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Hi. I'm not sure if you answered this already somewhere but, in your Royalty AU, how exactly did Ritsu get kidnapped and how did the rescue go? I figure if the prince got kidnapped the guards and knights would be on top of that instantly instead of the heir, one Knight, and a ghost. Also what would Mob's crown be like when he's officially crowned? Everything you've done so far is before the coronation right? Anyway, sorry for the bother and I love your art and AUs. The Royalty one is my fav.

Hello!! no it’s fine i haven’t answered this i think???

well, i patterned the rescue from canon’s claw arc. so really the first ones who found out about ritsu getting kidnapped was shigeo, teru and dimple. nobody else found out and it really wasn’t made into a big headline that the prince was captured and is in need of a good rescue.

when shigeo passed out, teru didn’t send his men out because it was shigeo’s call on what was to do. so of course, shigeo chose to go by himself because it would be easier that way he thinks.

and i mean why send 100 men to save one when 2 and a ghost can do it better.

and yes!! everything was set before shigeo’s coronation and this is what his crown would look like

this has been in my drafts for so long now hahaha

dont worry it’s no bother at all!! Thanks for stopping by and thank you so so much!!

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Wrex, I need your help! I am getting back into writing after a years long dry spell and am participating in a big bang. I am supposed to write a 25k word story. It is my first time writing at that length. I know what I want to do, have notes and an outline but I keep procrastinating on the draft because I am scared. I do not have much time left. I know I should write a shitty first draft but I am scared because there are loads of great writers in this fandom and I’ll never be that good :o(

Okay, so. First of all, I know the feeling. It kept me from writing for years. Still does, on bad days. The difference between us is, I didn’t know I was scared. I couldn’t face the fear because I didn’t even realize it was there!

So, you know you are scared. That’s the first step.

When we are scared to do something, it’s usually because we believe we can control the outcome, but we don’t know how, and so we wait, hoping the answer will come to us. “If I just knew more, I could keep this story from being bad,” one thinks.

The first thing to accept is: you can’t control the outcome. You will write the story you’re going to write.

And that’s good. It’s yours, it’s a unique creation, even if you think it can be measured against other people’s, which it can’t. You have your own, inimitable voice. Nobody else writes like you, and nobody could write your story better than you can.

Sometimes I think of my stories as though they already exist. If that’s true, then the actual writing is just me trudging toward the story that was always going to be what it is. It’s already in me, I just have to unspool it onto the page. In that case, there’s no use fearing what that story will be, or how good it will be - because it’s not up to you to control what it becomes. As much as it feels like it.

Try to let go of that belief that only your iron grip on this story stands between you and disaster.

This is hard. It feels like you’re hanging from the edge of a cliff and you’re being asked to let go, not to hold on tighter.

So here’s your assignment: write one paragraph. Don’t think about it, just type until you have something roughly of paragraph-length. Also, don’t make it the story’s first paragraph. Choose instead the scene that is most vivid in your mind, the dearest to your heart, and the one you’re most afraid of. Put on some music (or whatever else works) to give part of your conscious mind a rabbit to chase, and then start right in. Don’t think. Just unspool that one little paragraph. Remember, you can always throw it away and write it again, if you want. There are no consequences here.

Once you’ve done it, let me know how it went.


His ultimate dream is to sing with his family

I kept these screencaps in my draft for a long time because I kept changing the translation at the end. Seemed like all the sentences I chose couldn’t express the “uncertainty” he had there. He wanted it so much but was not sure whether it could come true. In the end, I went with this one…… “I wish to sing with my family”.

The most touching moment was when Hiro stopped talking mid-sentence. Hiro went silent for a moment before finally saying that he would want to try to sing with his family. His eyes looked distant for awhile (see 2nd photo above) and you could feel him asking himself in his mind whether that dream would ever come true.

I know many are excited about Hiro wanting to sing with Taka, but I think we need to differentiate that by “family”, he means “Taka my brother” and not “Taka from OOR”. Let’s not assume this as him wanting MFS and OOR to collab. At least not for now. As bands, they are rivals and his bandmates deserve to stand on their own without being dragged into his personal family matters. All Hiro wants is to gather with his whole family one more time. So, a private family karaoke can still count as “singing with my family”. He doesn’t owe this to us. 

If he ever sings with Taka again, privately or publicly, it’s for his heart. Not ours.

Mostly I watched Zenshin with a puzzled mind because I couldn’t really catch what was said but I somehow managed to hear the most important line uttered at the end by Hiro.

