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How do you truly KNOW when a character is character-y enough for their personality, appearance, etc? Idk if that made sense, but I'm never satisfied with some characters designs.

I am not sure to be honest I just..uh..know? feel? 

I think what always adds to a good character design is the emotions being alive, if that makes sense. And it doesn’t matter what kind of emotion but it has to be vivid and lively. Drawing a character is always hard, because the artist has to UNDERSTAND that character as well. Putting it simple, you don’t take a grumpy grump and drawing him as a ray or sunshine (unless it’s a challenge) - it’s what makes out of character..

I love it when you look at the drawing, and it’s fairly static, but there’s still history to it..something that happens beyond the viewer can imagine. Like, hey, was this character just battling? making a choice? saying some super snarky remark? It always adds to The Character, as well.

I think I said it before, but most of the time whenever an artist draws fanart, say for a cartoon, character with an established design, there are always going to be some twitches because of the artist’s individual style. I have to say it’s quite hard to find the perfect features and that perfect balance between the original design and your own. There are features that tend to represent. say, good characters - mostly roundish, softer, while “bad” characters tend to be drawn in very sharp lines. That’s basic, and not always the case, but there is a tendention. Soo..feeling what feature makes a character who they are is hard and takes experience and some…psychology understanding? feeling? I’m not sure how to say this.

It’s normal to not be satisfied with someone’s design! Sometimes you have to draw the character over and over again, but there has to be little twitches and changes each time. Because if you draw them the same, you’re still not going to be satisfied, because you FEEL that the design is off. For example, you can draw a very kind generous character that in your depiction turns out rather arrogant or angry. Maybe the problem is simply in the wrong angle of brows, maybe the eyes are way too sharp and with eyebrow angle make the character seem angry. Maybe the smile isn’t quite in the eyes. Basically every feature can say A LOT about the character you draw.

Even when you draw “kind” character in an uncommon emotion for them, super angry for example, there’s still a range of that angriness this particular character can feel. uhhh I mean. There should be differences between the angriness of evil character and a kind one..Like, unique emotions help too.

I’m sorry this is so so vague and I know it’s mostly on “I feel” rather than “I understand why this and why that”, but it’s all takes practice, as usual, and always depends on how much you feel the emotions and characteristics of people around you as well. The one thing I can suggest is twitching the designs you’re not satisfied with. It will come! Some characters are just hard to FEEL, or you don’t relate to as much, or you relate to them so much you NEED to make the design perfect, which is hard. 

Don’t lose hope, try changing every feature if it makes you finally feel that that’s the right design for that particular character. You can do it! Hope that was at least a tiny bit helpful because I know it’s super vague, sorry for that.

Modern Enjolras with Long Hair
  • Okay so maybe it was a rebellious move, or he was to busy going to the hairdresser or whatnot, but Enjolras ends up growing out his hair into a lush mane that falls somewhere between his shoulders and mid-back
  • It’s gorgeous, of course, but also damn unpractical, and Enjolras can’t braid for SHIT, so he calls up Jehan to teach him a few tricks
  • Thank goodness Jehan’s patient, because Enjolras isn’t and not getting it perfect on the first time is frusTRATING
  • His hair lost its natural ringlets when it grew out, but when Enjolras stays under the rain, he ends up with Disney Prince ringlets. Grantaire can’t help but stare, to be honest
  • His hair is gorgeous and a golden waterfall, but rest assured Enjolras didn’t #wakeuplikethis. He’s got a terrible bed head in the morning
  • You know shit’s gonna go down when he ties his hair into a ponytail
  • He once showed it at a rally with a braid crown, because it’s easier to get rowdy when everything’s tucked in nicely.. It was a surreal vision

I noticed since debut, that a lot of Arohas want ASTRO to do a bad boy concept or something more mature. But lets be honest, most want to see them do some grinding or just full of fan service. And to this, I say no. Rocky and Sanha or still very much underrage. When they debuted I believe Moonbin just turned of age. Plus, let the boys have this colorful and cute concept. You don’t have to like it but can we appreciate that ASTRO had an amazing year in 2016? Because I hope for more <3

“Seriously, we are just good friends you all”

(Hey, hmm, Marshie’s mod and I were talking about all the shipping situation, and to be honest, we feel kind of uncomfortable with that. I know that it is normal for most of the people on Tumblr and other social media to ship characters and all, I get it, but please don’t do that with them. Also (if we talk about the character) Misa wouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with anyone because she can’t stand constant physical contact, hugs, kisses and all. We mods just like to draw them together, as friends, and that’s all. x3 -And in my case I love Marshie, so I found an excuse to draw them constantly. x3- So we would appreciate if you can stop sending asks about that. We hope you can understand)

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So we know (more or less) what the Paladin's good qualities are, but what do you think are their worst traits?

