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How They React to You Wearing Their Hoodies Because They Smell Like Him (BTS)

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Author: Kitty

NAMJOON: Namjoon would feel really proud and satisfied, it’d be one more thing that showed the world that you were his and his alone. He’d get such a huge ego boost from the fact that you were wearing it because of his scent that he would not leave you alone. Honestly he’d probably get so turnt his hands would constantly be on you.

YOONGI: When he first found you huddled up on the couch in his sweatshirt he’d get the biggest, gummiest smile on his face. He’d start offering you his hoodies whenever you went out and would always make sure to wear the ones that had been washed so they would smell like him again. Basically he’d think it was the cutest thing ever and would never want you to wear your own sweatshirts again.

HOSEOK:  Hobi would be so goddamn excited. He’d be very vocal about how much he loved seeing you in his hoodie and even more vocal about it being because it smelled like him. Hopefully the hood is big enough to hide your face in embarrassment because this guy would take every opportunity to make you model and show you off.

SEOKJIN: This sweetie, his heart would burst with happiness. He would shower you with kisses and hugs whenever you asked to borrow one of his hoodies and would run to get one for you. Seokjin would also compliment you a lot on how amazing you looked in his clothes and how cute you were when you casually paused to smell the fabric while you were wearing it.

JIMIN: He would also tease you a little but nowhere near Tae’s level. I see him grinning at you and asking if he could wear your hoodies too. This boy would seriously be so happy that seeing you enjoying his sweatshirt would make him get so distracted by you that he’d have to be physically shaken to get him to pay attention to something else.

TAEHYUNG: Just like Hoseok, Taehyung would be so hyped. He would tease you mercilessly though, like offering you a hoodie he’d worn during four hours of dancing and saying that his sweat was the purest scent of his you could get. He would also 100% make you earn his hoodie (“Jagi if you want the sweatshirt you have to make me something to eat” “Sing for me and you can wear it” “Build me a blanket fort and then come talk to me about your prize”)

JUNGKOOK: At first he’d be upset when his favorite sweatshirt went missing, but when he saw that you took it he’d be embarrassingly happy. I feel like he’d jokingly complain about it but wouldn’t hesitate to shrug out of his sweater and wrap you in it with a hug and a quick kiss. Plus he’d get super blushy and shy when you told him his scent comforted you.

Patater Week Day 4 - AU

Alexei laces up his skates on the bench, humming tunelessly but cheerfully. Of the many PR duties that the Falconers have, stuff with kids is one of the few things that he genuinely looks forward to. He’s glad he was one of the ones who got to do it this time. And this, volunteering with the Little Falconers program, was even better than the Children’s hospital because these kids aren’t sick. He could see some kids on the benches some distance away with their parents lacing up their skates, looking at him shyly and clearly gathering the nerve to come over. There was a small group of them already out on the ice, clumped around Snowy and looking at his goalie equipment with awe. They were shorter than Snowy’s waist and it was probably one of the cutest things Alexei had ever seen.

“Are you really Mr. Tater?” A little girl had become brave enough to approach Alexei, her hair in tiny braids and wearing a miniature Zimmerman jersey.

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Hey guyyyyyyyys, here’s a lil boyfriend scenario because I haven’t posted one of these in like foreveeeeeeer

  • Laziest but cutest boyfriend ever 
  • He’d always want to just stay in bed and cuddle 
  • It would be so annoying when you needed to get up but you’d end up giving in anyway 
  • bc how could you not 
  • he’s the cutest squish when he’d pout i cri
  • Another thing would be the little mini arguments you two would have  
  • But it will never be about anything serious 
  • Basically it would be over who would be doing the dishes or making dinner 
  • These mini fights would probably be really unenthusiastic and neither of you would put in any energy 
  • You’d probably get in a few sentences before he’d give up and say “let’s just get takeout” before flopping beside you and kissing you all over your face 
  • On the topic of kisses…
  • good lord would his kisses be hella good 
  • Like his lips are so freaking pouty and cute 
  • He’d really focus his attention on your lips 
  • He’d probably do forehead kisses every once in a while as well but he’d just love the feeling of your lips against his 
  • He’d like intertwine your fingers and just destroy your whole being with cuddles 
  • He’d manage to find the worst time to say something really unrelated 
  • Like you’d be really into kissing each other and then he’d just start singing the PPAP song and you’d be like wtf and he’d just like flick his imaginary hair and say it’s because he’s fabulous 
  • And you’d just be so done with him 
  • This then leads on to the fact that he’d break out into song a lot 
  • Like you’d say something and he’d interrupt by singing a verse of a song 
  • And he’d completely ignore the death glares you were sending him 
  • Too happy in his own world of randomness
  • I want a Hyungwon I cri

