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@taylorswift hi taylor. i just have something very important that needs to be said. i was sent a message from your team through twitter and i was honest about meeting you over 4 years ago at club red and over 6 years ago at the wonderstruck M&G. because of my honesty, i was never contacted back regarding the LA secret session. it breaks my heart to know that i could have been there with you and my friends that were also invited but instead i have been home crying about it. i know that this “rule” about meeting you only once kind of exists but only for some people and i guess i fall into the category. please please please have your team either enforce this so called rule on everyone or no one at all. i love you endlessly no matter what but i am absolutely heartbroken about this situation. to know that i am not allowed to give you a hug just because i have met you years ago hurts my heart. i really appreciate you doing these amazing events for us but please hear me out and try to talk this out with your team.

if the whole “you can only meet taylor once” thing is gonna be a rule, it needs to be enforced for everyone. and it shouldn’t be all that difficult to enforce. 

when you meet taylor, you give them your address and phone number and email and full name. they should know that if they see the same information twice, the person has already met taylor. 

if you’re going to make exceptions to the rule, don’t make “have you met taylor before?” a question that is asked. because the people that are honest when they’re asked if they’ve ever met taylor are being punished while people who’ve met her multiple times are sitting in her living room right now and that’s bullshit.

BTS reaction | Meeting you at a fansign

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The moment he saw you as you came to stand before him, he gave you the biggest smile ever. You were just so pretty and adorable, and it warmed his heart to see you act all shy because of him. 

You two talked for a little bit, and he started liking your kind and honest personality more and more. He discovered you both actually had quite a bit in common and he got a little sad when it was time for you to move on to the next member.

“I really liked talking with you, I hope to do this again with you at our next fansign?”

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He was still waving goodbye to the previous fan when you came up to him, so when he finally looked at you, he felt his heart skip a beat at your appearance. Honestly you were completely his type and he found it hard not to smile at you. 

And then you started talking, and he made sure to pay extra attention to everything you said. Your voice was like a song to him, and he was wholly entranced by it. 

“Please tell me you’ll come see me again one day, I’ll be sad if you don’t…”

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He had noticed you already while you were still standing in line, you caught his eye nearly instantly, as soon as you were close enough for him to see you that is. So when it was finally your turn to talk with him he was practically bouncing in his seat.

You blushed at the excitement you were getting from the boy, and your reaction made him smile even wider. You two spoke for a bit, with Hoseok literally hanging onto your every word, leaning close to you with his head resting on his hand.

“I really hope to see you again one day, maybe even in a different place than a fansign, what do you think?”

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Cute, lively, easy-going,… that was the impression Namjoon got of you while you were talking with the other members. So imagine his surprise when you reached him and you were actually all shy, seeing him up close. He found it endearing though, and he smiled reassuringly at you, trying to get you comfortable.

That calmed you down a bit and you started talking, and once you started you found it hard to stop, so Namjoon just stayed quiet and listened to what you were saying. He didn’t mind tho, not at all. In fact, he even found it really charming. Yup, our great leader adored you.

“Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I hope fate will bring us together again later…”

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He currently didn’t have a fan standing in front of him, so he was patiently waiting for you to finish talking with Seokjin, a kind smile gracing his face as he was watching you being cute. When you turned to Jimin, seeing him smiling at you like that, made you pretty nervous and you accidentally tripped over your own feet. You would have fallen on your face if Jimin hadn’t caught you, having instinctively risen from his seat to help you.

After making sure you were okay, you had a lovely conversation with him, and he actually found you so adorable, he just wanted to keep talking with you.

“Really hoping I’m not the only one here, but I hope our paths will cross again one day.”

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Just like Hobi, he would have already noticed you while you were standing in line to meet them. Feeling someone’s gaze on you, you turned your head and your eyes made contact with Taehyung’s as he smiled admiringly at you and waved. Freaking out, you blushed and averted your gaze.

When you reached him though, you looked up at him shyly and smiled a little. He beamed back at you. “Wahh even prettier up close!”

There you were, a blushing mess again tae give the poor girl a break will ya, but after that you’d just talk with him even though you were nervous and he’d just be so enchanted by you.

“I really wish to see you again, you’re so lovely!”

