon I started thinking about this earlier but was unable to write about it then and I have a suprising answer that just might blow some peoples minds. And blow a big hole in the arguement about Carol being an ‘agressor’ or ‘sexually harassing’ Daryl  as well.

So what I’m gonna do is go over the major touches between them and a give a point to whoever initiates the physical contact. Then total it up for you all and tell you what that means and might mean.

You guys ready.. ok lets go

Chupacabra Season 2

So point here for first contact goes to Carol. And this is the moment where Daryl flinches. A conditioned response to unexpected physical contact. Especially that close to his face or head/neck area. So point 1 goes to Carol.

Pretty Much Dead Already Season 2

Daryl instinctively reaches out and hauls Carol down, protecting her from daughter’s reanimated corpse. Even going as far as pulling her away so she wouldn’t see Rick shoot her. Its the first time we see Daryl do anything like this. Daryl gets this point.

so we have it at one apiece. Here’s where it gets interesting folks.

(putting behind a cut cause it might be long ha)

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The Cliche Lives (Zack Taylor First Date Fluff)

PromptFic requests would you please write something where Zack is on a first date with a girl he really likes just some romantic sweet fluff.

Zack was nervous for his date with (Y/N). He sat outside Trini’s house, waiting for her to come out, so she could help him get over some butterflies. He eventually got tired of just sitting around, so he paced instead.

Finally, Trini jumped down from her window and glared at Zack. “What do you want?”

“Woah, Crazy Girl! What’s with the mean face? Can’t a guy talk to his friend without the hostility?” Zack smirked at her to piss her off.

“No, he can’t.” She started climbing the side of her house towards he window.

“Wait, wait, wait! It’s just that I have my first date with (Y/N) tonight and I’m just kind of nervous,” he admitted with a blush.

Trini gave him a blank look before she burst out laughing. “You, Zack Taylor, are having cold feet?! Oh my god, this is awesome. I have to text the others,” Trini pulled out her phone, pulling up the group chat with an evil glare.

“Trini! Come on! Help me!” Zack whined. “This date has to go well. I really like her.”

Trini rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Doesn’t matter to me. It’s not like there are many ways it could go wrong anyways. I mean, unless you decide to jump onto another speeding vehicle, I’m sure she’ll love you.” Trini actually looked pained at her own words.

Zack tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “Wow… that was actually nice… I think.”

Trini shoved him. “Get the fuck out of here, douche. You have disrespected me. Leave the premises.”

Zack laughed and hopped away backwards. He spun around lazily and put his arm in the air, waving behind him. “Thanks! See you in detention tomorrow!”

Trini jumped into the air, easily reaching her window with her supernatural powers. “Good luck! Don’t choke!” And with that, Trini slammed her window shut.

Zack tripped and sighed in Trini’s general direction. He knew Trini would be able to help him. However brutal it was.

Zack arrived at (Y/N)’s house about 10 minutes later - just in time for their 7 pm date. He knocked on the door and stood back, patiently waiting for someone to answer. Luckily, it was her, so he didn’t have to talk to anyone else.

But maybe he should’ve talked to someone else first to better prepare himself because damn, she was perfect. Zack smiled brightly at her, and held out his hand as an invitation.

“Hey there, beautiful.”

She raised her eyebrow at him. “Cliche, much?” she smirked.

“Oh, uh, I- I mean, um, hi?” Zack stuttered.

She laughed and gently laid her hand in his offered one. “Getting you all flustered is fun. You’re cute when you blush.”

Zack smiled evilly. “Ah, I’ll get you back for that.”

“Later. Now, where are we going. You said dress in easy to move in clothes that are warm.”

Zack led her away from the house. “You’ll just have to see, won’t you?”

As they neared Zack’s hideout, he decided that it was a good time to blindfold  (Y/N). 

“You’re totally going to murder me out here aren’t you. So cliche, bringing me out to the dark, empty woods to slit my throat.”

“Oh, shut it. You may be the prettiest girl I’ll meet, but you’re still a pain,” Zack laughed.

They finally reached the abandoned train car of his. Zack pulled off the blindfold and outstretched his hands, internally trying to calm himself. He didn’t really know what she would think of his hideaway. He tried to gauge her reaction through her facial expressions.

“Ah, so is this your evil lair where you’ll torture and kill me?” she asked with a playful smile. She approached Zack grabbed onto his torso and spun him around. “I suppose I’ll just have to let the handsome criminal mastermind do his thing now, huh?”

Zack beamed at her. “I suppose you will,” he said as he spun with her tunelessly. Risking it, he carefully pressed his lips to (Y/N)’s. He could feel her smiling, so he held the position a bit longer, savoring the warmth. 

When he pulled away, he found her blushing and trying to hide her face. “Look who’s the flustered one now,” Zack joked. 

(Y/N) huffed, but didn’t deny it. 

“Come here. I want to show you something.” Zack took her hand and led her to the train car. He found the ladder that he used to use before he became a Power Ranger and gestured for (Y/N) to go first. She climbed the ladder while Zack naturally climbed the side of the car. They reached the top, and Zack brought her to the edge nearest to the cliff drop-off. 

He sat down and patted the spot next to him. (Y/N) sat down and linked her hand with his without hesitation. “So, what are you showing me?”