Oooh fun question!

Shiro - Condescending, I think is the right word?  Maybe run of the mill arrogant, but a specific kind.  Shiro think he knows better than what people say.  This kind of confidence is good in the field where he can make snap choices and feel strongly about them, but in a day to day it’s painful.  Not only do you get the nasty situations where Shiro decides no one is being honest about their opinions to him (because they don’t agree with his preconceived notions), he also has a tendency to decide things for people, like if they need company or to be left alone.  The worst part is that he’s pretty often right, so it’s all the harder to change his mind when he is wrong.

Pidge - Defensive as all hell.  She takes offense far quicker than is necessarily reasonable and has a mean streak about it.  Tends to over-analyze what people say to the point of completely twisting it into something they didn’t at all mean, and has never encountered the definition of ‘Occam’s Razor’.  Worse, she has a tendency to seek retribution for the perceived slight.

Hunk - His fears can make him selfish.  For the most part, he’d rather withdraw than engage, would rather follow than rebel, even when he knows it’s wrong.  This has changed somewhat, but it’s still a temptation under his skin.  A desire to get away and go somewhere safe and just let the enemy win this round.  Part of him gives up too easily, let’s things go when there’s still a fighting chance because the fear of failure is strong.

Lance - Similar to Pidge in that he has a tendency to imagine offense, but he tends to imagine motivations for people.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be in an angry way, but it often is, like how he imagined and entire rivalry with Keith.  He’ll day dream up what someone is like, and then has that idea of them in his head for months after and be wrong-footed and upset when they aren’t like that.  This especially rears up for Keith and Shiro, who he imagined as incredibly different from reality but occasionally tries to treat them like that (or, in Keith’s case, don’t try not to)

Keith - Keith’s drive is a PROBLEM.  He is completely unreasonable in response to an internal, sometimes irrational goal.  He’ll push himself way to hard, push others too far, ignore responsibilities and completely snub the rest of the world in terms of matching his imaginary standards.  Also doesn’t understand that other people don’t completely throw themselves into anything they’re interested in, so gets frustrated when people aren’t putting in the same amount of effort

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I asked a girl out but she rejected me because she apparently "doesn't date latinas" I'm so upset I really liked her... 😥

hey anon,

thats really rough buddy, but to be honest, theres definately someone out there that is waaaay better for you, and doesnt have a weird racist exclusionary preference. 

good vibes

- mod amara

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I see Kihyun standing on his chair in the middle of a roast and yelling "You're cookies aren't even real Barbara, you use Betty Crocker with an easy bake oven. Fight me right here right now" and the other 3 have to keep him from actually jumping at her

to be honest i think kihyun is a ticking time bomb in any situation tbh they could all be at the mall picking out cake for jungkook’s 12th birthday party and kihyun would get into a fight with the women in the store because “you’re telling me this is supposed to taste like lemon zest???? it tastes like LITERAL detergent and i will not pay 34.99$ for this ATROCITY are you trying to poison jin’s son???” and he’d basically start an altercation 4 no reason but it’d be so funny 

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Hi do you know any fics with extra weird Tae (that arent in the tags yet, i read everything in every tag uheuhe im suffering) thank you

hmm well most people write him as at least a little strange or quirky because it’s such a strong trait in him haha I’ll give a few recent ones that I feel write him as being pretty unique^^

To Tie or Knot to Tie by expplipo - Taehyung: boyfriend, joker, game-maker - Suddenly splayed out on the couch, feet propped up on the arm rest, with what looks like every single fucking neck tie they own between them lined up over his body, in an honest-to-god colour gradient. Jeongguk thinks long and hard about what to say. He takes a deep breath.“Your feet are on the couch.” (Sequel to All’s Fair in Coffee and War)

Here Fishy Fishy by Kavbj - Taehyung’s a real fish out of water (no like, for real) and Jungkook just saved him from drowning

Baby You’re Prehistoric by arabellarosebts - “I’ll be with you won’t I?”

