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The night we met

I have been obsessed with the song “The night we met” by Lord Huron for the past few days. It inspired me to write this “little” fic about our wonderful blue boy, Ethan. 

I would recommend that you listen to the song when it’s mentioned in the text, I think that would help settle the mood. Here’s a link:

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notes: the segment between “~~~” is a happening in the past, just so we’re clear


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You didn’t really know why Mark had invited you to a talent show. Of all things he could invite you to, it had to be a talent show. You could’ve gone to the cinema, or maybe go for a walk with Chica in the park. But no. It had to be a talent show. It took a lot of persuasion from Mark’s side to get you to come.


“Come on, (Y/N). You’ve been locked up in your apartment ever since you and Ethan broke up; it’s time you did something!” Mark had exclaimed.

“I have done things!” You said defensively. Mark looked at you as if you were an idiot.

“(Y/N), watching five seasons of My little pony in one day is not ‘doing things’.”

You crossed your arms and looked away. “It was only three seasons.”

“Only,” Mark made air quotations. “Those three seasons take about 24 hours; you spent 24 hours watching a show about ponies! It’s ridiculous!” He threw his hands up in the air, trying to show his frustration. You still just sat on your sofa, not looking very impressed.

“If you want me to come to the stupid talent show, then making fun of me will not persuade me to come.” Mark sighed as he sat down beside you, looking at you seriously.

“(Y/N), I know these past months have been really hard on you. Believe me; it’s been hard for us too. We miss you a lot, and it would be nice to hang out again. I just think it would do you good to go out. I still care a lot about you, and seeing you in this shell just breaks my heart. Please, come out with us. Ethan won’t even be there, just Amy, Kathryn, Tyler, me and you.” He took your hand and stroked it, and your lips twitched into a small smile. It felt nice to have someone care.

“Yeah okay, I’ll come.”


You still didn’t know why you’d say yes. You still didn’t know why you were at the talent show. If you asked any of the guys, they’d just answer “talent shows are fun!” That’s a fair point, you thought, but you had never seen any of them enter a talent show in the five years you’ve known them. As the show progressed, the gang seemed to get more stressed, Mark especially. He was biting his thumb excessively, as if he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. Their strange behaviour made you extremely sceptical.

“Now for our last performance, we have Ethan Nestor with ‘The night we met” by Lord Huron!” Your blood froze. No. Without realizing, you stood up, ready to leave. Mark grabbed your hand, and you glared at him. He told you Ethan wouldn’t be here.

“(Y/N), please,” you yanked your hand away and headed for the exit. Mark tried to stand up and calling after you without making a huge scene, but Tyler pulled him down before he could do anything stupid. As you excused your way out of the row you were sitting in, you could feel eyes burn in your skull. It felt awkward and rude to just stand up and leave, but right now, you couldn’t handle seeing Ethan. It had been three months since you last saw him, and just thinking about him made your heart ache. When you finally got to the door, you caught a little glimpse of Ethan. You stopped for a moment, actually looking at him. He looked the same, yet so different. The light in his eyes were gone, and he seemed so… stiff. It seemed like he was drained for energy, and his blue hair seemed so flat compared to before. His eyes caught yours for a split second, and for that single split second, you could see nothing but pain. As you tore your gaze away from him, you grabbed the door handle, ready to leave.

But, you couldn’t.

It was like a force pulling you back. You just couldn’t leave. Even with your hand resting on the handle, it seemed like your body had frozen and would not pull it down. So there you stood, lingering in front of the door, unable to move. You could hear the sound of Ethan speaking into the microphone, but there were only sounds. No words, no sentences, only sounds. Your brain had completely zoned out, trying to shut you off from the world. It felt as if you were in a small barrier, protecting you from the outer world. Even though you couldn’t understand what Ethan was saying, it was still his voice. It was still his voice, and you could feel knives stabbing at your chest just listening to it.

And suddenly, your barrier shattered, and all the sounds became clear as day. He wasn’t talking anymore, but he was playing on a guitar. It surprised you, because you didn’t know Ethan could play the guitar. You knew he played ukulele, but he never told you he could play the guitar. Then you realized, you hadn’t talked for three months, a lot had probably changed in that time.

              I am not the only traveller

              Who has not repaid his debt

              I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again

              Take me back to the night we met

As he started singing, you looked up at him again, and he were still staring at you. For some reason, you didn’t look away.

              And then I can tell myself

              What the hell I’m supposed to do

              And then I can tell myself

              Not to ride along with you

Suddenly it all became clear to you. This song was meant for you, and that’s why Mark had dragged you to the talent show. It was so that you could hear this.

              I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you

              Take me back to the night we met

              I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

              Oh take me back to the night we met  

Ethan poured all of this emotions into this song, you could see it. You could see it through his body language, the way he sang, and the way he looked at you. And you started remembering the night you had met. All the laughter, the smiling, how you and Ethan both fell asleep at Mark’s place because you talked for so long. But you also remember the last night you were together, how you fought for hours, screaming, shouting, crying. You couldn’t even remember what you had fought about, but it had been the reason for you breaking up. But if you couldn’t remember it now, was it really worth breaking up over? If it had really been that important, then you would have remembered it.

