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Imagines #7- Cute Jack Gilinsky Imagine


It was the start of a new semester, I had walked out of the office with my new schedule and started making my way towards my first period. Nothing much had changed about my schedule besides my last period, which was changed from one elective to another. Crafts was never really my thing, and I’m much more content with being a teacher’s assistant anyway.

My first period went by quickly, the bell rang, and I began walking towards my English class. This class was one of my favorites, not because I like the subject, although English has always been one of my strong suits. No, this class was my favorite because Jack was in it. Jack  is one of my best classmate friends. You know those friends that you have in your classes, you get along really well, and are pretty close, but you never really hang out outside of the classroom? He’s one of those friends, and he makes my classes substantially more fun and entertaining. Although, I feel as if we drive our teachers insane with all of our inside jokes, and talking.

As I approach the classroom, I see Jack waiting for me outside of the door, making me smile as I take in his appearance. He’s literally the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen. He looks up, we make eye contact and he smiles at me as I do in return.

“Hello friend…” I shoot him a cheesy grin as I walk up to him. He smiles, rolling his eyes and grabbing the coffee out of my hand, taking a drink.

“Hello pal.” He smiles, sarcastically, handing back my drink.

“Wow, it’s like you never get tired of stealing my coffee everyday…” I laugh, he smiles, and opens the door for me before following me to our seats in the corner of the classroom. We sit down, our English teacher began talking about the assignment we’ve been working on in class as I grabbed my unfinished work out of my backpack.

The classroom fell silent as our teacher instructed us to continue our essay. Suddenly, I feel Jack reach over, pinching the back of my thigh, and making me jump up. I look back at him, smiling and smacking his shoulder as he laughs mischievously. A few moments later, Jack pinches my thigh again, making me jump up, and yelp a bit as he bursts out laughing.

“Can you fuck off?” I scoff, playfully as he tries to stifle his laughter by covering his mouth with his sleeve.

“Jack, Y/N, is everything alright?” Our teacher, Ms. G asks, already looking annoyed with Jack and I. We both nod frantically, trying not to get our seats moved, although we know she would never move us away from each other. A short while later, I feel Jack tap on my shoulder, I turn to face him.

“Hey, Y/N, did you finish the assignment for Mr. B’s?” He asks, holding an assignment from our third period, another class that we have together. I grab the packet from him, scanning it for a second before nodding, as I grab it from my backpack, handing it to him.

“Thank you, friend…” he smiles, sarcastically, making me laugh.

“Yeah, yeah… No problem.” I smile as I watch him sloppily copy my paper.

“You look pretty today, by the way…” Jack says out of nowhere, catching me off guard.

“I look the same as I do everyday…?” I laugh, confused as hell.

“And you look pretty everyday.” He says, quietly, still not making eye contact with me as he pretends to be paying attention to the work. My cheeks burn bright red as I bring my knees to my chest, clutching onto them, and trying to hide my smile.

“Well, thanks…” I murmur, unsure of what to say as I’m the worst person when it comes to accepting compliments.

The bell for break rings, Jack hands me my paper as we both clean up our stuff. I sling my backpack over my shoulder, saying goodbye to Ms. G as Jack and I walk out the classroom. We nod goodbye to one another as we walk to our separate friend groups.

As break went by, I would occasionally look over at Jack from across campus, catching him already staring at me. We both turn away, looking down as if it never happened, blushing and smiling. The bell rang as I began walking towards my third period after saying goodbye to my friends. Jack and I met at the door as we waited for our teacher to come unlock it. Mr. B arrived after about a minute or so, unlocking the door, and letting us in the classroom. Once again, Jack held the door open for me, following me into the classroom, and to our seats.

He sits to the right of me, pulling our desks together as he usually does as I get the work out of my backpack. I begin doing my work as Jack gets sidetracked by the littlest of things. Suddenly, I felt Jack rest his head on my shoulder, peaking at the work I was doing.

“What doing?” He asks playfully, dragging out his words. I smile, continuing my work as he watched over my shoulder.

“My work…” I laugh, looking at him through my peripheral. He had his head resting on my shoulder as he stared intently at my work, spacing out a bit.

