because this took more effort than what i put into school monthly

this a post (complete with links, pictures and other tips) dedicated to all of you struggling through what seems to be a hell they call high school. i get it. i struggled through it, all my friends endured it and you’re probably in the same boat of wanting to throw yourself down each flight of stairs that presents itself. but please don’t do that! i’m here to help, friend!! this is a comprehensive list of all the things i learned from my time in high school. i hope this helps at least one person out there! as always, if you guys have any questions, my ask box is open :)

before we get into it: this is a link to my study routine because some people have been asking for it and don’t have a section in this post to put it under so i’m just going to leave it here.

self-care advice:

okay so, i’m going to be completely upfront with you. high school is hard. it’s especially hard if you want to do well. i can honestly say that senior year took its toll in more ways than one when i didn’t take care of myself or pay attention to my body’s needs. so here are some self-care tips to keep you happy & healthy.

1. eat a lot & stay hydrated

when you’re trying to finish a 2000 word essay, or pretty much all but shoving toothpicks in your eyes to stay up studying for an exam the next day, food is your best friend. food helps your brain work better and you’ll find that your concentration levels increase when you study on a filled stomach. there are lots of brain foods out there like dark chocolate, nuts, vegetable sticks etc. but don’t forget to reward yourself with a food of your choice after you feel like you’ve done a lot of work. couple all of this with lots of water to keep you feeling refreshed.

2. pamper yourself

i am completely aware of the fact that high school students don’t have the time to go to a spa or sauna every other weekend. however, you deserve a nice long bath or a good face scrub every now and then. other things you can indulge in:

  • sheet masks
  • body lotion (especially the nice smelling ones)
  • scented candles
  • hand cream
  • nail polish
  • eye masks
  • a good facial cleanser
  • serums
  • bath bombs

and the list goes on. trust me, being physically relaxed plays a big part in how your brain performs. if you feel a bit gross, take a shower before you start studying. it’s little things like that that’ll make a massive difference.

3. sleep

everyone says it, i know. but it’s so important. if you don’t get sleep the night before because you were cramming for tomorrow morning’s exam, go home and take a nap in the afternoon. get some shuteye in one form or another. pls. 

4. believe in yourself

it sounds so weird, and it’s usually not included in posts like these but in my opinion it’s one of, if not the most, important factor in high school success. think about it. if you’re spending those years of your life doubting whether your answer is correct, whether your science report is as good as the next person’s or whether your friends truly like you, you’re using up a lot of energy that could be used for things that’ll actually benefit you in the long run. that’s why my blog is titled “breathe” - because that’s exactly what you have to do, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do in order to keep going. chin up. you’re going to be okay. you’re doing great. i believe in you. and you should believe in you too. 

organisational tips:

1. plan everything

i’m telling you now, get some kind of planning system. whether you want to use a bullet journal, a planner, a diary, an app, a computer program or your grandma’s paper napkins, seriously just pick something. when you have seven different classes and you have assessment for each, i highly doubt you’re going to remember every task that goes along with them. so, just take my word for it and plan plan plan.

here’s a link to how i used my planner back in high school. 

i also recommend a whiteboard monthly calendar so you can keep track of all of the important dates you need to remember.

2. post-its

i love love love post-its. i honestly can’t stop myself from buying them - especially the cute animal ones. post-its saved my butt when keeping my books organised and easy to navigate. you can use them to separate different semesters, chapters, lectures, topics etc. i also use post-its to mark any questions, sections or subjects that i’m unsure of so that i can ask my teacher about it the next day. i then write down the answer or explanation on a separate sticky note and stick it next to the question so i can refer back to it when studying for exams.

+ look at all the different kinds of cute post-its you can get!

so you can obviously get all your standard, basic post-its.

buuutttttttt, you can also get all of these fun ones too! they make studying a lot easier and a lot more fun, trust me. 

