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Happy (day late) 26th, Sonic!

okay but Alana and Evan being friends in middle school though

  • Alana likes Evan because he’s one of the few kids that actually listens to her and she can tell he’s listening because even though he doesn’t say much during their conversations, the few things he says make it clear that he’s actually absorbing the information she’s telling him.
  • Evan likes Alana because she doesn’t mind carrying the conversation by herself and she notices things. Like she notices when he’s feeling especially anxious and she won’t mention it, she’ll just treat him like normal and give him half of her zinger because Alana is a good friend like that. She noticed that he didn’t have a pen in class once because he didn’t have a lot of pens to begin with but Jared asked if he could borrow the one pen Evan did have and Evan didn’t want to tell him no, so he let him take it, leaving Evan with nothing to take notes with, and Alana just kind of casually set her most favorite pen on his desk like it was nothing and got another pen out of her bag and went back to taking notes and Evan stared at the pen for a little bit before he picked it up and started using it. He gave it back to Alana once the class was over and she just smiled and said “anytime, Evan” 
  • After the pen thing, Alana starts sitting in the cafeteria with Evan instead of going off to sit in teacher’s classrooms or the library at lunch. They don’t talk much because neither of them particularly want to yell to be heard over the roar of the cafeteria at lunch time, but they do their homework together or they read their books together and it’s nice. It’s like they both have a friend, and that’s really more than they ever hoped for in middle school
  • When it’s Alana’s birthday, she finally has someone she can invite over that she knows is coming over because they like her, not because they’re just being polite, and Evan brings her a gift that’s super carefully wrapped with sharply folded edges and like two pieces of tape and he’s super proud because he wrapped it himself after forcing Jared to play a YouTube video on how to properly wrap things like ten times because he wanted to get it just right and Alana’s parents take a ridiculous amount of pictures of them together and Evan’s voice cracks when they’re singing happy birthday and he looks all panicked for about two seconds before Alana and her parents start laughing and he laughs too because this doesn’t feel like they’re laughing at him, it feels like they’re laughing with him and that’s kind of nice
  • On Evan’s birthday, Alana’s parents, Heidi, and the two of them drive out to the national forest that’s like a half hour outside of town and they eat store bought birthday cake in the picnic area and then Alana and Evan go on one of the trails and get more than a little lost and end up taking the four mile trail instead of the two mile trail and it takes forever because Evan keeps stopping to point out a certain tree he really likes or to climb up one because he insists that the forest looks way cooler from up high and Alana laughs at him when he trips over tree roots or slips when he’s climbing over a fallen tree and face plants in a bunch of leaves and Evan doesn’t mind because Alana laughing at him is different than Jared laughing at him–it makes him feel kind of proud, like he’s finally the type of kid who can make his friend laugh
  • They go to one of the lame dances the school puts on together because Alana likes those kinds of things and Evan stands awkwardly in the corner the whole time and Alana stays with him, content to spend the dance chatting with her friend and not making a fool of herself on the dance floor. She only forces him to dance once the whole night and it’s at the end, when everyone’s gone except for the clean up crew, and it’s awkward and it’s really just the two of them jumping beside each other, but it makes Alana happy and she won’t stop talking about how fun the dance was when her parents come to pick them up and Evan thinks it’s cool that Alana can get so much enjoyment out of jumping up and down for five minutes
  • Evan’s constantly at Alana’s house over the summer. She drags him along to all her summer activities–she makes him volunteer at the animal shelter with her and Alana doesn’t think she’s ever seen Evan as happy as he was when he got to hold one of the kittens and it licked his hand a little bit. She drags him with her to Bible camp even though his family isn’t religious and he wins a hat because he memorized the Bible verse of the day each day for a week because he thought that was required but apparently it was not, She forces him to come to the beach with her and her parents and Evan spends half the day refusing to take his shirt off and only takes it off near the end of the afternoon because it’s sopping weight and it’s starting to chafe. They make a sand castle that Evan promptly destroys by accidentally stepping on it and Alana throws a fistful of sand at him even though she’s not really mad, she was honestly kind of expecting it, and then Evan dumps the bucket of sea water he got to fill the moat on her head and things get real. The day ends with both of them covered in wet sand and Alana’s parents trying to figure out how to get them in the car without getting everything sandy

idk I just like the idea of Alana and Evan being lonely middle schoolers together

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How would the dads react if Dadsona owned a bad ass motorcycle???

