because to be honest with you

I Love You’s

I love you. 

Chuuya notices that Dazai likes to say it a lot. 


 Dazai murmurs it into his ear after sex, his breath tickling his hair as they spoon, Chuuya curling into Dazai’s warmth and Dazai protectively holding him.


Dazai throws it over his shoulder before he walks out the door each day for work, his voice teasing when Chuuya yells, “Shut up!” after him because honest to god, he’ll never get sick of hearing but he feels that he needs to say something. 


Sometimes it’s not just verbal. Chuuya will find notes stuck in the books he’s reading, crumpled up in his pockets, tucked under his pillow when Dazai can’t home that day, held down by a cup of coffee when Chuuya wakes up late or just stuck on the fridge’s door, all worded differently but all with the same meaning. They’re everywhere, serving as constant reminders when Dazai himself can’t. 
 I love you. 


Sometimes, when Dazai has really gone and done it, Chuuya locks him out of their apartment because he thinks Dazai needs to learn a lesson. He sits with his back against the door and so does Dazai until Chuuya’s not feeling as murderous. Dazai likes to say it through the door too, the words muffled by the wood but still clear regardless, asking Chuuya childishly to let him back in. Chuuya always complies eventually.


 When Dazai scares Chuuya with his sporadic disappearances, no matter how many times it happens and despite knowing Dazai is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, Chuuya can’t help but cry in relief when he does see Dazai again. Dazai always embraces him, tucking Chuuya’s head against his chin, hand slowly stroking his hair. He apologizes and breathes it into Chuuya’s ear as he comforts the red head. 


Of course, not all situations could be sweet. 

“Do you trust me?” Dazai asks with a grin. 
“No!” Yes

“Chuuya,” Dazai whines like they have all the time in the world. They’re cornered and their only choice is to jump off a bridge but Chuuya’ll be damned if he fulfils Dazai’s stupid wish for double suicide.  

“I swear if we die-” I’ll still love you. 

“Love you!” Dazai interrupts cheerfully before jumping, yanking Chuuya along. So does Chuuya but he can’t really think of anything but the fast approaching water. He’s too busy screaming at Dazai as well, I wasn’t ready you shitty bastard! Scratch that. He really hates Dazai at the moment.

Dazai has to buy him a new hat and outfit because his old ones are ruined.


 Sometimes, Dazai has no shame. “I love you!” he exclaims loudly in the middle of a picnic with everyone sitting around them. 

Chuuya spins around, ready to do some serious bodily damage before Dazai pecks him on the lips, silencing any rebuke. 
It’s a ceasefire and everyone is trying to relax. 

 Atsushi chokes on his drink and Akutugawa simply uses Rashamon to slap his back to prevent Atsushi from dying. 

“No need to shout it out for the whole world to hear,” Kunikida grumbles from not very far away, writing in his notebook. 

“But I love Chuuya!” Dazai says more insistently and Chuuya is ready to reach over and Dazai with all his strength. Kunikida is somewhat right. Not everyone needs to know his private, he doubts Dazai even knows what that word means, love life. 

“It’s quite obvious,” Kouyou says delicately, a serene expression on her face. “You made it clear when you were younger as well. Chuuya as well.” Dazai beams brightly and Chuuya can’t help but flush. He thought he was being subtle but Kouyou knew.



Chuuya goes to punch Dazai using his powers until he remembers Dazai’s stupid ability and kicks him instead. 

Dazai doesn’t seem affected, the shit eating grin still pasted on his face. 


 Chuuya storms away because he can’t handle the embarrassment of everyone looking at them but he knows that Dazai means every word despite how silly it all sounds. 


Kunikida fires the stun gun he creates with his notebook, effectively silencing Dazai. For a bit anyways. 

Chuuya makes a note to buy the blond a very expensive bottle of wine.


 Chuuya hates storms and Dazai knows so he’ll bundle Chuuya up in blankets and build a pillow fort so they can huddle together for warmth. Dazai laughs every time thunder sounds and Chuuya jumps, or when the lightening flashes across the sky, illuminating the darkened room, making Chuuya burrow into his chest. 

