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Guys just admit that you hate the game because it didn’t end the way you wanted. Your ideal ending is “ I HOPE ??? SURVIVES I LOVE THEM THEY’RE MY FAVE!!! ” ending. Just because your faves didn’t survive doesn’t mean that this game sucks. Or the personalities of the characters being fake doesn’t make this game bad. You are just judging the game by the characters. “Ouma is actually a good person? OMG IT SUCKS WORST GAME EVER! ” , “ ANGIE DIES BECAUSE OF ??? EWW WORST CASE EVER THIS GAME SUCKS! ” , “ IT’S ONLY A REALITY SHOW? KODAKA SHOULD STOP MAKING DR ” So what if it is a reality show!!?? HE JUST TRIED TO MAKE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND TOOK A HUGE RISK AND BECAUSE HE TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT WON’T MAKE THIS GAME BAD! NOT EVERY GAME HAS TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE DEATH MEANINGFUL! NOT EVERY PLOT HAS TO MAKE YOUR MEANINGLESS “ OMG I HOPE HE SURVIVEEEESSS ” DREAMS COME TRUE! He tried to start a knew plot. Aren’t you already sick of “ DESPAIR YES KILLING GAME YES ” plot? The tv show plot is amazing and he wants to create a new Danganronpa as the title implies *NEW* DANGANRONPA V3! And you just can’t see it! GIVE THE GAME A CHANCE! Of course there are mistakes but it doesn’t mean it is bad! STOP FANGASMING AND LEARN TO DIFFER YOUR DREAM SURVIVORS FROM THE QUALITY OF THE PLOT!!!

Scariest Man

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1026
Summary: It’s Halloween, man. And you get ready for your little gathering.
A/N - This was supposed to be a drabble but kinda got turned into a one shot. Oh well.

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You were on batch number three of your baking goods. You’ve already made zombie cookies, graveyard tarts and now you were waiting for the cupcakes to cool down so you could fill them with green goo, red blood and black ectoplasm. Of course, you didn’t really put those in your cupcake because first of all, eww, but second of all you worked close enough with these freaking monsters to know if this stuff looked real or not.

As you were sprinkling the cookie crumbs over your graveyard masterpiece you felt strong arms wrap around your midsection and a nose nuzzle into your neck inhaling your scent, you smelt like flour and cookies, you thought that would be disgusting and put Dean off but he began kisses up your neck to your jaw. You removed both of his hands from your waist, grabbed hold of your shoulder and spun you slowly to face him.

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Lena Luthor always makes the episode a good one. but they gonna stop making her shady af, she proved herself enough to make her not evil despite being like half-luthor. also needs more Sanvers scenes like remove all mon-ew scenes and replace them with Sanvers instead. thanks

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If they really believe WA is "incest" then why would they want a man who is dating and fucking his "sister" with their fave? A man who can't stop touching and kissing Iris? If they hate WA because " Eww she is his sister" then they should think Barry is disgusting because he doesn't want any woman who is not IRIS!!

But instead they ship him with their white fave. Transparent as always.

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Thirteen-year-old Elisa getting mortified because of the freaking face crater that she has when it’s literally not even noticeable without a magnify glass.

And Oliver sees how much she’s freaking out before school, so he stands on tip-toe and kisses Elisa’s cheek right where the pimple is!

And Elisa is about to freak out, because eww, gross, you don’t kiss pimples, Ollie!!

But then he smiles at her, all bright and Sonny-like, and says, “You’re so pretty, ‘Lisa! I love you!” and then just dashes out of the bathroom before she can respond.

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I thought DE first time song was Caroline and Stefan discussing how Elena was sired to Damon and had completely lost her mind and how it was a stupid decision to sleep with him because eww.

Yeah it was Kiss Me. I really wish I could find the breakdown I wrote on both songs.

because tumblr’s ‘eww boys’ attitude is gross as shit: boys, you look really nice today and you deserve to feel good about yourselves and your bodies bc you are lovely and wonderful and your bodies are really really nice and i hope you have an amazing day. also ur butt is gr9.