Zack let himself relax when he felt her fingers intertwine with his. “Patience.”

Slowly, the lights of Angel Grove began lighting up. One by one, streetlights lit up, the lighthouse, homes, and so on. But what Zack really wanted to show her came on last. 

“There,” he pointed to the water. Boats were passing by the docks, all lit up. The lighthouse also circled around the. The water reflected the light beautifully. It faltered once in a while with ripples. “The water never fails to amaze me.”

(Y/N) stared at the lights in awe. “I suppose cliches are your thing.”

Zack chuckled. “Wow, you never cease to amaze me.”


The two sat in silence while they watched the ships slowly float by. At some point, (Y/N)’s head rested on Zack’s shoulder and Zack’s head rested on her’s.

“Cliches are good,” she whispered.

Zack huffed in amusement. “Are they?”

“… Only with you.”

Zack felt his chest warm up. He pushed (Y/N)’s hair behind her ear and, for the second time that night, kissed her, breathed her in, smiled with her, and fell in love with her.

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 47 - Yes

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Originally posted by king-of-ghost

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 47 - Yes

[Blake says goodbye…and Negan asks her just one question…]

(Its a long and sad one, sorry!)

Blake gave a gulp as she stood beside her bed, staring down at the tiny Mia’-sized dress in her hands.

The toddler was currently sitting on top of Blake’s mattress, playing with her own sock-covered feet and letting out small intermittent giggles that seemed to make Blake’s heart swell and then crash painfully as she thought on her impending fate.

She didn’t want to let her go. Not now. Not after everything. This had been their chance. Her chance at happiness, after months of hurt.

Blake folded the tiny pinafore dress and placed it neatly onto the pile of baby clothes besides her, letting a tear fall from her eyes as she did so.

This was how it had been all those years ago…..Blake folding up the clothes she had bought for the baby she had been expecting….placing them away never to be brought out again….

She was aching now. For so much loss in her life….and for the loss of dream that would now never become a reality.

Blake suddenly gave a loud uncontrollable sob before she could stop herself, before clutching hurriedly at her mouth as Mia peered up at her curiously.

The tiny girl tilted her head slightly.

“Wha ‘rong wif Bwake?” she asked in a tiny voice, blinking her wide, blue eyes up toward the caramel-blonde woman.

But Blake hurriedly wiped at her wet cheeks, forcing a smile in Mia’s direction.

“Nothing, sweetie,” she said in a gentle voice, reaching down and lifting the little girl up into her arms.

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Sabo / Coby Reaction

Bonjour ! Et bien en fait je suis malade, c’est d’ailleurs pour ça que je poste aujourd’hui … Du bist German ? Ich spreche Deutch !

Coby reaction to his S/O saying “I love you” for the first time:

-Would be calm at first like “Can you repeat please I wasn’t listening I was working on my new…”


-Will stay silent at first because he will not understand quickly.

- Like “I’m shock babe give me a second”.

-In fact he will be silent FOR TEN FUCKING MINUTES

-But he will finally say something back like : Oh ah yes wa humm…

-Being a mess as always

-Of course he loves her back because he don’t want to spend time with people he doesn’t like.

- Finally will say somehting like : Really ? You know, I like you too…

- Will smile like an idiot until the next week.

Originally posted by sableu

Sabo reaction to his S/O saying “I love you” for the first time

-Will smile like “Yeah, I knew it”.

-Will hug his S/O the second after

-And whisper something like “I love you too “ or “I love you more”

- Maybe he will gently kiss her

-Or maybe just smile and laugh sweetly for 3 hours.

-Will stay with his S/O until the end of the day, always hugging, kissing and talking with her.

-Sweetest as possible!

-She will becomes a family member in a minute, because he knows she is the one, until he dies.

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Silver (BTS Members x Reader)

Originally posted by mewchim

General genre : Fluff, some angst, fantasy AU, smut, action.

Author’s Note : This part was a little longer than I intended it to but I thought it was a nice way to start the chapter before I dump some heavy stuff on you guys ;)

Warning : None.

Word count : 7.3k

Prologue, Chapter 6 Part 2,

Chapter 6 

“Just.. promise me you will treat her better than I did and that you will be a better boyfriend than I was to her..” He begged him, tears slowly filling his eyes.

“I’d rather die than hurt her.” Yoongi said before leaving the rest of the guys behind.

Struggling to drag the huge suitcase Yoongi still tried to get to the lobby as fast as he could, he felt a weird sensation in his chest knowing he’d be living with y/n for what he hoped would be a while. When he reached the lobby, he felt his heart race as soon as he saw y/n leaning against the wall. 

“Hey!” He called out for her. He ran towards her with the big luggage behind him. 

“That was faster than I thought.” She giggled.

“I just shoved everything I saw in it.” He smiled at her. “Are you really sure you don’t want to be here?” 

“Yeah. I don’t want to see Tae or Jimin..” 

“Jimin? Did he say something?” He asked her.


“Y/n.. you can tell me. I promise I won’t go back upstairs and break his nose.” He tried to lighten the mood. 

