because this is the first time he ever saw him

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

Boyfriend Jackson

A/N - Here’s Jackson as your boyfriend~ Hopefully you guys enjoy and please keep sending me your requests!

Mark | JB | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • Jackson Wang
  • where do we start with him?
  • okay well first off he’s definitely the clingiest boyfriend out of all of Got7
  • he’ll always be texting you to make sure you’re okay and to tell you he misses you and loves you
  • he’d be lowkey annoying at times but you know he’s only like that because he loves you and wants you to know that
  • he’d be super protective of you as well
  • anyone who makes you feel upset will become his new enemy istg
  • if he ever saw you crying then he’d pull out all the blankets, your favourite movies and your favourite food
  • and then he’d just cuddle with you all day
  • he’d do anything to make you happy
  • jealous!Jackson would be so hot omg
  • he’d see you with another guy and would just switch into a possessive boyfriend
  • obviously he wouldn’t be so possessive that he stops you seeing your friends but he’d make sure to let you know that you are his and he is yours
  • even if you are in public
  • speaking of being in public, Jackson would be really big on pda
  • he’d want everyone to see that he is taken
  • and he’d want every guy to see that you were taken
  • usually he’d just hold your hand but whenever he was feeling even a little bit jealous or protective over you, his arm would be around your shoulders, holding you close to him
  • or if there was a guy who just wouldn’t get the hint that you were taken, his arm would be wrapped around your waist and he’d be pressing kisses onto your face and maybe nipping at your ear 
  • if the guy didn’t figure out by then that you were happily in a relationship then Jackson would just full on make out with you right there and then
  • and his hands may wander a little too much considering you were in public…
  • Jackson would often ask for your opinion on his songs and if there was something you didn’t like then it’d be changed immediately
  • your opinion is basically the only one that matters to him
  • because you’re his little princess and he only cares about you
  • he’d probably use his songs to flirt with you as well
  • like he’d put a really suggestive lyric in there and would play it for you and then ask for your opinion
  • and obviously you’d love it bc flirty Jackson is best Jackson
  • whenever you hung out at the dorm, Jackson would be holding on to you the whole time
  • he’d be like a little koala bear just snuggling you loads
  • and he’d LOVE whenever you sat on his lap
  • and not even in a suggestive way, he’d just love having you in his lap because it showed that you wanted to be close to him and cuddle him
  • but if he was feeling rather stressed from practice or a busy schedule and you came and sat on his lap then god have mercy on you bc that boy won’t hold back
  • Jackson may be really cute and sweet towards you but as soon as clothes are off and you’re in the bedroom or the backseat of his car then a completely new person shows up
  • he knows exactly what to do to get you all riled up and squirming beneath him
  • and the sounds you’d make would just drive him over the edge
  • but then the next morning he’d wake up with messy hair and a husky morning voice and he’d just want to snuggle
  • any remnant of the previous night gone apart from the purple bruises he left on your body
  • basically Jackson Wang would be the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever who wants to treat his princess like she deserves and would never let other guys near her
  • because she’s his and he’s hers
  • and he loves everything about her

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Dans ass

Author’s note: I hope this is sort of what you had in mind lmao, it’s pretty short, about 500 words, because honestly, how much can you say about an ass, even if it is spectacular. 

 Phil was always the first to admit that he loved Dan’s ass. Looking at it, touching it, spanking it, eating it, fucking it, he loved it all, loved the way it looked when his hips slammed into it, causing the plump flesh to bounce with every thrust. Ever since the first time he saw it through Dan’s grainy webcam, he’d never been able to get enough.

 Dan knew all of this and was often slightly flustered by Phil’s enthusiastic attitude towards anything involving it. Phil would flip him over before fucking him and spread him apart, breathing warm air over his entrance before teasing him with the tip of his tongue. He would lap over his rim until Dan was begging for more, pressing backwards, embarrassed by his own wantonness but too turned on to do anything about it.

