because this was only a dollar fifty

i got a raise and did overtime at work and i got my check and looked at it and it was kind of depressing because even though i knew what an extra $1.50 would do mathematically i was still expecting it would somehow add up to an extra fifty thousand dollars per pay period. like this is my best possible check i’m looking at. this is literally my check at 150% effectiveness. oh and look it’s the first of the month again, time to pay rent. i don’t even remember being alive in march. i should only have to pay for parts of my life i can remember. 

It has officially happened. I just dropped one of my best and favorite highlighters, only because I’m extra clumsy and only half-awake today apparently. It hit the floor and shattered in a million, sparkly pieces and I’m pretty sure a part of my soul shattered right with it. I’m exaggerating of course but that is not a good way to start your day for sure and I can only hope it’s not an indicator for how today will go. Oh well, next time I might just throw away a fifty-dollar bill instead.