Robert had assumed you were lying the first time you brought up your motorcycle. Like, look at you, there is no way in hell you have ever ridden a hog. But then you finally convince him to let you lead the way for once (“We’re not taking your truck again. That thing is a gas guzzling machine and it’s just the two of us”), and low and behold, show up on his driveway on a motorcycle. At first he looks at with a stunned, interested sort of air, and then bursts out laughing. “What the fuck! You actually have one!” He gives you shit about how he should probably be the one driving because he “looks cooler doing it, anyway,” but in actuality he’s just a little nervous about not being in control. Eventually he settles in behind you, pressed as close to you as he can possibly be, and vaguely wonders to himself how it is you can be such a dork and simultaneously be the hottest person he’s ever met.

Damien is immediately opposed. “They’re so dangerous, darling, wouldn’t you rather we drove your car instead?” He asserted time and time again that he would rather ride in a horse drawn carriage (“It’s prettier, anyway”) that get on the bike with you. Mostly, he’s just really worried about the safety of a motorcycle. For awhile he refuses to get on it with you at all and rather it becomes a big bonding tool for you and Lucien (because he thinks it’s the coolest fucking thing), but eventually you coax Damien onto the back for a short ride around the neighborhood. When you drop him off at home he won’t make eye contact, and he hesitates at the door. “Ahem…Um, [Your name]? I would be ever so grateful if…at some point in the near future…you would be gracious enough to give me lessons. I think I would like to learn the art of…well, of the motorcycle.”

Joseph is fucking DOWN. You’ve never seen him grab something as fast as he latched onto those handle bars. He immediately rushes into some long winded story about how he used to have this beautiful bike that took him years to fix up—about how he isn’t even sure he knew how to ride anymore, but he was darn excited to try. You let him take it around the block a few times, then he tosses you a helmet and winks. “I think it’s time I give you a ride to the happiest place on earth,” he would grin slyly, holding out his hand to you. “Margaritaville.”

Craig remembered you talking in college about how you always wanted to get a motorcycle but couldn’t afford one. So when you pull up to the softball field with your motorcycle he doesn’t even realize it’s you at first. And then he suddenly very, very interested in finding someone for the girls to get a ride home with (it’s not hard for him. Those thirsty moms would jump on the opportunity to do him a favor). “Sooo….you actually ended up getting a bike, huh?” He chuckled, tossing the ball to you during another after-hours game of catch. “I ever tell you about how I have a thing for guys with motorcycles?”

Mat is around people that own motorcycles all the time, so he doesn’t think much of it at first. It’s not until you guys take a trip out town, when it’s just the two of you and plenty of space, that he really gets to see how comfortable you are while you ride. And he just finds it breathtaking. Beautiful, really. He could watch you circle around him for hours. He doesn’t really feel a strong need to ride or not ride, but he sure as hell enjoys the look on your face as your make lazy figure-eights in the field. Once again, he’s struck by how much you inspire him. Maybe he’ll be in the mood to write a rock song soon…

Hugo thinks motorcycles are childish. At least, that’s what he first says when you ask him how he feels about them. But the look on his face when you pull up on yours tells a different story. He’s blushing and re-adjusting his glasses and definitely into it. That night, after you get home from watching another wrestling match, he invites you inside and asks you about your knowledge on motorcycles. The more you know the more flustered he seems to get. He’s really into you being passionate about something, and it becomes almost a guarantee that if you show up on your motorcycle you’ll be getting a little extra…affection….from him that night. IfyaknowwhatImean

Brian is surprisingly dumbfounded when he learns you have a motorcycle. He might just have to admit you’re cooler than him. He gets kind of shy when you offer him a ride, though; “Won’t I uh, be a little too heavy for that?” You assure him that no, you can handle the weight just fine, you’re stronger than you look. Every time you rev the engine it makes him jump and then let out a big laugh. He thinks the motorcycle is really cute and he likes how comfortable you are with it! He’s not particularly interested or taken by it but he doesn’t dislike it either.  

