because tumblr people understand

except for the humor in book of mormon is completely different. they’re not making fun of AIDS or people dying of AIDS, they’re poking fun at the fact that privileged people who don’t live in 3rd world countries think that 3rd world problems like AIDS can be solved with religion and asking God to make it better and saying “oh yeah, you’ll be fine if you just read the bible”. whereas people in the falsettos fandom are making jokes about whizzer dying of AIDS and nothing else.

there’s a huge difference. 

making fun of people who don’t see the seriousness of AIDS - book of mormon

making jokes out of someone who died from AIDS and not taking it seriously - (bad) falsettos fans

@hopeyou-findthatswimmingpool i hope this helps!!! it’s a weird type of humor so unless it’s in the proper context it’s easy to misinterpret but! i hope this helps!!

dissection of lungs

This is the sound of your teeth growing, of

your fangs sharpening themselves

to burn potential of curses

at the stake. You make a public display of it, always.

The ashes in the air are getting stuck to the

teeth of onlookers as they jeer their hate

for their own ignorance. They smile with ashes in 

the corners of their mouths. 

No one sees it, but 

it is in the air now. The fine lines in your hands

are filled with blackness. You

are leaving fingerprints.

A Single Starfish

Here it is, friends. This is the style I’ve been practicing in secret. I know it’s not perfect, but I really love it, and I had a blast with it. 

I think trying for realism on the big project seriously wore me down, because I was shocked when I settled back into what I love doing and started having fun again. So maybe I should listen to you guys when you tell me to relax. (Will I? Nah, but I should.)

Anyway, this wasn’t really intended to be its own piece. This is just part of the first panel of the project. But I felt like everyone could use a little Mark on their dashboards, yeah? 

I love you all! Remember to hydrate and make good choices!

tips from a mentally ill college student

an ongoing list of things i’m learning that i wish i’d known sooner. feel free to add on to the list or ask me to make edits! if some of this seems obvious, i apologize, but a lot of it never occurred to me or took two and a half years for me to start doing. 

