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So one of my favorite products of the last year was Conspiracy: Take The Crown. It was a great draft set with a LOT of highly needed reprints. But it was left to die on the vine by being released so close to Kaladesh. I barely played it and don't know anyone who played it as much as the first Conspiracy. This leaves me worried that we won't see another Conspiracy set because of these low sales. Can you settle these fears?

We’re aware that it’s placement was awkward.

i’m kind of debating whether or not people would want to tear my guts out if i did a thread overhaul like i just did on my multi, where i delete all the old threads and start fresh. but the relationships don’t go away, i just want to start fresh. 
would y’all be chill with that or nah?

Important announcement ⚠️

Okaaay it’s been (nearly) 5 fun years! However I have decided to leave this blog;;

I know this may seem too sudden, it probably looks like it came out of nowhere and I apologize for that (◞‸◟) but trust me, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for longer that you’d think. I considered I should wait a bit after my last post which was only last night but well, I couldn’t 😞 and this post has actually been on my drafts for a while, I won’t tell you when exactly I wrote it but, it’s been some time. (I’ve even had to edit it several times too because things kept adding up 💦) Anyways…

I was able to meet wonderful people through to this blog and I’m so grateful to it for allowing me to do so 💕 Sara, Annie, Zoey, Gabi, Ann, Alex… my girls I’m so glad I met you! You’re all precious and just now that I still love u ok 😘

when I first started this blog it was so much fun! The fandom was small but very close, almost like we all knew each other, it was so nice! 😭 many of those who started/had their blogs at the same time as I did have long left those blogs and I’m pretty sure there are others who even left tumblr 💦 I hope they’re all doing okay now and I’m super grateful to them too for giving me a great fandom experience!

To the all current fandom and oh! the people who recently thought of me for the valentines messages: THANK YOU 💕 all your words mean so much to me and it made me super happy to hear them, I so don’t deserve them 😭 it even made me feel guilty about wanting to leave, but like I’ve said, this is not something I’ve just decided or came out of nowhere, it’s something I’ve been considering for a while now. Still, thank you so so much for thinking of me and liking this blog showing up on your dashboards 🙏

Also infinite thanks to my 9k followers!!! You guys are the best thank you for following this blog, to those who have been from the very beginning and those who got here recently, thank you all for clicking that follow button! I hope you liked the content I gave you and felt happy with it 😁 that was my ultimate goal with this blog really, to make you happy with my posts and give you nice content you could get feels from haha 😅

I learned so much about gif making with this blog, damn! I was able to improve a lot thanks to trying hard on making gifs for this blog and I did get a lot better! I look back at my very firsts gifs here and realize YEP I’ve definitely improved 🙌 y'all allowed me to do so (since notes got me motivated haha!) so thanks 💕

ah of course thank you for all the notes! It was gratifying to see a post getting many notes along with nice comments! That’s what kept me going and made me feel like I should totally continue to make things 😎 Uhhhh so yes, just lots of thanks to everyone who made my time on this blog a good one with your kind messages, replies, comments… (tags 👀I noticed those! 👀) I really appreciate all of them and will definitely keep those words with me (〃ω〃)

I don’t know if I’m forgetting anything… I hope not 😵 I still don’t know if I’m going to delete this blog or I’ll just leave it as it is, haven’t thought much about it buuut, let’s change the topic a bit here; I do want to give away the urls I have in case anyone wants them?? So they don’t go to waste… I have obv kikyousama, inukou, inukog, and inukik, if you’re interested in any of them please message me so we can arrange the change (I will be very picky tho!) I’ll give you some time so you can reach me and ask for it, after that I guess I’ll go inactive (I’ll announce when) until I decide if I’m gonna delete or not

For the inukik URL though since there are many who have messaged me about it I’m very troubled and don’t really know what to do here;; maybe I can do like a giveaway as in like/reblog a post x times and then I’ll choose a random winner from there? What do you think? I think hat would be fair… bc I would feel bad choosing by myself u know, BUT ofc I would have to make sure the person does deserve it!!! can’t just give it to anyone right it’s too precious

TL;DR I won’t be using this blog anymore! Still haven’t decided if I’ll delete it or not and I’m willing to give away the urls I have (kikyousama, inukog, inukou, inukik, bakuryuha) so in case anyone wants any, message me and we’ll discuss it 😉 In case too many people want the same one, we’ll have to go for a giveaway or something 😬

「 かれしさんプレゼントあげた? 」
“Did you give your boyfriend the gift?”

