because this show is an emotional roller coaster

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I've just read all the seven chapters of "A Lifetime of Her". I don't know if it was a good idea to do it in the morning because you broke my heart. Like, you took it from my chest and jumped on it multiple times. But it was worth it i guess lol This story is so beautiful. It was like an emotional roller coaster. You are truly gifted. Now i can't wait to read the next chapter ♥

Thank you for taking the time to say these lovely things! Definitely the highlight of my day 😊. I hope through all the pain and missed opportunities for them, I’m still able to show the kismet and the sense of fate they have together. Of being greater than life. The next chapter should be tender, so I hope it will spare a bit of your heart! Hugs 💙💚

It took me many, many years of having my life ruined by Shonda Rhimes to realize that the world won’t end if I stop watching a television show. Just because it once gave me sky high feelings doesn’t mean I have to pull out all the stops to try and prolong the emotional roller coaster ride. When you’ve fangirled for a few decades, you learn to cope with the reality that one day you will wake up, look at a photo of your favorite actress, and discover that the feeling is just…GONE. Or you’ll watch your ship sink and shrug your shoulders, knowing that two more random idiots will soon enter your life and reign supreme. For every ship there is a season. A time to weep, and a time to read every smut fan fic you can possibly find, and a time to move on. The 30-year-old fangirl gets this.

Why Fangirling Is Better In Your Thirties [x]

There wasn’t a word of this that I didn’t nod my head at. Leaving a show behind, quitting a ship, staying out of petty fights, shrugging off haters, picking the friends that matter… fandom is much sweeter the more perspective on life you possess. You realize that the fandom itself doesn’t really matter, but how it enhances your life does. So make your fandom life a happy place. Lord knows no one else will do it for you.

edited to add: I am saying this because *I* identify with it. I’m not saying you all have to too. I assume we’re all able, regardless of age, to decide our own truth and level of investment with fandom. That was sort of the whole point with the post, actually: figuring out what you like and owning it. That’s what I’m doing it. If you disagree with it, good for you and I’m glad. I can only speak for me, but I’m not going to let someone else tell me what I feel is wrong. 

I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
I will take the trash out when you are too tired to do so or when you simply just do not want to.
I will buy you an endless supply of those unwrapped Starbursts to sweeten and brighten up any bad days.
I will go on walks with you and the pup no matter how tired I am because the light in your eyes and your radiant smile are worth waking up for.
I will learn to grind and make your coffee for the days you are too sick to get up or be bothered to make your own.
I will watch Grey’s Anatomy so we can go through the emotional roller coaster of that show together.
I will rub the back of your neck when I know you are stressed.
I will buy you clothes and things you tell me you want because I love making you feel as beautiful as I see you.
I will remind you often about how much I care because I don’t want there to ever be a moment that you forget.
I will look into your eyes whenever we speak because they are prettier than any sunset or view I’ve seen.
I will watch your lips curve at the edges whenever you laugh because that sight and that sound are seriously like music to my ears.
I will give you my love you for as long as you will allow me to.
I will love you on your good days and your bad nights.
I will love you forever.
—  I will, I know I will
The drama that is Scarlet Heart: Ryeo [spoiler alert, read at your own risk]

This k-drama series has left me with all kinds of feels, a writer’s block and the worst drama withdrawal ever.

It’s about a 21st-century woman who time travels back to the Goryeo era. You might think this is all fluff but nooooo…I got tricked into it with all the hype that went around before the broadcast and now I’m scarred for life. :)

So for those thinking of watching this show, here are 10 reasons not to proceed:

1. DO NOT WATCH if you are expecting this to be a fantasy, unicorn-filled series because of the time travel element in it. It’s freaking not.

2. DO NOT WATCH  if you know you can’t handle 20 episodes roller coaster of emotions from fluff, angst, pain and a whole lot of nothingness after. This show will leave you an empty shell after the finale. Trust me.