“Oh…” he says quietly, pausing for a moment. Our third period went by quickly, the bell rang as I packed up my things. Jack held the door open for me, and began walking me to fourth period as we talked about all the annoying people in our previous class. We walk up to my fourth period, standing to face each other as we stayed silent for a moment.

“So, I’ll meet you after last period?” Jack asks, awkwardly, his hands shoved in his pockets. Everyday, Jack and I meet at my class after school, but I totally forgot to tell him I changed my class!

“Oh!” I exclaim in realization, making him jump. “I changed my last period! I’m a TA for Ms. E now!” I continue, a weird grin forms on his face.

“Dude! I have Ms. E for art last period!” Jack says excitedly, making me grin.

“Oh my god, that’s dope!” I smile, getting really happy at the thought of seeing him more. The late bell rang, Jack hugs me quickly before running off to his next class. I smile, my cheeks burning red as I walk into class.

When last period came around, I walked into class, Ms. E looks at me and smiles. I had her class last year, she’s a really good teacher and I get along with her a lot. She stands up, checking my schedule before hugging me.

“Oh it’s gonna be so nice to have you in my class again!” She smiles.

“Yeah, so do you have anything you need me to do?” I ask, looking around the classroom. She pauses, thinking for a bit before speaking again.

“Oh, you’re gonna hate me…” she smiles, looking in her bag. Immediately, I knew what she wanted me to do as I groaned, laughing a bit. She hands me her keys, walking across the hall as I follow behind her.

“I’m gonna have you clean the art supply office…” she says as I groan, even though I’d much rather be cleaning the art supply office than doing crafts. I unlock the door, gasping as I look at the huge mess of the office. It was nothing I couldn’t handle, it would just take some time.

Class starts, and I can hear Jack walk in late. I peak my head into the classroom to ask Ms. E a question that I really didn’t need to ask, I just wanted to see Jack. I catch Jack’s eyes as they brighten when we look at each other. He grins at me as I grin back, my face turning red as I walk back to the art supply office.

Jack G

I see Y/N walk into the class, our eyes meet as I smile uncontrollably, my heart racing. She walks back towards the art supply room as Ms. E hands out our work. As Ms. E passes my work back, I stop her to ask a question.

“Um, Ms. E, do you think I could do my work in the art supply room? I don’t think I’m going to be able to concentrate, and I really want to finish…” I say, trying to sound sincere. I just really want to see Y/N, I like her so much. Ms. E squints at me for a second, she’s not stupid and she probably knows what I’m doing, but she nods anyway.

“Don’t bother Y/N too much!” She yells as I walk out of the classroom. I laugh shaking my head as I walk across the hall. I pause as I reach the door of the art supply office, my heart racing as I go to open it.


The door opens, I look up from my work to see Jack walk in and close the door halfway behind him. He smiles at me as I look up at him confused.

“What are you doing in here?” I scoff, laughing a bit as he sits down on the rolling chair in front of the table.

“Ms. E said I could do my work in here…” he smiles, waving his paper in the air before placing it on the table.

“Oh, okay. Well I’m cleaning, so try not to bother me…” I say, not realizing how rude that sounded until after I said it. His mouth drops into a frown as he pouts a bit. I continue cleaning the room.

“Come sit down with me, she’s not expecting you to be done today!” Jack pouts, I shake my head.

“No, I want to get this done so I don’t have to do it the entire semester.” I scoff, Jack rolls his eyes.

“Why do you always take things so seriously?” He asks, sincerely, I pause for a moment. I ignore him, trying to get my work done. As I pass him, I feel him grab my arm, pulling me onto his lap as I yelp a bit. He wraps his arms around me, holding me close to him as my cheeks burned red.

“What are you doing?” I murmur, awkwardly. Our faces were so close as we just sort of stared into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t know… It just felt like something I needed to do.” He says, quietly. “You know, sometimes I really want to kiss you…” he says under his breath, his cheeks turning red as he obviously didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Then do it…” I say quietly, biting my lip. He cups my face in his hands, bringing it towards his and connecting our lips. My stomach fills with millions of butterflies, my heart racing as our kiss intensifies. I place my hand at the back of his neck, pulling him as close as I could.

I wanted it to last forever.

Jack G

Kissing her was the best feeling I could ever possibly imagine. It was something entirely new, that I had never felt before. I could kiss her forever. She made my knees weak, and my lips tingle. Fuck, I like her so much.