  • environment: where you study matters. don’t do it where you sleep, if possible. i block out time to go to the library or coffee shop, but you can also try a park, empty classroom, study room, etc. 
  • pomodoro timer: as an ADHD student, using a pomodoro timer app has helped tremendously. other options include Forest and similar apps, but my brain tends to just go “okay, let the tree die then.” even this timer doesn’t always work for me, but it works often enough that i use it to study. 
  • cook on sunday: or whenever you have a free chunk of time. cooking takes a lot out of me so i usually do it twice a week, sunday and wednesday night. i’ll chop up a lemon, de-frost frozen chicken, rub it in spices and olive oil, and put parchment paper over it, then put that in the oven. + i make rice with chicken broth instead of water. together it’s a solid meal. simple recipes using as few ingredients as possible are a lifesaver for me. search “easy recipes,” “simple recipes,” and the like for tons of options. 
  • forgive yourself: it’s so hard for me to do and has taken time. you are going to have days where you simply can’t get anything done. it doesn’t mean you’re lazy. it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. even if you missed an assignment, you can still get a good grade in the class. furthermore, you NEED the recovery time. it is NOT time wasted. 
  • counseling: if you have on-campus counseling, take advantage of it. even if they aren’t your main therapist, or you don’t usually go to therapy, or you don’t get along with the first person you see. try going a few times and find someone to click with. having access to someone who can write a doctor’s note is vital. 
  • disability resources: if you need them, get in their program! do it! i don’t care if it makes you feel weird, if you don’t feel like you deserve it, etc. do it! do it! it’s one of the best things i did for myself on campus, and it’s the reason i can still go to school. 
  • tell professors early on: i have adhd, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder. there are going to be days when, even with counseling and medication, i will absolutely not be able to go to class or pay attention or what have you. if a professor knows i’m dealing with this stuff, they’re more likely to give me a break than they would otherwise. 
  • plants are the bomb. name them. look up care sheets for them. talk to the people at plant shops, if you have any in your area. take them for walks. read about them. watch tv with them. sing to them. plants have saved my life many times over and they don’t ask much in return. 
  • stockpile your happiness. i keep a list of things that bring positive emotions to me, and come back to it when my mood starts to swing down: things to do, video links, music, vines of cute animals, whatever. conversely, keeping a playlist of songs that help you get through pain can be exceptionally important when it’s three in the morning and no one is texting back. 
  • there’s more than the national suicide prevention hotline. they get a lot of calls and are most concerned with whether you’re in immediate danger, and aren’t the best people to call in every situation. i say this because people reblog suicide prevention hotlines all the time, but don’t consider what the general purpose of each one is for. it can feel really shitty to be brushed off by someone who doesn’t think you’re “in crisis enough” for their services, so makes sure to have options saved beforehand. local crisis hotlines, text crisis hotlines, & online messaging crisis centers are important to keep on hand. 
  • look for off-campus resources, too. see if there are any organizations in the area that could help you that aren’t tied to the school. again, it is good to have as many options for help as possible. 
  • sometimes a rubber band on the wrist is the best option. or throwing ice cubes in the tub, or wrapping yourself in a blanket because it’s the only thing keeping you together right now. if i’m having the urge to self-harm, snapping a rubber band against my wrist is a safer option for me, even if it’s not THE safest option. like, ideally i would draw on my arm with marker, but if i’m in a bad enough state that won’t be enough for me, you feel? the safe coping mechanism that you’ll actually use is FAR more helpful than the safest option you never will. 
  • online community. i frequent the #actuallybpd and #actuallyadhd tags on tumblr because these are people that understand what it’s like, and can help me vent my frustrations when i have no one to turn to. just remember not to over-engage in discourse if it’s bad for your mental state, like it is for me.
  • look up pictures of the diaphragm and how it works. i literally didn’t know what my diaphragm looked like, so breathing was even harder than it would’ve been otherwise. looking up animations of it helped me learn how to breathe slowly and deeply, which was not actually something i knew how to do. 
  • white noise is the only way i can focus on studying. really. 
  • asmr, binaural stuff, etc. if it helps you and it’s safe, there’s nothing wrong with it. i know the jury’s still out on whether it “actually works,” but even if it’s placebo, it helps me calm down quickly. 
  • remember why you’re here: to learn, apply that knowledge, meet people, and make the world a better place. or to make cash money, whatever. 

okay but real talk for a sec?  This is how you present your headcanons to the public.  As your opinion.  You do NOT start with ‘just so you know’ and end with ‘and that’s just the facts’.  Because, no, its not.  Its your headcanon.  And every time you act as if your headcanon is canon it makes me personally want to kick you straight in the teeth even if I happen to agree with your headcanon.

Headcanon anything you like, enjoy it, share it, find others that like it too and build something beautiful.  But do NOT, even for a joke (because this is tumblr and people don’t understand a joke tone) claim your headcanon is 'fact’ because it implies your headcanon is the only valid one allowed.

(disclaimer that 'you’ in this case is a general you and not directed specifically at anyone)

One of the most important posts I’ve seen in the last twenty-four hours was a post that talked about how it’s adults’ responsibility to have good boundaries around children.  I want to echo that and expand a little bit. 

I have seen posts suggesting that the fact that a girl lied about her age somehow absolves adults who have had sexual conversations with her of any responsibility.   Teenagers lie about their ages, we all know that. It is adults’ responsibility to avoid sexual situations with all teenagers, including those who lie about their age.   

I’ve seen a lot of victim-blaming responses across my dash and it makes me so sad to see.  All girls should be able to explore her sexuality without adult interference and pressure, particularly those who lie about their age, particularly those who are mentally unstable.  

