because this was a really really stupid choice


“He forced himself not to picture Adam’s laugh the night they met. His smile. The way he kissed Ronan. Earnest- like he really meant it. Like he really wanted to. He thought of every morning Adam put two bagels in the toaster because they both had classes at ten. He thought of every time Adam rolled his eyes at Ronan because he’d said something stupid. He thought of their argument on the porch. He thought of Adam in the shower.

Ronan didn’t really have a choice about it. He was still having nightmares, still trying to figure out why cabeswater was always black in his head, still trying to clean up his own messes. He still hadn’t told Adam that he could dream. He didn’t have a choice.

Ronan didn’t want to be friends.”

flowers slipping from your hands by @admlynch

♡ Happy Birthday Carly! ♡ 

Beca lectures Chloe over how ridiculous she thinks Chicago's name is

Chloe: He has a very chiseled look to him, but also cute, almost like a lost puppy.

Beca: yeah, okay, but you’re not going to actually take him seriously, right?

Chloe: Why not?

Beca: His name is Chicago.

Chloe: So?

Beca: That’s not a name.

Chloe: It’s his name, so obviously it is.

Beca: It really isn’t.

Chloe: Beca, it’s just his nam-

Beca: oh my god, okay fine, maybe it’s his name but it’s stupid, just drop it, Chloe.

Chloe: You’re the one who brought it up-


Fat Amy: …


Beca: …

Chloe: …

Beca: What? Did you hear that? I did. I’m hungry, Amy, wanna grab lunch? Yes? Great let’s go.

*Fat Amy and Beca leave the room in silence*

Chloe: …

Aubrey: She’s been pining over you for years, you know.


skam episodes: 11:11 et jævlig dumt valg
↳ It felt like I had to give up everything to be with you. I ditched my best friends. So when you said I just do what others think is cool and that I don’t have my own opinion, it’s really unfair because it’s not true because I chose you and it was a really stupid choice but at least I didn’t do it to be popular. A really stupid choice because it made me feel like shit. I was being paranoid all the time because I thought there might be something betwen you two. I thought that if you and I could do something like that to Ingrid… you could do the same thing to me. You understand? Maybe I thought I deserved it and so I became insecure and desperate. Your opinion meant more than my own. That’s not how it should be. 

The important of crowdfunding WADTT.

I try not to spam you guys with information about the Patreon that supports this blog, but in light of the discussions in the last 24 hours about the zoo field I want to talk about why I think it’s so incredibly important that WADTT stay funded by readers. 

What we’ve been talking about on the blog today and yesterday - sanctuary politics, how the zoo field interacts with the animal rights organizations, actual data on contentions animals like white tigers and what it tells - those are topics the animal industry actively avoids talking about to the public. What I do, what I research and write for this blog, not only just doesn’t exist in an official capacity but is for the most part completely disallowed by PR departments. The reason you learn things here and not from zoos, not from sanctuaries, not from the media is because someone up the food chain decided that the public isn’t intelligent enough to make informed choices when presented with accurate, unbiased information. 

I think that’s a really stupid choice coming from an field I love, and I think it’s really insulting to the public, and I think it’s a really great way for zoos to find themselves no longer existing as an industry within my lifetime. So a big part of this blog is pretty much my way of single-handedly attempting to fix that problem. This sort of education is what I want to do for a living, and what I’m trying to currently make my livelihood. 

What that means, though, is that I can’t go get a job in the field to be able to pay rent and continue doing what I do. I haven’t gone back and taken anything more than a volunteer position since I started this blog, because the moment I am a paid face of an institution I am beholden to their PR rules and a good 75% of what I write about could no longer fly. 

And that’s not just the politics - I wouldn’t be able to talk about the basic facts of animal management. I got turned down for a collaboration with an AZA institution a few weeks ago because their PR department was uncomfortable with the fact that I have previously unequivocally stated that ‘the zoo field recognizes enrichment as a necessity and not a luxury because captivity fundamentally inhibits the range of behaviors an animal can express’. This should not be a controversial statement. That’s an acknowledged fact that has been printed in tens of scientific studies dealing with environmental enrichment, including ones conducted at big, well-known zoos. But in this age of animal rights siege and incredible public sensitivity and pseudoscience, this zoo decided it couldn’t even afford the risk of being seen collaborating on a totally unrelated topic with a blog that didn’t completely mimic their acceptable messaging. 

It’s become really clear to me that the only way I can continue to write what I write is if I’m funded by - and therefore only accountable to - my readers. WADTT has upwards of 30,000 followers on tumblr, and I can’t track how much of the animal industry reads what I wrote but I know it’s a lot of people. If you value the content you encounter on this blog, please consider donating to the Patreon. I chose that crowdfunding method specifically because I know a lot of my readers are struggling millennials with unstable financial situations just like me, so it’s a setup that lets you contribute as little as a dollar a month, change your pledge amount at any time, and cancel or reinstate your pledge at any time. I want this to be something accessible for you guys. I write this for you, after all. 


Boo! pt.1

genre: ghost au, mystery, fluff, supernatural
rating: T
pairing: Taehyung x Reader
summary: “it surprised him that you could see him. After all, he was dead.”
word count: 5.1k
next chapter: chapter 2 chapter 3

“Even if she’s just right there, for sure, she wouldn’t know that I was here all along.”

You stirred awake as you realized that you heard a familiar voice right above you. You lazily opened one eye, checking the clock on the bedside table. It was just three in the morning, but why were you suddenly hearing someone talking? It was as if someone was also inside you in your room….

You bolted your eyes open as you realized that you should actually be alone in your room at the moment, especially since you weren’t staying in your university dormitory. You were surprised, however, as you saw brown eyes staring back at you, as if he wasn’t wary that you were awake. It was as if he wasn’t worried at all that you were awake and that you could hit him.

