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I was told today I can not use my inhaler in front of the customers because someone complained to my boss because I used it in front of her and it was "disrespectful". So now I need to work with a lot of steam, and if I start having an asthma attack in front of a customer I get to pass out or vomit instead of using my inhaler because one bitch complained. Thanks a fucking lot.

I may be wrong but that sounds like a lawsuit to me. Wouldn’t this fall under discrimination of disabilities? I would go over your manager’s head to corporate and if they try to defend that shit then seriously think about contacting a lawyer because I do think this is shady as hell.  -Abby

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what would wonho get you for your birthday? Thank you!

So I’m not sure whether you wanted it to be as if you’re dating or not but I’ll assume so, let me know if it’s not what you wanted!

Getting you a birthday gift - Wonho

  • So I don’t know if you guys have seen the last episode of X Ray or not but !!
  • so emotionally harrowing
  • I cried a few times ngl but anyway
  • Wonho is a super sentimental and thoughtful person
  • he remembers everything you like/dislike
  • ex. he bought Changkyun a jacket to match the sweats he always wears and was talking about his favourite colour
  • so if you told him, even just in passing, about something you saw that you thought was cute or something you were thinking about buying
  • like ‘wow that jacket is so cute but damn $$$”
  • he’d make note and remember to come back for it
  • but he’s also hella good with clothes and designs(?!?) stuff for the group and customizes his own stuff
  • so I feel like he’d want to do something like that for you because he’d want to get you the jacket you want but he wouldn’t want it to be too boring, like he’d jazz it up
  • ( i know i do this a lot so ill use it as an example) if you complain about all of your jackets not having decent enough pockets or wanting pockets on the inside
  • or like if it was a leather jacket and you wanted something a little more distressed/zippers or something he’d take the time after buying the one you talked about to add all this extra stuff to it to personalize it
  • he’d be bouncing off the walls if you liked it because his mission in life is to make you happy and !! he just gave you down to the T what you’ve been looking for and you literally mentioned it once when you were window shopping
  • he was looking at his phone when you were talking too so you didnt even know he heard you ??
  • what an angel ??
  • the funniest thing would be that he goes to all this damn effort to do this for you and he doesn’t even wrap it
  • gives it to you in the 5 cent plastic bag they gave him in the store

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I’m back

I know, lately I wasn’t very active here. Mostly because of job I had, but because of some accidents I lost it. They kicked me out after I almost fainted. Twice.

I was feeling worse with every day, I even didn’t had an energy to write stupid smiley icon. But, long story short, I was diagnosed with something named Panic Disorder. I’m taking pills now, and I’m slightly better. Still fighting tho.

But the happy news are; I have new laptop, so I’m back on track with art :D

I hope you guys forgive me my lack of activity, and I hope all of you are doing fine and well <3

PS. Please, don’t ask me about what caused this disorder. It’s connected with my past and present, and I don’t feel strong enough to reveal it, not yet. Also, I know some of you really care for me, and I appreciate it very much <3 but don’t say “just don’t think about it” or “just don’t panic” because it doesn’t work that way. Those attacks are striking even when I’m not stressed, even when I’m relaxed, doing something.

And also, don’t worry for me, guys. I’ll beat the shit out of it, I’ll survive it and become stronger, I just need some time to gather my forces for battle against my own fears >:D *battle music intensifies*

Love ya all~

BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE ━ despicable old lions, broken birds & discordant love.

i. i walk the line / halsey, ii. heavy in your arms / florence + the machine, iii. to be alone / hozier, iv. baby came home / the neighbourhood, v. flaws / bastille, vi. tearing me up / bob moses, vii. do i wanna know? / arctic monkeys, viii. lonely boy / the black keys, ix. witchcraft / frank sinatra, x. moonlight serenade / glenn miller        ❀ ❀ ❀   ( listen. )

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:


I didn’t have much to do today so I made some voltron icons! Please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them, but you don’t need to credit me!

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 



baeksoo forehead kiss (>/////<)


i have needs
part 2

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 


Agent Vasquez in 2x11, The Martian Chronicles