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Muse | Chapter 8 [4.02]

A/N: All right, y’all know my first version of this chap was a mess. So, I understand your hesitation for wanting to even take a look at my rewrite. But, I have gotten the approval from the lovely fic writer, @sophisticatedloserchick and my incredible beta, @valeriemperez, that this chap is an incredible improvement from the first version. So, if you don’t trust what’s rolling around in my head, I urge you to at least trust them.

Inspiration: the DCTV promo featuring Barry telling Iris (presumably) “The weight of the whole city falls on my shoulders.” Also, some dialogue from the (4.01) Hero Reborn promo is included. The chapter is about how that scene could play out.

Note: I realize the Iris lines from the promo are probably meant for 4.01, not 4.02, but they fit so perfectly into the scene I was writing, I couldn’t resist. Hopefully you won’t mind. ;)

He found her at STAR Labs, sitting alone, deep in thought. The room was empty. They had just caught another bad guy mere moments after Barry and Iris finished up their first couples therapy session, which had proven to be both comical and eye-opening. Barry hadn’t been totally sure where they stood by the end of it, but he knew they’d made progress. He believed that.

“Go,” she’d said when they got the alert from Cisco.

He realized in that moment that he’d been waiting for her okay, for her direction, for her permission.

He, The Flash, the guy who had made all the decisions in the past, after one therapy decision hadn’t dashed away immediately. It wasn’t on purpose either. It was natural. It felt right. And it made him wonder if he hadn’t always subconsciously looked to her for guidance.

In the dire moments, sure, but always?


She looked up from where she was sitting and smiled genuinely, softly, but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“You caught the bad guy.”

We caught the bad guy.” He slowed to a stop when he reached her and then took a seat. “We all did.”

Her smile was tremulous. “We did.”

He sighed and took her hand in his, watching how his hands clasped over her smaller one.

“Look, Iris, about the therapy session…” He pursed his lips, and then looked up at her.

“It was kind of a disaster,” she finished, biting her bottom lip. “I mean, right?”

His thoughts had been serious, but her words made him recall how confused the therapist had been throughout the meeting in their attempts to explain the situation without giving away his superhero identity. He laughed.

“I don’t know why no one told us that would be an obstacle we’d have to overcome.”

“We’re adults,” she said, taking on a dignified air. “We should have thought of it ourselves.”

“Too bad we don’t know any therapists who know my identity.”

“Or that we don’t have one of those…” She gestured with her fingers around an invisible device. Her brows furrowed, forgetting what it was called.

Barry got it though and smiled slowly.

“One of those memory eraser things.” Iris’s eyes flashed to his and lit up in recognition. “From Men in Black.”

“Yes.” She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, one of those.”

“Those would come in handy.” He sighed wistfully.

“Shouldn’t Cisco have come up with one of those by now?” Iris asked with a laugh. Barry joined in.

“I’ll have to get on him about that.”

The shared laughter between them subsided until there was only silence. Neither risked catching a glance. Finally, Iris cleared her throat.



“The therapy.”


“Do you… What did you think?” she asked.

Barry knew it was no joke this time. Not from the vulnerability shining in her eyes. They had tackled serious issues during the session, even if they had blundered their way through attempts at hiding from the person they were supposed to unveil everything to.

But the undertone was clear. Sure, he felt like she was trying to walk all over him at STAR Labs, but she was also truly, deeply hurting on the inside. Not only that, she’d been holding STAR Labs and the team up for six long months. It was because of Iris that Team Flash hadn’t gone under. For all the things he’d learned while in the speed force, it hadn’t occurred to him what those he’d left behind had endured in his absence. Or how deep the impact ran.

Things were a lot clearer to him now.

“I think…maybe you’re upset with me,” he ventured carefully.

She blinked. “About what?”

He gave her a knowing look, and she rolled her eyes.

“Well, obviously I’m not a fan of you giving a direction that is the opposite of my direction, since I’m—”


He threaded their fingers together, and she sighed shakily. Her eyes closed, and he saw as tears wet her eyelashes.

“I just…” She swallowed hard, and then looked up at him. “I tried to keep going.” She nodded, pursing her lips together for a moment so a tearful gasp wouldn’t escape her. “To keep running like you said.” She released the breath she’d been holding and tried to focus on his thumbs moving in soothing, warm circles on her hands.

“In the beginning…I was in…shambles. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I cried all the time.” She looked up at him. “I couldn’t bring myself to sleep in our bed alone. It was too hard. It felt so empty.” She paused and looked away, trying to compose herself. “I would wake up in the middle of the night and reach out for you. And y-you,” she caught her breath, sinking her face into his hand when it suddenly appeared there, cupping her cheek. “You were never there.”

“I’m so…” The pain on Barry’s face was palpable. “I never wanted that for you, Iris.”

She looked up at him, a glint of anger and disappointment in her eyes mixed with heartbreaking sadness.

“But that’s what happened, Barry.” She moved back slightly, causing his hand to lose contact with her skin. He made no attempt to recapture it. “And I had to rebuild the team in your absence, because we were so…so lost without you. We wanted to do right by you, but…” She sighed and looked away, remembering. “We couldn’t.” Her voice broke, and then she fixed her eyes on his again. “So, I put my heartbreak in a box, and I tucked it away. I hardened myself enough to keep the team together, so we could protect the city the way it needed to be protected. I turned over all the pictures in our loft because seeing them hurt too much. They drew out the girl who just wanted to curl in a ball and cry all day. So, I didn’t look at them. Because the team needed a leader who wouldn’t break.”

