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Writing is Hard, part 6: SEX

Summary: Dean and the reader have sex. Finally. FINALLY.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 4250ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And the quotes are from my own Faking It series, in case anyone was curious. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“You knew he didn’t quite understand why you found it so hot, but Dean had never seen himself leaning over the engine in a tight, sweaty t-shirt, hands and forearms covered in grease as he worked.”

Dean’s outside working on the Impala, and you’re reading fics about just that. Apparently, Dean working on the Impala is the hottest thing to ever grace the fandom (aside from his lips…and his green eyes…and his cocky swagger that is really just hiding adorable and unnecessary insecurity…and Jesus, these people are thorough), and you’re curious. In your actual experience with Dean, working on the Impala is just a nuisance. You have to wait longer to get on the road, Dean takes forever to scrub himself clean afterward, and for the next few hours, everything smells like metal and oil covered up by motel soap. Why do people find that so hot?

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Cody Christian - Paparazzi

Word count: 2396

Warnings: A few swear words 

Requested by @cave2687

“4,9,14,17 Can i have a Theo or Cody prompt with those numbers please?? Thanks!!”

#4: Maybe if you weren’t so aggressive towards strangers then we wouldn’t be in this mess 

#9: You look so sexy when you’re ignoring me 

#14: You’re a mess…….The hottest mess you’ve ever seen 

#17: Why don’t you keep your hands off whats mine



A/N: Sorry this took me a while to write, it was rewritten at least 4 times because i just couldn’t find a plot to fit, but i hope you enjoy it. 

Scrolling through your phone was the first thing you did every morning as soon as you woke up, you would lay in bed for a while just seeing what’s going on in the world, if you had somewhere to be then you would spend almost the entire journey scrolling through social media and replying to emails and messages.

Originally posted by krzyno

This morning when you woke up you turned over in the bed and grabbed your phone from the nightstand, waking the screen you noticed you had more notifications than normal, quickly you unlocked your phone and opened twitter, almost immediately you were met with a photo of your fiance Cody Christian being handcuffed by a police officer, ‘what the fuck?’ you thought to yourself as you sat upright in the bed. Closing twitter you went to your contacts and clicked on Cody’s name, you let it ring until it went to voicemail, that’s odd he always answers your calls, the next person you phoned was Cody’s manager Michael, the phone rang a few times before he picked up.

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Digimon Stage Play - Part One

Sorry, my friend introduced me to Tiger and Bunny, which is why this was delayed ;;; This is everything up until curtain for half time, rest will be up within the next 12 hours, sorry!!!

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

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- duff sweating was so hot DAMN I WAS ABOUT TO PASS OUT 2 TIMES
- they are amazing
- they did Yesterdays i was dying
- slash
- slash
- slash
- axl rose “feel my serpentine” i don’t wanna tell ok i only know i felt things
- this man is 54 but he knows how to do it
- he’s hot
- i couldn’t stop staring at him and feel things and i was like “i love you omg”
- he was running all the time all over the stage he WAS SO WILD i actually thought he was falling to ground at any moment but he didn’t
- he was so cute when saluting fans
- he did it like three times he was so cute
- duff mckagan
- duff is hot
- duff
- duff is the hottest i couldn’t
- i love them
- i loved everything they did
- i can’t believe i actually listened to songs i thought i’d never have the chance to listen live
- this is something to remember forever
- november rain was the most beautiful thing i can’t believe i listened to it live?? what the fuck???
- slash’s solo
- i was so happy i couldn’t even cry
- i saw guns n’ roses the guys i thought i’d never seen like it was impossibile because they broke up but this happened
- guns n’ roses 2017 happened
- duff slash and axl
- guys i can’t believe
- guns n’ roses
- i already miss them
- this was legendary
- thank you


Summary: The past has no name, who would think of naming its past? But an adjective and for Mccree his past was somewhat sad, but not everything was sadness, especially when in his teens finally had people to call friends and even a boyfriend.

Category: Overwatch.

Genre: Drama, Family, fluffy, lemon, Romance and novel, shounen-ai, Slash, AU, Yaoi.

Warnings: Drugs, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, sex insinuation, improper language, nudity, sex, Masturbation.

Characters: Genji Shimada, Hanzo Shimada, Jesse Mccree, Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Sombra.

Tags: Mchanzo, Werewolf!AU, Omega!Hanzo, Alpha!Mccree, Omega!Genji, Mercy is just quoted.


Cap 1 - My howls are the calling.

The past has no name, who would think of naming its past? But an adjective and for Mccree his past was somewhat sad, but not everything was sadness, especially when in his teens finally had people to call friends and even a boyfriend. Mccree laughs, his first and only boyfriend in his life, was what most alphas did, found his mate and usually stayed with him forever, of course some alphas did not follow this pattern, because some had several companions at the same time the Which was not illegal, but did not sound good to the romantic and passionate.

Mccree walked through the gardens of the great castle of the Shimada clan, behind his friend / crush who was probably training the target. He sat away, but enough to watch Hanzo focus on the metal target. Jesse loved to see the omega practice arduously and efficiently the omega hits the last target, saw the sweat dripping on his neck that maliciously the alpha watched sweat run under the omega garb. Jesse shivered when he realized that Hanzo was looking at him with a friendly smile, approaching him and sitting beside him.

- Good shot, darling.

Hanzo laughs - You and your silly nicknames.

Mccree watched Hanzo’s chest rise and fall slowly, once or twice it took for the rhythm to be regular, the omega was looking for air to fill his lungs, he also watched the older boy loosen his hair and tie them in a ponytail, more firm.

“He came later today.” Hanzo asked, wrapping a towel around his neck.

“I had some problems in the middle of the road, but nothing prevents me from seeing my beloved friend.”

Jesse wanted to say boyfriend, but he felt he was so far from being one for the eldest. “I see.”

Jesse noticed that Hanzo was a little flushed, was it because of what he had said? No, he just finished training “Do you want to go somewhere today?”

Hanzo finally looks at Jesse. “No, I have to study.”

“Okay.” Jesse had just seen a few books by the towel, but he wondered.

But sometimes Hanzo needed to study, these days the alpha just kept quiet and at the same time admired the concentrated look of the older boy. Everything was beautiful in Hanzo, even when he loses his patience with the troubles that Mccree along with Genji - Hanzo’s brother - got into, but it was part of being the oldest in the group. That week the newest one with green neon hair was not together with them, had traveled with the girlfriend, then it was Hanzo and Mccree.

Both omega brothers brought some discomfort to the father of both who was alpha, usually who was the leader of a clan is always an alpha, would never be an omega. The only way was to pretend Hanzo was alpha, to fool the other clans. The only ones who knew that Hanzo was omega, except the elders and the father of the Shimada brothers, was Genji and Jesse secretly.

