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Reasons why Keith is Best Boy™

  • he loves his space family
  • he’s a sensitive, emotional boy, and even though he’s impulsive and stubborn, everything he does is for others and it comes from the heart
  • he doesn’t want to show his weaknesses to others because he values his privacy, but is always there for his friends whenever they need help
  • would give his life to save someone
  • incredibly selfless
  • he’s very strong in battle, he can slash right through a rifle and his movements are so quick and agile
  • strong in general, he carried a galra that was twice his size!
  • he has found a place where he belongs and calls it home because there’s people he cares so much about there
  • he never gives up
  • he wants to get closer to people, but doesn’t know how and it really bothers him
  • he’s saved many lives
  • he picked the safety of others over finding out about his own past
  • he loves and cares for his big brother very much
  • he’s trying his best and learning from his mistakes
  • always protects Lance
  • doesn’t want to waste time and wants to put an end to all bad things as soon as possible
  • he misses his team more than anything and wants to come back
  • he never gives up on anyone or anything
  • he wants everyone in the universe to be happy and get their families back

you’re welcome to add on

Stop chasing that person who didn’t do anything to stay. Stop making too much effort for that person who can’t appreciate you. Stop sending text messages and wait for a reply, because you know that person will never remember you. I think you should stop waiting for him to love you back, stop waiting for him to come back to you.

The right person will stay and the person. The person who truly loves you will stay, he will never leave you. You’re always there for that person who just took you for granted. You know you don’t deserve that but you don’t care because you love that person. He doesn’t care and you don’t matter to him so it’s better to stop and know where to stand in someone’s life.

You are a girl and you should not settle with this kind of treatment. You deserve to be someone’s queen. You deserve someone who will make an effort for you. You deserve to be loved by someone who will never get tired of you. You’ll be fine, you will eventually move on. It will be a working progress but i know you can move on. Help yourself too and love yourself so when the right person comes, you’re fully healed.

I got the ultimate “pairing” to end all pairings:

Coran adopting Lotor as the second son he never had and in turn giving Lotor the father he always wanted.

Think about it! Coran knew the old Zarkon and Honerva better than anyone on the Castle Ship. He could tell Lotor all the stories of how amazing his parents used to be. He might even have pictures. He could then comfort Lotor because he understands how much it hurts to watch someone he cared about become corrupted.

He also begins to teach Lotor all the Altean history and even the language. Lotor is so happy someone is actually willing to take him under their wing, all thoughts of betraying them disappear. Lance is still Coran’s favorite adopted child but unlike Zarkon, he can care for Lotor just as much.

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Shay Joe liked an Instagram photo that said something like "behind every couple are two people who overcame all obstacles and interferences. Why? Because they care about their relationship" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my friend knows someone who is following him and she said that she'll send me a screenshot ASAP IM YELLING HES AN ANGEL KMG

i’ll believe when i see the screenshot :)

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we don't talk enough so I'm sending you another one. Who's your favourite superhero? (And why if you have a reason)

Nightwing. My goodness do I love Dick Grayson and I think it shows in pretty much everything I write. The reason is probably because he’s someone I can relate to on a lot of levels. He’s a big brother, and even though I’m the middle child, with how my family turned out, I really was the one watching out for my little siblings. Because no one really watched out for me, and I felt that starkly. I didn’t want the same thing for my sisters.

And Dick, he’s all about family and friends and loved ones, and he just cares so deeply. A lot of what I write actually reflects him caring and loving and hurting and a lot of it’s a reflection of me, as much as I try not to make it. But I’ve found a character that I can resonate with and project onto and when I read about how strong he is despite being a human with some extra training trying his best to save others, it makes me want to feel that strong, too.

He just makes me feel.

Also, the way comic artists draw how he moves takes my breath away. That’s always a wonderful feeling and definitely adds to why he’s my favorite.

I’m gonna add a second one, too. Spider-Man. He’s always been the superhero that I’ve known. Back when I was a kid, besides Batman and Superman, Peter Parker was the only superhero I knew of that I could find any sort of comfort in what I knew. My mom wasn’t big on me reading comics or watching superhero movies (”That’s for Tyler, Camryn. Go play barbies with your sisters.”) so I mostly read books because I didn’t want to play barbies. I wanted to lose myself in worlds that I didn’t understand yet, and find characters that I could relate to, and Spider-Man was like the only one that I really knew anything about. 

