because this is really what teen wolf is about


Sibongile Mlambo as Tamora Monroe

Tamora Monroe, the new humanities teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High. She’s charismatic, smart and inspires students with her passion — a passion that can get too intense.

“What I can tell you is that Sibo [Mlambo] is great. [Tamora is] both an antagonist and a sympathetic character. Quite sympathetic, actually. I really like her because you very much understand where she’s coming from. That’s about all I can spoil about her.“ - Jeff Davis

Okay, so, I’ve been reading an awful lot of comments about Dylan during this last SDCC panel. I’ve read he doesn’t seem much of a nice person, that he was different and less cheerful because Tyler H. wasn’t there… and I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Do you really need a reminder of what he’s been through during the last year? Do you really need me to repeat everything? Because I will.

HE ALMOST DIED in an “accident” while he was pursuing his biggest passion, shooting for one of the biggest franchise movies of the last few years. He almost died doing what he loves. Do you have any idea what kind of effect this can have on a young man? On whomever, really? Personally, I don’t even know if I could have found the strength to go back to shooting so soon, but he did. He fucking got back on track as soon as he got better (physically speaking). And from the material we’ve already seen from American Assassin, he did a fucking great job too, with a lot of stunts!!! And I don’t know how much of common knowledge this is, but while he was shooting in Rome, the Italian fans that were around set were told that he needed space because after the accident he was suffering from panic attacks. Which, I mean, it’s the least one could suffer after a similar traumatic event. 

Yesterday, when at the panel the fan asked the question about “fighting one’s demons” (which btw, whoever you are, thank you so much), Jeff said “Well, this seems like a question for you, Tyler and Dylan.” 

What Dylan got through is no joke. We are lucky he’s still here, we are lucky to still have him. I don’t even understand how so many people can expect, and sometimes even demand, cheerfulness and jokes and wholehearted laughter after what has probably been the roughest year of his life. Can you even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for him?

I wanted to cry when he jumped on that stage because of the overwhelming rush of relief. I feel like crying now if I think of all the shit that’s been thrown at him. So yeah, I won’t take him for granted. How about you, tho?

PS: I’m sorry for the rant, but I needed to vent. I don’t mean to offend anyone, just want people to reflect on it.

@doragonhinansho had a bad day today, so I thought I’d give them a little pick me up in the form of a kid!fic in which dragons are awesome!!!

Stiles ducks his head, trying not to cry. Jackson is so mean. Dragons are cool. His mom told him they were.

“You are such a loser,” one of Jackson’s friends laughs, throwing the dragon Stiles got for his birthday in the air, catching it expertly. He’ll probably join some kind of cool sports team in high school, Stiles thinks, trying not to feel bitter about it. Stiles has never been good at sports. He likes dragons and wolves and fighting mythical creatures with his friends online. His mom says he’s cool and Stiles wants to believe her, but it’s kind of hard when you go to school with Jackson- stupid-face-Whittemore.

“I am not,” Stiles says, not sure why he feels the need to talk back. His dad told him it will get him in trouble one day. Maybe he should stay quiet, but as he watches his new friend fall to the ground and get kicked about like a ball, it’s either talk back or cry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice suddenly sounds from behind them, startling even Jackson who jumps.

Stiles turns, because he knows that voice, eyes widening as he watches Derek Hale approach them.

Derek is sixteen and the cooler than Batman and Stiles kind of wants to marry him one day. Because girls are more awesome than boys, but boys are prettier, everyone knows that. And Derek is the prettiest. Plus, girls have cooties. Scott says they don’t but Stiles isn’t so sure.

Blushing, Stiles scrambles up from the ground, making a dive for his dragon, but Jackson just pushes him away and laughs.

“I said-” Derek says, coming up to stand in front him. “What. Are. You. Doing?”

Jackson’s smile falters a little when Derek tilts his head to the side, like all the Hales do. Derek’s big sister Laura is the best at it. She made Jennifer Blake cry once for bullying Erica Reyes. Just by looking at her. Stiles is pretty sure she’s a superhero, just like Derek.

“Nothing,” Jackson shrugs, ducking his head suddenly and kicking at the ground. “Just tellin’ Stilinski he’ll never make friends if he keeps playing with toys.” He smirks, glancing at Stiles, and Stiles wants the ground to swallow him up.

Derek looks down then, frowning when he sees the dragon under Jackson’s foot. “Is that your’s?” he asks, turning to Stiles.

Stiles starts to say no, because he doesn’t want Derek to think he’s a loser too, but this might be his only chance to get Mr Firebreath back. “Yes,” he whispers.

“Right,” Derek says, stepping into Jackson’s space a little more until he gulps and moves back, off the toy. Bending down, Derek picks it up and dusts it off. “It’s not too bad,” he tells Stiles. “But your mom might want to wash it.” He holds it out for Stiles to take, a smile crossing his features, and Stiles doesn’t know why, but it makes him feel like one of those pink toasted marshmallows his mom buys inside.

Taking Mr Firebreath, Stiles resists the urge to apologise to him, because only really little kids think toys have feelings. Well, really little kids and Stiles.

