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Do you have fic with french!sherlock or sherlock speaking french and john fascinated or fall in love with him because of that?

fics where sherlock speaks french (and john loves it):

🇫🇷 Finding Home by Salambo06 (E)
“When John had agreed to follow Harry to a vacation in the south of France, he never expected to meet the most interesting man, one Sherlock Holmes.”

🇫🇷 A Nice Place to Visit by kedgeree (E)
“What happens when the world’s only consulting detective, an army doctor, a detective inspector, and the British government find themselves sharing a holiday villa in France.”

🇫🇷 Those Nights We Sought All The Words by ConsultingPurplePants (E)
“John has been living with Mary again for over a year with their daughter when he makes a discovery that changes everything. He seeks shelter at Baker Street, but after all this time, will Sherlock take him back?”

🇫🇷 Coup de Foudre by prettysailorsoldier (T)
“When John and his friends decide to blow off some steam after finals with a holiday to the Swiss Alps, he’s expecting a week of roaring fires, hot chocolate, and snow as far as the eye can see. He is not expecting to fall head over heels for a fellow guest–a young Frenchman known only as “Blue Scarf”–but John’s not one to let a little language barrier get in the way, and, with the help of Google Translate, it might just be a Christmas to remember after all.”

🇫🇷 Electric Pink Hand Grenade by BeautifulFiction (E)
“"If Sherlock’s brain is a hard drive, then these attacks are an electro-magnetic pulse.“ Sherlock Holmes does not do anything by half, not even a migraine. It falls to John to witness one of the greatest minds he has ever known tear itself apart, and he must do his best to help Sherlock pick up the pieces.”

🇫🇷 Pardon my French by archea2 (E)
“Sherlock’s closet Jekyll resurfaces when he’s drunk, making him tender, earnest and extremely talkative with John. It’s all fine with John - or would be, if Sherlock’s Subconscious bloody let him speak English on these occasions.”

🇫🇷 L'Instinct Suffit by Kate_Lear (E)
“A shamelessly smutty fill for a prompt that just said ‘Sherlock speaks French during sex’.”

That was beautiful.

I- I don’t know what to do now. I mean I’ve given six years of my life to that show. I feel like there’s so much more that could happen, but it still ended on a light note. All of them together again, I’m glad that they talked about Allison because it shows us that she’ll never really be gone.

I’m happy that it end where it end but I’m gonna miss it and for the next few days I won’t really notice that it’s over but then I’ll just binge watch the first season.

ive been thinking abt how i really never thought i was going to live to be 16 and how im so glad i did (despite my best efforts) because even though everythings not Better this year ive met a lot of amazing people and started to love things without apologizing again and gotten out of a space where the only thing that mattered to me was how fast and painfully i could implode and im really grateful for every person whos talked to me and every piece of art thats seen me through that… idk im just really grateful to be alive right now because i really didnt think i would be 

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are u okay??

yeah! my ankles r just weak and hurt now. i had sprained the right one really badly last december from running and it’ll probably never really be the same again, like it took months for the swelling to go down and i guess now there’s scar tissue that will always make it look different? like it’s fine it doesn’t cause me that much pain but it is really fragile now because i’m pretty sure i resprained it a couple of times since then.

the the left one is obviously a very very minor sprain that i noticed last night but it’s really just the principle of the thing that this could like really happen to me just from running around the house lskjkflsj

Everyone is getting Camp Camp Season 2 finale wrong

It seems that everyone has agreed that the season 2 finale is of David choosing Max over Camp Cambell.

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But everyone forgets what happened just before the gif.

David Isn’t looking at the camp and all his other happy campers.

He is looking at Cameron Cambell.

He chose the camp over Cameron.

Let me explain further.

In the first season we see that David absolutely adores Cameron. He loves him like a father. He worships Cameron. He used a child as a human shield against the FBI and David didn’t hate him on the spot.

But as Max gets to him, shows him things aren’t always happy and good, David starts to admit some truths to himself.

What he loves so much isn’t as important to Cameron.