She paused to catch her breath and reclaim a hold of her wild emotions. She swallowed hard.

“And all of this – all of it – happened because you made a snap decision. You made it, and you just…” She swept her hand in an angry gesture. “You just left.”

“Iris, I—”

“You left me.”

Her eyes were blazing. Barry was rendered speechless, his mouth hanging open.

“You left all of us,” she continued, and he thought for a moment she was going to sweep her first statement under the rug. “But you left me.” Her voice cracked and tears flooded her face as she looked away. “I’m your wi—I-I was going to be, I…”

“Iris, Iris, hey, hey…” He was beside her then, cradling her in his arms. “I’m right here now, okay? I’m here.” He pulled back enough so she could look at him. He tilted her chin up to meet his gaze when she didn’t. “I’m sorry.”

She swallowed and nodded, scooted back a little and then said softly, “I know.”

He sighed and created a little more distance between them.

“Iris, I wasn’t trying to hurt you. Or any of you.” He took a breath and then looked at her sincerely, trying to express the ache that was in his heart. “The weight of the whole city falls on my shoulders.”

She couldn’t look at him for a second, but then she made herself.

“Sometimes I have to make tough choices, choices that I don’t want to make, that I would never have to make if I was just Barry Allen, forensic scientist for the CCPD. I don’t get that luxury, because I’m not just that guy anymore. I’m the Flash.” He tried to lighten the mood with a strangled laugh, but he knew immediately it hadn’t worked. “If I could’ve thought of a way to save the city without sacrificing myself, I would have.”

“Would you have?” she asked. There wasn’t much spite to the question. Mostly it was genuine curiosity. And heartbreak. She licked her lips and attempted to regather her thoughts. “It was so easy for you, Barry. You saw the speed force coming out of that hole and you just…you said a few short goodbyes, and you left. You even told me it was your redemption. You wanted to go in there.”

He swallowed and nodded once. “Maybe.”

She looked away, wiped away the tears that had only half-dried on her face.

“I did so much damage when I created Flashpoint. In the end, it was HR that saved you by sacrificing himself. If he hadn’t done that…you would’ve died.” He sighed. “I couldn’t fix anything that I did. Everyone else fixed it for me. I wasn’t the hero. I tried, and I still got the happy ending because I let people sacrifice theirs for me.”

Iris was torn between the need to scold him, to yell at him that that wasn’t a good enough excuse, and the very real desire to hold him in her arms because even when he was at fault, she hated to see him sad. He might have super powers, but he was still very human. He was allowed to make mistakes.

“I wanted redemption, Iris,” he said, fixing his gaze on hers again. “But that doesn’t mean for a second that I didn’t want you or that I didn’t want our life together.” He took her hands and kissed each gently. “If I have to spend the rest of my life proving that to you, I will.”

She sighed quietly and nodded subtly.

“Because all I want to do,” he began sincerely, and then broke into the gentle tune, “is come runnin’ home to you.”

Her sudden smile turned into a laugh, albeit a short one. It made his heart swell to see the shift in her.

“Can you just talk to me first next time?” she asked, her voice still light enough that she didn’t sink into herself again. “Just give me a head’s up, ‘Hey, Iris, I’m about to jump into the speed force to save the city, and I might not come out again. Prepare yourself.’ Maybe we can even talk about it and see if there’s another way?”

He softened for her and nodded. “I will.”

Her shoulder sank as the relieved breath swept out of her.

“I learned a lot during my time in the speed force. I’ve moved past the pain and regret and guilt from seeing my life over and over again for what felt like an eternity.” He stopped. “But Iris, you have to know that sometimes I do have to make tough decisions. Sometimes there is no other way.”

“Barry.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “There is always another way. Someone very wise told me that.”

He didn’t want to contradict her anymore, so he let it go. After all, in the past he had always believed there was another way – another way out of killing, another way other than crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll remind me of that,” he said, “since you’re the one I’ll be following.”

She blinked and released his hand.

“What are you saying?” she asked slowly.

He laughed lightly and shook his head. “I’m saying I’m an idiot.”

Her lips twitched at the corner.

“Iris, from the very beginning, the very thought of you has been what’s kept me going. Whether it was just as Barry Allen or as the Flash. I went into the future before you were saved, and I saw that I had absolutely fallen apart without you. I had stopped living. I had stopped saving people. I had stopped caring about anything but my grief and my failure to protect you. In the here and now, in the worst situations, it is your voice on the com that gets me through it. Your direction, your spirit, your words of encouragement, memories of you – they are what keeps this team going.”

She was so shocked and incredibly touched, she didn’t know what to say.


He took her hands back and smiled brilliantly at her.

“I have been at the helm of this team ever since Eobard Thawne was erased from existence.” Iris looked away briefly, but Barry’s thumb smoothing over her fingers brought her back to him. “I didn’t know how things had changed, and I didn’t understand that it was for the better.”

“The whole city doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders, Barry,” she said gently.

He smiled softly, letting that possibility sink into him.

“We’ll all carry it together.”

Her heart was so full she thought it might burst.