 When Phil had decided he’d teased enough, he’d slowly nudge his tongue inside, thrusting it in and out, adding two fingers to spread him open and massage his spot. He only quit when Dan was writhing in desperation, pleading for his cock. And Phil was all too happy to give it to him, fucking into him hard and fast, spanking lightly over the jiggling flesh, watching as handprints appeared.

 And when he came, usually a minute or two behind Dan, he’d come inside, filling Dan, marking him, claiming him. He’d pull out, tired from the fast pace, but not too tired to slink down to eye level with Dan’s reddened hole, gently pushing two fingers in, swearing at the feeling of his own cum seeping past them. He’d press them into Dan’s prostate watching him squirm and whimper but otherwise just lay there and take it, like the good boy he begged to be.

 After a while he’d take pity on the boy and stop his onslaught, but not completely pulling out. Instead he’d gather up as much of his cum as he could, and bring his hand up to Dan’s lips, smiling in arrogant satisfaction as he licked them clean. Dan would blush and whine in indignity, but he’d take them in his mouth anyway, because he was eager to please.

 Phil would wipe them both down and get into bed with Dan then, pulling him flush against himself, just to feel the curve of Dan’s ass as he fell asleep. And when he awoke, usually about five hours later, he’d wake Dan up with his fingers in his ass again, opening him up, getting him ready.

 And Dan loved it, waking up with Phil’s fingers pressed up against his spot, his hard cock straining against his hip. He’d rut back against Phil’s hand, begging for him to just fuck him already. Phil would make him wait though, wait until Dan was truly beseeching and then thrust in all at once, immediately starting in with a quick pace.

 Honestly, Phil loved Dan’s ass any way he could get it, and Dan loved giving Phil what he wanted, so it worked out well, really.


Ever since Seth saw Kate for the first time after her death, people have been constantly telling him that she’s gone and it’s only Amaru in her body. When he finally finds himself accepting the fact that she’s gone, because of the wound Scott gave her, Kate takes the opportunity and breaks free. Just from that moment, even though they lost her again, Seth regains hope once again because of Kate, because of her strength.

Seth may not believe in God, but he sure as hell believes in Kate.

You know, we know that Keith was the “top pilot in his class” and that Lance only advanced to fighter pilot because he got kicked out. Which, presumably, means that Lance was actually at the BOTTOM of his class. So how did Lance arrive at this whole “neck and neck rivals” deal? Do you think the first time he ever met Keith he saw this guy and just went,

“That man is beautiful. I must fight him.”

because I do

*trolls film spoilers*

Let’s grind out a few more headcanons while I’m trying to distract myself…

  • Branch has had a crush on Poppy for quite a while (that much is obvious), and actually saw that she liked this awful bitter berry tea and forced himself to like it because he wanted to drink it with her and seem cool and sometimes he’d make a point of drinking it when she was around but she never seemed to notice. Now he actually likes it and can’t stop drinking it.
  • Branch and Poppy start going out and she makes scrapbooks of every single thing they do from their very first date to their 1-week anniversary. She makes him a card ever single time something happens, and it makes him feel bad because he doesn’t keep up with it and isn’t as good with dates, but she doesn’t mind she just likes seeing him smile when the glitter shoots out. 
  • Branch isn’t as good at dancing as the other trolls cause he’s so out of practice and he asks Poppy for dance lessons and she can’t stop giggling at him every time he trips over himself, and it drives him crazy but sometimes he’ll trip on purpose so he can press into her or grab her arm and make her laugh.
  • Branch tries to make Poppy a card for their 1 month anniversary and can’t figure out how to get the glitter to shoot out and gets increasingly frustrated until finally the day comes and he just stomps over and hands Poppy this mess of glue and construction paper all balled up with an entire container’s worth of glitter in the middle. Poppy loves it and ends up throwing the glitter everywhere and its in their hair for weeks afterwards.

