because this show is an emotional roller coaster

My thoughts about episode 7x25

This episode. Oh, my God, this episode.

I searched “emotional roller coaster” on the Merriam Webster dictionary and this whole episode was there. 

Amazing, painful, heartbreaking, heartwarming. It leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope.

It’s an episode that literally oozes love out of every frame.

I will start talking about Steve and Danny, because I have so many things to say about them…

I loved how Steve shows up in Danny’s office as soon as he arrives, like he was impatiently waiting to show him his gift. How sweet can this man be? Same goes for Danny, so protective of Steve, constantly worrying about him, constantly checking – silently or explicitly – how he is. This scene is loaded with hints that foreshadow what will come later in the episode, it’s like Danny can’t help but feel something is wrong, and we start feeling the same way: the acting, the way the episode is built make you feel that way and it gets stronger and stronger minute by minute, and it’s so gut wrenching.

Plus, the way Danny and Steve act around Charlie is adorable. The way they look like a married couple, obviously, but – even more than that, if possible – the way they protect him, talking in code about Rachel and Stan’s divorce, because this little guy has been through so much already… To think they both were there the day Charlie was born, looking at him through the glass, loving him already even if they didn’t know yet he was Danny’s child… it makes me emotional.

And what about that scene in the car, when Steve starts talking about Rachel, out of nowhere, as if it’s something he can’t help thinking about… he’s worried, maybe even angry. He’s bitter, he’s jealous, most of all he’s still the man who, back in season one, told Danny: ““I don’t want you to get hurt. Okay? I just want you to be happy, Danny. That’s all”. 

Steve tries to joke – he tries so hard, how painful is that? – and says “if you ain’t got nothing nice and positive to say, keep your hole shut … unless you’re “talking” to your ex-wife”. He knows that Danny, out of his good heart – too good sometimes – is trying to put under the rug all the bad things Rachel did to him, but … they’re just under the rug, they’re still there, they can’t be ignored, or he’s going to suffer again, to be manipulated and walked over, again!

And so Steve says it, honestly… “I don’t think this thing with you and Rachel is a healthy thing”. It’s not healthy, he says. I think it’s a very meaningful choice of words. Both Steve and Danny have been dealing with toxic relationships that sucked the joy out of their lives and I hope with all my heart they’re done with those relationships for good. Please, let these guys be finally, truly happy, please let them heal each other’s heart with the love they have for each other. They deserve that.

What about Steve telling Danny “I know that I’m out of my mind, but I also know that you’re in love with your ex-wife […] you got a shot to make things right”? First of all, Rachel was the one who put Danny through hell with her constant threats of taking Grace away from him and not letting him see her and then lying to him for three years about Charlie, so it’s really not up to Danny to make things right, he didn’t do anything wrong, he was a victim! 

And I think that what we have here it’s Steve voicing his worst fears in the hope that Danny will prove him wrong. And I so hope Danny will prove him wrong. I believe he will prove him wrong. He already told Steve “you’re out of your mind” for thinking he might be still in love with Rachel and I think he was being honest, I think he’s just being civil and kind with her, he’s tired of fighting, he doesn’t want that for himself and most of all he doesn’t want that for his kids. I hope I’m not wrong.

Then Danny sees Steve taking some pills and his alarm bells start ringing, but his focus shifts on trying to talk Steve out of risking his life pulling probably the most dangerous stunt he has every pulled.

And just moments before Steve jumps, risking his life, the writers start working a whole new kind of magic, in my opinion, giving us some of the most subtle and yet most romantic and emotional moments I’ve ever seen.

How? The chef’s hat. Yes, the chef’s hat. I really believe they masterfully wrote some of the best, most touching declarations of love ever to be heard, just playing with words around that chef’s hat.

Even if he’s trying to pretend he’s not scared of the consequences of that jump, Steve knows that it could go horribly wrong. He didn’t want Danny to open the gift when he wasn’t there and now, thinking that jump could kill him, he needs to tell Danny those words before it could be too late.

Chef’s hat”, he says. Meaning: there‘s nothing I care about more than you, more than your happiness and your dreams, because I love you. 

And Danny understands what Steve means, he promises him he will be there when he’ll open his restaurant (when they’ll open their restaurant?) and, later, he says: “thank you for the hat, seriously”. Meaning: thank you for loving me the way you love me. And Steve closes his eyes for a moment and then says “You’re welcome, seriously”. Don’t tell me that wasn’t a “I’m in love with you”, because it was. I’m so sure it was.

And I obviously loved that adorable scene with them walking away together, holding each other, talking about Steve’s feelings and how the last thing on Earth Danny wants to do is hurt Steve’s feelings. The way these two guys cherish and love each other is so beautiful and it warms my heart.

And then… oh my God, my poor heart bled seeing Steve so tired, so pale, so scared… call me crazy, call me stupid, but I worry about him even if I know he’s just a fictional character… it makes me cry to see how he tries to minimize, how he tried to keep things for himself, to hide his health issues.. but he couldn’t hide from Danny, because Danny wouldn’t let him. 

Life made Steve believe that he was undeserving of love, that there always was someone or something more important than him, someone or something that made people walk away from him, and now that he needs love more than ever, now that he needs someone next to him more than ever, he tries to hide it… but Danny won’t let him. 

It broke my heart to see the look in Danny’s eyes, to see him so lost at the mere thought of Steve being sick. I so hope, with all my heart, there will soon be… I don’t know, another doctor’s opinion, something that will take this terrible sword hanging over their heads away from them. 

One thing I’m sure of is that Steve and Danny will be together through all of this, and together they can face and overcome everything. Danny will show Steve how deserving of love, how important he is, how much he needs him and can’t even imagine a life without him. More than ever, Steve needs to be loved, to feel indispensable for someone, and Danny will be there reminding that he is, every step of the way.

I talked a lot about Steve and Danny, for obvious reasons, but there was so much else to be loved in this episode.

Abby and Chin, their sizzling chemistry and their growing love for each other.

The party to celebrate Jerry getting his badge… it was so endearing to see him so happy because these people love him. He was so lonely when we met him back in season 4 and now he really has a big family.