              When the night was full of terror

              And your eyes filled with tears

              When you had not touched me yet

              Oh take me back to the night we met

You realized how much you had missed him. How you had missed his hugs, the long talks, the long nights, his sweet kisses. And you realized how this song was a wish from Ethan, for you to go back to how you were initially. How you never left his mind, even after all this time. And you realized that this is how you felt too. Even if you wanted to deny it, Ethan never left your thoughts.

              I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you

              Take me back to the night we met

              I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

              Take me back to the night we met

He lingered on the last note, and as the audience started applauding, you found yourself unsure of what to do. Should you leave, or should you stay? Memories started flooding your brain, both good and bad. But without thinking, you walked out of the room. It seemed like your body had a mind of its own this day. Even when you started feeling that you wanted to stay, you just kept walking towards the exit.


You stopped in your tracks, and turned around. There stood Ethan, his eyes rimmed with tears. And you just stood there, looking at him. It felt as if you were just seeing each other for the first time, unsure of what to say, what to do. It was so overwhelming, finally seeing him again after all these months. Your eyes filled up with tears, and you could feel them run down your cheeks. Ethan quickly walked up to you, and a little hesitant, he pulled you into a hug. It had been so long since you were in his arms, and a feeling of safety washed over you. He pulled away, and just looked you in the eyes, drying your tears.

“(Y/N)… I don’t really know what to say. These three months without you have been the three worst months in my life. I just… I just miss you so much, and I know our relationship wasn’t perfect, but I think that we could work it out. All those stupid fights didn’t really matter, I see it now. What I really want is for you to be back in my life again, (Y/N). So I guess that’s what I’m asking… if you want to give it another shot?” He couldn’t maintain eye contact with you. He seemed so insecure, so uncertain. You gently moved a piece of his hair away from his eyes, so he looked at you again. You smiled at him, now wholly certain of what to do.

“Yes, I want to give us another shot.”

Ethan lit up, and he almost lifted you up from the ground as he laughed wildly, raising his hands up in the air. He cupped your face, taking you all in. For a moment, you just stared at each other, and you couldn’t help but feeling so happy for finally being with him again.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked.

You chuckled and threw your arms around his neck. “Of course, you idiot.”

And the kiss was sweet.

It was so, so sweet.

Lonely. | Jimin Scenario (BTS)

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Can I request a BTS scenario for Jimin? One where the girl goes on a business trip or a family trip something that makes her leave leave. Jimin was missing her alot and goes to party and ends up taking a girl back home (he was drunk. or not. whatever you’d like) and the girl arrives from the trip to find them in bed together. Happy ending? :)

You sighed as you watched the houses rolled past. You leaned back in your seat as the cab came to a stop at a red light. You couldn’t help but smile slightly, you’re finally going back. It’s been 3 weeks since you last saw your loving boyfriend of 2 years, Jimin. Though you both kept contact through phone calls, texts and webcam, it was tough being away from him for so long. If it wasn’t for work, you would have denied the trip. This isn’t the first time you’ve been called to leave like this. Sometimes it makes it tough to spend time with Jimin. Between your work and his schedule, it can be hard sometimes.

It’s not always like this. It’s only when the company has big contracts to deal with. This should be the last contract for a few months, so you’re excited to see Jimin. You’re also coming back three days early so you’re hoping to surprise him. You were so lost in your own thoughts that you were oblivious to the cab driver staring at you. You were already in front of your complex.

“Oh!” You said as you reached into the pocket of your jeans, pulling out your wallet. You quickly handed the man his money, his aged face lighting up.

“Thank you,” He voiced before stepping out the car to help you with your bags. After you got a hold of your bags, you made your way towards the building, lugging your suitcase up the stairs with you. This was the moment you were asking why Jimin wanted an condo on the 4th floor. Once you made it to your floor, you set your bag down, exhaling roughly. I stood up, taking in a deep breath. You dragged your suitcase behind you as you stopped at your door.

Digging into the pocket of your jacket to find your keys. Once you find them, you open the door to be greeted by your living room, which was lacking one thing, which was Jimin. He must be upstairs. You thought to yourself. Little did you know that he wasn’t alone.

Jimin’s eyes fluttered opened to be greeted by the sun as it shined through the windows. He winched, covering his eyes. He was about to close his eyes to sleep again when he heard an unfamiliar female voice.

“You’re awake?” The female spoke sitting up, her hair a tangled mess. Jimin’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the girl. It was only for a split second, before those same eyes widened.

He quickly sat up, staring at the girl as she smiled at him. Why is she naked? She had the bedsheets pressed against her chest, covering herself. Why is she in his bed, the bed he shares with you? Memories from the night before hit him like a brick.

Jimin, dealing with you being away from so long, went to the bar hoping to drown his loneliness in alcohol. He got too drunk and ended up bringing this female home. He doesn’t even remember asking for her name. Jimin ran his fingers through his hands roughly as guilt consumed him.

He cheated on you! Just because he missed your touch, he went to someone else.

“Oppa,” The female called, reaching out for Jimin who leaned away. Little did Jimin know that you were on your way up the stairs and heard the girl’s voice clearly. You frozen, your eyes narrowing as if your mind was trying to convince you you heard wrong.