3. figure out a system that works for you

so in high school, i liked having notebooks for each class and having an accordion folder to hold all my papers. that worked perfectly fine for me but there may be other methods that work better for you. i suggest, especially if you’re just about to start or just started high school, that you experiment with different organisational systems to find which one suits you best.

i’ve got a page dedicated to my favourite supplies and how i use them. i hope you can get some inspiration from it in some way. 

motivational tips:


go on google, tumblr, facebook, instagram, weheartit or whatever tickles your fancy and search up some quotes that inspire you. it sounds really corny, but i’m telling you that it works. i had three quotes above my desk and they always used to motivate me when all i could think about was crashing into the comfort of my blankets. i would pick quotes and write/draw them out myself so i could add my own spin on them. i used:

  • “make hermione proud”
  • “effort only fully releases its rewards to those who refuse to quit”
  • “you have galaxies in your head, don’t let anyone tell you you cannot shine”


2. studyblr

this community! it’s the best motivation in my opinion. whenever i was in a procrastination slump, i would scroll through the studyblr tag or scroll through studyblr blogs and before i knew it i’d be ready to study for another hour. it’s honestly one of the most helpful resources, and if it’s available to you then i definitely recommend that you use it!

3. music

get yourself a study playlist. it’s amazing what music can do for your mood. add a mix of songs that will get you pumped to blitz through that 5-star difficulty chemistry question and songs that will help you concentrate when you need to find the right word for that english essay. studying when it’s dead quiet is weirdly deafening to me and i can’t concentrate if there isn’t some sort of background noise. just add whatever helps you - whether it be panic!, classical or in my case, kpop hehe

i have a playlist suggestion on my blog if you want to try listening to some new songs. :)

that’s all, folks!

in all honesty, high school isn’t going to be a walk in the park if you want to succeed. it takes dedication, a lot of persistence and a consistent work ethic. you need to know what you’re aiming for, and you need to want it just as much, if not more, than the person who wants the same thing. my high school experience was stressful and anxiety inducing, but i can honestly say that the rewards on the flip side are very much worth it. you’ve got this. you’ll do a lot more than survive. you will succeed. 

you can do it! i believe in you! 

stay motivated x

it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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Cypher Confessions (Suga, You) Scenario
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Hey guys! So for this scenario, there’s going to be a rap battle. I’m no rapper (obviously) so instead, I wrote the message of their rap , which is italicized. Just imagine that it’s actually rhyming and following the beat, ayt? Hahaha! Ok, that is all. Carry on. XD

A point. 

I lost by a freakin’ point!

You openly glared at the boy who was currently leaning by your locker with a smug face on. You wanted to wipe off that smile from his pale face as he waved in front of you the recently returned Math exam the two of you took the day before. 

“Face it, Y/N.” He smirked. “I’ll always be better than you.”

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Sometimes I feel like as if my enthusiasm for my corps is misinterpreted. Yes, I know I get excited about camps, I get fired up when I hear our corps song or our 2012 show, I love seeing the people and talking with them, but I don’t think anyone really understands why I’m that way.

Because those things are the reasons that everyone does drum corps.

My love for the Crossmen is so intense for a reason I think. Crossmen sort of feels like the only place in the world that is “home”.
The concept of home is such a hard one to define, but after growing more and more distant from my parents and going through a lot of stress and issues with friends in college, I honestly feel like Crossmen is my safe haven. I don’t know how to explain it to other people most of the time, so I just let them call me a bando or whatever else, but to me, my love for my corps is so much more than just that.

Crossmen is the only place where I don’t feel like a constant failure.

Real life gets pretty frustrating sometimes. Some nights I study so hard that I’m not sure how much more I can take, and then I take the test and completely bomb it. Sometimes the friendships I make result with a knife in my back. There were a few days in there where I just sort of forgot to eat. Then I go back to my hometown where my family’s at, and there’s just a lot of arguing that ensues. I don’t think anyone means for that to happen, but it’s hard to look forward to just about anything when it feels like even my family is just going to be waiting for me to slip up.

Monthly camps have kind of been getting me through this year. Being able to look forward to something, anything to keep me going, has helped me so much. When I show up to camp, or a place with Crossmen people, I immediately feel better. The people are so warm and caring and they think highly of me there. Everyone believes in each other. I don’t have to ever tell anyone that anything’s wrong, because it’s like the rest of the world completely stops existing when I’m with them.

