because tumblr won't let me upload it


By せみ

*Permission to upload was granted by the artist

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was curious, for your song comics, how do you post more than 10 pictures at a time? Tumblr won't let me and I need help because I have a really large photo set I want to post. (It's also a song comic.) Thank you so much!

Ahh, I just post an audio file in a draft, then add pictures in the description, I don’t really think there’s any other way to it.

Though I don’t quite remember if they allow direct image posting in the description; if not drawings should be uploaded in a text post first (without posting it), then image url copied and uploaded in audio post.

I did all the stuff using drafts, so i won’t mess the posting up accidentally.


i am so so happy I was able to capture this moment because it is truly amazing! bobby being a confused puppy bc he had no idea what he just said lmao