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So these Keith and Lance moments make me sad

Does anyone ever think about that Taking Flight episode where Lance is in the healing pod and everyone is waiting outside it impatiently for him to get better? And so Keith is there, and he’s so anxious for Lance to be okay that he goes so far as to tap on the pod, get yelled at, and then pout about it (after getting some funny looks). Like, this is after he and Lance shared their bonding moment when Lance shot at Sendak and was all “we do make a good team” to Keith, who had that cute, little smile in response. 

And, like, this makes me sad because Keith was probably “Omg, Lance and I had a bonding moment, he doesn’t hate me anymore, maybe we can be friends!” Because Keith has no idea why Lance picks fights with him all the time and is so socially awkward that he would assume one moment of civility means so much more than it did, and so that moment means so much to him

Only for Lance to wake up and completely deny the whole thing. 

But I also understand Lance’s pettiness, even if I don’t agree, because he’d been competing with Keith for so long, but Keith didn’t even remember him and so it was the perfect time for revenge (because I suspect Lance was lying about not remembering). But, like, how devastated was Keith? After being so worried and so excited for Lance to come out of the pod? And how devastated was Lance when Keith didn’t even know who he was in the first episode? 

And, like, did this make Keith very cautious about trusting Lance? Kind of like how Lance is so careful to keep Keith at a distance? And, to be honest, their relationship–though they’ve had some good moments on a professional level–hasn’t gotten a whole lot better, which makes sense with the festering of bad feelings, no matter the few times they get along. And, like, how upset Lance was in the Marmora episode when Keith was getting all of Shiro’s favs (be it rational or not) and, like, how much resentment is building in both of them toward the other? Even though they both clearly care about each other a lot too? Like, how conflicting is that?

It just- it makes me so emotional

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Rogue One Favorite Types of Movies/Entertainment Headcanon

Jyn- Cute Animated Movies

She doesn’t want a movie she’ll really think about later. If she’s going to spend her time watching a movie she wants it to be relaxing and fun. Or that’s the excuse she uses. Jyn finds these so adorable and happy but will never tell. There’s no reason for her to be embarrassed but she really is. If somebody asks

Jyn: That was nice

Inner Jyn: That was so fucking cute I’m going to kill myself and bring myself back so I can watch it again

Cassian- Rom-Coms

Cassian is one of those people who enjoys watching other people mess up. Probably because he knows he doesn’t have to clean up the mess. Watching two really awkward people fall in love in the wrong situation is funny, yet relatable to him. Somehow, when it comes to romance, he just never expects it.

Movie: Check please

Cassian: jajajajaja

Chirrut: Mysteries

Chirrut likes to think he can hear the force through the screen. Something he always takes a little pride in is his wit, and he can use it in these movies. He’s a super interactive person so mysteries and psychological thrillers are his favorite.

Character: Coughs

Chirrut: It was him

Baze: Horror

Nothing phases Baze. He’ll watch the movie and devise mental plans of how he’d defeat the antagonist. Also, it’s his way of challenging himself. Baze likes to be right, and a movie is only “really scary” if it makes him jump.

Character: Hello?

Baze: He’s dying first

Bodhi: Sci-Fi

Of course, this is his area of expertise. Watching these is a time where he can totally geek out. He also loves the idea of a good underdog story. A nerdy kid making  a big choice and becoming a hero. And those mind-boggling special effects make him excited

*huge explosion*

Bodhi: nice

K-2SO: Soap Operas

It is the epitome of human behavior in his eyes. He’ll get sooooo invested in the characters and the stories. He learns and recites every line on the re-runs. He 100% believes that is what life is like


I frickin love requests gimme more pls

Imagine Harry getting very uncomfortable and a bit awkward every time you’re angry at him because he just doesn’t know how to behave in order to not make you even more angry so he’d just randomly start to talk about the first thing that comes to his mind.
“So ah… crabs you know.. they’re so funny with their little pincers and stuff.. aren’t they?”

TBBT: The Veracity Elasticity (10x7)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

Awww! Loved it!!!! I watched it 3 times today’s because there is so much to in this episode. So let me jump right in.