“What the hell are you doing here in my room at three in the morning, Kim Taehyung?” You groaned as you drowsily sat up on your bed. You clenched the sheets around you, knowing that you weren’t wearing a lot since the AC unit was broken. You glared back at him, waiting for an explanation.

“Wait, you can see me?” He asked, looking very surprised. You stared at him back with a look of disbelief. Did he really think that he could just play some funny joke at fucking three in the morning?

“Of course, you idiot,” you muttered, deciding to check your phone and open your SNS account. For some reason, you had a lot of notifications from your high school batch group, which you didn’t notice since you slept early that night, tired from the long trip you took to go all the way back to Daegu. You decided to scroll through the posts, realizing that it was pertaining to the boy standing by your bed.

“Kim Taehyung got into a mysterious accident!”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nobody knows what happened!”
“May Taehyung’s soul rest in peace!”

You could only turn back to him as it dawned to you why he was shocked that you could see him now in your room at three in the morning. He scratched his head, letting out a nervous chuckle before he confirmed the exact thought running inside your head.

“But, I’m dead.”

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Covenant || five

Summary: You face the harsh reality of being Namjoon’s wife.

Story Summary: You are betrothed to Kim Namjoon, the heir of a real estate mogul. To say that it was a fairy tale romance would be erroneous. You’re instead loped in the sad tale of the rich and melancholy.

Genre: Angst, smut (awww yisss)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Part: 5 of 8 || one || two || three || four || six || seven || eight

Music: Fetish (Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane) (all this sexual tension needs some good music)

Words: 7,525 (sorry if it’s a bit shorter than usual)

Chapter Five: Expectations vs. Reality

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Walking on Glass A little SJ fandom rant

Wow…. How about that new episode of Samurai Jack? Pretty trippy right? I mean, that part where he eats something and his head turns into a fish. Like how dose that work exactly? Pretty funny, huh? Heh…heh…heh… Where do I begin? So happen was, last night was the premiere of the new Samurai Jack season 5 episode 8, in which Jack and Ashi are making their way across the desert. Hmm… Why dose this sound familiar? Anyway, during their ride on a giant camel monster used as a bus, Jack and Ashi find themselves in a pretty close to each other and it is that this point where they’re relationship takes quite a turn. During their journey, they come across a large spaceship to escape a dust storm. Only to find out that the ship is still infested by a leach monster. After they finally defeat it, at the heat of the moment Jack and Ashi then make out and that when the “fans” starting setting fire to their insides. 

 I said I was gonna get back to the messy subject and the hail storm of raging “fans” that apparently this episode has brought upon. After reading through a number of these hissy-fit heated debates, I couldn’t help but laugh at a few, roll my eyes at most and have the rest cause me to put my hands in my face. Seriously, all it took was a kiss and some awkward but sweet bonding moments for people to get up in arms saying crap like “They ruined the show!” “How could you Genndy?” “The show’s gone downhill.” And those are just some of the less visceral comments I’ve seen…. It really makes me sad. It really makes me sad to see a show I loved as a kid, get second chance at finishing it’s story and the one tiny moment that wasn’t even remotely negative in any way, would then cause such a shit storm, that I have to sit back and wonder why did I have to be born as a human being… Oh am I sounding bit harsh here? *eh-hem* I suppose some would prefer it if I went back to my dark little corner of the internet and remain silent like I usually do. Heck No! I feel I should be aloud to express my own opinion, while setting somethings straight. (Pun not intended.) Now, I will not be completely demonizing people who are against this ship, because some do have a few valid points as to why they don’t like it or this episode and thats understandable. I’m not saying you have to like it. Again it’s all matter of choice and opinion. (get use to hearing that.) But! What I am irritated by is how people are practicality screaming out things like “Pedophile” “Forced” “Rushed” “Poorly Written” “Not gay equals bad” “Boy-cot” and other things that are just… Really really stupid… So I may has well give you guys my own two cents here. I don’t expect to change any minds here; just take what I say with a grain of salt. You have plenty of it, anyway…

Jack and Ashi should have been platonic. Like father and daughter.”

The moment I was first introduced to Ashi in episode 1, I knew she was going to play some important roll in the new season. I knew she was going to be some kind of ally to Jack. She wasn’t a mindless drown like her sisters. She was curious about the world. Now keep in mind, from the beginning, I wasn’t automatically shipping these two. I knew a bond was gonna form between them eventually, but I really didn’t know what type of relationship it was gonna be, nor did I care. Yes, it didn’t really matter to me, father/daughter, teacher/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever! All I cared about was seeing these two lost souls find happiness in one another. They make a great team already, so no matter which way it was gonna go, I was going to be satisfied either way. Being the gray smudge that I am, I kept an open mind about this. I’m not a big crack shipper anyway. Then again I don’t get into ships that much because I know how scary they can be. So thats why I stick with pairings that are canon and that I like. But I’m sure that this might be one of the reasons why people were a upset by this. They were really hoping for that platonic relationship. Sorry, don’t know what tell you there. Not everything in a show is gonna go your way. This is what Genndy wanted, but just because you didn’t agree with it, doesn’t mean you should be flat out calling it bad writing and hate the rest of the series for it!  I’ll get into the pacing issues later, right now it’s time to adress the elephant in the room…

Jack’s too old for Ashi and Ashi’s a little girl!”

