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“Here’s what happened, I was in New York, I ran into Josh, he made me feel warm inside like glitter was exploding inside me, then I moved here. I did not move here because of Josh because that would be crazy and I am not crazy.”

[…] Josh isn’t sure why he continues to stick around; maybe it’s because Tyler gives him an adrenaline rush he didn’t know he needed, the feeling almost akin to lightning running through his veins, but even so, when Tyler’s lips move and his tongue runs along his lower lip, he knows that he’s going to be entranced for far longer than he’d like to be by the boy he’s so helplessly clutching onto. - L U R K

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nsfw: camboys (how josh and tyler truly met)

(((( a.u. where ty and josh are professional fuck buddies - which turns into something more. i almost didn’t post this one because i don’t know all the details of camming, but to hell with it. enjoy ))))


josh was randomly searching craigslist for couches and out of curiosity veered into the ‘adult’ section. he came across this ad:

28, looking for male regular for my live sex cam. send pics to

usually josh would see these and move on, but noticed there was a picture of the ad poster. in the low res quality, josh could tell that he was very cute. josh was bored and horny, so decided he may as well give it a try. the guy didn’t look like an ax murderer or anything and maybe he had an old couch he needed to get rid of. 

it didn’t take long for the guy to email back. apparently his name was tyler, and he said josh looked to be the perfect fit. tyler said to come over to his apartment by 9 pm and expect to start working right away. he said to be warned, that he had a very demanding audience, but the job paid well and he’d receive a good portion. in the meanwhile, tyler spent his time taking a shower and freaking out over the hot guy that was about to come over. 

when josh first arrived at tyler’s apartment, he noted that it was much nicer than his and in a better part of town. when tyler opened the door, the whole ‘sketchy’ vibe of meeting someone from craigslist for sex work dwindled. tyler was very open and friendly, offering josh to take a seat and asked if he’d like anything to drink. josh sat on tyler’s ‘new’ couch and asked if he could have coffee.

tyler came back with the coffee and his own glass of wine. he explained that he mainly worked solo and just decided to venture into partnering with someone. he also said he was glad josh applied, because having another person might help with tips. josh admitted the reason he applied wasn’t so much to make money, but because he was bored/lonely and down for a good fuck. tyler said he wouldn’t regret his decision. he appreciated josh’s bluntness, but was a little insecure that josh may have been hotter than him. josh was secretly insecure tyler was the hotter one. once they finished their drinks, tyler invited josh to his ‘office’ to which josh happily accepted. 

the room was soundproofed with a large bed, a mirror, webcams, and a laptop on a desk across from the bed. it was a clean and plain looking room with white walls and hardly anything in it. all the bedding was dark blue, and there was a small dresser next to the bed, plus an average sized closet. tyler said it was basically the easiest, funnest job ever if you knew how to work people. 

“the only rule is no free shows. we may need to do stuff off camera though” tyler explained with a little smirk. this was all so new to josh, but it seemed like tyler knew what he was doing. the suggestion in tyler’s tone already had his blood flowing. 

tyler opened the laptop and turned the camera on so that they showed up within the frame. josh found it a little odd seeing himself, especially knowing that they were about to do sexual things for strangers to watch and pay. but the thought also turned him on. 

“ok ready?” tyler said as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. as soon as josh got on the bed, tyler crawled into his lap. he grinned at josh’s surprised reaction. 

“fuck ty-” josh muttered, until he was cut off by tyler crashing his lips to his. josh moaned into tyler’s mouth as he kissed him aggressively and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, pulling him down on top of him as they fell back. the kiss was needy, but turned soft and affectionate with time. tyler’s hands traveled down josh’s body, exploring carefully and undoing his jeans. 

josh didn’t realize what he was doing until tyler broke away to pull josh’s jeans halfway down his thighs. he pressed soft, slow kisses down josh’s happy trail and nuzzled his cheek against josh’s hardening cock, massaging him through his briefs while sucking marks into his hip. josh let out a low moan, head turning to the side and fingers running through tyler’s fluffy dark hair. tyler pulled away and sat back up to stare at a disheveled looking josh, cheeks flushed and eyes glossy. josh wanted nothing more than to see tyler writhing in pleasure underneath him. 

“okay, we’ll become familiar with each other, th-then we can kiss and edge each other on camera. but with our clothes on. clothes stay on ‘til tips.” tyler explained as professionally as possible. josh could tell he was horny as fuck but trying to maintain a business mindset, which made josh want to die of cuteness overload. josh sat back against the pillows as tyler zoomed the camera in a little and prepared to set up the live stream. josh was nervous, but also excited where it could lead. mostly, he was just horny and needed to be surrounded by tyler’s warmth and scent all over again.

tyler finished logging in. all he needed to do was press the record button and they would be on instantly. instead, he turned around and took his briefs off before climbing back in bed, giving josh a private show first. josh bit his lip, relishing at his first glance at tyler’s pretty cock. josh moaned again, shoving his hand in his briefs to stroke himself completely hard.