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The moment he laid eyes on you, he knew you were going to be like his ideal type. You were beautiful in his eyes, with the cutest smile ever. As he was sitting at the end of the long table, he got to see you interact with the other members and he was getting impatient for his turn to speak with you.

As you finally stood before him though, you proved his suspicions about you correct. You were not just another pretty face, you had a personality that matched really well with his, which he got a glimpse of in the short time you spent together. He didn’t really want to just let you go and risk never seeing you again though.

“I know this may be weird, but are you doing something after this? Want to go for a coffee together or something?”

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hubby - tom h.

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author’s note: wow okay I’ve never written for tom holland before but here goes nothing??? I hope you don’t hate this but on the off chance you do, pls hate silently (read more bar is added because I wrote out what come to mind for Tom’s proposal and it made everything look so much longer lmao) 


  • Okay but like
  • Can we all just take a minute to imagine what marrying Thomas Stanley Holland would be like
  • Just getting engaged to that boy would be magical
    • He’d have this whole big thing planned
      • Literally every member of the Holland family plus Harrison would be involved in putting things together because if we’re being honest they all loved you just as much as Tom did

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I think Victor and Yuuri are too different to be together. The only thing that unites them is figure skating, but their characters are completely different. Victor needs someone more confident, someone who is more honest with his own feelings, someone more open-minded. They're together only because the authors want them to be, but in real life such different people would only torment each other

i apologize for the really short and boring answer, i had a good reply written for you but my laptop decided to crash and i just asghlkfj

so, basically: i never really saw them being all that different from each other? sure, yuuri’s in a really bad place in ep1 (and so is vitya), but as he regains his confidence throughout the episodes their similarities become more clear! they’re both extremely competitive and always surprise everyone, they’re stubborn, they hate to lose and love dogs (important!!) to name a few! you mention vitya needs someone more confident, more honest with their feelings and more open-minded… but i think yuuri is all of those? and i mean the Real Yuuri he grows into during the series? it’s kind of the main thing in his character arc!

i think those are the most important basics of what i had written? i’m just going to post this quickly before the bsod happens again asffakh feel free to add to this everyone!

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In the first chapter, you mentioned the Lady having a sibling but I haven't seen it touched upon since. Is anything happening with that? Sorry if you've already answered something similar, I only found the fic a few days ago

Good catch!  I actually, uh… I haven’t decided if I’m going to do anything with that yet.  I kinda pushed it to the sidelines because I started trying to be more Reader-insertable, and I know that not everyone has a sibling.  I had a few plans for it, but there’s already so much to touch upon in the Lady’s life that I feel like it might just bog down the story.

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Yo dear followers, listen up!

We got some heavy queue for today with quite some posts. Basically, because I didn’t want to split the situation. So for the upcoming 6 posts I’m gonna set the tag #murphytrigger. I also tag it with #tw: abuse and #tw: sexual abuse. So if you are sensitive to that subject, block it. I’m gonna reblog this before the last post in my queue aswell because I just don’t want anybody to get upset.

To be honest this topic upsets me a lot myself but I decided to “put in on paper” and to deal with it. So I turned anon off because we all know, anon can be shitheads sometimes and I can’t deal with that today. I don’t need anybody to lecture me about the upcoming topics because I, sadly, know a lot about them as I experienced them myself. (And I don’t need any pity from you either, I just wanna state that in advance because, well, I’m a little afraid of a shitstorm.)

So, stay tuned. Queue coming up, plot darkens, bear with me, guys.

Murphy’s law getting deep today with (for me) too much emotions.

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Does doing digital work count as "ink"tober? They're completely different mediums.


so my initial reaction to reading this ask was… not nice. Because honest to god, why do you care??? What concern of it is yours??? You’re getting free art every. single. day.

But then I went and had some coffee. So now I am going to approach your ask on the assumption that you’re not actually trying to be rude, and give you an explanation. Enjoy.

Do you know what I get if I “win” inktober? If I do all 31 days in a row? Do you know what the grand prize is for the people that accomplish this ridiculous task?


Zip. Zero. Zilch.

You know why? Because inktober is a personal challenge. Its purpose is to inspire people to practice their art more consistently, to get into the habit of putting their work out there, to be proud of the fact that they accomplished something, and to hopefully inspire them to go forth and make more art once the month is done assuming it hasn’t killed them.