“You have done an amazing job keeping the team going while I was gone,” he said. “I can’t think of a single other person I would follow into battle than the love of my life, future wife, badass reporter by day and leading a team of superheroes by night – and in her free time.” He winked.

She caught her breath.

“You’re sure,” she said. “You’re sure this is what you want?”

“It’s what I want, Iris. You’re what this team needs. And you know…” He slinked away. “I’m not sure I’d want my job back even if you tried to give it to me.” He folded his arms across his chest, and she smacked him playfully until he giggled and her eyes were shining with happy tears.

“You’re still the Flash, you know. You’re still the guy the team is going to follow out into the field. They look up to you in a way that they’ll never look up to me.”


“And that’s how it should be,” she said firmly. “You lead them out into the war zone. I’ll keep you all grounded at home base.”

His eyes sparkled, and so did hers. At the same time, they both moved towards each other, melting into a sweet kiss. Iris sighed happily into him.

“Besides, I think you’ll like me telling you what to do.”

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Oh, yeah?”

Her darkening eyes lowered to his lips then slowly raised to his green-eyed gaze.

“Yeah.” She slipped her arms around his neck and slid herself onto his lap. “I think you are going to love it.”

He held her close. “Well then, by all means, we should have started this sooner.”

She laughed and leaned in for another kiss that built into a more passionate one.

It was going to take more than one therapy session and one heart-to-heart to smooth the new dynamic out between them and the rest of the team. But this was a good first start. It was a breakthrough. They were different people now than they were before he had left, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It was a new chapter, and they were living it together.

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Time for a story - It takes time

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The first thing Felicity noticed, when she opened the door that led from the back of the club into the foundry, was the rhythmic clang-clang-clang that told her that Oliver was probably training on the salmon ladder. As quietly as possible she tiptoed down towards the middle of the metal stairs and took a long look in the direction of the salmon ladder. It was enough to confirm her suspicion. Resting her forearms on the banister, she just watched him. He had taken his shirt off, only wearing jeans and his shoes. His eyes were squeezed shut, causing a frown on his forehead.

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LIKE beru whitesun is 7th generation free and owen lars is only 3rd, but then, owen is a landowner, which gave him special status among a community of mostly tenant farmers and laborers.

the fact that they were officially married was another status symbol—there were lots of husbands and wives on tatooine but beru and owen had the republican-stamped signatory that cost a shameful number of credits and weeks of waiting for the correct forms to process and the registry to audit for fraud. (it was common, especially on outer rim planets, to register false bonds for the purposes of collecting on benefits the republic extended to family units. senator palpatine had worked very hard to tighten those regulations, it had been the crowning achievement of his 9th session.)

but at the same time, they’re raising a second-generation kid called ‘skywalker, which no one would mistake for a family name—’skywalker’ is something a scared pregnant slave girl picks at twenty-four, when she wants to give her child something, anything, and there’s nothing else. (at some point, beru stops gently suggesting luke could call himself ‘lars’ every time he comes home with a mulish look and a fat lip.)

and luke carries it all with him—han’s never seen the kid as white-knuckled furious as the first time han mentions he’s technically sort of one of jabba’s goons. it takes leia a few days to talk luke around, and then only because han swears up and down he was never involved in the water trade, just spice and information.

(’water export?’ leia had asked, when luke mentioned it. ‘tatooine is a desert planet, wasn’t every drop needed—’

‘yes,’ luke spat bitterly, and that was the end of that.)

……………….honestly though luke skywalker grew up less than a 150 klicks from where his father was raised, anakin wouldn’t have recognized the features of his life.

Don’t encourage her!!: (Not a request) (Part 2?)

Prompt: A girl makes fun of Steve and Tony’s relationship which upsets (Y/N)

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader x Dad! Steve

Note: Gay Dads, homophobia, Reader gets into a fight

Words: 1340

Requested by: Me, because I wanted more of a reader daughter and Dad Tony an Pop Steve! :D

(Y/N) Stark was in her last year of school and in that time she was able to go to regular school due to her mother moving out of the country. (Y/N) was now with her two Dads twenty-four/seven which she wasn’t complaining about. Steve was like more of a mom to her than a dad with all that he has done for her through the years of staying with them. She grew use to calling Steve Pop, and sometimes he’d even respond to mom when she’d whine. So (Y/N) had a good life and she was more than happy to have both her Dads to hold her hand every step of the way. She loved them more than they would ever know and with them being Superheroes made it all the better.

Still whenever (Y/N) needed to confide in someone she went to both of her Dads because she wanted to hear two sides of something. Steve’s answer was probably the best option considering Tony’s was considered very reckless. Now (Y/N) never really cared about what anyone thought of her and her little family, focusing on the friends she had like Steve said she never heard the others. Sadly one day a girl by the name of Kyria took it too far and now (Y/N) was suspended for ten days with a fine slapped onto her record. She was currently sitting in the communal kitchen waiting for both of her fathers to get home from their latest mission, running a bit late (Y/N) worried a little for them.