1. Fun with flags:

I enjoy any episode that has “Fun with Flags” in it. How cute are Sheldon and Amy when they do these shows? That’s when their nerdiness really shines through. 💖 It’s so funny how over the top and awkward each movement is when they are recording. Can we make a petition to have Fun with Flags be a real YouTube vlog? Lol! 😂 I enjoyed “Footprints on the Moon” as musical guest too. Nice touch, guys! 👍Always a fan of FOTM!

BONUS: How cute and significant was the theme of the show they both worked on. According to them it was “flags of 2 regions coming together as 1″. That’s how they view their relationship. Can we get an “amen”? 🙌

2. Living together life:

Did you guys notice how comfortable and normal they are living together? Raj and Howard left and they were both tidying up and planning dinner, chit chatting about her apartment with Sheldon offering to help her with her landlord. But poor Amy looked so nervous lying to him. 😕

3. The guys have lunch at Caltech:

Finally, a Caltech lunch scene! 😆 It feels like ages. It was nice to watch them going back and forth with their random conversations on the asteroids and the kale. And Howard patronizing the guys of course was gold. I laughed too hard at Sheldon’s “I feel both flattered and hurt. Like when people say I look like a skeleton form the Night before Christmas.” LOL! 😂

4. Sheldon is worried about Amy:

Aaaaagh!!! 😲 He is head over heels for Amy (we knew). He is not good at noticing other people’s feelings or when others are lying to him but with Amy is different. He knew something wasn’t right and he also knew she was hiding something from him to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. 😳 Poor baby! It was driving him crazy because he trust her so much.

5. Lies:

Penny putting Leonard’s stuff into storage was not cool. 😡 She knew this was part of what Leonard stood for since she met him. Come on Penny! And Amy keeping that her apartment was fixed from Sheldon… Come on Amy! There was no need for that, ladies.

6. Klingon and Ubbi Dubbi:

I found this scene amusing and extremely hilarious. How funny was listening to them 4 and their lines with the subtitles? Hahaha 😅😉 Sheldon’s face when the girls start talking Ubbi Dubbi was priceless. Icing on the cake when the rest of the gang joins them and Howard started speaking Klingon too. Everyone (including Howard and Bernie) fessed up quickly and Amy also apologized to Sheldon. It looked like she just wanted to crawl under a rock. Penny on the other hand was not having it “And what? Your wizard robes are next to go?” was her response to Leonard expecting an apology. I will admit it may have been mean but it was funny. However, can we get and episode where Leonard’s is served justice. He is a wonderful guy and attractive too. I don’t want him to be the underdog all the time. I get it, Penny’s beautiful. I mean did you see her outfit in the sex dungeon scene? 😍 Stunning! But Leonard hold his own too, Kooh-Vakh!

7. Sheldon is open to the possibility!!!!!:

When asked by Raj, Sheldon specifically said he considered their experiment to be positive. Squeal!!! 😀 He has enjoyed living with her. Amy’s “Are you saying you’d like to live with me?” broke my heart. 💔 It almost seemed like she was not expecting for him to be on board after all this weeks and how much they have grown. She still fears flight risk-shut down-closed off-guarded Sheldon. 

“I’m open to the possibility” Sheldon replied and then I died. Go Sheldon! 

I have to say I get the whole “but that’s my room”… Because it totally is. Let’s not forget he was living in 4A way before Leonard or Penny even lived in the building. I know some may not agree but Leonard and Penny got married and Penny had her apartment and it was Leonard who moved in to Sheldon’s apartment so technically its not only his room but his apartment. But I understand why the writers are doing it this way. Not to be petty, but it’s his room. Just sayin’.

8. Good night kiss:

Sheldon and Amy talking before bedtime!!! Feels! 😻 And of course, their adorable peck on the lips. 😚😚😚 Oh, my babies!!!! Did you all notice Sheldon is the one that continued thinking about the logistics of moving in together and making it work once again? He presented various options: Penny’s apartment, Amy’s apartment, a new place or move to a new city. But let’s not forget he hates changes so this is huge for him. Being with Amy is not the hard part for him, is the changes (ie. losing his bedroom) that is causing him anguish.

BONUS: “That’s my girl”. Yes she is. Agh!!!!

9. Comic book store:

How awesome that in one episode we got to revisit Fun with Flags, Caltech cafeteria and the Comic book store? In TBBT universe, each set means so much to us viewers. Anyway, how cool the guys asking the hard questions and Sheldon still taking the moving in with Amy issue very seriously? (Sheldon called it a “significant decision”).

