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Fin’s interview for Boys by Girls (part 1): 

 Scottish actor Finlay MacMillan is as far from the moody character of Enoch O'Connor that he portrays in Tim Burton’s latest movie “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar Children” as they come. He is cheeky, happy and hillariously funny. It was the kind of days of photoshoot that you want to put on repeat and do over and over again. 

 Finlay plays Enoch O’Connor; a ‘Deadraiser’ kid from Tim Burton’s film who can temporarily resurrect the dead. The Scottish actor surged and spurned us on for the day with his quirky sense of humour, peppering his own hilarity with Burton-esque peculiarity (coincidentally his favourite word from the film “because I can’t really pronounce it that well - peculiarlarity?”). 

 Working with Tim (note the first-name-terms) for his first feature film, Finlay recalls memories of his five-year-old self fantasizing about working with the director, the inner child who was ‘screaming out loud’ throughout the whole filming process as Finlay used his powers to bring his dreams to life. “I was very nervous about it all, my first film being with Tim Burton, but I can’t think of anyone that was nothing but very pleasant to be around. The first time I met Tim, I was shitting myself, but he stubbed his toe on his desk and that was amazing, because it made me feel less nervous. He is very down to earth, and I couldn’t have asked for a better director. As a person he is quite calm and I would love to work with him again and again and again and again and again… he’s just so incredible. Tim’s a really funky, cool and weird guy. In a great way.” 

 Like his BBG predecessor Asa Butterfield, he is among a generation of young actors who have successfully bridged boyish charm with grounded maturity. Despite still being young within the industry, Finlay has years of dedication behind him that have led him to his current much-deserved success. “When I was at school and I said that I wanted to be a film actor, it was genuinely laughable, people did not think that was gonna happen. I was in primary school and said that I really wanted be an actor and my teacher was like, ‘what, like Brad Pitt?’ and I was like ‘aye!’, and she laughed and said ‘in your dreams’. When I was five, my dad told me what an actor was, with the script and the cameras and all that sort of stuff. At that age, I thought movies were real and he told me that they weren’t, which I remember finding quite sad actually. But it was from that moment that I was sure this was something that I want to do.”

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HAHAHA it can be like converting to judaism, you have to prove you’re really interested “tell me about french romanticism” “no” “please tell me about french romanticism” “no” “please tell me about french romanticism” “WELL SINCE YOU ASK….”

MAYBE JUST A WORD **unrolls comically long scroll **

…this is blank, I don’t need a document, it’s just for Drama. Because FIRST THING, ABOUT THE DRAMA–

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Hey bishh love your blog! TWD of course!

Well, hey back to you too Nonny! Glad you enjoy my little blog.  TWD, huh? Lessgo!

  • favorite male character(s): Rick, Glenn, Ezekiel, Carl
  • favorite female character(s): Michonne, Maggie, Sasha, Denise
  • least favorite character(s): Spencer, Negan, Dwight, All the damn Saviors
  • best looking character(s): Rick, Michonne, Father Gabriel (Don’t judge me), Glenn
  • funniest character(s): No one immediately comes to mind… I wasn’t a fan of Abe’s sense of humor and turn of words and phrases.
  • favorite season(s): This is tough… probably 6 because CANON RICHONNE but I really loved season 4 as well.
  • favorite ship(s): Richonne, Gleggie, Scuts & Rick’s Hatchet, Sam & Carol’s Bedtime Story LOLOLOL!


good day everyone 

so a couple of things 

1) we are so fucking done with the Koreaboo conversation. I’ve decided that Finn pretty much had the last, decided word on it. it’s over. I’m a white person who likes kpop so please just fucking deal with it. (oooh so sassy again today. someone needs to feed me a cupcake so I can get my sweetness back) 

2) I really really really wanna make another bias moodboard because I have so many damn biases, and I fucking love aesthetic shit posts like that; also I was scanning through my insta last night (well like 4;30 this morning whatever) and I realized I have so many shit post aesthetic pictures that I just really really need to make more moodboards anyway. so you guys are gonna have to put up with it ;) (or don’t pls tell me if I’m being annoying) 

