because this quote crosses my mind a lot


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↳ Todd & John in 5x17 Infection

At least do me the courtesy of being honest. This is not about you not wanting to risk a jump to hyperspace in a damaged ship. You do not want me to go because I’ll be restoring the lives of hundreds of unhealthy Wraith including myself. - Well, I’ve gotta admit – that did cross my mind.

su-uperb  asked:

Hahaha you have to check the jack lowed tag more often! But no one is talking about it yet and omg i can't cope with it

Clearly I have been slacking! I’ve just read up on and hot damn it sounds pretty racy, I’m thrilled. I guess because it’s still in pre-production there hasn’t been a lot said about it yet.

Actual quote from an article on it: “they explore one another through sexual and emotional power play” … like, fuck. 

i find that allocating time for each tasks i have to do and listing them in by priority works very well!

as soon as i cross these all out I am going to start another round of work :)

also i have woken up this morning with a really inspiring quote in my mind that I attempt to live by:
“You should attempt to be better than yourself not others, pay attention to yourself not others because you matter”

dont know if this makes sense to you but it makes sense to me and also it sounded a lot better in my head hahaah