I admire how Hiro had managed to keep his thoughts and feelings on his family away from the public for years. Seems like he kept it from his family as well because his mother said in her book that it was the first time she heard her youngest son express his feelings about their family.

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Are you still catching up on reactions?! Because I have yet to see mine?!? 😾

If it was a request you sent in before I took time away, I probably don’t have it. I only have a few that were already in my drafts. If it was sent in recently you’ll just have to wait.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t work on a ‘first come first serve’ basis ~

Look what I’ve found today in my mail box! The most wonderful Grand Admiral Thrawn by @nspamc. Thank you so much for this lovely present!

My Star Destroyer is nice and ready for inspection ;)

Actually the letter came in the middle of September. It took me so long to publish because somehow this post got lost between my drafts and I didn’t notice.

Dios Meme-o! (Rafael Barba Mini-Series, Pt. 1)

A/N: Inspired by this post. This bad boy has been in my drafts for forever because memes are surprisingly hard work. Special thanks to @mrsrafaelbarba for her patience, @xemopeachx for correcting my terrible Spanish, and to both for looking over and withstanding the atrocities that I had to write to get across the cringeworthiness necessary! God, do we all apparently love to see Rafi uncomfortable.

Working as an ADA (and for the sex crimes bureau, no less), Rafael Barba was constantly in a position where he could consider the rapid advancement of technology as being full of both pros and cons. A pro, for starters, was how much easier it was for him to receive files and information pertaining to his cases. But the con for that was that his peers shared the same ability, allowing them just as much (if not, more) room to gain the upper hand.

It was a pro that, with his smartphone, he could contact his connections at SVU with ease, rather than constantly needing to go down to the precinct himself all the time or vice-versa. It was a con that, as a sex crimes lawyer, too many of his cases included the use of sexting, making his clients look even more questionable in the eyes of the jury. The connecting con to this was that technology was evolving with such rapidity that the laws of the land were struggling to keep up with complimentary understandings and rulings.

But for this, there was the pro of the media: How a press conference could now be recorded and broadcasted through a multitude of mediums ranging from television to laptops to mobile devices, and with a range never before experienced in human history. The con to this one, however, was the fact that you still had to rely on the media’s ability to portray you and your work properly.

Rafael was no stranger to slander or questionable interpretation. It was just that he never could have predicted the masses’ abilities to take certain ideas or images and run with them not only in a completely different direction, but into a completely different dimension entirely.

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So what's there on your to-do list as of now?

Okay, so! Now that it’s the weekend, and I have some free time, I’m hoping to bang out some Quality Content and fill out the queue a little.

  • I’ve gotten a few more inner world requests, so those are on there
  • get some work done on the second half of the one angst scenario (AKA Shinji needs some happy time)
  • an Izuru scenario I started A G E S ago and never finished
  • Some Gin headcanons? A scenario? I’ve got a number of things for him but idk which I’ll end up doing.
  • some work on a completely heartbreaking scenario that even I think is cruel (AKA I can never give Shinji happy time because I’m a heinous bitch)
  • more Aizen sex meta because ??? even I don’t know
  • a few headcanon posts that I’ve mostly finished, but need to add a few more on
  • finally finish that thigh post like come on that’s been sitting in my drafts since the dawn of time 

I probably won’t get all of it done, but it’s a starting point. Things to look forward to, eh?


crying: the comic.

or: a ‘missing scene’ (kinda) (well i used some canon dialogue) (so maybe an alternate scene?) from act ii of the spongebob musical, (chicago version i have no idea what’ll be different in NYC) ANYWAY because i needed there to be a moment where someone – anyone – just asks sandy to stay. and why not the person she puts everything on hold for to help? he woulda owed her that much.

Note: this is a continuation of a post // extremely long

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter (Part 2)


51) A jikook compilation wouldn’t be a compilation without THE back hugs.

Hands on waist…

Chin on shoulder…

52) Not long after Jimin tweeted a pic of ramen, Jungkook indirectly replied to him by posting FOUR selcas of him along with a message telling him his ramen looked bland. idk about you but i found this interaction cute.

53) The artistic couple.The muscle pig and manggaetteok drawings that were featured in Snow App. They even drew the chicken drawings on the menu at Isac. I can imagine them sitting and drawing random things together. ㅠㅠ 

54) Jimin posted not one but three videos on Jungkook’s birthday, which means he wished Jungkook three times on SNS and made my head spin thrice.

55) Jimin and Jungkook took photos of each other sleeping.