R: あげたよ!
R: “I did[give him the gift]!”

「 よかった!!ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ 」

「 あしたべつのところにりれきしょをおくる!! 」
“I will send my resume to a different place tomorrow”
(She means a different company)
「 にほんはてがきだからたいへん😖💦 」
“It’s hard because in Japan it’s hand written”

Stuff has been stressful the last month. So that means that messages that I made into drafts never got posted ^^;

This one was right after coming back from Nagasaki and dragged Miki around the shopping mall so I could buy my boyfriend a present.
Don’t know how she puts up with me, because we went to more than one mall.

Also writing out your resume each time you want to apply for a job seems really troublesome. What if you have bad handwriting? Can you hire people to write it for you? So many questions. Let me know if you know.

My (very big) Bellarke fic tbr pile

These are fics I’ve found but haven’t read yet.. Probably because I got distracted by another fic. It’s been in my drafts for a while, because that’s where I keep it so I don’t lose them.. I don’t know why I just don’t bookmark them tbh. I just find this easier.. So I thought I might as well share it.

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(ooc: All righty. I’ve got five MAKE THAT SIX Garnet drafts, four for both my Lapis blog and my Greg blog, seven for my Yellow Pearl and like… Three more starters I need to do for Yellow. LET’S DO THIS. GET READY FOR THE GARLAPIREGELLOW BOMB.


I think one thing I’d do well to remember is that I’m not utterly listless. I know plenty of folks who have to get their MFAs or what have you and they aren’t writing. But I’m working on my book like 20 hours a week. I’ll have a MORE THAN SERVICEABLE draft by March. And I’ve got a kid’s book I’m buckling down on. And I’ve got a new book I’m starting next. I got that chapbook too. Plus, I’m getting stuff published. And I’ll be probably be in school for SOMETHING by the fall.
I frequently think of myself as a lazy person, definitely not a self-starter, I think because I’m not type-a in the slightest. But really, I’m totally working independently. I have a totally unsatisfactory job but I’m truly giving everything I got to my art because I love it that much. And I believe in it and myself that much, regardless of success.
So even if I feel lost in so many ways I’m actually not because the work I love best is thriving and growing.

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hi swancy!!! I was wondering if you're still going to make a sapheal fic rec? It's fine if you aren't but I really miss my boys and would love to read some fic of them especially after these awful izzy/raphael scenes

Yes! I’ve made a rec, it’s sitting in my drafts. I just need to make a gif to go with it and add a few more fanfics. But I’m hoping to post it on Friday? :D if you message me again tonight nonnie I’ll rec you some quick saphael fics before the big one on Friday ❤️😘

Also for Malec peeps, I just read another malec!kid fic and I just wanna cry because it has 5 chapters so far and ITS SO CUTE.

11 Facts Tag

Rules: You’ve seen this around before. Post 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people back! Tag backs are allowed, but you have to use different facts each time. The facts can be whatever you want, so have fun!

I was tagged by the amazing @whoopsharrystyles  Thank you doll!

1. I’ve had this blog since July 2016.

2. For the people who read my tags, I have tons of ideas brewing about a fairytale au. I never announced it officially because I’ve never written a chaptered story before and I don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up if I (very likely) fuck it up. And there’s no set plotline yet either so if it ever happens, it would be very far off into the future.

3. I actually prefer writing college AU Harry more than OU Harry. In my drafting process, I created an entire backstory for him too. Come by the inbox and ask about him. He’s adorable and no - he isn’t a criminal justice major. He tried it out for a year and found out it wasn’t for him.

4. Even though I just said I’ve never done a chaptered story, I will eventually write out a story for college AU Harry because I love him too much too keep him trapped in my head.

5. One of my favorite fanfiction stories of all time is Dandelion and Burdock by @stylesprimes and it’s an indie/college AU. Who would have guessed?

6. My best friend and I talked on the phone for hours discussing what houses the boys would be in if they went to Hogwarts. This is what we agreed upon:
*Gryffindor: Niall
*Slytherin: Harry/Louis
*Hufflepuff: Liam
*Ravenclaw: Zayn (and us)

7. That phone conversation was so in depth that a google doc exists with the bare skeletal structure of a Hogwarts AU. However, it is a passion project for us and it might not ever make it to the blog in its entirety. Maybe drabbles if enough people care about it.

8. Whenever I get writer’s block for this blog I go back to that google doc and try to write a bit for the Hogwarts thing. Helps get the creative juices flowing again.