Whenever I need anything, whether it be advice, or consoling, the first people I call are my Crossmen family. Being able to call up Tim, or go to Diego’s room, or text Caitlin or anyone else has kept me right in the pocket of “I’m okay.” When I go to rehearsal, I get to play my heart out and forget about what’s going on back home, or about how disappointed I am sometimes with myself at college. I get stronger alongside my friends, and I push myself to limits I never knew existed. I become the person I’ve lived my whole life wanting to be when I’m there.

I sit here at school, and I’m trying as hard as I can right now. Most of the time it seems like it’s just never enough. Then when I just feel like giving up and locking myself in my room and sleeping for a week, I grab the cross around my neck and remember that I’m not even doing this for me right now, that I do it for them. The mere thought of putting in maximum effort for my corps, at all times, is what pushes me most days. So I suck it up, I go to class, and count down the days until the next camp.

I hate the idea of being dramatic, and saying that this corps is all I have, but there’s so many days where I feel like that’s true.

I never expected to find home at the Crossmen. I originally intended to stay one year and move on to the next corps I had in mind. Then one day in Allentown I looked around and realized I had found all I had ever wanted right in front of me.

Our corps directors are the sweetest, most supportive people I’ve ever met. Our admin trio, Chelsea, Joel and Rico are so much fun to talk to and you can tell that they took on the jobs in the corps they did cause they care about the organization so much. Our staff pushes us past the breaking point, but they do it to make us great, but they maintain a good enough relationship with us that we can joke around and have fun with us. Our food truck/uniform/driving volunteers are saints, taking time out of their schedules to provide us with the very best services because they love us. The drum majors are some of the strongest leaders I’ve ever met in my life, and are determined to make the drum corps the best we can be. The leadership is so cohesive and encouraging. The membership is my family. They’re there for me to hold me up just like I’m there for them. They see me differently there. I’m valued as a performer, I’m valued as a leader, and most importantly, I’m valued as a person and a friend. The relationships I’ve built here are unlike any I think I’ll ever have for the rest of my life.

And our alumni are so involved and dedicated that I can’t wait to call myself an alumni of this organization someday, when I’ve got all this mess in my life all figured out and be able to say, “Yeah, Crossmen kept me going. And now I’m here, exactly where I was supposed to be, it just took some time.”

This corps is the most important anything has ever been to me. I cherish every single moment I have with them. I live for the energy I feel there, the electricity of performing, falling asleep with 150 of your best friends in a gym, baking in the sun in the long hours of the day. I long to go home because it’s the only place on this planet where I feel like I belong and where I’m successful at something. Crossmen makes me want to be a better human being, and wow, I hope someday I will be. I want to feel like I’m at Crossmen all the time. Then I think I can really be happy.

Summer please get here faster.

Roomies (Ep. 3 - Tiffs)

Summary: The landlady increased the cost of your monthly rent. So.. you move in with your neighbour next door so you still get a roof over both your heads. This drabble series is going to be in ‘episodes’ detailing little incidences between the two of you.

Read the prelude - Elevator Part One | Part Two

& the other episodes: #1 | #2 | #3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 915

Warnings: none!

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So the cute girl from next door moved in with him just the other day. The cute girl with a buckload of stuff that had invaded the cabinet above his sink – or rather, their sink.

Bucky thought he had cleared up enough space for your stuff. He was a low-maintenance kind of guy, simple and didn’t need much, with the exception that he didn’t use those 2-in-1 shampoos like Steve. His locks were important to him, so the least he could afford himself was a fruity shampoo and some really nourishing leave-in conditioner.

Still, he respected the way women of the past and the present made an effort to look their best. He remembered his mother looking radiant, with a tinge of pink on her cheeks and lips in the morning, even if she had a rough day before. He never knew what went into it, until you sprawled your toiletries and cosmetics over every surface you could find in the bathroom.

The cabinet above the sink had contained nothing more than some medication and extra toothpaste. Now, it bore the burden of your make-up remover, a large packet of cotton swabs and pads, several bottles of lotion and soap, in addition to your make-up bag.

A few days after you had moved in, he brushed his teeth with some of your foundation, thinking it was his Colgate. Those squeeze tubes looked the same when his eyes were still half-shut.