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I’ve kissed several people over the course of my life, sometimes initiating it myself and sometimes not, but I can say I’ve only ever been asked permission ONCE and it was a girl and it was hands-down the cutest thing because we were watching TV and I could kinda feel her watching me, and then she said, ‘So… can I kiss you?” and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little and she was like, “What??” then I told her that no one had ever ASKED before but YES of course she could kiss me and honestly it’s probably one of the best kisses (okay… there were more than one… we kissed way more than once) I’ve ever had. So don’t think asking for permission to kiss someone will ruin the moment. It doesn’t.

Ship Meme: Ponyboy Curtis

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you do! You turn it into a game - not one with rules or anything, but you try to surprise/startle each other with little face kisses. One time you kept it up for three days until Dally walked by and said something to the effect of For the love of god, stop being so disgustingly cute.

Gets jealous the most

He does and it’s the cutest thing ever omg - so sometimes you make him jealous on purpose because the puppy eyes he gives you when you do are just so adorable.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

I feel like this would be him. Darry probably scared him into never drinking seriously ever, so he’s more than likely the sober one. (Besides, he’d probably be a weepy romantic drunk.) 

Takes care of on sick days

You do. He’s actually…strangely adorable when he’s sick? Like he’s got a high fever and glazed eyes and his hair’s probably a mess but there’s something endearing about how quiet his voice gets and how he clearly wants nothing more than for you to be near him.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

You do! And he’ll definitely follow you and grin and say how cute you are, but I feel like he’d be more interested in walking along the beach and collecting shells and….dare I say? Watching the sunset with you.

Gives unprompted massages

You do, and it catches him off guard every. single. time. He’s just “??? you want to do that for me???” Yes, Pony, I do. Now stop fidgeting.

Drives/rides shotgun

You’re usually the one driving because he loves to daydream, watch the scenery, and talk with you on long car trips. Some of your deepest and most meaningful conversations have happened with him in the passenger seat while you drive.

Brings the other lunch at work

You do! Just to have an excuse to see him, really - and it always makes your stomach flutter seeing how his face lights up at seeing you. So, full disclosure time: sometimes you hide his lunch in the morning so you’ll have to bring him food.

Has the better parental relationship

His parents were amazing and frankly, no matter what he might’ve thought during the events of the book, Darry is an amazing dad. 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Lmao do not give this boy alcohol he is terrible.

Still cries watching Titanic

Both of you are outright sobbing and it’s absolutely hilarious. Dally walks by like “Ha, losers” or something like that and then the both of you look at him with tear-filled puppy eyes and he grumbles and walks away.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

I can actually totally see this being him? The gang will make fun of you two to be sure, but you both look cute and neither one of you care.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Well, if anyone is going to be breaking that rule it’s not him - not because he wou;dn’t like to, but because he can’t. The Curtises don’t have much to spare, but I can totally see Pony writing you a poem or saving up to frame a picture he really loves of the two of you.

Makes the other eat breakfast

It’s the first time you scold him about not eating that Darry decides he likes you and that you’re good for Pony. 

Remembers anniversaries

Are you kidding me this boy is the most classical romantic out there of course he remembers. He spends like a month trying to find a beautiful way to celebrate without spending too much because reasons.

Brings up having kids

He does - mostly to ask if you want to, really. He says he thinks he’d be a good dad, and if you’d like to, he’d be honored to be the father of your children.

Darcy/Oliver Wood, Mutual Pining

for @pieannamay

Darcy wasn’t about to read into any of the looks Oliver gave her.  Or any of the things he said to her either.  

He was Scottish.  She’d read the buzzfeeds about Scots on Twitter.  They might as well have been speaking another language.  She was totes reading too much into what probably amounted to harmless flirting.

Also?  He was a wizard.  Working for the Ministry.  Who she was on loan to from SHIELD.  The last thing she needed was to embarrass herself and not be able to work with the one dude in the whole shabang who wasn’t ignoring her existence.   

Darcy Lewis was not one of those girls who latched onto the first guy who flirted with her.  No matter how big and beautiful his eyes were when he looked at her.  Or how adorable his accent was, because let’s face it, it was the cutest thing she’d ever heard in her life.  