“don’t tease me, josh, show me” josh lifted his hips to slide them down, watching tyler’s face as his cock sprang back towards his stomach. the noise of approval tyler made was enough to cause warmth to spread throughout his groin. tyler laid next to him, hooking his leg over josh’s and running a hand up josh’s shirt as he kissed him again. he moved down his jawline and attached to his neck, shamelessly moaning and whimpering while sliding his cock against josh’s hip. josh moaned as tyler pinched his nipples under his shirt, then grazed his nails down his stomach, causing sparks of electricity. he stopped just short of josh’s cock. if josh wasn’t painfully hard a moment ago, he was now. 

“i thought you said no teasing” josh whimpered. tyler didn’t say anything right away, just gave a small laugh as he moved his hand lower and gripped josh’s cock and pulling it up from his stomach. 

“that only applies to you, not me. i’m the one in charge here” tyler teased while running his thumb over josh’s wet tip. josh reached down and gave tyler’s ass a squeeze, causing tyler’s hips to jerk and cock to nudge harder against his hip. 

“you’re just begging to be fucked, aren’t you” josh growled, making tyler’s eyes widen. tyler moaned an affirmative and straddled him. josh’s hands were all over him instantly, greedily running up and down his back under his shirt, over his ass, hips, thighs, then up his stomach and chest. tyler allowed this while rolling his hips, finding josh’s cock with his own and sliding against it.

“maybe we should start the show now?” tyler muttered, breathless and feeling himself getting worked up too quick. 

“okay, baby.” josh agreed, regaining his composure. tyler blushed at the pet name and stood up to put his briefs back on. josh tucked himself back into his briefs and kicked his jeans off as tyler went to his laptop to press record. right away people entered the room, new as well as regulars. the chat started filling up right away, which to josh was both nerve-wracking and exciting. 

oh you have someone with you
is that your boyfriend?
he’s hot
let him eat you out
cute couple
what’s his name?
sit on his face

tyler ignored it for a minute to set up the tip prices. he answered some of the questions about josh really quick, then explained that the show would get really good once tips started coming in. he stood up so that his tented briefs were in the frame to show that he was hard, then got into bed with josh. 

tyler pulled the cover over their laps, then told josh he would jerk him under the covers to tease them. josh nodded, and tyler licked his hand before sliding his hand into josh’s briefs. josh moaned, tilting his head back in pleasure. he gazed at the camera, biting his lip with bedroom eyes while he was obviously being jerked by tyler under the blanket. tips started rolling in, along with requests.

mmm get naked
let’s see those hard cocks now
plsss show 
both so hot fuck
who’s bigger?

josh leaned forward to read them and couldn’t help but laugh at their incessant begging. he figured if he were in their situation, he’d be doing the same, but he was the lucky one who got to have tyler all to himself. 

“you’re a natural at this, josh. alright, time to take our clothes off.” tyler praised quietly so speakers wouldn’t pick up.

josh sat at the edge of the bed and pulled his shirt off, taking his time and making a show of it. he seen more comments quickly coming in, but didn’t read it. he knew his body was wank material. tyler leaned in to kiss down his neck and chest while moaning softly. josh knew he was showing off, but it was turning him on tenfold anyway. he could feel pre-cum sticking him to his briefs, which was getting quite uncomfortable. tyler stopped right before his soft lips made their way to josh’s sensitive nipple, reading more comments. josh had to stifle a whine. 

your friend looks ready to take you already
bet he’s rough
how long you been together?
yeah you want that dick slut
wish that was me tbh
how much for rimming?

tyler answered the questions, then stood up to take his briefs off in front of the camera while doing a little dance. josh couldn’t help but admire tyler’s perfectly round ass, imagining what he’d do to it for teasing him like that. josh pulled his briefs off as well to match tyler’s nakedness. tyler turned around to shake his ass playfully at the camera, then sat back down next to josh to caress him in different spots while staring at the camera. tyler knew too well where josh’s sensitive spots were, spending an agonizingly long time on his chest and nipples. josh stopped him to tilt his face up by his chin and kiss his lips softly at first, then deepened it. tyler sighed, bringing his hand up to josh’s cheek and letting josh dominate him. more tips and requests rolled in, and tyler broke away to check it. 

“alright show my hole, then suck you. ready, stud?” tyler asked casually. josh’s cock jerked at that and he made a soft grunting sound which tyler took as a ‘yes’. he smirked at josh’s animalistic state, thinking he looked so sexy like that.

“wait, show me first” josh said, feeling more possessive than usual. tyler raised his brows at it but obliged, turning his back towards him. josh spread him open and leaned down to touch his tongue to tyler’s entrance. tyler keened high and needy, moving forward slightly, but josh held his hips firmly. he give him a few hard licks before pulling away and slapping his right ass cheek.