As he coughed the make-up out of his mouth, he also knocked over a few of your skin care products, earning a chip on the cap of one of your moisturizers.


He tried to settle your items back along the bathroom sink where they had perched precariously before, only for the bottle of your face wash to slide down into the sink, knocking one of your earrings down with it. Bucky watched in horror as it slid down the drain.

The commotion woke you up.

“What in the world..”

“I think one of your earrings fell down the pipe. And this thing cracked. Sorry,” he said sheepishly while gesturing to your bottle of moisturizer. “I squeezed some of your make-up on my toothbrush thinking it was toothpaste and I was tryna get out of my mouth and your stuff fell over.”

You knew things didn’t just fell over. “You mean you knocked it over.”

“Yeah, sorry. But you have way too much stuff! Can’t you put it in your room, or keep ‘em in the cabinet.. or something? It’s so messy here!”

You rolled your eyes. This wasn’t how you wanted to start your busy Tuesday. “Ugh, fine. Just watch what you’re doing next time please, this stuff isn’t cheap,” you grumbled, referring to your now half-empty tube of foundation.

After passive-aggressively grabbing all your items from the top of the sink and the cabinet and piling them in your small palm, you trod out of the bathroom, leaving a sour taste in both your mouths from your first tiff as roomies.

You didn’t see much of him for the rest of day when you left for school, and he had been out bright and early doing his morning workout around the block shortly after that little spat. It took no time at all before you felt the guilt seeping in. He didn’t deserve to bear the brunt of your frustration, even if you were pissed. Most people started off interactions with ‘good morning’, as how they should be anyways.

You had to apologise.

But he beat you to it.

You opened the door to your (new) apartment to find him sitting silently on the couch. He looked tense, deep in thought, but he turned around immediately when he heard the sound of your books hit the table at the entranceway.

“Hey,” he started, and you notice the black-and-white striped paper bag between his fingers. “I’m sorry about this morning, hope this makes up for it. Didn’t realize how expensive this stuff was.”

He must have gone to the mall after you left because in that familiar little paper bag was a brand new tube of your go-to foundation. Same brand. Same shade. Your eyes widen slightly – who would have thought there existed a man who was observant and sensitive enough to get this right?

You couldn’t help but stumble on your words, “t-t-thank you, you uh really didn’t need to.”

You took a deep breath in. “Look, it’s not your fault exactly. I know I can be quite the slob. It wasn’t really nice of me to put my stuff everywhere in your bathroom like that. I’m sorry too.”

Our bathroom,” he corrected.

You grinned, happy that he was still cordial with you.

“Now that that’s out of the way, can we order takeout?” you ask, hoping to continue making amends. “My treat this time.”

“Yes, I’m famished,” he replied. “But.. one more thing: do you really need that much stuff, just for your face?”
You looked at him, perplexed and slightly offended. But you remind yourself – he’s a boy, he doesn’t know better.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,” you sassed. Taking a few steps towards him, you stretched out your neck and scrutinized the wrinkles around his eyes and the dry patches of skin on his cheekbone. “And I think you do too.”

You reached into your purse for the small tube of moisturizer and stuffed it in his palm. “Try this. You’ll thank me later, ya big raisin.”

sorry this took so long, but it’s longer than expected so i hope that makes up for it. (i have mad respect for writers like @bovaria who churn out fics like everyday, they’re frickin amazing!!)

as always thanks for reading :~) school’s been busy for these first couple of weeks, but it makes my day when i see messages from you guys asking to be tagged in the fics. love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

apriljoy97  asked:

You mentioned that in college you were able to get really organized. Would you mind explaining how you managed such a feat?

Well, it was either that or fall apart, like, my back was pretty much up against the wall. I was carrying a full courseload, working part-time, and after my first semester also putting in hours at the theatre for my major. And I was suffering from pretty much constant, ongoing depression, which I was aware of but wasn’t handling super well. So something had to shift, and fortunately for me, it was a positive shift. 