"You’re adorable,” Dazai says affectionately, carding his fingers through Chuuya’s unbelievably bright red hair. 

“Shut up,” Chuuya grumbles, making a move to scoot away but when the lightening cuts through the darkness again and the thunder reverberates through the room, he dives back towards Dazai. Dazai laughs and wraps his arms around Chuuya. 

“There’s nothing wrong with being cute.” Chuuya huffs and tries to free an arm to smack some sense into Dazai but epically fails. 

“I’m a Port Mafia executive Dazai, I can’t afford to be cute.” Dazai hums, curling around Chuuya. 

Chuuya flinches as thunder sounds again and Dazai leans forward until their noses are touching. 

“I love you,” Dazai chirps. 

Chuuya narrows his eyes and rears his head back before head butting Dazai as hard as he can. 


Dazai likes runs his hand through Chuuya’s hair. “Did you cut it?” he suddenly asks and Chuuya startles.

“I gave it a trim, it was getting a bit long.”  When Dazai doesn’t answer, he starts to panic. 

“Do you not like-” Dazai cuts him off with a kiss. 

“I love it,” Dazai tells Chuuya. “Just as much as I love you.” Chuuya can’t believe Dazai’s being sappy again but this time, he doesn’t have the urge to hurt Dazai because they’re not in public. 

“You’re such a sap,” he complains and Dazai bobs his head agreement before returning to touching Chuuya’s hair. 


Sometimes Dazai’s just ridiculous. 

Either he clings onto Chuuya like there’s no tomorrow or he disappears off the face of the earth without a hint to where the hell he goes. 

He’s gotten better though. 

He sends letters. 

Not letters, more like short messages because Dazai’s too busy, dumb or shitty, take your pick, to write something to explain what he’s actually doing. 
Chuuya thinks Dazai has a phobia of explaining anything until shit has happened. 

 Hey Chuuya, 
                       I’ll be gone for a bit! Of course I’ll be back, when will I never be back but make sure Akutugawa doesn’t kill Atsushi while I’m gone! 
That’s all. 

No elaboration. 

He flips over the letter, looking for any clue but no. 


Rolling his eyes, he throws the paper aside and reaches for a bottle of wine.
He needs it. 


Halfway through the bottle, he looks over at the paper and nearly drops his wine. 

It’s landed near a candle and something has changed on the back. 

Chuuya rushes over and grabs it, and stares at the calligraphy on the back in disbelief. 

I love you!!! 

Chuuya lets out a growl. 

Could. Dazai. Just. Be. Normal.  



Dazai’s wearing a scarf for once and for all because Kouyou told him that if he didn’t, his cold would get worse. Chuuya’s fussing over how atrocious it looks and promptly drags him out to get Dazai a newer, better looking one. 

 "How about this one?“ Dazai suggests, hiding a smile behind his scarf when Chuuya’s blue eyes widen in horror. 




"Chuuya,” Dazai teases. “It’s just a scarf." 

"But it doesn’t compliment your eyes,” Chuuya mutters, turning his back on Dazai to look at more scarves. 

“And this is why I love you,” Dazai mumbles into his scarf, not expecting Chuuya to hear any of it. 

“Did you say something?” Chuuya asks, glancing back over his shoulder as his hands pause on a scarf that would look absolutely stunning with Chuuya’s hair.  
“No, no, nothing,” Dazai replies sweetly, the fakest smile he can manage plastered onto his face. 

 Chuuya’s eyes narrow because Dazai’s lying and he knows he heard something. 


"How about that scarf?” Dazai tries to change the subject, pointing at a scarf he knows that Chuuya will recoil from. 

The annoyed screech confirms it and Chuuya forgets. 


 Chuuya doesn’t say it often because he’s not as open as Dazai and he doesn’t want everyone to know his feelings. 

But now he doesn’t care. 

“Dazai!” he sobs, his gloved hands grasping Dazai’s limp one. 

He doesn’t know exactly what happened but all he knows is that Atsushi had called him and in a very shaky tone told him some bastard had hurt Dazai. Badly. 

Dazai’s covered in bandages, even more than usual and he’s quiet and unmoving. 

