because this is such a cute video


well, I already knew this because Ethan mentioned it in one of his Reading Your Comments video (I believe it was the one where he was in a bathtub full of eggnog) 

Plus, my name is Alyssa, so this stuck to me because WE could have been twins! 

but Ethan is a cute name

Darling Babies.

Request by @happys-crazy-queen22 Do one with Opie. Where he has a baby girl and she keeps crying when he leaves. One night he decides to stay home and you go out. When you come home their curled up on the couch asleep. Cute and fluffy lol. He has cheerios in his hair and beard with a pasy in his mouth.

I apologize that it’s super short. hope you still like it!

I hated when Opie had to do the runs for weeks on end. It drove me nuts and made Everly upset because she misses her daddy. He would video chat and call us on the phone as much as he could. So when i got a phone call saying he was on the way home, i had planned a surprise for Everly. Me and her put pictures of daddy up. We talked about the things we love about daddy most. He walks in and Everly just goes running to Opie.

“Oh my sweet Everly Grace! I missed you so much baby girl.” Her giggling just as he is kissing her cute little chubby cheeks.

“‘My lovely wife. I missed you too beautiful.” kissing me as Everly is saying ew causing both me and Opie to laugh.

Your dinner is in the microwave baby, Everly hasn’t ate yet if you just wanna share with you handsome.“

“Come on Everly lets go eat some yummy dinner!” he said as she laughed at him.

After dinner, we all cuddled up on the couch and watched Moana. Everly has loved this movie. “Maui is my favorite mama! dada Maui is my favorite!”

When the movie went off, it was time for Everly to get to bed. She usually throws fits but tonight she did pretty good. I sat down by Opie and cuddled with him. “You know (y/n), i’m so happy i met you.”

“You better be” i said laughing at him.

“I am, that’s why i have a surprise for you tomorrow.” he said smirking right back.

“You know i don’t like surprises Ope, what it is it?”

“You have a full day baby free. I want you to go do what you want too. no husband, no baby.”

“Your kidding right?” i said laughing knowing this had to be some joke.

“No, i’m serious. here is $200. go do something fun baby.” he said kissing my forehead.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time skip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It had been a long time since i have got to do anything by myself. So the plans were endless that i could do, but all i wanted was to be at home with my babies. I went and got my nails done the way i use to do them before baby Everly came along. I bought a couple boxes of hair dye and even some stuff for Everly. I was suppose to stay out all day. I just couldn’t. I drove back home around 3pm. Everly was normally up from her nap by then.

I walk into the house, it’s a mess no surprise. I slid my shoes off at the door and walk to the couch. Opie and Everly are cuddled up asleep. Cheerios everywhere, in Everly’s hair and Opies beard. Everly even managed to get cheerios in his hair too. I giggled at the sight. Stepping closer noticing Opie has Everly’s pacifier in his mouth.

This is too cute not to share with the Samcro guys! i thought to myself as i snapped the picture.

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Chris Wood appreciation week Day 6: Favorite interview

Again it is hard to pick one favorite interview but I’ll guess I go with the interview on the tvd set I don’t know why but just Chris looking like he did in his Kai days and wearing his leather jacket and the rings and he’s so cute and adorable answering the questions..

Also is his hair more black/darker than it is now?

I also like all the interviews at Comic Con I just think they are funny

Btw the first thing that came into my mind was the Kaimon video but it’s not an interview. Can I still leave this here because it is pure gold


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

After his curtain call message, Takato says there’s something he definitely wants to do with everyone!

Takato: It’s not the nukunaru!  Nee Kuro… can we do the chant?
Shouri: Guess we have to!  All right, everyone!
Bishin: Everyone, all together!  Repeat after Kuroo and say it together with us!  Everyone in the live-viewing theaters too!

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Lance should write a ‘why my boyfriend is crying’ list bc let’s face it. Shiro would.

‘saw one of those dog rescue videos’

‘Pidge did something she was really proud of so he was really proud of her’

‘saw an emotional ad. For a refrigerator’

‘my baby nephew sneezed and it was way too cute’

‘mama said he was a handsome boy and all her friends agreed with her’

‘Keith was in touch with his emotions for a whole 20 seconds’