because this was a really really stupid choice

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how do you feel about nonbinary genders? I'm really interested to hear your opinion on this because you're so blunt about everything

People are whatever. Let a person be what they wanna be if they aren’t hurting anybody. Except those stupid fucking Otherkin. Any “Kin” really. If you have kin at the end of what you are then you need to re-evaluate all of your life choices. 

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I have a really stupid question D: I know there is a difference between celibacy & asexuality, one is a choice & one isn't. BUT, because of my religion, I am waiting until marriage to have sex, however I have never in my life experienced sexual attraction (even towards the man I love), & tbh I never really want to. That's being ace, right....? Or are my family right, have I just not met the right person yet?

I think you’re asexual. Your upbringing can influence your thoughts on the matter, and although your position makes it a bit confusing and not very fun, I definitely think you’re asexual ♠️💜🍰

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Zane for the flaws thing (I would reblog but tbh my best characters are all terrible people, so that would be too easy.)

Hooo boy. Alright *rubs hands together*

  • The fatal flaw, of course (no, literally, the fatal flaw, in like every verse), is that he is impulsive. I think, depending on who you are, he generally means well, but he just does not think before he acts, ever. So he doesn’t really have a filter to stop him from making really stupid or sometimes insensitive choices, or if he has one, he ignores it. Marissa and I played out a little conversation the other day re Zane/Miranda in which he told Julian “I’m not planning on hurting her” and Julian said, “You can hurt someone plenty without planning on it.” And of course, because he’s Julian, he quickly was like “I mean, anyone can, not just you,” but no, that’s a big problem for Zane.
  • And he’s headstrong because he HAS FRIENDS (particularly Julian and David, maybe if the idea was stupid enough, Archie, but the way those two tend to feed off each other as far as bad ideas go is a different story) who try to be like “No, Zane, that’s a horrible idea,” so if HE doesn’t have that filter within himself, they try to be that filter, but he’s just like, “NOPE DOING IT ANYWAY!” And then there’s a bit that happens after he gets expelled, in which his dad finds some school that’s willing to take him if he gets his GED and his parents pay them enough but there’s something about it Zane doesn’t like (I haven’t figured it out yet, maybe too far away or something?), and his dad’s like “Either you do this or neither your mother nor I will support you, you won’t have any trust fund and you’ll have to find a new place to live.” And honestly, it wasn’t really that bad of a deal, it probably would have been within his best interests, but it’s like once they gave him an ultimatum, dumb eighteen year old Zane was like, “Well if I was thinking about it before now I’m DEFINITELY not doing it.”
  • So basically he has terrible decision-making skills.
  • He’s an attention whore. He acts out for attention, acts ridiculous for attention, flirts with everyone for attention, makes a big deal of himself for attention, spends way too much time on instagram and vine and the like for attention as long as you’re paying attention to him. He tries not to come off that way but he can actually be a little desperate for it tbh. 
  • He’s a hypocrite, if I’m being real honest. In a thread, he invites David to stay with him at his mom’s for the summer, and while I was describing his mother’s apartment, I was also expressing his thoughts about how kind of lavish and gratuitous it was, to the point that it wasn’t even practical but it made her feel good. And he said something to the effect of the way his parents dealt with wealth was everything he stood against (exaggeration but that’s another flaw of his, he tends to exaggerate). But at the same time, he enjoys the privileges of the wealth that he grows up with and he tends to buy the nicer things and spend kind of impractically because he can, so he harps on them but then he does the same thing (I mean he does tend to be more generous and his politics are very different but we’re talking about his flaws here). And I’ve said in a few conversations that his clashing with his parents is probably as much his fault as theirs. They’re not terrific parents, they’re a little neglectful and they’re snobby and don’t really try that hard with him, but part of it is just that he’s a typical headstrong teenager who just naturally clashes with his parents. They assume that most things he does he does for attention or to piss them off, but in their defense, a LOT of things he does he does for attention or to piss them off. 
  • Hair trigger temper. I mean, I don’t think he’s actually that violent (he might get up in someone’s face and he’s violent in that one instance, of course, but I don’t think he just hauls off and punches anyone who gets on his nerves), but he can go from laughing and enjoying himself to furious in seconds if something sets him off (and then back to laid back not long after it gets resolved, little bit of whiplash tbh).
  • Actually, I think, in general, he can be kind of intense. He feels things very strongly, which can be a good thing and I think how much heart he has as a character is one of my favorite things about him, but it can also be a little…much.
  • He has to unlearn a lot of shit, particularly with, you know, wealth privilege. Also, the thing he calls his siblings is considered a slur against little people, even though neither of his siblings actually are, and if I were to give him some kind of nuwanda-ish nickname there would probably be something appropriative about it (because nuwanda itself is appropriative). So he doesn’t really get the whole cultural appropriation thing. I think he generally respects the people he flirts with/hooks up with and all that, but he is probably guilty of at least a little bit of objectification, especially early on. He probably unlearns that quicker than some of the other stuff.
  • He’s pretty codependent on his friends. I mean, for the most part, I consider his friendship with them to be a strength for his character. They’re his support system, they keep him in check, they give him people who care about him, they’re really formative to who he is. But at the same time, he tends to kind of go to shit in verses in which he loses that soooooooo probably not the healthiest thing. 