Dawn of the Seeker

…since I have a huge weakness for this ridiculous movie, I thought it’d be fun to draw a Cassandra Pentaghast from that part of her life, but a little closer to a younger version of she looks in Inquisition.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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What bugs me most on Orphan Black is really not knowing what’s on the second floor of Beth and Paul’s place. What’s upstairs. As an interior design and house enthusiast I must know. More rooms? More bathrooms? Office? Store? Drug stash? Bondage gears? Big Boob Blowies 2.0 stash? Firearm closet?


A/N: okay so this one request said boyfriend!mark and i got confused bc i didn’t know if it was mark lee or mark tuan so yes imma do both bc i love you guys hahahahahaha

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-so mark lee would like be the fluffiest bf ever is2g i want one

-and since everyone in nct and in sm loves this boy so much, they would love you so much as well

-especially the dreams, they would think you’re as cool or maybe even cooler than mark because they look up to him

-maybe except donghyuck

-he would annoy you

-a lot

-but in real life, donghyuck would think you are an amazing noona

-okay so back to the fluff ball mark

-mark probably isn’t in to PDA that much and also because he is still young, he would want people to see the both of you as still conservative people

-but back in the dorm the both of you would be like the most disgusting couple ever

-hugging each other all the time, giving you kisses on the cheek, back hugs

-that is when the others are not around that it

-or else the most PDA that you would do was sitting beside one another while ones pinky is wrapped around the others.

-okay so on dates, he would do this as well. You would go around the city with not much PDA but only your pinkies holding onto each other like do you get what i’m saying or nah am i confusing(?)

-but anyways, when you’re together at the sm practice room and when you thought that everyone has left and you thought the two of you are the only ones left after nct 127′s practice, he would come over to you and put his hand on your waist while his other hand is holding hid bag and he would give the sweetest kiss. Everything would just be so cute and fluffly

-until haechan comes back inside because he forgot his towel or something and then he would see the both of you sucking off each others faces and he would just go screaming “MY EYES!1! MARK HYUNG, NOONA PLS IM A CHILD!”

-and mark and you both swore the other members would not remember a boy named haechan anymore


-So like since mark is apart of every sub-unit of nct, he gets really tired and stressed

-and he is just really grateful you are there because he cals you his stress reliever and he feels calm whenever you are around.

-but back to happy times

-whenever nct makes a comeback, mark would want to see you react to the music video

-and would just be all smiley and fluffy again because you would be screaming and fangirling every time he makes screentime

-but of course you would be fangirling about the other members as well

-then he would go “But i’m your favorite right? I’m your bias”

-then you would reply with “Mark shut up, you’re my boyfriend of course you’re my bias” and he would just smile at you and give you a kiss on the cheek afterwards

-Also, you would be ranting in english

-but then johnny/ten/jaehyun would understand so they go “woah chill”

-and you just smile at them after

-having mark as a bf is just the best thing in the world

-he would have you as his lockscreen which is a picture of you that he took while you were out eating together and you had your mouth wide open

-and you would make him change it and he did

-but to a picture of you sleeping with while your mouth was open and when your hair was a mess

-and you would just give up

-mark is just so precious, his future gf would be so lucky

-all in all i want one mark lee pls

Top Ten Things That Are Not Impressive For Action Characters
  1. Sticking the landing . All this does is jack up joints. Collapse and roll. Hit the ground with the largest surface area possible.
  2. Headshots . You sound like bragging gamers.
  3. “One shot, one kill.” Same as above. Aim for center mass and unload until they stop moving.
  4. Disabling shots . Depending on the time period, you’re either consigning them to a lifetime of nerve damage and pain or a slow death from infection. Also, injured people can still fight back.
  5. Anything with a flip . Telegraphing your moves and taking several extra seconds to get it done just allows the other fighter time to block.
  6. Throwing people . Unless you’re literally trying to get some space for an escape or a ranged weapon, why did you throw them? It takes a ton of effort and now they’re all the way over there.
  7. Prolonged fights . Most brawls are over in seconds. Seconds. Competition fights last longer because there are safety limits and controls in place.
  8. Ignoring backup . Congratulations on your ‘does not play well with others’ sticker.
  9. Overly complicated weapons . Different weapons were developed to take advantage of specific conditions, be they environmental, tactical, or weaknesses in your opponent’s situation. Picking the wrong one because it looks cooler just puts you at a steep disadvantage.
  10. Basically anything overcomplicated . Climbing in top floor windows when you could walk in the service entrance. Fighting through twelve guards when you could poison someone’s dinner. Training in eight martial arts styles when a pillow over the face will get them just as dead. It’s not really that impressive to make more work for yourself.