“That sounded like a girl,” You whispered to yourself. your house was pounding in your chest as you stared at the few steps left. You slowly walked up the stars, turning to your left, because your bedroom was right there.  The door was cracked slightly, so you slowly approached, trying to stay as quiet as you could. Before you even peeked in the, your eyes were burning with salty tears.

“Oppa!” The girl whined for a second. At that moment you looked through the small opening that you were allowed. Your eyes were almost too blurred with tears to see clearly, but you saw her. Her hair a mess, and the sheet pressed again her body, which was most likely naked under that. you took a sharp intake of breath, which you must have done too loudly. Both Jimin and the girl turned around to look at the door.

Your eyes widened, and your heart swelled up, but you didn’t move at inch.

“______?” Jimin called out, his voice almost shaking. Before he could get up from the bed to pushed the door opened, but didn’t move.  Tears brimmed your eyes and flowed down your cheek as Jimin stared back at you in horro.

“______.” He said breathlessly, getting up from the bed. You made note of the fact that he was wearing only his boxers.

“_____, p-p-please let me explain!” He stammered, taking steps towards you.

“So this is what you do when I’m gone?” You hissed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No ____! Please it’s not what it looks like!” He stretched his hand out, trying to take your hand in him. You slapped his hand away, taking a step back.

“Don’t touch me!” You almost screamed, triggering more tears.

Jimin froze, staring at you with sad eyes. No, he’s going to lose you, the best thing that ever happened to him, because of a stupid mistake.

“_-______, just let me explain. I’m an idiot i know, and i’ve made a mistake but I lo-”

“No you don’t.” You interrupted, glaring at him, almost forgetting about the girl that sat on the bed watching the whole scene unfold.

“Don’t you dare speak those words! I don’t want hear them from you. You love me?” You chuckled humorlessly, “Is this some type of joke? If you loved me, you wouldn’t cheat on me! I don’t even look at other guys because you were everything I needed. I guess I’m not enough.”

“You are! You’re more than enough!” Jimin protested, taking a step closer to you. You also stepped back, sticking up your index finger.

“Stay the hell away from me.” You murmured. Your words generated tears in his eyes.

“_______…..” He spoke softly. This is really happening. He’s gonna lose you. It felt like he was being stabbed in the heart, a pain too great to put into words. Those beautiful eyes he loves so much were staring at him like he was some sort of plague.

You both stood there in a tense silence which didn’t last long, due to the girl who still sat in your bed.

“Umm, I’m sorry but who is she?” She spoke, making both you and Jimin look at her.

“You need to leave!” Jimin exclaimed, ready to deal with her.

“No let her stay,” You protested, keeping your eyes on Jimin. He looked away from the girl and back at you, clearly confused.

You looked over at the girl.

“As for your questioned,” you looked back at Jimin staring right into his eyes, “I’m his ex-girlfriend.”

That shattered Jimin’s heart into millions of pieces.


“Don’t call me that.” You snapped back before taking off running. He chased after you, following you down the stairs.

“________,” He called once he came to the bottom of the stairs, finding you in the act of throwing on your jacket

“________, p-please wait!” He voice croaked as his eyes burned with fresh tears.

You ignored him completely.

“_______!” He almost shouted, grabbing your arm as spinning you to face him.

“What!? What Jimin?! What could you possibly say to keep me from walking out that door?!” You barked, taking Jimin by surprise. He’s never heard you shout like that. He was speechless. He kept his grip on your arm, staring at you blankly. No words would leave his lips making you a bit annoyed.

“That’s what I thought.” You snatched your arm out of his grip, and his arm fell to his side.

You grabbed your suitcase and headed for the door. Jimin didn’t stop you. He knew there was not changing your mind. You didn’t look back at him once as you stepped out the door closing it behind you.

Over the next week, you stayed with your best friend, crying your eyes out. You ignored the many calls and texts that Jimin was sending to the point. You removed him from your phone background, but couldn’t bring yourself to erase the photos.

You were sure that at some point you would run out of tears. You didn’t dare take a look in the mirror, because the last time you did, you scared yourself. Your eyes were red swollen and your hair was a mess.

Jimin wasn’t doing any better, keeping himself in one of two places. It was either his dorm at the Leon building or in the bedroom that you both share used to share. His group members where getting awfully worried. He’d walk into practice with black sunglasses, keeping everyone from seeing his eyes.

He’d practice and leave without a word. He wouldn’t even stay to eat with everyone else. All this only happened after the first practice after you left, which he walked in sulking and explaining everything to the guys.

Jimin walked around the place, feeling more alone than he could ever imagine. He misses your voice, he misses seeing you in the kitchen in the morning. He got rid of those bedsheets, replacing them with the blue ones you loved so much. He slept in that same bed all alone, staring at the ceiling most of the time. He was drowning in his regret, shame, guilt and sorrow.

“Jimin!” Suga called as him, Jungkook, V and Rap Monster stood at the door of the bedroom. He laid there on the bed, arms flared out as he gazed at the ceiling.

“What?” He grumbled.

“You can’t stay in here forever.” V voiced, looking at Jimin with worried eyes.

“I can and I will.” Jimin replied dully, before turning onto his side, so his back was facing them.

Meanwhile Jin and J-hope were trying their best to get in contact with you.

“______!” They called from outside the door. Somehow, your friend had let them into the house. Lucky you had locked the door of the guest bedroom.