Yes, time is a BIG issue in this series and I can understand the problem some “fans” are having with the whole age gap thing. Like he should be really old by this point, but heres the thing. Jack doesn’t age. He’s still stuck in his 20’s psychically AND mentally. Yes, I said mentally as well. His mind is worn out but not old. Like Jack said, time has lost it’s a effect on him. As for Ashi, I’m almost more than certain that she’s in her 20’s as well. The real problem shouldn’t be the fact that he’s older than her. The REAL problem should be the fact that he can’t age but she still can. Really, I’m surprised nobody’s getting more mad with Aku about this, since, you know? He’s the one responsible for this whole issue in the first place. Whats more annoying though, is the fact that this has become the main and almost only reason “fans” have for not liking this pairing! I mean come on! I can go on for why Edward and Bella are a bad couple, not just because he’s a hundred years old, but also because despite being a hundred he still goes to high school for some reason, acts like a creep around Bella, calls her his personal brand of heroine (and how much he wants to eat her.) breaks into her room to watch her sleep at night and throws her against the wall. Yet she does absolutely nothing about it and still acts so dependent on him like she can’t stand on her own two feet! * hem* Getting a off topic, I should also point out that this is not the first time we’ve seen a fictional couple where one person is way older than the other. It’s been done many times in media. Aragon and Arwen, Rose and Greg, Aang and Katara, Inuyasha and Kagome and nobody bats an eye there. But I know you’re probably going make excuses as to why I’m wrong for comparing some these couples to Jack and Ashi. “Uh, but Rose isn’t even human! She’s a gem and they don’t age!” Still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still thousands of years older than him. What does being a rock- I’m sorry, a Mineral not a rock, have to do with her age? And that can go the same for Arwen and Inuyasha as well. “But-but Aang was frozen in a sphere of ice.” Yeah, keeping him persevered for over a hundred something years thus delaying his ability to age until he was set free and why he’s still twelve. Even though technically speaking he was born way before Katara was born. Hell, I could dare say that Jack is in his own sphere of ice. Just not literally. Time and age have stopped round him. Thing is, even with out the fifty year time-skip Jack would still be considered thousands of years old since he comes from feudal era Japan. So no matter what girl he ended up with in this future, he would still be way older than her regardless. The more I hear this excuse brought up, the less water it holds and the more desperate it sounds. Especially when you have no other strong argument to bring, as to why these two shouldn’t be together. Oh, and don’t even think about calling it pedophilia! Just because we saw Ashi growing up as a child doesn’t mean she is one now. I’m pretty certain she’s past the teen stage. In fact we even saw what she looked like during that stage. So treating her like she’s still a child is kind of insulting, honestly. You’re consent miss use of the word, makes me want to strangle myself. Okay I’ve been ranting about this for too long… Let’s- let’s get to our next topic.

Why does media keep pushing for heterosexual couples? What a bunch of Homophobes!”

*Sssssssiiigggghhh….* I know not everyone who disagrees with this pairing thinks this way, but my God Tumblr… What’s with the extremism? I’ve always tried to be more opened minded about a lot of things. Accept others for who they are and have always said love is a very strange thing. So don’t you DARE blindly accuse me as a “homophobe” for what a I’m about to say here… Not everything has to be gay, in order to tell a good love story! There I said it! A good love story is when you can feel the connection between two characters no matter what their sexual preference is. I don’t like Ruby and Sapphire just because they’re mineral space lesbians, I like them because of how much they care for each other and how they can have fights and make-ups like any other couple and so on and so forth. Thats what makes a good pairing. Also saying it’s out of character for Jack to have an attraction to a female because your head-canon tells you he’s either ace or homo, is also not true as well. Not saying you still can’t have your ace/gay Jack crack ships. You don’t have to have canon dictate to you what you can or can’t ship. I’m simply saying that Jack has always been attracted to woman in the show. Remember when he got kissed by that girl in the field when he was a kid. He still has fond memories of it. And is it just me or did everyone forgot, Ikra, Josephine, or that creepy flower lady from ‘Seasons of Death’ happened? Given how nervous he gets around woman he finds attractive and how flustered he gets when seeing Ashi naked, it’s clear to me now, that he is definitely not her biological father as well. Now that he’s out of his depression, it was only a matter of time before he started falling for Ashi. Why is this anti-hetero/homophobia thing even an argument at all?! Why is it even brought up?

But the pacing felt so rushed! How dare they force the love-interest trope down our throats. This came out of nowhere!”

Okay, I’m going to briefly play devil’s advocate here. I can get where the rushed pacing argument comes from. But forced? No, put a pin on that last one. We’re gonna get back to that later. First I can agree that the pacing felt a bit rushed. (Though this isn’t the first time I’ve enjoyed something with a rushed pace. *cough*9*cough*) Still, keep in mind that the creator was only given ten episodes to work with. So certain things had to be cut out, I’m sure. If they were going make thirteen I’m pretty certain that would have given them more time to further expand on Jack and Ashi’s relationship, rather then cramming all the more romanic stuff in it into this episode. However, that doesn’t mean that the romance came out of no where. There were some hints dropped here and there since the beginning of episode 3 infact. We got only two more episodes left, so 8 had to be the one to fully confirm how Jack and Ashi are starting to feel for each other. I do feel like there could have been some other things they could have changed in the previous episodes to help further accentuate the relationship a little better in this episode. As far as this season goes, it may not be one of their strongest episodes, but it’s not their worst either. I still enjoyed it, romance and all. Honestly I think the real weak point was the conflict of being lost in the ship with the leach creatures. Like where was everyone else, what was the backstory to this space prison. This episode was always going to be about Jack and Ashi falling love no matter what. It’s just everything else was going to just feel like a little bit of an after thought. Another complaint I’ve heard was that this episode felt like “filler” and did nothing to progress the plot of the story. Well, I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. (Irony) You know, a few light-hearted laughs to put us at ease before the shit it’s the fan. (At least thats what it was suppose to be…) Though something tells me they’re just doing this to break our hearts later… And what lack of plot progression. The plot progression was with Jack and Ashi. With that said, going back to the “forced” bit. As I said before it was hinted at early on, the moment Jack and Ashi started interacting with each other. But I think the problem is because they were hinted at so subtlety, I guess it’s kinda easy for most people to miss them. Thing is we don’t really know how long it took Jack and Ashi to go from that mounted to that market area or how long it took for them to find that bird. You can use your mind fill in the gaps there. But I feel that to really cover this topic and why I don’t find their relationship “forced” I’m going to have to dive in deeper.