So quiet. 

What Chuuya wouldn’t do to have the obnoxious, loud and stupid Dazai back. 

“Please don’t go,” he pleads. “Please don’t go…" 

Dazai doesn’t respond and Chuuya breaks down even more. 

"Dazai, you shitty bastard,” he tries to raise his voice but fails miserably. “You can’t die because I love you!” He puts his head down and feels the tears slipping down his face and he’s ready to go kill whoever did this. 

“Am I in heaven? Chuuya saying he loves me?” Dazai’s smug tone hits him like a truck and Chuuya’s head snaps back up, mouth hanging open. 

“D-Dazai?” One of Dazai’s eyes crack open and Dazai has the nerve to crack a grin. 

“I’m fine.” Chuuya lets out an enraged roar and Dazai smirks. 

“Aw, little kitten was trying to roar-" 

Chuuya launches himself at Dazai and he’s aware of Atsushi and Akutugawa bursting into the room with panicked expressions. 



"You,” Chuuya fumes, pointing at Dazai when Rashamon holds hims back. “Have no shame. I take back what I said."  

"Aw, Chuuya, I love you too!" 

Chuuya sees red. 


I… I have no excuse about why this took me so freaking long time (three weeks if I’m not wrong) other then the fact that Dazai is a little shit who will not cooperate with me.

I tried but skk is really, really hard to write :DDD

Chuuya and Dazai are complicated little shits.

Dedicated to @senren senpai (I think this could count as a super late birthday present) because she dragged me into skk hell and is doing a great job of keeping me there

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To be perfectly honest I'm not sure what fanon Akaashi sees in Bokuto when in canon he's annoyed 99% of the time? Help me see the light so I can fully enjoy BokuAka fics!

you are right, canon akaashi is v ???? at bokuto all the time, tbh bokuto is a very exasperating owl child. i think the ship happens because they often appear together and interact together………… but!!!!!!!!

what i love about bokuaka and why i’m so deep down in owl couple hell /pulls out powerpoint:

  • akaashi knows exactly how to deal with bokuto
  • this means he spent a lot of time studying bokuto, even if it’s mostly for the sake of the team
  • i mean, if you’re willing to invest your time and end up knowing someone better than they know themselves………………. well,
  • akaashi doesn’t let bokuto get away with anything (which is probably refreshing and different for bokuto, who seems quite spoiled imo)
  • but!! bokuto’s relationship with him is a friendly one, there’s often extras or moments where bokuto is clearly taking the initiative to talk to akaashi
  • (also i wonder whether akaashi has any second year friends, i mean, he probably has, he seems an all-around nice guy, but also the type to throw himself wholly into a thing—which, in this case, is volleyball—but he chooses to hang out with his captain during lunch breaks??)
  • akaashi might be Done™ with bokuto’s brand of whiny owl, but he’s also super proud and super confident in bokuto’s ace-ness
  • even if you argue it’s just for the sake of the team, being able to bring out the best of your ace, that’s still an incredible feeling!!
  • which, as a fic writer, i am definitely Taking Full Advantage 
  • sometimes i guess it’s the whole “opposites attract” kind of thing, with their contrasting personalities, and yet they manage to hang out so naturally, like here’s bokuto being his boisterous self and here’s akaashi sassing him but here they are getting meat buns together
  • i think, personally, when i write bokuto i write him as someone with so much energy and a heart so big, well of course he gives love to akaashi easily
  • and then i like to think akaashi is often just taken by surprise by the hurricane that is bokuto koutarou, but even if bokuto is exhausting, i feel like akaashi might be quietly amused anyway?
  • i mean bokuto also praises akaashi all the time and who doesn’t like that
  • and if u ship them like i do u get to imagine akaashi being the lucky bastard that gets those Bokuto Hugs™, like hoot damn have u seen those biceps
  • also this photo gets me every time: 

my favourite bokuaka dynamic is just. bokuto is a loud, bumbling mess but he’s considerate and warm in all the right ways, when you least expect it. and akaashi is quiet in his support but who isn’t drawn to afternoon sunlight? he’s exasperated at how bokuto is impossible to keep to the ground but it’s a fond exasperation, and when it all comes down to it, a pebble through water is better than a still, lonely pond, isn’t it?

i’m sorry i have no better way to explain (you can tell because i’m breaking off into dumb poetry)……… sometimes it might just be fanon bokuto and fanon akaashi that makes me ship it so much, and i guess if you’re not a fan of this sort of dynamic it’s just hard to see… 

but i hope some of this makes sense and that you consider them a bit more!!

