because this was a really really stupid choice

ATTENTIONNNNN for those of you who may not know (or just need reminding like myself) you need to VOTE for Destiel to win Teen’s Choice Awards Choice TV Chemistry!!!

We’re getting really close with Ross and Laura in Austin and Aly (which honestly is really stupid because Austin and Aly have 0 chemistry together) so we really need to vote!! We have less than a week left, it ends July 24th so please please vote!!

Well I’m glad you asked c; You can vote by instagram, twitter, facebook, or for US citizens you can vote by the Teens Choice website. 

Make sure to include the hashtags Destiel, #TeenChoice and #ChoiceTVChemistry

For example: “My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceTVChemistry is #Destiel !”

You can vote once a day per account!

Here’s a better information-about-this post I probably didn’t do that great of a job bUT I WANT YOU GUYS TO VOTE!! 

Let’s show the CW producers how much we care about Destiel, just HOW MANY people care, that we’re not dumb fangirls stretching subtext, that there is real evidence of Destiel in the show, and making it canon would do more good than harm.

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Have you tried the browser scripts yet?

No I haven’t happened upon those. Just noticed it when I did a few RPs last night and that was incredibly irritating. 

While a part of me gets the “why” of it, you know not changing another person’s words to suit your own needs, I also think that it was a stupid choice. Because it is not really going to stop the people that would be doing that. Because even without scripts and the like there are ways around their little block of text BS. 

So in essence all they are doing is pissing off and annoying the people that need to be able to manipulate text for other purposes on this site other than just reblogging. And really were there that many instances of that happening where someone was reblogging and changing the intent of what someone else was saying? But of course in asking that I know that they’ll likely pull numbers that include the ‘manipulation’ of text that includes RPers clipping old replies out of the reply window, so the question would then be moot.

Which leaves me with only one thing to say…


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another six but with Weasleys... Ginny, Ron, Twins (it counts as one OKEY?), Percy, Charlie and Bill

So I’m not sure why the other one published privately. I’m sorry. :(

Push off of a cliff: Ron. This time he can escape, because brooms. 

Kiss: I mean…if the twins count as one…it would be stupid for me to NOT put them here. Yeah, I’m kissing both of them. It was great. 10/10 would recommend. 


Set on fire: Percy. God, Percy made me so angry. 

Wrap in a blanket: Bill would have been my choice for marriage, but Fleur would have killed me and I like her (and I also really really like Charlie), so Bill. 

Be roommates with: Ginny. She’s awesome and would be equally willing to slap me when I get stupid or get me ice cream when I’m sad about life. Ginny is perfect. 

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I just really like that gif. No apology there. Thank you darling (this is actually so much fun)


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Really? You think a fetus is considered a life? That's just stupid. Please do not call yourself pro-life, because if you really were pro-life, and you really did care about the people involved in this pregnancy, you would care about the person whose life will actually be harmed. People literally get pregnant at age 12 because of rape, and if you feel like you have any right to force that person to carry a pregnancy to term, and ruin their life, than you're just sick.

…I never said this? I’m not pro-life. I’m pro choice. Where the hell are you getting this information from?


idk I never really thought frank was this horrible person (unlike literally almost everyone else in this stupid game except for Kate like ily Kate) because he seems to be out for the right causes. sure he might be a drug dealer and shit but he does seem to really care about rachel and his dog. he’s a lot better than SOME PEOPLE

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We need to talk

1. My muse has been abusing alcohol and/or drugs

The beast just sat there on the bench. Staring at the bottle in his hand. How did this happen? How did his life become like this? Kanji hated it, he really did, every since he lost his father, along with all the bullshit lies that people spread about him. All because he made some stupid choices, let alone his fear of people rejecting him because of who he is. Along with who he has become, it was just the best way out. It made everything make believe to him, and he just became numb to the world.

He felt…less useless, no, that wasn’t correct. He just felt, nothing, all his feelings became nothing when ever he felt the alcoholic liquid slip into his mouth. It was his outing, his only friend…It was something he needed…Yet at the same time, he knew it was killing him.

Though, he much rather die to the liquid in his hands, then the words of people.

I REFUSE to believe on those new spoilers about Star Wars because 

1) It’s sound really confusing and fake af 

2) If it really happens what they’re saying will happen its just ultimate bullshit and a shame to end up that way I mean its huge isn’t any other stupid things because it shoul be a really huge thing not some poor and bad choice 

3) it’s not happening and i refuse 

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2, 6, + 10!

2. Think of the last time you were REALLY angry. WHY were you angry? Do you still feel the same way?

I was really mad last night to be honest because i’ve realized i’m all my friends second choices and im no ones best friend and im just used when my friends other friends are busy and i snapped and complained to my mom and yelled a lot and then i did something really stupid and idk. yeah i still feel the same way.

6. You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late even once more, you are fired. Do you take the time to save the dogs life? Why or Why not?

I would save the dogs life duh omg my boss would be an asshole and i dont even want to work for them if they don’t understand the importance of saving a creatures life omg

10. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

I would like to think I am.


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It's really ignorant of you to not believe in god. You probably don't know he's real cause you're stupid.

And it’s really ignorant of you to say that because in most religions it states “do not judge others for you will be judged just the same”  i’m gonna laugh if god is real and when you get to your heaven gods like “nope, you remember that girl you called stupid and ignorant well your gonna meet her in hell goodbye” 

Learn to say no.
Say no to that person who wants to spread his/her negativity and cynicism. Say no to that guy who makes you feel bad, who makes you fall in love and then makes you feel terrible about yourself. Say no to that jerk who laughs at your dreams and makes you doubt yourself. Say no to forced dates, kisses and stupid gossiping. Say no to that girl, who falls for your money, fancy cars and good looks. 

Saying no, definitely gets you ahead. 

Learn that life is all about choices. You can’t really do everything and anything, so let go. Say NO because our peace is really something we can only give ourselves. Set boundaries and adhere to them.
Hey, be bold. Kill pride, hurt feelings ? Maybe.


I’ve done something I’m not proud of at all and it’s only making everything worse. I’ve been really weak and really stupid. And. I feel like it was my last ditch effort before I really really let myself go of everything. But now that I realize how bad of a choice it is… How much it’s actually affecting me I can sit down with myself and tell myself no now. And I’m telling you too because if I promise you ( even though you can’t read this) then I know I can’t break it.

I’m sorry for letting this get the best of me. But it started out as a best interest and has now turned into a really horrible habit. I’m going to go away now. For real this time. I’m going to try and not make it hard. I know we already came to a conclusion but it’s been so confusing and hard. But I love you. Nothing changes that. I need to just really let go of these strings though, cut even the most painful and thickest one. And i hope you feel how good and freeing it is soon.

Bye love, I’ll see you soon. Stay strong for me~ you can do it! Fighting! 🐾🌙❤️