That super sweet scene with Kono and Sara at the market, Sara being absolutely adorable and Kono buying a pregnancy test… a moment that sheds an even more meaningful light to many other moments in the episode… her scene with Moani, that chilling, heartbreaking moment where she found that doll in the girls’ room, the talk she has with Lou about being a parent … I loved, so much, what she told Lou: “I could feel them in that room. Their pain and trauma. The fear they went to bed with every night”, because it was my same feeling watching that scene. She wants to make the world a better, safer place for these girls and thinking she might be pregnant makes that purpose even stronger, even more urgent. And I know she will succeed, she’s a force of nature, so compassionate, so strong, so brave. I hope we will get to see her fighting this horrible crime, but I also hope she will be back in Hawaii soon. Maybe, and hopefully, the two things aren’t incompatible. Her Ohana - and we - needs her.

As I wrote when I started with this review, this episode leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope. I will hold on to that hope that makes me believe that these people will get the happiness they deserve. Steve will be fine. Kono will succeed in making the world that better place she desperately needs right now. And true love will conquer all, because today, more than ever before, I’m sure that Steve and Danny share the purest and truest love of all.

Thank you for this episode and for all the emotions!

Glaciator, my opinion

I think i understand now why the made us wait so long for this episode. I mean, look at the quality of colors, shapes and movements! The angolations were so fresh and brand new for this show! And of course, how can we not talk about the romance involved? If i knew there were going to be so many amazing moments i would’ve preapeared myself better because now i’m kind of an emotional wreck.

ANYWAY, at least now Ladybug knows that Chat noir is not just randomly flirting with her, but hr loves her, and she’s obviously shook by the news (and i think, in a positive way too). It was the best episode since season 1 has started, in my opinion. A true roller coaster of feels! (yes, i’m still trembling inside) it’s all for today! Try not to die out there, Miraculers! I know it’s hard when they smash this kind of episode in out faces like that (lol)

Stay Miraculous!


Why is SOTUS The Series the best Thai BL series ever made?

After one year, I still can’t pinpoint the reason.

Maybe because the theme has taken on a specific culture experienced by Thai college students that is happening in real life. I’m not Thai but I’m familiar with that kind of university tradition because there are some schools and groups in my country that also practice hazing. As I learned from news, it’s supposed to be controversial. It’s supposed to be humiliating and violent. It’s supposed to have strong social impact. During the first few episodes, I felt the tension and fear of being hazed but it was used in the series lightly as it moved along. Even though the series opened a discussion whether SOTUS is generally good or bad for the youth and society, the approach was more comical than actual, more informative than enlightening and more systematic than brutal. The writer has mainly used SOTUS for the purpose of having a concrete structure in the story rather than taking it as an opportunity to take a stand and come up with moral implications. Nonetheless, there was social relevance. It was an eye-opener for an outsider like me.

Maybe because the idea of infusing a boy-to-boy romance in a concept like SOTUS seemed farfetched. It is a love story between a freshman and a senior situated in hazing culture. The newcomer Kongpob was headstrong. The head hazer Arthit was vicious. Despite the knowledge of a happy ending, at the beginning I was clueless. There’s no way they will end up together based on mere impression. There were no hints on how the succession of hazing activities will ever lead to romantic scenes. A relationship blossoming in a constrictive environment was impossible. But my cluelessness led to curiosity and that made me jumped on the train.

Maybe because the building up of their relationship was slow-paced. As I’ve observed from previous BL series, it would only take approximately five episodes for the main characters to start realizing their feelings for each other and then develop from there. It happened in Love Sick, 2 Moons and even Addicted. In SOTUS, it wasn’t the case. It was a long and winding road. Most of the time, it was all about the SOTUS system, which is a good thing because that is the main theme and the romance only comes secondary. But I was counting on the love story. I was on the edge of my seat every episode looking forward to if there will ever be a small progress. Twelve episodes gone by, there was almost nothing. It was a waiting game. But the pacing of the development of their relationship was realistic, slowly but surely. And I didn’t feel it was dragging. I knew something was worth waiting for. After witnessing everything, the feeling was just pure happiness and contentment. When everything has fallen into place, it was euphoric.

Maybe because of Kongpob, the first year student who fell in love and persevered to pursue the love of his life. If I remember correctly, the novel was written in third-person point of view. But in the course of the story, it was all about Kongpob’s perspective. He was the primary point of reference. We felt the hardships he has gone through during the initiation period. We felt his victories when he won the sports events and the Star & Moon Competition. We felt his simple joys whenever he was given a chance to interact with Arthit. He had a mission and we, as audience, were standing before him like we got his back. In the process of achieving his goal, we were with him on his emotional roller coaster - his sadness, excitement, pain, triumph, hopelessness, rapture and heartbreak. Resulting to a one-sided love was foreseeable. He was on the verge of giving up but he didn’t. He truly gave his heart, not just the gear, and it was an inspiration.

Maybe because of the metaphors that gave much more meaning to the story. Kongpob personifying the moon and Arthit the sun - a simple symbolism that showed the protagonists’ personalities as well as their obvious contrast. The iced coffee and pink milk were not supposed to mean anything but they have embodied the peculiar traits of the two characters. It just goes to show that they have their own quirks and they were used very well to reference each other in the series. The gear symbolizing the heart had the strongest impact. Giving your gear to someone meant letting that someone to take care of your heart. For the giver, it’s a moment of vulnerability. For the receiver, it’s a moment to prove you’re worthy. The use of the gear has romanticized the plot with engineering students as main characters undergoing hazing. Originally, it’s a symbol of an engineering student’s pride. In the end, it has become a symbol of Kongpob and Arthit’s love.