Shoot me…

Okay, now I’m going to get into what I think of these two and why I think they work as a pair. Starting off with Jack, he’s pretty much been through hell at this point. Losing his home, separated from his family, spends the rest of his childhood training to earn his father’s sword, only meets his parents again briefly before he goes off to fight Aku. Only to have the rug pulled out from under him when Aku throws him into the future. For fifty years this man has had to deal with so much pain and suffering. Getting trolled with by Aku, always having something try to kill him, being alone, seeing all the Hell that Aku has raised, suffering from hallucinations and no matter how hard he tries, he can never seem to reach his goal. Ultimately what leads to his depression. The more time passes him by while he remains young, the further and further his goal gets. He has lost all hope. Somewhere during those fifty years, a cult of Aku obsessed women have a ceremony for their High Priestess who’s given birth to seven daughters for the soul purpose to kill Samurai Jack. However one of these girls is not like the others. Ashi, does not have the same mind set as her sisters. She’s curious about the world outside, wants to see the beauty of nature, but is trapped with in the confides of her abusive mother. Never aloud to play or have fun. Never shown any love or bonding with her family. Forced into training at such a young age and all while being told nothing but lies about the Samurai and what an evil person he is, ruining Aku’s “perfect” world. Having never met this man, it only filled Ashi’s heart with anger and hate. Now fully grown, training complete, she and her sisters set off to kill Jack. Not knowing what they were getting themselves into. Not realizing that there mother essentially sent them out to die. And thus the journey begins for these two lost souls. Jack struggling to keep moving forward while being haunted by his own negative emotions as well as being hunted down by a shogun of death. Ashi, blinded by hatred towards a man who’s done her no wrong, she does not realizes she’s fighting for the wrong side. During the search for the Samurai, Ashi and her sisters come across a doe in the forest. That’s when the buck shows up. Thinking it’s related to Aku, they thing it’s come to “devour the weaker one.” What they didn’t expect to see was the two deer nuzzling each others noses. This was the first time any of them have seen affection before. Which leaves them so confused, as they were never taught to love but to hate. One of them even says she doesn’t like it. I also consider this part foreshadowing. It’s is only after he defeats them, does the ball really get rolling. Jack assumes he’s killed Ashi like the rest, but the guilt of what he’s done continues to eat a way at him. Ashi then wakes up, still hell bent on trying to kill him. She ends up getting restrained by her own chain and it is here, where Jack finally has a chance to see the woman behind the mask. A very troubled woman, who has clearly lost her way like him. Seeing that she is not evil and feeling bad for killing the others, Jack not only lets her live, but goes out of his way to protect her. The real turning point comes when Jack and Ashi escape the goliath monster. Ceasing the opportunity, Ashi slowly starts to creep up on him, while he isn’t looking, but just as she’s a bout to try and kill him that’s when the ladybug appears. This triggers a memory of when she was a child. During her training, she sees a ladybug and lets it land on her hand. Her mother scolds her for this, taking the bug away and killing it in front of her. Going back to reality, that bug flies over to Jack. He rises his hand to it as Ashi watches, wondering what he’s about to do. To her surprise, he lets the ladybug go, showing an act of kindness. Causing Ashi to drop her weapon; he’s not the monster her mother made him out to be. Through Jack, she learns more about the world, Ashi begins to see the truth as he shows her the beauty of nature and horror that Aku has caused. Ashi does begin to believe him, but the moment that seals the deal is after they save bunch of children from enslavement, Jack freaks out when we thinks they’re all dead. He heads off with the Omen (the shogun of death from earlier) to commit suicide and she goes to find him. Thats when she meets some of the people Jack has helped over the years, thats when she fully sees the man he really is. Thinking of her past and all the good Jack has done, this is what inspires her to change her appearance. And it’s because of her that Jack was able to regain his hope. She gave him the strength he needed to fight off his own demons. She protected him while he was in deep meditation to find his sword. From an army and her own mother no less. She does not hold any ill will towards him for killing her sisters, as it was out of self defense. It was her mother who sent them out there in the first place. Now that his hope has been restored and is back to being his old self. Now that he gotten to know her and sees how much she has changed for the better, it should come has no surprise that they would start noticing each other in more ways. I mean this is probably the longest anyone has ever traveled with him. So how does any of that sound forced? There was build up. Sorry if you couldn’t see it.

Final Thoughts…

Ya know, I find it pathetic that this is the reason people are getting so upset that they want to quit the show when theres only two episodes left to go. And you call yourselves fans… Can’t we just wait to see how the out come and then make our criticize afterwards. I’m even more disappointed with the fan-base than I am with the episode because of how everyone is acting like this pairing is such a crime. When this season started I thought this was gonna be fun. But now I’m just left sour over yet another fandom like I was with the “9” fandom. I’ve seen people literally saying that it made them feel uncomfortable and ruined the WHOLE series for them. Say, you wanna know what makes me feel uncomfortable? Is the more I think about it, the more it disturbs me that anybody will get pissed over a healthy relationship like this one, yet you’ll see abusive couples like Harley Quinn and Joker, Fifty Shades of Gray and the of mentioned Twilight get glorified. Am I the only one who sees something wrong there? And after all the shit that Jack and Ashi have been through, wouldn’t you want to see them to be happy? Isn’t that what many of us wanted? My only concern is now that it’s established that Jack and Ashi have deeper feelings for one another, how is the final going to effect them. Are the rumors I keep hearing going to be true? I’ve always been wanting to know how this series is going to end since I was eight years old and nothing is going to stop me for watching the ending. I don’t even care how it’s going to end. I don’t care if it breaks my heart. At least I will now know and I will accept what ever Genndy has in store. Like I said from the beginning, you’re not wrong for disliking or disagreeing with this pairing, I’m not wrong for liking it and thats fine. But don’t act like this is such a travesty that it makes you dislike the entire series, don’t quite while we’re so close to the end. This whole mess has just become childish at this point. But hey, hate me all you want for expressing my opinion. There is nothing you can say to me that hasn’t already been said before. Hate never fixes anything. Hate is what got Ashi’s sisters killed in the long run. I’ve been rambling on about this for too long. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna make some Jashi fan art while I still can. In the mean time enjoy this little quote.