“WHOA!” Y/N and I jump apart to see a very surprised Ms. E standing in the doorway. Y/N hops off of my lap, her cheeks glowing red as the three of us stare at each other in shock.

“No!” Ms. E uttered out, awkwardly. “That’s very… bad! Jack go back to the classroom!” She yelled, obviously unsure of what else to say. I stand up, turning towards Y/N and kissing her once more before heading back to the classroom.

“Sorry, Ms. E…” I mumble quietly, laughing a bit. I walk back into the classroom, Jack and Sammy look up at me. They both begin laughing as I sit in my seat.

“What?” I furrow my brows at them.

“Nice lipstick, Gilinsky…” Johnson laughs, I wipe my mouth and check the back of my hand. Sure enough, Y/N’s lipstick was on my hand. My face turned red as I smiled, wiping my mouth.

Totally worth it…

Eggplants and Peaches [Gaston x Lefou]

Description: The domestic Gafou sexting au you never knew you needed!

Warnings: None really, just Gaston bein a super thirsty fuckboy and Lefou having absolutely none of it at work ft. Belle and Adam’s Unfortunate Interference™ . Enjoy😘  

Lefou was in a meeting, and his phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. It must be Gaston- his boyfriend craved attention, even when he knew Lefou was busy. 

Checking his phone, he squinted. Were those… emojis?

From: Gastt

Feeling a little *fire emoji*

Lefou frowned, scrunching up his nose as he reread it. Then another one came buzzing in.

From: Gastt

What I meant by that was, my *eggplant emoji* is feeling extremely *fire emoji* *fire emoji*

“Subtlety is not his strong suit,” Lefou muttered under his breath, and typed out a response.

From: Lefou

That’s nice

He waited for the inevitable response, which came a minute later.

From: Gastt

What, you wouldn’t like my *eggplant emoji* in your *peach emoji*? Or my *muscle flex emoji*? because I’m fairly sure you would *heart emoji* it

Lefou shifted in his seat, trying not to smile.

From: Lefou

That’s beside the point, I’m in a meeting

From: Gastt

Oh lovely, you’re not busy then

Picture this, Lefou: tonight when you get home, my latest *steak emoji* roasting over our *fire emoji*, you rubbing my *feet emoji* and maybe rubbing my *eggplant emoji* too.

Lefou hated himself for being turned on by his boyfriend’s stupid fucking emoji sexting.

From: Lefou

Stoppit, I can’t get hard in my meeting, my boss will literally *knife emoji* me if she sees

From: Gastt

Belle likes you, don’t worry about it

Anyway, as I was saying- I’m going to make you *explosion emoji* harder than you’ve ever *explosion emoji* before from the sound of my voice alone, as you *hand emoji* my *eggplant emoji*

“So many eggplants,” Lefou shook his head, and Belle looked over from where she was giving a presentation on how to better market their company’s latest addition to children’s literature.


“I said…” Lefou stammered, looking up, “We should definitely have more eggplants in there. Children love talking vegetables.”

“Lefou, I value your opinion greatly,” the petite brunette woman said softly, “But this is a book about a soccer ball.”

“Ah,” Lefou nodded, “Point taken, back to the drawing board for me.”

Belle seemed to find this amusing, and as she turned back to the plans in front of the group, Lefou sucked in a breath. Two new messages.

From: Gastt

Unless you don’t wish to *hand emoji* my *eggplant emoji*

Which I would be very sad about

From: Lefou

And I thought I was the needy one

From: Gastt

You are, once I have you on all fours and I’m *number 9 emoji* inches deep in you.

Lefou crossed his legs, suppressing a whine. He was going to murder Gaston in cold blood when he got home for this.

From: Gastt

Lefou answer me or no *water droplets emoji* tonight

From: Lefou

We’ve fucked consecutively for the past fourteen days, I think I can manage a night without your dick

From: Gastt

I’m shocked and offended *puffing angry face emoji*

Lefou didn’t respond.

From: Gastt

Fine, I’m going to hide your favourite sweater vest. The magenta one you look especially dapper in, you know the one.