Being around kids is sadly validating that heteronormativity is so hurtful to lgbt+ kids or all kids for that matter

A 4 year old girl I babysat told me about an adorable girl in her gymnastics class that she likes. She literally asked me “are girls allowed to marry other girls because I wanna marry Abby?”

-I couldn’t say anything bc I met her parents through church and I’d probably lose my babysitting job

Same girl told me she wished she was a boy so she could marry a girl. Like the poor little girl isn’t allowed to know she can marry a girl she likes bc why?

I remember when my cousin was younger we had a “girl” elf on the shelf and our elf one night showed up in a little christmas tree with an elsa barbie and my cousin was convinced that our elf and elsa were married. Like it was the cutest thing ever but our uncle literally told her they cant get married because thats illegal. She freaking comes back with “ They got married in the north pole so it’s not illegal.” like kids can make shit up just like adults can. He just kept arguing with her. A grown man fighting with a 7 year old because she has a healthy imagination? ok.

My cousin who’s 6 has been begging me since he could talk to paint his nails and do his makeup. He has adhd and is literally the most energetic child, will not sit through a movie but will watch me do my makeup for an hour, mesmerized.

I played pretend salon with him the other day and he was so happy but the actual saddest thing when he heard my door open he jumped scared that someone would come yell at him for being happy and doing something he likes. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?

-I can’t let him actually paint his nails or put on makeup because when I do I get in trouble and so will he

Same little boy told me the other day he wishes he was a girl. He asked me if I ever wanted to be a boy. I answered honestly and told him yes.

-I tried not to elaborate much so he wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating it. Do you know how much I wanted to tell this child that he’s feeling such a common thing though? or that he doesnt even have to be a girl to wear makeup or paint his nails? or if he does want to be a girl then thats OK??

THE MOST FUCKED PART IS ITS ALL MADE UP. Gender roles/stereotypes are made up and they are hurting our children.

Like come on people! These kids have had only heterosexual media shoved down their throats their whole existence, yet they still have these questions and feelings!!! and I’m telling you the children i’m talking about are sheltered catholic kids who have no exposure to anything promoting positivity towards lgbt+ people. How are these feelings so unnatural if children who know NOTHING about gay people/culture have these questions.

Maybe parents don’t see this because they are so heavily clouded by their upbringings. or these kids trust me because i’m their babysitter/cousin and they know I won’t yell at them for asking valid fucking questions. Idk how parents are so blind that they can’t see they’re hurting their own children.

How does my mom still refer to my potential future life partner as he him your future husband man when I don’t even fucking know. Why can’t we let our kids discover these things themselves????

ps. I know gender identity is not the same as sexuality I’m not sure if I miss worded anything, if so I’ll change it.

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Do you have gifs of Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen from Ode to Joy? It's soo cute when she jumps to kiss him because of the height difference. Like watching a koala hug a tree. It would make for some adorable gifs.

i think i have like one lmao but i’ll be happy to gif their scenes for you!! do you have any specific scene or i can just gif all their kiss scenes for you lol. just let me know and i can work on it when i have free time this week (probably after my midterm on wednesday). and yesss, their height difference is the cutest thing ever, i love it and them sosososo much and i’m so hyped for ode to joy s2 omg

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(idk if you're still doing this but I thought I'd ask anyway) 8,14, 25, and 45 for everyone?


* [ I . .  don’t hate anyone… I … Don’t quite remember who anyone is specifically… ] 

* The cutest thing the hollow has ever done is kiss a crystal lizard’s head. 

(Me?~ I probably would. I wouldn’t know how to hang out with them though. They’re very secretive and awkward. They’d rather be alone, so I won’t quite know how to approach them at first.)

* [ I would change my existence … ]


* You tell the anon that you dislike the Temmie of this Underground because…

* You tell the anon that it’s probably tripping on one of the rocks in waterfall and falling on a bunch of echo flowers before giggling.

(I’d definitely hang with this frisk~  they haven’t lost their flirting touch and their jokes after all~)

* You shrug. You tell them that you’d probably change your skin because it’s all scarred and bruised at this point already.


* Yo, I hate one person and only one person but I can’t bring myself to destroy them. @weirdhusk-y​ knows who it is.

* …me as little red G I think. 


* ..the holes in my hands I guess. But that means I’d wanna change my own existence as well.

