because this is such a cute video

Face-timing with Peter Parker would include..

- his phone lagging for like 2 minutes

- “hello .. hello (y/n) .. (y/n) are you there??”

- its his first smartphone ever you cant blame the kid

- him not knowing the difference between facetime video and facetime audio

- waking up for school and seeing that he called you at 3 am 

- him blowing into the microphone when you pick up

- him yelling at you when you pause



- peter drops his phone alot

- he’s just rambling to himself half the time

- the type to facetime you when he’s stopping criminals

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My Dragon Age characters' YouTube videos
  • Aminah: JUMPCUT EVERY 5 SECONDS. Latches onto whatever happens to be trending. Begs for likes and subscribers before the videos even begins. Clickbait thumbnails and titles.
  • Mihika: soft piano music in the background. pastel aesthetic. cute nicknames for her viewers. talked about Dalish issues once and her likes/subscribers plummeted.
  • Shava: Everything is recorded with an old camcorder from 2006. There is a loud buzzing in the background of all of her videos, but the presence of nu metal being played in her room can still be heard. Films her videos in the dark, the only light coming from her computer screen. Just makes aimless unedited vlogs...maybe. No one can tell what she's saying. Got banned from the site because she forgot to get dressed once.

thanhifunny  asked:

Hey❤️ my bias is our cute Chimchim❤️❤️ I started to love him (but the kind of fan lovexD) when I first watched a Bts performance on YouTube like he had such an cute face but he could be sexy at the same time?O.o and Like that I started to admire him then I watched bangtanbombs and he was just so cute and fluffy and I LOVE HIM💔😭 and here comes your daily reminder: you’re perfect and wonderful❤️

Ahhh!!! I also fell in love with chimchim and everything about him. bangtan bombs, random Jimin videos, they made me admire him so much especially because I realised we have a lot in common .  YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING ILY <3

zoozleplug  asked:

if we were dating, I'd tell you lame pick up lines, send you countless memes (some that don't even relate to dating), and I'd give you random compliments because i like making you blush because you're so cute when you do so. Oh, and we'd both laugh at each other while we rage over our own video games

Well, sign me up, cause this sounds lovely 👌💕💕

And pffft I wouldn’t laugh at you. Unless you couldn’t beat, like, a flower. That would just be silly


100 Days of Youtube - (48/100)

MEET DILDDY LESTOWELL - Dan and Phil play: Dream Daddy

People seriously underestimate the impact the media has on notions of pet ownership and what people can handle in animals.

Books, movies, TV, and internet videos from Youtube, Instagram, and The Dodo often show animals in their best moments, or even acting because they’ve been trained to do certain tasks (or are animated as humanlike characters). The fact is that the vast majority of people, even those who already have pets, have a very low or nonexistent level of animal literacy; what they take away from that kind of media oftens turns into “I want that animal as a pet.” 

People who watched Finding Nemo created an explosion of demand for clownfish and blue tangs; Harry Potter, owls; 101 Dalmatians for dalmatians, etc etc etc. When the decision to get a pet modeled after the cute, photo-ready animals seen on a screen is made, there is zero consideration as to whether or not their needs can be met and if people can actually handle them. 

Media featuring animals inevitably creates a boom of abandonment and huge environmental impact precisely because people who were in over their heads and acted purely on a whim got their dose of reality, and it’s incredibly heartbreaking to have to see the news detailing such cases. These are just some examples: 

  1. Yearly reminders have to be passed around telling people not to buy rabbits on Easter unless they’re committed to actually taking care of them  
  2. Thousands of dalmatians were abandoned when families discovered that they are very energy intensive, broody work dogs that are not suited to families with small children, unlike the cuddly Perdita and Pongo
  3. Similarly, huskies and malamutes were surrendered to shelters when people realised they are not loyal Westeros direwolves
  4. Entire ecosystems in Europe and southern Asia lost valuable apex predators when people began poaching them to sell to fans who wanted their own Hedwigs and Errols, and again abandoning them en masse when they discovered owls are highly aggressive, loud, messy, and nocturnal
  5. Japan imported thousands of North American raccoons after the release of the Disney movie Rascal, people let them loose in the wild, and Japan now has a problem trying to figure out what to do with their enormous pest population that has no natural predator in place to control their numbers
  6. Pacific Reefs suffered greatly when people demanded to have clownfish and blue tangs as pets, especially considering they were caught by being stunned with sodium cyanide, which, additionally, severely damages coral as well. NatGeo estimates that up to 90% of tropical fish imported by the US are caught by way of cyanide fishing; this often ends up for naught as these fish are often flushed down the toilet or released to the wild in other ways, which is also why the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are under threat by voracious invasive species like lionfish   

The gist is that the media perpetuates this cycle of people reading about or seeing animal characters, demand is created, people impulse buy those animals, and then leave them for shelters to care for or release them to the wild when they get a rude awakening and find they’re actually unable to deal with those animals. 