Omegas were rare, usually when young people are sexually abused, because they do not have control of the hormones, so they made pills for omegas, they almost never failed, but sometimes, rarely, the heat came earlier than expected, even taking the pills.

Jesse slipped out of his reverie as he felt Hanzo pull away from his shoulder, his breath heavy, his body trembling, the book being left out of sheer despair. It was when an extremely pleasant scent had entered Jesse’s nostrils, almost like an aphrodisiac. “Shit. ”Jesse thought.

Hanzo looked startled at Jesse, it seemed until the older boy had remembered at that moment that Jesse was an alpha. “Damn it,” he thought again. Jesse wanted to somehow control his primitive side and get out of there before he did something stupid, but as he thought it, his body was already moving, his hands tightened on Hanzo’s shoulders, Hanzo was not stopping anything.

“Damn Hanzo …” He sighed heavily, not realizing that his voice had gone hoarse.

Jesse felt the scent rise and the brunet no longer knew what he was doing, his right hand was on Hanzo’s neck and he was bringing the boy closer to him. Hanzo looked dumbfounded, but for a moment of awareness had come to him.

“Jesse, do not…”

Hanzo’s voice left the younger boy crazed, he would mate with Hanzo right there and the older boy would become his forever. Jesse was already close to Hanzo’s neck, his breath was heavy and fearful and Hanzo was already losing consciousness, it was the first time in heat, the pills had never failed.


Hanzo’s father’s voice was a shock of awareness to both of them, the volume in Jesse’s pants was at its peak, his red, alpha-like eyes that he was ready to mate, but soon those eyes disappear, bringing back the dark browns , But he could not do anything about the volume on his pants.


Hanzo jerked away from Jesse as he heard his father again. Jesse pressed his hands, was trying not to advance his friend again.

“Go ahead, Hanzo!” Jesse pleaded, almost in a roar.

Hanzo had left his books and towel behind while walking slowly, his legs would not let him walk, his low howls denounced his state of excitement “Jesse …”, a maid held Hanzo by the arms and took him out of there the fastest possible and when Hanzo looked back Jesse was no longer there.

“How did this happen?” Hanzo listened to his father’s furious voice upstairs.

The brunette wondered the same thing, there were still four pills left, why did he come before? No one knew, but there was Hanzo locked in his room once more, did not leave at all, the housekeeper that took his food, but the boy was not worried about it at that moment.

He put his right hand on the neck, the side where Jesse would bite him, even though it never happened, Hanzo felt as if the mark was there. It was crazy to feel the mark on him, and he did not feel the marks of his teeth there, was not bloated, there was nothing, so how did he feel something he did not have? It was like the doctors said, the first heat was always the most intense and because the heat of the omega was always blocked, the heat of Hanzo would be more intense than normal, so somehow, in Hanzo’s mind that It explained the feeling of being bitten by Jesse, even though it never happened.

Hanzo sighed, already on his third day in heat and kept thinking about Jesse. The boy liked Jesse beyond friendship, but they always kept to himself, Genji who was not a fool had already noticed and had already given advice to his brother, but Hanzo was hard on himself. The brunet was in the bathroom, fresh from the bath, the first time he had masturbated, he himself smelled the hormones that went insane, but he did not care, the images of Jesse possessing him were the hottest ones happened in your mind.


Hanzo moaned the cowboy’s name, looked at his face flushed in the mirror, and groaned again, his hand around his taut hard phallus as he held himself in the sink of his bathroom. His low moans and groans contained were hard to do, but that feeling of what was marked was still present and increasing with each passing day, it was as if Jesse was there, touching him. At that point his mouth already open and releasing deep but still low moans, he sat down on the floor and his legs opened intently as he pumped quickly. He felt once again the smell of his hormones coming up, it was an unpleasant smell for the omega, but he knew that the same scent made Jesse go crazy and he smiled, even though he knew it was all because of Jesse’s sheer instinct, he saw A way of having Jesse for himself, it was a selfish thought that the omega had never had in his life, always conformed to the way his love life had led, but it seemed that heat was penetrating his mind, making him want Jesse in a way possessed.

Soon the pre-cum appeared, causing him to use his free hand going to her buttocks and placing two digits in your input, arching her back, her hip was moving and his whole body shook, he felt like a thirsty complaint. He thought of Jesse about him, exhaling his alpha scent and doing everything he wanted with him, only with him. And the feeling of possession came again.

He felt himself close, melting once more, and came, shaking from head to foot, sighing heavily, on the bathroom floor until he regained the strength of his leg muscles and rose from the floor, needed another bath , Urgent. He tossed her hair back, wanting her strands of hair to come off her face, still feeling heat and excitement.

“When will this end?” He asked herself.

When the heat was gone, his conscience soon returned to normal. “I went into heat in front of my friend, who is still alpha. "Hanzo did not know what to do, his routine would return to normal, but how could he face Jesse, even more than he had spent his entire heat acclaiming for the alpha? Hanzo was too embarrassed to face Jesse.

But he was so eager to see Mccree, he did not expect to give it half a day to find him, but a part of him kept telling himself that he would not show up.

"Hanzo, was your alpha friend with you?”

Hanzo knew what his father really wanted to know, but if he said Jesse was there, he would probably never see him again, so for the first time he would lie to his father. “No, he was not there.

Hanzo’s father looked at him suspiciously, but released his son from further questioning. The omega left the tense room, knew that if his father knew the truth would be worse, but it was to protect his alpha. Exactly, yours.

As usual, his shooting practice was intense, but too intense for a week without training, it was rusty, but he had managed to complete the training, well, more or less, for as he felt a hand on his shoulder , Automatically turned to the possible threat by placing the arrow at the tip of the enemy’s nose, but soon lowered the guard when he saw that it was Jesse.

“Calm down darling, it’s me.” Jesse laughed tensely.

Hanzo relaxed his shoulders and looked at Mccree, there was something different about him, did he seem taller? No, it had to be something else.

"Sorry, I should not have surprised you that way.” Jesse scratches his head in embarrassment.

Hanzo soon felt the feel of the mating mark that never happened, automatically brought his right hand to her neck “Alright Jesse, let’s sit down?”

“But it’s too early to finish training, are you sure?” Jesse asked.

“I’m a little tired of training.” He sat there where he was, irritated for some reason.

“Baby, let’s go to a shade, you’ll rest better.”

Hanzo felt his neck tingle, then he stood up and let Jesse guide him. They sat beneath a tree and Hanzo, as usual, leaned against the alpha’s shoulder, it was always like this, his heart was racing, but at that moment, beyond that sensation, he felt his neck tingle even more and he still felt watched.

“What is Jesse?” Asked the omega.

Hanzo felt the alpha shudder and then disengaged from him and looked directly at him.

“Nothing …” Jesse scratched another made his neck “I mean, I have several questions to ask.”

“So do it.”

Today they were more communicative “I wanted to know how was heat was.”