“Do you love her?” and “Do you like living with her?”. Thank you Raj and Howard for asking the hard questions. The answer rolled right out of Sheldons mouth without hesitation: YES AND YES!!!

10. How PERFECT is Amy?

She is more than perfect. Okay, she lied which wasn’t cool. However, she wasn’t happy about lying, it’s not her element. She was honest in her apology too. But she is so understanding and patient. She really knows him, knows how to calm him or steer him and is willing to wait for him to meet her where she is at or meet him where he is at. No wonder Sheldon is in love with her. Some examples;

* She knew how to change the subject by steering the conversation in a way that caught his attention after the Fun with Flags. Sheldon said himself he found the topic “irresistible” and she knew it which was why she did it. I think this is the third time this season that Sheldon is kinda intrigued and titillated by something Amy says.

* When they were in bed, she wasn’t the one to approach their living arrangements. She let him lead the conversation about were they would live but when she saw he was overwhelmed, she didn’t ignore or minimize his feelings. She wanted to help him calm down and looked for the right way because its Sheldon we are talking about. She “sang” the Star Trek theme. Then he requested the 2001 space Odyssey. Did you see his face as she was singing it and then the big smile when he laid down?

* When Sheldon was in the hallway he seemed truly torn. 😢 When he told her he was there contemplating Buridan’s donkey, it must have been hard for her and she could have taken it as a form of rejection. She simply said “I understand” and was willing to give him his space. He seemed once again mesmerized by our Vixens knowledge of what he was referring to. Not only that, she threw in a few other references that got his attention once again focused on her because only Amy can challenge Sheldon’s brain and his heart at the same time. 

BONUS: Without a struggle or complains he ends up following her. That is their relationship. He is attracted to her and is willing to follow her and do things for her that are out of his comfort zone because she does get him but at the same time challenges him. She waits for him when she needs to but leads him when necessary. And he follows because she speaks his language, and he sees her as equal intellectually and he truly admires and respects her. This is what makes #ShAmy so special!

Awesome episode and I have to say, I’m loving Season 10 so much! 

BTW, I saw the promo right after the episode for next week and ended up rewinding that a dozen times. Can’t wait for next episode to try and figure out why on God’s green earth Amy Farrah Fowler (or any woman for that matter) ever turn down Sheldon’s “sexy” attempt. I don’t know whats up, all I saw was the commercial since I’m unspoiled but Amy please. Don’t you know that Sheldon is like a man made of sugar in a world of ants?🐜🐜🐜

I’m gonna share my thoughts as usual.
-Meiko, for once, is not blushing because she’s on an awkward situation.
-Hikari is FOURTEEN and has more boobies than me.
-Sora looks extremely cute and her bikini is cute as hell and I just wanna scream and cover her up because she doesn’t deserve this. None of them do.
-Mimi is the only one posing for the picture - which is funny af.
-The Christmas tree is so pretty, let that sink in.
-All of the girls are /somewhat/ covered. Except Mimi. What does Toei have against Mimi?
-The fact that Hikari’s top is the smallest pisses me off.
-I hope they don’t catch a cold :(
-I want the translations ASAP.

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You don't have to write a this as a request if you don't want too. I just want to share this idea mostly because I think its both funny and cute. Okay so imagine Yuri P. decided to kiss his crush <or S/O> and while he's leaning in he panics and fUCKING HEADBUTTS THEM BECAUSE HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ROMANCE!? Awkward and Panicky Yuri gives me life.

((This is so likely to happen…))

This was it. Yuri was finally going to do it. He was going to kiss (y/n).

The two had been on a date until now and it was time for them to part. Yuri had been gathering courage the whole walk and he was ready. 

He took a deep breath, leaned in…

And jerked his head a bit too harshly.

He felt his forehead connect with someone else’s and after that, he could only remember blackness.

I find it so funny how Raphael told Simon to go for a walk. He didn’t get annoyed and temporarely threw him out, he got ‘frustrated’ by the cute awkward nerd and told him to 'go for a walk’.

He probably spend half the episode sulking on a couch and the other half pacing around the hotel dumort frantically because “dios that boy is a hot mess he’ll die out there he’ll probably even forget about sunrise what have I done”


jiyong and youngbae feeling the music with their tambourines~

Boyfriend Woozi Would Include...