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I'm new to Hannibal fandom, although I have observed it from the safe distance of other fandoms for years. Now that I've finally watched the last season, I'm up to my elbows in metaphorical viscera and dying for more! I love your meta (and fic), and my opinions and thoughts about the show/characterisation/what's realistic for the Hannibal world are pretty much identical to yours. Thus I was wondering: do you have any fic recs? New or old, since it's all new to me. I think I'd like what you like!

I wasn’t sure how to answer this because, if I read you correctly, you seem to be asking me for canon compliant fic that I’m personally satisfied with the “realistic” elements of, and if I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a fic that strongly agreed with my sense of what is realistic for the Hannibal world. (Aside from really short pieces, but short pieces tend to go in my head and out again without me remembering them, so I’m unable to recommend them. I have to clear my brain’s RAM a lot to function, I’m afraid.)

This isn’t a criticism, and I would include my own work in this, because it’s not trying to be a realistic depiction of the Hannibal universe. 

Neither is most of the fic that I’ve read: most of it is AU in some form, either because it full-on intends to be a completely different universe, like a crossover fic, or because it full-on embraces Hannigram sex for the sake of the sex itself, as a kind of author-and-fandom-first fanservice if nothing else, and there’s a whole ton of tropes that get used in that that have a lot more to do with fandom and its customs and audience expectations than they do with Hannibal. And I think it’s a lot of effort to really grasp the bull by the horns and go crazy quite like Bryan Fuller does when he writes. 

But most importantly, people write to express themselves and their experiences, fears, concerns, world view, and so forth. Any fic, for example, that has Will ineffectively fending off the advances of a man who just won’t take no for an answer, is clearly channeling the experiences and fears/frustrations of the author rather than writing what’s likely to show up on the show or for the character. But it’s okay and even good that people are writing this stuff, because they should have their own vision, and they should be writing what they know, from the experiences they can relate to, which is what that adage “write what you know” really should be getting at: writing from the heart. Your heart. And so I think that people who are otherwise engaging in canon-compliant (usually post-fall) fic are writing to a different function than the one the show writes to: one that includes a different writer’s experience and vision, one that is responding to the demands of a fandom audience from within the boundaries of fandom instead of without, like the show does. And as I said, I would include my own work in this.

This was all basically a long justification for me recommending you a bunch of AU and crossover fics instead of what you asked for, sorry. XD

So, without further ado:

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Screaming: Peter Maximoff Imagine

Warnings: arguing, yelling, sexual innuendo, mild cursing, fluff :)

A/N: Thank you for the request! Not my best work if I’m being honest. All day my mind has been kind of out of it because I’ve been so exhausted, so yeah… hope you still like it though!

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(not my gifs)

It all started as some stupid argument over Peter leaving pizza boxes lying around his basement, but it quickly escalated from there. You were angry at him for not cleaning up after himself because caused even more work to add onto his mother’s already busy day, as if she didn’t have enough to worry about with the cops showing up once every other week about Peter’s kleptomania. Back and forth the two of you screamed, until you couldn’t take it anymore. Long story short, you were now back in your room at the X-Mansion curled up on your bed.

You just stared up at the ceiling going over everything that had just happened. The two of you didn’t break up, you were both well aware that this was just some random fight that got too crazy too fast. But the problem was, both of you were stubborn as hell, meaning neither of you wanted to make the first move to apologize.

You sighed and sat up, your fingers moving to fiddle with the bottom of your shirt as your resilience began to crumble and you pondered going back over to his place to make up. Before you could even get off the bed, however, a series of quick knocks sounded from your door. You had known Peter long enough to know how he knocked, which was why you cringed at the sound, getting up from your place on the mattress and dragging your feet across the floor. You took a deep breath, opened the door, and then made your way back over to sit on your bed without making eye contact with your boyfriend.