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“Believe what you may, but if you open your eyes and let go of the hate. You will see the truth.”


st-louis-is-spooky  asked:

fallout 3 was a good game!!

it was, insofar as it was my first fallout game and my introduction to the franchise. I spent many hours on that game falling in love with it, the story, the characters, the karma system. this game gave me the things i didn’t have, i.e. a father. However

  • the beginning is just terrible. why. Why. Why why why. I think someone has said this before, but the beginning to fallout 3 is like the joke answer to “how should we start a video game?” It’s cliche, and the biggest fans of fallout 3 are also the ones who modded out the beginning. I get you’re supposed to feel like you’re really making your character (roleplay or whatever), but the beginning affects 0 of the things you do in the rest of the game, 0 of the relationships you have, 0 quests. it serves to integrate you into the fallout universe, but you know what accomplishes that? the intro sequence and “war. war never changes.” i remember replaying fallout 3 once or twice and being mad that nothing you do matters in the beginning. i was cheated. my time felt wasted. it has you take a standardized test. whose idea was this? who was the guy, Bethesda? who was the guy that said “hmm. what will players like? oh i know. a standardized test that actually doesn’t matter what you answer. you think you’re doing something important? NAh. the game takes the first hour or so to make your character (btw, i know this was the first fps for fallout, but no matter what my did my character looked like the same gummy mannequin) and makes them do things that will never matter. The beginning makes me so mad because it basically tells you how the game will be. Your decisions won’t truly matter, or they won’t truly be ‘your’ decisions. The rest of the game feels like this, like everything is out of your control, and there’s nothing you can really do. In fact, when you first escape Vault 101, you’re forced to kill the police officers you grew up with. Just like that, the game sets you up to care about something like your vault security cops, but you don’t get the chance to reason with them and ask them not to kill you, or not kill them. You’re forced to commit grave moral killing. you don’t really feel in control.
  • the karma system. “it’s complex,” says the gamer journalists. “you gain a reputation based off what you do. that’s immersive.” OK, well, here’s the thing. My idea of complex grayscale morals is not “blow up a town or don’t blow up a town” within the first minute of actual freeplay you get in the game. that’s not complex. That’s not a hard moral choice. That’s not like Blind Betrayal in Fallout 4, where (spoiler) if you’re part of the Brotherhood whose mission is to eradicate nonhuman entities, you’re ordered to kill your mentor and friend because he is a synth. THAT is complex because it forces you to recognize the problem with the brotherhood’s ideology, or your own prejudice if you really do believe synths aren’t people. it explores how gen 3 synths really do feel and have all the elements of a person. it shows maxson’s idealism, but his cold-bloodedness. it shows things, and because it’s a video game, you experience them. no one needs to tell you “the brotherhood has problems.” you experience them yourself in a heart wrenching scene. Now i actually got mad at this part, because you can cop out and leave Danse alive and still be in the brotherhood (which is lame damn storytelling, Todd), so that sucked, but do you see my point? That’s complex karma. the Youtuber oxhorn makes daily videos on the morals and ethics found in fallout 4 and the dilemmas and problems the players face in the wartorn country. I’m sorry, but a lot of the choices fallout 3 gives you are like…option A) virtuous Jesus, Savior of Mankind or option B) actually Hitler. That’s not complex. In fact, this is revealed in the end too, when no matter what, you die. i know they realized they fucked up and made a whole dlc to extend the game (again, dying at the end–the joke answer to “how should we end the game?”) because, no matter what choice you make, whether you put the bad stuff in the purifier or not, no matter what choice you make, it doesn’t matter and there aren’t consequences. that’s just, such a shame, and I’m so glad the karma system was not included in fallout 4.
  • the entire focus on water and the water purifier is…well, a lame plot point. here’s my thing. in a good story, you don’t just tell people what problems are. you add environmental elements that show the story. let me use my favorite example right now, that is, the new Wonder Woman movie. the movie doesn’t tell you “Diana is an idealist, a strong warrior, a special type, and she will fight for what is right.” no, they show you. they show her as a child eager to learn to be a warrior, they show her trying desperately to win, they show her sneaking out with Steve Trevor to fight in The War because she thinks there are people who need her help. On the way to the front she is stubborn, and she sees men affected by PTSD and horrible injuries, dismal grayscale scenes that show the gravity of the situation. they show their effect on her and how she pushes past everybody to save people. but Fallout 3 doesn’t take it’s main plot point–dad and water purifier–and show you why they are important. “water is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” says your dad, when you’re 3 or whatever. “Your mom loved water. water is so good.” but the first settlement you see, Megaton…well, they don’t have any plants. they have water pipes with purified water, but they literally aren’t using them for anything but like, the toilets i guess? What i’m saying is, fallout 3 wants you to take something seriously, but the game doesn’t show you it’s serious. In the next major settlement I found, Arefu, the problem is with some vampire cult, but not water. rivet city and the citadel don’t have farms either. like, no one has a real farm. Except for like maybe one or two homeless guys going “i need water,” no one in the wasteland needs water. It therefore isn’t important to me that the water purifier is a thing. they tell me it’s important and therefore I think it is, but that’s vastly different from showing a player through the environment and conversations that something is needed, that people are desperate, that water is vital and people are dying in the wasteland. you know what else? your domestic robot purifies water for you. he literally is a water purifier. it’s not the whole Potomac, but why the hell doesn’t my dad just construct mr handy’s to purify water to give to people? doesn’t megaton have a water purifier that just converts, like, the sand or sewage or something into clean water? because then why the hell do i need a mutant-filled super science water purifier that kills me?
  • new vegas and the previous fallouts were deserty because they were in deserts. fallout 3 is in washington DC and 200 years is enough time to pass for things to grow over. That being said, 200 years is enough time for a lot of shit. There shouldnt be still food boxes and prewar consumables hanging around in supermarkets 200 years from the apocalypse. Further, look at 200 years ago in the 1817. People were really freaking different. They dressed and talked differently. In fallout 3, 200 years does bumf*ck to the styles or culture, except that everyone is really dirty. THAT IS ANOTHER THING TOO–everything is so DIRTY and brown and dark green and gray and swampy. The houses aren’t swept and people just casually live in wreckage as though normal people don’t clean up their shit. 200 years is a long ass time.
  • i’m gonna say it again. your choices don’t really matter. they really don’t matter because you die in the end anyway (which, by the way, you can have fawkes your supermutant friend go in there and dial the number or whatever, but ohohohohononono Fawkes develops a sense of destiny or whatever the heck so that you can go in, so the creators can make you die. It’s not like it literally would save my life, you ugly green pos, but i don’t blame you. i blame bethesda for their stupid ending.) But like, speech choices? they don’t let you explore dialogue by what you actually think. Rather, they give you easy peasy ways to cop out of a hard decision or quest with something like [Intelligence] I’m smart! Give me money!. It’s just really unimmersive in my opinion to not have real conversation, which is a problem with fallout 4 too. like, the freaking evil guy? the computer President Eden? You can convince him to die and blow up everything in like, 2.68 seconds, merely because of a perk you got. Or i think you can gamble in a speech check. speech check you say? yes, i mean, saving right before a conversation and repeatedly gambling based on some number to get something you want.
  • another plot point is, so what if the enclave got the purifier? so what? will they….use it for evil? will they purify water evilly? will the Potomac be clean but in an evil way? Like, imagine a button that will stop the world from blowing up. Will you really be so mad if it’s a nazi pushing it rather than Gandhi? Again, bethesda failed to make the water purifier truly matter to me. dad dies because he didn’t want apocalyptic nazis repair the water purifier. 
  • also you know what? you can blow up megaton and literally all your dad says is “i’m disappointed” as if his kid isn’t a genocidal fuckin’ maniac. complex moral decisions and consequences my ass.