Hanzo shuddered. “What exactly do you want to know?”

Because of Jesse’s skin tone it was almost impossible to see him flushed, but he was “Damn Hanzo, I do not know how to ask these things.”

The older boy sighed, but he felt his abdominal region tingle, looked like butterflies “Do you want to know what I did?”

“I mean, too, but not now … shit … I can not ask that without sounding strange.”

“Then be straight.”

Jesse looked at Hanzo. “Has any alpha touched you?”

Hanzo looked surprised at the alpha, his redness was finally visible. “No, not even my father leaned against me, before you ask. “He noticed Jesse more relieved “I need to apologize for something …”

Jesse approached. "About?”

“I came … in heat at your side … it was reckless of me, I’m sorry.”

"No, Hanzo, I need to apologize, I should not have attacked you that way, I should have checked myself …”

They were both silent for a moment, both remembering how they felt at the time “You had no chance to control yourself, after all, it was my first heat.”

Jesse looked at Hanzo in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“My father always did his best to block my heat, but for some reason the pill did not hold my heat this time.” Hanzo blushed and felt that Jesse was seeing him like that.

“Honey, I had no idea…” Jesse made to run one’s fingers through one’s hair in Hanzo - My parents always told me that the first heat is always the most intense, it is the heat where the omega should be locked until the heat is gone, as well as the second And maybe the third.

"Maybe I will not have a second or third.”

“That hurts your health, baby, it’s a sign that it’s still fertile, and if he manifested himself using the pills, his body is begging for it to happen.”

Hanzo leaned against Jesse. “How do you know these things?”

Jesse laughs. “Well, my father is an omega, well, one of them.”

They spent a few minutes talking about heat. Of course alfas has heat, but it is different from the omegas, they go into heat when they see an omega in heat. And Jesse had gotten warm that day, but it was for a little while, after all, their haste to get out of there, and besides, Jesse did not want it to happen like that, he wanted something more romantic, even though Hanzo did not see It that way.

“Jesse, I need to tell you something…” He noticed the alpha listening to him closely, Hanzo sighed “I… I do not know, I think you bit me.”

Jesse looked at him in horror. "But I’m sure it will not bite you, I swear.”

“I know, I checked the mirror several times, there was nothing, it was not even swelling, but the feeling was so real that…” Hanzo rebuked himself, he had to stop there.

“What…?” Jesse did not know what to do, a part of him was happy, maybe he had bitten Hanzo, but he knew that if he bit Hanzo, the same would be his omega and that would destroy his life, so he was desperate.

“Damn Jesse, I’ve spent my whole heat thinking of you!” Hanzo hid his face in the alpha’s chest “My whole heat desperate for you, wanted you close to me, being my alpha, just mine.”

Hanzo was so flushed, he did not dare speak those words by looking at the alpha. He did not know how Jesse would react, because the younger one was not stupid, if Hanzo thought about him the whole heat, did those things thinking of him. He felt Jesse pull his face up and the older boy noticed Jesse’s red face.

"I also … I’ve spent these last few days thinking about you, not just those days, but from the first moment I saw you.” He stroked the older boy’s face that was now in his lap. “Damn Hanzo, I thought I even came here. To see how you was, but I knew that as soon as I saw him I would come forward with you, do things with you, I was desperate to see you, make you mine, just mine.

“So do it.” It was automatic, Hanzo did not think of his words.


"Make me your Jesse,” Hanzo pressed his forehead to Mccree’s. “I never feel so much in need of someone, I’m not talking about heat, but a little while ago, I wanted to be close to you, even though I could not find a subject for it .

Jesse put his hands on Hanzo’s waist and found his lips on Hanzo’s, the kiss came sweet and quiet, Hanzo pulled Jesse closer and the alpha touched every part of Hanzo’s body, uncovering the body hitherto unknown in touch, already That Jesse has been attentive to Hanzo’s movements since the first day he saw him. The kiss closed with a howl of Jesse, his eyes were red again, as on that day he was in heat, ready to become his alpha, just needed a bite and everything they both wanted would be one hundred percent acquired.

Jesse lowered his kisses to Hanzo’s neck and stopped there, licked and bruised that region, while Hanzo trembled with excitement, it was not like heat, but it was still good, his alpha was there, taming him and making him his. Jesse finally bit the spot, Hanzo howled loudly, it hurt a lot, it seemed that Jesse was penetrating into Hanzo’s soul. The omega pressed closer to the alpha, seeking more contact, then came the ecstasy, the famous ecstasy of the bite of possession, the omega or beta felt that sensation when being tamed by an alpha.

Jesse, as he finished scoring the omega, saw him soft in his arms, he was ecstatic, panting, shaking, and handsome.

"You’re so handsome, Hanzo.” He kissed the face of the omega “The most beautiful omega in the world, and it’s just mine. Just mine.” He hugged the older boy heavily into his lap.

Hanzo never thought the ecstasy was so intense, he felt trembling still, the bite tingled, but he felt he was already able to speak “How long does this last?”

Jesse smelled the back of Hanzo’s neck “The ecstasy? It depends on each omega, some spend hours like this, but it never lasts a whole day.”

Hanzo moans down “Jesse …”

“Dear, ‘mi amor’, will be mine forever?” Jesse asked.

Hanzo knew it was a request for courtship, but it was a very different way to do “Yes, always, do not you dare leave me, otherwise I’ll kill you.”

Jesse laughs “I would never do it love, we’re connected to be eternal.”

Mccree pulls Hanzo up for an unhurried kiss.

anonymous asked:

Holy god, I read your teacher/student Olicity and it was definitely the hottest thing ever! Could you please write a sequel to it? Love your work!

In The Library (Olicity, AU, Explicit)

Sequel to In The Classroom. 

AU. Professor Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, his TA. 

Summary: Felicity has taken a night job in the campus library for extra cash. Oliver finds her there late one night.

He found her in the far northeast corner.

Oliver froze right as he rounded the corner, his eyes dropping to the naked curve of her ass, to the soft white lace decorating her panties, to the silky thigh-highs she wore, every inch of her supple body pulled taut where she balanced on the stepladder, a neat stack of books on the little shelf to her right.

Her skirt had gotten caught under the books, lifting it up for anyone and everyone to see what she had hidden under there, for him to see, and she had no idea.

She mumbled under her breath, looking at the books she held before scanning the shelf. She reached to put one in its place before looking at the other spine she held, her eyes flying back to the rows of books as she searched for where that one went.

It was nearly eleven o’clock on a Wednesday night and he’d come down looking for a new textbooks he wanted to make sure were in stock for the new semester, but nobody had been there to help him. He’d waited at the reference desk, feeling a rush of irritation when nobody came.

After five minutes, he’d stepped back there himself and found where his textbooks had been stored.

And then he’d checked the schedule.

‘Felicity Smoak - 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.’