Sure enough the doors opened and in poured the Avengers, bruised and beaten, but none the less they looked just tired. “Dad! Pop!” (Y/N) exclaims running over to her parents as she hugged them tightly despite Tony still being in his Iron Man suit. “Whoa, hey Kiddo. Sorry we’re late.” Tony chuckles lifting up his face plate to get a kiss on the cheek from her before Steve received one as well. Pepper was standing there with her as she crosses her arms clearing her throat causing (Y/N) to wince. “Hey Potts. What are you doing here? Not that I’m not happy to see you.” He grins as his suit pieces were removed from his body when Pepper pointed to (Y/N) who grins wearily to both of her Dads. “What did you do?” Steve asked quirking an eyebrow.

“She’s suspended for ten days and has a three hundred dollar fine.” Pepper said as Steve frowns when Tony walks over taking the paper off of Pepper. “You got into a fight?” Tony asked a little upset as (Y/N) looked down to the ground while the other Avengers sat down onto the couch. “Why?” Tony asked crossing his arms as (Y/N) sighed when Steve ushered her over to the table to make her explain. “I… There was… Ugh.” She groaned before slamming her face into the table only for Steve to place his hand there before she could collide with it. “Please explain.” He spoke softly when suddenly she felt tears welling in her eyes as Tony walked over so that both of them were near her.

She lifted her head to meet both of their gazes when she sniffled wiping away the tears that were pooling down her cheeks. “She made fun of you! She called me a freak for having two Dads!” She exclaims flailing her arms as Steve and Tony look to each other in silence. “I wasn’t going to just sit there and let her talk about my Dads.” She huffed angrily as Pepper walked over running a hand down her back. “Tell them what you told the girl.” She said softly as (Y/N)’s face heated up before she looked back to Steve and Tony who were waited. “Well..” She laughs nervously rubbing the back of her head before biting her lip. “(Y/N).” Pepper said in a warning tone.

“Okay okay! She said I was a freak for having two Dads so I turned to her and said at least I have a Dad and don’t suck a boy’s dick in his car to fill that void.” (Y/N) said before covering her face. Steve’s face flushed at such a statement as Tony’s eyes widened before he suddenly busted out laughing when both Steve and Pepper glared to him. “That’s my girl!” He exclaims laughing as she giggles when Steve slapped his shoulder. “Tony! Do not encourage this behavior!” Steve hissed, but there was a smile jerking on his lips when Tony held his stomach from laughing so hard. “Oh come on! I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Tony joked as Pepper sighed facepalming.

“(Y/N), you have to understand something though Sweetheart.” Steve said placing his hand onto her shoulders. “No one’s opinion should matter to you. Okay? Whatever that girl said means nothing, she’s just jealous of what you have. It doesn’t make it right to scoop to her level. You’re a good kid (Y/N). Now I’m not mad that you defended us, and what you believed in, but I am upset that you resorted to violence. You could have just walked away, sometimes we have to no matter how much we want to turn around and do something.” He said as (Y/N) looks down nodding. “I know, I’m sorry Pop. I’ll do better.” She whispered when he leaned forward as he kissed her forehead gently. “Good. Your father and I will discuss your punishment for getting suspended.” Steve said standing up as Tony shrugged.

“Do I have to apologize to her?” (Y/N) asked looking from Tony to Steve as Steve frowned. “What? No, that girl doesn’t deserve to hear your apologize, and I’m calling her… guardian for her behavior.” His face flushed once again before he walked back towards the bedroom when Tony nudged her sitting down next to her at the table. “Are you going to lecture me too?” She asked softly. “All I will say is, I’m proud of you. You’re more like Steve than you realize, and Steve got into a lot of fights when he was young.” He said grinning as she looked to him in shock. “No way.” She comments. “Pop…? Really?” She asked as he nods causing her to laugh.

“Yeah, but how do you feel about having two dads?” He asked when her laughter died almost immediately. “I love having both of you as my Dads… You guys have taught me so much since I started living her about seven years ago.” She whispered. “Then why did what she say matter?” He asked quirking an eyebrow. “Because… she… She said how you two were disgusting being together, and stuff like that. She was hurting you guys.. It’s not the first time she’s talked against me, but it was the first and last time she’s talked against you guys. You both are my Dads, I wouldn’t want you any other way than who you are now.” She said leaning against him as Tony smiles placing his arm around her gently.

“Yeah, but she’s not the first to talk about us that way Sweetheart. Whenever I asked Steve to marry him do you know how many people were upset that Iron Man and Captain America were together? Steve got so much backlash and so did I, but you see that didn’t matter to us. We are happy together and with you we’re a family. Steve loves you, I love you, and you love us. That’s all that matters. People are always going to step on us and what we are. You just have to get back up and prove them wrong. We are who we are (Y/N). Never forget that.” He said standing up as she smiles to him. “Come on, come to the workshop with me, I have some things you can do while you’re on your… vacation.” He grins as (Y/N) groans before following him onto the elevator.

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One call away

Words: 6205

Genre: angst, drama, psychological

Main Characters: Kang Younghyun (Brian Kang from DAY6); Ryu Bora (OC)

Setting: suicide helpline AU, mental illnesses AU

Trigger warning: mentions of suicide, abuse, depression, self-harm, social phobia, mental illnesses

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What would the captain do if their lovers were pouting them ?

Shunsui Kyoraku : He will finally follow his S/O : kissing and stroking their neck, asking if he did something bad and trying to make his lover confess.

Soi Fon : First she will feel a little bit annoyed that her S/O blame her. Seeing that nothing changes, she will getting mad at them and reproaching to act like a child. She won’t give up, too much pride in this little body of her.

