because this is such a cute video

me thinking about how the plushies were placed in the last gaming video: i mean that was just unnecessary wasn’t it like the plushies were just blatantly holding hands and dan and phil weren’t even phased. they just left those plushies out in the open completely exposed for our enjoyment and because dan and phil thought it would be a cute addition to the background of a video. they could’ve easily spaced the plushies out even by an inch but they didn’t because they’re gross and they wanted us to notice just how physically close they could get those got dam plushies

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Wut kind of things made you feel happy in the way that you actually get exited ( i need this in case of depression  :) ?

  • When people are nice to each other and compliment each other!
  • When I see people outside and they’re cute or do something cute (Like today I saw a group of guys and one was playing with the other’s ponytail absentmindedly and that was the cutest thing ever!) 
  • When I get compliments (I ain’t gonna lie about that)
  • Drawing a picture I like
  • Finding something I really really wanna eat that moment
  • Finishing an assignment on time
  • Creating something
  • Hearing about people’s day
  • Being asked about my opinion, because then I feel important
  • Seeing a cute animal outside
  • Wearing something I haven’t worn in a long time because the weather wasn’t fitting
  • Finding a real good song and realizing it fits my OTP or OC
  • Finishing a good video game
  • Online shopping lol
  • Cleaning my flat thoroughly and reorganizing my stuff again
  • Learning something new
  • Helping others

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I was reading Lauren Cohan's new harper bazaar interview and she mentioned how the girls got together to do a remake of the backstreet boys video and song, I want it that way for Steven and Michael lol SO CUTE. I remember Lauren posted a pic about it on instagram but quickly deleted it because they had on orange mustaches and it was a giveaway about Abraham dying in the premiere. Did you or anyone happen to save that pic?

I didn’t see her original picture but i saw this…somewhere (facebook?) and saved it. (as I do) I wonder why she deleted it…..

Anyway yes,  SO cute! I haven’t read her interview yet, I’ll go do that now!

f(x) reacting to: Lunas s/o being on Luna’s Alphabet!

Krystal: Now, in year 2055, Krystal can finally remember her members shows, but it’s 2017, so don’t count on it.

“Hey (Y/N)’s on Ranting Monkey! Unnie, why didn’t you ask me? I always wanted to be on Ranting Monkey!”

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Victoria: Fangirls over you two a little. You’ve starred in some episodes, the recent one being a baking video with girlfriend Lulu.

“The video’s of Sunyoung and you are soooo cute!”

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Luna: Already has 21924 video ideas for you two. It’s an opportunity to combine work with spending time with you, so for science sake, why not?

“We could go to LA or Jeju or just stay at home and make a couple workout-video and…”

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Amber: Probably collabs with you two at some point and secretly plans out to play pranks on Sunyoung with you. ( in which you will totally succeed because Lunas a little puppy)

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guys! my parents bought a Labrador Retriever puppy for the family, he’s a chocolate Lab, and omg I’m at college right now so I haven’t seen him in person yet but I’m so happy :’) I did his birth chart and he’s an Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon, Aries Venus and Aries Mars - so far his Aries Mars is showing because he likes exploring and he doesn’t like being held for too long since he wants to roam lmao it’s too cute

In less than a week we’ve had

• That cute viral video of a woman proposing to her girlfriend in a museum

• Korrasami’s second anniversary

• Confirmation that Tracer is sapphic and in a relationship with a woman

• A sweet twitter story of a girl coming out because the Sanvers relationship on Supergirl gave her the confidence to do so

• The Love Will Have Its Sacrifices cover from Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman

I think it’s safe to say we’re taking over Christmas


Haha so thank you to everyone who’s sent me nice messages about my art featured in I Can’t Fix You! I love The Living Tombstone and Crusher-P’s work, and I was really honored that they asked me to participate in this music video! It already has 1.2 million views which is just NUTS! It’s such a great song!

So here’s the full set of pinups I drew! TLT basically asked for the main bots from Sister Location to be drawn as cutely as possible, and I was like “Yes, this is my destiny.”

I’ve only watched LPs of the FNaF games because I’m a huge baby, but I’m way more familiar with them and their lore than you might assume xD


Fan’s self written song “Mochi Mochi” dedicated to Baekhyun 😊😢

let's play "phan or victuuri"

- younger boy idolised the older boy and saw him as a role model
- wanted to meet irl because of a video
- takes “notice me senpai” to a whole new level
- moves in together
- older boy inspired younger boy to try new things and believe more in himself
- have matching accessories
- boy in glasses seem innocent and cute but can be dom af
- inseparable since they’ve been together
- shares clothes
- dog people
- performs in sparkly af clothes
- everybody ships them
- sht became real with a tackle-hug
- “born to make history”