look at what this guy said on his cool blog.

Dad built a water purifier that didn’t work, for people that didn’t need it, and then made it release radiation it shouldn’t have, to prevent it from falling into the hands of people trying to fix it. This killed the man who had no reason to sabotage it and didn’t kill Colonel Autumn, who had no means to survive. This put the Enclave – an army with no reason to attack – in charge of the purifier, which was of no value to them. Then the player entered vault 87 to recover a GECK, a magical matter-arranger that they shouldn’t need and that would be better put to use in virtually any possible manner besides fixing the purifier. Colonel Autumn, who shouldn’t be alive, captured the player with a flash grenade that shouldn’t have worked that was thrown by soldiers who had no way to get there. The final battle was a war between the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel, to see which one would get to commit suicide trying to turn on the purifier that neither of them needed. This resulted in more sabotage that threatened to explode a device that shouldn’t be explode-able, ending with the death of the player character, who had the means to survive but didn’t, and who was never given a good reason for doing any of this.

anyway, i loved fallout 3 but it wasn’t a carefully crafted or articulated mind-bending morally-crunching story that really engaged me. fallout 4 had a lot of these problems too, but it had a lot of strengths that to this day keep me playing.

come on, Todd.

Mat Sella Romance Walkthrough

Hey, guys! I know some people mentioned they were having a hard time getting a good ending for Mat. Someone said there wasn’t a walkthrough for him, so I went down and jotted everything I did to get his good end. Hope this helps!

This is all just hastily scribbled shorthand and I’m rocking a fever, so excuse the format <3

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Screams, tears, sorrow. It wasn’t until it got physical I realised how deep this fight had become. A hard slap across the face from me and shove to the wall from him arose my inner common sense that had obviously been put aside in the last 20 minutes.

I needed to get away from Justin before he or I did something we would both regret, and more then likely end up on the Internet for the world to see. “Where the fuck are you going?!”

His voice was raspy from all the previous yelling but the unedifying demand in his tone suggested that he was no where near ready to drop his guard and finish this argument. He had not reached his senses like I had which was odd. It was usually him who would walk away or stop our bickering.

“Away from you. I can’t stand in this room any longer . It’s suffocating me.” I muttered, making my towards the balcony of our bedroom.

His shouts continued to echo throughout the room behind me, no doubt him cussing me out for whatever reason his mind could muster up but my choice was a lot smarter. Just ignore his banter and release a little tension.

As I sat on the chair swing bolted in the ceiling, I couldn’t help my eyes but to wonder over to the outdoor coffee in front of me.

Laying next to the ashtray which was seemingly empty of any cigarette ashes, was a packet. Full. Just the way I left them.

But do I really want this? It’s been so long, I’ve done so well so far. Do I really want to spoil it because of one stupid fight that escalated a little too quickly between Justin and I?

Yes. I really do.

Before I could change my mind, I quickly flipped the packet open and swiped out the first one I found, using the lighter on the table to ignite it. The now recently used packet in my hands was thrown carelessly back on the table as I sat back and huffed on the burning cigar.

One inhale in and a large amount of smoke followed on the way out. It burned my lungs after not having one in so long and i knew that I was really only cheating myself but it calmed me. And it was either this or worse. I could have gone back to my teenage years and swiped a blunt up, or even resulted to my depressed days and brought out the razor. It’s stupid I know, but it’s how I convinced myself that what I was doing right now wasn’t so bad after all.

A few more hits later and I could finally feet my body relaxing to the addictive nicotine. Savouring every breath of the now half smoked cigarette.

It was a quiet night out. No one was heard, not even the cars from the busy street below. Justin and I’s house was to far from the actual road to hear the noise, with having such a large and grand front yard.