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Maybe just once

Request: Can you write a smut where Scott McCall walks into your room while you are getting off ? ( if you know what i mean ;) ) and it’s just a whole lot of smut. 

Warning: Smut. yeap. whole lot of smut. 

You were at lunch break with Scott and Stiles.

‘’ I mean what if she just stops needing me ?’’ Stiles asked his face full of concern.

‘’ no man ! it doesn’t work like that!’’ Scott hit his forehead hopping to get shake his brain.

‘’ I get it if she does it to herself when I’m like..not there. But what if she does it better than I do ? I mean it’s Malia. I don’t know what to expect..’’ Stiles placed his head in his hands sighing.

‘’I doubt it’s the same. Like when I do it to m-‘’ Scott was about to say but then he remembered your presence in the table and shut his mouth.

‘’ Y/N what do you think ? ‘’ Stiles asked you. He knew Scott had a crush on you and he knew how awkward this would make him feel. He also knew Scott would probably thank him when he would grow wiser and older.

You felt your cheeks turning red as you looked at Stiles and then Scott , then back at Stiles and Scott again.

‘’ I don’t know… I mean ..i’ve never actually.. tried it…um.. yeah I mean..yeah.’’ you said awkwardly and both of the boys pulled their chairs closer to the table at the same time leaning forward to stare at you.

‘’never ? not even once ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’ I’m pretty sure never stands for not even once…’’

An tray was added to the table and you all looked up to see Liam.

‘’Hey guys ! what topic got you so focused ?’ he asked noticing how close you had all gotten to each other.

‘’Sports’’ Scott Blurred out

‘’The weather’’ you said at the same time.

‘’Female masturbation’’ Stiles said honestly causing Liam to slowly pick up his tray. Look at all three of you and run away.

———————————LATER THAT DAY—————————

You were in your room trying to decide what to wear for tonight. Scott and Stiles had promised to come over for a movie night. Well what you did not know was that Scott made Stiles suggest the movie night and then convinced him to pretend being  too sick to tag along so that the two of you would get some time to yourselves.

You had about an hour prior to their arrival. You wanted to look good but not like you had actually tried to look good.

You decided to try on a white tank top with a floral high waist comfy shorts , making it seem as if you were hanging in this around your house.

You took off your current clothes and stared at yourself in the mirror.

It was not very common for your underwear to match so the fact that today they were both black lace made you feel complete.

You let your hair out of your messy bun and started pointing out the flaws you could see on your body.

‘’If Scott doesn’t like me maybe Deucalion will’’ you said out loud .

And that’s all it took to start thinking about Scott. You wanted to trace every inch of his skin with your hands, feel his sweaty body against yours, his lips, his eyes everything on you. It didn’t take long for you to feel horny. Your lady parts were practically screaming at you.

When a thought crossed your mind. Could you do it ? I mean it wasn’t that bad was it ? For a girl to do it to herself …Malia did it. Maybe just once. But how?  You were not even sure where to begin.

‘’ Fuck it’’ you were doing this.  You caressed your neck once and stopped at your chest. You touched it softly and rubbed your nipples through the lace to get them hard. Your right hand ran down your stomach causing you to shiver from the different temperature and then you stopped at your panties.

You sighed and slowly caressed your core above your fabric, the thickness of the lace making you craving it even more. And then you lifted the fabric and

Froze. You could already feel the wetness. How where you supposed to go about with it ?

You shut your eyes, and thought of Scott. You thought of his uneven jawline down at your centre, you thought of his face as he would cum and suddenly your fingers were caressing your core in circles making you gasp and moan. You held your eyes shut pretending this was Scott’s hand and you started getting into it. You other hand made its way to your tit ,pulling the strap down, massaging it softly.

‘’ugh’’ you cried out biting your lip and sucking the inner of your cheeks. Your legs had now fully spread giving you better access but you did not yet dare to enter your fingers.

Meanwhile as Scott arrived earlier than expected  , your mother informed him you were in your room and he made his way upstairs. But he stopped as soon as noticed the door was closed.

He was about to knock and ask if he could enter when a sound prevented him from it. The sound of your heart beat rising

‘’Y/N ?’’ he questioned lightly to himself trying to think of what was happening. And then the heartbeat was accompanied with a moan. His head fell on the door and he shut his eyes.

Every cell of his body was yelling him to open the god damn door and see you. He pictured you there with flushed cheeks, naked on your bed, pleasing yourself. He felt himself getting hard at the thought and your sounds.

‘’Stiles is never gonna believe this’’ he mumbled to himself removing his head from the door and sucking a deep breath. Then he opened the door, making his presence obvious to you.

You froze. Your lips were red from all the biting, your right hand was inbetween your widely open legs, the left cup of your bra had fallen exposing one of your tits with a hard nipple, and your left hand was pressed against the headboard of your bed for support. Your hair messy from the pillows they had been previously resting on.

‘’SCOTT !’’ you exclaimed getting conscious and pulling the covers to hide yourself. You started cursing Malia and Stiles under your breath and felt the bed shifting.

‘’who were you thinking of ?’’ Scott asked swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. The picture of you not leaving his head. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen and there was no point in even trying to hide his erection.

You lowered the covers revealing your face and your shoulders, one strap of your bra still on.

‘’Scott, I was just. Oh god. It’s just that Stiles mentioned it and I thought why not try it? and you weren’t supposed to be here so soon and don’t you have like werewolf hearing ? or good manners? To like knock ? I swear I did not mean to-you were cut off by his actions.

He moved both his hands placing them at your sides, pulling the covers away revealing your body.

‘’Y/N who were you thinking of?’’ he asked again. He wished with all his might you would say his name.

‘’I was thinking of-‘’

‘’no wait’’ he stopped you. He looked at you and shut his eyes trying to memorize the image for later.

‘’Lie to me ‘’ he said.

‘’what ?’’ you asked.

‘’say my name or lie to me , because I swear if the thought of me did not do that to you then I will hate myself forever’’ he said like a needy kid and you widened your eyes in surprise.

‘’I was’’

‘’was what ?’’

‘’thinking about you’’ you answered honestly seeing no point of return. Scott grabbed your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss., Your lips collided and readjusted against each other as he squeezed your breast. You gasped at the contact and he took the chance to slide his tongue in your mouth. The kiss made you dizzy and Scott noticed, leaning you back on the bed for balance until you were lying down and he was above you.

He pulled away.

‘’Did you get to finish ?’’ he asked. It took you a minute to realize what he meant and as soon as you did you  nodded no.

He smiled genuinely a wide happy smile.

His hand caressed your body applying a small amount of pressure until it reached your underwear. He did not bother to take it off, he just pushed them aside and you felt his hand on you. His fingers were warmer and bigger. His caressed the skin feeling it . It was pink and swallen and he took so much pride to the fact that you were thinking of him. He looked like a kid opening Christmas presents. His eyes crinkling.