Toads and Periwinkle by Kavbj - Jungkook’s kinda cursed (like really cursed) and Taehyung’s kinda a witch (like really not a great one but he tries). 

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

Only frustration

There tends to be this subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) in the Richonne fandom to put down Rick. Sometimes it’s just playful fun, but other times it’s very serious.

I love Rick and Michonne. I can’t stand anyone saying anything negative about either of them. If there is honest and intelligent discourse about flaws and frustrations, I’m all here for it, but if it’s just putting Rick down to build up Michonne, I ain’t here for it. If it’s putting Michonne down to build Rick up, I ain’t here for it.
They are so amazing because they are equal, Ricks weaknesses are improved by Michonnes strengths, Michonnes weaknesses are improved by Ricks strengths. However, you cannot compare Ricks weaknesses with Michonnes strengths or Michonnes weaknesses to Ricks strengths and then say one is better than the other.
I love this ship so much because of how amazing and caring and flawed and human both characters are.

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Hi! Thanks so much for all the beautiful info you keep sharing, it's such a delight! I wanted to ask - what do you think Bryan means by the 'Will and Clarice hunt Hannibal down' plot? Do you have any personal ideas as to what it might have included? Because I can't imagine anything :D

Hi! You’re very welcome. :)

I’m a bit stunned by that myself, to be honest! But I take comfort in three thoughts: 1) This was the ORIGINAL plan so it could well have changed by now; 2) Bryan LOVES Hannigram and he knows how much we all love it too - I don’t think he would just ruthlessly set out to break our hearts; 3) With Bryan, nothing is ever as it seems and nothing is ever straightforward! So his idea of Will ‘hunting’ Hannibal might be very different from ours… as evidenced by S3! And I apologise for not really answering the question, the short answer being that I have no idea. :D

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Could you give me an honest critical opinion about yuri on ice? I wanna watch the anime but I dont know anything about it and I'm worried I would regret watching it and feel like it was a waste of my time.

Oh, it’s great!!!! Honestly it is! It kept me on the edge of my seat every week. I was looking forward to the day the next episode came out. It was 100% satisfaction for me because my favorite, my dear best boy was the winner. It left a lot of people salty hahahahHAHAHAHaHAH!!!! They thought GPF is about sad backstory not actual skill. Anyway, definitely worth watching! The show is amazing!!! Every character is lovable and gets you invested in their story. My top two favs are Yuri Plisetsky and JJ. Tell me who are yours after you watch it. There’s a lot of heartwarming character development and everything ties together. There are surprises, sad moments, healthy communication and honesty. Nothing leaves you feeling empty or frustrated. I have literally no complaints about the show. It’s the best I’ve watched since HxH. All my headaches are caused by some parts of the fandom, but I won’t get into that. Watch it, it’s an honest-to-god good anime.

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i'm gonna be honest i fucking despise casey affleck but his acting in manchester by the sea was magnificent and he really deserved to win. like you can hate him all you want because he's scum and deserves it but as far as an award for /acting/ goes, he deserved to win

his acting could’ve been personally blessed by jesus and he still wouldn’t have deserved to win

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Hey girl(?)! I loved your sapphic!Silena moodboard,and loved that she's black. It's a kinda rare to see black!Silena without a hijab... Am I the only one who imagine Silena being a black girl from New Orleans? Okay,maybe it's because she has a French surname. Besides,I really want her and Hazel to become friends,and talk about how New Orleans changed. To be honest,I imagine Silena being a light brown black girl... It'd be cool.

I honestly like most hcs for silena to be fair, I tend to just save photos that I think look like how a pjo character could look! I hadn’t considered the surname idea though, that’s interesting!
I’m really glad you liked my aesthetic, thank you for messaging me about it!! (Also girl is fine haha!)

“Tomorrow With You is so frustrating. So Joon needs to learn that the only way his marriage and relationship with Marin can work and for them to be happy with each other is by being honest with her and by not treating her anger as a joke (I’ve noticed a lot of times when she gets angry he smiles when asking her to not be angry at him or why she’s angry at him). Communication is so important but So Joon doesn’t seem to get that. Their relationship is so stiff because of that.”