That said, I didn’t sit down and say “I’m gonna get organized, I’m gonna do the thing”. At most, I was dimly aware that if I didn’t make a list I would forget half of what was on it, and that EVERYTHING was more of a struggle when things weren’t written down. For example, it’s easy to call the doctor and make an appointment if you have the doctor’s name and phone number in a specific place you can get to easily. Otherwise it’s like fifteen steps and then you have to actually make the call and oh my god I can’t even

So I started making sure that whenever there was information on my radar I might need, I wrote it down and put it somewhere specific that I could get to easily. It took a lot of training, and it took a lot of trial and error to find out what worked. Like: keeping a notebook where I journal all my doctor’s appointments? Does not work, I kept losing or forgetting the journal. Keeping a spreadsheet on my computer? For some reason that worked despite being no less actual labor. (I also have things like a master spreadsheet of all the sites I have logins on, the email address associated with them, the login name, and the password. Jesus it took forever to build but now it’s easy to just add one in when I make a new one; I even have tabs for different kinds, like “social media” and “medical/insurance” and “travel/entertainment”. It’s a password-protected file that lives on a flash drive that goes everywhere with me.) 

The way I started using a calendar is actually hilarious. A friend of mine, for my birthday (at the start of the sophomore school year) gave me a Buffy The Vampire Slayer weekly calendar as a joke. I bonded with that motherfucker, I wrote down EVERYTHING in it; whenever I got a syllabus I immediately copied everything into the calendar and often I copied it in a week ahead of the actual date so that I’d have warning. Over the years this evolved from a “ridiculous weekly calendar” (Buffy, then vintage Spam ads, then vintage pinup girls for senior year) to a Levenger system with a monthly calendar in the front and daily calendar behind it, to my current system of a monthly calendar in google docs (made from an altered spreadsheet). I kept tweaking what worked and improving and improving until I found a functional system, one I’ve used for the last four or five years now. 

So here’s the thing: the absolute necessity for all of this to function is to find a records system that functions for you. Not really something I can give you – not something anyone can give you. Full organizational systems rarely work for anyone, and it always feels like failing when you only use part of any given system, which is why most people try to adopt a system and end up reverting. But the vital part of organizing your life is to steal the bits that work, discard those that don’t, and slowly mold it into a whole.

Why do spreadsheets and Google Tasks work for me? Who the fuck knows. They’re not the most efficient, for sure, though they are usually the most accessible. The main reason I use Google Tasks is that if shit is written down, I’m at a point where I check Tasks by muscle memory. So I know I’ll see whatever task it is I need to remember to do. I don’t have to keep it in my mind, and my anxiety drops way down if I know I don’t have to work to remember something important. Why do I have a folder labeled “LIFE SKILLS” that has nested folders for insurance and housing and taxes? Because that’s how my brain works. I use that TAXES folder literally one month out of the year, but when I do, I know right where to go and what to do with it. I now obsessively label files (like PDFs of medical bills) with the date and what they really are, because otherwise I’ll never find them and I’ll give up and fail and cry. Or at the very least turn in my medical insurance paperwork very late. 

So the best I can recommend is every time you struggle with something, stop and think, how can I make this easier for me the next time I have to do it? (Sometimes this is even easier than doing the thing, so you can set up for next time and THEN do the thing, like easing into it.) Even if it’s just opening a Word document and detailing what you did this time, that helps. After I leave a meeting at work, I decide if I’ll need the notes I took, and then I type them into a word document helpfully labeled 2016 MEETING NOTES. Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass, but two weeks from now when I need to remember the process we talked about in meeting, it’ll save my bacon. And then I throw out my paper notes, so that they won’t get in the way of me finding paperwork that’s actually important. 

It’s a lot of labor initially, but once you get rolling and find what works, it takes very little effort, because you know where to go and what to do. And since it’s automated, like you just go and do it out of habit, things like depression and procrastination don’t interfere as much. 

So yeah, that’s the advice I have: find what works for you, rather than searching for what should work for you; take the time now to do that little extra bit of work that will mean less later; and allow yourself to be imperfect. My initial attempts worked maybe 50% of the time. It took me at least eight years to build a system that functions 98% of the time, and I’m at peace with never getting that last two percent. And you may never get to 98% – but that’s okay. 50% is better than nothing. 

Organization isn’t a matter of inherent skill or willpower – just a matter of self-examination and experimentation. And it takes time and luck to make it work.