Attention anti Maxvid shippers, dont be assholes

I think anti Maxvid shippers only excuse for hating it is its pedophilia the thing is pedophilia is having sexual feelings towards children but not all maxvid shippers ship it in a sexual way it can be a sweet innocent love like little kisses on the nose and cuddles

also if you do ship maxvid in a sexual way it dosent matter because guess what neither max or david are real they are fictional also some people ship to cope with things that happened/are happening in their lives

Antis you dont need to be assholes because you dislike a ship i understand hating a ship i myself hate a ship but do i flip out when i see it on my dashboard or when scrolling though tumblr NO because i can understand that people can ship whatever the hell they want

hell one of the most popular ships in gravity falls is a 13 year old and a freaking demon (#billdip for life) and i can easily scroll though the billdip tag with out seeing as much hate as i see when i barely open up the maxvid tag

Antis hating wont make the shippers stop shipping it if anything your hate will make them want to ship it more and draw more

Thanks for reading, and shippers

Never Stop Shipping

Fun idea!

Tell me if you don’t want to talk or if I’ve done something wrong, rather than make me feel like I’m dragging a conversation out of you or wondering why you’ve dropped me…

It’s not a secret that I’m very inconsistent with tagging. I’ve mentioned it repeatedly, up front. I’m. Depressed. And. Mentally. Ill. You do not get to tell me how to run my blog. I made a blog specifically for spoilers (@didefiance) and I often SCHEDULE things for several months into the future just to avoid spoiling people.

Do not get upset with me for spoiling you. If you don’t like it, leave.

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You know Nadia talked about how as an interracial child growing up in Germany she was made fun of for her hair.

nadia’s natural hair is beautiful, but t1OO clearly teased/messed with it to make it look more unruly/unwashed which is just another way they racialize the grounders to make them look more “savage” and it’s irritating 

also to be fair, right after pics/gifs of nadia as luna came out people were asking what her ethnicity was (at least in my inbox). a lot of people in this fandom had no idea who nadia hilker was, so i really hate this idea of throwing people under the bus for making jokes about her hair when like a good portion of us had no idea she was mixed. even still, like i said, they clearly fucked with her hair to make it look unclean. no one saw pics of nadia hilker pre-luna and made jokes about her natural hair. they were making fun of the way the show styled it. there’s a difference.

we made fun of clarke’s dirty ass hair too and no one called it racism. i’m POC and i know some of the other people cracking jokes about luna’s hair are also poc. not everything is tied to racism. first, the jokes were made in good fun–there was nothing malicious about them. second, i haven’t seen any after people realized what nadia’s ethnicity was because they realized people might take it the wrong way. that shows that the fandom wasn’t intentionally being racist and that they worked to correct that misconception after the facts were revealed. people need to just take a step back and breathe before accusing an entire fandom of racism for a couple of jokes. 

The hardest thing about all of this is that i can’t talk about it to anyone. When someone asks me if i‘m okay i always just tell them that i‘m tired because i just. can’t. tell them. and they wouldn’t understand. i feel like nobody gets what i feel and it’s just so depressing to deal with this shit all by myself. i wouldn’t know what i would do without tumblr because here, some people understand me but my friends wouldn’t. and that hurts. I feel like i’m lying to them and i don’t want to hurt their feelings by not telling them why i’m sad but i just can’t. it’s hard


Ian and Anthony’s friendship is clearly goals. This two are inseparable when they’re together. They even sit next to each other when they are together and When they look at the other, they look like they’re so happy. they found their soulmate. Oh neigh neigh (oopps Jovenjoke 😂) I know when you say soulmate it means “the love of your life” or “your spouse” or whatever. No. A soulmate is the person who understand and completes your life. And they’re completely each others Soulmate. They would be lost without each other. I’m really jealous of their friendship because who dosen’t want a friendship like that. They known each other since 6th grade and got successful together as bestfriend. I got alot to say about Ian and Anthony’s friendship because its just so fuckin amazing. I can only really post this on tumblr because this is only where people can understand how i feel and only where i can see other smoshers like me. Clearly my friends don’t get my love for smosh. I do hope i can get smosher friends even though I’m horrible at socializing. That’s all. 😊

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"don't read it" is not fucking enough for your toxic and disgusting anti-white racism, you have to be banned from Tumblr because clearly you're a hypocrite that doesn't understand why people are outraged. I disagree with racism in any way shape or form. Hating ANY demographic based on race is just fucking stupid. Just like you.

