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Ok, since it's that time of the year again....

It has always been my policy to neither post nor reblog new book spoilers for both the TOG series and ACOTAR. Therefore, this blog will NOT reblog spoilers until June 2, one month after the release date. After that point, any spoilers will be tagged as #acowar spoilers.

If you’d like to chat about spoilers in the meantime, however, my inbox is open as usual and I’d love to chat! 😊

Smärg has decided that the calluses on my toes are Unacceptable and must be removed. She has volunteered to remove them herself. I have declined and distracted her with some shiny objects to steal because 1.) Eww and 2.) it tickles!

Fortunately she is easily distracted and is busily gathering glitter pens like a fluffy little dragon hoarding jewels. The pocket clip on pens is the perfect size for cockatiel beaks to get a grip.

yall are like “ewww nasty phar//mercy shipper wanted me to pocket her even tho it doesn’t benfit the team” like man I just had a gen//cy shipper on my team who pocketed the genji over the pharah because eww no homo and guess what happened guess what happened

Came home just now and saw my son staring at the vent in his bathroom. I couldn’t see what he was looking at so I stared with him for a few minutes. Soon after, this large-ass cricket came from the edge of the vent.

I left because ugh eww bugs but at least my furball will have entertainment for tonight.

Best con weekend I’ve ever had. Just everything was amazing. Quick story about this photo. Last year for our Cockles op I asked Jensen if I could touch his face and he said yes. I was thrilled. When we got the picture about an hour later I realized what an a-hole move it was to ask him to do this. I hate that pic. Jensen is gorgeous of course and Misha and Michelle looked super cute holding each other’s faces but just looking at my hand made me sick. A year later it was still bothering me so as we walked up to J2 on Sunday I got the lip shits and rambled on to Jensen how I asked to touch his face and he said yes and I was so sorry because, eww, I’m so inappropriate and omg I’m so sorry….so he grabs my shoulders, throws his head back in the coveted unicorn laugh, pulls me close into our posed hug as Chris takes the picture. Then he squeezed me and held me in place for a few seconds while resting his cheek on my head. He then says into my hair “It’s all good”. I pull away (reluctantly) looked him in the eyes and said thank you so much, you’re so sweet. He says “thanks to you” and smiles as we walk away. This was my third year going to this con and I have multiple pics with Jensen. This one means more to me than all the rest put together. He is genuinely just the sweetest man and holy fuck so beautiful.

Summer 2017 Watchlist First Taste (Sunday to Wednesday Edition)

Summer is here and so is a new season of anime, woohoo! I was initially super excited about several of the shows, but after watching the first episodes of them, I’m still… somewhat on the fence about them. Still anticipating “Welcome to the Ballroom” and “Project Altair” though!

If you’re looking for something in the spring season to watch, I also wrote some not-so-serious reviews here and here. I’ve actually either dropped or am super behind on most of the shows I wrote about, but I highly recommend “The King’s Avatar/Quan Zhi Gao Shou” (technically a donghua), “The Royal Tutor”, and “Kado: The Right Answer” for a new series to start. 

Listing from shows that have the most potential:

Nana Maru San Batsu (aka. 7O3X) | Fastest Finger First 

A sports anime about quiz shows! It’s actually better than it sounds, I promise (except for that frustratingly cliché panties scene but I think it’s just a one-time gag so I’ll forgive them). The first episode introduces us to protagonist Pidge Koshiyama, who’s a bookworm, is super shy/anxious and has no friends. Upon entering his first year of senior high, he was introduced to the school’s Quiz Circle during club presentations, and he realizes that all the books he’s read as a child and teenager can finally be put to good use because as it turns out, even though he’s slow on the buzzer, he can answer some of the most difficult questions. There’s also the weird/over-enthusiastic megane club president, the takes-quizzes-super-seriously girl whose voice sounds like a young boy (I think the seiyuu is new, so I can’t tell whether she’s just really bad at voice-acting or they just… mis-cast her). The first half is protag intro, blah blah, lots of self narrative, but the second half, which is like a sample quiz show, is quite exciting. I think I like where the show’s going, so I’ll definitely keep watching this.