In season two, David is forced to confront how Cameron uses both him and the campers for his own personal gains as you see in the egg episode and how he is using the camp as a cover that he wasn’t in Russia.

But parents day changed that.

David watched as Cameron lied and tried to pretend he cared and knew what he was doing.

“Wether it’s nerd camp for… Neeeil?”

“Or Adventure camp for… Girl Neil!”

Everything was about not going to jail, not making sure the campers were actually happy and having fun.

And look at how David was treated behind the stage.

David looks surprised that Cameron is talking so seriously to him. It starts off gentle. “David I know you never let me down before,”

“And I know you never will.”

Cameron aims his anger about what is happening on David because he knows time and again that David would just take it. He won’t fight for himself.

Cameron doesn’t care about anything David does. When the whole camp is in jeopardy, what does Cameron focus on?

“Or I’m going to super Guantanamo.”

He doesn’t want to face the consequences of his lies, crime and scams. And David finally saw that. It wasn’t until he sees the activity form that he realizes parents, birth or parental figures, can fail you.

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David finally understands where Max is coming from, and in that light sees that he has two choices to chose from.

1) Keep following Cameron and ignore the needs of his beloved campers


2) Turn his back on Cameron Cambell and focus on the needs of Camp Cambell.

Originally posted by emilyelizabethfowl

David had a choice in this scene. And he chose Camp Cambell, he chose his campers over the man he saw as a father.

David would never chose something other than Camp Cambell. That is his whole life. But he would chose the campers, and focus on the one camper who isn’t having fun, and give him the individual attention he deserves.

The Arkansas Sleep Experiments

by reddit user nazisharks

To Those Who Sleep

This happened a few years ago. You may have heard rumors if you’re on campus. Some even circulated online. Nobody knew what really happened. Because I’m the only one who knows and I kept quiet. For a multitude of reasons. None of them matter now. Here’s what really happened.

The four of us were handpicked for this experiment by Prof. Richardson because we’d all studied under him, worked under him, and, as much as anyone can, earned his confidence.

He said this one was different. We had to keep it quiet. He wanted to keep details to a minimum. All he would tell us before going in was that he required a month of our lives and that if he succeeded sleep would never again be a necessity.

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oh man oh man oh man that headcannon of andrew sleeping on neil melted my heart, pleeeeease give me andrew randomly draping himself over neil (cause that boy doesn't gaf) at random intervals and people, foxes or otherwise, just having a meltdown cause! cute!! whattt?!?

This works so well with an idea I already have and I am excited. Okay, so:

  • Andrew and Neil get a lot more comfortable with the whole Andrew sleeping on Neil thing before there’s any chance of anything like it happening around other people
  • And even when it does, Andrew does it to be an asshole
  • He does it in front of Kevin first
  • (Which, side note, connects to the hc I have that when Andrew and Neil become more comfortable with touch around each other, they eventually start doing little subtle things when they are with just Kevin, but never anything beyond holding hands)
  • (Because they are around Kevin a lot and Kevin does not care and will just keep on talking about exy or doing whatever he was already doing like nothing odd has happened)
  • So, late Friday night Aaron randomly shows up at their dorm for something that both twins seem to think is pretty important
  • But Nicky, Kevin, and Neil have no fucking clue what it is
  • And Andrew disappears with Aaron without an explanation before any of them can ask
  • Andrew comes back again early in the morning
  • He looks like absolute shit and he clearly hasn’t slept
  • But he doesn’t say anything about where he went with Aaron
  • He completely ignores questions about what the hell happened
  • When Nicky tries to ask again, Andrew deflects by asking if Kevin is ready to go
  • Because Andrew has already reluctantly agreed to take Kevin to Exites on Saturday morning and he knows he will not hear the end of it if he doesn’t
  • Plus, he’s not really in the mood to stick around and have them ask him questions for the rest of the day
  • And Neil can’t just take Kevin to Exites because Kevin still gets nervous without Andrew around
  • (Also, side note, Aaron is no more helpful when asked by anyone about what the hell Andrew had to go help him with for five hours in the middle of the night)
  • (And Andrew never fucking says a word about it and pretends it never happened because he doesn’t care about talking about it and he doesn’t need to amplify the looks and comments he’s already getting from Neil for dropping everything to help Aaron in the middle of the night)
  • Anyways, back to the thing I’m supposed to be writing
  • So, Kevin is already ready and has been waiting nervously for Andrew’s return
  • Neil goes too because he likes Exites and he likes Andrew
  • Plus, Andrew operating on no sleep and going on a long trip alone with Kevin where the main focus is exy sounds like a terrible fucking idea