Then instead of circles he started tracing patterns of 8 causing you to moan out his name. He stopped to take off his shirt and you already missed the contact.

He kissed you again and this time you could feel the warmth of his naked chest against yours. It felt safe and fullfiling, You thought your heart would break from all the beating. And as his lips moved to your neck he slided one finger into you. You arched your back at the feeing and his hand made its way beneath it, pulling you even closer. He thrusted it a few times and once he felt you were getting comfortable , he added another one repeating the actions until he had three fingers in you. Pleasure was vibrating throughout your whole body. He was fucking you with his hand and you could not take it anymore, Your head turned to one side where his muscular arm was supporting his weight.

You placed your mouth on the skin of his arm and as you felt yourself getting closer and closer you bit the skin, so as to prevent the loud moans that threatened to come. You were probably biting too hard and messing him with saliva but he did not seem to care.

He was observing your every expression increasing the speed of his fingers until he felt you clench beneath him., You came undone on  his fingers and he kept slowly thrusting them until you relaxed into him. He pressed a wet kiss on your forehead.  As you lied there staring into each other. He smiled at you and you smiled at him , leaning in to kiss one more time. Once you pulled back you chuckled.

‘’Stiles is never gonna believe this’’ You said and he smiled even wider thinking how perfect you were for him.

‘tis the season to read fanfic

Hi friends. No one asked, but I wanted to make a rec list for people settling down with some time off, and also so I could procrastinate on my finals. So here are fiftyish of my favorite Stucky fics, organized alphabetically, for your reading pleasure! I did leave out some fics that I love but are already popular enough that people know them (like Man on the Bridge, for example). I tried to tag authors who’re on Tumblr, but I’m imperfect and may’ve missed somebody. If I did, please let me know!


Act of Contrition by Buck_Rogers

James Barnes was gorgeous, but Steve Rogers was Catholic.

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) by @spitandvinegar

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

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Gettin’ A Taste of Soda in the Shower ;) (Request)

A/N- Ok, this is my first smutty smutter smut. So- I ope to gog it isn’t horrible. 

Warning: S M U T. LOTS OF S M U T.

You and Soda laid on the couch, snuggled up together while you watched cartoons on TV. Ponyboy was sitting on the floor in front of you two. He was waiting for Johnny to show up, then when he’s gone, you two will have time alone to yourself.

Soda was already getting handsy. Tracing circles on your bum and pinching constantly. It’s like he hasn’t touched you in forever. You had to admit, it felt wonderful, but Pony was sitting right there so you couldn’t really make any noise.

Soda began to slide his hands up the back of your shirt, toying with the clasps on your bra. You knew what he was doing, and he thought it was pretty damn sneaky. He swiftly flicked them apart, making you jolt up with a red face. “I-I think I’m gonna go take a shower really quick. I do have work tonight.” You informed the two.

Sodapop gave a grunt, disappointingly laying back on his side. Pony only gave you a smile. “Ok, (Y/N).” He nodded to you, turning back to the television. You gave Sodapop a cheeky smirk and walked down the hall to Sodapop and Ponyboy’s room. 

Since you sometimes stayed over, you stored some of your stuff with Soda’s. You grabbed some underwear and your work outfit, dashing off to the bathroom quickly. You softly shut the door, not even locking it. You sat your things down and stripped, turning the water on.

As you stepped in, you moaned softly from the wonderful feeling of the water on your bare skin. You absolutely loved showers. They loosened you up more than any massage. 

You ran your hands through your (H/C) hair, smiling at the water that was running down your scalp. You soon flinched at the pair of arms wrapping around you. You hummed, looking over your shoulder to find your wonderful man. Sodapop.

“D’Pony leave already?” You asked, leaning back into his bare chest.

“Mhmm. Two-Bit came along with Johnny so now I definitely know we won’t be interrupted.” Soda whispered against your neck, his breath sending a cold sensation to your wet skin.

You let out a soft moan. You could tell Sodapop enjoyed that, because his lips curled into a smirk. He began to leave soft, pleasurable kisses along your neck. This time, you tried your best to hide your moans.

Sodapop quickly took notice, chuckling. He may be a big ole’ sweetheart around everyone, but when he was in the mood, he was the sexiest piece of ass you have ever even seen.

“Hey, darlin’. Why ya not moanin’ anymore? Ain’t nobody home.” He whispered in a deep, morning like voice. 

When you didn’t reply, he gave your neck a bite. You let out a pleasurable whimper, but nothing more. He noticed and bit down a bit harder, sucking as he did so. You moaned out loudly, a surprising amount of heat coming to your cheeks.

“Soda!” You cried, trying to press your legs together in attempt to show you weren’t aroused.

You moved your hands to the back of his neck, looking into his eyes with a sort of plea. He knew what you wanted, swiftly connecting your lips. The two of you moved and pressed your bodies together, almost as if you were in a dance club. Soda managed to slide his hands down to your bum, pinching here and there like he was on the couch.

You moaned against his lips. You could now feel his hardened area against your stomach. You slowly pulled back from him, looking up lustfully into his eyes. He returned the look, knowing exactly what was about to happen. 

“Eager now, aren’t we buttercup?” Soda smiled softly pecking and kissing your upper body, making you shake with delight and hug his shoulders.

He hooked his arms around your waist, hoisting you up from your feet. You instantly wrapped them around his waist, knowing the time was coming. He detached his lips from your body, moving them up to your ear.

“Get ready for a drink of this Sodapop..” He snarled playfully, pressing you down onto him.

You yelped in pain, this being the first time you two have done anything this serious. You clutched onto his body. He simply rubbed the lower half of your back, trying to calm you down. 

“Shhh… Just tell me when to go, OK?” He mumbled sweetly to you, pecking right below your ear. You nodded in reply, giving him pleasing kisses right against his collar bone.

After a few minutes of seething pain, you breathed out. “S-Soda.. Move.” You commanded.

Soda nodded in response, thrusting upward into you. You moaned out louder than you have all evening, surprising Sodapop slightly. You moved along with him, making loud slapping noises while the two of you pleased each other in the coldest, yet hottest, shower ever.

Around an hour or so, you two had finally finished, panting in Soda and Ponyboy’s shared bed. Soda had his arm wrapped around you, his quick heart beat pounding through your ears, along with your own. 

“Soda, have I ever told you how much I seriously love you?”

“And have I told you how much more I love you, (Y/N)?” He retorted, making you giggle. The two of you shared a passionate kiss, staying in the same position for quite a while.

Eventually, Ponyboy came home. The first thing he did, was go to his room to change. When he did, he saw how stained the sheets were with a dried white liquid. Pony gagged in disgust, trotting down the hall to you two.

“Next time you two get it on in the bedroom, change the damned sheets, will ya?” Pony nagged, making you and Sodapop redden completely.