This isn’t even counting other animals like “mini” pigs, chihuahuas, snakes, foxes, etc etc etc. And we can’t exactly blame this on over enthusiastic children when it’s adults who have the purchasing power to buy a pet, and who choose to do zero research, and who choose to indulge said children or even themselves when that I Want the TV Animal as a Pet urge comes on. 

Ignoring what is essentially weaponised cuteness used for online likes is hard, especially when faced with such palatable stuff like that gif of the owl riding the tablet stylus, or the plethora of cat videos. But it costs very little effort to not only educate yourself on the needs of animals and to also not encourage a rapacious pet trade industry, but to communicate that to others so that, hopefully, we won’t have to see things like Peter Dinklage and Jo Rowling having to make statements to the news because of this problem. 

–Mod Nick

Reblog if you’re a taekook shipper that loves jikook’s video on their trip to Japan and is happy for jikook shippers that they are being fed well

Wanna prove something to ugly jikook and taekook antis

Okay, I know this has been said so many times by now, but the thing I simply cannot get over about the video is how it’s just such a genuine glimpse into “how Jungkook sees Jimin” - a glimpse we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else, or in any other way. Through the clips he chose to use, in those not even 4 minutes we get to see so much of what Jungkook sees when he’s looking at him:

Jimin who doesn’t have to be flawless around him 24/7.

Jimin who is always dancing simply because he loves to.

Jimin who can tire of cameras.

Jimin who doesn’t even have to look to trust that Jungkook is following.

Jimin who is cute,

and sexy,

and beautiful,

and a dork.

Jimin who loves him.

The Jimin he loves.

The dodo as a content aggregator demonstrates less that animals are cute, and more that modern society has an intensely bizarre approach to animals. I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of their videos which doesn’t ascribe human emotions and motives to animals, while simultaneously setting them up as supremely infantile/angelic beings. It’s embarrassing to watch, and more than that, it’s frustrating, because it demonstrates a profound lack of respect for animals’ natural strengths and instincts. Sharing cute videos of dogs and tigers doing unusual things is all well and good, but captioning them with categorically false descriptions as if they are fact is just obnoxious, especially when those captions spread harmful misinformation about animal behavior.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

After his curtain call message, Takato says there’s something he definitely wants to do with everyone!

Takato: It’s not the nukunaru!  Nee Kuro… can we do the chant?
Shouri: Guess we have to!  All right, everyone!
Bishin: Everyone, all together!  Repeat after Kuroo and say it together with us!  Everyone in the live-viewing theaters too!

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tbh what i love the most about jikook/kookmin is that jimin is not afraid to show his love for jungkook and that hes VERY public about giving him attention and affections.


jeon jungkook, though… when it comes to jimin, i dont know if its shyness, but he loves jimin so quietly and he does it from afar… when the guys are celebrating jimins birthday, he just stays in the background, hes quiet with smiles, he doesnt tease jimin like yoongi did or make it publicly known that he gave jimin a present like taehyung (which is NOT a bad thing), but like… then we found out that jungkook ONLY gave birthday presents to jimin and this year, even when he barely said a word in that bangtan bomb video when they brought jimin a cake or that he was the last person who wished jimin happy birthday on twitter, we later found out that jungkook took jimin on a TRIP to japan

when jimin is soooooo loud with their trip, that he posted a selca and he made cute videos oh how much fun jungkook and he had while on japan, and then jungkook… out of nowhere… soooo quietly.. posted a 3 MINUTES long video centered on JIMIN ONLY, not the view, not the scenery, not on disney, hell even japan didnt get enough screentime. the video he made is literally only about jimin with a gay love song by a gay artists the background music and he did it out of the sudden! when people thought that jimin is the only one who gives a fuck about this trip, because lets face it jungkook NEVER updates on twitter, while HIS OWN stans are starving, he FEEDS the OVERLY FED jimin stans.

jungkook and jimin’s relationship is amazing… because jungkook’s love for jimin is quiet… but its always there.. and its constant… and sometimes it gives us surprises that we never thought would happen, even JIMIN himself was blown away by it… and to be honest… ive never seen any ships in or outside of bangtan thats like this one.

so in conclusion, jikook is amazing, ship it