And lately, with all the Homecoming stuff and me getting into comics, I’ve learned to love him as a character that struggles and struggles and struggles, starting when he was a little kid watching his parents leave out the door and never come back, to now in the comics when he’s an adult as still trying to figure out where his mess of a life is going. Man, I just. It’s Spider-Man, ya know?

(Also, yes, we don’t talk enough! But that seems to be a common problem with me while I’m living in Italy. Time ones, man. It’s like literally almost time for bed.)

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The espadas reaction to their s/o being generally really nice but having really bad road rage.

Scared for their life squad

  • Starrk is so bewildered he actually shrinks into the car seat. He’s so used to you being all kind and sweet, but then all of a sudden you’re like a hungry, raging hollow. 
  • Ulquiorra somehow gets even paler and doesn’t move a single muscle. The change of attitude freaks him out because one moment you’re smiling at him, the next you’re hollering at a car that cut you off.
  • Aaroniero is full on panicking. Nothing good can come out of your road rage, and it freaks him out how fast you went from nice to crazed with fury. He will start sweating bullets and tightly grip the seat or seatbelt.

Entertained squad

  • Nnoitra doesn’t exactly care why you have really bad road rage. He just finds it really funny that you’re getting mad because someone cut you off and threatening to disembowel them over it.
  • Now Grimmjow takes his entertainment on a whole new level. He’s full on cackling in the seat after showing surprise at your behavior change. Unless it almost causes an accident, then he forces you to stop.
  • Considering Yammy can’t…fit into a car, let’s just say he witnesses the aftermath when you get out of the car. He’s confused, but likes there is some rage behind that niceness you have.

Tries to calm you down squad

  • Harribel is startled but waits until you cool down a bit before scolding you. She doesn’t want you, especially with how nice you are, getting hurt because of something like road rage of all things.
  • Szayel is well aware of the effects of road rage, and actively tries to soothe your anger before anything bad could possibly happen. He rather not get into a bad situation because of it.
My Opinion Profile On: Hyungwon~ Relationship/Personality

Request: your opinion profile On: hyungwon (monsta x) - relationship/personality

~This is all based off of MY opinion..~

Ideal Type: From what I have seen he likes a woman who is wise and kind. I can see him with someone who is older than him as well. 

Ideal relationship:  I think he would want something rather serious kind of from the beginning. I don’t think he would want something sort term unless it had to be. He would want a relationship where they don’t have to know where each other is every moment of the day and were okay with not talking everyday because of busy lives. 

Him in the relationship: I think for the most part he would be rather mature, he would spoil his partner and take good care of of them but not want them to depend on him for everything. He would want to be able to live happy with his partner. Talk often but not too often and when they’re together they’re paying attention to one another.

What kind of person I can see him with (based of a mental picture I painted in my head): I can see him with a lovely Korean woman, slender and innocent in appearance. Long black hair, brown eyes, and a slender face. I think she wouldn’t be short either. She’d be on the medium to tall side in height. Medium sized chest and a medium rear. Long legs. A very pretty smile. 

His personality: He reminds me of someone who would sass the hell out of you if you get him a bit too angry. Like he wouldn’t let you live kind of sass. He would normally be happy and calm with her. He would be sleepy often too so he might just stop talking at one point and would just be passed out there. He would be a very responsible boyfriend at the end of the day though. 

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Other Profiles: Jisoo, Nam Joohyuk, Heechul, Jooheon

Someone: *posts one thing about Cole*


  • Michael: Why d-do Nii-san hate Granpa Guren so much?
  • Luciel: What kind of question is that even? Firstly, his very existence upsets Dad. To be fair, I don't know what is up between those two, so it doesn't bother me all that much.
  • Michael: S-so..?
  • Luciel: Guren is a liar. He is never honest about his feelings, because being viewed as the "strong, responsible leader" is more important to him than actually being one, and he pretends to be in control, when he clearly is losing his shit. He is unable to just admit that he cares for those around him, and that he would be an even more pathetic, broken man if he were to lose them. I despise people like that.
  • Michael: Nii-san... G-granpa Guren has been t-through so much... Someone like Nii-san w-who has not suffered losses like him s-shouldn't talk like that...
  • Luciel: Of course I can criticize who he is today. Because he fucked up his past, doesn't mean he can get away with fucking up other people's future.
  • Michael: ...
  • Michael: I-I don't mind Grandpa Guren... But the woman he's with is scary...
  • Luciel: What woman?
  • Michael: The woman... S-she is pretty, but she has very s-scary eyes...
  • Luciel: Okaaaaay... That's cool I guess...?