One time when I was a little kid I was drawing. This was right around the time I was first learning anatomy and how to draw dynamic poses. I got really proud of something and took it up to my dad and said “dad! Dad look at what I drew! Look at that knee!! That’s the best knee I’ve ever drawn!” And he praised me and I felt good.

Then he walked by a little later and saw me erasing something. He looked over my shoulder and loudly exclaimed “what are you doing!” Because I had just finished erasing that same knee. I told him “it didn’t suit the picture, so I have to start again.” I remember he looked so concerned and said “but what happened to the best knee you’ve ever drawn?”

And I told him “well if I drew it once then I can draw it again, and besides! Even if it’s a very good knee, it was too small and it wasn’t at the right angle, so if I wanted to keep it then I would have to erase the re-draw the REST of the picture. And that didn’t make very much sense to me.”

Idk I just remembered that and thought it might help someone out there. If you drew something okay once, you can draw it just the same, if not better then next time. And sometimes it’s better to do something right one way, even if it doesn’t suit the original content, and then re-do it having learned something from your first attempt. Don’t be afraid of undoing something for the sake of preservation. Somehow child-me knew that and now it’s something I struggle with.

driving me wild

Summary: In which Dan likes wearing croptops and shorts, Phil is a punk youtuber who drools over him and Louise wants them to stop pining.

Warnings: smoking, smut, un-betaed?

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word count: 4.8k+ (wtf)

Extra tags: pining, short!pastel!dan, punk!phil, m rated sex i’d say lol

A/N: So, this is my first phanfic and also the first one shot I’ve ever written. I will probably edit this later, but for now I hope all of you enjoy it <3 Also, this is my way to celebrate reaching 1k followers!!

Phil saw him for the first time at a YouTube gathering: the boy with the white skinny jeans, soft lavender sweater and flower crown. Phil knew about him because of Louise. She kept going on about how cute and nice he was; that he was one of the sweetest youtubers she had ever met, and that she wished he had more subscribers because he deserved it.

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GUYS there was this one time in class when J ran a bit late and his usually rolled up sleeves were undone

and after he put his stuff on the teacher’s table he just rolled his sleeves up right in front of the whole class while he was making some announcements and I LITERALLY SQUEALED BECause that was the first time it ever happened. like the first time I ever saw him do that

I know most of us agree that guys look sexy when their sleeves are rolled up but have we ever talked about how sexy they look WHILE rolling their sleeves up???????? no. it’s about time we do

Another crush story lmao

Alright so I developed a crush on one of my friends and idk how I feel about it. I think he likes me too but idk if he wants something serious or not. Honestly I think I do which is weird because I’ve never wanted a relationship but he seems worthy of it. One day I posted something on Instagram (@fuego.bby ;) saying to like for a TBH in dm. He liked it and I DMed him the next morning. He asked for my number and we started texting. At first it was kind of interesting and we have texted every day ever since. It gets kinda boring sometimes and the replies are really late. The other day we were at school and he passed by my class and he called me, I was downstairs and he was upstairs and he said “look up” and I saw him smiling and waving and we talked for 2 minutes because he got yelled at by the teacher lol. Later that day he called me 2 times but I didn’t answer because I wasn’t home or using my phone. I called him back when I got home but he was busy so he said he’d call me later. He called me at 12 and I had fallen asleep. So I woke up at around 7:30 and called him at around 8. He answered right away and he sounded like he had just woken up (his voice sounded so deep and cute :) we talked for 30 minutes and kinda got to know each other without even asking we just talked about ourselves. We both had stuff to do and I had to go first. I said I had to go and he said oh alright, bye and I said bye and hung up even though I didn’t want to. I really think I like him and he’s almost what I always wanted a guy to be. He has the style I’ve always admired and loved. He’s cute, taller than me, but not too much taller so that’s good. I could talk about him all day but I’m just writing this cause it’s 2:50AM and I can’t sleep cause I’m thinking of him. Good night guys and shout to you if you read this far.