I started watching TTGL some days ago, and then Back To The Barn happened B)

Special Programme: Perfume "Collaboration" Excerpts

Morisanchuu: How will Perfume be like when everyone turns 50?
N: I think we’ll still be together.
K: Yeah, We do talk about it quite a bit huh - how the 3 of us will be like. I wonder if we’ll still be able to dance when we’re 50.
A: That is a problem huh. 50 years old - that’d be around the same age as my mom.
K: So it wouldn’t be weird to have a 20 year old daughter huh.
N: Well, but I get the feeling that there’ll definitely be something interesting that we can’t imagine. Don’t you think so?

Kimura Kaela: If you were to change your hairstyle, how would it be like?
K: Since I’ve always had long hair, I want to try having hair around as short as Nocchi’s, or maybe even Kaela-san’s.
A: Since Kashimama’s is short too, it’ll probably look good.
K: What about A-chan?
A: Huh, I don’t have any in mind.
N: What about the colour?
A: Ah, well, it seems like it’ll be really fun to wear black clothes with hair that’s browner and brighter.
K: That’s true, huh. It’ll change their impression on others.
A: So I guess, maybe a bright colour or something?
N: In my teens, I had hair about as long as Kashiyuka’s. But right now, I really feel like having a fringe again.
K: You haven’t had a fringe in some time huh.
A: Nocchimama has that hairstyle too. (Laughs)
N: Yeah, all of my female family members have started having that hairstyle.
K: Well, since everyone has more or less the same image, it probably looks good on everyone.

Takahashi Yuu: How do you keep the things you treasure?
N: Well I do have a treasured items box.
K&A: Me too.
N: With like our matching bracelets.
K: And straps.
A: And costumes, as well as letters from fans - as much as six boxes.
N: That’s amazing!
A: That’s why I keep mine above.
K: Ah, so you’re the above type? I’m the below type. The things I don’t have space for at home I leave at my parents’.
N: I guess I’m the below type too. But they’re all scattered about in various places.
A: Please keep them together! (Laughs)

Yuusuke Santamaria: What do guys do that make your hearts skip a beat?
N: I like nasally voices. Nasal inflammations are the best! So if we’re talking about actions, I like it when they cough. Like “eghem” or something.
A: Ain’t that no good! (Laughs)
K: I like it when they make a face like nothing’s happened after they almost fall. Like when they think no one saw, and without letting out their voice, they gaze off to the side.
A: Something that makes my heart skip a beat… The person I like!

MIKIKO: What are the moments that make you most happy for joining Perfume?
N: Though there a plenty, recently it’s been when we receive choreography from Sensei, and being able to dance that really cute choreography makes me go, “This is the best!”
K: For example, when we have our first lives at overseas locations, the moment we start, I often think, “Our dreams are coming true! Right now! Ah, I’m so glad that it’s the three of us, I’m so glad that it’s this team. There really isn’t any moment that’s happier than this!”
A: Yeah, I understand that. We get really nervous, right? But somehow, standing on stage, overcoming our nervous selves, being together with our precious comrades, and at the very end, we say “Well then, we’re Perfume! Thank you very much!” And then when we bow, I often think that I’m really glad to have joined Perfume. Like, nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment, and I can’t get enough of it.
N: It’s a bit complex, but I get it. And I’m sure Sensei thinks the same.

Miyagawa Daisuke: What are the parts about the others that you dislike, or wish would be changed?
N: Well, I mean it’s not like I wish for it to change, but if I had to say it, there is something… So A-chan likes to eat tasty things, but she has a small appetite, so when she gets full in the middle of a meal, she’ll become a little moody. The first bite is her peak, like “it tastes so goood!!”
All: (Laughs)
K: I also have something about A-chan.
A: Oh no! What could it be? Why is everyone choosing me? (Laughs)
K: It’s not like I dislike it or want it changed, so it’s like just some info, but there are times when she really gets into the choreography, and gets into a groove, and becomes unable to dance normally.
All: (Laughs)