“Hi,” he muttered timidly.

“Hey,” you responded in the same tone.

There was a tense silence that filled the room as he walked over and sat next to you. He sighed and grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze. You weren’t surprised at the gesture. Although he is hard-headed like you, he is also a very loving person who is practically incapable of holding grudges against those he cares for.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed out, his words surprisingly you as your mind seemed to have gotten comfortable with the silence.

Before you could respond, he continued,

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Y/N. I shouldn’t have done that.”

After a moment you looked up into Peter’s sorrow-filled eyes with your guilty ones.

“No, don’t be. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all that stuff about how to treat your family. It’s none of my business.”

“But you are my family, Y/N. You had every right to say what you did, and what you said was pretty accurate actually. After you left, I thought about it some more and came to that realization. It only took me so long to come by because I’m just so goddamn stubborn,” he confessed, lightly chuckling at the last part.

You smiled at his final words, your eyebrows raising as you nodded in agreement. Leaning, your head on his shoulder, your expression grew somber as you played with his fingers nervously.

“I may have been right, but I shouldn’t have yelled at you, that was wrong of me,” you said regretfully.

“It’s okay, babe,” he assured, pulling you close in a side hug before letting himself fall back onto the bed, dragging you down with him.

You giggled at this and rested your head on his chest. His arms wrapped around your waste as you gazed up at your softy of a boyfriend.

“From now on,” he continued, “we’ll save our screaming for the bedroom.”

Your mouth flew open in surprise and you gasped out, 


“What? I think it’s a good solution if you ask me,” he defended with a cheeky smile, his hand now coming to rest on your lower back.

You let out a laugh as you revealed,

“For once, good idea, Maximoff.”

He took this as a sign that you wanted to get more intimate, scooting down on the sheets until he was eye level with you.

“Shall we begin then?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Sure, one second,” you said with a wink as you got up and made your way to the bathroom.

“Hurry back, babe,” he flirted.

“You bet, Speedy.”

Once you were inside the bathroom, you had to suppress the laughter that was dying to escape. Right now, you were just grateful that your mutation was teleportation. Using the thought of standing in front of your bed, you blinked only to actually appear there less than a second later, yelling out “Boo!” in the process.

Peter screamed and subconsciously raced out of the bed, ending up running into your bedroom door. He was about to fall over when you transported right behind him and held the speed-demon up. You may be a prankster, but you don’t want him getting hurt.

At this point, Peter was trying to calm his quick breathing while you were laughing hysterically, practically sobbing you were laughing so hard. As your giggles grew in intensity, your knees buckled and you sunk down, sitting on the wooden floor with Peter on your lap.

“What was all that for!” Peter breathlessly questioned, turning to face you with a deep blush on his cheeks.

“You said you wanted to keep the screaming to the bedroom…” you coyly stated.

He merely shook his head and collapsed in your arms clearly physically exhausted, while you cackled jokingly and hugged him tightly.

Thanks for the request: @trafalgarlau 

Warnings none

A/N If you watch Zylbrad’s videos, you’ll see a Zylbrad reference somewhere in the story


- okay, Hanzo is the kind of ‘straight-to-the-point’ like person. He’ll tell what he feels about someone in front of them, with a straight face, and eye to eye contact.

- But when it come to his s/o, he’s honest and serious about their relationship, and he’d tell his s/o everything he notices. Including their balance.

- Hanzo sometimes questions his s/o’s balancing skills, and he’s very concerned about this because, this can lead them to dangerous situations, especially in the battlefield

- And of course, he’s always there to catch his s/o whenever they’re about to trip and fall. And if he’s too late (which is never) he’s always there to help them get back up on their feet

- His s/o also has to reassure him that the bruises and scratches they have on their legs, arms, and sometimes face is from their balance

- They sometimes joke about their balance and Hanzo, being Hanzo himself, turns it into a life lesson


- Mccree and his s/o’s relationship is like how best friends bond. Some jokes here and there, etc. and that’s the meaning of a healthy relationship…right?