I’m hiding it as I type this

From: Lefou

You monster

From: Gastt

*suit emoji* in the *street sign emoji*, *monster emoji* in the *bed emoji*

From: Lefou

I only sort of know what you’re trying to convey there…

Lefou let out a quiet groan as he shut his screen off and dropped his phone on the table, and Belle passed out sample leaflets with Adam, who had been sitting beside Lefou. Gaston could use his *hand emoji* all he wanted while he waited for Lefou to get home.

About ten minutes later, just as the meeting wrapped up, Lefou grabbed the phone off the table, and left as quickly as he could. Adam, Belle, Plumette, and everyone else did the same.

Gaston called, and was just finishing himself off as the call was answered- this would have turned Lefou on beyond belief, if it had been Lefou who answered it.

The short man frowned down at the unfamiliar lock screen as he opened the phone in his hand, and saw a picture of a huge wintery garden… not his background.

Shit, had he picked up the wrong phone in place of…

Then Adam walked out of the meeting room behind him, eyes wide with trauma.

“Mr. Lefou,” he said solemnly, unable to look him in the eye, “I believe your boyfriend wishes to speak with you.”

Lefou blushed deeply, and the blonde man snatched his own phone back as fast as he could before rushing off into Belle’s arms to recover. Lefou looked down at his lock screen photo of the shirtless selfie Gaston had taken of himself with Lefou’s phone making a kissy face, and put the device to his ear.  

“Ready for my eggplant?” Gaston asked smugly over the line with a few husky, laboured breaths, and Lefou immediately guessed what just transpired. He wiped his fingers over his face, and nodded.

“I am so ready for your eggplant.”

readingjewel28  asked:

More Avalance fics with Gideon and the Legends teasing Sara please?

‘The timeline is secure, Captain.’

‘Thanks Gideon, anything else?’

‘You have a message from Agent Sharpe,’ Gideon replies as Sara walks from her quarters to the kitchen, where most of the legends are sitting with their lunch. Sara smiles softly, remembering with fondness their last few interactions. They had become friendly of late, and Sara was starting to…well, it’s irrelevant.

‘Play it through my comm, please,’ Sara says.

‘I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Captain Lance,’ Gideon declares, and Sara looks up at the ceiling confusedly.

‘Why, what’s wrong with you?’

‘It appears that private communications have been disabled - if I were to play the message, everybody would also receive it through their own devices, and of course, your privacy is of paramount importance, Captain,’ Gideon explains, and Sara narrows her eyes, until she sees Ray’s guilty look.

‘Gideon when was it disabled?’

‘Around 10:30 am today, Captain.’

‘So when daily checks on the system take place. Interesting,’ Sara observes, glaring at Ray.

‘Don’t look at me,’ Ray says, instantly defending himself and looking down at his grilled cheese as if he had challenged it to a staring contest.

‘Gideon, can I override the disable?’

‘Negative, Captain.’

‘Would you like to explain why?’

‘It is not something that can be overridden unless in an emergency.’

Sara stares at the ceiling, with contempt in her eyes and she is sure she hears Zari snickering in the corner.

‘It was Nate’s idea,’ Ray blurts out, and Nate throws his hands up in betrayal at him.

‘Come on, man,’ Nate says, and he is now extremely worried that he’s at the mercy of Sara.

Even Amaya is smirking at the antics.

‘I don’t know what you guys are attempting to accomplish here, but honestly? You’re just gonna find the transmission pretty boring.’

‘I mean, you never know, she’s surprised you a few times before. Plus it could be funny,’ Zari chimes in, and she, Ray and Nate all break into juvenile sniggers.

‘You are all children. Gideon, I expected better of you,’ Sara admonishes, looking around at the infants she seems to have become a surrogate mother to.

‘Seems you’ve been outmatched, boss,’ Mick chimes in, cracking open yet another beer. ‘I’d play the tape, get it over with.’

‘That’s exactly what I’m gonna do, there’s nothing to hide. There is nobody more professional than Agent Sharpe,’ shexrwasons. ‘Gideon?’

‘Playing transmission.’

‘Hey, Sara, I hope you’re good and, well, you’re not destroying history so it’s going better than usual. I’m just calling because uh… well I’m just gonna say it, because if I don’t right now I probably never will. God, I hope I don’t make a fool of myself right now,’ Ava says, and everybody’s eyes widen as they realise if there was one message Ava would never want the Legends to hear, it was this one.

