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I started watching TTGL some days ago, and then Back To The Barn happened B)

Dawn of the Seeker

…since I have a huge weakness for this ridiculous movie, I thought it’d be fun to draw a Cassandra Pentaghast from that part of her life, but a little closer to a younger version of she looks in Inquisition.

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Jumping in the King!Danny bandwagon. He never told anyone about his status.Danny just finished a meeting with the ghost council and was late for the jl meeting. He barges in and apologizes for being late but everyone was not listening to his rants, no, they are staring at Danny who's still in his royal garb and flaming crown on his head. When Danny realised this he knows he had a lot of explaining to do. -Moony

Haha! Imagine that his cape is flapping in a nonexistent wind, always making him look cooler than he actually is. Because let’s face it, Danny is a giant Space nerd.

Tony “who says yay when he finds a secret door” Stark

Tony “elevators not worthy” Stark

Tony “hopeful that all the avengers will stay for the party” Stark

Tony “getting really attached to the team” Stark

Tony “do I get to rule Asgard?” Stark

Tony “pretend flirting but totally meaning it with Rhodey” Stark

Tony “I’m not the boss, I just pay for everything, make everyone look cooler, etc which he totally does because he cares” Stark

Tony “bragging about how boss Pepper is” Stark

Tony “is making medical advances” Stark

Tony “calling himself old man” Stark

Tony “don’t take from my pile” Stark

Tony “willingly going to fix Clint’s tractor” Stark

Tony “caring for friends so much he’d build something to keep them safe” Stark

Tony “making jokes in horrible times to ease the tension” Stark

Tony “giving up JARVIS because he thinks that’ll save the world” Stark

Tony “has anxiety, PTSD, and he’s still in the game” Stark

Tony “telling Bruce to take a stand not to be rude but because Bruce doesn’t have to bow down to anybody” Stark

Tony “I’m not the same man as before” Stark

Tony “going from war profit to saving the world because he thinks it’s what he was destined to do, even though he’s just a civilian, no super powers, just because he damn wants to, he’s gotten so far and become such a better person but no one really sees that over his mistakes” Stark

Tony “isn’t the same man as before, because he’s so much better” Stark

Tony fucking Stark

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“EH—?!” Many hours- wait did he really fall asleep for so long??

“How many hours Asuramaru?! Why didn’t you wake me up, I don’t have time to slack off!” no matter how exhausted he was he couldn’t take a break, he had to improve every day, work hard and give everything he had gotten for them.

“Argh the others are going to scold me again…”

Headcanon: the shades Shadow wears in his Riders outfit were picked out by Rouge. She insisted he wear them because it would make him look cooler and since she’d already bought them he figured there was no reason not to wear them, so they ended up becoming part of his Extreme Gear Look™, all because Rouge has a better fashion sense than her edgehog friend

Look at these perfect nerds I can’t handle it

Friends With Benefits (Part 5) - Taehyung x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung

Genre : smut, cheating, affair, jealousy, FWB

Word Count : 4K

Description : having a friends with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right? 

A/N : I’m outta hiatus, bishes! Gotta use the vacation break to write, write, write! I changed my name (I used to be “rudekpop”) to txhyvn because it looks cooler. But I also lost half of my work because of changing name, so yay!

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Batfam Headcanon- Tim's Hair

The entire family loves Tim’s long luxurious hair. Being the adorable mess he is, little Timmy often forgets to cut it, leading to it being a slightly too long shaggy black mop on his head. The girls have become obsessed with braiding it, eventually just using him as a living Barbie doll to practice whatever hairstyles they come up with. Dick likes to ruffle his hair whenever he passes by, enjoying how annoyed Tim gets. Damian and Jason only like it because they can use it as perfect teasing material, and Tim likes having it because he thinks it makes him look cooler. Of course, walking down the street with an old t-shirt, a messy man bun, and a gallon cup of Starbucks doesn’t look the least bit attractive, but as far as Tim knows, he’s as cool as they come. 😎

Things I wanna see in digimon adventure tri:
  • Sassy teens Hikari and Takeru
  • Yamato and Gabumon acting as huge nerds together, embarassing each other
  • Sora and Yamato constantly being teased
  • Mimi and Sora being badasses together
  • Taichi and Koushiro basically married
  • with Kou being the typical tiny asian mother and Taichi is the ever optimistic dad slapping everyone’s back “AHAHAHA DON’T WORRY EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT OH SHIT IS THAT THE TOKYO TOWER GOING DOWN OVER THERE? OH WELL AHAHAHA”
  • Yamato complaining about his brother’s nonexistent style
  • Yamato ruffling Takeru’s hair because he looks cooler like that
  • Takeru delighting everyone with his sarcastic remarks and Yamato slapping the back of his head half of the time
  • the other half of the time Sora slaps him
  • Biyomon’s mega form, just imagine Sora screaming “HOUOUHOUOUUHOUMON” and everyone “wtf how do you even write that”
  • Tentomon’s mega form, cause every digimon has cool names and then he just says “Herakle Kabuterimon” and Koushiro’s like “u know what f**k this sh*t im done. done. U didn’t even try”
  • Jou finally confessing his old crush on Mimi and Mimi acting like she didn’t know. She just can’t tell him they’ve made fun of him for the past 8 years
  • Koushiro saying “You’re not my real mom!!” To his adoptive mother
  • Everyone’s attempt to not let Takeru wearing any hat resulting in violence
  • Takeru finish beating up Ken for good. Idk, cause he feels like it.
  • 70% probability that, if he’s not gonna find Ken, he’s gonna punch someone else
  • 100% probability that it’s gonna be Yamato
  • It’s set in 2005, I wanna see Mimi’s MySpace account
  • If Mimi’s not treating Yamato like her gay best friend i swear im leaving this fandom
  • Hikari and Miyako and their latent homosexuality
  • One of that scenes where they’re going somewhere and every digimon is either walking or flying but Patamon is the only one being carried by Takeru without a specific reason. That bitch he’s even sleeping.
  • The digigang corrupting a whole company in order to let them use their computers using only Takeru’s fake tears
  • Alternatively, using Mimi’s skirt
  • Jou and Koushiro being huge nerds
  • Mama Yagami and her cooking…skills
  • “Why Taichi doesn’t have dinner with us?”
  • Takeru Takaishi and his book which ABSOLUTELY NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT *wink*
  • Let’s not forget Takeru’s fanwriting career
  • At least ONE character in drag
  • Yamato can cry
  • he’s gonna cry
  • you know that
  • cause he’s that kind of loser

I may have figured out why sophisticated, serious shows (like Sherlock and Hannibal) are usually set in autumn/winter…

It’s because it looks way cooler when the characters are in coats or suits or whatever than when they are dressed in shorts and T-shirts. (Can you imagine Hannibal in a T-shirt? Being completely serious like he always is? I can’t.)

That was all.