because this was a really really stupid choice

One Piece 815 thoughts [Spoiler]

So, after the super exiting last three chapters (for me), this one was slightly disappointing, but it had a few nice things.
Some thoughts:

- Law’s crew - srlsy, what a bunch of stupid beautiful adorkable idiots
- Zoro worrying about Sanji (according to Luffy), after the last chapter this is nice to see, even though I never really had a doubt
- Sanji REALLY had no choice but to go. That’s a nice thing to point out, because this way no one can be really angry at him for going. And that thing about sending Sanji a head if he refuses the invitation. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. / shudders
- THE ADULTS ONE GUARD DUTY…. pff you dorks. XD
- Sanji’s family confirmed as being like the scariest ppl ever…. oh jesus so much possible awesome drama ahead
- LUFFY NO. It’s sweet you wanna go after Sanji BUT NOT ALONE PLEASE. we had too much splitting up lately. Can you guys please stick together for a while now?! THANKS.

I feel like we’ll have a long time without Sanji ahead of us now. /cries
But at least we get some Sanji focused story, even though he’s not there. >3<
That is all for now.


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@doritobes tagged me, thank you so much!! i love doing these <3

1. what does 1 + 1 =

2 but can’t be really sure because math is always tricky or i’m stupid and can’t find the hidden meaning here 

2. describe the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited :-)

rome!! i love how you can feel the history in those streets, the buildings are really pretty and  i love how the tiber-river goes across the city. still you can see there modern stuff as well and idk i just fell in love with that city when i was there a month ago

3. cruise or flight??

i’m kind of scared of high places so i’d say cruise, however it would definately take longer. but i’d prefer trains tbh. it depends of the situation of where i’m going?

4. whats ur fave way to relax after a long day?

i just go under the blanket, take my computer and watch anime all day long. also it’s a + if i have snacks

5. if there rly was a zombie apocalypse, would u reach for a gun or a sword/knife of some sort?

i think i would take sword because let’s be honest i can’t shoot a shit in video games so how would it be in real life.  also i would be that person whose bullets would already be used in a very critical moment when you actually need them.

6. fave sound?

hiroshi kamiya’s voice or violin. piano can also relax me so. and waterfall!!

7. do u like the smell of petrol?

i have always liked it for some weird reason :D but i do know that it’s kind of bad for your health so i don’t smell it for purpose

8. if u could go back in time and say only two words to ur past self, what would u say

keep going

9. ur opinion on cheesecake?

i love any kind of cake so cheesecake is yay :3

10. if ur blog had a smell what do u think ppl would smell

garbage. or sweat which is form all those volleyball dorks.

11. whats ur secret to being so fabulous omg

I DON’T KNOW. maybe it’s the eyeliner? maybe it’s the short hair which i’ve dyed too many times? maybe it’s those way too thick eyebrows? or the fact that i’m like smallest and tiniest person i know from my age group? we will never know.

My questions:

1. Do you believe that mankind will ever find another planet which has some sort of living there?

2. If you could speak only two languages fluently and forget every word from others, which 2 would you pick?

3. Is nutella really that good? (asking because of allergy :c)

4. How would your Tumblr blog look like if it would be personified?

5. Do you read and/or believe in horoscopes?

6. Would you like to be able to read other people’s minds?

7. What’s the secret for doing the great wings to your eyes with eyeliner?

8. What do you think about Internet celebrities? (like do you think it’s the ‘’right way’’ to become famous)

9. Which is your favorite non-Western food?

10. Which fictional character do you most relate to?

11. Tea or coffee person?

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albicantknight asked:

5, 20 and 22 for Aona and 7, 36 and 43 for Seiji!

5. Your OC’s worst habit?


20. A obscure/ridiculous fear your OC has?

Water… stupid piece of shit hydrogen bonds… (it’s because she can’t swim).

22. Does your OC get frustrated when people forget to close the door behind themselves?

No, not really. She does that herself, so she doesn’t really mind.

7. What is your OC’s opinion on body modifications?

He wouldn’t get one himself because he’s super self-conscious… but he thinks if you want them, that’s your choice and it’s fine.