I’ll do these other characters later~

Abi Tenshinokage


Torchy Sepakeau (I’m gonna add my wonderful oc here!~)

i came up with youtuber!crime sorciere headcanons because i’m trash

  • midnight often falls asleep in the middle of videos. His subscribers think it’s the cutest thing ever. The day angel stops laughing over the fact that 80% of the comments on his last video said “such a cinnamon rollxD” will be the day meredy swears off sweets in favor of tomatoes and cobra stops teasing jellal
  • okay but midnight is actually really adorable in his videos??? like wtf??? when did this happen??? no one understands
  • it’s probably the fact he does his videos while his six cats are in the background tbh
  • meredy has two channels, one’s a comedy channel and one’s a gaming channel where there has NEVER been a game played that does not involve cupcakes, rainbows, or a combination of both
  • kirby is her god
  • cobra and angel live together and crash each other’s videos on a regular basis, it’s actually rarer that you don’t hear one of them yelling at the other from the background
  • racer’s ENTIRE channel is him playing racing games, he did a collab with meredy one time and she literally hacked the game code so she could play with a rainbow car
  • the comments on jellal’s videos are either “omg he’s S O hot” or “how does this child live in the world #savehim” there is no in between
  • i mean his most popular video is the one where he attempted to bake cookies and accidentally clicked one more zero on the timer and they burned terribly because jellal would do that
  • hoteye’s mustache rules the internet
  •  everyone is in the mustache fandom
  • everyone

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i dont know if u have been asked befor but what made you like vhope? because i think that the rookie king kiss was kind of a bad thing? like people want v and jhope to do that all the time and becoz they dont they think they are a dead ship, i dunno if that makes sense:)

tbh there are about 3049304 reasons, the kiss on rookie king not really being one of the top 100 of them. it’s a lot of things?

that #OH tag he started, where he tweets moments where he says he can see why other people would see him and think “oh….” which is probably the cutest, sweetest, lowkey gayest thing anyone in bangtan has ever said that wasn’t prompted through a question or jimin saying he wants to date jungkook.

All of the times he looks at hoseok and can’t seem to help himself, the faces he makes, the way he touches him, the way he just seems to not just want but need hoseok’s attention.

THIS vine…the look of PURE adoration and love in Taehyungs eyes at this domestic cuteness… 

Taehyung’s JEALOUSY and the way he looks when Hoseok doesn’t look at him. like this video shows and THIS gifset i made points out, he gets really easily jealous and not only that he seems to get so genuinely salty when hoseok isn’t paying attention to him that he can’t even handle himself. 

Taehyung SAYING his favorite smell was Hoseok’s bed?????? OR when asked what he liked to do when he was alone he said, roll around in Hoseok’s bed????

Saying he would choose to date Hoseok out of everyone, saying that Hoseok was seriously the most handsome out of all of them. Being a super fan of Hoseok’s rap style, of 1-verse, of just Hoseok in general. Saying that he would love to be able to dance like Hoseok.

tbh i could go on all day. Vhope is SO alive, people who think it’s a dead ship are probably in denial, no shade but???? are you seeing what i’m still seeing??? Taehyung is wild, he’s not subtle at all, he’s probably got at LEAST a super crush on Hoseok, at most he’s probably in love ngl. 

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Dating Scott (TW) would include?

  • Scott being really protective of you and doing whatever he can to make you safe
  • Arguments over your safety because he just doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • Pizza and netflix dates all the time
  • Scott just being the cutest boyfriend/puppy ever 
  • He always knows when you’re upset so that whole day will be him doing your favourite things and hugging you
  • Hugs that warm your heart and make all of your worries disappear
  • Let’s not kid ourselves, you’d totally have to deal with Stiles stealing your boyfriend and then probably asking Scott who he loves more
  • Wearing his Lacrosse jersey and making him speechless
  • Being able to turn each other with one look
  • Texting each other cute things all the time
  • Being a cheesy couple
  • Him getting jealous easily and you would get jealous as well
  • Comforting him when he gets too stressed and doesn’t know what to do
  • Defending and standing up for him when he makes a tough decision
  • Pulling pranks on him with Stiles
  • Having the pack be really protective of you as well
  • Having Melissa always smile when you two are together because she can see how in love you both are
  • Forehead kisses
  • Falling asleep cuddled up together
  • Talking way into the night because you both just calm each other
  • Sending each other hysterical pictures during class to try and make the other laugh (you both usually get detention)
  • Skipping class sometimes to go on a date
  • Him helping you with any problems you have
  • Him always telling you that he loves you and reminding you that you’re beautiful because you are and he doesn’t want you to forget that
Let’s Talk About The Head Kiss.