9. A wonderful writer called @cariadharry wrote two chapters of an amazing Vampire!Harry AU and then mysteriously vanished from Earth. My heart breaks for that AU every day.

10. Speaking of which, I’d love to see more supernatural!Harry fanfiction. @stylessemantics has a cute Witch!Harry AU, but I’m selfish and want a lot more stories from this underrated canon.

11. My masterlist is an absolute mess and I can’t stand it. I don’t know how you guys manage to navigate it. I’m trying to fix it, but I’m not techy at all.

If they’d like to: @stylesunchained @trulymadlysydney @wdmsusie @mediocrewhiteboys @jawllines @stylessemantics @milkmeharry @canistay-haz @stylishmuser @aqua-harry @never-enough-harry2 @mendaxtheuser

(*Okay, so as of tonight, I’ve made a new blog to switch all this over to. It’s bare and unfinished and untouched, but it’s the very much needed first step into archiving over here.

I will still be tracking illusoirereveur over on my new blog. And I will continue to track it for quite some time, especially since there’s still a high likelihood that I may, in the future, switch my url back to that.

Anyway, below is the list of everything I have in my drafts. If you are not on this list, and we have a thread that you would like to continue, message me and let me know. I said it in my last post, and I’ll repeat it now. Anyone who does not tell me they want to continue our thread(s) can expect to have it dropped. Part of the reason I’m switching over to a new blog is because I have way too much going on here, and I need a fresh start. So, see below, and again, if you aren’t listed here, please please please do not hesitate to message me and tell me you want our thread to continue.*)

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who's your fav sunny cast member??? also i saw a post the other day talking about how charlie day is Problematic as hell and since i don't really know that much abt the cast i was a lil confused aha,,,, do u know abt anything regarding that ? anyway i love your blog adrian ur one of my faves <33

god it changes on any given day tbh. at this particular moment it’s charlie but that’s just because fist fight’s got me on a bender (if you’d asked yesterday i would have said rob because HE FELT SO STRONGLY ABOUT ANGELS IN AMERICA THAT HE AUDITIONED FOR IT KNOWING DAMN WELL HE WAS PUTTING HIS COLLEGE “CAREER” AT STAKE!!)

anyways regarding charlie being uh….. pretty fucking gross…….. i’ve actually had a full-on 2012 “yfip” style post about him sitting in my drafts for a couple months now. the only reason i haven’t posted it is because i haven’t had the time to dig through everything i wanted to dig through to find actual, tangible links (as opposed to my sources being “just trust me on this one.”) that said, i’ll just go ahead and copy/paste what i do have written on that post so far to save time:

okay so charlie’s thing i think is that he just…. doesn’t think? like ever? don’t get me wrong he’s REALLY smart but sometimes he tries to make jokes (at least i hope they’re not intended seriously) or analogies and they’re actually really damn unfortunate and gross.

  • during the press cycle for pacific rim (so mid-2013 or so), he referred to mako mori/rinko kikuchi in an interview as “the asian girl.” which was uh… REALLY fucking gross and racist of him considering mako mori is arguably the true protagonist of pacific rim, has WAY more screentime than charlie did, and the fact that charlie’s character didn’t even exist until the script was revised once or twice. (i have not been able to find a link to this specific interview since i made this post, but god knows i saw it in enough pacific rim callout posts back when the actual movie came out. i can go look for it again, if you’d like.)
  • also during the pacific rim press cycle, he called rinko kikuchi a dog. this is another one that i remember seeing a lot but, whereas i definitely saw/read the “asian girl” interview with my own two eyes, i don’t remember ever seeing the interview that this one came from. again, i can go look for it for you, but i can’t promise that i’ll be able to find it (unlike the above example, which i’m more confident that i could locate.)
  • in a 2016 interview with conan o’brien, he joked that he was growing his beard out because they were “doing an ISIS episode” in the upcoming season of sunny. in the same interview he went on to say he “has to stop looking like a jihadist.”

more than anything, i think people are referring to his REALLY disgusting comments made during the pacific rim press cycle when they talk about him doing and saying really bad things. not to say that those are the ONLY bad things he’s done (that post was written before hero or hate crime aired so BOY HOWDY YOU CAN ADD SOME SHIT TO THE LIST NOW) but they’re the ones that seem to stick out the most in the collective conscious.

Thread List

Note: This is just for the known replies I owe. If there are other threads between us in anyone’s drafts, they are not automatically dropped.