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KuroSuzuya leaving random gifts at Ghoul Seidou's hideout (anonymously) after finding out where he has been staying, because he knows his old bud is alone and lonely af. Then one day, he leaves a puppy as another gift and letters with terrible sh*t memes. Seidou figures out who the gifts were coming from and gets really annoyed but feels happy to have someone caring for him again, even if it was from that lil punk Juuzou.


Seidou’s grown accustomed to the gifts left outside his abandoned apartment. At first he feared CCG would show up, that this was a sign of the end, but no one has arrested him. 

He doesn’t know if he feels relieved or disappointed.

He is, however, increasingly annoyed with the gifts. Some, like today’s Skittles, he can’t even fucking eat. 

He tears open the bag to stomp the candy to bits, but to his surprise, he finds colorfully-coated of Rc cells instead.

Now thoroughly suspicious, Seidou chews on the “candy.” He pretends he’s back with Hoji, with Akira and Amon, maybe with that brat Suzuya…

Seidou spits out the candy.

Suzuya likes candy.

No, it can’t be.

The door rings again, and Seidou yanks it open. No one is around, naturally. 

Only Suzuya could do this.

Seidou does, however, shriek at the puppy. Memes of doggos are encased in its collar, and Seidou almost wants to run from the creature.

He’s too evil.

“Get back here, you little shit, Juuzou,” he snaps instead.

Suzuya drops down from his roof. “Did you like the candy? And the pupper?”

“It’s name is Hoji.” Seidou clutches it to his chest. “Why the fuck do you care about me?”

“Because I used to be crazy like you, too.”

“Gee, thanks.” Seidou scowls.

“I want you to tell me how you became a ghoul.” Suzuya pauses. “If Madam had turned me into a ghoul, I would have eaten people, too. I want to know more.”

“Do you really?” Seidou laughs.

“Yes. Besides, I wouldn’t have given you a puppy if I gave up on you.” Suzuya prances into Seidou’s apartment, brandishing his own bag of Skittles.

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so im breaking up with my boyfriend, not because im aro but because he's being a dick, and its really upsetting for me, but everyones asking me why i care so much, im aro anyway, but idk i just care for him in a way i cant explain. why do i care so much that im breaking up with him? am i not really aro?

Hi Anon,

Being upset about breaking up doesn’t make you not aro. I’m aro and have dated, and breakups were always hard. It doesn’t take romantic attraction to be hurt that someone you cared about has changed, and that you have lost the connection you used to have with someone. You can be sad about that and still be aro. You said you care for him a lot, and this is still a loss.

You don’t deserve to be invalidated, care is not bound to only romantic attraction.

All the best,

Mod Sam

Snape is not a bad person, he is a dick, he is a jerk, he is a bully but he is not truly evil and that is a fact.

Many people out there are saying Snape is a bad person because he keeps bullying his students and I don’t think he should just be forgiven for that or even be considered the “bravest man I ever knew” but he is not a bad person. Think about it. Would a bad person be so in love with someone like Snape is with Lily that he is willing to change from being a death eater to being a spy even though he knows that if he does so he is probably going to get killed or tortured by Voldemort himself by the cruciatus curse. He cared for Dumbledore, Dumbledore who was one of the greatest wizards of all time trusted him and he thought Snape should be forgiven and if they were both alive Dumbledore would be defending him right now from all the people who are throwing hate at him and you can’t tell me that Snape wasn’t brave because he had to kill Dumbledore, he literally had to kill one of the only people who ever trusted him and one of the only people he cared about and imagine if your best friend asked you to kill them how much would it hurt. And I know he is a bully and he is a jerk and most of the things Snape haters say about him are true but he was not a bad person because in the end he made the right choice, he saved Harry Potter from the first year he went to Hogwarts, he wanted to protect the sorcerers stone from Voldemort, in the third year he helped Luping making him potions so he wouldn’t become a werewolf and he could lie or make an excuse but he helped the guy who bullied him for 7 years and in the end he told everyone that he was a werewolf and that was a dick move but he was mad, in one second he was going to be awarded with the order of Merlin and he was a hero and in the next he was nobody, a teacher who couldn’t even get the job he wanted and maybe he did just let it slip because he was mad. In the fourth book when Dumbledore asked him to go back to being Voldemort’s spy HE DID IT IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE he knew it was dangerous but please tell me what possible reason did he have if it wasn’t just because it was the right thing he could just go back to Voldemort and serve him but he didn’t he could have betrayed Dumbledore at any point in the wars but he never did. And there are many other good deeds he made but it’s not about these canceling out his bad deeds but about the fact that a REAL bad person like Umbridge (that bitch) or Voldemort wouldn’t have done those and Snape only did these because deep down he is a good person and everyone had the right not to like him you can hate someone if you want but only because you hate someone even if you have good reasons that doesn’t make them bad people. And Snape isn’t a bad person because I know that even if he was sure Voldemort would win, even if he was sure he was going to die if he stayed in the good side he still wouldn’t follow Voldemort, he would still be on the good side and fight until his death for a chance that Voldemort would loose. And even though his good deeds can’t make up for the bad decisions he made we can’t just analyze them one by one but we have to realize that in the bigger picture Snape was good.