After the war when Garrus and his father reunite, his father is the proudest he’s ever been of him. They both put the past behind them, forgive and forget, and move forward. His father does the same with Shepard - in fact, he’s thankful to her for who Garrus has become, and he apologizes for how he originally saw spectres, but she doesn’t blame him.

Then when he finds out about their relationship, he’s skeptical at first, but he soon grows to approve of it because at the end of the day, could there possibly be a better person for Garrus than the woman that’s saved the galaxy time and time again?

And then their wedding day comes - a mix of turian and human traditions - and when Garrus’ proud father is walking Garrus’ proud wife-to-be down the isle, it is quite the sight for Garrus. It couldn’t possibly be any better for any of them.



the moment you started shipping malec

boyfriend!nct series ; chittaphon (ten)



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21 - Royai

Agape (the highest form of love/Selfless love)

Roy had picked the dress out, mostly because she told him she didn’t really know what she wanted to wear to one of their many galas as a First Couple, so he had helped. It was a silk dress, with a high neck and slit in the left side of the leg, exposing a muscled thigh ever so slightly. It was a brilliant red, a color she shone in, and she had to all but pry Roy off of her because he wanted to have time alone and make them late the moment he saw her in the gown. She feels uncomfortable having all eyes on her, but for some reason, she doesn’t mind tonight.

The night ends with saying goodbyes outside, wishing everyone a safe ride home. It rains steadily outside. Thankfully, it doesn’t pour, but Riza looks up at the sky and she sighs. Roy looks over her in that moment, after everyone is leaving in the roundabout driveway outside the ballroom. “What’s wrong?”

“I’d hate for this dress to get wet,” she says, clasping her hands in front of her and looking at him. “Especially because of how expensive it is.”

With anyone else, it would sound like a plea for Roy to do something about the rain somehow, but she is sincere. She hates when he buys her lavish gifts, but he hasn’t stopped, instead he buys them infrequently. She treasures it all the same, though, and treats all the jewelry and clothes he had bought her with the utmost care.

Just after a straggler finally leaves the ballroom and gets in a car to drive off, and it’s just the two of them plus guards, he decides to help her. He bends down and laces an arm under her knees and one around her back, and makes her embarrassingly squeal in surprise when he lifts her off the ground. “Roy Mustang, what are you –”

“I’m keeping your dress from getting wet,” he says simply. She smacks his chest lightly, almost playfully, and he laughs, starting down the stairs as a guard holds an umbrella over their heads (thankfully, it isn’t Jean, because he would only make Riza even more embarrassed). “I’m still strong as an ox, see?” he jokes, and she rolls her eyes and finally wraps her arms around his neck to balance herself. She catches the guard’s eye over Roy’s shoulder and they both blush at the predicament.

“I think it’s unnecessary,” she tells Roy, even if she likes being held in his arms that are still strong after all these years, but never in public.

“Consider me making up for all the times you protected me in the rain,” he tells her. They reach the car and the guard moves forward to open the door, and Roy eases Riza out of his arms and into the seat easily, before the door closes and he dashes to the other side. He comes in with damp hair, and he leans forward to kiss her.

She sighs and any sort of negative emotion she could have had floods away. The pitter-patter of the rain on the car makes it feel serene, almost like they’re hidden and the only two people in the world. Somehow, after all these years, he found some way to be romantic. He lets go when the door shuts from the front, and his face is inches away from hers. The engine starts up as he speaks. “I would have hated to see that dress get ruined, too.”


“Because you look so good in it.”

Riza rolls her eyes again and smacks his arm, and she grins despite herself. Many may get tired of their form of love, of the predictability of it, but she couldn’t ask for anything more – she loves him unconditionally and selflessly as he does her.

She lets him draw her in with an arm tight around her shoulders and she rests her head against his chest, closing her eyes and letting the rain lull her to sleep.