“that’s just a little taste of what’s to come. alright, go ahead” josh said authoritatively. tyler just gawked at him for a moment, delighted by his dominant side. he said no free shows, but figured most of that was blocked from the frame anyway and left most to the imagination. tyler turned his back to the camera, spreading himself open to show his hole. he bent over and held it for a bit, making sure they got their money’s worth. josh talked dirty to him and held his cock the whole time. he gave tyler bursts of short, quick strokes as rewards to his responses. 

j - “you like exposing yourself to strangers on the internet, baby boy?”
t - “mmmm yes daddy” 
j - “but you’re mine. to them you’re just a little slut”
t - “I know. i’m all yours”
j - “good boy. spank yourself for me and count to 3”
t - “1…oww”
j - “harder”
t - “2 uunnf….ahh…3!”
j - “good boy. you like that” 
t - “yes, thank you daddy” 
j - “i’m gonna fuck you so hard baby boy” 

tyler moved his red, abused ass away from the camera to replace with his flushed, pretty face. he had kind of a half-tortured, half-lust expression as he read the comments. 

i’d lick that all day
already wet, u slut
i’m so hard
ride his big daddy cock
i want to fuck you while you suck him
you like it hard don’t you
josh’s voice is so hot
i love the dirty talk

tyler grinned at the last comment and zoomed the camera in a bit. he knelt on the floor and held josh’s cock in his hand while bringing his tongue out to taste the tip, then swirled his tongue around the head for a bit and kissed it, all while maintaining eye contact with the camera. josh couldn’t take anymore so he pushed tyler’s head down. tyler allowed more of his cock in, stretching his lips around him and sucking his cheeks in. he listened to josh falling apart above him and more tips rolled in, but was too busy sucking and jerking his own cock. tyler’s throat swallowed around josh’s cock and eyes squeezed shut as he held down for as long as possible, then pulled back up for breath. he blinked a few times, trying to read the comments as he languidly pumped josh in his hand. more drool leaked back out onto josh’s cock, adding to the wet slick sounds.

you’re so good at that baby
can your tight hole take it as well
come on, ride his cock
don’t neglect his balls

tyler smirked at the last comment and sucked both josh’s balls into his mouth, paying them some attention before zooming the camera back out and getting up. josh already looked wrecked, and tyler felt kind of bad knowing he wanted to cum so bad, but they were just getting started. huge load meant huge tip. 

“it’ll be so worth it when you wait” tyler said empathetically. 

“i’ve edged before, but it’s a lot harder with someone else” josh confessed, laughing once he realized the pun, then shivering as tyler ran his thumb over his slit again. tyler’s heart fell when he realized he was falling in love with josh in front of hundreds of strangers online. he checked the chat and noticed the person that inquired about rimming had paid for it. 

“time to eat me, josh. what is more comfortable for you?” tyler asked. 

“you sitting on my face” josh answered, grinning excitedly. josh prided himself on his rimming abilities and exceptionally strong tongue. he laid his head towards the edge and tyler adjusted the camera before getting into position on his knees, ass towards the camera. josh spread him open and tyler lowered until he felt josh’s tongue glide along his hole, sending a spark of pleasure right through him. josh moaned and tongued him open while rhythmically massaging his cheeks. tyler resisted the urge to touch himself because he wouldn’t last much longer if he did, especially when josh kept making these insane growling noises which were sending vibrations right through him. when josh started fondling tyler’s balls, tyler lightly tapped josh’s arm and leaned forward.

“okay it’s…i almost came” tyler said, laughing embarrassed. josh was secretly flattered and desired to make tyler cum hard but didn’t want to blow the money shot. he didn’t care about the tips as much, but wanted to remain tyler’s “business partner” for a very long time. instead, they made out in front of the camera while playfully smiling and whispering things to each other in between kisses. if you hadn’t known any better, you would think they were together for years they had such good chemistry. 

are you gonna fuck that hot bottom?
you guys are sooo cute together
mmm hot kissing tongue action
cum cum cum
rub each other’s nipples
both sexy bodies

tyler read some of the comments, thanking them and saying they’d fuck and cum once they met their goal. it was set high, but they considering demand it was worth waiting for that tip. they did little things to keep it sexy, like caressing each other’s bodies and flashing every once in a while. both were so hard it was almost painful, and josh was verging on blue balls. finally, someone tipped for josh to fuck tyler’s ass and cum on his back. 

“there’s lube in that top drawer over there” tyler informed josh, who quickly retrieved it. 

josh was practically giddy with excitement to fuck tyler for the first time and cum. it was somehow even more rewarding that someone paid to see it, like he’d earned the privilege. he smiled and thanked the tippers immensely, blowing kisses at the camera. tyler could just sense that he was in for it, so he submitted by getting on all fours and presenting his ass to josh. he leaned on his forearms and arched his back beautifully for josh, who dipped into bed behind him and roughly grabbed his hips, teasing his hole with his cock. josh spread a generous amount of lube in his hand and spread it all over his cock before sliding it through tyler’s ass cheeks, teasing him more. finally, tyler’s breath hitched as he felt the first inch or so slide inside him. josh and tyler both moaned loudly when josh fully bottomed out, then he started rocking his hips back and forth, jack-hammering into tyler. tyler cried out with every slap of josh’s hips against his ass, and his cock leaked out onto the sheets. 

meanwhile the comments were going crazy. tyler and josh had completely abandoned the fact that they had over hundreds of strangers watching them fuck, and tipping. josh held onto tyler’s hips, alternating speeds, pressures, and angles until he got just the right one that made tyler shake, cry out, and clench around josh’s cock. josh was already close, but this extra reaction from tyler almost pushed him over the edge. josh sped up his thrusts for half a minute, before pulling out and jerking off fast and furious over tyler’s ass and lower back. in the frantic moment his aim was off by a hair and his cum shot up between tyler’s shoulder blades and some got into his hair. he allowed the waves of intense pleasure course through him, totally unaware of anything else at the moment. he didn’t realize until tyler shifted underneath him a bit that it was all over tyler’s back, drying on his skin and in his hair. 