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18 and 29?

18 : What do you consider a deal-breaker ?

Being possessive, beeing too needy, but also not being caring and being inconsiderate. There’s a healthy middle ground between these two that’s necessary in my opinion
Also bad hygiene, because eww

29 : What do you notice first in a new person ?

The way they talk, like what level of language they use, if they have an accent, if they have good grammar… And also their hairstyle, the way they dress too :)


Happy 50th Birthday Toshi! That’s a great milestone in every aspect. It took time to get here and your life has been full of ups and downs. There’s been dark, depressing and painful times, heartbreaking events and wrong choices but also happy and fulfilling times and heart-warming memories. You’re a strong and brave man who has a good heart. That’s always been both your strong and weak point and it’s caused you both tears of joy and sadness. You can make it on your own - you got up on your own - but also remember there’s a lot of people who love and support you in every way. You’re not alone and never dare to think that you’re not loved or good enough. You’re good the way you are - with all your flaws and imperfections. I hope you’re happy. That’s my greatest wish. Happy in every way and in every aspect of your life. You deserve that. Keep smiling and let’s hope there will be many more good years to come.

To my Gadreel Girls!!!

So I got my first hate mail last night!!! Because I like Gadreel and wrote about him (The Rescue pt 1) You can find it right here if you want to see what I mean. Will I let this person stop me from writing Gadreel? Hell no!!!! We need MORE Gadreel out there, not less. So I will be writing him more often!!!! I write a lot of Hobbit fics, but I will be writing a lot more Gadreel now as well. If that person does not like Gadreel, then they can just not read that particular story (I am not forcing them too) or unfollow me. But I will not stop writing Gadreel just because one person said “Eww you are a Gadreel girl? He’s Lame”. So too all my Gadreel girls, please expect more of him!!!  

Now on a few other things: I have series which is a multi-fandom crossover, or will be, my OFC will be making appearances in many different fandoms and I only mention that because the first of the crossovers will be coming up soon (once I get a chance to work on that fic lol) and there is a chance that Gadreel may show up…… a pretty good one ;) The first installment of the series can be found right here, Wrong Place, Right Time and I highly recommend reading it so you can understand what is going on once the first of the crossovers happens. 

Also, last month @the-queen-of-hades (formerly @fluffypanda81096) did a supernatural takeover to celebrate reaching 200 followers, and I just HAD to talk to Gadreel!!! and the end result was this beautiful conversation. So Brooke and I decided to write up a story based off of the improv conversation that we did that night. It will be posted in a day or two. And we also decided to take it a step further, so once a month we will be doing a whole improv convo, for everyone to see and enjoy, and then we will type it out into a story. We have no idea what will happen or what will be said, it is all improv and quite fun to do. We are currently in the middle of an improv convo that may go for a few days lol. But it is a fun series that Brooke and I are doing, and there is lots of Gad…… and me… oops lol 

Now the fun part: The tag list. I hope that I get you all to tag properly, sometimes I have trouble with that!!!

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I really, really, REALLY hope we get to see Inquisitor Herondale kick it and Robert take over. As in actually see Robert become the Inquisitor and start changing the Clave’s ways. For his children. 

Because, yeah, Book!Robert was a dick - like whoa, was he a dick! - and he had to almost lose Alec to wake up. But TV!Robert is much more complicated, we actually SEE that he loves his son dearly, that he worries about him A LOT - and I think that’s the difference between Book!Robert and TV!Robert: Book!Robert was a homophobe, there’s no way around it; but I think that TV!Robert’s problem with Alec’s sexuality lies in his fear that Alec will be hurt and ostracized which led to his completely misguided attempt to mold Alec into the perfect Nephilim, which means NOT GAY. But yeah, not because of “Eww, gay cooties.” Well, at least I hope it’s so - either that or TV!Robert has no idea that Alec’s gay, which is also possible.

And I think when TV!Robert becomes the Inquisitor, he will do his damnest to make the Clave safe for his children…