3. DO NOT WATCH if you like your shows above 15% rating. This was one of the most underrated shows in Korea.

4. DO NOT WATCH if you think the idols(singers) in this show wouldn’t be able to deliver—as per all the noise surrounding this drama.

5. DO NOT WATCH if you are expecting any sexy scenes, but damn if every actor here aren’t eye candies. Even covered in blood and dirt, they still look sexy af.  I think the writers were just being cruel.

6. DO NOT WATCH if you still want to see other K-dramas the same way. This show will bring your standards at a whole different level. I say ‘different’ because it may not be one of the greatest ones, but it surely will be among the most unforgettable ones for being able to kill you in every damn angst-filled episode.

7. DO NOT WATCH if you don’t want to bawl your eyes out. There will be no sexy-one-tear running-down-your-face-kind-of-crying I tell you.

8. DO NOT WATCH if you are single. The main lead will raise the bar so high you will have to watch at least 100 cheesy shows to overcome it.

9. DO NOT WATCH if you want to feel good after. You will want to go find them writers and directors for a chance to strangle them every time you re-watch this show–and yes, you will (see number 10).

10. DO NOT WATCH if you don’t want to find yourself watching this drama again and again, picking out your favorite scenes (dying inside every damn time) hoping for some miracle to happen and it ends up differently.

Anyway, here are a few gifs to discourage you further.

See? It’s the absolute worst. ;)

PS: Good luck watching.

Why I love the 12th Doctor

He’s been such a perfectly well-written character in the history of the entire show. And I say this with confidence because it has paid off to move with him this slowly. He comes off with such indescribable richness. Magical.

We’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster with him. From trying to understand  himself, to a full-blown mid-life crisis. He beat some awesome monsters. Rocked ‘n’ rolled into the credits. Pounced about a plane. He crossed into our threshold and asked us to Google something. Heavens, he’s a tidal wave!

Then we witnessed him carry the burden of love through four-and-a-half-billion years. He willingly admitted he had crossed the line and tried to make amends. Didn’t work out the way he’d expect, but you can’t have everything!

He’s ancient, wise, compassionate, and loving. Yes, this is true of all the others. But 12, my dear 12, has actually lived these things within this incarnation. We saw his compassion (saving Davros), his wisdom (dealing with Ashildr), most definitely lost track of his age (diamond wall), and his love for Clara and River.

I cannot stop admiring him. And I’ve absolutely no idea where he’s heading next. Whatever it is. It’s gonna be hell.

I never liked anybody this much for so long but he’d gone and done it in less than three weeks. Three weeks of roller coaster ride of emotion because I’ll never know what shade he’d be in when I see him. Sometimes he’s a bright shade of yellow like the sun and other times a dull shade of grey. But one night with him showed me how iridescent he is and I knew, I’m in too deep.
—  iridescence | April 9, 2015 | 17:29
My Kendrick Experience

So this passed Tuesday, I got the opportunity to see Kendrick Lamar at the Fox theater. I already had high expectations because of TPAB, but this man and his band blew me completely away. Let me start off that this band is on par with Kendrick’s lyrical ability. And this was way more than a concert. This was a show that took you on an emotional roller coaster. The crowd went crazy with Backseat Freestyle and M.A.A.d City etc. and he also took the tempo down and interacted with the crowd. He got into a monologue saying he was blown away that this album helped himself and also his fans on a personal level. He almost broke down on stage, his voice cracked a bit and I felt tears forming. He also got into how all of The Bay Area has been fuckin with him since day one with his Kendrick Lamar EP, O.D. , Section 80, GKMC and of course TPAB. This show didn’t fall shorter than amazing in every aspect of the word. The vibes from the crowd, the energy emitting from his band and Kendrick illuminating on stage. Simply Amazing.

So excited for US dub of Miraculous

@NickelodeonTV as part of the Miraculous hell, I’d say it is totally worth it to watch the series because it’s a magical boy/girl show in beautiful Paris and I can’t rolling under a roller coaster of emotions from Ladybug and Cat Noir’s interaction.