Maybe because of Arthit, the quick-tempered, condescending senior, who brought the unpredictable element to the story. His actions were very uncalculated throughout. He was like a ticking bomb always about to explode without time limit. He was perceived as the villain to our hero Kongpob but for a reason. If the point of view of the story centered around Kongpob, the character development focused solely on Arthit. His profile was set up in the most unapproachable way but in the end he’s the sweetest thing. He was responsible for all of the most memorable romantic moments in the series. When it was his turn to reciprocate, everything went magical - when he was having heartfelt conversations with his close friends to discuss his confused feelings towards Kongpob, when he chased after Kongpob at the wedding, when the dreamy Rama VIII Bridge scene happened, when he surrendered to his feelings and gave his gear, when he replaced Kongpob’s old dirty string with couple bracelets, when he finally asked Kongpob for a date at the rooftop and, above all, when he declared his love at the party in front of everyone. It was Kongpob who planted the seeds but it was Arthit who made them grow. It was truly remarkable. He is indeed the sunshine of the show.

Maybe because of Singto and Krist who brought Kongpob and Arthit to life. They were new in the business and their chemistry wasn’t obvious in the beginning. Their acting was better compared to most actors of their age but I feel like they could still dig deeper. But the interesting part is they have known each other before everything started. They studied in the same university taking up the same course where Singto was the head hazer and Krist was his junior. They have first-hand experience of how it was like to undergo the SOTUS system. Their appeal comes from the fact that there was a connection even before they’ve become popular. It worked to their advantage as if they were destined to portray the roles. They may not be the most comfortable with their acting skills yet but they were very comfortable with each other. The effect of the overall chemistry was sensational. The fans went insane and the real-life friendship has made everyone delusional. Of course, they will never end up together. I’m bursting my own bubble here. But the fact remains that Singto and Krist started their journey as actors together. Side by side from being nobody, they went through the highs and lows in the process of earning fame and success. SOTUS put them on the map and unexpectedly became the Thai BL superstars that they are right now. I’m a huge sucker to cute backstories and this is my most favorite. I will treasure it forever.

So, why is SOTUS The Series the best Thai BL series ever made?

Of course, other people will argue that it’s not. The development was prolonged, the acting was not the best, the last episode was unnecessary, the SOTUS storyline was a missed opportunity, the editing lacked consistency, the portrayal of supposedly gay characters was inaccurate, the romantic scenes needed more intimacy and the list goes on. Other people could prove to me that it’s just another Thai BL series but here I am still thinking and wanting to defend why it is the best of all time. All I know is that I got emotionally invested. It was my first time to sign up on an online Asian forum to keep myself updated. It was my first time to create a separate blog solely for a tv series. It was my first time to purchase online to collect photobooks. I dragged my friends to fly to Bangkok to see the Rama VIII bridge. I attended a fan meeting in Bangkok to see Singto and Krist in person despite the language barrier. I went to Bangkok twice this year just to drink pink milk.

After a year and all the SOTUS memories, I still can’t pinpoint the reason.

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can you please rec some of ur favorite boyf riends fics!!! tysm in advance<3333

Of course! I’ll do my top 4 boyf riends fanfics at the moment C:

1. is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine by reptilianraven

I LOVE this fanfic because it shows Michael pining after Jeremy and how he feels when Jeremy is talking about how much he likes Christine, and all of the emotions are described so well! It all feels extremely genuine and real as you read it and it’s a roller coaster of feels to experience. This fic also takes Michael’s Filipino side into account and shows him speaking Tagalog which is just so great in my opinion. 11/10.

2. How Can I Fight My Demons When You’re One Of Them by  Dying_Is_Easy_Living_Is_Harder

OOOO BOY LEMME TELL YA AU’S WHERE THE SQUIP TOOK A FORM AS MICHAEL ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. And that’s what this fic is about. Also, tons of gay angst??? Sign me up please??

3. They were going to hurt you by TheTwoPlayerGays

So this fic is really gay and super sweet and protective Michael is the Basically, Michael starts acting weird and then Jeremy gets confronted after a play rehearsal and shit goes down. I don’t wanna spoil too much so all I can say is just READ IT!

4. Jeremy Heere, BUT WITH MUSCLES by zellymaybloom

Realistically, Jeremy should have been ripped with all of the push-ups the SQUIP made him do everytime he thought of sex, right? This fic answers that question with gay Michael pining after his best friend and it’s the best fckin thing ever! I think this has some nsfw themes to it so if that makes you uncomfy, I don’t recommend reading this. If you’re fine with that, then go ahead!

I hope that you enjoy these fanfics!! I know I sure did :D

Dreamworks: “Keith is also just as goofy and free-spirited as the rest of his team, it just takes a little longer for the somewhat stoic Paladin to show this”


Dreamworks: “Keith makes a choice that causes a rift between him and the rest of Team Voltron.”


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Dreamworks: [the first scene of the season 4 trailer is a group shot without Keith]

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Dreamworks: “I don’t know why I’m that way. Maybe I’m naturally untrusting because my mom left me? And so instead of accepting people into my life, I push them away before they reject me. I guess I have some walls up.” - Keith’s vlog 2k17


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April 8th,


Ok so watching 13 reasons why really left me thinking about so many things. The subjects of that series are so raw and real. I won’t be able to assure it on every point cause somethings I have never lived, but the whole scenery, the vibes of the show are extremely well represented. Just how tough school can be, not in the studying kinda way but more in the mental health way. How trauma touches literally everyone eventhough they may not show it, how frustrating life can be. I have not read the book, but the series has nothing that is exagerated for me: like it does not try to aricature something, it’s not romanticised or dramatised. It talks about serious issues like it should be. It shows flaws of the school system and education. It is just truly great.

I absolutely loved the show. Clay is my baby and I just want to hug him forever. It was such an emotional roller coaster and I will recommend to absolutely anyone. Plus if you can, watch the bonus episode because it explains why and how they filmed everything to get the right effects (which they did!).

