because those scenes are so haunting
Important Laurel Lance scene

This scene was deleted from the arrow episode haunted. This scene actually shows Laurel apologizing to Sara about her resurrection. It really saids a lot about her character. She believes she made a selfish decision in brining back Sara because of what the Lazarus Pit did to Sara. I’ve seen other people calling Laurel selfish and dumb for doing that but this scene actually shows she know she made a mistake and hates what Sara has to go through because of it. She can learn and try to fix those mistakes. So please just stop finding reasons to hate her and please stop taking out scenes with Laurel (even though she still possibly dead). This isn’t even the first time they have taken out an important scene with Laurel. It’s seems to me the writers just wanted people to hate Laurel Lance.

I found it interesting that D&D had Ramsay tell Jon he can’t wait to have Sansa back in his bed. I am probably reading too much into this but to me this is how you would taunt a man if you were bedding his love. Or if the man was her doting father or a very protective older brother who kept all men away from his sister. Jon is none of those things to Sansa. In fact in their reunion Jon said he would look after her because father’s ghost would haunt him otherwise. Being super protective of her is not a natural thing. So I find it interesting D&D had Ramsay mention the bed part. He could’ve just said can’t wait to have her back. It reminded me of the scene between Loras and Jamie.