Have you ever met someone and thought,
“Whatever this is, it’s never going to last”?
I have.
The first time I caught his eyes and saw his smile, I knew.
I knew that he was going to leave.
That was the time when a beginning felt like an ending.
When he was around, I only saw caution signs
telling me to turn back.
I had no guarantee. No promises. No nothing.
But I guess I was a masochist.
Because I had hope for him to stay.
But alas, he didn’t.
At the end, I was right.
He left me.
I never had a choice.
He was going to leave either way.
—  when a beginning felt like an ending // A.A

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Could you do Moriel + "Because I'm in fucking love with you that's why!"



The first time he ever saw her was at Rhys’s graduation. They had gone to different universities three states away from one another. They still kept in contact of course, but didn’t get to see each other as much.

So when Azriel and Cassian got the invitation to Rhys’s graduation - a semester earlier than the rest of them were supposed to graduate, goddamn him - they made sure to be there come hell or high water.

Through texts and phone calls Azriel had heard Rhys complaining frequently about his younger cousin by two years living with him and his girlfriend Feyre in their apartment while trying to find a job in the city. Anytime Azriel and Cassian made a visit in the six months she had lived there though, she had always been out with her friends. Apparently she was trying to become a professional dancer.

So when the bright eyed blonde literally sashayed up to Rhys and Feyre after his graduation ceremony, he knew it was the allusive cousin.

His prick of a best friend hadn’t mentioned she was drop dead gorgeous.


She was carefree and vulnerable and bright and everything he wasn’t. So why was he so drawn to her?

A semester passed and Azriel and Cassian made a trip to see Rhys and Feyre - and now Mor - once a month. Mor made sure to always be at the apartment when the boys came to visit and Azriel didn’t know if he loved this fact or loathed it.

Being around her was like breathing fresh air for the first time. He couldn’t get enough of her, but at the same time he knew he couldn’t…. be enough for her. His preference to stay in the shadows and watch his friends be in the spotlight instead was what kept him from ever really approaching her or asking her out. She was brightness that needed brightness and he knew this. So he resigned to watch from afar. To watch from his shadows.

Graduation rolls around and Azriel and Cassian move up to the city to work with Rhys. Their little family gets closer every day, celebrating holidays together, drinking together on the weekends, countless movie nights and road trips and stargazing.

A year has passed and Azriel can’t imagine his life without Mor. He can’t imagine a single day without her special shade of sunshine and her blinding smile directed at him.

He loves her. He loves her. He loves her.

And then Rhys proposes to Feyre. And of course she says yes. And there’s a flurry of wedding planning and suit rentals and “Az what do you think of my Maid of Honor dress?” followed by a choking sound and a “It looks good” when Cassian smacks him on the back.

The day of the wedding rolls around and of course - of COURSE - Azriel is walking down the aisle with Mor followed by Cassian and Nesta. They’re waiting outside the double doors leading into the ceremony and Azriel is fidgeting, itching to retreat back into the shadows.

Mor chuckles beside him and gently turns him to face her, straightening his suspenders. Cassian and Nesta are too absorbed in one another to notice them.

“Quit fidgeting,” she scolds good-naturedly. “All we have to do is walk and stand. Rhys and Feyre have the hard parts.”

“Knowing you you might leave me behind and twirl down the aisle,” Azriel murmurs.

Mor scoffs and smacks his shoulder.

“I’ll have you know, Azriel, that as much as I love a good twirl, I would never leave you behind.”

Azriel looks down at her, at this beautiful sunshine girl, and wonders if she really means it.

He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and her smile drops slowly. Their eyes meet and he feels like he’s looking at her for the first time all over again.

But then Amren is yelling “Showtime!” and they’re shoved out the door and walking down the aisle and Rhys and Feyre say “I do” and the reception has started and Cassian is already tipsy and Azriel can feel Mor watching him all night but he just can’t look at her because dammit he’s a fool for falling for her.

He’s on the balcony later, holding his whiskey but not drinking it because he deserves to be sober and miserable.

“What’s wrong with me?”

He whirls around and Mor is standing there, cheeks flushed and her hands on her hips.