He helped defeat Voldemort

He was a spy even if he knew it would be dangerous and he would probably die but he was still on the good side

He lied to Umbridge about his storages of Veritaserum

He sent his patronus to help Harry find the sword of Griffindor

He showed Harry why he was mean to him in his memories. He showed him his most personal memories, moments before his death, he showed the product of the love from his arch enemy and the love of his life his most personal memories so he would understand everything.

He was in love with Lily, he loved her and she didn’t love him back but a real bad person doesn’t know love.

And even when everyone, everyone thought he was a bad guy he still kept doing good in secret when everyone hated him and that takes a lot of strength.

People when you talk shit about Snape I understand your point of view but it literally breaks my heart because he wasn’t really a bad person he was a good person who did a lot of small bad things because he had a shitty life and you can say he is a dick and a jerk and a bully but you can’t say he is a bad guy.

(I really don’t mean to throw hate on people and I really don’t want people to just attack me saying he hurt his students and he did a lot of bad things because at one point I was starting to change my mind, I really started to think Snape was a bad person but then one day I had an epiphany and realized he isn’t a bad person and I just hope this post can make other people have that epiphany too.)

At the Last Minute with Snacks Toonami Summary!: Teachers are Important! Music Video!
  • DBZ Kai: Buu has to take care of himself now and needs a place to stay, so naturally he makes himself a house of humans and calls it a day. Goku impresses the kids with Super Scream 3 and has to leave.
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure continues with reminders of Avdol’s death because why not. Polnareff, meanwhile, pursues revenge successfully, with Kakyoin’s supervision. Hol Horse engages in a grand Jostar tradition!
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans proceeds with a friendship bracelet threesome. Unfortunately, Mika’s bracelet, like Mika, needs a bath. We get some flashback to someone’s tragic past.
  • Hunter x Hunter, the sports anime formally known as yugioh, is still about dodgeball. Extreme Dodgeball. Killua has put his hands in his pockets casually, but really he is in incredible pain and too cool to show it what a bro.
  • Lupin the 3rd is very much about Lupin today. And Lupin is a schoolteacher connecting with the delinquent youth. They respect him, unlike their other teachers, those bomb building wimps
  • Shidghatgoueruh35 continues with flashbacks to Naruto’s youth and people not treating him like people and Sakura not noticing he left class and Iruka still caring because he’s a nice person.
  • Outlaw Star: The sexy assasin lady returns, but that is later. Firstly, sexual naked space healing. Jim gets frustrated because are the the way they are Then, pirates. Then assassin lady.
  • Cowboy Bebop continues with the blues, Spike being uncultured swine, and Jet meeting an old friend. Then, Murder. Spike has a ring now, and a mystery to solve. The mystery is how to make harmonicas work.
  • Shingeki No Kyojin is in reruns so people went to bed. Eren and Mikasa are just sitting out in a filed having a chat. Titans are there too but that can wait, it’s time for heartwarming conversation! And also screaming.


“And this is where Buu Poos!”

Naked Space Healing.

“High five?”

“High FiVE!”

Manicure Tip #1: If you ever flood your cuticles or get too much nail polish under your nails while you’re wrapping the tips, or don’t have the dexterity to paint a smooth, intentional gap, you can just take an orange stick or something and kind of run it along the edge of your cuticle while the polish is still wet to make a “cut” that separates the polish from your skin. This is helpful because if you “glue” your cuticle to your nail bed, the polish will peel right off because it didn’t adhere correctly. You want a slight gap, even if it’s just enough that the area still moves slightly without being stuck in place by polish.