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It’s stupid, like most of the things Nicky does.

They’re in the car, driving to the mall because buying groceries together is the new height of family-bonding and because Andrew will murder someone if he has to eat vegetable soup one more time, and Aaron took over the backseat. Shotgun wouldn’t be so bad if only Nicky would shut. the fuck. up. 

But alas, it’s Nicky, and Andrew may have only known him for three months but he’s already aware that the day his cousin will keep his mouth close is the day he’s on his deathbed. Something to think about, actually.

It’s stupid because they’re barely at the crossroad and the car that cut their way may have been going much too fast but still missed them of three feet. 

Nicky wasn’t even at the ‘stop’ line yet, but he caught the movement by the corner of his eye - nice to know he can pay attention to the road and blabber their ears off at the same time - and slammed on the brakes, stealing a loud curse from Aaron in the back.

Point is, Andrew saw the car. Andrew knew they weren’t going to get into an accident and he knew, because his cousin is an anxious mess, that Nicky would have made a big deal out of it.

Point is, Andrew did not foresee Nicky’s arm snapping his way. So now he stands still and ignores his cousin’s curses to stare at the limb across his chest, a vain attempt to keep him to the seat and out of the potential hypothetical collision that never happened.

“Fuck,” Nicky breaths one last time before turning once to him and then to Aaron behind them. “You guys okay? That asshole.”

Andrew would call him out, since his driving skills are terrible too, but he doesn’t. He glares at the arm still in front of him until Nicky realizes and pulls it back with an hastened apology. Aaron comments on the other car and the two of them get lost in insults as they start again toward the mall.

It’s stupid, because Nicky is stupid. Because it was clear that they weren’t going to get hit, and even if they got into a car accident for real it wouldn’t be Nicky’s arm that saved Andrew’s life, that’s a given. He would know, he’s already been in one after all.

But Nicky is stupid and this is stupid and Andrew is stupid for the weird thing making his pulse accelerate just a bit.

He scolds himself, because this is no reason to lower his guard, because this is no debt he owes to no one. Just because he would bet that none of his past foster families would have done the same - except Cass, Cass would have, she would -, it doesn’t mean Nicky gets special treatment. At all.

“Okay, here we are, stop brooding and get off the car or you won’t get a say in choosing ice-cream flavors. I’m joking, Andrew, don’t kill me!”

Andrew had yet to glare at him today, he’s glad he’s given a chance to do it.

He only gets off the car for the ice-cream, that’s it. He doesn’t care about his cousin, and he doesn’t care about his chats, and he doesn’t care about an arm around his chest that would do jack shit in an accident. It’s stupid, all of it is, Nicky is.

He changes his mind many, many months later, when some assholes put their hands on his cousin and honest to God believe they could get away with it.

That is really stupid.

Jonerys in 7.07 and Beyond :)

Okay so I have gotten a steady flow of asks both positive and worried after the finale so I thought I would just post one, big analysis of Jonerys in the finale for anyone interested in my take on things!

First of all I just want to establish that I loved this episode and it is my favorite of the season. There was much more to love than Jonerys here, but they are what I will focus on for this particular post, and I think this episode solidified their love in a major and lasting way. This is giant so I used a cut. 

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I’m done with you, Mr. Wayne - Bruce Wayne x Reader (angst?)