But that silence was quickly disturbed may I say very suddenly, when one of the double doors to the bedroom unexpectedly began to creep open.

“Y/N?” I couldn’t see his face, it was blocked by the door but that didn’t stop me from imagining what his face looked like from his tone of voice.

He sounded sorrowful and broken. Maybe a little guilty? His voice was sad and weak and although he knew I was out here, he also seemed a little unsure.

I decided not to answer and rather just grab another puff of the cigarette in my hands, looking out across at the beautiful LA view.

From the corner of my eye, I watched as Justin stepped away from the door, closing it behind him without yet taking a good glance at me. With a tired sigh, I let my hand holding the cigarette fall to the side, gripping the addictive drug in between two fingers.

Justin peeked over at me, his once beet red face from earlier now a pale complexion, something he showed when he was nervous. Followed by his paleness was a mark on the side of his face that was tinted slightly different to the rest. A hand mark that fit my hand perfectly. A sigh similar to mine escaped his lips, his head falling to the floor in shame. “Baby. I’m so sorry. I should have never touched you.”

By the tone he used, I could hear just how sorry he really was, and I could tell that it really was eating him up inside.

I really couldn’t blame him that much. I did fire him up by slapping him but he knows to never touch a girl. He hurt me be slamming me against that wall. Not just physically.

Once not receiving a reply, I watched as his eyes fell into desperation, begging for my forgiveness. “Baby girl?” His voice barely anything but a whisper.

I ignored his pleas and instead, lifted the cigarette to my mouth, sitting it in between my lips before taking a puff.

Justin’s face grew from sad to shocked in a matter of seconds, and I watched as he quickly shuffled over to stand in front of me, grabbing a hold of the cigarette box on the table. He opened the lid, taking a peek inside to spot the one missing cigarette before turning to me.

“Your smoking?” His voice was laced in disbelief.

“Is there a problem?” I spat, barely sparing as much as a glance in his direction.

“You’ve worked so hard to stop your addiction.” He stated.

“Well, not hard enough.” I shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Justin was silent for a few more seconds, his eyes flickering between me, the box in his hand and the lit cigar in my fingers before he suddenly stood and prepped his arm back.

My eyes widened once realising what he was doing but it was to late as I watched the box of cigarettes be thrown many meters out, until it landed somewhere along the road in the distance.

Blood boiling as I shook, the cigarette on my hand was dropped to the floor, still sparking in a flame as I stood, my eyes squinted towards Justin who was almost admiring his work over the balcony.

“What the fuck?!”

“Don’t ‘what the fuck’ me. You broke your promise.” He spoke.

“That promise was to myself, it had nothing to do with you!”

“Don’t you dare say that!” He shouted but it was rather calm in a way, as if he was really trying hard not to work himself or me up. “You know just as well as I do that your smoking has a lot to do with me.”

“Yeah, well fuck off!” I grunted, throwing myself back into the swing. It was silent once again as I bent down to pick up the burning cigarette, bringing it closer to my lips to take another puff. But it was Justin’s voice which caused a halt my actions, my heart almost shattering in the process.

“I just want you to be healthy. I don’t want a repeat of last time.”

His voice was so broken. It hurt.

“Last time was a mistake.”

“Then Don’t make that mistake again. Please Y/N.”

“The chances of me getting cancer again is low. One cigarette won’t kill me.” I muttered.

“That’s what you said last time.” He sounded like a lost child. It broke my heart.

“When the doctor diagnosed your lung cancer, it literally felt like my whole world had just crumbled in front of me. I did so much research on it after that.” He began, looking out into the distant city.

“Do you know how many people survive having Lund cancer? 4 in 100.” He continued. “4. Only 4. If I ’m being honest Y/N, I thought you were going to die. And seeing how sick you were, i felt like I was going to die. So when they announced you cancer free, I was so happy I was ready to jump up and do 100 summersaults.” As if remembering and old memory, he chuckled, but it was short lived as he fell back into a hole of sadness, head dropping.

“Please don’t do that to yourself again. And if I knew that the argument we had would lead to you coming out here and lighting a cigarette, I would have kept my mouth shut, locked every door in the house and held you so tight that you would only have the choice but to fall asleep in my arms. You wouldn’t have even thought about a cigarette.”

The only thing I could do was listen to every word he spoke. This was the first time we had spoken of my illness since it happened last year, and to think of it again scared the living shit out of me which really made me wonder. what the hell am I doing?

Without another thought, I dumped the cigarette in my hand on the floor and butted out the stick, before leaning over and throwing it over the balcony. Left for the wind to carry away.

Justin watched in slight relief at my actions and quickly opened his arms for me, which I quickly up took. Throwing myself in his hold, I felt as if he were to squeeze the air out of me from how tight he was holding me.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered into his chest.

“Shh princess, it’s alright.” He hushed.

We stood like this for a few more minutes, enjoying each other’s embrace before Justin began shuffling around, then muttered. “Let’s get you inside. It’s cold. Why don’t I run you a hot bath?”

The thought of a bath made a shiver run down my spine just realising how cold it really was out, and the fact that I was wearing nothing but panties and Justin’s old hockey jersey was not helping.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it. Besides you kinda need it. Your hair smells like nicotine.”

We both chuckled slightly as Justin began leading us back inside, where the rest of the night was spent bathing and cuddling in bed.

Alright, and maybe a little make up sex.

But none the less, I was just glad to be here with Justin. Like he said, 4 in 100.

But right now, it felt more like 1 in a million. Cause that’s what he makes me feel like.

** Don’t do drugs kids. 😎


Inktober 10: (top) More Bleach things (plus crossover?!) because I have no self-control. I can’t imagine this hasn’t been done before, Soul Eater/Bleach really spells itself out. (Though anachronistic, my choices for which Ichigo & Rukia designs I used is intentional… they’re my favorite designs for them) Yay ink practice…

Bottom left: bonus panel which provides a silly/stupid explanation for how they found themselves facing off with Asura/Ashura/Kishin.