- Jesse sure knows about their balance, and he sure is worried about this. 

- Even though his s/o tells him that she’s used to falling down and getting covered in bruises. He still secretly asks Angela for advice on helping them with their balance. Doesn’t hurt to try and help right??

- Occasional “woah there-s” from McCree whenever he catches them mid-fall

- And tending their bruises and scratches while leaving kisses on the spot


- Genji thinks exactly like his brother when it come to his s/o

- The ninja himself helps his s/o with their balance because, he doesn’t want his s/o getting into dangerous situations just because of their balance

- Genji even took some medical lessons from Mercy so, he can help his s/o treat their wounds

- Whenever they trip and about to fall, a line of green is seen dashing to where they are and robotic arms are wrapped around their waist.

- His s/o sometimes questions Genji if he puts a tracking device on them, because he always know where they are, and when they’re about to trip

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Hey, I'd just like to thank you for posting all those location asks! When I opened Tumblr this morning and saw all those posts on my dash, I realized that I'm not alone and that there are so many of us- and they all seem like great people! 💜💜

Oh I’m so so glad! It started because I was trying to find an in person community and then it blew up to an aces by location thing while I was feeling a lil sick. I really like seeing all of the location too to be perfectly honest. 

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i love how much you love piper because i love piper too!! She's so real and kick-ass and her character development is perfect (well imo) i mean we get kickass heroines like annabeth, thalia but it's refreshing to see someone more normal teenager-ish like pipes if that makes sense? :)

Of course it makes sense !! And I agree with you. 

Piper is a normal teenager and suddenly someone says ‘hey, you have to save the world!’ and she is more like any of us.

And I think one of the few (if not the only) that had a good character development among the top nine.

That’s why I love her so much and do not understand why people despise her, because let’s be honest, there are more possibilities than any of us act like Piper that Annabeth or Thalia.

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Do you think it is fair that women who are abused and rape are made even more scared of men in feminism? Do you think it is fair that feminists discount women who are not feminists experiences, because they do not repeat the rhetoric and told to burn and die? Do you think it is fair that everything a man does is rape? Don't you think that makes women who have been truly raped experiences invalidated?

To be honest I lost the will to live at your third question “Do you think it is fair that everything a man does is rape?” 

Not today, Satan. Not today.

Ghost | I.M
  • 1536 words. i knew it was gonna be long when i started it fml i love him
  • @anonymous, I know you originally wanted smut so thank you for agreeing to let me take a bit more control (because I cannot, CANNOT write smut, forgive me lmao).
  • P.S. Yes I do take requests so!!!! go for it!!! (literally the only rule i have is NO SMUT)
  • Y/U means Your Username, whatever that may be


It was usually pretty hard to talk to someone you weren’t close with on a messenger app—it felt uncomfortable and you never knew what to say—but you had joined a chat room for fans of your favourite artist a few months ago and met one stranger in particular. He called himself rapperdude in English, which, if you were honest, was so lame that it had made you consider deleting his initial greeting message (a simple “hi, how are you?”), but it was innocent enough and you always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt. So you had replied and the two of you had become quick friends, though you had no idea what his real name was or what he looked like—you kind of liked it that way. It was simple and you didn’t feel as though you needed to worry about him judging you for your looks or getting annoyed by your personality. 3 months later and he asked you for your phone number, but there was no way in hell you were giving a stranger your phone number without at least meeting him first, which led him to his next question… what if we met up then?

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people always lie about how're they're doing but why, why don't they just say that they're sad. a true friend would stick around and try to help you. most people know the feeling.

yeah it really sucks how people do that a lot.

i think people lie about how they feel because they are scared to be open and honest because that means you can get hurt.

people feel it’s easier to conceal than let people know how they are truly feeling and it’s rather unfortunate 

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Do you think a person in 8th grade who has a studyblr is alright? Because people who have one are mostly in high school or college...