Rojuro Otoribashi : First of all, he’ll let them calm down. Then he’ll apologize, knowing what he has done wrong, and drive them to some shopping or meal where they want.

Unohana Retsu : She will try to understand why her S/O is pouting by oversee their reactions and gestures. Then after her investigation she will talk the needed time to tamp this story.

Shinji Hirako : At first, he’ll try to make them laugh. If it work he’ll take them to ice cream outing and go over it. If they don’t stop pouting, he’ll hold them to their bed and lay under the cover in a backhug.

Byakuya Kuchiki : He’ll come by behind and gently take their hand for them to pay attention to him. He doesn’t like these kind of situation because he always thinks he made them suffer.

Sajin Komamura : He will stand in front of his S/O until they gave him an explanation. He’ll feel really sorry if he did something bad but he really wants to know the reason. If his S/O was ready to speak he will hold his hand listening to them kindly. That’s his animal instinct that made him dominant in a crisis time, he feels like it’s his role to take the problem in hand.

Kensei Muguruma : Kensei, without being violent and hurting them, will blocked them on a table or against a wall espacially if his S/O is rowdy. He knows that they’ll stop complaining on what he did and focuse on the present.

Toshiro Hitsugaya : He’ll internally burn with them, pouting is something he found childish. They’ll have it out but before his lover he feels weak so he’ll them say that he’s the guilty one. Things will cool down with time… 

Zaraki Kenpachi : He will act as he used to because be surrounded by childish/playful people is his daily life.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi : He isn’t the kind of person to care about it. He just doesn’t notice these kind of foolish things.

Jushiro Ukitake : A man kind as he is, he will give them candies, chocolat, a massage annd other sweet things he’s an expert in. He’s too fluffy for them not to give up and melt in his arms.

So what about a sequel to the soulmate AU bc I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days  part 1 here

  • It’s not odd for Percy to wake up with his arms twisted around Annabeth and her back pressed against his chest or to have her arms wrapped around his stomach and her crowding up against his back.
  • It’s the best way to wake up.
  • He found Annabeth, his soulmate (which is weird to finally say) just a few days ago. It’s–it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.
  • The thing is–he hasn’t really been able to leave her side lately. It’s normal though, when people find their other half, it’s human nature to need to be beside each other all the time because they had already been separated for so long. Everybody knows that, so thankfully, Percy’s swim coach is cutting him a bit of a break right now about not keeping him too long after the other guys or letting him lift weights when he knows that Annabeth is in class instead.
  • It’s disorienting, and it’s perfect. 
  • When he’s not in class or swimming, he’s with Annabeth. Thankfully, they have similar schedules so he doesn’t have to go too long without seeing her. They usually get something to eat and then wander through the streets holding hands and talking unless they go back to Annabeth’s dorm to watch a movie on her laptop. Whey they do that, they always fall asleep together, and Percy gets to wake up to Annabeth’s alarm going off and seeing her grumble as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes and flops back down against his shoulder.
  • They’re going slow. They haven’t really discussed anything between them yet (after all, they just met), but Percy knows that he just wants to be beside her. He’s good with whatever she wants, as long as she’s right there with him. 

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Avengers Preference 7 - He Needs You

Thor - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because it’s getting to him - not being able to travel from Asgard to see you all the time. Being you - the girl he loves - you understand, and learn not to worry about him too much, but he would go hour, after hour of feeling terrible. If he was refused to go to Midgard, he would sit in his room, relishing over the memories he would spend with you. When he eventually got back to Midgard, you were the first person he found; the second you came into his sight, pulling you into a hug which pulled you off the floor. Thor’s lips would soon find yours, making up for all the time you had spent apart. He didn’t let go of your hand for a while, either. He needed you right now, even if it was just your presence. 

Steve - 

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Because he missed everything - His old life, Bucky, Peggy… You held no feelings for the Super Solider talking about his first love, because it was her, and although he felt terrible for talking about her, he couldn’t help himself. The cure to fix him was always quite sweet - Steve would tell you a song, one he listened to. One he truly loved. Using the Internet, you would find it, and play it, gently swaying around with him; your hands round his neck, his around your waist, whilst his head rested on top of yours. It was his sign of comfort, and being able to protect something he loved. He found the homely feeling, and understood, you’d never let him go.

Tony - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because his reputation was getting to him - alright, he still did the odd flirting whenever you attended a party or social event, but you had been together for almost a year. Yet, the press were eagerly awaiting on the day you would both split, leaving Tony Stark ‘King Bachelor’ once more. Once the news of a latest article reached him, he flipped, cursing everything and everyone. You eventually found him slumped in his lab - sore throat, red eyes. You rolled your eyes, making yourself comfortable on his lap pressing a kiss to his forehead, gently humming a tune from the radio. He couldn’t help but show a content smile, either. That’s when he knew you were there, that it was real, and he needed you. 

Bruce - 

Originally posted by dairxoxo

Because he can’t stop thinking. His job seems to be taking over his life, more than the ‘Other Guy’ did, and he blamed himself for not spending as much time with you as he could. He’d come into your room at night, close to tears, as he realized all the things you could of done. Instead, his brain continue to whir with ideas and thoughts, until he thought he’d go insane. You’d see him, breaking apart, and take his head in your lap, continuously pressing kisses to his forehead until he was calm. He knew he needed you - you were his antidote to the pain he couldn’t stop.