56) When Jungkook thought there was no camera around when they were rounding the corner so he went up to Jimin and slid his hand around his waist. Little did he know they got caught on camera. I’d like to thank Yoongi’s vj for this awesome footage.

57) The many times Jimin has summoned Jungkook for Armys. In simpler words, Jungkook always tweets something after Jimin, and we all know how seldom he appears on Twitter.

58) “hyung has cute toes” Okay but like who lingers around his friend’s photo shoot and randomly blurts out that he has cute..toes????

59) The look! Jungkook’s expression when he’s feeding Jimin earns him a spot on this list haha. Tbh They’re kinda like eyefucking eo when jimin’s being fed. look at Jimin’s eyes. Apart from that I like how Jungkook fed him.

60) Their interactions the whole ISAC. Masterlist 👣

61)  How can I miss this? Jikook in Japan..this one has a special place in my heart. Back in 2016, it had been just a casual discussion between me and my friends on kakao. Never thought jikook would continue displaying PDA every single time they go to Japan. What’s more when they have very strict no-camera policy during concerts.

62) The amount of heart eyes they shoot at each other.

63) When they had a dinner date in the dorm to promote Mala Hot Chicken. What baffled me was that Jungkook mentioned beforehand he wanted to sleep but he still accompanied Jimin. I’m soft.

64) Jimin has made it very apparent, truly obvious that he likes jungkook. Whether it’s liking him as a dongsaeng, or just someone he’s extremely comfortable with, Jimin always, without failing, reminds us who he dotes on. “Why do I like you so much?” Lately, I’ve been crazy because I like Jungkook so much. I think of this as a start of something beautiful, and I am so glad Jimin didn’t even hesitate in expressing his feelings towards the maknae. I think this might have helped jungkook unwind. Look at jungkook now. That’s some character development right there :)

65) Massage. Quoted line from AHL mentor, Tony Jones “They are very touchy feely and to them, it’s nothing. I’d walk into the room and Suga’s massaging V’s neck or Jimin’s giving Jungkook an intimate back massage..”

66) When Jungkook bent down so he would get closer to Jimin and put the rein-kook headband on Jimin’s head. They’re separated a lot of times during fansigns but somehow they managed to get tgt at the end.

67) When Jungkook blows a kiss, then turns to Jimin whose lips are puckered and does the same to him, using the same fingers he used earlier. Okay I’ve been meaning to say this. Realistically speaking, if you pucker your lips and you put your fingers on them, wouldn’t your saliva stick to your fingers? I’m not trying to imply anything here, just genuinely asking haha.
140529 Ameba Studio

68) When a webtoon artist gave Jimin two dolls, but Jimin decided to give one to Jungkook. She even posted a webtoon of them. To be honest who wouldn’t?

69) *screams to the people in the back* ALL-NIGHTER FRIENDS!!! As written by the man himself, “ALL the time, it’s just the two of us doing something at night. I don’t know what we do”

70) Jungkook scribbling hearts all over Jimin’s birthday drawing. He’s one whipped man.

71) Just other instances Jungkook and Jimin flirting on stage. 

//gif above isn’t mine//

72) When Jimin and Jungkook chose each other when asked “if you were a girl, who would you date?”

73) The shocking fact that Jungkook demanded an apartment from Jimin as a graduation gift. Like, apartment? of all things? What kind of domesticity is this?

74) The way Jungkook takes care of Jimin even though he’s the younger one, and how Jimin is there when he’s the one seeking comfort.

75) I will never forget the Gayo Back hug, ever. I’ve mentioned back hug somewhere above, but this is different.This deserves a point of its own.

76) When Jimin took off one of his rings at the airport and gave it to jungkook.

77) When Jungkook stopped in front of Jimin during his part in For You at Osaka concert, and kind of directed the lyrics for Jimin. Jimin just couldn’t stop smiling afterward :(((
The lyrics are:
It smells like you
The road that I walk on
I plug my earphone to my status
My true feelings lie beyond there

78) When Jimin and Jungkook steered away from the bunch and instead opted for some alone on the cruise. people say you smile the brightest when you’re with someone you love, yes?

79) The fact that Jimin wanted to become napa cabbage after seeing Kook dressed up as a bunny, so he could eat him, albeit choosing to be cheese initially. What even is that statement lol 👣 

80) The morph of their dynamic. I kind of miss their old moments, when Jimin was bolder, more carefree, and Jungkook seemed to be too shy to reciprocate. (on camera). Now they have matured. They have grown up well. A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me. The transition of their relationship is extremely beautiful.