Manicure Tip #2: If you pull out your pocket knife and use the flathead screwdriver to clear nail polish out of your cuticles in front of a straight dude, he WILL lecture you about how that’s not what it’s for, as though he legitimately thinks you don’t know what the fuck a MANLY, MANLY screwdriver is and were such a HORRIBLE, FEMININE airhead that you assumed your cute little knifey poo came with nail care tools just because it also has a file.

Manicure Tip #3: Like, seriously, who insults the intelligence of someone with a knife.

Manicure Tip #4: I mean, I didn’t stab the dude, but I super could’ve.

Manicure Tip #5: Seriously, man, you think I don’t know what a screwdriver is because I wear nail polish? It’s called overcoming functional fixedness, ya’ dick.

Manicure Tip #6: It should be legal to stab people, but just like. A little bit. Like maybe you cut a button off of their shirt or fuck up their bangs and you go to court like, “This fucker for reals thought I didn’t know what a screwdriver was.”

Manicure Tip #7: The L.A. Colors “Color Last” nail polishes are really nice if you go for the lighter colours, but the dark ones have that kind of jelly-looking transparency that makes them hard to get opaque in under four coats. But at less than two dollars a bottle, you really can’t be too upset about it. Brush size is a little much, hence the cuticle flooding, but still a good product for the price point.

The Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

My heart is pounding as I write this.

(Gifs from @markired.)

Darkiplier isn’t evil.

Considering the Colonel’s breakdown as his last shred of sanity finally giving in, it makes total sense why he runs from us.

Wilford is scared. Celine and Damien? They were his only support system. They were the only ones he considered friends. The only ones he thought he could trust.

They truly did care about him.

They knew they couldn’t leave Will alone, so they took one more shot at life to see if he could live without them.

It’s obvious now that he can’t.

Wilford has no one left. No more support system, no one left to keep him grounded.

Why do you think Damien thought he had to relay the news of Mark’s death to him? He had to do it carefully so he wouldn’t lose it– but was surprised at the fact that he didn’t. That’s why Damien snapped at him (“You come find me when you pull your head out of your ass!”), and almost immediately apologized after taking a moment to think (“I lost my temper, and it wasn’t right”). That was because Damien cared enough to make sure he got the information from someone he knew was safe and trustworthy.

Darkiplier is Celine and Damien’s last physical chance to make sure Wilford will be okay.

Darkiplier was born out of love.

Think about it.

He doesn’t like giving people choices anymore because Damien and Celine were forced to be selfless if they ever wanted to see Will again.

He sits at the opposite end of the ego table because he knows Wilford is dangerous, but will still put himself at something of a risk as an attempt to keep him from going too far off the rails.

He chooses his words carefully and speaks calmly when talking to him just to make sure nothing he says will trigger him again, to be certain that Wilford knows he means well before saying anything else to him that might set him off.

His figure shatters because his shell can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him.

Damien and Celine are still in him somewhere, but can’t take another risk at losing their only chance to make sure Wilford is okay.

The mirror shattering was his heart breaking into a million pieces, because no longer could he allow himself to love his friend and be there as Damien and Celine once had.

Darkiplier was born out of love.


a glimpse of ChenBenny on his first musical “In The Heights”

So, real question: does anyone who watched that episode think that Keith is emotionally okay? Because NO ONE WHO IS EMOTIONALLY OKAY IS WILLING TO SACRIFICE THEMSELVES FOR A WILD PLAN THAT MAY NOT WORK ANYWAY.

And fuck, I have so many thoughts with the way that Keith admitted to pushing people away before they could leave him in his blog, and how Voltron went from berating him to being perfectly okay with him leaving the team and no one- NOT ONE- of them fighting to get him to stay because they cared about him.

And the way that Keith probably thinks that the team doesn’t really care one bit whether he’s there or not - not that they helped this perception (I love you guys, but for real. Just cause Keith’s moody doesn’t mean he doesn’t have emotions or need someone to tell him they care- Shiro, I’m looking at you especially) and that’s what made it so easy for him to make that choice - he didn’t think anyone would miss him when he’s gone.

I just- I’m literally fucking crying for him right now, and I’ll try to put what I’m trying to say more clearly and cohesively later, but for now I need to vent.

I’m watching house hunters with my mom and it’s a single woman with three cats And her friend is with her and he made some comment about coming along to prioritize her and humans over the cats And like she’s talking about how nice the cabinets in the kitchen are for the cats and he’s like ‘the kitchen isn’t a jungle gym for the cats’