3) I’m gonna be working on Overcome today. in bits and pieces. and see where I can get with it. but it is the main fic I’m gonna be focusing on right now 


omg i just thought of the stupidest, funniest shit

so after act 7 things settle a bit & logically john starts to date roxy but he feels really weird about it and has to tell dave because technically hes kinda dating his mom so he goes to dave really anxious and confesses that hes been with roxy and at his surprise dave takes it really well and goes in for a congratulatory hug and

come to me and tell me dave wouldnt be that petty. come. i dare you

As we all know, all skating routines in Yuri on Ice have their own meaning and are crucial to understanding the characters and to their development. In this post, I’d like to talk about the meaning of Yuuri’s Free Skate program in episode 9 and how it relates to the rest of the episode because it’s actually really important to the rest of the episode and also because… well, let’s just say the actual meaning of the events we’ve seen might just be sadder than what we initially thought.

This will be a long post so I shall welcome you under the cut and I leave you with these two screenshots deliberately placed together so as to pique your interest.

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Something that took forever for me to learn with fanfiction dialogue.

it’s okay to make your character stumble over, and to think about their words.

It’s okay to give characters speech patterns and let me tell you why;

It’s natural.

Every single person has a speech pattern. We all speak differently, we speak like our personalities and it’s a good way to get to know a character.

Something I’ve noticed in YA books in the characters speaking without filler words like ‘well’, ‘anyway’, ‘like’, ‘literally’.

And remember: it’s okay to use these! Make your dialogue more realistic, and more human!

Sometimes, people talk slower, and have to think about what they want to say.

Sometimes, people stumble over their words because they’re anxious.

Sometimes, people talk really fast and blur their words together because they’re afraid to forget what they want to say!

Selective people prefer not to talk at all, and like to stay mute for their own safety or comfort, and the best you can do is respect them for choosing it.

It’s okay to use phrases like, ‘yknow’, ‘uh’, ‘uhm’, ‘mhm’ because it’s how we speak in the real world.

It’s okay to have characters hum in thought, or use their body to portray that they’re thinking!

Some people fiddle with something in their hands while thinking!

Some people bite their lips in thought.

Some people hum under their breath while they think.

Silent ways of telling the reader that your character is thinking words that they’re not ready to say yet!!

It’s okay to have your character repeat words and or phrases when excited and when they can’t contain it! Sometimes, we just get so excited, that we aren’t thinking about how many times we say things.

It’s okay to write a character repeating themselves, especially if they want to get their point across to someone/if someone didn’t understand their point in the first place.

Non-verbal replies!!!

Shrugging of the shoulders, incoherent mumbles, hand gestures, use the power of writing to describe a reply or phrase with facial expressions, or physical movement!! Silence is okay too, if it’s needed!

Silence can speak just as much as words!

Dialogue is important.

Dialogue that flows and is human is i m p o r t a n t!!

I want you.
I want you in every sense of the word.
I want time with you,
I want adventure with you,
Hell, I want naps with you–
Friends on Netflix in the background.
I want your hand in my hand,
Your lips on my lips,
My body curving into your body;
We fit together so well.
I want laughter with you,
I want conversation with you,
Dear god, I even want arguments with you
Because it means we’re together
and we care.

So let’s do it.
Let’s make the jump
Take my hand
And love me.
Let me love you.
Because you once said
We could’ve lived a beautiful story,
And I know now that’s the only story
I want to read.

I want to write
A beautiful story
With you.

Sometimes when we’re in love, we take the facts and spin them into pretty stories. But it’s a dangerous thing to do – because one day, like it or not, you’re going to see the world as it really is. You found out people aren’t always who you want them to be. And if you’re not ready for the truth…well, let’s just say it can come as a bit of a shock.
—  Kirsten Miller, The Eternal Ones

I’m just exploring possibilities

Also that’s why I’m not allowed to write fanfiction

you know what? autistic people are amazing!!

like… we’re so observant and good at noticing patterns and we catch stuff other people miss and we see the world in such a different way that it gives us a great perspective on things that neurotypicals dont have

and we care so much about stuff and we get really passionate about it and its really cute and we have things in the world that are Good and so much can be conveyed in that word and we survive and adapt so well in a world not designed for us and i think that’s awesome?

and we stim when we’re happy bc its how we interact with the world that despite everything we can still see so much wonder in

like we’re really cool

and its important to remember that when the majority of the world at best doesnt understand and at worst outright hates us

especially when most autism positivity posts are “its okay if u cant do things neurotypicals can do” and “autistic people can be intelligent!” because yes those posts are important but also autistic people can be better than neurotypicals bc we’re a diverse and intelligent and beautiful group of people and i refuse to be held to a neurotypical standard of brilliance when we’re doing pretty great by ourselves

*Edit - its perfectly okay for neurotypicals/allistics to reblog this!