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  • This will be long complex and stupid. Just like my English exam essay, well hope u like 
  • Woozi Woozi Woozi Woozi…… try saying his name really fast, you’ll sound like a DJ spinning his turntable :D
  • If you were Jihoon’s girlfriend, well congrats m8 cause Jihoon is realllllly realllly realllly reallllly complicated trust 
  • Jihoon likes affection, yet he doesn’t
  • Jihoon, loves you, yet he doesn’t 
  • You see where I’m going with this
  • This boy doesn’t know how to convey his feelings, because, he doesn’t know how to okay 
  • This means cute, yet awkward moments ^///^
  • There will be times where he thinks of something realllly funny to say, or something really romantic, but he doesn’t do it, because he’s just too scared 
  • A lot of the time he may come off as harsh, quiet, cold, or even rude, but honestly, he’s just awkward
  • But on the flip side, don’t think he can’t be the best bf ever
  • Jihoon would be so sweet you are so lucky you don’t even know
  • He’s always thinking about you, honestly, even if he wont admit it he is
  • It would be like 3 am, he’s sitting in his wheelie chair, working on some random song, and he’ll start thinking of you
  • “I wonder if she’s asleep, or if she ate, or if she’s dreaming about me…” Then he’d stop himself, becoming all flustered and red, trying to distract himself with work until like 6 cause this young man doesn’t know the term we call “sleep” 
  • Jihoon would be the type of boyfriend to walk all the way to your house, with flowers or something and stand on your door step for 5 minutes arguing with himself. “What if she’s not home, what if she’s busy, what if she’s sick, should I knock, ring the bell, call, text her????” 
  • Suddenly, you notice a figure standing by your front door, you decide to investigate, swinging it open, you catch him by surprise. He just stares at you for a whole half a minute before speaking. “Uh, hi,” Somehow he manages to be all smooth about it though, “would you like some flowers?” He gives you that signature smirk. Deep down, he’s freaking out 
  • Jihoon is super kind to you like realllly noice, depending on how deep your relationship is
  • Later, he’ll become super sarcastic and evil, criticizing you on everything you do, in a good way of course
  • When it comes to physical contact, Jihoon is a special case. Like I said, he’s supppppppper awkward and kinda dorky so like it’s hard for him okay 
  • But BUT that doesn’t mean he can’t hold your hand
  • He loves to hold your hand 
  • He likes to intertwine his fingers with yours, and massage your palms
  • He likes to swing your arms around like a child, back hugs, and he likes to lean into you
  • “You smell good.” oh okay 
  • He likes to kiss too admit who doesn’t like kissing =_=
  • His kisses would be deep, and very very very very passionate, and meaningful, can’t forget meaningful
  • He’d pick the right times to lean over and BAM 
  • Even his short sweet kisses made your heart flutter 
  • He likes to place his hands on your hips and steady you oh YEET
  • He’d smile at you sweetly and tell you something like; “You’re so cute,” or like; “Thank you love,” OR “I love you,” 
  • He likes to pat your head and stuff but only when you’re alone
  • He likes it when you ruffle his hair and give him Eskimo kisses 
  • He giggles a lot. like a lot a lot
  • He gets serious when it comes to his music though and in public 
  • Not a PDA kind of kid 
  • Dates with this boy would either be spontaneous and fun or classy and romantic so have fun 
  • He likes to talk about the future a lot and hold deep conversations with you
  • During sexy time he would be gentle and careful, but he does like to have fun….. 
  • Jihoon is really strong, he likes to carry you around
  • He would do cute things like tie your shoelaces or fix your collars 
  • He’d send you cute selfies oh alright that’s unfair 
  • cuddles cuddles cuddles 
  • He’d write songs about you, but never show you. You’d find them one day and listen to them in secret 
  • He’d be the big spoon and hold you down so you couldn’t run away 
  • During the morning, you’d wake up beside him, look over and see his sleeping face
  • His morning voice would be very deep and strong wow
  • Not a morning person so expect yourself cuddling until 11 am
  • He smells like laundry and lavender, his sweaters are soft and he lets you borrow them cause he thinks you look cute
  • He’d defend you no matter what, in a civilized manner, with smart comebacks and stuff
  • It would be late into the night, you’d be sitting in his lap as he surfs the internet, you too would watch videos together, and talk for a long time. You start to feel tired and slightly groggy, you find yourself falling asleep on his chest. He lays you down on the couch next to his desk and tucks you in with his blankets, setting his favourite plushy beside you before kissing you goodnight. You’re asleep so you don’t notice the whole thing, so he’s not embarrassed. He’d probably whisper in his head, “I love you, sleep well.” AhhhHHHHHHHHH 

