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Headcanons about Temari and Ino friendship? Because I picture them as being these super fab partners in making fun of Shikamaru and Ino wants to do girly things like paint each other nails and Temari is like grudgingly fond of her. IDK. JUST THE MAJORITY OF FANDOM IS LIKE OMG NO THEY WOULD LIKE HATE EACH OTHER AND I'M LIKE NO. FIERCE LADY FRIENDSHIP DAMMIT.

Ino and Temari are inlaws like there’s no way Temari could be around Shikamaru in an seriousness and not be also….friends with the rest of team ten. AND???? Temari’s canon hobby is literally ‘flora appreciation’ theres no way on this earth they wouldn’t be friends and hang out all the time and Temari would be really into nail painting. She just never does it herself because it chips so fast when you’re a ninja and she never cares enough to fix it up. They would definitely make fun of Shikamaru. Ino would try and style Temari’s hair in a cute way and get SO angry and determined when it proved nearly impossible. It would take like 3 hours but she’d make it cute and Temari would spend like the rest of the day looking at her reflection and walking around town making sure everybody saw. I love how you said ‘grudgingly fond’ like for real I think Temari is grudgingly fond of the entire konoha 11 her and her siblings never expected to be so attached to konoha dweebs.

Basically I laugh hysterically every time I see anyone saying naruto girls wouldn’t like each other.  



"There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom."


"Cedric was a person who exemplified many of the qualities that distinguish Hufflepuff House. He was a good and loyal friend, a hard worker, he valued fair play." 

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Happy [extremely belated] birthday Allison! I’m so sorry this is super late but well, I hope you like it anyways ! I’m so glad we started talking because I think you are a super sweet super fab person c: I hope your birthday was wonderful just like you are (: and I hope you have a wonderful day!


SOOO today something unbelievable happened… I have *deep breath* 1k followers!! (I’ve always wanted to say that hehe.) I decided to make my 2nd follow forever, because I love you all. 

The first people here needed some extra attention because they are super fab. The bottom part are also fab people and the ones in italic are my fave F1 blogs and the bolded ones are my faves :)

Lots of love, Elisabeth.


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finally, i've found a friend
i've finally found a friend

so, i was planning to do a follow forever when i hit my first hundred, but before i knew it, i had passed 120. now i’m at 150, so i thought i’d better do this before it got too late! i kinda suck at graphics, so ignore the picture above. i just want to take the time to thank all of you who follow me! i know there’s a lot of people who i don’t follow back, but i promise, i love you too, and i’m just too lazy to check my activity as of late. but thank you, thank you, thank you! and to those of you who i forgot to put on here, i love you lots and you should send me a message so we can be bffs. you all mean the world to me. 。◕‿◕。

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these are the people who i talk to constantly on here, or are just downright flawless and mean the world to me, so without further ado~ ✿harrenrps I LOVE YOU A LOT, OKAY? you have no idea how much you mean to me. i love talking to you, and just, props to you for putting up with me because i am an annoying little shit. you’re an amazing rper and such a good best friend, not to mention just a fucking fantastic person in general. you don’t deserve all the shit you get and have to go through, but all that proves just how amazing you are. you’re the darren to my joey and you always will be i promise okay and i could go on but bye. xo ✿huntingbr0s wiloooooona. i love you unconditionally. you need to always remember that, okay? you are so so so special to me and just. YOU MAKE ME HAVE EMOTIONS. i love you, and i’ll always love you. i promise you that. we’ve been talking a lot more recently which makes me incredibly happy, and i also just hope you’re doing good. you deserve happiness. love u bb. <333 ps ur cousin seems cute. ✿klaineroleplayhelp // hummelsberry katie katoe katieieiei. you’RE MY FAVORITE PERSON, OKAY? I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITES BUT YOU’RE SUPER AMAZING AND I LOVE TALKING TO YOU AND YOU’RE A GREAT WRITER AND YOU’RE GONNA GO HELLA FAR IN LIFE, YOU HEAR ME? AND OF COURSE I HAD TO DO THIS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE ‘OTP: ALWAYS YELLING’. me & u is my otp. ur hella rad and i love you lots. like a lot a lot ok. mwah xox ✿littlemissgleekrps oh my. okay. hello. ASHLEE. you’re one crazy bitch but i kinda love you idk man. ur cool. you’re super super sweet (when you wanna be) and your enthusiasm makes me so happy liek just keep doing what you do ok. WE NEED TO RP RENEDITH OR SEBCHEL SOON BECAUSE YES. i think you’re my future tbh. anyway, stay fAB XOXO