The series is very nostalgic to watch because I grew up watching Cardcaptor Sakura but the Miraculous series has a more older content for kids and teenagers above to watch with all the wibbly-wobbly sciency stuff and the relatable characters you can see in school everyday. 

It’s not everyday you watch a superheroine with a male sidekick who is a freakin cinnammon bun you must protect because let’s face it, Cat Noir is suc a dork I can relate to how my younger self used to joke as an awkward teenager.

Reasons to watch the US release:

  • young children can watch it
  • people with reading problems can watch it
  • no need to wait for subbers to translate the French and Korean dub
  • Fashion designing modeling is a rarely used feature for a main character for an action/magical series
  • Learn the beauty of Paris
  • cute spirit guardians
  • Cat Noir was voiced by the same VA who voiced Eren Jeager, Rin Okumura and Kirito and ALL FOUR KNOW HOW TO WIELD A SWORD!!!!!!!
  • Cute cinnammons!
  • racial diversity
  • approachable Hawk Daddy who never fails to your questions
  • a fine combination of slice of life, action, comedy, and let’s say heart clenching feels that will make you scream ;)

Animation side:

  • beautiful lighting for a CGI series
  • nice and smooth character rigging and modeling
  • amazing Cat Noir’s dance scenes and ze fight scenes
  • the comical scenes
  • easy to interpret with body language

Watch Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir in December 6 and be part of the Miraculous brethren*hell* 

*But I wish it would be shown in the Philippines


One chapter ended in our and in BTS life too but they give us so many things. 

They showed us that being youth is not only about happiness, sometimes you cry, sometimes you have to face with difficulty and there are times when you just wish you would live somebody else life.

However we can always see better day especially when we are together with those people who means us the family and the love. The sun can always smile on us showing us the light from the darkness and our friends hands can be the power which will help us to keep going.

When a chapter end in your life that means a new beginning will start but never forget being young!! because this feeling will always be so special for you. Youth is an emotional roller coaster which can form your personality and help you to face with the big world.

However my friend never forget the power the knowledge and the unlimited courage which comes from youthfulness. 

Forever young the feeling to be free and to be you without barriers

Run for your dreams, for your goals

I Need U my friends, my family to hold my hand in this long path

 The most beautiful moment in life …. Never Forget <3

Don’t take this seriously, but my little rant/review/observation on Girl Meets Texas, because I couldn’t help myself: 

I thought Girl Meets Texas was beautifully written. I loved the roller coaster of emotions that they put us on. I missed this kind of writing on television shows, where feelings and different kinds of relationships are so real, genuine, and age appropriate yet still applicable to older people. There were so many layers to this episode, which I think is the reason for all the discussion and “wars” I’ve been coming across. I’m trying my hardest not to read any of it because shippers can be pretty nasty to each other (example: I came across someone saying that they want Maya to be killed off for Rucas’ sake. Seriously?). In fact, the shipping wars made me so angry and annoyed that I had to unfollow almost all GMW blogs. The amount of (im)maturity was just really hard to read, especially when people were ripping each other apart on here. 

Let me just get off my chest the one thing I didn’t like about GMT: freaking Cletus. Yes, let’s just bring in the VERY stereotypical Texan man who has a VERY stereotypical Disney Channel comic relief personality that I (and probably many others) did not really care for. 

Anywho, you could tell that both Maya and Riley were trying really hard to push away their own feelings towards Lucas for the sake of the other. I think that’s a very noble, normal thing anyone would do for their best friend. If you’ve never had to do that for a friend before, lucky you because it really freakin’ hurts, especially if you have to stay around and watch. And both girls have done that. And both of their feelings are completely valid. I understand how Riley feels. I understand how Maya feels. It’s a hard situation to be in and it flatout sucks, but that’s life.  

I’m not going to say too much about Lucas because hell, he’s just as confused as the viewers are. But what slightly irked me was that we don’t actually find out how Lucas feels about Maya, which sucks because he knows how she feels about him. But I can’t be too annoyed because that’s what dating is for: to find out if you like them. 