“tyler, i’m so sorry!” josh apologized. tyler found it funny and cute.

“it’s alright, you’re new. there’s some wipes in the second drawer” tyler assured him while laying flat on his stomach. josh retrieved those and began wiping down his mess. tyler checked the comments, laughing at some of the reactions. 

“yes, i will cum too! but where should i do it?” tyler asked out loud to the camera. someone tipped and requested that josh sucked him off then kissed tyler with the load still in his mouth. tyler had never tried that, but the more he thought about it, the hotter it sounded. tyler proposed the idea to josh, and josh was pretty enthusiastic about it. in fact, he was just enthusiastic about having his tongue, mouth, or cock anywhere on tyler’s body or bodily fluids. 

josh laid tyler on his back, and even though tyler was still hard and didn’t require any foreplay, josh still wanted to. he started by sensually french kissing him while teasing his nipples. tyler moaned into it, body hyper sensitive to every touch in anticipation of cumming and josh’s mouth. josh moved down to tyler’s neck, and tyler tilted his head back to give him more access. josh loved sucking hickies into his skin there, and grazing his tongue over his bobbing adam’s apple. he continued down, pausing to tongue and suck over his nipples and down his stomach, pausing at his belly button. he was taking his time, but their viewers were appreciating every bit of it. josh spent very little time on tyler’s inner thighs and hips, both getting impatient. once josh did get to his cock though, he took him all the way, making tyler buck his hips and moan involuntarily. it was the hottest thing ever, how violently tyler’s body responded to the onslaught of sensation. tyler felt like he was at a hundred percent arousal as josh was teasing him, but it spiked from fifty to a hundred in the moment josh went full throttle on his cock with his mouth. josh held tyler’s hips down, working his magic and causing tyler’s hands to fly to josh’s head, mumbling incoherent praises. 

“oh god, i’m gonna cum, JOSH” tyler yelled when suddenly he was filling josh’s mouth with his cum, convulsing and grabbing the sheets. josh accidentally swallowed some from the sheer force it shot to the back of his throat, but managed to hold some in his mouth. when tyler settled down, dazed and absently caressing josh’s shoulder, josh let tyler’s cock slip from his mouth and showed the cum to their viewers. he wrapped a hand around tyler’s throat and hovered his lips over tyler’s, who instinctively opened his mouth and allowed josh’s tongue to slip in along with the salty mouthful of liquid. tyler’s eyes rolled back at the visceral, sexual feeling he got from tasting himself in josh’s mouth, who was eagerly sliding his tongue around his and sucking. only one thought was going through tyler’s mind, and it was this guy is a keeper, i can’t let him go.

“hey josh, want to maybe um, hang out spend the night? you can just sleep in my bed. if you want of course.” tyler asked josh after the show when they were putting their clothes back on. josh smiled and nodded with no hesitation whatsoever, thinking tyler was silly for even fearing rejection. if tyler didn’t ask, he would’ve been worried. 

the next morning, josh woke up to tyler on his lap and the smell of pancakes and bacon. josh stretched and yawned, a laugh being forced out by how tyler was smiling down at him. 

“we make such a good team” tyler said. 

“yeah we do” josh responded, without hesitation, pulling tyler down for more kissing. 

The Long Game - Derek Hale Imagine

Requested by @derangedangelImagine request :) Reader is the same age as Scott & the others but has a crush on Derek & is always flirting with him but Derek doesn’t reciprocate those feelings because of the age difference. But reader is in it for the “long game.” Like a GMW Maya & Josh situation. A few years later reader comes back & Derek likes her back. Thanks :D

Word Count: 4,502

Warning: Derek being abused and injured. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by agsztrashbouquet

Y/N couldn’t keep her lips from forming into a smirk as she saw Derek’s picture appear on her phone. She had just moved back to Beacon Hills earlier today into her new apartment. She had spent most of the day unpacking her boxes, and was already in bed watching a movie on her laptop. She quickly swiped her thumb across the phone and answered. “Hello, stranger. It’s after midnight. No guy ever calls a girl after midnight except for one-" 

"Y/N…” Derek interrupted followed by a loud growl. Y/N could hear Derek’s heartbeat going crazy and his labored breathing. What caught her attention was hearing another heartbeat. “I need you." 

His voice was filled with worry, which caused Y/N to sit up straight in her bed alarmed. "Derek, where are you?”

“I don’t know…” he whispered unexpectedly. He no longer sounded like he was in pain or fighting against someone. He now sounded weak and hurt.

“Derek, I need you to talk to me. What do you see?” She asked as she quickly got out of bed to get dressed.

“I can’t… see anything…” he mumbled. She rushed as she heard his heartbeat getting weaker by the second.

She swallowed hard as she closed her eyes, letting a tear fall down her cheek. She was absolutely terrified for him. “Derek… I’m going to come and get you, okay? But I need to call Stiles to help me. Can you answer the phone if I call you back?”

“My phone… is going to die…”

“Fuck!” She whispered to herself. She put on her shoes as an idea crossed her mind. “After you hang up with me, turn off your phone and save the battery for about 10 minutes. That’ll be about the time it will take me to get to Stiles’ office at the police station. I’ll call you back but you have to answer, okay?”