Pornograffiti: What kind of house do you live in right now?
N: I’ve tried out various spacious floor plans, but the clutter began to build up, so now I’ve tightened it up.
A: You remodeled a lot huh.
N: I did. It’s left me worn out.
K: You threw away quite a lot of things, right?
N: Yeah.
A: All at once, right?
N: Yup.
A: As for me, my kitchen doesn’t have partitions to separate it from the rest of the living room, so I have to keep it clean. Other than that, the scenery is pretty.
K: Because it’s high up, huh.
A: Yeah.
N: Kashiyuka’s room is the probably the one I’ve seen the most photos of.
K: Ah, maybe so.
N: Inside anan (the magazine).
K: It’s scary how much of it is available to see. (Laughs)
A: She has plants, and she’s an animal person too. She really loves raising things. (Laughs)
K: Yeah, I have many living things.
N: If you look it up in anan you’ll probably more or less understand how it’s like. (Laughs)

Maeda Kenta: Do lives feel good?
A: Well, it feels suuuper great.
N: Feels suuuper great. Nothing can take its place.
K: I want to experience even more of it.

Chatmonchy: What kind of pajamas do you wear to sleep?
N: Recently, I’ve been wearing rompers, the one that look like a pair of shorts and a T-shirt joined together. The thin one.
K: I’m finally wearing the one I got from A-chan.
A: Really? I’m happy! The organic cotton one right?
K: I got it for my birthday but I thought I’d be too cold if I wore it in winter since it’s thin. So I’ve finally gotten to wearing it recently.
A: Recently I’ve been particular about the materials. To begin with I already have 80 or 90 sets, but I really really love pajamas, so there are times when I’ve bought one before I know it. Like, why’s this in my bag? (Laughs)

Maximum the Hormone: If you had to get a tattoo, what and where would you get it inked?
N: I think, I’d get something tattooed onto my scalp after shaving my hair.
K: How scary!
A: Wouldn’t that be troublesome for the tattoo artist? (Laughs)
K: I’d tattoo a triangle onto the back of my neck.
A: Ah! The fashionable sort.
K: If I got something like that, I wonder if it’d make feel like an android.
A: I can’t imagine it, but I like the kanji for strict (厳) because I think it’s the most balanced.
K: You’ve mentioned it before, huh. (Laughs)
A: Yeah. I’d tattoo that.

Manabe Daito: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced from using technology?
N: The pressure from Cannes was overwhelming, huh.
K: Yeah.
A: We had to wear the machinery on our shoulders for about an hour huh.
K: Yeah, on standby.
A: Yeah, after putting on the costumes and turning the switch on, the nervousness continued to build. Usually for our lives we put on our costumes right before the performance begins. But for Cannes, we didn’t know when our turn would come, and we didn’t know if we could smoothly put on the machinery, so we decided to get dressed earlier.
K: But overcoming that slow build-up was really fun, right? Like, the feeling of slowly getting closer to our goal was really enjoyable.
A: Yeah. That’s why we’d like to continue to challenge new things, so we’ll continue to await any new proposals too.
N: We’ll be in your care.

Seki Kazuaki: What MV(s) did you dislike filming?
A: Wasn’t the reverse playback really difficult?
K: That’s what I thought of too.
N: (Groans)
A: (Laughs) But, y'know, wasn’t Seki-san waiting for that answer?
K: All that hard work…
A: In the second chorus of Magic of Love, though it looks like we’re dancing normally, the truth is that we danced it in reverse.
K: From the way our hairs fly up, and the balls move backwards, you can tell that it was in reverse.
A: Yup yup. And the movements were a little weird too. (Laughs) That really was difficult..
N: We had to download a reverse playback application.
A: Yeah, and we recorded a lot with it, and because it was so difficult, we had to save all of it.
K&N: (Laughs)
A: And when we tried doing it for real it looked really bad.
K: We took quite a lot of takes huh. But it turned into an interesting MV, huh.
A&N: Yeah.
A: I really love that MV.