Its chosen medium is ink because that gives everyone the opportunity to participate. Almost anyone can find a ballpoint pen and a scrap of paper and join in. Not everyone has a tablet, or a computer, or any number of expensive art supplies, but that should never be a barrier to creating art. Making art shouldn’t have to be expensive. So I love that inktober is built in ink, for that reason and for the fact that “inktober” sounds way cooler than “artober”.

But I’m going to return to my first point. Inktober is about learning and growing as an artist. And my primary medium as an artist is digital art, it always has been. So I choose to take this challenge as an opportunity to accomplish something in the medium that I use most because that makes sense for me. And at the end of the day that actually makes my life more difficult with this challenge because the crossover period of time each day where I have my tablet AND the free time to draw is incredibly narrow.

So by the rules of the challenge I guess my art doesn’t “count”. I neither draw in ink nor do I follow the set prompts for each day. So I suppose I lose by default. But given that, at the very end of it all, I’m not doing this for you, I am doing this for myself, means that I don’t really give a fuck.

as an adult, i am very wary about reblogging posts about the kids from It or Stranger Things. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but they are kids. Literal children. Some people have a strange obsession with them, and to be honest it sorta creeps me out. When I look at them, I see kids that I would protect and try to help. Babies. I’d adopt them in a heartbeat and keep them safe, but a lot of these posts don’t reflect that feeling. Rambling under cut.

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Okay guys, this is one of the best days ever! Because that’s me (well a cuter version of me but still) and I don’t have words to describe how happy I am right now. Just let me say that @elicedraws is not only a amazing and talented artist, nope, she’s one of the kindest and absolutely best human beings out there as well! I am so honored that she did this (only based on two photos and in barely an hour (HOW?!) but to be honest I am probably still dreaming and will wake up soon… It’s definitely a good dream. So yes, you should all go and be amazed by her art and HOLY CRAP I STILL DON’T BELIEVE THIS!!! THANK YOU, ELI, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! THE MARSHMALLOW THAT I AM WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!

I think, overall, my ADHD is a benefit? I know it’s a hurdle for a lot of people, but my hobbies and prospective career THRIVE on chaining thoughts.

It can be a serious problem when I have to read or study, yeah, and I… never finish anything I start. I’m not here saying it’s really that great because sometimes WOW things get weird and awful and thoughts race and suddenly you gotta MOVE or DO SOMETHING or else you’ll explode and you can barely listen to people talk but…

Idk ive found that just being honest with people solves a lot of problems.

“Hey, I can’t hear you in here. Can you tell me this story when we’re outside?” (Not because it’s loud but because I can’t separate their voice from the voice of people also talking in the vicinity)

And for me breaking down my work into manageable chunks changed my ENTIRE LIFE. It takes a lot of work but I really am enjoying my schoolwork right now so it’s hardly a chore.

I kind of reformatted my life in little ways to compliment my ADHD and it’s definitely allowing me to do more.

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Can i be honest ? I think Insane Thiccy and Sane Fucky fits more then Insane fucky then Sane Thiccy, because of the heights and the looks ! But you got great characters and a lovely art style. So i'm looking forward to it.

//you got a point there

//but thank you

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Sometimes I think Louis knows he's going down fighting and JLY, its video, and maybe his whole album is his personal testimony to us about what he's experienced.

Hi anon :) 

Actually I expect that Louis will be able to (at least to some extent) write relatively honest songs because he seems to have some creative control. I don’t expect him to really air his grievances, though. Given that there’s apparently a semblance of control on what songs to release as singles, I think that we’ll get the selection that they can most easily bend to fit the overall narrative still. We just have to remember that no matter how they try to package the song in the press, we gotta read between the lines of his own lyrics. 

Also, I keep circling back to the ‘but then I’d be conceding’ - if you know that they’re hellbent on ruining you and they’ve been doing so for a while; then the stubborn side might say that you at least have to make it worth it, to make it count. Otherwise you’ve gotten the lashing for nothing. So instead you refuse to give up, refuse to give them that final piece of you and fight back by just.. surviving and continuing to make music. It’s what John Gilbert did in the face of Louis B Mayer wanting to destroy his career. He sat through his entire contract of six movies, while he was absolutely aware of the fact they wanted to break him.