“O… kay…” he mumbled weakly.

“Derek?” Her voice trembled. He hummed a small ‘yes’. “Please answer the phone." 

"I promise,” he said before he hung up and turned off his phone like he was told to do. 

Y/N grabbed her keys before rushing to her car. Her fingers trembled as she dialed Stiles’ number. For some strange reason a flashback flooded her mind to the first time she went to Stiles for help with Derek.

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The sign’s as lyrics from “Heathens” by, Twenty One Pilots

“All my friends are heathens. Take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know”- Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius

“Please don’t make any sudden moves
You don’t know the half of the abuse”- Aries, Gemini, Libra, Virgo

“Just because we check the guns at the door
Doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades”- Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn


Day 4: Favorite Relationship (Aidan & Josh)

Some things I’ve noticed in Until Dawn:

-Mike wears his shoes whilst trying to have sex.
-How did the others not hear the wendigo in the mines that only Ashley/Chris hear.
-Sam takes some serious towel wrapping classes.
-Somehow Josh manages to do the whole saw prank on Chris and Ashley, stay there long enough till they leave, sneak past Matt and Emily to get to the lodge, manages to chase Sam and take her down deeper into the basement before Chris and Ashley arrive, and then do the things he did to Chris and Ash before Sam wakes up/ gets out the vents.
-If Ashley opens the trap door, how do Chris and Emily (if alive) make it back the way they came without being killed by the wendigo because it’s shown that if you leave Chris behind and open the trap door, Chris won’t make it back to Sam (and Emily) because of the wendigo.
-Again with Josh but he managed to film Sam in the bath with moving cameras when he wasn’t even in there.
-Somehow Mike and Sam don’t get hypothermia.
-No one reacts to the cold and Chris doesn’t think to share his many jackets with anyone.
-Jess and Emily managed to survive a long ass drop(Emily from the zip wire and Jess from the elevator shaft)
-Wendigo’s don’t trip out from the snow.
-Even though Matt isn’t in half the game you play as him at least 4 times whereas you play as Emily only 3 times.
-When Josh is in the hallucination he punches a pig which meant he probably punched Mike or Sam.
-Mike can outrun a wolf.
-At the end of the game Sam isn’t covered in burns and can actually hear.
-Mike can fully stab a wendigo.
-Somehow Josh managed to set up his prank without running into a single Wendigo.
-Hannah never directly kills Mike, she can kill her brother and best friend but not her crush.

anonymous asked:

I see you reblogging crazy ex girlfriend all the time and it looks like a show I might like, can you tell me a little bit of what's it about? I trust your judgement cause you have A+ taste in shows (:

I appreciate how you said “reblogging all the time” and not “have utterly spammed my dash with this absurd-looking show, what the hell, Em?” and I thank you for the kindness. <33

The Netflix summary of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is “Still pining for Josh, the boy who dumped her ages ago, whip-smart lawyer Rebecca jettisons her New York life and moves to California to win him back.” Yeah, not exactly appealing. And also not really what the show is about. But I can forgive them, since it’s pretty hard to encapsulate what this show is in a brief sentence. Because yes, surface-level, it is a dark-ish comedy musical satire about a lawyer who quits her job literally just as she’s about to be made junior partner after a chance encounter with her ex and moves across the country to be with him and finally find true happiness, but it’s about so much more.

It’s about deconstructing tropes, particularly those found in romantic comedies, including, you guessed it, the “crazy ex-girlfriend,” and examining how said tropes normalize irrational, harmful behaviors and actions in the name of love, which, PS, is no guarantee of real happiness. Tropes and stereotypes get subverted and blown apart and shredded and it is fascinating because you never know quite what to expect. 

It’s about a woman who literally sees her life as a series of musical numbers, especially when her emotions are running high, which leads to pastiches of pretty much any musical genre you can think of. Boy bands? Done. Fred and Ginger? You got it. Big Broadway send ups? Yup! And no topic is off limits! In just two short seasons, we’ve covered the horrors women go through to get ready for a date, romanticized depictions of depression, celebrating being bisexual, falling for your sex buddy, intrusive thoughtsthat self-loathing feeling when you fuck EVERYTHING up, the truth about having big boobs, and the more joyful side of UTI’s. And that’s (literally) not even the half of it. 

It’s about people dealing with mental illness in a way that is brutally honest and sensitive but also funny at the same time. It makes the content approachable without diminishing the seriousness of the condition. (Speaking as someone who struggles with mental illness herself, I find these songs in particular to be both painfully accurate and remarkably reassuring.) And it’s about the long-term ramifications of growing up with emotionally abusive and neglectful parents. 

It’s about relationships of all kinds – romantic, familial, platonic. They’re complicated and messy at times, rewarding and emotionally fulfilling at others. And while yes, romance is a major plot point, we are constantly reminded that while yes, there’s romance and it’s a major plot point, the most important relationship in the show is between our lady protagonist and her female best friend. (Oh, but did I mention that the healthiest relationship on the show is between a bisexual man and a gay man? Because it is. And that there was a stretch of eps without a single straight white man? Because that happened.) 