‘Stop it, Gideon, now.’

‘Transmission paused.’

Sara turns to Ray and Zari with thunder in her eyes.

‘Fix it. This isn’t fair to Ava,’ Sara insists, the joke running out of steam.

They sit there, dumbfounded, unsure of what to do.

‘Gideon -‘

‘It’s okay.’

The whole team turns to see Ava, standing in the door way and giving all of the Legends an almost dismissive smile.

‘They may be children, but I’ve grown to tolerate them. Did Mick not tell you we shared a pitcher last time we completed a mission?’

‘Don’t lie, pantsuit, it was a pitcher each.’

Ava makes a face that simply says touché, but she still resents the nickname. Besides, she’s wearing blue jeans and green and black checkered shirt.

‘I didn’t know she wore other clothes,’ Nate whispered to Zari.

‘Mr Heywood, come on,’ Ava pleads. ‘I’m trying to be nice here.’

‘Sorry, continue,’ he says with a nonchalant smile.

She looks back to Sara, and stands in front of the woman, her hands clasped in front of her own stomach.

‘I am nothing if not dauntless, and the Legends might as well know,’ she affirms, an unusually nervous smile creeping onto her face. ‘Play the tape, Gideon.’

‘Of course, Agent Sharpe.’

‘Okay, so, here goes. I um…it’s been a few months and I feel like we’ve come to an understanding of sorts but…I believe I may have developed feelings for you. I don’t know how for what universe why, but it’s the truth. I like you, and if I don’t say it now I never will. It’s like 2am, I’m such an idiot,’ the tape voices throughout the room, and Sara’s mouth opens and closes, Ava keeping her eyes on her every move.

‘Yeah, so anyway…just call me if you wanted to, you know…I’d like to take you out to dinner sometime, if you want. Let me know.’ She heard air blow out of Ava’s cheeks both on the tape and in front of her before the tape cuts out.

‘You infuriate me, Sara. But you also make me a lot happier than I care to admit. And if there is any way I’m going to prove it to you, it’s saying it in front of your three children, their other babysitter and the drunk uncle.’

‘That is entirely accurate,’ Amaya mutters, momentarily massaging her temples with her hand in a move of frustration.

‘Cheers to you and your guts, pantsuit.’

Ava looks to Sara, an eyebrow raised in question.

Sara is sort of just…stunned.

But there’s a beaming smile etched into her features and it’s not leaving any time soon.

‘Come on Cap, put the woman out of her misery,’ Zari implores, making everybody wait for an age for Sara to answer.

To their surprise, she doesn’t answer with words

Ava pulls her closer as Sara connects their lips, sighing into the kiss as she realises how much it feels…right. She never thought of home as a feeling. But she might with this woman, this incredible woman, in time.

They part, and finally notice that everybody is whooping like bloody monkeys.

‘Why am I not surprised?’

‘Because you know the Legends. Subtlety isn’t our strong suit.’

‘Apparently it’s no longer mine, either. Seems I’m catching the bug.’

Sara gives her a mischevious smile. ‘Dinner?’

‘How’s 7?’


‘See you then, Captain Lance,’ Ava drawls, turning to leave the kitchen and open a portal in the corridor, so not to around any suspicion among her Time Bureau colleagues.

Mick gives her a high five on his way out.

‘It seems you have struck gold, Captain,’ Gideon states, a tint of humour to her voice.

Everyone is still wooping, and instead of her usual reaction of ignoring it, Sara smiles and sits with her fellow Legends.

Not a bad day, and it’s only 1pm.

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If you are still taking prompts how abou 5 times Shiro and Keith were interrupted in a welcome-back-you're-still-alive kiss and 1 time they didn't :D


For several seconds Shiro feels like he’s dreaming again. That he’ll wake up back in his cell before another fight, the steady pacing of the guards his only companion. He’s had dreams like it before after all. Dreams where he was home on Earth with Keith by his side, and even the odd desperate dream of the cell door opening to reveal Keith on the other side. There to save him. He’d even had a few nightmares of the doors opening for Keith to be shoved inside wearing the regular prisoner clothing.

Shiro doesn’t like to think of the nightmares where he walked into the arena and his opponent for the round stared at him with achingly familiar eyes.

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