“Worth it though.” Soda whispered.

anonymous asked:

Hello :) Noo, like another kid, bulling Newt's sisters while he is in the practice with Minho, and Thomas hears, and go and saved the little girl, and the girl go and tells Minho and Newt yeah xD

||Wow, I actually spent more than 10 minutes on this one. I’m sorry I didn’t include Minho! If I did, It would have become wayy too long.||

C’mon, little girl, we ain’t that bad.”

Thomas gritted his teeth. The low, egotistical voice of the bully was now so familiar that it rang in Thomas’s ears during nightmares. It had been the same old routine every day for a whole of 6 weeks since school had started.

Thomas side glanced at the little blonde girl who was covering her face, tiny girlish sobs escaping her lips. The two guys, almost twice her size were examining her body with stupid sneers on their faces, seeming to enjoy the show more than they should have.

“Leave me ALONE!” the girl tried, her voice high pitched and croaky from the crying. “I will not give you my number!”

Thomas had had enough. He looked around at the other students filling the corridor, everyone watching but not making any attempts to help. Assholes, he thought.

Well, you’re not doing any different, are you?” his subconscious responded matter-of-factly.

Thomas knew he had the strength and the resolve to rescue the girl since the very first day, but there was a reason he didn’t.

The girl’s brother.

Newton Drew Wright, co-captain of the track team and the hottest guy California High had seen for years.

Wright was your regular high school jock- A senior, popular, perfectly muscled in a way that didn’t make him look bigger than he was, athletic. It was a miracle, hence, that he maintained a love and talent in Music and Drama and Arts concurrently. He was fawned over by young girls and admired by the older ones. He had hair that looked as if it were made of solid gold – God, that’s a sappy thought, even for you, Thomas – and eyes of the greenest of Emeralds. The one thing that had caught Thomas’s attention was, however, the fact that the older boy had a thick British accent, which made him sound polite and posh all the damn time.

And maybe Thomas had developed a little crush.

It had taken him a long stretch of time to admit this to himself, and longer still to open up to his best friend, Teresa.

She didn’t mind, though, instead she thought it was the cutest thing ever.

She had come out that day, too, saying she had been into girls for as long as she could remember.

He had found out as much as he could about the “man of his dreams” (As Teresa liked to call it) through his friends and the internet since he had first laid eyes on the boy, and he had sworn to himself to never let it slip to anyone that he knew what Newt’s favorite pair of socks were.

He was snapped back to reality when the girl - Newt’s sister – let out another wail of despair.

I have to save her, he thought.

But what would Newt think? What if Newt starts thinking that Thomas has a crush on his sister? Or worse, what if he starts suspecting the truth?

“That’s ridiculous, Tom,” Teresa answered his thoughts, moving up behind him from inside the Chemistry lab nearby. “Go save her. Newt would not hate you for saving his sister from a pair of jackasses.”


Go, or I will.”

“No, no. You stay. I’m going.”

Thomas knew Teresa could take both of the assholes with her left pinky if she wanted to. But he would jump off a cliff headfirst before letting her walking into danger like that.

He walked up to and stood hesitantly behind the bullies’ backs, unaware of what to say or do.

“Thomas, go,” Teresa hissed from behind him.

“I give you five seconds to back off,” Thomas roared, and his voice surprisingly didn’t betray him, it was steady and strong.

“Oh, what’re you gonna do, huh, kid?” The bullies turned to face him.


The guys actually took a step back when Thomas didn’t falter at their words, and scowled.


“Listen, kid-”


“You’re pissin’ me off, now-”


“Whatever,” the bullies tried to act offhand about slowly backing away from the girl, trying to make it look like it was their decision. But Thomas knew they had spotted his rather menacing muscles peeking from under his shirt, his hours and hours of working out and weight lifting had finally paid off.


Thomas smiled, and then remembered the girl, who was still crying- though the snivels sounded more like dry coughs now. He hurried to her.

“You okay, Sonya?” He asked. “It’s alright, they’re gone now.”

“How d-d-do you kn-n-now my-y na-ame?” She mumbled.

Thomas flushed; glad she was still covering her eyes, so she couldn’t see his face. This was another bit of information he’d attained from his stalking.

“Oh, those bullies said it, didn’t you hear?” he patted her back awkwardly. “They’re not scary, you know. They’re all talk. They have not a muscle that will protect them in a fight; they just misuse their wide- framed bodies. You can say “boo” and the sissies will go runnin’, I swear. Come on, Sonya, look up. Don’t hide your pretty face because of those low lives.”

“Thanks, um, -?” Sonya giggled; her voice was watery from the crying. She looked considerably better, though.


“Thomas,” she repeated, nodding. “Are you a senior?”

“Yeah,” Thomas walked her away from the gawking crowd, shooting glares at a couple of them. They went back to their work. “Don’t look like one, do I?”

This time Sonya laughed fully. A loud, lively sound that Thomas realized he liked. “Have you ever seen my brother?”

All the time, Thomas thought. He blushed again, but Sonya didn’t seem to notice.

“He looks like he’s 12,” she added.

“That’s not a bad thing…” Thomas tried.

“Oh yeah, he’s forever stuck with a baby face. Some luck,” Sonya said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

Thomas chuckled. “He’s your brother, Sonya,” he shook his head. “You should ease up on him a bit.”

“Do you even know who my brother is?”

Thomas thought he was going to explode from the heat in his face, he was blushing so hard. Stop it, you idiot, he told himself.

“N-no. Not really. Who is he?”

“Newton?” She looked at Thomas strangely, as if she thought it was outrageous that he didn’t know her brother. “Co- captain of Track team, beside Albert and Minho? “Most popular guy in school”?” She gestured speech marks with her hands during the last part, and rolled her eyes again.

“Oh. Oh, him, yeah,” Thomas cheered then, in his mind, for his acting skills. Apart from the blush that he had no control over, he thought he was doing pretty good.

“If he knew what those guys were doing while he was at practice, he would’ve beaten the shit out of them. Partly why he doesn’t know,” Sonya said. “I hate those guys, alright, but I don’t want Newt to get in trouble. He does that enough already.”

Thomas nodded. He knew exactly what Newt would do to someone if they even looked at his sister in a more-than-friendly way. He’d witnessed some of the incidents last year. It was truly horrifying.

“Oh look, we’re here,” Sonya said, pointing to a door labeled “Mathematics”. “Thanks for what you did out there. I appreciate it. I would have flattened them myself, but you know how American schools are. If a girl is even remotely involved in violence, she gets to pay for it for the rest of her goddamn life.”

“Why? That is so annoying!” Thomas whisper-yelled. “It is the fucking 21st century, for god’s sake! Can the bigots get over it already!”

Sonya pursed her lips, looking at Thomas warmly. “You’re a good chap. I like ya,” she said, before turning around and vanishing within the classroom behind her.



“Newt, calm down,” Sonya said confidently, though a little frightened. She hid it quite well.