It’s about an antiheroine who does objectively terrible things and who consistently makes awful life decisions, who’s impulsive and self-centered, but is still a good person just trying to find happiness, who is surrounded by similarly nuanced and beautifully flawed characters who are also at a crossroads in their lives and trying to figure out what steps they need to take to be happy. And while the situations they find themselves in may seem over the top, they’re also so relatable.

There’s a lot to unpack with this show. The content can be pretty heavy at times, and it can be painful to watch these people you come to love sabotage themselves and struggle so much with their dreams. But it’s also just such a smart comedy that thrives on taking risks, so trust me – you’ll be laughing nearly the entire time. And it’s so fantastical and absurdist at times (dream ghosts, anybody?) that it makes for great escapist TV and is literally the only reason I’m still alive and thriving post January 20, 2017.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is honestly like nothing else on TV, and you may be in a bit of shock when you first start watching. (Literally, my first time I swear I kept pinching myself and asking “is this an ACTUAL show I am watching right now what is happening HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!”) But trust me – there are so many reasons to watch this show and it took all my willpower to not just scream incoherently in this response for 10K+ words. So go on. Give it a shot. I bet before too long you’ll be falling in love and singing right along with the rest of ’em.

Rebecca Bunch vs. Internalized Misogyny, Heteronormativity, and Fear of Rejection: An Essay by Someone in Way Too Deep

“I can’t find anybody to love me. Like, real love. Like, boy-girl love. I mean, that’s okay, that’s gender-normative. But you get what I’m saying, right?” Rebecca laments to her dream-ghost in “Josh has No Idea Where I Am!”. Rebecca understands heteronormativity in theory but she can’t apply it to her own life. She views “boy-girl love” and romantic love as one-in-the-same because she’s been taught that heterosexual love is the holy grail of fulfillment. Pre-series her relationships with women were always defined by competition and anxiety and so, Rebecca sticks to the heterosexual mold, unable to understand her latent attraction to women.  

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Mistletoe: a Josh Dun imagine part 3

A/N: I hope you’re enjoying the series so far! There’s still a lot more to continue… I love you guys so much and thank you for all the love :)

part 1

part 2

It felt a little bit like a coincidence, but you weren’t surprised when you found Josh leaning on you shoulder, this time still awake, pretending to be sleepy. You knew he wasn’t though, because he hadn’t yawned yet, and his eyes were still fixed on the screen. You stayed quiet at first, still watching the movie, but you couldn’t keep silent when you felt one of his arms wrap around your waist as he slowly drifted closer to you, his head on your shoulder feeling more prominent. “You’re not going to sleep on my shoulder again, are you?” you tried to joke, but you felt his head move off your shoulder immediately. You were afraid you might’ve offended or scared him, but you only heard him chuckle, looking at you, making you turn your head.

“Nah,” he laughed. “But if I do remember correctly, cuddling was mentioned on the plane ride.”

“Are you cold?” you raised an eyebrow. “Or just lonely?”

“Both,” he admitted, his cheeks turning a rosy red.

“Come here, silly,” you rolled your eyes, opening your arms and embracing him. He quickly curled up beside you, and you giggled, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him tight. “You’re really cozy, you know.”

“You too,” he winked. “I’m starting to think maybe the cancelled flight wasn’t a bad idea after all, now that I get to spend more time with you.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” you confessed. You slowly became tired, both of you wrapped up in each other’s arms, and when you heard Josh yawn, you knew the two of you weren’t going to be able to finish the movie. You closed your eyes, listening to him start to snore softly, and didn’t fight the yawn that escaped from your own mouth. It wasn’t long before you drifted off to sleep too, the movie playing quietly in the background, snow still falling outside, Christmas just right around the corner.

When you woke up, Josh wasn’t in your arms anymore. You rubbed your eyes, sitting up on the couch, realizing that you had a blanket covering you and a pillow under your head. You smiled, realizing it must’ve been Josh, then got up, realizing he was in the shower. You decided to eat a snack for breakfast, then fix your hair, when he got out of the bathroom, and for the first time, you noticed his arm. Yesterday he had been wearing a sweatshirt all day long, and a hoodie to bed, so you hadn’t noticed the gorgeous tattoo. “Woah,” you accidentally blurted out, eyes still fixated on the amazing streak of colors on his skin.

“Oh,” he laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’ve never seen that before.”

“It’s amazing,” you gasped.

“Thanks,” he blushed.

“That’s awesome,” you continued, still in awe.

“You sleep well?” he laughed.  “I guess the two beds kind of got wasted.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “But you were really nice to cuddle.”

“I don’t think I’d pass up another night like that either,” he winked. “You want to take a shower and then we can head back to the airport?”

“Sounds like a plan,” you agreed.

“Cool,” he smiled. “I’ll clean and tidy up the place and prepare for check out.”

You selected a nice outfit to wear, then gathered and packed up your things, heading to the shower. The warm water soothed you and you relaxed, closing your eyes and dwelling on the thought that you might have to leave Josh. You didn’t want to go to your grandparents for the holidays in the first place, and now that you found someone as kind and loving as Josh, you definitely did not want to leave. Your mind tempted you, thinking about maybe spending the holiday with him and Tyler instead, but that would be intruding, and you weren’t invited anyways. You took a deep breath, trying to forget about that and just focus on the moment at hand, and finished your shower. Much less, Josh had your number anyways, and if the feeling was mutual, he would say something.