it’s amazing how much I thought I would never miss my friends if they were taken away from me, how much I convinced myself I’d be okay.
but now, in less than a year, I’ve lost over half my friends, and within the half were three of my best friends. it wasn’t even by choice it was over stupid reasons because parents are dicks. it just really hurts when you go through a social media site and you see them all having fun and you’re like “that used to be us”

i’m trying really hard to not start thinking again why on earth i was thinking when i choose this career. really. why. you silly person. but at the same time is the only thing i think i can do, and deep down, not that deep i love it. i think i could’ve been good in advertising, but life choices people. life is hard.

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-same anon- and ignore anyone who tells you different. I hope you're not, purely because you really don't seem to want to be and if you are, it was clearly a total accident, but no matter what, the people who truly respect you will still feel the same way no matter what your choice ends up being :)

According to this test, I am.  But one of my kind followers reminded me that they’re not always 100% so I’m going to go to the doctor’s to confirm.  It was a really stupid mistake, and one I take full responsibility for.  I should have been more thorough with taking my birth control, and we should have used a condom.  Being drunk is no excuse.  But thank you.  I’m still trying to work out what I even want… because I don’t want to be pregnant… but now that I know that I am (or have a 98% chance of being pregnant)… its kinda making it a bit difficult…

i am obviously by no means opposed to someone undergoing plastic surgery, but it does make me really sad to look at it from an overall picture. It’s just sad that we have to put any importance on our looks at all really. if you think about it what a stupid thing, because your outer “shell” is so little to do with the kind of person you are. But we do live in a world where that is so important, which is why I don’t think you can judge someone who makes the choice to undergo that for themselves, because we’ve put them in a place where their worth, both to themselves and others, really is determined by their appearance. 

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☠: Something you dislike about your fandom

Well, there’s not a whole lot going on in the Law and Order fandom besides SVU and my only real problem there are the dramatic backstories which aren’t really fandom but show related. I’d really love to see one character without some kind of tragic past on there. 

I guess I’ll include the Hannibal fandom because Kevin is a Raul Esparza FC and without Hannibal I wouldn’t really have an interest in Law and Order. The problem I have there are the shipping wars and general bashing. I don’t like it when people put other people down for shipping or not shipping a relationship, I don’t like people saying that Alana was stupid for getting into a relationship with Hannibal and I don’t like people bashing Bryan Fuller for his choices. I enjoy the show and the drama provided by the show but I like the drama to stay in the show and not in the fandom. 

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Hypocrite opportunist.

Is that because im ranting about a stupid bias issue that vegans have and meat eaters are judged based on what they eat when really i dont eat anyways so i shouldnt care and ive taken the opportunity to voice my opinion on the subject wheb really i souldnt have an opinion on it? cause if thats the case. Oh fucking well i do and i am cause i hear it enough, i think its stupid and i think both sides need to realize that we’re both human and can make our own choices and that because of what we eat does not make us bad people

don’t belittle me--not even for a second. Don’t you dare.

I really need to stop giving people the choice of whether or not to talk to me when I talk to them. I need to stop telling people “you can ignore this if you really want to, I will understand.” Because no. I won’t.  I’m all about trying to make people as comfortable as possible, when the truth inside the truth is that I don’t know what makes them comfortable, and me pretending to only ends up hurting myself. I tell them “you can just forget me if you want” because I think it will make them know and understand that they don’t have to abide by social norms with me. They don’t have to pretend to be engaged in something they really do not want to be engaged in.  I am such  a compassionate person, but seriously? You can only be so allowing. You know what I mean? This has always been something I thought about, and I’m realizing it keeps happening to me. I don’t want people to thank me for to things I do to help them, or anything. I think I’m just hoping that they might decide to believe in the things I say, instead of taking the easy way out. That they might understand why I say the things I do and indulge in it. 