I am probably going to rewatch it at some point, after I’ve recovered from the first watch…

There you go, I’ll let you do some research on the show for yourself because it is so muchmore complex than the little I talked about so yeah…


My Top 7 Favorite of 2017 - #1 - Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham FOX)

I love Gotham, and all the actors performances in it but the shinning crown jewel in that show is Robin as Oswald Copplepot. He is brilliant. The nuance and depth that he puts in every gesture makes it not only an emotional performance but a physical one. I absolutely love Oswald in Gotham and I want to see him succeed because he is such a tragic character that rides a tightrope balancing act of sympathy and cruelty. This year the writers had an roller coaster story line for Oswald and even through the ridiculousness Robin’s performance makes every over the top moment believable. Give him all the awards!

so.. i didn’t know if i wanted to make this post or not but - here i am, making this post

today, january 9th 2018, marks my one year anniversary of watching skam and i wanted to at least acknowledge it somehow - because it did lead to so much more than just being ‘a tv show’. i started s1 on this very day, s2 the next and s3 the day after that - it was an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

(i need to learn to shut up omg 😖 i put this under read more)

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And I just finished. And I’m still crying.

This whole storyline is heartbreakingly believable. Everytime something like this happens irl, it’s one more time than is acceptable.

It’s incredibly well acted, and very well put together. And does it not shy away from real and extremely upsetting scenes. I’ve cried a few times in earlier episodes but the final one literally had me gasping for breath because I was sobbing so hard at certain scenes.

I would say that everyone should watch this show or read the book but I also don’t think everybody is ready to.

If you are going to watch this then take the warnings posted at the start of the episodes seriously because they are very serious.

It’s seem weird to say that I enjoyed this show because it almost feels like I shouldn’t have.

I guess I’ll say I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster.
don't want to miss a thing - gilligankane - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by @piratekane (a pirate / @iamthegaysmurf production)

Waverly goes quiet again for a minute. “I love you, you know. Scout’s honor,” she adds.

Nicole breathes out, her lungs expanding easily. “I love you, too.”

Waverly kisses her cheek softly.

“Scout’s honor,” Nicole adds.

So, I’ve been trying to conjure up the words, something to say when I share this. Because it is important.

To so many people, this world is so much more than words on a screen, an update every Friday. It’s a living, breathing thing. So much care has gone into it, into the single smallest detail.

It’s always hard during your favorite show’s hiatus. Waiting for the new season, watching and re-watching previous episodes over and over.

And reading things like this.

But this world … this 80′s Mixtape, it’s taken on a life of its own. It’s so very different from the show while the characters are so very true to the original ones. It is its own “show”, so to speak. It has its own highly thought out, carefully crafted backstory, its own unique story to tell, a new emotional roller coaster every Friday.

This past Friday’s was … a doozy. I cried. I cried because I love this world so very much. Because I have been on such a journey with these characters, and the things that were revealed here were heartwrenching.

If you haven’t been on this journey - get going. Read in the order they have been posted. It’s a beautiful thing. You’ll fall in love.

Scout’s honor.

Keith was technically alone his entire life, never had a “real family”. Then Shiro showed up and maybe he made this boy finally happy for once. And then he was nowhere to be found. Can you imagine the pain Keith felt? He was alone again. Some time later he found him and his new family. But surprise! Shiro was gone again! And then they found each other, again!

That’s some emotional roller coaster if you ask me. And tbh I pity Keith, because how could you possibly know if someone you love won’t be gone again but this time like for good.

So when I see this kind of thing:

all I can think about is that my son will be alone again and I’m not ready.

Dreamworks my son deserves happiness

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oh my god that was perfect!! can i request the small and affectionate s/o roasting their bullies, but for rei, aoba, wataru, and izumi?? thank you!! 💕💕💖💟❤ you're my favorite enstars imagine blog!! love you! 💘

aaaah we’re so glad to be your favorite !!!!!!! love you too ♥ ♥ i see you a lot in our inbox and it feels so nice to see the same people often !! here you go, part 3 of the small s/o roasting bullies !! and don’t worry, i’m working on your matchup too ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Rei :

  • Going out with Rei isn’t exactly the most relaxing activity you could have. Should you take him out during the day, he’ll essentially behave like a vampire on the brink of death. Besides, he doesn’t exactly go unnoticed : he’s tall and he has eccentric looks and mannerisms…
  • You absolutely love him for who he is, but sometimes you forget he’s a bit… unusual. People often stare, but they generally don’t do anything more, and that’s for the best. You don’t think you’d take it lightly if they did anything to your boyfriend…
  • That one day was different. You were out with Rei on a date, enjoying yourself and laughing happily at his every joke and comment. He was holding your hand on the café’s table, and everything was going perfectly well. Until you heard what the group of guys seated behind you were saying.
  • They were making fun of your boyfriend, and pretty loudly at that. They didn’t seem to care if any of you could hear them, laughing and mocking Rei’s looks and habits. You were wondering if you had to intervene, but Rei looked as relaxed as usual. Maybe he didn’t hear them… ? You kept the conversation going, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
  • But the rude assholes behind you were talking much louder now, frequently looking at you to check if any of you were mad yet. Rei was acting as though nothing happened. As suave as ever… You had just decided to follow his lead when they started insulting your boyfriend, and your resolve snapped.
  • You got up and started roasting them, furious they’d make fun of your boyfriend just because he looks eccentric. They got quiet all of a sudden and just stared at you. They definitely weren’t expecting the sweet person their victim was on a date with to start insulting them…
  • People were starting to stare, but you didn’t care : you kept going, slapping the rude bullies with the truth. They were making fun of your boyfriend, huh ? Well, maybe that was because he was kind and sweet enough to actually have a date. Very much unlike a certain group of rude assholes, who couldn’t help but make people feel bad about themselves just because they’re jealous.
  • Rei just observed you the entire time, smirking lightly. He looked pretty unfazed about the whole thing, but gently put his hand on your arm when he noticed a waiter was coming your way. “That’s quite enough”, he said audibly, and all the customers who were looking your way turned back.
  • Turns out the waiter had seen the entire thing and came to apologize for the rude guys’ behavior, explaining they were regulars here and they often did that. He arranged to have them out of the café and got you free cake as an apology !
  • Rei didn’t exactly comment on what you did, but he was looking at you proudly for the entire day. He was about to deal with the situation himself, actually, but was really happy you stood up for him. It just showed you care about him, and that’s not exactly an unpleasant situation…

Wataru :