Stepping out of the shower and slipping on fresh clothes, you walked out, catching Josh’s attention immediately, him doing the same double take he had done when you first locked eyes on the plane. “You look uh, nice,” he stammered.

“Thanks?” you gave a nervous smile, unsure whether it was a compliment or just a greeting.

“I looked it up and it turns out that there’s a couple flights open,” he informed. “Including yours.”

“What about your flight?” you raised an eyebrow. “We were on the same one I thought.”

“Mine was a connected one,” he explained. “After going to the city, I had one more hour long flight to where I needed to be.”

“Oh,” you nodded your head thoughtfully.

“But it’s all good,” he smiled. “I figure I’ll get a hotel and stay there until my flight opens up and the weather gets a little better. Tyler said it’s fine, and I still have a while before Christmas Eve anyways.”

“You want to stay with us?” you offered. “I mean, I don’t know my grandparents well, but I’m sure they have an extra room. If not, you can bunk with me. We’ve done it once before, right?”

“I don’t want to infringe on your visit,” he protested. “I’m sure a hotel would be fine.”

“Come on,” you narrowed your eyes. “Flight leaves soon, you’ve already spent money on a hotel, and I’d like to get to know you a little bit more. I’m sure my grandparents would love to get to know you too.”

“You’re pretty smooth with persuasion, y/n,” he smirked.

“I know,” you winked. “So is it a yes?”

“Yeah,” Josh laughed. “Why not?”

“I thought so,” you grinned, walking up to him and giving him a hug. “Don’t be afraid to ask me for anything, okay? It’s what I’m here for. If you need help, I’m more than happy to lend a hand.”

“Thank you,” he relaxed his shoulders, releasing the embrace but resting his hands on your shoulders. He looked into your eyes and you exchanged a relieved smile, and he leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. “Now come on, there’s no time to waste.”

After a quick taxi drive back to the airport and a couple explanations and ticket exchanges, you and Josh had booked the next flight to your grandparent’s hometown. As soon as your boarded, you laughed, realizing that Josh had coincidentally gotten a window seat again, with you sitting right beside him. “I feel like we’ve been here before,” you giggled as you sat beside each other, easing into the seats.

“Nah, this is new,” he reassured, his hand somehow finding yours. You intertwined fingers, and he squeezed your hand once, as if letting you know it would be alright. You were sort of nervous to introduce Josh to your grandparents. Sure he was your friend, but you had just met him, and they’d surely start to question things if he was a stranger. You honestly didn’t know, but you were sure that with Josh there, it would relieve a lot of your anxiety and stress, and hopefully make the visit enjoyable. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, trying to stop biting your lip nervously. “Just kind of scared.”

“About your grandparents?” he inquired.

“I just don’t know them that well,” you murmured.

“Well I’m going to be here every step of the way,” he smiled. “So don’t worry.”

“Thank you,” you sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Ah I see the tables have turned,” he teased. “You’re not going to fall asleep on me, are you?”

“It’s my turn,” you joked. “You’ve already had plenty.”

“If you insist,” he laughed. You closed your eyes, breathing in the amazing smell of his bubblegum colored hair, cocoa eyes, orange slice smile, and everything Josh. You felt his arm wrap around you, pulling you closer to him, and then the faint tap of his fingers drumming a beat on your skin. You listened closely, realizing that it was in sync with your heartbeat, as if he was trying to come up with a small little song of his own. Combined with your shallow breathing, your quiet heartbeat, the drumming of his fingers on your skin and the hum of the airplane, it was enough to conjure up a simple lullaby that drifted you off to sleep.

Scared Of The Dark - Josh

It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were downstairs grabbing a late night snack. Josh was sound asleep in the bedroom. You could hear the wicked wind whistling, and rain pounding on the shingles. Nevertheless, you quickly ate your banana and turned to leave when all the lights you had flipped on suddenly shut off. You screamed and dropped to your knees, looking around. You were terrified of the dark. Even though it might seem childish to some people, you were convinced that anything you couldn’t see, could be there. Anything or anyone could be lurking in the dark, gloomy shadows. Your breathing had quickened by the time you had the common sense to yell Josh’s name. You didn’t care move, anything could jump out. You screamed his name once more as he yelled yours back. “Y/n?” He must have tried to flick on a light, because you heard his puzzled murmurs. He jogged down the stairs, shining the flashlight on his phone. “Y/n..” He said and found you. He sat down next to you and pulled you onto his lap, entwining his fingers into your hair. He absentmindedly twisted locks of your hair around his knuckles as he calmed you down. “Shh.. You’re okay. It’s just the dark. Nothing’s there, I promise.” He consoled and rubbed your back reassuringly. “The lights just w-went out all of a s-sudden!” You cried and buried your tear-stained face into his shoulder. “I know.. Shh..” He assured and kissed your cheek. “It was because of the storm, it’s a pretty bad one”. He remarked and scooped you into his arms.