My little farewell to Gravity Falls. Honestly, this show has been great since I started watching it in 2012, and has defiantly inspired me, as well as bring me a lot of joy. I’m gonna miss these kids, I’m gonna miss the grunkles, Im gonna miss Wendy and Soos. I’m basically gonna miss everyone. 

And because of this show, I’ve talked to some really awesome people, who I’m glad to call my friends. It also helped me break out of my shell a bit more.

I honestly wish I could say more, but I suck at words as well as goodbyes. These characters will live in my heart until the end of my time.

SLIGHT Moana spoiler but not really because it doesn’t affect the plot?

But okay you know that scene that’s in the trailers/commercials where Moana is rattling off Maui’s titles and he interrupts her to say she forgot ‘Hero of Men’ and must ‘take it from the top’?

In the actual scene in the movie Maui immediately interrupts Moana again to say wait, he is the ‘Hero of Men AND Women.’  Then as she tries to get a word in edgewise he continues on to say something along the lines of ‘well it’s not really a boy-girl thing, Maui is the Hero of ALL.’  Keeping in mind I’ve only seen this movie once, that’s not an exact quote, but ‘not a boy-girl thing’ and ‘Hero of All’ I know are correct.  ‘Hero of All’ is repeated back to him by Moana much later.

Guys I think Disney acknowledged people who aren’t men or women in this movie (and subverted the inherent sexism in using ‘men’ to mean ‘humans’).

I know people have already mentioned this before, but doing my third re-watch of 11x18 it really cuts deep when Cas says ‘well he may have a more objective view of the situation’ about Dean. Because NO CAS. DEAN DOES NOT HAVE AN OBJECTIVE VIEW!

I am sure you are all already well aware of the definition of the word, but I wanted to add it for emphasis. THIS is what Castiel thinks about Dean. The Dean has no personal feelings regarding the situation at hand.

I think this is a more important moment than we have previously discussed actually because it is basically Cas saying “well it’s not like Dean gives a damn about me personally, so him wanting me to expell Lucifer must have something to do with the mission and the mission only.”

GUYS. You realise that this drums home exactly what we were all afraid that Castiel thought. That Dean doesn’t care about him. The fact that this episode shows us extremely blatantly how much Dean DOES CARE about Castiel means that we are most definitely, without a doubt, heading for an emotional scene between the two where Dean has to make Cas believe that he DOES have personal feelings on the matter. That he is only doing this for CAS. And guys… even if this doesn’t amount to canon Destiel, this will be a huge deal in terms of relationship development between the two characters.

I love seeing posts go over my dash which are just, y’know, witchy, because inevitably they have a really pleasing pure white and green aesthetic and words like “make sure your house is a place of calm tranquility and to banish negative energy regularly by burning sage and keeping crystals in strategic places WuW”

And then there’s me in my basement, hurling burning sage like a hand grenade and banging old iron pots and pans together like “wHO FUCKING WaNtS SOME, COME ON, BRING IT ON IF YE THINK YER HARD ENOUGH”


I have a billion language apps on my tablet so I thought I’d try to actually use some of them.

I’m really liking Kanji Study because it has different ways of helping you memorize things and it gives you a chance to practice stroke order as well.

I started by drilling the cards and then trying to draw them. I kept hints on because I don’t exactly know every character. Oh, and you can set it to show either the on- and kun-yomi, or just random vocabulary words that use the kanji. It also let’s you change between sorting by jouyou level or JLPT. And it has kana and radical study.

It’s a nice break from just drilling cards in Anki or Memrise. I feel a bit more engaged trying to remember how to actually write things.



I’m sorry if you all hate this but oh well because I’ve been crying about this all week and I just love them ok I HAVE SO MANY HEADCANONS BUT I WON’T BOMBARD YOU WITH THEM UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO…….

BTW, Sekizan’s given name is Takuya which would make things confusing in this AU since we already have Takumi but idk??? 

