because this wasn't supposed to be angsty


Okay so here is a little something I’ve been working on for @s-kinnaly (I’m sorry I took so long but ahhhhh life), featuring Covarog and Ralnor having what was supposed to be a nice, sweet brotherly moment (based on this art of s-kinnaly’s) buuuut it very swiftly turned into angst D: 

Features @figmentforms Rinku and other characters from ATOTR.

Find some teenage brother angst under the cut!

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theblackandviolet  asked:

Hiii ! Can you write a Supercat drablle with number 51. “What the hell are you wearing?” :)

51. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Cat sees her coming from a mile away.

She’s mid-conversation with a board member at the time, but she stutters and comes to a stop as Kara waltzes into the ballroom, Cat’s eyes widening she takes in the sight of her former-assistant-turned-junior-editor-turned-lover at the cardigan hobbit’s side.

Kara’s too nervous to pull off the costume completely – her hand reaches up to fiddle with the frame of her glasses as almost every eye in the room turns towards her, a faint blush on her cheeks as her other arm wraps around her stomach as though she’s trying to cover herself, and Cat thinks that she could wrap the cape that sits on her shoulders around her like a blanket, instead.

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askfloweyxfrisk  asked:

ok this question is for both flowey and UF flowey, did you know our flowey is dating frisk in our dimension? :3 the ship has been sailing for awhile now.

(Undertale Flowey is unavailable to answer questions on this blog, being an underfell blog. However, I think UF! Flowey would be glad to answer your question! >:3)

Flowey: “What. What in the world? Why would I ever see anything in that irresponsible, brash, sassy, goody-two-shoes? And more importantly… WHAT COULD THEY EVER SEE IN ME?! I’m sure my counterpart is a little different but me?

 I’m a complete mess with no friends and nobody! I have nothing to my name, and nobody would miss me if I was even gone! I’m whiny, I yell too much, I cry all the time, I’ve got terrible mood swings, I’m a bad person, I smell like an old withered buttercup, and I’m just a dumb-”

Frisk: “… Please don’t talk about yourself so terribly. I don’t like it when you do that…”

Flowey: “Frisk come on, don’t do this. You know how I feel about hugs…. You’re just being too sensitive, c’mon you know I was just kidding right? See heeheehee, I’m laughing. *sign* Frisk? c’mon… don’t do this…Frisk…”

((This turned angsty o-o’))