  • Dating Wataru is essentially an emotional roller coaster. You never how he’s going to react or what’s going to happen, because he’s always surprising you with reactions you wouldn’t have thought of. But hey, that’s why you love him !
  • He’s always doing great things and getting invited here or there. Of course, since you’re dating him, he always takes you along ! This one time, he was joining other theater clubs in the region for a joint practice. They were planning to have a big performance together, using the fact that idols would be part of it as an advantage !
  • Wataru was pretty excited about the situation, not only because he’d be spreading the word about Yumenosaki Academy, but also simply because it sounded fun ! He spent a lot of time working on the script for the performance with some other theater club leaders, and you knew for sure he was pretty happy when the day of the joint training finally came.
  • And yet you got disappointed pretty quickly. Most of the students were nice, but there was another club president there, and he was bullying absolutely everyone : his own underclassmen, the other people here… Tomoya was completely unsuited to theater, according to him, and he even found faults in Hokuto’s perfect performance ! But of course, Wataru wouldn’t let him ruin his fun…
  • Your boyfriend started to arrange for funny “accidents” or mishaps to happen every single time the annoying guy was bullying someone. A live chicken would come out of nowhere to attack him, a part of the set would fall right on him, his trousers would rip right when he was on stage… The only problem was, with Wataru’s flamboyant behavior, the other guy quickly understood he was the one making all that happen.
  • He started humiliating Wataru in front of everyone, apparently delighted at the thought that everyone would see it. But you wouldn’t take it : he ruined your boyfriend’s fun and now he was trying to ruin his reputation ? He’d better be ready to taste your wrath !
  • The entire room fell silent when you got up on stage and slapped him. Mind you, it was a real, actual slap, not the fake ones Wataru was so fond of. You started defending your boyfriend and roasting the bully in front of everyone, not even letting him interrupt you. Only once you deemed he had enough did you stop to take time to breathe.
  • That’s when everyone started to applaud you. The bully was so angry he left on the spot, and everyone was so relieved you and Wataru had stood up to him ! Wataru just winked at you to thank you for your impromptu reaction, and quickly went back on stage to replace the bully as the new head of the project.
  • You suspect Wataru greatly enjoyed the situation : he saw you flying right as his rescue, after all ! And there’s nothing he loves more than when you surprise him. He’s keeping that in the back of his mind and you can be sure he’ll try to repay the favor someday, preferably when you’re least expecting it !

Tsumugi :

  • Since your boyfriend is the Library Committee chairman, he often spends after-class hours in the library, watching over the room and making sure no one makes a fuss. You took the habit to stay with him there and spend nice, peaceful afternoons, quietly reading or studying by his side.
  • Usually, the two of you almost have the entire library for yourselves : it’s not like the school’s main focus is on academics… Sometimes a few people come, but either they’re just looking for a book in particular or they want a quiet place to study. Or nap, sometimes. As long as they’re not making noise, Tsumugi generally lets them do as they please.
  • One day, you were reading along with Tsumugi, resting against him when you heard sudden noise and agitation coming from a corner of the room. Your boyfriend was about to get up and investigate, but the offenders quickly got quiet, so you just smiled at him and kept reading.
  • But soon enough, it became apparent that they had no intention of keeping quiet. They were laughing and shouting, and this time Tsumugi decided to go and tell them off. You went with him, holding his hand in yours : you know he has a peaceful personality and hates conflict…
  • Tsumugi gently explained they were disrupting everyone else’s concentration and that the library was a place of calm and study. The group of students, however, didn’t look like the type to like calm or study at all. It looked to you as if they just wanted a warm place to hang out after classes. It wasn’t the first time a situation like that happened, and you were trusting your boyfriend to resolve it peacefully.
  • Except the guys had other plans. They started picking on Tsumugi, asking what he’d do if they just refused to comply. Your boyfriend started to stutter, visibly nervous about that confrontation. They kept going, this time making fun of him, insulting him and even stealing his glasses. When they got up and started to push him around, you couldn’t help but step up.
  • You’d been hiding behind Tsumugi the entire time, so they didn’t really pay attention to you, but now that you were walking up to them and roasting them, they sure noticed you. A few of them even got quiet. You made sure to put them back in their place, yanking your boyfriend’s glasses from the hands of the guy who was playing with them. Everyone in the library was looking at you, and the dudes were obviously uncomfortable with that outcome.
  • Eventually, as they noticed everyone was staring at them in disapproval, they just left. Besides, you didn’t seem like you’d make things easy for them. You just stood there, hands on your hips, as you watched them leave the library. You only went back to where you were sitting when you were sure they wouldn’t be coming back.
  • Tsumugi was very flustered about the whole situation and thanked you at least a million times, stating he didn’t know what he’d be doing without you. You’re just glad you were here to help your boyfriend out, especially when you know he’s so kind and gentle to people…

Izumi :