“Go away!” You yelped, hiding in the covers.

“______, please hear us out! It’s Jimin, we’re worried about him. He’s not really eating, and he barely talks to anyone. He just stays in his room. We’re not asking you to get forgive him, because what he did was wrong….but can you at least talk to him?” You’re pretty sure that’s Jin speaking.

You sat there in silence for a bit. Now they have you worried. You sighed, slowly sitting up.

“Give me 20 minutes.” You replied.

After getting dressed in a simple blue top and jeans, along with some sneakers, you pulled your hair into a ponytail. If this will get Jimin to eat than you’ll do it.

You allowed them to drag you back to the condo that you shared with Jimin. When they parked the car, you let out a deep breath before stepping out the car before they could even get their belts off.

“Let’s get this over with.” you spoke before you closed the car door.

You finally got to the door, having it open before you could even knock. You were met by Jungkook who smiled.

“Noona!” He exclaimed. You couldn’t help but smile back. He let you in the house, Jin and J-hope following close after.

You stopped in the living room to see Jimin sitting on the couch, staring at you. His eyes matched yours. Red and swollen. All you could do was stared at him. That’s when the guys slowly filed out into the kitchen, leaving you two alone.

You walked over to the couch across the room and took a seat, staring at him.

“This is the part where you come up with an excuse.” You spoke.

He hung his head, “I don’t have one. I messed up and made a mistake. That’s all I can say about it.” His voice hoarse and cracking as he spoke. When you didn’t say anything else, he went on.

“I was being stupid. I got lonely and went to the bar. I got drunk and ended up sleeping with some chick. I hurt you, and that’s something I’m always going to regret.” He admitted. Your brows furrowed.

“So it was because you were lonely?” You exclaimed not believing your ears.

“Are you serious Jimin? I wasn’t even gone for a month. You’ve left for months at a time because of tours. Yes I get lonely but never once have I gotten drunk and slept with someone!”

“I know,” He muttered, “I know, I know. I’m an awful boyfriend. I-I betrayed you in the worst way. All because I was lonely.. This past week has felt like years. I kept hoping you’d come back, saying that you’re ready to work things out but you never did. You didn’t answer my texts or calls, so I just accepted the fact that I ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He choked on his words as tears welled up in your eyes, making the same happen to you.


He stood up from his seat on the couch and walked over to you, kneeling down in front of you as you sat.

“I-I know I shouldn’t even think about asking for another chance. B-but just please, take another chance on me! I’ll do whatever I can to gain your trust again. We’ll take small baby steps. We’ll start over. I’ll show you how much I love you everyday! I won’t even look at other girls. I’ll show you that I’m not the kind of person to hurt you. You’ll be the number one woman in my life! I promise. I just don’t think I’ll be able to go on without you.” Jimin finished before looking down at the ground. You stared at him as tears rolled down your cheeks.

You can’t lie, you miss him so much. This week has been awful for you. Until now, Jimin has never hurt you. He’s never done something like this. He’s always treated you right. Maybe it was just the alcohol? But how do you know that he won’t do this if you leave again. You were lost in your own thoughts, unaware of his group members who stood near the entrance to the kitchen, watching you both.

You slowly stood up, making Jimin look up, only to see your legs.

“Jimin, stand up.” You demanded. He listened, slowly standing up to face you with tears running down his cheeks. He was an exact reflection of you.

He stared at you, expecting the worse. It’s the end for sure.

“Please,” you spoke, looking down at your feet for a moment. “Please don’t ever do that to me again.”

When you looked back up, Jimin was staring at you with hopeful eyes.

“I won’t. I promise, I will never let another tear fall from your eyes at my expense.” He said quickly. You scrutinized his face for a moment before sniffling and slowly nodding your head.

“Okay.” You spoke. Before you could even realise, Jimin had pulled you into a hug. His arms holding you tight.

“But we’re taking baby steps.” You whispered, returning the hug as a small smile made it’s way to your lips.

“I know, I won’t ever let you cry because you me. I’ll show you that you can trust me to always be loyal and true to you„” He whispered in your ear, “I love you _____.”

“I love you too.”

That’s when you heard clapping.

“I’m so glad you guys fixed things!” Jungkook cheered. Jimin pulled back from the hug a bit, putting his forehead to yours.

“Guys,” he spoke to his group members, “Thanks for all this and everything….but can you leave?”

“What?!” Taehyung exclaimed, gasping. You ignored at the protested and grumbling as they head towards the door. You were focused on Jimin.

Second they closed the door behind him, Jimin leaned forward having his slightly chapped lips meet yours.

Werewolf Calum-Part 4

Your POV

Everything was a blur. First the fear of being kidnapped from your home, then the relief of seeing Calum again and then dread when you knew there was nothing he could do to save you.