Hi! I think it is absolutely fine, I wish I’d started sooner to be honest. I was 14 when I started my very first Tumblr and probably 17 when I found the studyblr side of it. It is probably a similar story for a lot of others. I’ve definitely seen a few younger studyblrs around so you shouldn’t feel like you can’t run one. Although you probably already know, just be cautious of sharing to much personal information online :~) x

Happy World Vegan Day my plant-y pals 🌱 Since the day I went vegan, I have never once regretted my decision. People ask me how I stay motivated, and to be honest, it’s never crossed my mind to do anything else with my life. For me, being vegan isn’t just a way of eating, it’s a way of life. It’s the choice to live as ethically as possible 🐾 Being vegan isn’t about never sitting on a leather seat again (because let’s be real, you can’t avoid it sometimes) but it’s about making as many choices as you can to do the right things for the animals. Also, eating a Wholefoods plantbased diet DRAMATICALLY increases your health and your life expectancy, and can protect you from a lot of harmful diseases (combined with a good lifestyle, of course). Not to mention the environment! Animal agriculture is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and is the main culprit in SO much deforestation and the loss of many animal’s homes. Don’t believe me? I recommend you at least watch the following: Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy. If you have extra time, 101 Reasons to Be Vegan and Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear. And “The China Study” is a great read if you prefer books 📖 This lifestyle is not restrictive in the slightest. Every non-vegan thing you can think of can be made vegan. But with the added benefits of its better for the environment, for your body and most importantly… our animal friends ❤️

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What's your Amazon wish list? How about your wedding or other registry?

my amazon wishlist is just buy 2 copies of my book but don’t buy more than 2 per order because more than that doesn’t get reported as book sales figures for some reason ok thanks

we don’t have a wedding registry i don’t even know when we are getting married also we have everything we need i barely understand wedding registries to be honest, it’s like… how were you living up until this point… did you not have dishes to eat off of???? do you really need special china for when guests come over?? do you really need a cake server or a set of rubberized spatulas or a crystal water decanter??? my friends recently got married and they had this site set up where instead of items you could choose to buy them part of their honeymoon plans, like a train ride or a hotel stay or whatever and it was so cute! we bought them a cooking class they wanted to take while in spain (i think it was spain) and i thought that was such a lovely and practical thing to do.

PSA: i have a ton of messages about catfish au where ppl ask the same thing: does zen know that mary is actually seven and is just playing along??? the answer to that… is a mystery… I DONT KNOW YET LOL… honest 2 god it was meant to be just that very first page based off a conversation i had with a friend but ill!!! see!!! how i can make things work my dudes!!!

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Input please?

I’ll be posting Musings of a Narcissist on Wednesday of this week. As I mentioned, I also have some AYS and Trouble prepared but those will be put into queue that way there’s a least something to read in my absence. I’m 37 weeks so baby boy can arrive anytime now, the sooner the better to be honest because I’m uncomfortable.

The order doesn’t effect me either way but is there a particular order you’d prefer to have them in?

leo-fina  asked:

Your renders are incredible! You manage so natural poses, it is a delight to see your work on my dash :)

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Omg thank you so much! To be perfectly honest, I owe all of that to you! Seeing your amazing renders and watching your live streams really made me want to learn how to do them, so you have no idea how much this made my day! They will never be as good or as beautiful as yours though, because they are truly amazing! :)


Strength and wisdom, a shoulder to cry on.
Love and acceptance, one you can count on.
Laughter and sorrow, someone to lean on.
Honesty and truth, to push you to go on.

Wicked friends are the best because they stand apart from all the rest.

Wicked friends are a tribe, all helping each other to get by.

I’ll tell you of one.

My friend she’s a riot.
Wicked and quiet.
Met her online
and she’s one of a kind.
Honest and real.
Straight up, that’s her deal.

She’s creative. She writes.
Steamy stories that bite.
With a heart that’s so pure.
But a kinky mind, that’s for sure.

That’s my girl. She’s a whirl.
My wicked gal pal.


((OOC:So an update on the competition!
So I didn’t won fifteen wigs, but because someone cheated, I did win one. That’s good enough for me! I have hopes as to which one i get but I’ll be happy with any, to be honest.
Thank you to everyone who voted, it means a lot to me.))