Knight’s & Magic

If you want to watch giant fighting robots, you might want to give this show a shot, though definitely don’t expect it to be anything like Gundam. Protag Kuroda, who’s obsessed with mecha and is a computer engineer working in modern day Japan, got into a car accident and is reincarnated into this fantasy world in which people can pilot giant robots called Silhouette Knights through magic fuel. I’m hoping the protag will grow up soon cuz I don’t know if I can stand watching a show that’s entirely about a robot-obsessed 12-year-old boy (yes, he’s a boy), even if he is kind of a genius. The plot is nicely paced so far and the action scenes are nicely animated. I don’t really care about any of the characters yet (which is usually a bad sign for me LOL), but we’ll see. 

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun | Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun

Sort of reminds me of “Sakamoto Desu Ga”, but I’m hoping it’ll be better because the gags in “Sakamoto” got boring and repetitive after about 4 episodes in. Aoyama is a genius soccer player who plays for Japan in the U-16 tournament and has lots of passion for the sport; he’s also a bit of a germaphobic and will not come in contact with other players during a game or move around the field when it’s rainy and dirty because eww mud on shoes/clothes, no thanks. Not quite sure whether this will be entirely comedy with some sports elements or an equal mixture of both; I’m hoping it’ll at least have a good plot to go with the laughs. 

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Picture credit goes to my dear friend, @fangirlperson05

Thanks for the prompt dude! I don’t usually take them, but you asked for something cuddly and fluffy and thus, this was born. Enjoy this.

Bechloe never fails to melt my heart and I will ship these girls for a long, long time to come. I hope you nerds enjoy this… god they’re perfect for each other… goddamn, here come the feels.

It was one of those rare Friday evenings where all the Bellas had been given the evening off rehearsals to relax and rest their aching bodies. Chloe and Beca had been pushing them extra hard over the last 4 weeks, with 2 and a half hour practices each day, and they felt the girls deserved some time to get the feeling back into their legs.

Chloe had immediately latched onto Beca’s arm and demanded that they have their “Bechloe time”, as Amy had dubbed it. It had been exciting for the Bellas to witness all of the collective moments between the two girls where they were sure something would happen. However, after 3 years of the never ending relationship with puppy boy and all of Chloe’s meaningless flings, they had given up hope of anything ever happening.

“C'mon Becs!! I need my daily dose of lady jamming!” The redhead gushed excitedly.

The brunette’s steps faltered and her jaw dropped at Chloe’s bold statement. She deduced that there was something wrong with her hearing; there was no way that Chloe had said what she thought she heard. Nevertheless, she stuttered out, “Wh-wha? Lady… j-jamming…?”

Smiling impishly, Chloe innocently looked back at her tucking a stray strand of Beca’s hair behind her ear. “Yeah Becs. Lady jamming… every mix you make is like a million tiny orgasms for my ears.”

Her smile widened as she saw the younger girl’s eyes visibly darken and cheeks flush in obvious embarrassment. Teasing Beca was her favourite hobby and she revelled in the feeling of making the aspiring DJ hot and bothered. If she had her way, she’d be making the girl hot and bothered in a very different and more physically… pleasurable way.

She intertwined her fingers with Beca’s, her heart pounding ferociously as the brunette did not try to pull away nor did she look uncomfortable with the contact. If anything, her fingers tightened around Chloe’s and she pulled the redhead slightly closer to her as they continued walking.

That’s what Chloe lov-liked about Beca most. Apart from her unadulterated passion for music and the fact that she lived and breathed harmonies and melodies, she let Chloe in. She handed Chloe a ladder for her to scale her highest walls and she now that she was there, she had no intention of leaving. Seeing everything that made Beca who she was is what Chloe had wanted more than anything in the world, and she felt honoured that Beca trusted her enough to share it with her.

Arriving at the Bella house, the two girls spared a moment to check on the other Bellas and smiled when they saw the girls all gathered in the sitting room watching Titanic for the 5th time that week.

“Don’t let go, Jack!” Stacie shrieked, bursting into tears whilst Lily shifted away from her, clearly uncomfortable.

Shaking her head at their predictability, Beca glanced over at Chloe, letting her eyes roam over her beautiful features. Seeing Chloe’s smile never failed to make her heart rate quicken, and she knew no one else had ever had that effect on her. She lightly tugged on the other girl’s hand gesturing towards the stairs and Chloe smiled at her sweetly in response.