When the knife entered your body it hurt at first, but now it was hard to feel anything. Almost like your body had taken so much pain already it had become numb to it. Calum was still the only thing on your mind and as you faded out of this world the only thing you could see was him. His face was contorted in agony, almost like he had been the one with the knife in his chest and not you. His eyes were hard, holding back tears and his mouth was open like he was yelling but to you it sounded like only a whisper. You wanted so badly to just let the numbness consume you, to make all the pain go away. But this wasn’t your time. It couldn’t be! You were so young and you and Calum had just found each other and you couldn’t just leave him! You had to fight. You told him that you would fight for him and if it meant fighting for your own life then that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Calum’s POV

“NOOOOOO!” I screamed out as I watched the scene I hoped I would never have to see unfurl in front of my eyes. Tate had just stabbed Y/N and I could tell she was fading fast. I could not let her die. It was supposed to be her and I until the end of time. She was my mate and we were in it for life, and now she was dying right in front of me. The world around me became blurry and all I saw was her. Her eyes locking with mine, I could barely make out her whispering my name and it shattered my heart. My knees quivered under me, threatening to stop supporting my weight at any second. Blood stained her once clean t-shirt, the same shirt I had my hands under mere hours before. Those moments felt like a lifetime ago.

Snapping out of my catatonia, I whipped my head in Tate’s direction and narrowed my eyes, lips curling up into a snarl. He looked pleased with himself, the cocky bastard, and it was evident all over his face as he gripped the knife covered in Y/N’s blood. He was a dead man.

In a flurry of rage, I transformed back into a wolf and lunged towards Tate. With his attention still focused on Y/N, I was able to leap on him, throwing the knife out of his hand and catching him before he could change back to a wolf.

The surprise and the fear in his eyes were evident. He clearly didn’t expect me to fight back since he was so used to going unchallenged. But he had underestimated the way I felt about Y/N as well as my rage and strength, and now it would be the death of him. With both of my giant front paws, I pushed his shoulders back, resulting in a loud crack. Blood began to seep out of his mouth and I could tell that he was close to death. I had to finish him fast or Y/N wasn’t going to make it.

Suddenly I heard her breathing begin to slow even more than it already had, making me look over in her direction to make sure she was still alive. Her eyes were closed and she was slumped against the tree, ropes holding her in place, but she was still breathing; even if it was slowly. But I had lingered on her too long.

Tate had managed to turn back into his wolf form, and while his shoulder was still dislocated as a wolf he was much stronger. God, I did not have time for this. He growled and began circling around me as I swiped at him menacingly. He may be the Alpha, but I’ve always been the better warrior. I’ve proved it before, and now I’ll prove it for the last time.

Tate lunged at me but I easily dodged him and he fell to the ground behind me. I turned and jumped on top of him, claws out, and scratched a stripe down his face. He howled in pain but continued to try and fight back. He lunged again and this time caught my foot on a root sticking out of the ground and lost my balance for a split second, allowing Tate to rake his claws down my side. I growled in pain, but shook it off and continued after my former Alpha. I dug my hind legs into the ground and prepared to make the final blow that would rid us of Tate’s dictatorship forever. Getting a running start and launched myself off the ground to a nearby tree and kicking off of it for extra power before I landed on Tate and latched myself to his throat. He writhed under me, kicking out with his hind legs trying to shake me off, but my grip was too strong. I could feel him beginning to lose energy so I bit down harder to move along the process. The more he fought, the weaker he became.

Finally, I sunk my teeth all the way in until his body went completely limp. I gingerly released Tate and his large body landed in the dirt. I shook myself off and then immediately bounded over to Y/N. I changed back into my human form so that I could untie her. I fiddled with the knots until they came loose, causing her to fall directly into my arms since she had lost too much blood to be able to support herself. She let out a small whimper at the contact.

“Shh, baby I’m here now okay? It’s me, it’s Calum baby. I’m not going to hurt you, everything’s going to be okay.” I choked out. It was killing me seeing her like this, all broken and in pain because I had the audacity to love her. “Baby I told you I would fight for you and I will okay? I know somewhere we can take you where you will get all cleaned up and all the pain is going to go away okay?”

Y/N wasn’t responding, but she was still breathing and right now that was enough for me. I hoisted her into my arms so that I could run faster while carrying her. There was only one person who was smart enough to save her now.

I ran through the woods as fast as I could, cradling Y/N in my arms. I knew I had to think about the consequences of killing the Alpha of my pack, but right now all I was capable of focusing on was Y/N. I neared the edge of the wood that signaled I was close to where I needed to be. Just as I reached the edge of a small clearing I saw it. The small cabin sat neatly between two large pine trees, smoke billowing out of the chimney in a haze. The house was quaint, as was the person that lived there. I walked up to the front door and pounded on it. The door creaked open and I was met with a familiar face.

Grinning ear to ear I spoke. “Hi mom.”

My mom immediately opened the door wider to allow both Y/N and I to fit through the small door frame.

“What happened to her?” My mom asked as she began clearing away the wooden table in the middle of the house to make room for me to set Y/N on.

“Tate stabbed her with the sacrificial knife. She’s my mate and she’s…”

“Human. I can see that.” She cut me off, knitting her eyebrows together. “It’s forbidden Calum.”

“Mom, I know that but it’s not like I chose this! But now that I’ve met her I know that she really is. I’m in this for life mom, I don’t care what she is I want to be with her because I love her.” I spoke matter of factly. I could see the gears turning in my mom’s head as she considered what I had just said before she sighed.

“I hope for your sake that you’re right. But I’m not one to judge Calum. I’ll heal her. Fetch me the mortar bowl.”

