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hello keaton, do you have any tips for rekindling your faith when you're lgbt+? i've kind of fallen off the wagon as of late and i just need help find ways to get back in touch i guess idk, how this works..

faith often feels like stumbling around in the dark, especially if you’re trying to get back into it, and even more so when you’re an lgbt+ person trying to get back into it. i don’t know if i can give you methods of worship, because i’ve always felt like worship is such a personal, one-on-one thing, but daily prayer is helpful for me. i do know that god loves your soul, he appreciates your desire to get back in touch with your faith, and he’s with you wherever the journey takes you.

if you’re the kind of person who would appreciate reading recs, patrick cheng’s radical love: an introduction to queer theology is a good starting place for examining what lgbt theology means and how truly encompassing god’s love is. this website has several gay affirming interpretations of the bible, and each section has links to sermons and other reading material. and trans man austen hartke has a really cool series of videos (youtube autoplay warning) talking about the intersection between being transgender and being christian


Either today/tomorrow (depending on where you live) is Tsukishima’s brithday so I wrote a thing!! enjoy birthday fluff

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Tuesdays suck. 

Honestly, they’re just hidden Mondays that you can’t complain about because they aren’t Mondays. It’s too early in the week for you to look forward to time off, it’s yet another day of monotony where you wake up having had school the day before, go through another day, and then go to bed expecting the same thing to happen tomorrow, and the next day, and…

So you’d think having a birthday on a Tuesday would be a happy happenstance. Break out of the monotony! Then the entire week is different! But for Kei, when the amount of people who actually care outside of you family adds up to maybe 2.5 (Suga is the .5 because he cares about everyone), the change is basically non-existent. 

In middle school, the number had been a solid one, so at least he’s improving. 

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Monsta X - School Troubles (Hyungwon)

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This was a bit confusing, so I’ll take it how I read it: Hyungwon is your best friend and notices that you didn’t come out of the changing rooms and when he asked everyone about you, they lied and said that they didn’t know what happened. What happened was you broke your ankle and you were sulking and didn’t answer the door even if your partner was banging on it and asking for you to come out. The other classmates just saw you as someone invisible. It was until then Hyungwon decided to do something about it.

Hyungwon - So with him, it’s no question that he’d be concerned about you. When he finds out that even your partner couldn’t get you to open the door, it’s time to pull out all the stops in getting you to tell him what happened. No need for banging on the door, he’s just gonna walk right in or climb right in, whatever he has to do. Seeing you sulk and being depressed in the changing rooms will not only break his heart but also demand what happened and that you get over this as soon as possible. He’ll tell you that your ankle is going to get better and that the pain and time for recovery will be over soon and you’ll be back on your feet again. He seems like the friend who’s like your hype man, not taking no for an answer and trying to push you to do better. Sure, you didn’t like it at times but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t appreciate his efforts and how much he cares about you. Whether or not you answer him, he’ll try to get your spirits up and your energy running. He’d ask you, more personally, what’s happened to you lately and if you need any help, come to him (though he’d hold himself back because he wouldn’t want to cause anything between you and your partner). So, Hyungwon would tell you, “You know, when we’re feeling sad, we don’t always think that it’s temporary. We can’t be sad forever and when we feel okay again, doesn’t it feel relieving? So, how about we end the sadness now? It’s only temporary. So is your broken ankle. Let’s go– we’re all waiting for you.”

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So I guess I need more blogs to follow . . .

I’m totally new to Teen Wolf so I need some of you guys to come forward with content. I’m not bothered about spoilers because I am VERY late to the party, and ship pretty much all the ships at this point. Also looking for more Shadowhunters and Riverdale. Like and/or reblog and I’ll check you out.

Mutuals would be appreciated ;)

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I originally found you because of your Destiny fics. Then realized you post simular interests and in general try to be a good person. So I followed you. :)

Thanks! Should be getting more of those fics out lately, settling into school.

Yeah, heh, keyword being try. But lately I feel like thats the most important thing? There are bad people all the time who think they are good, I think it’s perhaps better to be at least consciously working towards goodness. To have goals and recognize where needs work, rather than pretending you are perfect.

Regardless of rambling, I appreciate the follow and hope you enjoy the future fics!

It’s okey. We all make mistakes.
I don’t know you, but, I’m glad that my follow make you feel better, but by the other hand, look. All your followers were begging you not to go because they appreciate you and because they know you are a nice person. The fact that you feel bad for lying proves that you are. You are a great person. Not everybody tells the truth by themselves. You are a brave fantastic person.
So, please. Don’t go. Tumblr needs more good people.
And sorry for not answer you before. I haven’t been on tumblr lately

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hi there :) I was wondering if you could write sterek + "It's been 2 hours and my date still hasn't showed up,I've been basically stood up and to make it worse everyone is starting to give me these apologetic looks but all of the sudden you come sit with me,explaining loudly why you didn't make it earlier although I've never seen you before and we end up having the best non-planned date ever."

i made it an hour instead, because you’d probably just leave after two, but as derek could tell you, one hour is bad enough…

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It’s not a big deal. Not yet, anyway.