“What’s wrong with me?” She repeats. “You never look at me for more than two seconds at a time. I flirt with you every damn day, I’ve asked you out a hundred times, I’ve stayed over at your apartment until 4 in the morning just to talk to you about goddamn anything, and it’s still not enough!” She huffs, throwing her hands up in the air. “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not enough?”

“Mor, I–”

“No don’t give me your vague bullshit and run away this time, tell me the truth.” She steps up to him so they’re chest to chest. “What’s wrong with me?”

Azriel can’t breathe. She’s so close.

“Why are you doing this?” He whispers.

“Because I’m fucking in love with you, that’s why!” She all but screams.

The next thing he knows she’s grabbed him by the suspenders and hauled his lips against hers, kissing the life out of him and giving him life at the same time.

He melts into her almost immediately, one hand gripping her waist and the other fisting in her hair.

“Nothing is wrong with you,” he says breathlessly when they finally break apart. “Nothing at all. I’m just a damn coward.”

Mor grins against his lips.

“Well it’s time to start being brave.”

This time he’s the one surging for her lips.

it’s been 4 months already but it’s felt like forever. I still have him under delete because I haven’t been able to bring myself to delete the messages we sent each other. I really liked him, I had known him for about a year and a half and we were you know regular friends but when I met him it was a love at first sight type feeling, I can’t explain. I have liked him ever since I first saw him. what I find so weird is the last thing I told him was not to talk to me and bye bc after the “nope” message I had called him and we talked and then I asked him what time he worked that weekend so I could say hi since we worked at the same shopping mall. he had a girlfriend and he knew I liked him but still said I was cute and how much he wanted to fuck me. I never did bc I just couldn’t get involved with someone who was already in a relationship like that no matter how much I liked him. the very next day I sent him a message (which is the very last thing I said to him actually but it’s been deleted) and his girlfriend found out and he blocked me on everything, snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. I cried like a baby for the next week. I just wanted him to remain in my life even if we never got together. It still bothers me until this day bc we didn’t have any closure and that is why I keep thinking about him. The longer I think about it, he never liked me, he never did, not as much as I liked him.