  • With that personality of his, it’s no wonder Izumi gets into trouble sometimes. And yet you came to love his arrogant side too ! You love every single part of him, after all, and this one is no exception !
  • Izumi gets a lot of modelling jobs and is fairly well-known in the industry, and he always brings you along. Maybe it’s because you’ve been working as his producer, or because you date him, or just because he wants to keep an eye on you at all times ? You don’t quite know… It’s also possible that he just wants to show off in front of you. That boy, really…
  • You’ve been in a lot of sets, with a lot of different photographers and themes, and yet you don’t think you’re ever going to get tired of watching Izumi modelling. He’s so goddamn perfect in front of a camera ! Well, he’s always perfect actually, but still ! It’s always a pleasure for the eyes. You can’t exactly say the people who work with him are as delighted as you however…
  • One day, he got asked to model together with another guy. They didn’t specify who it was going to be, but you faintly knew Izumi wouldn’t be pleased regardless. On the day of the photoshoot, it became clear that you had underestimated the situation : it turned out that the guy in question was one of Izumi’s rivals. You asked your boyfriend to try and be as professional as he could, but he told you he had no intention to lose to his rival.
  • Izumi was being as abrasive as ever, and the other guy sure didn’t like that. During breaks or inbetween shoots, he’d belittle Izumi and insult him. Your boyfriend pointedly ignored him, but you felt your own patience being tested.
  • When he followed Izumi in his lodge to make fun of you instead, claiming you were so tame and Izumi really was tasteless, you knew Izumi’s berserk button had been pushed. Out of nowhere, he started rushing to the guy and tried hitting him, and that’s the moment you chose to intervene.
  • Pushing your boyfriend behind you, you started roasting the guy, telling him that belittling Izumi wasn’t going to make up for his own lack of talent. He tried to talk back but you cut him off and didn’t stop until you deemed he had enough.
  • He went away soon enough, glaring at you. That was not a fight he wanted to get into : you were two against him, and two fiery opponents at that. You asked if Izumi was okay, and it took all of his composure not to snap at you, instead remarking you didn’t have to intervene and he could have managed well enough on his own.
  • Izumi was very protective during the rest of the day though, making sure you were doing fine and everyone was being nice to you. He didn’t really tell you, but you just know he’s worried about you. Even though he appreciates you standing up to him and preventing him to do things he might regret later, he really wants to protect you and avoid you being in such situations in the first place. Given how you’re also very protective of him, the two of you are a very well-matched couple…
It took me many, many years of having my life ruined by Shonda Rhimes to realize that the world won’t end if I stop watching a television show. Just because it once gave me sky high feelings doesn’t mean I have to pull out all the stops to try and prolong the emotional roller coaster ride. When you’ve fangirled for a few decades, you learn to cope with the reality that one day you will wake up, look at a photo of your favorite actress, and discover that the feeling is just…GONE. Or you’ll watch your ship sink and shrug your shoulders, knowing that two more random idiots will soon enter your life and reign supreme. For every ship there is a season. A time to weep, and a time to read every smut fan fic you can possibly find, and a time to move on. The 30-year-old fangirl gets this.

Why Fangirling Is Better In Your Thirties [x]

There wasn’t a word of this that I didn’t nod my head at. Leaving a show behind, quitting a ship, staying out of petty fights, shrugging off haters, picking the friends that matter… fandom is much sweeter the more perspective on life you possess. You realize that the fandom itself doesn’t really matter, but how it enhances your life does. So make your fandom life a happy place. Lord knows no one else will do it for you.

edited to add: I am saying this because *I* identify with it. I’m not saying you all have to too. I assume we’re all able, regardless of age, to decide our own truth and level of investment with fandom. That was sort of the whole point with the post, actually: figuring out what you like and owning it. That’s what I’m doing it. If you disagree with it, good for you and I’m glad. I can only speak for me, but I’m not going to let someone else tell me what I feel is wrong. 

anonymous asked:

I love all the receipts you posted but I also think the best receipts are their own words saying a) they aren’t together and b) that the fans angry at them because they aren’t together is their worst fan experience. If they really respected the show and the actors they’d stop this nonsense and stop tearing apart the actors and bullying their SOs. After sam liked MM’s post yesterday I saw people saying they’re done with the show and they have ptsd from their games. Fgs stop this. Total bullies.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts anon!

It is sad that the ES keep refusing to believe what Sam and Cait have actually said. If they did, they would be able to get off the emotional roller coaster they are on, which is great when they have a “high” but not so great when the ship hits an iceberg and they have a “low” period. 

Since you like posts with Sam’s and/ or Cait’s own words, here are some of the more important ones of the many:

This is Cait’s famous quote from the Vanity Fair Italy interview published 11.02.16 (although it actually came out in October 2016).  

photo (w/out caption).

And of course the famous KDS/ IFH denial VIDEO from 01.08.16:

gifs source

And here is Sam on 12.24.16 making a famous comment to an ES who is dissing Mac (and other women he has dated):

photo (w/out caption)

Here’s the discussion about the awkward letter at the EW interview at SDCC in July 2017:

Below are some of the bullet points from my “evidence/ receipts” posts (POST1, POST2) that have links to articles where Sam and/ or Cait spoke up about their dating lives:

  • In [an] interview published in The Sunday Times on 01.10.16 Sam indicated he had recently ended a long-distance relationship: “’I was in a relationship, but it’s tough.’ He shrugs and looks away. ‘It’s difficult to hold something down when you’re away so much. You end up just sharing facts that mean nothing to each other over empty phone calls. It’s a struggle.’” [emphasis added]
  • In a 06.05.16 interview in The Sunday Times, after stating that she was not dating Sam, Cait mentioned how intrusive some fans can be and commented. “And it can be quite hurtful — not to me, because I signed up for this, but to the people that you’re with — and that’s the one thing where you’re, like, ‘Really? That’s not necessary.’” [emphasis added] This further suggests that her boyfriend is not a celebrity because he hadn’t “signed up for this.” 
  • In a interview posted on 08.03.17 Cait was asked whether she “missed Sam” when “not filming” and she said:”A healthy break from each other is sometimes good! We’re great mates and we check in every now and then but he goes off to his life and I go off to mine.” When asked about how she “handles” the “speculation” that she is dating Sam she said: “There’s nothing to handle. We aren’t and we’ve always said that we’re not together. It’s nice that fans believe in the story but that’s not the reality. If it’s harmless speculation, that’s fine, but sometimes people take it a little further and can get abusive to the people who are in our lives — that’s when it crosses the line. But it’s rare and in this industry you need a thick skin.” [emphasis added]
  • In a Harper’s Bazaar article dated 10.22.17, Sam finally acknowledges that MacKenzie is his girlfriend. HB states: “The next time I meet with Heughan, it’s a warm, late-September day a few weeks after his photo shoot…he’s visibly more relaxed now that the Outlander press tour is over, even though he’s stayed just as busy: a five-day vacation in the south of France with his girlfriend, actress MacKenzie Mauzy.” The article goes on to say: “Heughan also manages to keep his personal life relatively private. He doesn’t divulge much about Mauzy, other than the fact he met her at an industry event, and that she’s had to deal with a bit of social media trolling from his fans. ‘Initially, it is upsetting but, ultimately, it doesn’t mean anything. It feels like a schoolyard thing.’” [emphasis added]

Posted 12.24.17; updated 12.27.17

anonymous asked:

what people dont realize before questioning so much the branding and management of these groups of idols is the fact that they want this, each trainee knows that this management, tv people, mean stability, job stability, financial stability. we should be glad the guys are getting jobs diffusion and stability at what they want to do, and for anyone who finds it sketchy, welcome to the world, its heartbreaking to be at the disposal of the public but thats the industry, each artist goes through it.

