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How much makeup does the cast use, if any? Do any of them have secret skills with eyeliner?

-Atsushi has to use eyeliner and contacts to make his eyes look more tigerlike. At first, make-up artists would do it for him, but he got good at it, and is able to fix it now when it smudges because of heat/intense battle scenes.

-Everyone is convinced that Akutagawa wears mascara, because god this man has the longest eyelashes in the WHOLE CAST, girls included. The guy swears he doesnt, so who knows the truth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. He’s really good at eyebrows concealing too, and does it sometime just for fun.

-Kouyou is a killer with make-up, and usually helps the make-up artists when they run out of time. Nobody knows better which shade would go with which skin tone/which eye color than Kouyou. 

-Yosano wears a lot for her role, but dont ask her to do it herself, because she thinks make up is a waste of time.

-Kyouka and Lucy wear foundation for extra smooth skin. 

-Poe is often complaning about how much smudged eyeliner he has to wear under his eyes. 

-At everyone else’s suprise, Dazai kills with eyeliner skills. No line? You got it. Thin line? perfectly straight, you could mesure it with a ruler and both eyes would be equal. Cat eyes? No problemo. Name them all, and Dazai will provide with the most perfect job you’ve ever seen. He even gave some tips to Kouyou. Don’t ask him anything else about make up though, because he can’t even tell you what bronzer is.




Where can I find that scene? Because I’ve seen a million pictures and gifs of it, but have yet to find the scene. Please help me!! I need it!!


Kara and Mon El Breakup Up Scene from Mr and Mrs Mxyzptlk

One of my favorite things about this scene is their body language. The entire time Mon El is admitting how jealous he is of Mxy, Kara looks like she’s thinking the entire time about how he’s gonna break his heart in a minute. And Mon El. He is pleading. He is begging her to give him another chance, because she is all that he wants. You can see it all in his eyes. I love this scene, because even though it was so heartbreaking, the acting was so good.

The Kara and Mon El Makeup (and Make out) Scene can be seen here:

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Okay, I have to rant about this scene because it has been annoying me since Thursday and I need to put it in words. Sam was tortured by these people. For days. A couple of episodes ago. And Mary is completely ignoring it. She would rather work with the people that kidnapped and tortured her son and tried to kill both her son’s, before working with her actual sons. And Sam is trying to be calm, and not judging her here, but he’s hurt and confused why his mother chose to do this to him. He’s trying to remind her that he was hurt. And she still trying to justify herself because it’s “for the greater good.” She has chosen everything over her son’s recently and it’s awful.

I’m done. And I’m sorry. But I’m just…bitter rn.

I am watching John Wick right now, because I saw the club scene and was intrigued and honestly so far 1) I love it and 2) I’ve learned a valuable security lesson: don’t buy a house made of fuckin glass

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Top 5 moments from the PJO serie, go!!!


  1. The end of the last Olympian, everything came together really well I loved it!
  2. When it was canonically confirmed that Nico is gay, because that scene was hard to read but also I was so happy? (It’s not pjo series but I don’t care)
  3. When Sally turns Gabe to stone, iconic.
  4. Percy and Calypso on Ogygia!
  5. The pipabeth forehead touch ;)

like i KNOW Taako as galavant is SO GOOD but taako as king richard is also very good, especially because of that scene where it would be Kravitz telling Taako: “i love you but i can’t follow you into battle because i know you’re literally going to get fucking killed. i’m sorry. i’m running away to the astral plane spinster island”

So this isn’t the scene from “Royally Screwed” that I promised, but @demenior mentioned that Rahjim probably draped himself over lots of surfaces trying to get Shiro to Notice Him and Want to Have Sex With Him™. So, I ended up drawing this, the tame version of what first popped into my head. Whoops. Maybe the untamed version will show up some day.

Please excuse my cell phone photo quality. The scanner and the computer are not getting along and I’m dying inside because of it.

The scene I want to draw hasn’t shown up yet because one unpredictable thing occurred (I ended up being busy??? it was unforeseen) and one predictable thing occurred (what was originally a simple idea for how I was going to draw it… evolved into something more time consuming). So, forgive me and have this.

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OK so sharper eyes than mine have pointed out that Steve's face is still injured when Bucky goes into cryo but not when he rescues Sam, which supposedly that Bucky went into cryo first, BUT I say it happened in the same order as the post-credit scenes, because 1) Bucky would want to help rescue Sam and 2) Steve would not leave Sam on the Raft any longer than absolutely necessary.

dang, I didn’t even notice that! Now I’m MAD. Yeah, I’m gonna say that he got his ass beat again while rescuing our boy from the Raft and go with that. 😒 

Come, bring your headcanons to meeeee.

(No picture because scene hasn’t changed appreciably)

“Druids”, eh? If magic is legitimately a thing in this universe, it’ll have more in common with Astromancy than I thought.

I can’t believe those guys are dead. RIP.

There goes my jailbreak theory.

Wait, Klance is a character? I thought it was a ship.

Also, rescue mission? I don’t know what kind of food, water, and oxygen stores they had on the Quest Family’s spaceship, but I think you’re a little late to be of any use…

(Assuming they don’t know about the aliens, of course.)

“Oh, God, this idiot’s going to kill us both.”

Oh, come on–this guy looks like a teenager, too. Does future!NASA recruit children?

…Um, they have gravity?

The people NASA sent to rescue the Quest family, everyone.

…Why does a spaceship have wings, exactly? I’m beginning to suspect that the people who made this show don’t know a lot about space.

Also, Christ, Klance, keep your eyes on the road, would you?

Anyway, I can’t believe Clance, Pidge, and…this guy…are dead. RIP.


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

I will never get over this

(x) The subtlety and realness of this scene. That instinctual urge to protect. THAT’S JOHN. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY JOHN