And then there’s Farkle. They say that it’s always the quiet ones. Farkle had been strangely quiet for parts I and II, but he knew very well what was going on. He’s always been observant, we knew that. Farkle pretty much lets everyone (including us, the viewers) know what’s up when there’s confusion. And you know what? HE doesn’t know what’s up. He doesn’t know how Maya really feels or how Lucas feels about Maya. He doesn’t know because he didn’t witness what happened at the campfire. But he knows that Lucas and Riley do like each other (maybe even love, who knows, they’re still kids, they’re still growing) and that hasn’t gone away and probably won’t for a while.

While watching the last few minutes of the Texas III, I felt that Farkle is the glue that keeps everyone together. He’s there for all of his friends, provides a safe environment where the girls can vent (maybe Lucas and Zay too?!), and really reads and notices all the little things in his friends, allowing him to see what’s really going on with them. Then again, he has a robotic eye. 

At the end of Texas III, Charlie & Riley didn’t mention they’re official, nor did they say they’re calling it off, so I guess they’re still seeing each other. Same goes for Lucaya. 

Now for the little tidbits:

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Keenler Week [Day 1] - The Moment I Started To Ship Them

For me, things happened a little differently, because I had never watched The Blacklist before, and then one day I saw this random gifset on Tumblr that caught my attention. It was a gifset from this scene, and I had no idea of who these people were or what was going on, but the way they were looking at each other just made me go CHEMISTRY ALERT, so I had to find out what show that was from and started watching shortly after that, and now here we are in this roller coaster of emotions and heartache and pain, a lot of pain. So then when I started watching for real I probably started shipping them from their first scene together, there was really no coming back from that or any other shipping choice for me.


bird set free |  laurel lance

This video was such an emotional roller coaster for me to make. I have so many feelings about Laurel Lance (and Katie Cassidy) and it’s so hard to properly express how I feel sometimes. I’ve watched so many shows and fallen in love with so many characters, but none of them mean as much to me as Laurel Lance does.

It’s easier to find a bit of strength in myself when I work on these videos because it reminds me of how strong Laurel is and how great Katie is and was. I was so worried that after 4x19 I’d never be able to vid Laurel again because of how angry and heartbroken I was, but time has proven me wrong.

All information is at the end of the video. If it’s blocked you can watch it HERE.

This is also dedicated to @bisexuallaurellance, @laurivcr and @wouldyousingalong. Thank you guys for helping me run @theworldneedslaurellance and constantly bringing new Laurel content into my life. :)

okay but what in the world? ( prepare yourself for the long-ass speech i’m about to go into ). this speech is well deserved because on a whim did i decide to watch the flash ( i will admit that i was mostly interested because of grant gustin ) and boy am i glad i started it. this show has been an emotional roller-coaster - i’ve loved every single second of it. then i thought about making a barry - and i was nervous, what with my tony muse started to flake out on me and i wasn’t totally sure about joining a new fandom because i didn’t want to put the effort in for the blog to die out a few days later. 

turns out that i HEAVILY underestimated the dc fandom. it’s definitely one of the best fandom’s that i’ve been in. you guys welcomed me in with open arms, made me feel important and overall loved. the fact that other barry’s were willing and wanting to RP with me ( twin verses ftw ) was incredible. there’s no rivalry, there’s no hatred towards other characters and it’s a very peaceful and calm place to be.

less than four weeks in and here i am. shocked, in awe and gobsmacked that over 250 of you want to roleplay with me, deemed me worthy enough to press that follow button and have stuck by me. this is basically my way of saying that if you follow me ( or not; this is a general message to anyone who might see this ), i love you. i appreciate you. your existence is something that we all cherish. i’m so happy to have so many people express their wanting to be around me and i just ?? i’m v. v. emotional about this okay.

i know that i might have missed a few people and i’m sorry for the people that i did forget to put here but it doesn’t mean i loe you guys any less. 

  i love every single one of you. thank you for following
  me, thank you for sticking by me and making me feel

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