As someone who has been following kpop since the late 2000s, I understand that contracts are like this and the industry is cut throat. However I don’t agree that we should be glad about this simply because the guys will be getting more exposure because exposure does not equal financial stability. You need the popularity of Somi and Sejeong to get a semblance of stability. Even then, Sejeong split her profits with Gugudan because they still have debt to think about. 

And there’s honestly little stability if you don’t get into the final top 11. Look at all the people who didn’t make it: Sohee is in limbo, Chaekyung is in a group (but April isn’t exactly making bank), Hyeri is in limbo, Cube Soyeon is in limbo. Juna released a solo that got no recognition, same with Insun, there’s probably more I can’t remember from the top of my head, but you get the point. 

In addition, 2 years of stable promotion (if YMC does it right) does not translate to future stability in their respective groups because they essentially have to start from square one, promoting constantly to make it (unless they’re Somi and Sejeong tbh, or their company plays their cards right). I have no doubt the final group will be popular, but it’s short sighted to say that those 2 popular years will equal stability. 

Being in a group doesn’t mean you’re making money. Music show performances don’t pay much, albums don’t make much (not when you take into consideration the money that goes into them). The real money is in dramas, some variety, and CFs (which are the biggest ones). I’m skeptical that Mnet will be paying the eliminated concert team much if we take into account last season’s contract where any profit the trainees made from music (like the concept eval. songs) was split 50-50 between the agency and Mnet. Plus, in most groups no one gets paid until they pay off trainee debt (and like Sejeong/Mina did- some will probably choose to share their money with their future group). 

What’s more, I’m mostly mad about how unfair this is to the trainees who have spent months in this show, worrying about rankings, appealing to the public, some have gone through scandals and for what? In the end none of it will matter if they’re not on the right team. This show is exploiting their dreams, stringing them along one way and then the other, building them up to bring them down. That’s what I hate the most. I’m sure the boys knew what they were getting into in terms of contract, not getting much pay if they do make it, etc. because exposure is at least exposure (and almost all are in/have been in companies before so they should be familiar with the struggle). But I’m sure none of them signed up for the emotional roller coaster that produce 101 turned into. 

Each artist goes through hardship, yes, but it’s not always done in such a public matter like survival shows make it. And this isn’t just a company survival show or kpop star. This is a mess of a survival show with a lot of emotional investment in part of the voters. 

I’m sorry if this answer is all over the place and I don’t mean it as an attack on your response. I’m simply frustrated over this entire show + I wanted to clear some things up in terms of how idols make money. I’ll probably come back to this response when I’ve had caffeine and am more awake ;__;

The Lazulis: Part 8

Honestly the more you thought about it the crazier it seemed.

There she was, the respected and feared Lapis Lazuli, mafia leader of the entire area of the West Coast, giddy and giggly as a highschooler as she waited for the doctor to finish the ultrasound on her 17 weeks pregnant wife. Said pregnant of course was Peridot, the love of her life.

She still couldn’t believe how fast the last 4 months had happened. Not to mention the time prior.

Before that meeting they had already gotten ready the baby’s room, it was nice. Of course until now it was generic stuff, such as a crater, some plushies and learning toys –you’d think that was Peridot’s doing but actually it was Lapis- and many soothing paintings that came from none other than both the blue haired girl and her tiny lover, since they couldn’t know the gender of the baby yet.

After that, the hardest part.

Choosing a donor. The man that would provide the Y chromosome needed for their baby to develop inside the Greek girl’s belly.

That had been particularly difficult for many reasons.

Reason A: they didn’t know anyone they would want to be the biological father of their kids, since the only close males in their lives were Steven and his dad and we can all agree that would have been awkward for everybody if they chose either of them.

Reason B: to find the right donor you need to go through any available records that the insemination center is willing to provide, then you have to pay Pearl again to search the guys’ background to check the information wasn’t wrong or forged,

And reason C: even after all the above being completed; it was still near impossible choosing a donor when one half of the couple was a hopeless perfectionist and the other half was an insecure train wreck.

God they still aren’t sure how they finally agreed on one guy.

But they did, a very nice one if they could say so. He’s name to us is confidential information since it was on private records, but if there’s something you can be certain of is that the guy was very polite, extremely friendly yet composed and calm. He was also quite handsome, slightly muscular since he needed his looks as guitarist in a quite successful band and had soft ginger hair because of his Irish inheritance. He had good grades too, no criminal record or any allergies neither addictions they should be concerned about, nor any aggressive behaviors or any of the above in any member of his family. Don’t ask how they know that.

After the selection forms were filled the blonde went through the procedure required for the insemination to take place. In all honesty it was quite uncomfortable and somewhat invasive –it was her lady parts we’re talking about- but Lapis was next to her the entire time and made sure everything was according to formalities; the doctor was a woman so it wasn’t too awkward for anybody and it was strictly private and as little painful as possible.

Once that part was over and they both went home with tons of recommendations and advice from the center they just kept going with their lives as they waited for the time to confirm the insemination had been successful. They were obviously not buzzing on their seats the whole time.

A couple days later they did a pregnancy test just to be sure and when the little stick showed the result the tanned girl picked up her wife in absolute bliss, twirling her around as they both laughed and ended the moment they were sharing with a loving kiss.

It was positive.

The next four months were spent buying new baby goods, receiving baby showers –Steven’s idea of course- and reading entire libraries consisting mostly of parenting books, cooking tips and how not to screw up too much in neither of them.

Finally, after an endless waiting that felt like an eternity, the pregnancy was advanced enough to find out the gender of the baby. Not that it made the big difference to them, but they were both pretty eager to know if they were having a pretty little girl or an adorable little boy. Mostly because of the room decor they had to start picking out soon.