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I love when antis say "aw b it's so cute with f" pfff of course, he is her brother, I'm cute with my brothers too

LMAO Imma keep my mouth shut 

Funny  and cute doujinshi about what would happen if Dategumi stranded in Sengoku Basara AU. It’s kinda long, so click more for the doujin. Scenes including: 

- Awkward meeting with their master. 

-Tsurumaru’s reaction to every cool stuff he see in Date residence.

-Ookurikara reacts violently to  Ieyasu’s arrival (because you know, later Shokudaikiri is going to be given to him) but a sunshine he is, after knowing Kuri’s reason for being rude, he said something encouraging again… only to make Shoku goes otome mode and Tsuru goes shipper mode. Yes, this doujin has Kurimitsu element. 

- Motonari mistook Shokudaikiri for his master Masamune. btw, this doujin also has element of Masamune x Motonari since Masamune called Motonari “darling.” 

- Masamune pats Ookurikara like a pet cat… While Motonari talks with Shokudaikiri and Tsurumaru about the sword spirit. 

(I  can’t read Japanese, so feel free to correct me)

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Okay, so, like the Awkward Vaxleth Moment matters to me as a shipper. It was cute and funny and I enjoy watching these two half-elves be precious idiots.

But, from a storytelling perspective, it also makes me so damn happy.

Because do you know what you almost never see in mainstream media?

Two people calmly and clearly discussing their confusing, awkward, and possibly painful feelings for each other like the adults they are - without any sort of mind games or misunderstandings - and coming to some kind of conclusion.

Do you know what the Awkward Vaxleth Moment boils down to?

Two people calmly and clearly discussing their feelings, despite how scared they both are and how much Vax knows this conversation could hurt him and both of them eventually coming to a clear and understandable conclusion. It’s Vax putting his heart on the line, leaving himself no way to hide or back out or take back his actions, and acknowledging that everything he said, did, and felt was and still is completely true. And it’s Keyleth admitting that while she may have feelings for him, she also has her own personal doubts and fears about the situation, and she doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship when it always feels like the world is falling apart around them. And it’s Vax totally accepting this and saying he’ll wait. And it’s Keyleth saying she’ll think about everything. And it’s both of them laying all their cards on the table and not holding anything back, so that there are no misunderstandings between them in the future.

It’s one conversation that stretches for more than five minutes just so that both of them can say everything they need to say and mean every single word of it.

And that is just so refreshing when we live in a world where every mainstream media romance seems to be driven by nonsense misunderstandings and unnecessarily kept secrets and pointless, easily avoidable conflict.

Okay, so I’ve watched Yuri on Ice, and holy shit. First of all, that opening sequence, I AM READY TO SELL MY SOUL FOR IT. I HAVE WATCHED IT LIKE TWENTY TIMES NOW. ESPECIALLY THE SECOND EPISODE.

Second, THIS IS SO GAY JUST END ME. This is some advanced level of queer baiting because it’s excessively gay, okay? I love it, but I’m not getting my hopes up anyway *sigh*

Also, Yuuri is my perfect awkward son and I love him! My Russian brat is adorable. And, Victor, YOUR GAY IS SHOWING.
Randomly thrown Russian words amuse me a lot as well lol

So, yes, people, get ready to be spammed with Victuri. #sorrynotsorry

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Yay! The ask box is open again! Can I please request a gif reaction when member and his girlfriend are in an awkward/dodgy looking position by accident and another member walks in on them (i'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense) thanks in advance!

Seventeen’s reaction to the both of you being seen in an awkward/dodgy position by accident.

Note: Lool that’s so cute x and sorry but this is going to be done in a very messy way because we grouped some of the members. Thanks for the request. (GIF credits to their owners.)