I know this happened on Friday, but I still CAN’T EVEN and I want to share my CAN’T EVEN thoughts with you guys because I’m bored and CAN’T EVEN. Also, @taytaytaysmosh covered a theory on what I’m about to say, but none of this is a theory. Just some thoughts!

So, we all know about the HEAD KISS, I assume. If not, let me refresh your memory real quick.


Anyways, this probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed! Yes, we have their KISS, but to me, this was cuter and felt more genuine. It was just so sweet and pure, but that’s the thing. It was EXTREAMLY natural. You’d think that when a straight guy kisses the top of his straight best friend’s head that it would be awkward and tense… but it’s not. IT LOOKS PERFECTLY NATURAL! It was just so smooth and calm! I’ve always pictured an Ianthony head kiss, but this exceeded my expectations! I now have an image to match my imagination and I LOVE IT! <3

This looks like Anthony always gives Ian small little kisses and this one is no different. Olivia could’ve written it into the script, but might I mention that they said that she wrote the ROUGH DRAFT which means that Ian and Anthony wrote the final copy. So, if she did write this kiss, then Ian and Anthony had the opportunity to cut it out of the script… BUT THEY DIDN’T!

Also, the way he presses his nose into Ian’s hair makes my heart flutter! The kiss itself is amazing, but the snuggle after it is KILLING ME! He also squeezes Ian a little tighter which is also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can just imagine Anthony whispering “love you” to him, but what this looks like to me is like what @llamafabbiness said about it.

It honestly does look like this! It looks like Anthony’s upset and is finding comfort in Ian while also trying his best to comfort Ian that is still in shock. It breaks my heart to think about it like this, but that is seriously what it looks like!

So, in a nutshell, this kiss is AMAZING, there’s a lot of FEELS behind it and three days later, I still CAN’T EVEN!



APH Nordics Pets

APH Denmark: Den most likely would have a really out there and exotic pet, because we all know he would accept nothing less. He has probably had all different kinds of animals, from iguanas to small monkeys. But I think his favourite and current pet is a Sugar Glider (one of the cutest marsupials to ever exist). That thing has just as much energy as it’s owner.

APH Finland: Besides having Hanatamago as his pet, Finny also has two pet bunnies. They have their own secluded room in his house where they have everything they would ever need. Finland adores spending a little time with them every day and cuddling. They help him to destress and keep up his cheery attitude.

APH Sweden: Sweden is a typical dog person. He would definitely own a Swedish breed like a Hällefors Elkhound. He loves the idea of a loyal companion, and we all know that dogs fit that description perfectly. He loves playing outside in the snow with it and keeping it with him when he goes for walks. His dog would also have play-dates with Hanatamago often. I imagine his love for dogs would come from his viking days when he found a lost puppy and helped it out, thus creating a strong bond with it.

APH Iceland: Because Mr.Puffin talks and acts like a person, I don’t know if I would consider him to be Iceland’s “pet”. He is more like Ice’s bird friend to me. So if Iceland had a different animal as a pet, I think he would have one of those reeeeaally fluffy Icelandic ponies in his back yard. He probably got the idea of getting his own from chatting with Poland in a world meeting one day.

APH Norway: Norway would probably have quiet animals that take minimal effort to take care of. He would probably have a few fish, and maybe a cat. It isn’t that he doesn’t like animals, he really does have a soft spot for them. But he gets a little bored with playing fetch with dogs, and sometimes has issues remembering to keep up with anything high maintenance.

I’m sorry, I keep on seeing the gifs with Lego!Tony with those chickens and it’s one of the cutest things ever. I know Tony loves animals but imagine him with chickens! Him hanging out at Clint’s barn and feeding them, watching them roam around with a smile on his face. He would probably talk to them as well, firstly naming them ‘Chicken 1, Chicken 2′ etc before actually coming up with names for them. He likes seeing the baby chicks and holding their small, delicate bodies in his arms, cooing down at them because they’re just so fricking cute. The chickens taking to following him around because they actually really like this man who feeds them and stays around with them, giving them names. 

Clint is really confused when he sees his chickens following after Tony before looking to Laura who simply shrugs and goes, ‘They’re attached, I think.’ Clint blinks for before shaking his head. “But…Chickens.’