LMAO I was banned by tumblr bc I posted a video of Simone Biles being chased by a fucking bee and they said it was copyright infringement ajdkdksdjfkfkfkskoaqlw

Dan’s Livestream // 10.6.15


He was early??

His computer started echoing back at him

“I love spenting my name right.”

He got rained on today while filming more of the BBC documentary

2/10 on the hobbit hair scale

“If you’re wondering why I sound like a husky sexual goose… I’m sick.”

He said thank you for all the get well soons after Phil’s liveshow

Phil got the wrong light bulbs so their hallway lights are slightly blue

Radio show discussion 

He apologized for playing I’m Not Okay 

He loves this time of year because all of the TV shows come back

October and November are his 2 favorite months

“As was young Leo, who I also wouldn’t mind marrying.”

Attack on Titan Junior High

“I should probably turn my chair around I know I look like a tortoise.”

He watched another episode of Scream Queens

“I’m just watching it for Nick Jonas.”

He has a little Haikyuu statue 

He took the Pottermore quiz and he got the choice between Slytherin and Gryffindor 

TABINOF in 2 days

Talked about the TATINOF audience participation 

There is tour merch


No liveshow next Tuesday or the Tuesday after that but he’s looking to plan more so he doesn’t abandon us

“I invite everyone saying “fix your bed” to a street battle.”

They leave for tour tomorrow 

“What tour bus shenanigans will there be?”


Another tour video tomorrow

“Hey Dan you should get a youtube channel. That would be a terrible idea.”

Great British Bake Off discussion 

He wants Nadiya to win

BTS video on danisnotonfire soon

“Hi all the dogs out there.”

Someone asked if he has heard Victorious 

*camera face punch*

Tumblr tag 

He thinks the videos give the wrong impression of tumblr because they understand the humor but some people don’t

“As long as you know that we’re in on the joke and so are you.”

“Dirty teasers. I’m sorry, sneaky peeks.”

His favorite Gorillaz song is something off of Demon Days

Sherlock Christmas special talk

His favorite anime ever is probably Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Him and Phil were discussing their favorite animes the other day

Stand Up 2 Cancer 


“Dan the golden retriever.”

When he went to see Scorch Trials there was a Mockingjay Part 2 trailer and so he plugged his ears and “lalalaed” for 3 minutes

Phil’s plants have self watering pots so they probably won’t die while they’re on tour

Snapchat v daily vlogging discussion 

“I met a guy that was like 7′1″ the other day and I was like senpai.”

Alien discussion (they obviously exist it’s an infinitive universe)

Him and Phil have Christmas piano playing every year

He doesn’t watch Big Bang Theory

He think Haru’s too edgy for him

Guild Wars has ruined his gaming life 

“If I see one more thing that says danisonfire.”

They’ve been making a playlist for the tour


Brighton tour will pretty much be a Halloween party (be sure to dress up)

Phil’s voice in the background?

He left to eat

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||

i love tumblr because it educates me about the world and what problems are actually out there but i hate tumblr because it only gives me one perspective on a subject and i’m forced to either believe it and agree or i’m ridiculed and just overall beaten to pieces for voicing my opinion. tumblr taught me to stand up for what i believe in but cower in fear when i’m the only one who believes it. thanks tumblr for showing me the real world. 

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geez, what a jerk. if anon questions are such a huge burden for you, here's an idea: turn off anon.

Please get off your high horse and stop abusing the anon privilege I have given people to submit prompts with by being an ass. I ask for questions to be asked off anon so I can answer them privately and not clutter the blog. Sorry that asking for non-anon questions is such a horrible thing for me to do.

i really dont understand tumblr sometimes because people had a shitstorm when justin bieber wrote his stupid ass thing at anne franks house but if the two dumbass characters in the fault in our stars just start kissing in that house then its ok and romantic? wtf