S.Coups, Wonwoo - It could go either one or two of these ways. He’d either tease you about it or be really awkward and embarrassed and probably scream at the youngers and try to explain to them that nothing bad was going on. 

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Jeonghan, Joshua - When the member comes in he would probably see their faces drop and then laugh not awkwardly but he would find it funny that they had to come in just as you guys were in a certain position.

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Jun, DK, Seungkwan - He would just stare at the person and be really confused because why are hey looking at you like that?? when he realises how you guys are positioned he would laugh and apologise to both of you.

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Hoshi, Vernon - Would go bright red or silent (either one) and scramble as fast as they can away from you as before the other member can even speak. Might even run out.

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Woozi, The8 - Death stare the other member out of the room and say that they were distubring you guys and when they leave with a shocked face, they would have a laughing fit with you.

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Mingyu, Dino - He just freeze and be like its not what it looks like. The other members would be like sureeee. He would then thank you for the endless amount of teasing he’s about to get.

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Thanks for the request!

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Perfect, Perfect Lips (ItaPan)

frukmerunning Whoops, my hand slipped. Here you go!
(” someone write me an itapan fic pleaseeeeeeeeeee”)

Kiku had found himself drawn to the little Italian from the first day he met him. Feliciano was everything that Kiku was not – bold, loud, charismatic, funny, openly affectionate, cute… He longed to be these things, too. Because, if he were similar, perhaps he could attract Feliciano’s attention.

He desired it, craved it, but Feliciano seemed ever intent on giving his attentions (and affections?) only to the large Ludwig. Any time they were alone his heart would race and his mind would empty of any sort of coherent thought – did Feliciano notice that he was so much less than eloquent when they were together? Surely, he must, but he never said anything about it.  He was much too nice to put his friend into such an awkward position. A position that would likely result in heartbreak.

Kiku loved Feli’s eyes the best. They were warm and innocent and full of curiosity and love. How could anyone not love such sweet eyes? They were amber, the colour of treasure, like they held the world’s secrets if you were brave enough to explore them. Regrettably, he was not a brave man when it came to matters of the heart, and he would look down the moment Feli’s eyes flicked up to meet his. His own eyes were not warm and welcoming, you could not get lost in their sunlight and joy. His eyes were dark and empty, devoid of all things cheery and, well, Feliciano.

Feliciano (adjective): Bright, sunny. Often clumsy, always endearing. Something that will bring a smile to the lips of even the gloomiest person (Ludwig).  Warm, familiar, comforting. Boisterous, energetic. Lazy, cat-naps in the sunshine. Incandescently perfect.

Kiku was unable to stop the wistful sight from slipping out, which, unfortunately, attracted the attention of the object of his affections.

“What is the matter, Kiku?”

“I am fine, Feliciano.” He wanted to tell him to refocus on his training, but it was too late. The Italian dropped his manual (which both of them were supposed to be reading) and was crawling closer to him, eyes wide with concern. Kiku looked away.

“Are you sure? You seem a little….?” Kiku waved his hand in the air, dismissing his concern. He didn’t need this right now, he couldn’t handle having those amber eyes drilling holes into him. He was bound to crack under their warmth. Silence descended on them and still Feliciano did not back down – Ludwig was bound to notice sooner or later. A sweat broke out along Kiku’s hairline. He so desperately wanted to shove the Italian away from him, he could feel the heat rolling off him and wrapping Kiku up in an embrace, he wanted to lean into it more than anything.

“Why won’t you look at me?” Kiku’s heart drummed up into his throat and he tried to compose his face into an neutral expression as he forced himself to meet the gaze of his friend, briefly, before letting his eyes rest on a fixed point in the distance beyond the mop of ruddy hair.

“I am not certain I understand what you mean,” he tried to play innocent, to pass his question off as mere fancy – something he made up in his head. He was often making things up in his head. But Feliciano did not giggle and back down, instead he frowned and leaned closer.

“You never look at me,” he whined, “I really wish you would.” Kiku obliged and swallowed hard. “Yes! Like that!” He grinned and clapped his hands together, “you have the prettiest eyes, Kiku, I like being able to see them!” Feliciano leaned so close their noses were practically touching and Kiku wondered if he could not hear how loud his heart was thudding, threatening to break out of his chest and run away so fast he’d never be able to catch up. “They are kind, but dark and mysterious,” Feli continued, unwavering, unblinking as he stared evenly at him, “they remind me of the sky before the stars come out. I wonder if I stare at them long enough I’ll see the stars!” Oh, if only he knew how full of stars Kiku’s eyes really were. All he had to do was look hard enough and see his own reflection staring back at him.