Notes from the Nakata interview
- It’s been about 14 years since they became acquainted. Nakata was about 22-23 at the time. Perfume were around 14-15.
- Nakata used to look much more like an uncle than he does now. His hair was short, and was blacker. He was wearing sunglasses too. It’s because he thoughts adults were cooler, so he wanted to look like one sooner.
- A-chan practiced hard to get the strange rhythm for Oishii Recipe down, but Nakata was very cold during the recording, which made her feel frustrated and tear a bit.
- Nakata talks about why he gets his vocalists to sit down while recording but I don’t really get what he means because it’s too abstract.
- Nakata uses auto-tune just because he thinks the songs would sound better and cooler with it.
- It’s not like Nakata has always had confidence in his music. But from some point, he began having confidence in the tracks he gives to Perfume.
- Computer City was the changing point in Perfume’s attitudes towards Nakata’s music. It was the song that made Perfume understand what Nakata was going for with his music. They brought the single’s poster to their high school to promote it. Before that, they used to be embarrassed about and keep quiet about their activities.
- Nakata has never told them, but he has always planned for their music to go in a cooler direction when they grew a little older. And looking back, they went in that direction earlier than he expected.
- The reason Nakata doesn’t really go to Perfume’s lives is because he doesn’t want it to change his impression of what songs he should be making for Perfume.
- Nakata thinks it’s important where a person is born, and he tries not to make music that can’t have its place of origin identified by the listener. So he doesn’t really go overseas much because he’s afraid of having his music sense changed.

i believe in hugging a little bit too long with everyone and anyone.
i believe in kisses on cheeks and cuddling for weeks.
i love art that tells a story or an important message
and dislike the ones that doesn’t.
i hate soda and processed foods.
i hate most movies.
i hate stereotypical aliens,
because i think they look way cooler
than that.
i’m not a big fan of tattoos,
i love them on others,
but i don’t want to have one myself.
i like salt more than sugar and i never crave chocolate.
i like thursdays more than fridays and skirts more than jeans.
i write too fast and speak too slowly.
sometimes i write too slowly and speak too quickly.
i could live on potato chips
and i love love love small lips.
i hate afternoons and love early mornings.
i can’t stand the winter.
i wish for eternal autumn.
i’m introverted as slow peaceful hours,
but i love love love deep talks on bedroom floors. 
i love minimalism in the bigger picture of life,
but i love to have million objects in my house.
i hate cheap coffee, but love a really good coffee every once in a while.
i am in love with sugary tea on crisp afternoons
and oh my, i wish the earth had more moons.
i have a painful nostalgic longing from time to time,
but in the long run, i have ecstatic joyfulness on my line.
i love harry potter and star wars
and hate game of thrones.
i like fun upbeat songs.
i hate techno and music without real instruments.
i barely like any song that’s on the radio right now.
i believe in the english language
and any language for that part,
because languages are absolutely stunning. 
i believe in words dripping and spilling
until the heart is finally satisfied,
at least for a moment.
then i believe in one million words
all over again.
i hate circuses and zoos
and anything that contributes to animal cruelty.
i hate candy, ketchup
and i hate mashed potatoes.
i thrive on the color yellow.
i hate black, grey and brown clothes
and i hate converse.
i only like sweden in the summer and the autumn,
but i could stay in italy, portugal or spain for the rest of the year.
i believe in staying young forever
and dancing around the grocery store when you’re 80.
i hate the sunlight at 2:30 pm,
but love a powerful sunset.
i adore the rain
and i’m in love with thunder.
i hate windy weather, it drives me nuts.
i despise snow and cold weather. 
i think holidays are way too overrated,
as i think halloween is the only important one.
i believe in spoiling your best friends with gifts
way too often.
and i believe in hugging them way too long
and kissing their cheeks a bit too often.
and i believe in liking and hating whatever you want.
but i especially believe
in loving
whatever you want.
a bit too much.
it might be the healthiest thing
to do,
—  tina jaxén //

“May I humbly request that you make up your freaking mind.”

@omegafrisk i still have emotions about this scene

10-15-2017/Chrobin Week Day 1: Heroes

I’m simple minded so I went with the duo reclassing to Hero even though that’s not possible for Chrom in game :v. Of course, Robin decided to import her outfit from the mythical land of Nohr because it looks cooler, and Chrom feels a bit outfancied… 

No Skin Off My Back

Request:   Hey I was wondering if I could request a Leonard McCoy imagine? Where the reader is a bamf and saves crew and/or him on an expedition but gets badly hurt and fluff..?

A/N: I seem to have accidentally deleted the message this is from, so I don’t know who it was from. I’m really sorry

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