Bottom right: also dumping a bunch of sketches here.

Because I was afraid

Sirius x Reader 
for @bakerstreetgirl221

Can you write a sirius x reader where the reader is an animagus too? Like the reader is a 5 marauder and like no one else not even the other marauders know she is an animagus and one day sirius sees her changing her form and stuff?

Hope you’ll like it! this my first one ever, so it’s a bit messed up I think. thanks to you again @wizardwritings

You were the five of you in the boys’ dormitory. James was lying flat on the floor, deciphering a transfiguration book that looks especially complicating, that he had “ borrowed ” from the restricted section. You smirked, it was rather unusual to see your friend so focused, but you knew that if someone was able to understand all of this complicated stuffs, it was him.

You let out a little laugh before turning your attention to the marauders map that Sirius was holding in his hands. Your heads were touching, and you fell a few of Sirius’s locks tickle you. You push his head gently, still laughing.

-Back off a bit Pad ’. You tell him, even if you knew this was useless. Sirius never had the notion of “personal space” and most of the time, he was in others’ person personal space, especially in yours. If he saw no trouble there, well the others could “go fucked themselves ” as he said all the time.

-Come on and pay attention Y/N, he said, continuing to tap the map with his wand.

- Stop doing that Sirius. Peter told him, clenching his arm. -You’re going to do something stupid, we’re not ready to activate it yet, James must find the formulas we still need.

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Concussion Part 2

Prompt: You search for Dean with Oliver’s help.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1889

Part 1

“i would like part two for arrow/spn fic pls. :)” -Anon

“I absolutely LOVE the idea of that arrow/supernatural crossover! Really looking forward to where you’ll be taking this!!!” -janelock221


You stared at the man in front of you - Oliver, he claimed his name to be - for a few moments, eyebrows furrowed as you tilted your head to the side in confusion. He didn’t look anything compared to the comics you had been reading - the lack of beard kinda disappointed you if you were going to be honest - but you couldn’t deny the fact that he looks much, much more handsome than the comic version. He held that feeling of familiarity, which is why you found yourself staring at him for so long that he had started to think you froze.

He cleared his throat and you were pulled out of your daze. “I still didn’t get your name,” he said and you raised an eyebrow. “Like I said, my name’s Oliv-”

“Yeah, I heard that part,” you interrupted. “Can I- I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to ask you something very, very important. Like, it’s vital. If I don’t ask you, I just might go cr-”

“You can ask me,” he stated, smirking. “As long as it keeps this conversation going.”

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anonymous asked:

Slightly stupid question about telltale games, when its all 'person will remember that' how exactly does it affect the story because like those big choices in each episode (as in ones shown on the end screen) are still the same in the sense of your ability to choose them so what part of the story does it really affect? Is it like in the sense of no matter what you choose it barely affects the story and what only really affects it is the end choices?

See your problem is that you’re not talking about “affecting the story” you’re talking about affecting the PLOT. The plot is the events that happen, while the story is the texture, characters, themes, relationships, etc. that take you from plot point to plot point.

Example: (Spoilers for the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead ahead)

The plot of the first season of The Walking Dead ends with Lee dying. That’s an immoveable plot point. But the story of how you get there can be very different - Is it with a Clementine who Lee taught to be a survivalist? Or one who he sheltered and protected and is now going to be left alone? If you’re only looking at the PLOT you might say “Oh, none of my choices matter because no matter what Lee dies.” But Lee has to die because it’s a redemption story, and him learning to live for something again after he thought his life was over at the start of the season. His death was written into the story from the beginning.

So, yeah, there are usually only a few big choices that affect the plot because a) we have do a story that we’re trying to share with the player and that means that we have to do a certain amount of pushing the player where they need to go to tell that story with us. And b) it would be really really really expensive to make something that branches every single time

So to come back to your original question, what all the more significant smaller choices (as you put it: “when its all ‘person will remember that’”) are affecting are the story and how it’s told. Characters treating you differently, thinking of you or the world around them in an altered way… it’s the texture and the storytelling that’s being tailored.

Hope I explained something in there. My fiancé Molly actually just gave a talk about exactly this at a conference in Norway that I’ll be sure to post here on the ol tumblr dot com once it goes up online.

Boyfriend Kyungsoo

  • Lots of home cooked meals where he doesn’t let you help. He prefers feeling like he’s doing something nice for you and watching you eat it like it’s the tastiest food in the world, knowing it was him who garnered that reaction
  • Makes you do the dishes though, it’s only fair
  • He still hovers behind you despite that because it puts his nerves on edge to see anyone else in his kitchen
  • But it’s also his favourite place to have sex. He’s surprised the kitchen table is still standing at this point
  • Tries learning a song or two in whatever your first language is, no matter how different it is to the languages he knows
  • “Tell Me What is Love” is your couple song, not really by his choice because he finds it a little awkward to hear himself singing but you insist that it’s your couple song so it’s your couple song
  • He can’t say no to you
  • Unless it’s a stupid request. Then he has no problem saying no and throws in an unimpressed stare for added measure
  • The relationship is 25% saving Baekhyun’s ass
  • “Look, I know he’s annoying but his grandmother and fans probably won’t take it well if you murder him. Plus, while you’re in prison, I’ll have no choice but to cook in your precious kitchen. Is that really what you want?”
  • Loving the feel of his plump lips so you kiss them as much as possible, usually when alone because he’s uncomfortable about PDA but sometimes, if you want to make him blush, you steal a kiss around the other boys and watch his face turn pink
  • Then he turns into satansoo because the loud teasing pisses him off
  • He hates smiling for photos but you insist on cute couple selca’s so he tries. Those end up as your screensaver while his are always just pictures of you or you and his family members
  • You love squeezing his squishy cheeks
  • Always looks at you with this soft, loving gaze that speaks a thousand words (since lbr he isn’t really a talkative person irl)

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