“Newt, LISTEN!”

Newton seemed to shut up straight away. Like every other guy, he was bloody terrified of angry girls.

“I could have taken those guys within minutes if I wanted to, and you know it. I didn’t because I’d go to hell and back before sinking to their level, okay? I wouldn’t have told you about this even today, but something happened that changed my mind.”


“Do you know Thomas, from the year below you?”

“Thomas who?”

“Thomas Williams.”

“Oh, that nerdy guy with the glasses! Yeah, I know him. He’s rather flamboyant in Drama auditions.”

“And you know how you’re super duper, unicorn shit, Elton John gay?”

“Uh…yeah,” Newt said uncertainly, wondering where this was going and what it had to do with his sister’s bullies.

“And you like muscled, toned up guys with really pretty eyes and nice skin, Am I right?”


“Well, I have found the man for you! Oh, Thomas is perfect. And the boy seems to have a liking for you, as well,” Sonya giggled, excited about this potentially perfect couple.

“Okay, Sonya, but what does this have to do with-”

“Oh, yeah, that. He also gave those dickheads a nice kick in the balls today. Without laying a finger on them.”


“Newton, Newton, Newt,” Sonya sang happily, she had more than once caught her less than cautious  brother trying to look up Thomas on Facebook to no avail. It was quite funny to watch, indeed. She hadn’t actually known the guy before today, though. “I just told you that you’re in love with the perfectest guy ever! The guy you have been admiring from afar for god knows how long can now be yours! He’s gay as a maypole, has a really cute face and a really attractive body and… um… I approve. Though I’m quite annoyed that he’s all no hetero and stuff.”

“What are you talking about, Sonny,” Newt tried to act oblivious, failing miserably. “I’ve never even seen the guy before.”


“Sonya…” Newt whined childishly, crimson spreading across his cheeks, as he thumped his foot several times for effect. “Shut uuuuup.


“Sonya, I hate you.”

“No, you don’t. You can’t. I just made your entire life.”


“I heard about what you did.”

Thomas must have jumped at least five feet into the air.

Teresa, whom Thomas had been talking to, giggled, very uncharacteristically of her. She slipped away into the crowd, leaving Thomas and the new intruder to themselves.

For a horrifying moment Thomas thought it were the bullies again, there to take revenge.

But when he turned to face the person, his eyes were met with the boy who seemed to get more and more gorgeous by the day.

Newton Drew Wright.

Thomas looked behind him, to make sure the blond was talking to him.

He was.

“Uh…I..uh..don’t know what you’re… talking about,” Thomas yammered, perhaps too quick for Newt to understand.

But Newt caught it.

“Ah, don’t play dumb with me, boy,” Newt smirked, his eyes running up and down Thomas’s body. He loved the way it made the boy shiver in response.

God, Thomas thought. Newt’s accent was even hotter when he was talking to you. How was that even possible?

“I know you rescued my sister’s arse yesterday, and I’m here to thank you for that,” Newt continued. “How about dinner?”

Thomas choked on his own spit.


“I just bloody asked you out, Tommy.”

Thomas didn’t think about how Newt knew his name, or how he knew about the Sonya incident at all. All he thought about was Newt, co- captain of the track team, standing in front of him like Adonis himself, talking to Thomas, the outcast.

“Is that a No?” Newt asked, pretending to not care about the answer. Thomas, luckily, had a talent in seeing through people.

“Is this a prank?” Thomas questioned.

Newt laughed. “Do I seem like the type of guy that would waste his time pranking people?”

Thomas looked around nervously, checking if anyone was listening in, then nodded. “Well…you are popular…that’s what you guys do…”

Do you want me to prove you wrong?” Newt was suddenly a coupe inches closer and their noses were brushing.


Go out with me tonight, I wanna thank you.”


Newt stepped back, his eyebrows raised, grinning, as if he was aware of just what he had triggered inside Thomas’s system.

Thomas’s face was burgundy.

God, he’s adorable,” Newt thought. “I can watch him all day.”

“Thanks, Sonya,” they both thought in harmony.

“I’ll t-try.”

“That’s good enough for me.”

Newt winked and sauntered away, leaving Thomas as a dazed, panting, flushing mess.

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anonymous asked:

So a variation of a rivalling gang keeping Steve as a security for Sarah Roger's debt: what if Bucky's gang plans an attack on the rivalling gang because they did something nasty to Bucky's gang, and it turns into this massive shootout between gangs, and Steve is caught smack in the middle. And at a certain moment, Steve sees a chance to escape, but right as he is about to, he notices some thug creeping up behind the most handsome man he has seen in his life. So without thinking, Steve (1/?)

(2/?) just grabs the lid of a nearby garbage can and t h r o w s and it hits the hug smack in the head. Gorgeous blue eyes meet his as the handsome mobster turns around and sees his saviour (and Bucky falls in love that very moment). To return the favour, the handsome mobster promises to bring Steve home back safely and offer protection to him and his mother. Steve agrees, and Bucky walks him back home himself. Only (cue the angst) it turns out that in the few weeks Steve was gone, Sarah passed

(3/3) away. Steve is inconsolable, and his handsome mobster (who told him to call him Bucky) is holding him tight against him, in his big, strong, warm arms. Despite his grief, Steve feels so safe, so cared for in Bucky’s arms, like he’s right where he’s supposed to be. When Bucky finds out that Steve has no one else left, his mind is made up: from now on, Steve will be his to take care of, and god damn if Bucky will not make him feel happy and safe. (and then they have the hottest sex.)

I just love the idea of Bucky just deciding yes, this is mine. I will keep him and care for him forever more. 

Bucky just up and deciding Steve is his.

I think that’s the great thing about this ‘verse. There’s just so many great ways to play with that dynamic. So many excellent ways for them to meet and know each other and come together but no matter what their beginning is, it always ends up the same way.

I mean, even if Steve was just some regular guy on the street. No debt to speak of, no ties to the mafia at all. Maybe Sarah owns a quiet little bookshop. Or a gallery. And Steve, the helpful nineteen/twenty year old son that he is, he helps his mother out in the shop.

That’s how he meets mafia don Bucky. And it’s love at first sight for Bucky Barnes. Instant attraction, he just can’t stop himself from doting on such a sweet little creature.

Sending him all sorts of gifts and visiting him often. Touching him only when he knows Steve wouldn’t balk at such a thing and feeling incredibly possessive when those touches make Steve melt right into his arms, so eager and needy.

Steve knows he shouldn’t fall in with Bucky Barnes’ lot, he’s heard all about Barnes. Knows exactly what sort of man Bucky is; how could he not, born and raised in Brooklyn like he is? Maybe they even went to school together, remember each other from then.

But Bucky makes him feel desirable. Wanted. The way Bucky looks at him? Steve feels sexy. And safe, so incredibly safe, because Bucky’s always telegraphed his movements, his intentions. Always gives Steve the opportunity to pull away.