81) When Jimin became Jungkook’s makeup artist for a day, hovering around the set, even drawing a pic of a bird that’s used as a prop later.

82) their size difference might be exaggerated at times, but you really can’t deny that it is cute, even if it’s not much.

83) When Jungkook changed the lyrics in Spring Day to Jimin.                      
Like a small piece // Of Jimin // That floats in the air 

84) When Jungkook showed to the world what a sweet boyfriend he is,making jimin laugh, sitting him on his lap, hugging him on his birthday. Sweet sweet jungkookie.

85) Let’s state the obvious- 21CG choreos!!! i love how they evolved, just like their remarkable, legendary nmd lift.

86) Their sensual dance covers.

87) When Jungkook guides and encourages Jimin during games/missions.

88) The many times Jimin has been spotted wearing Jungkook’s clothes, despite the well-known fact that Jungkook doesn’t share clothes. Newsflash: Jungkook wears Jimin’s too!

89) We know Jungkook knows Jimin like the back of his hand, but that doesn’t mean that Jimin knows any less. I think they spend time together way too much.👣

90) How often the word “JIMIN” trips off Jungkook’s tongue- this what fascinates me the most. At one time he even mistook Jin for Jimin.

91) Jimin’s eagerness to kiss Jungkook for his Coming of Age, being the first one to hold out a hand for a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Bon Voyage season 1

92) When Jimin waited over an hour for Kook to finish filming BTS Flower Boy mini drama, even though he’d finished his part. Jimin couldn’t even stay mad at him for not telling, like how fond is he?

93) The fact that Jungkook is more than comfortable speaking in banmal with Jimin.He once said in Idol Party that he prefers talking in jeondaetmal (polite language) with his hyungs but look at the amount of times he’s dropped the honorific and called Jimin by his name. uhm, let’s talk about treating the other as equals?

94) Jimin and Jungkook, the human embodiment of Piske Usagi.

95) When Jungkook’s bro drew Jungkook as Muzi and Jimin as Con, the inseparable duo on Kakao. Bro knows. 👣

96) In Kkul FM 2016, When Jungkook and Jimin nearly intertwined their fingers . Scoffs bh seemed to think it’s okay to abruptly cut off their scene. What intrigues me most is that they weren’t even looking but their hands still somehow managed to find their way around. Also other instances they hold hands. I love how Jungkook’s slightly bigger hands envelop Jimin’s smaller ones. *Jimin’s pinky tho!*

97) How they’re destined to meet. The fact that they’re both from Busan, have matching moles, Jungkook’s bro named Junghyun and Jimin’s bro named Jihyun..imagine what would’ve happened had Jimin not been the last one to enter Bangtan.

98) When Jimin said he’d be looking at the ocean with Jungkook but Jungkook straight up rejected him and chose to go on a trip with his bro instead. It was quite a strong statement but a moment later Jungkook proved it wrong by reaching out and squeezing Jimin’s hand underneath the table, kinda like a reassurance that it’s all part of a joke. He cares. He truly does.

99) During Jin’s birthday prank at MAMA, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The moment they entered the bathroom, they almost shut everything out-talking to themselves, picking on the cake- until the members gave them the signal to stop w/e they’re doing. Months later Mama kindly revealed another footage, this time consisting of just them, in the bathroom, jungkook right in the middle of buttoning up his jacket, wearing nothing underneath. How was I supposed to sit still?

100) When Jungkook and Jimin take skinship to a whole new level, or simply put, the times Jikook makes us question the real intention behind their acts and excessive skinship.

101) Last but not least, Perhaps my all time favorite moment- When Jungkook was caught observing Jimin’s every move, literally had his eyes only on him.

(Mark 1:17 onward)

I super love this video bc the song chosen matched so well with the situation- like they wanted to reach out but couldn’t so they stayed put, could only observe the other from far…

and that’s it!
thank you, you made it to the bottom of this post! In short, everything about jikook makes me feel content. I had thought of doing more  but despite my brain literally screaming at me “Include this! You forgot this!”, I had to stick to 101. Anyway, I hope this mends your longing hearts. Have a lovely day! Thank you for reading!

Bonus because I have to:

when the members revealed on BTS KKul FM 2017 that Jungkook bought a birthday present only for Jimin. Am I your favorite hyung?

When Jungkook, the youngest in the group, called Jimin who is 2 years older than him a baby. 애기야가자 !