have some haikyuu!! headcannons because it’s all I can think of
  • Nishinoya has crawled through the karasuno air vents before and nothing can convince me otherwise
    • Only Tanaka and the other second years know, but Suga found out anyway because Noya crawled into his math class
      • Suga nearly pissed himself laughing when he realized it was Noya, while trying to keep himself quiet as well so to not disturb class
        • nobody will ever tell Daichi
  • Yamaguchi is a math whiz, ask him any question and he can do it!
  • Kageyama is actually very fashion forward, but when it comes to disguises he tries too hard, thus causing a mess
    • The other first years lost it when they saw him in casual clothes because they expected like, gym shorts and a tee shirt but NOPE
  • Hinata is actually really organized, like his room is spotless down to the last stacked piece of paper
    • His momma made him organize everything for the longest time and eventually it turned into a habit without her telling him
      • Even his lunch is organized it’s actually really cute
  • Suga is actually like the most hardcore Memer out of the whole team
    • You thought it would be noya or tanaka? NOPE. It’s sugar.
      • He’s actually got such a good sense of humor and makes the funniest jokes ever
      • Some of his jokes are like, so cynical though that it makes Asahi and Daichi back up a bit
        • “Hey daichi you know what’d be nice right now?” “What?” “Death” “SUGA.”
        • He’s a devil in an angel’s costume
      • He sends memes in the volleyball chat and everyone loses it because they’re so funny
    • He’s also good at telling stories, like he can explain situations really well
    • He once told a scary story SO well during volleyball training camp with everyone  that Daichi nearly pissed himself
    • Nobody talks about it
    • Suga isn’t allowed to tell spooky stories anymore
  • Kenma is actually so fearless it’s scary
    • Kuroo is actually worried about how fearless he can be
    • Nobody lets Kenma drive because he is 
      • a) a speed demon, 
      • and b) literally takes such sharp turns you’d flip to the other side of you didn’t have a seat belt on. 
      • He could be a drifting king if he liked racing
    • He also crosses the streets without looking sometimes and it’s SO. BAD. no matter how much Kuroo and Yaku scold him
  • On another note, Kenma and Akaashi actually get along really well! They have each other’s numbers and even hang out sometimes without Bokuto and Kuroo so they can have peace for a bit
    • They usually go to a cafe to hang out
  • Oikawa knows how to do makeup and nobody knows how or why
    • Past girlfriends have left the relationship with better makeup skills than when they started
    • One time the volleyball team all got a makeover from Oikawa and surprisingly, Kindaichi and Kunimi rocked it almost better than Oikawa
      • Nobody is to ever speak of it again though
    • Oikawa never uses makeup but finds it fun to do it on others
    • His skin is so soft?? How? The world may never know
    • His hair is naturally wavy like that, but used to be more curly when he was younger; he hated it
  • Iwaizumi is a B I G momma’s boy. He loves his momma and has so much respect for her and his father
    • He’d do anything for his mom though, need help with groceries? Go inside he’ll grab them all for you (he has those nice buff arms he can do it)
  • Iwa-chan goes to the gym four times a week, and tries to bring a whining Oikawa with him every day he goes
    • It doesn’t always work
    • He has to drag Oikawa
  • Noya actually was the tallest of his class in his first year of middle school, but after the year was over he ended up the shortest because he had a really small growth spurt, unlike everyone else
    • He brings it up a lot
    • He is still bitter
  • Ushijima loves gory mangas (Tendou thinks he doesn’t read anything but the ads but trust me, he got hooked on Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan really quickly)
    • He somehow got Semi into Tokyo Ghoul too, and they text about it a lot; they’re both not finished with the manga yet and plan to binge-watch the anime together along with Tendou
    • He has two fish; his goldfish is named Kaneki and his beta fish is named Touka

when will toni stark and james rhodes stop killing me: a saga.

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Dunno if you're still taking them but i have a vikings prompt: during a feist someone starts flirting w Athelstan and he for the first time flirts back. Ragnar sees this and gets very jealous. He takes Athelstan to his bedroom and makes a move on him. Partly because he's being possessive and because he's scared he'll leave him like his wife and son.

Even in a hall full of people, Athelstan was always in clear view of the earl.

No matter what table he sat at, what corner of the longhouse, who-ever sat with him - the earl always, without fail, saw and heard Athelstan. Which is also why that tonight, during this otherwise festive feast, the earl was seething with jealousy as he saw a situation unfold right in front of him.

A beautiful woman from a neighbouring earldom had been drinking mead and sharing the roast with Athelstan for hours, little innocent giggles and smiles turning to far, far more the further on the night went. The little monk had been gentle and kind, as always, never letting the guest feel unwelcome, and for that Ragnar was grateful. But he was not very grateful for the adventuring hands from the woman on Athelstan’s legs, the fingers that twirled through his growing locks of hair.

The earl sat on his throne for hours in silence, head pressed against his clenched fist and his ice-blue eyes locked on the priest and the woman. His children, slaves, even Aslaug tried to grab his attention through the night, but nothing seemed to be able to pull him away from his view, from his thoughts. All Ragnar noticed was the little whispers shared between them and the arms getting slung over Athelstan’s shoulders, the little experimental kiss that was pressed to the edge of his lips—

And was returned with one, and a bright smile.

Ragnar felt a fire burning through his whole body.

“Athelstan!” he called, as he had surged up to a stand, his voice booming over the loud talking and cheering in the hall. Everything quieted down for just a moment, all eyes on him, until they all returned to their usual business. Athelstan, however, was looking with wide eyes at the earl, excusing himself from the woman’s grasp as he slowly stood up. Even though he was a free man - although only just very recently having become one - he was still obedient to his earl, obedient to his old master. His… friend.


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