First, thank you very much for your comment, and then here for a somewhat angsty story based off your prompt  :-) ( I never know if I achieved my goal in making people feel with my stories so you know…). Hope you’ll like it :


No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

If he had been more careful, this all situation could have been avoided. His father wouldn’t be heart broken, and his mom…his mom…

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him, his mother…He couldn’t even think the words. It hurts too much. To think he was the cause of it all ? It was even worst.

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him…Without him…Without him his mother would have never left.

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Slipped my mind

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Anonymous asked: #37??? (’Welcome to fatherhood’)

Anonymous asked: Please could you do 99 and make it angsty if possible? Thank you! X (How could you forget your son’s birthday?)

Anonymous asked: “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” !!

I combined all three of these and it turned into a full blown one shot.

Also special shoutout to @harryimaginedstories. She knows. 

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Dean plunks the beers on the table, flicking off the spilled liquid with his fingers. He nudges Cas with an elbow as he sits.

“Your turn.”

Cas squares his jaw and shoulders in a display of obstinance.

“No,” he says. “No, I don’t think so.”

Sam chuckles from his left, pointing a finger from himself to Dean.

“We both went, Cas,” he slurs. “Besides, it IS his birthday.”

Dean raises his arms emphatically. “Yes!,” he agrees as if he’s just remembered. “It’s my birthday, babe. So you have to do it for my present.”

Cas scowls at his boyfriend’s triumphant grin, but defeated, he straightens Dean’s borrowed shirt and runs his hands through his hair before making his way to the front of the bar.

“What’ll it be?” asks the D.J., biting at a lower lip ring, like he likes what he sees as Cas stumbles forward.

Cas sighs. “Surprise me.”

The D.J. winks. “Random it is. We’ll let the computer decide.”

Grabbing a mic, Cas shuffles to the front of the stage, trying to ignore the crowd and instead focus on Dean’s drunken smirk.

“This song is for my boyfriend,” he hiccups. “It’s his birthday today, and for some reason this is what he wanted.”

A group cheers in the back as the song comes up, and Cas tries to focus on the lyrics on the screen.

“We were both young when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashback starts

I’m standing there on a balcony in summer air.”

A few people start to laugh as Cas stumbles through the words awkwardly. A few cheer louder.

Sam smiles, looking from Dean to Cas, all three of them well passed buzzed. Cas is a terrible singer, and, is this a Taylor Swift song?

“Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone

I’ll be waiting, all that’s left to do is run

You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess

It’s a love story, baby just say yes.”

Somewhere along the line, Cas hits his stride. He starts dancing awkwardly, well, more shuffling and pointing into the crowd, now, and Sam KNOWS they are all drunk. But Dean is standing, too, smiling and cheering while he points Cas out to the nearby tables.

“That’s my boyfriend,” he says proudly.

By the end, a few people have hopped on to the stage and are singing/dancing with Cas’s terrible, out of tune performance and the audience is clapping and cheering while Cas smiles shyly at the attention.

“Because we were both young, when I first saw you,” Cas ends, and the whole room is cheering.

Cas is blushing bright red as he hands his mic off. He hops from the stage, weaving through the tables to Dean, who has two fingers in his mouth while he whistles.

“Thanks,” says Dean, smiling, hugging Cas when he finally gets to him.

Cas kisses Dean shyly on the cheek, but Dean pulls him in for a real kiss which leaves Cas even more red when Sam laughs and the crowd cheers.

“You’re welcome,” Cas says, blushing furiously. “Enjoy it. Because it’s never happening again. Happy birthday, Dean.”

“Ok,” Dean says, with a wink.

But, over the next few weeks, it turns out that it isn’t even close to the last time Dean catches Cas humming or singing off key Taylor Swift.

He doesn’t say a word, though. Because he never wants it to stop.


Prompt:  hi yes i am having a Time right now, and I’d love to see some romantic polyamsanders fluff – hugging, snuggling, kissing, goofing around, taking care of each other, cooking, anything will do, please (and you write fluff so well anyway) <3 - @backatthebein

Notes: I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, sweetie! I hope this lil’ rambling piece of fluff helps. <3 

CW: Mostly fluff, mild allusions to romantic activities, mild self-doubt

Pairing(s): Polyamsanders (romantic)

Virgil wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Truth be told, at first, he didn’t think it could. 

