because total head canon

But seriously tho I mean you know it's happened at least once-
  • Random Advisor: There's been movement on the borders
  • Random Advisor: We have reason to believe that Suna is on the verge of betraying us again!
  • Every other advisor except Shikamaru: *dramatic gasp*
  • Shikamaru: Hold up
  • Shikamaru: Wait a minute
  • Shikamaru: Not only do I totally not buy this
  • Shikamaru: But just so everyone will be reassured let me just make a phone call to my brother-in-law
  • Shikamaru: *whips out cellphone*
  • Shikamaru: Gaara? Yeah, it's me. Nah, just wondering if you're planning on attacking us anytime soon. Even though I'm married to your sister and your only nephew is a Konoha citizen. Yeah, I know. Wait, for real? Sweet. Yeah, I'll bring Shikadai over next week. Yeah yeah, bye.
  • Shikamaru: Okay, so three things
  • Shikamaru: We're not going to war with Suna
  • Shikamaru: Gaara thinks you all are being idiots
  • Shikamaru: And I'm about to get an awesome new flat-screen TV for my birthday because I'm just that wonderful an in-law
  • Random Advisors:
  • Shikamaru: Winning

Imagine Sam and Lucifer getting drunk together and talking about their fathers. They get very drunk, which means there’s a mindboggling amount of alcohol involved and they have to switch bars more than once, because Lucifer’s drunk one dry. After a while Lucifer gets angry and starts picking fights with every supernatural creature they come across (not humans though, humans are no challenge at all). 

 And at the end he breaks down crying in Sam’s arms, drunkenly mumbling: „All I did was love him too much. Why wasn’t I allowed to love him more than anything?“ Sam holds him and strokes his hair and realizes how very insignificant his own daddy issues are in comparison.

The next morning Lucifer is grumpy and refuses to acknowledge what happened. But there are no monsters left alive in a fifty mile radius, and Dean’s very impressed. He suggest to get Lucifer drunk more often, to which Sam tell him a very firm No.


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when I started shipping it if I did: like a few months ago I think??
my thoughts: OTP I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
What makes me happy about them: everything but mostly the snark and the respect and the *incoherent screaming*
What makes me sad about them: bones is afraid to go all in on a relationship because he’s still hurt from his ex 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: when bones is super toppy and it’s not convincing. like if you’re gonna do really dominant bones it better be convincing because it totally goes against my head canons 
things I look for in fanfic: like…sexual things or? I love fics that focus on their jewish-ness, and I like fics with bdsm (if it’s got breathplay or knife play I’m all in on that shit) 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: with bones, kirk, with spock, uhura 
My happily ever after for them: they get to be together and they stop overthinking their happiness 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: big spoon is usually spock
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: they like dinner dates, bones likes to take spock to diners like the ones he grew up near

send me a character or a ship 

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Also Chandlmara where Mac gets cold, and Chandler does that cliche thing where she gives her girlfriend her blazer. Mac beams at her, and Chandler i just grumbling that it's no big deal, but she's totally blushing. (Also, I'm sending some head canons because you mentioned "getting this blog going." Hope that's alright?)

Yes that’s whole point! And yes that would be adorable, because Chandler hates being the “totally good” girlfriend. She’s just like “whatever you’re colder than I am okay.” The reality of it is, Chandler is the best girlfriend and blushes at the tiniest bit of love.

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"So I um... Was wondering if maybe you would consider..." John says to his lover, "see I've had this very specific sexual fantasy ever since I saw Star Wars and I was hoping that you might want to... Ah... Fulfill it for me." "Is it slave Leia?" Sherlock asks. "How did you know?" John replies, "you've never seen star wars in your life!" "According to Mycroft all men your age have that sexual fantasy," Sherlock shrugs, "it's also a contributing factor to one in every ten thousand murders."


I see a lot of people upset / disappointed in the Paily we got tonight. I am with you and I kept waiting for another scene with Paige BUT I think it is a good thing they are not rushing them back together. As much as I want to see them together (my poor Paily shipper heart NEEDS it), them having to work at their relationship before it is put back together is GOOD for us for the long-term. If they pushed them back together right away without obstacles/talking then I would worry it was filler until they are ready for Emisoff to figure things out. The more time and episodes they spend developing the Paily storyline to me means the more likely they are looking long-term (endgame). I mean so far they have basically spent all of 5a showing us how much Emily loves Paige and showing us finding her way back to Paige. If that doesn’t scream end-game to you….

Side note: Paige never confirmed the girl she was with was a date. I am calling it that they set it up to make us and Emily think that (Emily seeing her with 2 coffees, Aria actually seeing her out with the girl) so that Emily thinks she has blown it / lost her chance / gets jealous and then Paige is like “oh her? you mean my cousin?" 


This passage brings up three questions I’d like to pose:

1. WHO exactly is gossiping about Luke and Mara? Obviously Han Solo and the Force are the galaxy’s biggest Luke x Mara shippers, but clearly someone is whispering about those two, enough to make Callista feel defensive or insecure about it. In your head canon, who is/are the guilty party(ies)?

2. Is Mara lying to herself here about her romantic interest in Luke? Or do things change after this moment, and she only later realizes the direction and scope of her feelings?

3. What are Mara’s feelings toward Callista, before this, during this, after this? Fan fic has mined it quite a bit, but I have found that most interpretations tend to cast one or the other as a she-devil (usually Callista). There is not a lot of text to actually support this, however. There’s this passage, Mara saving them off the Eye, and then Mara’s comments to Luke about commitment in Vision of the Future.

Doing fic research (because this red dragon au will not leave me alone) and I didn’t notice until just now how much Will’s chairs in The Great Red Dragon look like a mess of twisted antlers. I like that a lot. Also head canon he totally made them himself because what else did he have to do trapped in the frozen tundra of Moosehead Lake/Hannibal’s perpetual winter aside from taking up carpentry and turning his nightmares into furniture?


May I have your attention, please? Ladies and gentlemen, please have your boarding passes ready and prepare to embark. Get on board quickly, because HMS Berylliam* is about to sail!

* It’s totally my head canon that Mr. Mason is William, Sr., and that’s purely because I like the sound of Berylliam. If his name ends up being Isidore, I will stand corrected.