I set Y/N down on the table and my mother instantly began tending to her. By the time I had come back with the bowl, my mom already had Y/N’s shirt off and a damp rag on her forehead. I couldn’t help but stare as her breasts were now clearly visible to me. My mom saw me staring and scowled.

“Calum Thomas watch your eyes!” She scolded. “Go upstairs and wait for me until I’m done.”

“What, no! I’m just worried about her mom. I just need to make sure she’s okay!” I protested.

“That’s exactly why you can’t be here Calum. I don’t need you fussing over her while I’m trying to save her life. Now go upstairs until I’m finished.” I dejectedly nodded my head, fighting back tears, understanding now why it was important for me to make myself scarce. Before I turned to go, she placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and gave me a small smile.

“She’s going to be okay Cal. I promise.” I nodded my head, casting my eyes over to Y/N’s still form lying on the table. I leaned down and grabbed her hand, placing a chaste kiss to her forehead before whispering in her ear.

“I love you and I’ll see you soon.” Letting go of her hand, I glanced back at her one last time before exiting the room praying that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw her.


Part 5


No Light ;; Carl Grimes

Prompt: Y/N has made a long-term enemy in Carl Grimes. But when she is fatally injured, he reveals something shocking. Or not so shocking, actually, because it’s in almost every Carl fanfic ever

Warnings: death, gore, profanity, I suck ass at writing angst

Dying sucked.

All those books you read before the world turned to shit had it totally wrong. They described a white light, warmth and the pain slipping away as the end neared.

Well, bollocks. The gaping wound in your chest stung like a thousand knives were being driven into the skin. The blood running down to your stomach felt soggy and clumpy with rugged flesh.

Well, you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation. If we rewind, say, four hours, I think we can make things clear.

You’d been camping out with Rick and his group ever since they found you curled up by a railroad track, sound asleep. Initially, you’d attacked them and almost sliced his fingers off - but eventually, they calmed you down and you dropped your knife.

They’d taken you back to their camp - a prison. They were half-carrying you, since your exhausted body was lacking the necessary foods and water it needed to survive and you felt ready to pass out.

It was when Glenn and Rick hauled you through the door that first night you met the notorious Carl Grimes.

As the son of the guy who saved you, you’d been labouring under the foolish delusion that he’d be similarly accepting. It felt like a slap in the face when he regarded you with suspicion and shouldered right past you.

Over a period of a few months, you’d learned not to expect any positive attitude from the boy - at least not to you. You saw he wasn’t an antisocial boy, and associated with almost everyone else at camp. But try as you might, you couldn’t seem to get him to look at you with anything other than distrust and dislike. For reasons unbeknownst to you, the boy hated you.

You were scheduled to go with Rick and Carl that morning. Every one in the group tool shifts in the mornings, an hour-long scan of the perimeter of the prison to check for stray walkers, or hunt for extra food.

You knelt on the floor of your cell that served as a bedroom, quietly packing your satchel. It wasn’t much - just an apple, a length of rope and wire, a compass and a spare jacket. Daryl also begrudgingly advised you to always keep a spare dagger or two handy, so two lay atop your coat.

You weren’t too good at using knives. Daryl had tried in vain to get you to use a crossbow, and Michonne laboured for days trying to teach you to slaughter with one of her katanas. Guns and rifles felt alien in your hands, and your shots often fell several feet far to the target. But the whole group, including you, were shocked to discover your brilliance with a bow and arrow.

You’d made the realisation by accident, on a whim. Carol was tying up the bridge when a stray walker stumbled out the shoreline of the woods. She hadn’t seen it, working on knotting the rope, and your shouts had been futile. So you’d done the first thing you thought of. You’d grabbed a spare bow, whipped the notch into place and fired the arrow.

It hit the walker straight between the eyes, and it dropped like a stone. Your eyes widened, and your hands shook so badly you almost dropped the bow. You raced over to Carol to find her unharmed, and the walker keeled over on the grass, rejoining the land of the dead once again.

You slung the string of the bow over your shoulder as you jogged out to meet Carl and Rick. They were already waiting, both with guns in hands. You buckled your sheath of arrows over your chest as you approached.

“You ready?” Rick checked, and when you nodded your affirmation, you set off. Once under the shelter of the trees, Rick said,

“We should split up; Carl, Y/N, you go left, circle clockwise until you meet me in the middle. You see any walkers, stab, don’t shoot. We can’t attract any more. Be safe.” He nodded at us and started off in the opposite direction, his heel spraying up a few brown leaves.

“Come on then,” Carl mumbled, already walking away. You refrained from rolling your eyes, but with great difficulty. As you walked in tense silence, with you staring at the back of his head with a glare so hard it would crack rock, you finally stopped and let the question leave your mouth.

“Why do you hate me?”

He stopped dead in his tracks and turned slowly round to face you. His crystal eyes held as they always did; spite, disbelief and dislike.

“Are you joking? We’re looking for walkers and you wanna talk about your feelings? Suck it up, princess. We don’t have time for this.” He turned away again, but you found yourself standing your ground, though your legs were trembling.

“I’m not taking another step until you answer the goddamn question.”

In seconds, your back hit something hard, so hard you winced. It was the trunk of an aged oak, and you were pinned there on your tiptoes by your throat by Carl’s forearm.

“Get off me, Grimes!”