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who do you really want to win in each of the acting categories?? im still bitter about amy adams not being nominated

best actress: my honest piping hot cup of earl grey is that jessica chastain does actually deserve an oscar for miss sloane…. she outdid her own performance in zdt. otherwise natalie was my favorite performance of the actual nominees

best actor: dull batch this year. i support ryan gosling not because of performance but because i don’t support half of the noms and the other half were also Just Ok

supporting actress: viola and naomie both deserve it. viola is gonna win though and i’m super excited

supporting actor: mahershala! definitely deserves it

other thoughts: meryl shouldn’t have been nominated. instead i would have put in taraji p henson, or if not applicable for leading, she would replace octavia in supporting actress (but octavia has proven herself as an oscar fav… so…) annette bening deserved a best actress nom too. nicole kidman didn’t need a nom for lion. should have been greta gerwig instead (in 20th century women OR jackie, but she wasn’t as good or prominent in jackie) my favorite male performance in moonlight was trevante rhodes, so i wish he had gotten a nom, but mahershala deserves his recognition and all three chirons were equally incredible so i know that’s probably he reason for not nominating any of them. i wish american honey could have gotten some noms (especially sasha and riley) but the academy didn’t give a shit about it so

The tricky matter of falling in love with somebody
who survives on a fickle heart is the reality.
You can’t ask the one with the coy smile and devilish eyes
or the one who’s mouth is always thinned
You wont get the answer you want to hear.
You’ll find yourself asking in the middle of the night,
And your heart will tear itself in half
when they come sauntering drunk off of their ego and self-love
to stay in your arms every once and a while
like you are their favorite luxury hotel
because you cater them without demanding a price.
Listen to your head in this matter
to your fingers
as you clam them against your sweaty palms
your body is telling you to run in the other direction
and your heart is a traitor among other things
If they had loved you as much as you believe
if they were worth your time
then would your tongue hide
between your teeth
would your lungs die
the moment your eyes meet
would your heart bruise itself  
by pounding against your overprotective ribcage
would you be wondering if they had ever loved you
in the first place?
Listen to the
of a heart failure,
you are under attack
and it is going to leave you

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What is that writing in the angel readings thing and what does it say?

If you mean the writing on the outside of my journal, that would be the Theban (Witches) Alphabet. :) It’s a scripted language used for many areas of spellwork and private use to hide your work. I use it all over the place and on the part of my journal that is visible in that photo says ‘Open”. 

To be honest, it can be a little tricky to understand at first because there are a few variations of it. The Theban alphabet doesn’t exactly translate to the English alphabet entirely and this is because the letters W, J and U were not used until middle/medieval ages or something like that (you can read more about the origin of the Latin alphabet here because I haven’t done much study or took much interest in that area myself). You can create your own characters to replace those letters, or you may use the character for the letter ‘I’ in place of ‘J’ or the replace the character for ‘V’ in place of ‘W’ and ‘U’. These substitutions are accepted by many modern magical practices.  Actually, the only reason I took interest in the Theban alphabet, to begin with, was purely for aesthetic purposes and it just became fun to write over everything in it lol. 

I’ve quickly drawn up the symbols next to the lettering for you to check out yourself. I hope you have as much fun incorporating it into your craft as I have with mine! Take care and blessed be. x

  • someone: *says they hate piggy*
  • what im thinking: gonna be civil about this, but god damn are you are so fuckign wrong..piggy is the smartest and most reasonable kid in the book and even if he did say some bad things In One Fuckign Chapter that doesnt make him a bad person. sure, he's not physically fit, and he couldnt do much to help in that respect. however, he gave the other boys so many chances to listen and have things go right for once. they just didnt listen to him because he didnt have their backwards and rather roundabout perspective. so while you make your fifteenth jack fanfic in a row, ill be over here talking about how mentally strong my boy piggy was for being level-headed and respectful to the end. also, lets be honest: he's probably a really cute kid
  • what i say (if anything): lol wtf bro dont tag your hate

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But i love yout blog and house please dont push me away. we had so many memories together, remember when: You posted a selfie and i was all fuck shes cute. I read you were ace so i looked it up and soon disscovered there was a word for what i was and i wasnt a freak. I skiped all your posts about season 4 for... well i still do i really need to watch it. Or what about when you answered my first ask to anyone on tumblr. We have so much together please dont make me leave because i think hes ace:'(

I’m not making you do anything and I’m gonna be honest and say it’s hard for me to know if I have any memories with you if you’re on anon. Fact is I’m ace and I don’t think Sherlock is, so I’m not going to pretend like I do on my blog.