36. Your OC’s favorite fashion era? (20’s, 70’s, etc)

He like s the 90′s… if it’s not already apparent that he likes flashy colors…

43. Your OC wakes up with a coin super glued to their forehead. How do they react?


I don’t know how I feel about anything anymore. I really don’t I am conflicted about everything. I just want to forget and stop caring, but I cant. I want to be happy again, but I keep making stupid choices that kinda make me hate myself more. You keep pushing away the hand i’m reaching out and i’m really finally accepting that we were in fact all for nothing. My brain is everywhere all the time. I am the definition of a mess. I don’t know what to do anymore, what choices to make…. because i’m having such a hard time watching you go into a downward spiral and I cant be there to help you. I refuse to accept that I mean nothing to you…. but if it’s time you need, i’ll lay off and try my hardest to give you that. I think I will always love you and i’ll always care. Everyday hurts, everyday gets harder, but I have to keep breathing.

I mean yeah I do bring up trans stuff here and there. But I’m not trying to rub it in peoples faces.

I’m just scared that if I don’t think about it for awhile I’m going to mentally go back in The Closet. It’s dumb and irrational to me but that’s why I tend to do this. I have gotten angry at certain non Trans people to the point of calling them breeders. I’m not going to deny that to try and make myself look innocent. Most of that anger comes from hearing “Being gay/trans is a stupid choice.” from Grandma.

After finally Coming Out I just don’t want to back down from that. I’ve been dangerously close a couple times with some breakdowns. They’re still on my Tumblr, somewhere. Never really deleted them because I’ve always been like that with online stuff. You can never truly remove anything from the internet anyway. That’s the other reason some of my stupid breakdown posts still exist. I really hope I’m making sense with all this.

raven-queenofthenight asked:

A handwritten note appears out of thin air on Mitchell's bed. It reads: "I hope that you have had the chance to consider my offer. After all I could use a witch of your stature and ability to help me. Not to mention it would be such a shame if your best friend and former best friend became your worst nightmares once they learn of the secret you've kept from them. What say you, Mitchell Tate?"

Mitchell looked down at the note. Usually, he wouldn’t have such a hard time making a choice, probably because he went to Paige first, and asked for her opinion. But now, he couldn’t even do that anymore, not without risking his brother’s safety. Mitchell wasn’t stupid, he knew that whether he would take the deal or not, this woman couldn’t be trusted, and that she would cause troubles whether he accepted her offer or not, but did Mitchell really want her to tell Cole and Paige about what Matthew did? Did he really want them to hear it from somebody else other than him? He knew it wouldn’t be good if it came for him anyway, but it’d be worse if it came from somebody else. But what better way to take down the enemy if not by working with thim? She practically screamed trouble and black magic, and that made her the bad guy. He had to get to know the enemy, to know how to stop her from whatever fools errand she was on. He didn’t believe a word of what she said when she came to him, that she would keep his secret. That Cole and Paige would never find out. Chances were she made the same offer to them, he couldn’t be the only one she showed up to. But if Mitchell could help it, he would do it.

“That I’ve had worse nightmares than the two of them.” Mitchell looked up from the note, searching for her around the room “I’m yours!” he was going to regret this decision, so much him keeping his brother’s crime a secret would look like childs play, but he had no other choice. Not for the time being.

just when i think im getting better im back in the corner of my bed in a ball crying. What is wrong with me. Why ant i do anything anymore. no panic attacks for about two weeks and then it all gets ruined by some stupid test. Yay for school. And then when i confront my mother about me not being well mentally she just blames it on me and says that she said i could either move or continue with my school.//what kind of fucking choice is that. either i be miserable because im too stupid for my own good, or leaving everything that actually makes me happy 1,000 miles behind me. Be miserable or be miserable. I dont know which sounds better anymore. Everyone seems to be giving up on me just like im giving up on myself. And school is just tearing me limb from limb. I just really need someone to slap me and tell me to wake the fuck up. Someone to tel me what i should be doing because i really dont know what the fuck im doing anymore.