Loki -  

Originally posted by mrs-hudsonn

Because he’s lonely - you had gone on a trip with some of your friends, and he was still located at Stark Tower. He hadn’t made the best impression on the Avengers, so isolated himself, with books, as he used to. But, since you were in his life, the loneliness and want for companionship began to grow even more. When you returned, you could barely say hello to anyone, before he dragged you away, kissing you heavily. He carefully pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. He needed you, otherwise he would fade away, becoming something he knew you wouldn’t love.

READ - I need you guys to send me Preference Ideas…I’m running low. ALSO, CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE TONY STARK OR NOT?

Masterlist -

In Dreams

Rating: Gen
Set in Season 5

Trigger Warning for Violence and Depiction of Death

It’s oppressively dark, so dark that he can scarcely see her, or the rest of the team. The clouds hang so low that he swears he can’t make out anything in the distance between his head and his feet. One shouldn’t feel claustrophobic outdoors, but between the dense humidity and layers of riot gear, he is quickly losing his breath. But he can hear her, the sound of her leather tactical gloves creaking against her weapon, he can feel her shoulder bumping up against him.

“Stay behind me,” he whispers.

“No way,” she hisses.

Their ear pieces crackle and give the order. Flash bangs send the darkness into strobing bursts of white light the metal doors swing open. She’s already ahead of him, weapon raised. His heart is jackhammering in his chest. Flashlight beams bounce off of the walls. The room is wide and bare, nowhere to hide, and blessedly empty. He lets his arms drop and a deep breath tumbles into his lungs like water filling a bucket dunked into a well.

Voices from every corner call “clear!” The room is illuminated by the eerie yellow light of glow sticks. She’s a good twenty feet from him now, looking just a little disappointed that she didn’t get to zip tie a half dozen domestic terrorists. He offers a smile and shrug as he slings his weapon over his shoulder. She smirks back but then her expression suddenly shifts to something else. It takes him a moment to track and figure out what she’s looking at and with such dread.

The floor.


Hatches open all over, a half dozen of them,with guns cackling like a murder of crows. A trap. He watches the room flash, a lightning storm and sees her, in staccato slow motion, falling, and falling, and falling.

He is moving against a current to get to her. As quickly as it started, the gunfire stops.

There is gasping, choking, pained crying. At least four have fallen. All of the shooters seem to be neutralized.

“Scully?!” he says as he drops to his knees next to her.

She coughs and blood spatters around her mouth like a macabre Rorschach. His hands dance about, looking for a wound to tamp.

“Leg,” she gasps. “Too much.”

Her inner thigh is torn open and blood is pulsing out in waves.

“Hang on,” he says as he presses the heel of his hand against the wound. She winces behind bloodstained teeth. He knows that there is more, she wouldn’t be spitting blood if she didn’t have internal bleeding.

“Took one in the jacket, I think my lung’s collapsed,” she wheezes painfully.

“Help’s coming,” he tells her.

Her eyes go unfocused and she suddenly looks almost peaceful.

“Hey, Scully. Stay with me,” he says as presses harder against her thigh. His fingers are slickened with blood and the gaping injury is too big for him to cover. The femoral artery is either badly lacerated or entirely severed.

“I’m bleeding out,” she says softly.

“No, no, no, look at me, Scully,” he pleads. He begins fumbling with his belt and pulls it off in one swift move. He wraps the belt high on her thigh and pulls it as tight as it will go. She should have jolted or winced, something. But she didn’t.

She is staring, glassy-eyed at the ceiling and struggling to breathe shallowly.


She doesn’t respond, just blinks languidly. The blood is still coming and coming and coming. He feels the panic rise up like bile in the back of his throat.

“I’m so thirsty,” she mumbles. And then, nothing. Her eyes slip shut and she stops fighting to breathe.

“Scully? Scully?! SCULLY?!”

He is still screaming her name when he rises from his pillow. He grasps wildly for her, trying to pull her back from the brink. She isn’t there.

He is soaked in sweat, his is windpipe raw as he tries to slow his breathing.

He snatches his phone off of the coffee table and dials blindly.

It rings and rings and rings.

“Hmmm, Sc’lly,” she answers, voice slurry and thick with sleep.

It’s as if she’s pulled a thread and unwound him with the simple greeting. His jaw immediately unclenches and the tightness in his shoulders releases. He closes his eyes and exhales deeply.

“Mulder? S’that you?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he says, trying to steady his voice.

“You okay?” she asks.

He scrubs his fingers through his hair and draws a breath in through his nose.


He can hear her shifting blankets about and sitting up.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” he tells her, remorseful that he has woken her.

“What’s going on?” she asks, her voice clearer, more awake.

“I’m sorry, Scully…I just…”

I just saw you die in front of me.

“Mulder,” she sighs, mild irritation creeping into her voice. “It’s late and we’ve got a flight to catch in the morning.”

“Yeah…yeah. I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, g’night, Mulder,” she sighs, as cordial as a person can be at three in the morning. The line goes dead, no not dead, quiet. He heaves a great sigh and lays back down. He does not sleep.

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