And Steve’s tested it out a few times, let’s be real. He’s pulled away just to see what Bucky will do and Bucky’s never pressed for more than Steve’s willing to give.

Bucky takes care of him.

…oh hell. Maybe Bucky’s attention is why Steve gets taken in the first place - a bargaining chip for his rivals - and Bucky feels incredibly guilty for putting Steve in danger like that. 

Maybe that’s why he’s reluctant to help ground Steve. He feels it would be taking advantage, using Steve’s bad experience to get what he wanted when Steve had never explicitly said one way or another how he felt about Bucky.

There’s Nothing Sexy About Meiosis (part 1)

makapedia said:you should write “i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me” au for soma. you know who faints.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I am a huge science nerd and this prompt was made for me. I may have turned this into a multi-chapter lab partners au incorporating some other prompts because I am very passionate about chemistry and proper titration procedure. 

Thanks to redphlox and professor-maka for looking this over!

Lab I: Determining The Molarity of Acetic Acid Using A Standardized Solution of Sodium Hydroxide

Maka is furious about the concept of general education science classes, especially the blasphemy that is ‘mixed sciences 101.’ It doesn’t even fall under a normal department like any respectable class should. She’s already taken advanced placement chemistry in her high school – and has the transfer credit to prove it – so this freshmen lab requirement would be a joke. Of course, she’ll still try her hardest to get an A, and there is no way her dopey eyed stoner kid of a lab partner is going to get in her way.

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Tonight Looks Good On You

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Heart Song
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Tonight Looks Good On You

I just thought of another story idea, tonight looks good on you by Jason Aldean dean x reader

Authors Note: So OMG WOW! I have never heard of Jason Aldean before (Brings hands up to hide my face) His voice is amazing. I absolutely love this song. I am a huge fan of Tim McGraw and Clint Black. This guy WOW. Hope you enjoy it.*Just realised I forgot to put in the title*


    I watched as she came out of the bathroom ready to interview the victim. She was in a typical FBI get up and damn it looked good. The way the skirt hugged her hips, moving down to just above her knees, her shirt tucked in her black bra just peeking through. She pulled her jacket on and did up the button just under her bust. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail off her face. I had to bit my lip and turn away to stop from taking her then and there.
    She drove me wild, always has. The difference is now we were together, so I got to have her. I got to taste her. I watched as she lent down pulling on her heels. I doubted there was an outfit on Earth that could make this woman look anything less than sexy.
     It didn’t matter if she was in her FBI suit, hunting gear, sweats or even just a sheet. Everything she wore always looked so damn amazing. She looked so damn amazing.
     I smiled at the extra height her shoes gave her, I leant down, although not as far as normal and kissed her.
     ‘Ready?’ I mumbled, savouring her taste. The vanilla lipgloss. I breathed in her scent, strawberry shampoo and jasmine body wash.
     ‘Yep, I’ll give Sam a call on the way see how he faired. But I’m pretty sure it’s a bogus hunt,’ she smiled.
     After talking to the victims, Y/N proved to be right. It was nothing more than bad luck. There was no ghost, no case. We were now in Greenville, Alabama with nothing to do.
     We got back to the motel and Y/N changed, I couldn’t help but smile as she released her hair from it’s ponytail, I watched as she changed into a loose summer dress, Jesus it really didn’t matter what she wore. I felt that desire I always did when she walked in. The dress flowed from her waist to her knees.
     ‘So what’s the plan? It’s a bust. Sam’s meeting up with some friend. Are you planning on a bar visit? Movie? Dinner?’ she smiled at me.
     I felt my heart speed up at her smile. It had been a while since we had done anything. I grabbed pulling her into my arms. I kissed her savouring the moment.
    I pulled her into the impala and drove off to get some dinner before heading out.
     ‘Where are we going?’ she laughed.
     ‘No idea,’ I laughed back. I eventually pulled over near a secluded area and found a blanket in the trunk.
      We sat down watching the sunset eating dinner. I watched as the breeze picked up and blew strands of hair into her face. I smiled, and shifted them before kissing her again. I watched as she laughed and smiled as we joked. These nights suited her, carefree, happy, relaxed. They softened her features slighting, made her eyes shine that bit more, her smile all the more brighter and wider.
    ‘Have I ever told you just how gorgeous you are?’ I asked her.
     I watched as she blushed, the pink/red colour rising up her cheeks, the smile she tried to hide. The sunset some more and a soft glow formed around her, it was almost like one of those photo shoots you see, such a picture perfect moment. She was perfect. We didn’t get these moments often. Between hunting and research it was hard to come by. It probably didn’t help that I wasn’t much of a chick flick/romance and flowers type person. But with her I wanted to be. With her these moments felt right, they felt normal and yet also felt addictive. I craved it, the look of her eyes, her face. These moments suited her, right down to the southern sky.
     Y/N shifted and laid down her head in my lap, and continued to talk and joke. I thought back to the first time I saw her; it was at a bar in Texas. She had been in jeans and a tank. I couldn’t help but smile as I recalled the shy way she looked at me, how uncertain she was when I hit on her. How she had turned me down. How in that moment I decided I would do what it took to be with her. I remembered how we had ran into each other a couple of months later at a party for a friend, then again on a hunt. I hadn’t even realised that she was a hunter until then. And damn did she make carrying a gun one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I smiled at the first time I had seen her in a formal dress, I rang her and roped her in to assist in a hunt that involved going undercover at some fancy dinner. She was so nervous about the dress she was wearing. I remember how I had to fight ever urge not to rip it off her. I thought back to not long after she had shifted into the bunker a fire had gutted her apartment so we offered her a room. I remember how at home she looked, how much our place suited her. I had found her in the library sitting crossed legged on the floor, laptop in front of her, coffee in her hands, books spread out around her. Her hair was up in a messy bun, loos strands falling in her face, her yoga pants covering her legs and the oversize sweater falling off her shoulder revealing her hot pink bra strap. Cozy had never looked so sexy. That was the first time I kissed her, first time I slept with her. Right there against the bookshelves. Even now I watch as a blush spreads lightly across her face when I catch her looking at them or passing them by.
     I watched as her eyes lit up and she smiled at some dumb joke I made and how if on cue a falling star fell from the sky, I wished in that moment that our lives could stay this way forever. That tonight’s look would last a lifetime. Because damn it looked good on her.
    She sat up then facing me, smiling that relaxed happy smile.
    ‘I love you,’ she spoke softly.
    ‘I love you too, more than you know,’ I murmured back as I kissed her. Laying her down on the blanket. ‘Suit’s you,’ I muttered into her neck.’
      ‘What does?’ she chuckled, her fingers running through my hair.
      ‘Tonight, this, everything. You just look amazing.’ I kissed her again, showing her just how amazing she was.