Entering the bedroom that Beca shared with Amy, Chloe disregarded the Australian’s bed and threw herself down onto the other one. Beca smiled at Chloe’s ability to look like she belonged anywhere, although her heart ached at the knowledge that the senior would never feel that way about her. The brunette was well aware that she belonged by Chloe’s side; the redhead had eased her into a world filled with comfort and endless support and she could not imagine being anywhere else.

Shaking herself from her thoughts, she jokingly stated, “Please do mess up my perfectly made bed, Chlo. Please do leave no space for me, I guess I’ll just sit on the floor in MY own room!”

Chloe giggled at Beca’s dramatics and gestured at Amy’s bed, openly laughing at the disgusted look that adorned the brunette’s face.

“Chlo, do I have to spell it out for you? I don’t want to use Amy’s bed. I don’t know what she’s done with Bumper on it, nor do I want to know. Knowing Amy’s laziness, it’s likely that the sheets and duvets have not been washed.” She shuddered at the thought, because eww.

With a straight face, Chloe said earnestly, “Don’t worry about that Becs. I’m sure she wouldn’t deface her own bed that way.” At Beca’s pointed look, she smiled and continued, “But I wouldn’t put it past her and Bumper to not have even made it to her bed, after all, your bed is closer to the door…” She trailed off when she got her desired reaction.

Beca’s jaw dropped in shock and her eyes went impossibly wide in pure horror as she turned to look at her bed. Chloe could no longer hold herself back and she roared with laughter, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was clutching her stomach and Beca snorted as she accidentally rolled off the bed and onto the floor, abruptly ending the laughter. Or maybe it started a new wave because Beca’s snort set them both off.

Minutes later they both lay next to each other on Beca’s bed, catching their breath and gazing adoringly at each other. These were the moments Beca lived for; just the two of them, no interruptions, in their own little world where nothing else mattered. Chloe reached out and gently tucked some stray strands of hair away from Beca’s eyes; her hand lingering on the brunette’s soft cheek. Feeling Beca quietly gasp, she removed her hand and gently lay it on bed in front of her, her palm outstretched as if waiting for Beca’s hand to follow.

Gently tapping Chloe’s hand, Beca quickly got up from the bed, missing the frown on Chloe’s face, and brought her laptop back with her. Chloe’s smile was back as she sat up excitedly, waiting patiently for Beca to allow her to listen to her mixes. She wasn’t lying earlier; Beca’s mixes are her kryptonite. There’s something so undeniably unique about them; the passion that goes into making them is what makes Beca so special. In addition to this, the girl in question only ever shares them with her; no one else. Beca letting people into her world is a rarity, and Chloe knows that she will do everything in her power to ensure that Beca never regrets placing trust in her.

The redhead took the headphones from Beca’s hands, pressed ‘play’ and shifted on the bed so that she sat in between Beca’s legs, her back pressed to the smaller girl’s front. She knew Beca had to be eased into things, as if she were a frightened puppy, and although she felt the smaller girl initially tense at the contact, it didn’t take long for her to relax. What surprised Chloe most was that Beca brought her arms around her front so that they rested on her stomach; cradling Chloe into her warm embrace.

Beca couldn’t see Chloe’s smile lighting up her entire face, but it also meant that Chloe couldn’t see her reaction either. It is unnerving to watch someone else listen to her music, and although Chloe has always liked her mixes, she still feels self-conscious about them. From this position, she can physically be close to the redhead without being emotionally vulnerable.

Closing her eyes, the older girl sang along enthusiastically and Beca felt her heart jump with joy and her arms tightened unconsciously around Chloe. Feeling brave, the brunette placed her chin on the bare shoulder in front of her and breathed in the fruity scent of Chloe’s shampoo. It was a fragrance she had always associated with the other girl; and when she was not physically next to her, it was as if she were.

Savouring the moment, Chloe rested her full weight on Beca and felt herself start to drift off, feeling more comfortable than she could ever remember being.

It was quiet. Too quiet. The only noise that could be heard was the blaring of music through the headphones. The other girl had been silent for much too long, so Beca leaned around her to look at her face. Chloe was sleeping peacefully.

Not having the heart to wake her, the DJ removed the headphones from Chloe’s ears, and placed them gently on her nightstand. She carefully shifted them so that her own back was against her headboard and checked that the senior was lying comfortably.

After taking a quick selfie of them on her phone, she quickly sent it to Chloe and, knowing she would love it, unlocked the redhead’s phone and made it her screensaver. She could almost hear the squeals of joy and feel the tight hug that would soon follow.