That was the reason they were there now, in the nice lady doctor’s room where the ultrasound procedure was taking place.

Peridot was lying down on her back in a white narrow bed, trying to make herself comfortable and be as relaxed as possible. It wasn’t much of a problem considering how easy the procedure steps were.

First she had to uncover the abdomen area, which was okay since she was wearing easy to slip up clothes (just a loose shirt), and after that she just had to stay still and try to hold back her giggles –the most beautiful sound in the world according to Lapis- as the doctor spreaded the gel over her belly, since it was the area to examined.

Just as explained to the bluenette and her wife, the purpose of the ultrasound gel was to enable good contact between the transducer -a small plastic square attached to the ultrasound machine by a thick cord- and the skin so the best images are obtained.

Said images would be recorded and displayed on a medium sized monitor with a keyboard in front, part of the ultrasound machine. The pictures showed on the screen would tell them everything they needed about their baby; gender, size, position, health, and other details that a couple of first timers like them would do anything to know.

‘Alright Ms Lazuli, I need you to hold your breath just for a moment please.’ The Sonographer politely requested, to which the blonde of course complied as she puffed her cheeks and stopped her breathing. After a couple seconds the doctor told her to stop and continued talking with a playful tone, ‘In all honesty ladies, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger belly in such an early stage of the pregnancy, and I’ve served in the Netherlands.’

At this the soon to be parents laughed a bit. It was true Peridot’s belly was abnormally swollen by now, even if she was pregnant.

Obviously enough that was one of the reasons they scheduled that appointment as soon as possible. Even if the Greek woman didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary –except of the irresistible pumpkin cravings, God she had been eating a pumpkin cupcake just before the session started- the bump in her abdomen was getting bigger and bigger, and after some research they found out such size shouldn’t have happened at least until the third trimester. They didn’t really think something was wrong, but wanted to make sure while there was still time.

Now, they were both watching intently at the doctor as she tried to locate the exact are the baby was located to give the best quality images and calm down their anxious hearts.

Suddenly, the Sonographer straightened up as she put all her focus on the images being processed and turned to the couple, ‘Well Ms and Ms Lazuli, here we have them! The results we’ve been waiting for!’

The lady almost yelped when a blur of blue appeared on her shoulder, Lapis had been sitting next to Peridot a second ago but had practically teleported in front of the monitor and right next to her head at the mere mention of the images. Of course if you glanced at the pregnant girl you’d see she was just as focused on the screen as her wife, both their breaths hitched and eyes wide as saucers.     

However, as the results were slowly downloaded for analysis, something seemed to be….off, when you saw it.

Mostly because the picture, supposed to show a clear view of the baby, looked more like an anthropomorphic cloud.

What the heck was going on?

‘Doctor, what is this?! Where’s our baby?!’ Lapis nearly yelled, she was still getting a hold of her emotions after all this years and right now she was going through a roller coaster.

And like in any roller coaster, someone was bound to scream in terror when unleashed.

Fortunately Peridot was fast to catch her, ‘Sweetie, please calm down, I’m sure there is an explanation…’ She looked at the doctor with a pleading look, trying to stay calm for her wife but clearly afraid as well.

The woman in the white coat didn’t seem to be listening to the tanned girl’s rampage though, she was just staring at the machine’s monitor with a thoughtful look on her face. Suddenly, she spoke up.

‘Yeah…it makes sense…the heartbeat…the blurriness…the unusual size…it fits!’ She stood up and headed towards the door rapidly but not before turning to them and ordering, ‘You both wait here for a moment, there’s nothing wrong with the baby but I’m almost a 99% sure there’s something going on behind the scenes.’

Behind the- doctor what is happening? Where is the baby and- Wait don’t leave come back right now!’

Before Lapis could muster another word the woman had already disappeared from sight and into one of the rooms in the back of the establishment, leaving both of them and their unanswered questions hanging. They just stayed sat, Peridot doing her best to convince her wife not to strangle the nice woman once she was back in the room.

A couple of minutes later the doctor swung the door open with a wide grin on her face, completely undisturbed at the blue haired girl’s furious glare.

She stood up in front of them and began her speech, ‘Ladies, I’m terribly sorry for making you wait without any explanation. I know you must be extremely worried by now but I can certainly assure you there’s nothing wrong with your babies.’

Well that’s good but-


‘The results provided by the radiologist in the backroom show the indisputable truth, the explanation to why the measure of you belly was presumably too advanced, why the picture shown in the ultrasound was so unclear –in all fairness the machine is quite old but still- and the synchronized heartbeats that sounded like one.’

Well if we started speaking of heartbeats maybe we should mention the couple’s since they are racing like cheetahs right now. The doctor beamed as she said;

‘Ms and Ms Lazuli, it’s my honor to announce to you the good news: you’re undoubtedly pregnant with twins. Congratulations!!’

‘Umh, Ms Lazuli? Ms Lazuli? Congratulations?’

As much as she tried getting their attention, none seemed to react.

Peridot was simply frozen, both inside and out. Somehow her brain still managed to process half cooked thoughts and overwhelming emotions that only made her lighter on the head. Just…twins…when did…how…this was…Incredible! She couldn’t believe it! Twins! TWINS!!!

As soon as her body came back to her soul she smiled wider than she had ever had in her life and loudly exclaimed, ‘OH MY STARS!! I can’t believe this, it’s amazing! You heard that Lapis? We are having twins!! TWINS!!! Lapis? LAPIS!’

In case you haven’t noticed, the reason for the alarm in her voice was the interestingly enough fact that as soon as she turned her head to share the excitement of the news with her courageous, fearless wife the blonde realized she was no longer by her side. Well, not exactly.

She was on the floor.

Passed out.

Oh dear.

“So did you ever watch The Office? Because I downloaded it on my laptop before I got here and I already finished it. Can you believe it? It took such a short amount of time. Let me tell you, that show is an emotional roller coaster. You would think a show about a paper company would be ridiculous and so uninteresting, but nope. They fooled me and I couldn’t take my eyes away.” She rambled as she took a seat on the couch next to the familiar figure who was already seated.