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this section is pretty much just for the people who i rp with, will be rping with, or i just think you’re really cool and if we aren’t already friends, we definitely should. ✿ kelseyroleplaystinchorpsshadowcatroleplays ✿ shanehelps ✿ blaineandersonrps ✿ elliottrps ✿ babysrps ✿ emiroleplays ✿ tiggerrps ✿ gleeksrphelp ✿ arachelrps ✿ alyroleplays ✿ adorablelopez ✿ kurtsrps ✿

we're like long lost brothers
who've found each other
and love each other like family

and last, but most definitely not least, the people i come across on my dash daily! we’ve either barely or not at all talked, and i’d love to change that. you’re lovely! some of ya don’t follow me, but i’m spreading the love anyway. ✿ alyjfc ✿ brittanypiercethefiercerps ✿ blaineyrps ✿ charliehunnamrps ✿ chordhelps ✿ christopherhelps ✿ cormiersrp ✿ dareyrps ✿ darrenwrites ✿ enearps ✿ emiliaofrps ✿ emmelieroleplays ✿ elle-rp-blog ✿ fincheltanarps ✿ flashrps ✿ fabpezrps ✿ goldstarrps ✿ gilbertrps ✿ grandewrites ✿ glitzyrps ✿ gustverarps ✿ jemmarps ✿ klairydust ✿ kurthummelrps ✿ katesrps ✿ kurt-rps ✿ kurtelizabethrps ✿ letterlrps ✿ miraroleplaysniffrps ✿ overcrissrps ✿ puckermansrp ✿ puckerph ✿ puckurtrps ✿ pietrorps ✿ quinnlenarps ✿ qfaboorps ✿ crissrph ✿ broadwaybaby-rps ✿ berriesrps ✿ dylinskiwrites ✿ sazzyroleplays ✿ dougieroleplays ✿ wandarps ✿ samchelsrps ✿ darrencriss-rps ✿ starchildrps ✿ deltarps ✿ bryrps ✿ hunterclaringtonrps ✿ blakechanderson ✿ bramrps ✿ ccrps ✿ smarps ✿ barryallenrps ✿ blevondersonrps ✿ blaines-rps ✿ smoakrps ✿ blaineandersonhelps ✿ artiesrp ✿ qfaboorps ✿ cooproleplays ✿ stjamesrps ✿ accio-joey-richter ✿ twistedtheuntoldstory ✿ charlielikesdragons ✿ thewilderps ✿ blaineswriting ✿ finnsrps ✿ rachelsrp ✿ sebstans-rp ✿ evansyrps ✿ sebastiansrp ✿ sebelliott ✿ sebastiandoesnottakeitintheass ✿ blainewarblerwrites ✿  and here’s to the rp helps and other reference blogs that i personally use and love to death! ✿ watchingblaineroleplayers ✿ watchingkurtroleplays ✿ watchingpucksrp ✿ zoeofrphs ✿ crisscolferrph ✿ seblaine-rph ✿ hermionerpc ✿ salgronhelps ✿ bullywhipshelp ✿ cooperhelps ✿ stilinskisrph ✿ deanrphblainesrph ✿ learrensrph ✿ evansyhelp ✿ thatfrenchhelper ✿ blainehelps ✿ klainesrph ✿

no more dark, sad, lonely... ellie

i’m almost positive i left a few people out, but please don’t hate me! i love all of you loads, and you’ve made the past few months a blast. like myself, i know some of us can get shy when it comes to approaching people on here, but if any of you want to rp with me or just talk, feel free to send me a message!