Closing her eyes, Beca found herself wishing more than anything that she could, someday soon, find the courage to make this her reality.

Scariest Man

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1026
Summary: It’s Halloween, man. And you get ready for your little gathering.
A/N - This was supposed to be a drabble but kinda got turned into a one shot. Oh well.

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You were on batch number three of your baking goods. You’ve already made zombie cookies, graveyard tarts and now you were waiting for the cupcakes to cool down so you could fill them with green goo, red blood and black ectoplasm. Of course, you didn’t really put those in your cupcake because first of all, eww, but second of all you worked close enough with these freaking monsters to know if this stuff looked real or not.

As you were sprinkling the cookie crumbs over your graveyard masterpiece you felt strong arms wrap around your midsection and a nose nuzzle into your neck inhaling your scent, you smelt like flour and cookies, you thought that would be disgusting and put Dean off but he began kisses up your neck to your jaw. You removed both of his hands from your waist, grabbed hold of your shoulder and spun you slowly to face him.

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anonymous asked:

I’m sorry for this weird question, but I’ve always wondered how vampires would handle yui having periods since she is at that age… since the blood is originally meant for fetuses, would they find it very tasty since it would have nutritional value for them?

I’m not sure if ‘tasty’ is quite the right word. How well something tastes is generally subjective to that individual. For instance, Subaru was born without a sense of flavor and he didn’t react in any way when Ayato gave him something yucky to taste. Then we have Azusa who adores spicy food and sprinkles shichimi on everything

Also, not everything that is tasty has nutritional value, and not everything that is good for you appeals to your palate. Yui’s blood has been described as ‘sweet’ by some of the vampires before, but outside of granting a power boost (at least in HDB), it’s unknown how nutritious her blood is in the dietary sense. All we know is that the flavor of her blood reportedly changes with her mood (Shu prefers her blood to taste bitter, while Ayato likes it when her blood tastes sweet). 

Personally, I don’t see how the vampires would get that excited over period blood, considering that it’s essentially blood that’s been sitting around for days. Menstrual blood is a combination of plasma, sloughed off tissue and broken down vascular cells; it is not highly oxygenated like the blood from your circulatory system. It’s basically a waste product, dead, and no longer functional. The body aims to get rid of it to avoid buildup of cell wastes that could lead to infection.

From a predator standpoint, it makes more sense why blood from a fresh bite appeals more to a vampire than blood that’s collected over days. That blood not only carries more oxygen and nutrients, but it has been flowing through your body. For this to make more sense, think of blood and water under the same context. In nature, stagnant untreated water is always a breeding ground for contaminants and other harmful substances. In contrast, water that flows from one place to another decreases the accumulation of bacteria that can cause sickness. The same principle holds true for blood, unless the blood has already been infected by disease which would be a different matter. 

People think of period blood and they assume that it’s nutritious because it’s purpose is to facilitate the implantation, growth, and development of an embryo. But what they largely miss is that period blood is dead tissue cells and blood - the reason it exists is because fertilization did not occur and thus the body does not need to waste precious energy and resources to keep it around so it is shed from the uterine lining. The only time when it is ‘nutritious’ is when it isn’t part of your regular cycle because it is circulating through an umbilical cord. Hate to burst your bubbles, but that’s how it is.  

Socially speaking, I don’t think they would react any different than they normally do. It’s another function that humans have (like needing food), only it pertains to females. Depending on the vampire and his emotional maturity, there may be slight variations, but overall, I don’t think it makes a difference to them one way or another. If anything, they might see it as an inconvenience because they have to hold back due to her anemia. It’s another stressful time for Yui and if she has mood swings, I highly doubt most of the vampires would be sensitive to her emotional needs. They might ‘comfort’ her, but only because they have ulterior motives.  

The only one I can think of who might be into cunnilingus during that time is Laito…but only because canon evidence suggests that he is the most open to unusual kinks. The others might recoil at the notion because eww, why would they want to drink blood that’s been sitting there for days when they have a fresh supply from her neck? 

Asexuals know people have sex!!! We cant+shouldnt try to control people’s sex lives!!!! That’s okay!!! Sometimes we’re just really uncomfortable talking about it!!! For some its very triggering!!! It’s not because you’re gay and ‘eww you CANT eveR have sex’!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not the sex police!!!!!! Its just something we do not want to/cant talk about!!!!!!!!!