People are late for dates all the time. Derek’s even been late for a date or two before, once from car trouble, once from fighting a rogue omega—and even though his date had found Derek’s battle-mussed hair cute, and he’s sure Jennifer would look just as good with what he insisted was just a bad hair day, he really hopes it’s the former. He’s had enough of dating people involved in the supernatural world, thank you very much.

Derek checks his watch again, biting the inside of his cheek. She’s twenty minutes late now, and hasn’t answered either of his texts. He doesn’t want to look clingy and message her again, but this is an extremely upscale restaurant, and the maître d’ is beginning to shoot him venomous looks. Derek takes a sip of his ice water and pretends not to notice, watching as the ice melts pathetically in the glass the waiter had set at the empty seat across from him.

After thirty minutes, the other patrons begin to notice him. How could they not? Like everyone here, he’s dressed to the nines, a black suit over a white dress shirt, beard as well-groomed as ever, hair styled just so. He’s also, most notably, sitting practically in the middle of the restaurant, all by himself.

After thirty-five minutes, he texts Jennifer again.

Derek Hale [7:35 PM]

Hey Jenn, don’t know if you’re having car trouble again or something, but please let me know if something came up and you can’t make it tonight. We can reschedule if you need.

Except no, they really can’t, because Derek has no desire to show his face in Chez Whittemore ever again. Plus, these reservations had cost him a fortune, and he’d had to wait a month to get them. Besides, if Jennifer’s not here… they’d booked this in the first place to spice up their relationship a little, since Jennifer seemed to be losing interest. She wouldn’t just ditch him though, would she?

At 7:40, the waiter—Matt, reads the embroidery on his royal red vest—comes back over to his table.

“Sir, do you think your date will be coming this evening?”  

He doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his sneer.

“Probably just running late,” Derek mutters.

He pulls at his collar, takes another sip of water. It’s sad when you can hear your own heart skip a beat.

“Yes, well…” Matt says, upturning his nose. “Do you suppose you could place your order? Not that we’re rushing you out, Mr. Hale, but I’m sure you understand your reservation began forty minutes ago. Perhaps it’s best to get a move on.”

Derek glances edgily toward the door. He should just leave. That’s what he should really do.

But god, the reservations were so expensive, and even if he’s been stood up—and gee, isn’t that fun to admit—he really shouldn’t waste them. Still… he doesn’t know if he can stand sitting here alone while the other diners shoot him sympathetic looks.

There’s one couple in particular, two tables away, that’s really making him squirm. They’re probably in their mid-twenties, and very cute together. Unfortunately, cute couples are the last thing Derek wants to see right now. The girl has dark hair braided loosely over one shoulder, with fair skin and big, brown eyes. The guy is tan and muscular, with brown hair that flops just a little over his forehead. The most noticeable thing, though, is the sad glances he keeps shooting Derek. He looks positively puppy-like, and every time Derek accidentally catches his eye, he gives him a small, encouraging smile. It doesn’t make him feel as good as the guy probably thinks it does.

Ten minutes later, Matt comes back out, sporting a snooty, I-knew-it look when he sees Derek’s still sitting alone.

“May I take your order, sir?”

Derek feels the last of his dignity drain away when he places an order for two lobsters, and a bottle of wine. He could probably sadness-eat both lobsters by himself, at this point.

Luckily, Matt has enough self-preservation skills not to comment.

By eight o’clock, Derek has begun playing on his phone, because really, who could judge him harder at this point? Besides, it’s better than exchanging looks with Puppy Dog Eyes.

He’s just leveled up in Candy Crush when someone practically bursts in through the front doors.

“Oh my gosh,” the man says loudly. It’s not enough to silence the restaurant, but it does make most of the patrons glance over. “I am so sorry. I’m here for dinner with Mr. Hale,” he tells the maître d’, and that certainly catches Derek’s attention. “The reservation should be in his name. Is he even here still?”

“Erm, yes, Mr…” the man behind the desk says, and Derek can easily picture his disapproving frown.


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Petty Theft

(( A collaborative story by mayugehero​ and myself based on this prompt! ))

“Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the ‘girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft’ and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” AU - awful-aus

Arthur’s garden was his pride and joy.

For a single man in his mid-twenties, perhaps it was an odd hobby. If his grandfather were still alive, he would have called him a poofter, which… actually wasn’t wrong, it turned out. But his sexual orientation aside, Arthur had always loved gardening, ever since his mother had brought him outside when he was no more than five years old and helped him sow the seeds of his first rose bush.

Even now, far from where he had grown up in England with all of those fond memories, he continued to make his own by cultivating a lovely sprawl of all sorts of flowers. It was a year-round job, maintaining the perennials he grew and preparing for the annuals he would plant in the spring. Building support structures and stakes, keeping pests and animals away, meticulous pruning, watering, fertilizing–there was always something to be done. But he didn’t mind.

It gave him something to do while he wasn’t at the office, something other than romance to put his heart into because his endeavors in the latter always ended awfully. Plus, freshly-cut blooms always made a delightful present for others, and his own kitchen table vase was never empty, keeping his home from becoming too dreary with just a dash of yellow, red, or violet.

The entire neighborhood envied and admired the fruits of his hard work, both figuratively and literally, as he had decided to start growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard last summer. Arthur would have been perfectly happy, had his flowers out front remained untouched.

Recently, however, something strange had begun to happen.

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