He sat you down on the bed upstairs and leaned his phone against the useless lamp. He also took yours, and did the same on the other side of the room. Both of your phones’ flashlights were gleaming across the room, making it slightly brighter. You sighed in relief at the light and looked up at Josh. “Do you want to go to sleep?” He asked. You shook your head quickly. “Alright. Then let’s play a game… How about… Kiss, Marry, or Kill?” He proposed and beamed as he sat down on the bed, making it groan under his weight. “What happened to Fuck, Marry, Kill?” You asked and giggled. He gasped and shook his head immediately. “That’s too bad for us. We’re more mature.” He said formally and smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Oh yeah, you’re real mature.” You laughed and ruffled his bright hair.

After playing endless games, you finally decided to go to sleep. You cuddled with Josh, knowing that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

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Josh Dun Imagine *Fluff*

You woke up with a start in the middle of the night because of the same old reoccurring nightmare that consisted of Josh leaving you one day.

You glanced out the window across from your bed to see rain falling in a fast pace.

You listened to the soft pitter-patter of the rain hitting the roof.

You looked down at the person laying down beside you on the bed; it was Josh. You two had been dating for almost 6 months, and things were moving slowly and steadily; the way you wanted a relationship to go.

Josh was fast asleep, his pink hair covering his face. You watched his bare chest rise and fall. You thought about the nights you two spent cuddled up on the couch, watching movies until you both passed out.

You thought about the long, rainy nights and how he cheered you up by replaying your favourite movies.

You thought of the restless nights where he cuddled you until you finally fell asleep.
Josh turned over from his left side to his right, so he was facing you. He wasn’t asleep at all; in fact, he was smiling at you.

He sat upright and brought you into his warm embrace. You looked up at him and he met your gaze. You snuggled into his side, and he rested his head on your shoulder.

No words were exchanged between you; mostly because no words needed to be said. It was you and him, being all warm and cuddly together on one of those rainy, restless nights.

Time passed and nothing changed; you were snuggled up into his bare chest, and he was resting his head on your shoulder.

All of a sudden, he lifted his head off your shoulder and slowly used his hand to move your face closer to his. He had his hand softly on your chin, slowly but steadily moving it closer to his.

You met his gaze.
His eyes were filled with love and the tiniest bit of lust, and his lips twitched.
You felt this longing for his lips to meet yours and it made your lips twitch.

“Y/N,” he whispered.

You looked up at him and he smiled at you.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You grinned and looked down at your hands.

He lifted your head back to meet his gaze.

“I love you too, Josh.”

He grinned like a fool, which made you giggle softly.

He filled the limited gap between your face and his with a soft, sweet, passion-filled kiss.

Not one that got heated quickly, but one that showed the care you two shared for each other.

The kiss was cut short by a bolt of lightning flashing by and you accidentally jumped away. Josh didn’t mind, though, as he pulled you back into his embrace, and you two cuddled until you both fell asleep.

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So you’re saying I moved here from New York, and left behind a job that would have paid me five hundred and forty five thousand dollars a year, for a guy who still skateboards? I did not do that. Here’s what happened: I was in New York, I ran into Josh, and he made me feel warm inside, like glitter was exploding inside me, then I moved here. I did not move here because of Josh because that would be crazy, and I am not crazy. — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season One)

Newsflash in The Flash #12

The Iris bits were so delicious this week that I’m tempted to just post the whole damn comic. But for now, read on at your own risk and if you enjoy then you should totally buy the issue here and tweet some love to @williamson_josh:

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I don’t talk about it enough but if you guys ever have the chance to start watching the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, pleeease do it. Don’t let the name scare you. It’s a musical comedy about a woman (Rebecca) who moves across the country to try and date her teenage sweetheart (Josh). And while it’s initially like, very heteronormative, as the series progresses it’s about Rebecca delving into her issues with mental illness and what drives her to be selfish and seek validation through Josh.
And there are some very progressive plot lines:
Her boss Daryl has a subplot where he comes to terms with being bisexual, which is hard for him because he has a daughter and just divorced his long time wife. (Watch his song “Gettin’ Bi” on YouTube. Changed my life and made my bisexual self sob.)
Her best friend Paula gets pregnant and grapples with her decision to get an abortion (in one of the most realistic and respectful portrayals of all time).
Rebecca’s enemy and biggest antagonist of the first season, Valencia, has this incredible redemption arc where her and Rebecca unite over the fact that Josh has treated them like garbage over the years (and then they pee on all of his stuff?? Iconic.) and then Rebecca and Valencia are best friends. (Watch the song “Friendtopia" on YouTube because it is inspired by The Spice Girls and it is my new favorite song.)
The whole show is just one big reversal of all the romantic comedy tropes you’re used to where the girl who tries to get the boy isn’t portrayed as brave but rather naive and in need of serious help (ie: the songs “You Stupid Bitch” and “Villain In My Own Story”).
Also gay, trans, and bisexual characters. People of color. The main hot boy is a Filipino-American man (which is REMARKABLY rare). Rebecca is portrayed as a genius who has money and everything she could ever want but her issues stem from her anxiety, depression, and need for attention.
Subtle lessons about feminism, the wage gap, sexual identity, religion, etc are laced through every episode (watch “Sexy Getting Ready Song”, “Put Yourself First” and the shows theme song.)
THE best character/smartest voice of reason in the show is Heather, Rebecca’s neighbor turned best friend. It’s especially cool because Heather is the epitome of millennial but is the only smart one. Love when media doesn’t try to make us sound like idiots.

Also good music. Really good music.