It came as a shock when Kiku noticed just how close they were sitting together. He could feel Feliciano’s breath on his lips and he was overwhelmed with the desire to kiss him – he never would, of course, he couldn’t. Propriety came first, never mind the fact that his affections were not returned.

“I wish you would look at me every day,” Feliciano said suddenly, sitting back on his heels and tilting his head to the side. He was still smiling, but there was an air of seriousness in his tone, an inflection that was not often heard passing his perfect, perfect lips.

“I do look at you every day, Feliciano. We work together.” The Italian shook his head.

“No, not like that. I wish you would look at me every day. Properly.”

“I do look at you…?” Feliciano made an exasperated noise and leaned back in, he reached out his hands and grabbed Kiku’s face. He barely had time to register what was happening before those perfect, perfect lips were pressing against his own in a shy, tender kiss. Feli pulled back and laughed, Kiku felt his face redden and he blinked several times. He could not help but stare.

“Like that! That is how I wish for you to look at me every day!” He kissed him again, his mouth still laughing, and it felt strange and wonderful and warm.

They only broke apart when Ludwig cleared his throat, waving his own manual in the air, indicating that they should be reading their own, respectively. Kiku ducked his head in embarrassment and Feli only chuckled, throwing a wink at Kiku as he crawled back to his spot under the tree, opening his manual and pretending to read.

Kiku would be breaking direct orders this afternoon. There was no way he would be able to absorb another word in his book. Not with the whispered promise of returned affections ringing in his ears and burning his lips.

He felt entirely Feliciano.

Oh guys its Throwback Thrusday again so  I decided to hit the way back again :)

I figured we wouldn’t mind talking about a couple of scenes in which Daryl was an adorable dork because well.. you know me…

There was this hilarity… being his reaction to not only  unwittingly touching her in an intimate way…

the ‘oh shit what the hell am I doing’ look is priceless..

But it gets better when she suggests 'screwing around’

Daryl actually looks like he turns slightly pink here which is just so plain adorable it gives me life. I mean not the first time he seemed awkward but Carol’s really  overt suggestion just sort….fries his circuits a bit…

“did she actually say that?”  and more importantly “no way she’s serious.. but..”

Daryl you sweet, clueless dork you :)

And course lets not forget this   cuteness..

The whole “that’s funny but I’m gonna  drop my head while I laugh because I like you  and I’m shy..” little kid thing he does here that just melts my heart. Add in the rip in the knee of his pants (and btw who sewed that up hmm?)  just adds to the awkward little boy thing he has going here. I will confess to being just so in love with him in this scene and Carol seems to think he’s adorable too I’m sure.

And of course the best one all… remember this one ladies? When Daryl 'Chatterbox’ Dixon tired to be chivilarious  for his laid faire by offering to carry a water bottle for her…

and completely forgetting  that he’s in fact already carrying two his own..

Oh it was just adorable squee worth hilarity wasn’t it? 

What did it for me was the face palm thing he did right after.

The 'Oh My God I’m so awkward.. and she’s looking at me’ face pal

And Carol…. like the rest of us just think he is the most precious thing ever. Because he’s just so damn embarrassed by this superb display of awkwardness. But also because was just trying so hard.

Daryl sweetie you may play all gruff and tough but when it comes this woman we all know you adore you turn into the most adorably awkward cinnamon roll. And I’m so grateful for that.

I try to remember in the midst of this log hiatus, with not a lot of things to go on and some questionable plotlines, that these sweetly adorable scenes are actually Canon. They happened and every time I see them come across my dash  or my tv screen it jusit gives me such life.

I can’t help it… just enjoy all this cuteness way too much :D

To me BigBang are really ‘normal’ in the sense that they are themselves so much and are professional. So many idols over do it for the camera, their 'fun’ is fake and their cuteness over the top. BigBang don’t force it and if they do they make it obvious to become funny. They know when to put on airs or be relaxed because they know how to work an industry they are experts in. Not to mention the really sweet accounts of fans meeting them and their polite, awkward and caring.