I don’t know. Or am I just being an asshole when I say this?

I do this, because I want them to know that I understand. That I understand and that if even if I don’t, I will soon enough. I am the all-comprehending, ever understanding human being and I shan’t ever misunderstand a human soul. Right?

What a damn lie.  People ignore me, people forget me, because I let them. I lie to them and tell them that it’s okay if they don’t answer me, just so they won’t have to be uncomfortable. Just so they won’t have to work through what at first bothers them.

Well you know what? I no longer give a damn. I’m no longer here to make anyone feel comfortable. And in doing this I only patronize, belittle and dehumanize myself. I try to make people feel what I truly want to feel. I try to make them feel wanted. In the process I forget about myself and neglect me. I need to stop letting people have the choice or not to treat me like a real person.

I’m not your comfort. I’m not your solitude. I’m not here to make you happy. I’m done trying to make people appreciate that I am accepting, because the cost of doing so is my self-respect.

Make no mistake though— It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop helping people and speaking up when things bother me. I’m just going to stop giving people the choice or not to ignore me. If I have something to say, I’m going to say it anyway. People will ignore me, and that’s fine, but it only makes it worse when I openly give them the choice to. If I want to help someone, I‘m going to. And I’m, no longer going to be afraid that I bother them in doing so. If my existence bothers someone, they can say so and I will respectfully secede. but I’m done belittling myself. It’s just so detrimental.

Tumblr is all about whining about the things you don’t want to do because it makes you uncomfortable. Too bad! I have no compassion left for those who rot in bed rooms writing 150,000+ note posts about how they are tired of having to participate, and live life and actually do things. I’m not talking about people who are mentally ill and actually struggle with this. I’m talking about the people who want to seem important by pointing out things that are in many ways irrelevant.

And when you get right down to it, that’s all that tumblr is. One huge, colossal, ever-flowing cesspool of teenage irrelevance.

and frankly? I’m so over it.

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13, 15, 33 ^^

13. Your worst enemy?

Well I don’t really have any Enemies… so ?? I’m going to go with Stupid White Cis Males…

15. Do you like someone?

In a friendly way… quite a few! In a more than friends way… I’m not really sure and I’m still figuring things out but possibly!

33. The Celestial Gates Of Beyond have opened, much to your surprise because you didn’t think such a thing existed. Death appears. As it turns out, Death is actually a pretty cool entity, and happens to be in a fantastic mood. Death offers to return the friend/family-member/person/etc. of your choice to the living world. Who will you bring back?

My Dad.

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2, 8, 43

2. Favorite teacher - Unpopular opinion, I really like Will at the end of the day. Like, plz god, stop rapping. And sometimes he made really stupid choices or said really stupid things or pissed me off, but you can tell he cares about his students immensely, and I really respect the guy for that. I mean, in S1, taking Finn out for lunch after Finn reached out to him about Quinn’s pregnancy. He’s a good guy, and he’s always been there for his students.

8. Favorite bromance

43. Favorite Warbler cover - Not gonna count Teenage Dream because that’s just too easy, and it’s my favorite Glee song ever by default. This is so hard, UMMM. Raise Your Glass. yes.

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When you get this ask, answer with 5 things that make you happy; then, pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you!

1. I own some really cool socks! Some of them have waffles on them, some have pizza, and some have French bulldogs. 🐶

2. I like my puns. If I was my friend, I would be thankful for those stupid puns everyday.

3. I like that I like the internet because it gives me something to do.

4. I like my friendship choices. Hey friends, I love you!

5. I like that I’m a human because it means that I’m sometimes intelligent.

… wow. I’m really not good at that.

And my mother is sitting her downing all the clinics for women because to her all they’re for is to help young girls have sex and not be abstinate and that they don’t care about what young girls really need.

I had sex without a condom bc ‘lol you’re gonna be a virgin until you’re married’ mindset so I was very ill prepared because of my religion, and it was stupid of me, but really, she’s said it herself, if someone wants to have sex, they will find a way to do it, around their parents. I am a prime example.

She needs to fucking chill.

Today I saw a trans man or drag at the mall with my friends and it really made me want to talk to that man and tell him he’s amazing for being and dressing the way he wants. I felt pride for him but the sad part was that, even though I might be okay with it, many others were probably appalled and disgusted by his choice. Some stupid kids probably snuck snapchats of this guy and joked about his actions and sent it to all of their friends. Even just going to be washroom could be hard for him and it really made me angry that this man could really not be who he wanted and feel good about it because other people can’t get over it. I really hope for a better future for these people. I really do.