“You listen to me, princess. We only have one job today, and it’s not to discuss our personal feelings to each other. So we are going to keep walking until we meet my dad in ten minutes, or-’

He broke off as a distant yell of "SHIT!” echoed through the trees, along with the faint sound of bodies hitting the ground. Your eyes widened and met with Carl’s, just a few seconds before he let you go and sprinted in the direction of the shout. You dived for your bag immediately and streaked after him.

Your eyes widened as you saw the scene before you. Rick’s gun was a good few feet from him, and a lone walked had climbed atop him. Sweat shone in the sunlight on Rick’s face as he yelled, writhing, trying to keep the walker’s gaping jaws from sinking into his flesh.

You grabbed Carl’s arm as he raised his gun, eyes narrowed on his target. “Don’t!” you hissed, and his eyes turned to you in disbelief. “We’ll only attract more. I got this.”

You knew you’d never pull an arrow in time, so you did the only think you could think of. Impulsively, you sprinted forward, grabbed the walker by his smouldering clothing and yanked him off Rick.

In the few seconds of confusion that followed, you were only aware of a few things.

The walker hitting the ground.

Rick scrambling to his feet.

Carl’s warning screams.

And the agony as a full set of teeth sank into your calf.

Your scream stuck in your throat, but your body reacted. You fell, hard, against the leafy canopy, kicking madly to get the walker off your leg - though the damage had already been done.

Rick lunged, dagger in hand, and stabbed the walker in the top of the head; it’s jaws fell limp, and as Carl yanked the walker off you and it’s teeth were ripped from your flesh, that’s when you screamed.

It almost tore your vocal cords, but you couldn’t seem to stop. Blood gushed from the crescent-shaped puncture wounds in your leg, which felt so agonising it set your whole body shaking violently. Your screaming finally died down as your voice gave way to an odd mix of hyperventilating and sobbing.

You felt arms wrap themselves around you, felt your head on somebody’s lap. You blinked through your thick film of tears to find Carl Grimes’s eyes, so beautiful you never missed the opportunity to admire them, hovering above your face.

You stretched a shaking hand toward his face without realising it was soaked in blood. Your fingers left a streak of harsh red on the pale skin of his face, and as you opened your mouth to speak, blood bubbled to the surface. You spat it out, choking, on the ground beside you.

“Y/n? Y/n, can you hear me? You have to stay with me, okay? Come on, Y/n.”

“Why do you care?” you whispered, your voice sounding horrifyingly grazy and coarse. The agony in your calf was throbbing dully, sending jolts of pain through your body. “I thought…you hated me.”

“So did I,” the boy whispered, and a tear ran down his cheek. “But I realised you just…you reminded me of her. Of my mother. And I couldn’t stand it. But I swear, if - if I could take it all back, I would.”

“It’s…it’s okay,” you mumbled. “I lost…my mother too. But I’ll see her again now.” Your wayward hand reached out to Carl’s pocket, and you slid the gun from the holster. “Please.”

His hands were shaking as he took the gun. “I don’t - I can’t.”

“You have to,” you sobbed. “I can’t…I won’t turn into one of those things. If you ever cared about me, even a tiny bit, you will do this one last thing for me.”

“I do care about you,” he swallowed. “I love you. You’re smart, and funny and brave and beautiful. You can’t die. Please, please don’t die…”

“You know it’s my time.” You enveloped your hand in his, feeling the contrasting temperatures of your cold fingers and his warm hands. You guided his hands to the trigger of his gun, lifted it up to press against your head.


You nodded, closing your eyes.


The pain was ebbing.


Was that light?


“I love you.”

Right before death took you, you sought his eyes.


Part One HERE

You couldn’t bear to sit there and have Dean ignore you, so you left a few days later and made yourself home at the bunker until Sam brought him home. It was the least you could do to be there when they arrived, so you could check in on Dean.

Sam called every now and then to catch you up on what was going on, but he never explained what all Dean could and couldn’t remember. Did Dean even know he was a hunter?

On the night they came home, you found yourself cleaning. It was a nervous habit you didn’t know you had until now. Every minute that ticked by, you felt your stomach tighten and your heart beat increase. What if his memory came back in the hospital and Sam just never told you?

“(Y/N)?” Sam calls from the library. You rush from the kitchen and saw Sam helping Dean into one of the chairs. “Watch him for a second while I go grab our things.” Sam smiles apologetically at you before returning to the Impala.

Dean smiles up at you, his eyes drooping slightly. “Oh, I remember you. You were there when I woke up.”

It was even harder the second time. Dean Winchester didn’t know you were the girl that saved his life a few weeks ago, the girl that he thanked in the back of the Impala the moment you two were out of danger. You might as well leave and let him live out his life, but your caring side wasn’t going to let you. You wanted to stay and make sure Dean healed properly.

You bite your lip. “Sure am.”

You decide to sleep in the next day. Dean was home, he was safe for the time being. For the first time in several days, you were allowed to take some time off and remember that you were a human being who needed rest.

When it was finally time for you to get up, you took a quick shower without washing your hair and proceeded into the kitchen, where you could clearly hear the boys’ in the next room talking, probably going over some doctor things.

You took a mug from one of the cabinets and pour yourself some already made coffee. You try to listen in to the conversation, just to be nosy.