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Hello. Do you have any study tips for medicine lectures? I’m really struggling and I’m so behind, and I’m worried about exams already. I don’t really learn in lectures and I don’t know what to do.

Hello, sorry this took a few days, I’ve been crazy busy. I hope you see this answer! 

I’m going to be totally honest. I am in fourth year, in the run up to the biggest exams of med school so far, and I have never been “on top” of my lectures. It’s something I am struggling with myself, and this advice is also what I’m trying to tell myself as well. Because I have had such high expectations of what I “need” to do, and feel terrible when I don’t achieve it, even though I have passed every year, and with really good grades. As I am writing this, I have that niggling at the back of my mind that I am 2 weeks behind on lectures and I am incredibly unmotivated to do work when I sit in front of the computer. 

One thing I have been encouraged to ask myself is: am i really behind? I’m not being facetious here, but it’s something my therapist has been trying to get through to me. I put a lot of expectations on myself about how much work I think I should do, and what I need to do. And I say I’m behind because I am not meeting my own expectations, but actually I’m doing enough, or the same as other people on my course. And I will pass, and be a doctor at the end of it. 

Talk to others and see how much they are doing as well, you will probably be surprised. Also, if you are struggling and unsure of what you need to be doing, talk to staff at the medical school. If you have a tutor, get in touch with them as they will know the course well and will have seen many students over the years who have struggled and they can help.

Overall, I want to encourage you that it will be fine, yes exams are stressful but they aren’t unmanageable and medical schools want you to pass. they will do all they can to help so don’t be afraid to ask. I have some specific tips under the cut, sorry this is a long post!

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Hold on. I remember you saying somewhere that you're agender. If I'm remembering correctly, you are pan and agender. That is super cool because I am also pan and agender and it's just... Well... Cool. (Sorry I'm so awkward bye)

That actually is cool! I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I’m pan. I know I like guys and only recently realized that girls are cute too! I think I’m open to dating anyone as long as I like their personality.

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Hi there, my friend and i discovered your fanarts and my friend really wants to cosplay your Empress Allura version. She just asked you if she could cosplay her I think ? Well, I’m going to do Lotor, and I wanted to know if you were open to make a version of Lotor to accompany her and how much it would cost ? I would totally understand if you don’t want to or can’t, and thank you for your time ! I love your art a lot !

You mean Lotor from the same AU like Empress Allura? To be honest I haven’t thought about his role there. Is he alive? Is he a member (or leader) Guns of Gamora? Maybe he’s near the empress, because she doesn’t want to kill him, but can’t just let him go. 
I’m not sure I can design him now, don’t feel like that, sorry.
And thank you! Good luck with your cosplay :)

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can we have some fluff headcanons of Hellboy helping his s/o through a depressive episode? i'm in a real tough spot rn and hellboy and your writing makes me really happy <3

OH GOOD LORD. This might be a little short, because I have a very clear idea of how he’d react.

He’s going to call you over to his place and cover you with blankets, snuggles, and cats. Lots and lots of cats. Because cats make everything better.

He’s also going to watch your favorite movies with you, give you everything you ask for and some stuff you don’t (like your fave junk food) and just…hold you.

He’s going to hold you the entire time. And to be honest, he’s not going to simply invite you over, he’s probably going to COME GET YOU HIMSELF. Because there’s no way in hell that he’s going to leave you alone for a minute with those feelings.

Worlds apart. Part 1.

Hello guys how is everyone? I’m so sorry I’ve not written a fic in so long but life gets a hold of you and there’s no such thing as free time. I wrote this fic well over a year ago and hated it and (still do) but @kneekeyta very kindly offered to beta this for me which she has, thanks hun I appreciate it :) so I thought I’d post part 1 of 18 and I’m going to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll post the rest as I’m not confident in my stories anymore, I feel like they are trash but we’ll see what happens.

A little about this fic. Rae is 16 and Finn is 18 and not through choice they are living together, be warned though they really don’t like each other… first, in fact you might not like Finn at all buttttttt if I do post the rest please stick with it because it is Finn and you’re not going to hate him forever lol Anyway I hope you don’t hate this too much :/                                                          

P.s Sorry if I’ve forgotten to add you to my tag list or I’ve tagged you if you didn’t want to be. I really can’t remember my tag list but I tried my best but please let me know if you want to be added or taken off :)

                                               Worlds apart 1.

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