I want to say that I’m terribly sorry for not replying to some starters, but just because they and other threads aren’t on this list doesn’t mean we can’t revisit them another time. If we want to skip them, then we can certainly get something else going once I’m back from my hiatus.

I already had six replied to that will be posted from my queue. All others and any additional replies will be done once I’m back from my hiatus as well.

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I was just about to make a post because I have no idea what to write, but I typed all my thoughts out in all caps and now I know exactly what to do.  Also I’m mad because I didn’t do this when I blanked last Saturday.

For anyone wondering what it’s like to be a writer, this is what it’s like to be a writer.


//I wanted to apologize to some people for my lack of activity. I’ve been a bit lax on my break doing other things and exactly having the muse or even just going on Tumblr in general
I promise I’m not dead and I have your drafts I just haven’t but up to it–and it’s not because I’m upset or anything I just haven’t been in the right mind set

So to these people:

@violentnonretirement, @lelogedelaveuve, @veuve-lilac, @asclepiusangel, @the-rad-doctor, @nichtschaden, @angelarivm, @jxsticiero, @dirsirvan and @agentreaperhere

And to others used to seeing me on the dash I’m sorry and I promise to be back on soon!

so, here’s the deal.  i’m going to be giving this blog somewhat of a makeover, again, and adding more details about my characterization / comic timeline.  i feel like my blog’s messy, my draft count only keeps piling up with threads i feel like i can’t push and i want to write with people more personally. i want to talk / discuss more with those i write with so we can build a world around our muses better because those threads end up being the most interesting / motivating.  i’m going to update my blog, basically. i know i just revamped a few weeks ago, but i think revamping my blogs is what really gives me huge bursts of muse. i’ll be unfollowing some blogs throughout this week, mainly those i don’t feel like i’m ever going to write with or vibe with or are inactive, more often than not – these followers will fall into the last category. i feel like this process will make me get excited about being on harley again  &  make me sort of individualize my portrayal to relieve my recent anxieties.  because of all this, i’m going to compile replies in my drafts  post them sporadically until the end of my revamping.  i will be on,  mostly posting random headcanons  /  meta  /  facts instead of full on writing because i’m occupying myself with other character - related things.  n.e wayz.   i absolutely love the people i follow & harley as my muse, so i’m hoping you guys will stick with me as i make some advances  to the overall look of my blog / characterization

So I made this New Year’s Resolution. This crazy, Faustian sort of resolution, wherein I must complete a piece of writing (whether it’s a one-shot, drabble, or chapter for a larger work) at least once a week. For a whole year. “Complete” can mean “complete first draft,” but so far, in practice, it’s meant, “complete final draft.”

I did it because I’m ordinarily a very slow writer (it took me over a year to write 26,000 words, I mean, ffs, people), and if I actually want to publish something some day, then I need to improve upon that. I’ve had to push myself. The result is that, the past month and three-quarters, my brain has been properly wrung.

But this really awesome, amazing thing is happening now, where the words are flowing more freely, and where narrative is daily burning me up. I have to write something, sure, but I also have to write something, if you catch my drift. The thrill of putting pen to paper is being…drawn out, sustained. Thought patterns are shifting.

And I’m discovering the extent to which my protestations of, “I don’t have time to write” came from a place of fear.* Now that I have an incentive to carve out space for writing (as abstract as it may be), it’s suddenly…there. I can meet my familial and professional obligations, and engage with my other hobbies, and engage on a civic level, and still write. The reason it wasn’t there before is because I was afraid of failing.

Well, I took that fear of failure and shifted it. “Don’t fail at not creating” instead of “don’t fail at creating.”

Why am I writing this?

Partially because I’m excited, but also because I think it might be useful to share. I’m sure there are creative people out there who are reading this and thinking, “yeah, no shit,” and that’s a point of commiseration; I’m also sure there are creative people out there who are reading this and thinking, “…yeah? no shit…!” And that’s the point where I can say, “turns out you can hack your damn perfectionist brain and make it work for you.”

Also, punctuation rocks. 

*I recognize that this is not the case for all. There are people who really, truly don’t have time to write. I’m not one of them. And that’s another byproduct of this experiment: it’s caused me to notice a way in which I’m privileged. 




especially when you consider how sad he looks while skating the same program at Worlds, because although it might be an artistic choice I also think it’s meant to highlight the deep longing Viktor feels for someone to be close to 


this smile saved my life