“Is she, like, our maid?” Dean was asking.

“She is…” Sam hesitates. You think this isn’t good. “a friend, Dean. She’s a friend.”

“Oh,” Dean must have coughed and said, “damn, I just don’t know her. I hardly remember why I was in there in the first place. Hey, think she’s into injured men?”

“Dude,” Sam scoffs. “no, don’t think about it.”

You take your cup of coffee into the library. Sam looks up from his spot and closes a book. “Don’t stop on my watch.” You sip your drink.

Dean turns his head in your direction and a grin breaks out across his face. “There she is. Sit, sit.” He slaps the chair next to him.

“I’m fine standing.” You mutter as Sam stood and grabs the book.

“I’ll head off. Maybe I can find something.” He heads up the stairs and out the front door, leaving you and Dean alone for the first time since the hospital room. This time, it feels odd and awkward. You want nothing more than to knock his memory back.

“What’s wrong with you?” He chuckles and scoots his chair back to get a better view of you. “I just want to chat. Get to know you.”

“You’re saying you can’t remember me?”

Dean pauses like it might be a trick and shakes his head. “Am I supposed to? Are we dating?” He lowers his voice.

With a chuckle, you set your coffee down and lean against a chair for support. Your legs feel weak and you can actually feel your hear aching inside your chest. “I don’t understand. You were beat up, weren’t you? How does that make you forget something so… so…” you hesitate, trying to find the right word, but nothing comes to mind. It wasn’t ‘special’ enough or ‘magical’ enough, was it? If Dean had remembered, would he have used those words?

Something crosses Dean’s face. Was it guilt or compassion? Whatever it was, it was gone in a split second. He straights up in his seat and looks up at you, his eyes searching your face in the hopes of understanding, but you knew he didn’t. “Tell me what’s going on here, because I’m completely in the dark here, sweetheart.”

You fall into the chair you were once holding yourself up with. Your legs couldn’t take it anymore, so you gave up and place your elbows on the table, hiding your face and your tears in the palms of your hands. “It was only a few weeks ago… We haven’t known each other long, but it was a good time.”

Dean reaches over and tucks a strand of falling hair behind your ear before placing a hand on your shoulder. “I’m sorry….” He whispers.

“You were on a case in Nevada.” You picture the scene in your head as you explain it. It’s a beautiful setting, so you think. “I was there on vacation. We ran into each other at the lodge I was staying in and you told me how beautiful I was right off the bat.” A small smile appears on your face, though the tears still fell.

“Well, that is completely true.” Dean assures.

You continue, “we sat and talked for a minute before Sam called you and you said you had to bolt. We didn’t see each other for a few days. I remember trying to fall asleep in my room, but I heard this awful noise in the room beside me. Being the nosy person I am, I went to see what it was. I knocked on the door and when no one answered, I just… opened it.

“You were on the floor inside, bloody face and swollen. I assumed it was your brother, because who else? And that’s when I saw it. That… thing. It was bending over you, teeth bared and ready. I saw the knife on the floor and just—I just stabbed it. I didn’t think twice about it. It scared me, to be honest.

“I stayed with you. You were out of it, so I cleaned you up and dressed your wounds. When you finally came to, you thought that thing was me until you cut me with that knife. You couldn’t stop apologizing.” You pause and giggle at the thought. “You said you had to go get your brother and I told you I was coming with you. Practically forced you to let me go.

“And then…” You bit your lip and close your eyes. Dean started to rub your back somewhere in the middle of the story, and he was giving you his sad eyes, the eyes you already knew you couldn’t handle in the little time you knew him. “I helped you with the others. They were after us. Turns out, Sam was at the lodge in another room. Luckily we had led the monsters away from him and we finished them off. You promised you would make it up to me one day. That ‘one day’ ended up being one night in your car.”

Dean’s hand stops moving. He’s speechless, unable to look away from you as his bottom lip quivers. He tries to think of something to say, but nothing ever comes out. You realize it’s probably nothing, he does this to all the women he meets. You should have let him forget about it.

“I’m so sorry,” his head slowly starts to move side to side. “I can’t remember…”

With a short nod, you shove his hand off you and rise to your feet. You sluggishly walk the path to your bedroom, where you shut and lock the door so no one can enter.

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the kids don't stand a chance - bellamy/clarke - oneshot

Thank you to the lovely anon who prompted me with, “Five times Clarke and Bellamy co-parented the 100, and the one time that they were in need of parenting.” This was so fun to write!

The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance


“Where do you think you’re going?” The sharp question stopped Monroe in her tracks after dinner.

She rolled her eyes and spun around to face Clarke. “Um, back to my tent?” she mocked. “I mean, that’s still allowed, right?”

Clarke folded her arms. “Not when you’re on cleanup duty.”

“But I’m tired,” Monroe protested. “I was on the wall the whole afternoon.”

“Chores are chores, Monroe,” Clarke said implacably.

Monroe shot Bellamy a beseeching look. He coughed, ducking his head. “Do what Clarke says,” he grunted. “I’ll take you off the wall for tomorrow. Deal?”

“What happened to ‘whatever the hell we want’?” Monroe complained as she stomped away to clear debris from the fire pit.

Clarke and Bellamy exchanged wry glances. “Teenagers,” they quipped in tandem.

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