How about PhD candidate!Derek and writer!Stiles who both spend most of their days at the same coffee shop because they offer free refills and their muffins are to die for.

Derek usually takes up two tables with all of his research materials and his laptop.  He’s got his usual spot in the back corner where the windows and outside world can’t distract him, but he’s always getting distracted by the guy who, in recent months, has taken up residence at the table next to his.  Whose long fingers dance over the keyboard of his old MacBook so quickly it’s like he’s scared the words will leave him if he doesn’t get them out. He can’t tell if he’s a mega hipster or if he just really likes flannels and beanies, but either way he’s just Derek’s type with his full lips and whiskey eyes.

And Stiles, well he’s working on his second novel and he’s behind on his deadline because he couldn’t focus at home with Scott and Kira planning their wedding and now he can’t even focus at the coffee shop because this guy with his soft dark hair, his pale, ever changing eyes, and his fucking glasses that slip down his nose when he’s really focused.  At this rate the second book in his time traveling mystery series will never get written, especially not if the sweater clad hottie keeps growing out his mountain man beard out. 

They don’t ever really speak except for the occasional hello or good morning, but they notice each other all the time. Derek knows that if hot hipster is struggling with whatever he’s writing that he get’s an iced mocha and gnaws on the straw in a way that really shouldn’t turn Derek on, but it does. 

Stiles knows that if Hottie McBeardie is having a bad day of research that he get’s a brownie and eats it bit by bit while scowling at his books.  He also knows that when he’s having a good day with whatever he’s doing he gets a small smile on his face while he types.

It all comes to a head when Stiles goes to the university library to get some information on Aztec rituals and the librarian directs him to the Latin American Studies office where he finds Hottie McBeardie sitting in the small office lobby area with a stack of papers in front of him. 

There’s an awkward moment when Derek looks at Stiles and asks, “Are you stalking me?’

Stiles turns bright red and then says, “No I’m looking for Derek Hale, he’s suppose to be the guy to ask about Aztec rituals.”

Then it’s Derek’s turn to blush because of course hot hipster is here about that and not stalking him. “I’m Derek Hale.”

“Oh, well in that case I’m looking for you, I’m Stiles Stilinski and I need some help,” Stiles says reaching his hand out to shake Derek’s.

Derek accepts it and feels his stomach flutter when they touch before he asks, “What can I help you with?”

Derek gives Stiles all the information he needs and then some and by the end of the conversation he’s pretty sure he’s in love.  They both laugh about the fact that they’ve been working next to each other for months and it took a trip across town to find each other.

“What do you need all this for anyway?”

“It’s for my book,” Stiles says a little sheepishly, cheeks going red.

“Anything I might have heard of?” Derek asks, really wanting to know more about Stiles because he’s 99% sure he’s the one

“Uh, it’s my second book for a series called Out of Time,” Stiles says, running a hand over the back of his head, he didn’t love talking to people about his books, they always had suggestions about the characters and who should end up with who or how he should move the plot forward. 

“I love that book,” Derek says, his eyes soft as he looks at Stiles, “It’s historically accurate and the characters are so well formed. Can you give me a hint at where they go after the Tutor Era? Is it straight to the Aztecs or somewhere else first.”

“I can’t spoil it for you,” Stiles says, then blushes deeply then and gives Derek a smile, “Can I get your number?”

“For more research?” Derek asks, feeling a little hopeful, but at the same time trying to not get his hopes up.

“No, so I can take you out to dinner,” Stiles says with a sly smile and then Derek’s ears turn pink.

“Yeah, sure,” He says, trying to play it cool but he’s sure Stiles can hear his heart pounding. 

They end up going to dinner that night at a local 24 hour diner and talk until 2 am and then Derek takes Stiles to his favorite section of the universes library when they leave. It’s the best first date either of them has ever had and when they run into each other at the coffee show that evening, both looking exhausted but happy, they share a table instead of sitting at separate ones.

And when the book comes out 8 months later (on time thank you very much you can stop riding me Lydia) the dedication reads “For Derek: Who taught me a lot about the Aztecs, but a lot more about love.”

Three years, 2 more time travel books, one completed and published dissertation, and a move across the country for a professorship later, Stiles proposes to Derek in the dedication of his most recent novel, the final in the Out of Time series, and uses a hollowed out copy of his second book to give him the ring.  

Spoiler alert: He says yes.