Romance was hard enough when it was just two people. Three and it got weird, but four? Forget it. There was no way. There’d be jealousy, or hurt feelings, or they’d eventually realize they each had a favorite and break off into smaller couplings again (and given that one member of their little quartet was him, the smart money said that meant there’d end up being a love triangle, because no way in heck was he going to end up being anyone’s favorite. They were probably barely tolerating him as it was). 

But to his utter shock, that didn’t happen. 

As the first exhilarating weeks began to slip into a more comfortable routine, the mundanity Virgil had been bracing for never really arrived. Instead, something else happened–something so impossible that, to Virgil, it bordered on magical. 

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Early Morning

Summary: Lance seems to have found his soft spot, thanks to you.

Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Warnings: Language; very vague mentions of physical domestic abuse

Word Count: 2,650 (sorry)

A/N: Here is my entry for @marvelous-fvcks’ writing challenge! My prompt was “Stay here tonight.” Note: flashback is set aside, in italics. Hopefully you all enjoy some more soft, caring Lance, because he’s my favorite. | masterlist

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Somehow, the first one to say those three words first is Jack.

It just kind of happens, is all. Bittle is in his kitchen, puttering around. He’s singing quietly to the music he has playing over the speakers he’d brought to Jack’s because it’s a travesty to be in the kitchen in silence, Jack. His hips are swaying a little to the beat, but his hands are steady and sure as they whisk the ingredients in the mixing bowl together.

Jack can’t remember a single time when Bitty has stood completely still and he loves that about him. His constant need for moment is a part of who Bittle is; he has to be doing several things at once, or else he’ll get stuck in his own head. Jack is the opposite, most of the time. Bitty jokes on occasion that Jack has severe focus about everything he does, including eating. Jack agrees with him, quietly. If he’s not doing what he’s been given to his best ability, he feels like he shouldn’t be doing it at all. It makes his skin itch, to not be able to give something 100 percent.

But then Bitty swings around on a beat, his hands still working the whisk, and makes eye contact with Jack. Without any prompting, his brown eyes crinkle in a smile so warm that Jack feels like he’s been thoroughly knocked on his ass. Bitty’s hand slows in its motion as he steps closer to his boyfriend, and it’s almost as if he can sense the fact that Jack got lost in his head again, because without any warning, he dips a finger in the batter (brownies, Jack thinks distantly; Bittle said something about making homemade brownies) and smears it down Jack’s nose as quick as lightning.

When he dances away from Jack with a bright laugh, something in Jack’s chest clenches. Without thinking about what he’s doing (this never happens because Jack always thinks about what he’s doing; he’s always got a game plan), he hops off the bar stool he was perched on and walks toward Bittle. His boyfriend is facing away from him again, but that’s okay. Jack winds his arms around Bittle’s waist and pulls him closer to his chest in a hug and basks in the way Bittle accepts it and settles into him as easy as breathing.

And when he dips his head down onto Bittle’s shoulder and lets it rest there, simply watching his boyfriend work on what he truly loves, he feels his chest swell even more. He presses a kiss to the side of Bittle’s head, gently, and says what he’s feeling.

“I love you.”

There’s a clatter (Bitty dropped the mixing bowl on the counter without meaning to), and then he’s face-to-face with one of the best things to ever happen to him. His face is clasped gently in Bittle’s hands, and Jack doesn’t fight the hold at all, just smiles into it. And suddenly they’re kissing, and Jack feels so good he could burst.

When Bitty says, “I love you too, honey,” as if it was already obvious, Jack doesn’t think about how he sweeps him off his feet and slings him over his shoulder to head for his bedroom. All he can focus on is his happiness. All he can focus on is the source of his happiness, who’s giggling into his back. And it’s nice.

Jack is in love, and it’s nice.