When he looks back up, Jackson and his friends are already walking away, muttering bad words under their breath, as Derek continues to stare at them with a look Stiles knows is only for show. It’s his I-don’t-like-you look. Stiles is happy he’s never given it to him. Derek’s actually really sweet to Stiles. Most of the time. Even that one time Stiles accidentally dropped ice cream on Derek’s new sneakers at the annual Hale barbecue. Derek had let Stiles eat his whole tub of extra-large raspberry ripple with chocolate swirls while he had tried to clean them. He didn’t even tattle when his mom asked what happened.

That was the day Derek became Stiles’ hero.

“Sorry,” Stiles says, unable to meet Derek’s eyes.

“Why are you sorry?” Derek asks, crouching down so he’s shorter than him.

“I shouldn’t have brought him- it- to school,” Stiles says, waving Mr Firebreath a little.

Derek laughs. “It’s not your fault he got taken. Those boys weren’t very nice.”

Stiles shrugs, feeling his cheeks grow hot. Derek probably thinks he’s so dumb.  “Dragons are stupid,” he finds himself saying, hoping Mr Firebreath will forgive him later.

Derek laughs again and Stiles wants to run away. “Well, I think dragons are cool. If you don’t want him anymore, I’ll take him.”

Stiles’ head snaps up at that, disbelieving. “You like dragons?” He blinks. “But- but you play basketball!”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t think dragons are cool. I prefer werewolves though.”

Stiles’ eyes light up. “My mom let me watch a movie once!” he breathes excitedly, accidentally hitting Derek in the chest. Scott doesn’t like werewolves. Stiles has never met anyone who likes werewolves. “It was about a boy who plays basketball, like you!” He looks away briefly, embarrassed when Derek raises an eyebrow at him. “He could turn into a werewolf and it helped him win all the games,” he finished, shyly.

Derek grins. “Teen Wolf?” he asks. “You like that movie?”

Stiles nods, grinning. “Do you?”

Derek leans in, crooking his finger at Stiles and Stiles’ heart races. “If I tell you a secret will you keep it for me?” he asks. Stiles nods, eyes wide as he waits, and then suddenly Derek’s eyes are glowing and his teeth are turning into fangs. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a really cool trick,” Stiles grins, wanting to touch Derek’s face because how did he do that?

Derek winks and the trick disappears.  “Tell you what,” he says. “How about I take you trick or treating this year. We can dress up.”

Stiles is going to die. “Really?” he asks. “I mean-” He looks down, shrugging, trying to be cool. “If you want, sure.”

Derek laughs again and ruffles Stiles’ hair. “Yeah, really. We’ll show those boys just how cool werewolves and dragons can be, okay?”

Derek stands up then and as he walks away Stiles knows that he is definitely the boy he is going to marry.


Ten years later, Derek proposes with a dragon egg replica from Game of Thrones and Stiles kisses him until his eyes glow, just like that first day.

Oh God. I’m Pregnant!?

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1476

Author’s Note: This is the second part to Back Massages. I hope you guys like this because I have doubts. Thanks to @nothisisstiles for telling me to write this and @smutandahalf and @sarcasticallystilinski for looking at it for me! You guys da best!

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So here's my theory about Sterek this season:

Like I said, Stiles and a few other FBI agents are sent out to capture Derek.

So I feel like a few of Stiles’ scenes will revolve around him and trying to find him, but also trying to find a way to prove he’s innocent at the same time because Stiles really just doesn’t believe what they’re accusing him of doing.

And the scene where Stiles is carrying Derek in the trailer? I feel like it’s either: Stiles finds him wounded and brings him to safety or the FBI team end up finding him and Derek tries to run so they start shooting and he gets injured and Stiles finds some way to get him to safety. (I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.)

And there’s a Sterek scene, maybe more than one, then Stiles finds out about what’s going on in BH (probably from a pack member calling and explaining) and maybe Derek’s in the room when he finds out and sees the way Stiles’ face drops and listens in on the conversation or maybe he just ends up telling Derek what happened and that he has to go and Derek refuses to let them (specifically Stiles) do this without him.

So they go back to Beacon Hills together and that brings about the “without us?” scene.

And in the end Stiles finds a way to prove Derek’s innocence.


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Imagine being Allison’s best friend and falling in love with Chris Argent.

——— Request for anon ———

“Okay, enough about me!” Allison sighs with a laugh on her lips as she brushes off your amazement at the new thing that was happening between her and Isaac that she’d just told you about. “What about you? Come on, you’ve got to be into someone.”

“Ah, well,” you stumble in your words, because your mind immediately flashes to the man who’s in the next room, “not really.”

“Nuh-uh!” she insists, “I know that look on you. There’s definitely someone!”

As if you could tell her that you’d fallen head-over-heels for her father.

Mr. Wolf

Summary: Could you write a Reader x Derek Hale where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Derek stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Derek she’s his mate and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Sebastian(Jinxy)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1895

Request: Anon

AN: This is really looooong. I’m surprised I wrote something this long… Hope this is kinda what you wanted. 

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Jersey Jitters

Anon- Could you do an stiles imagine where him and the reader just stayed dating and on away games for lacrosse the girlfriends wear the boyfriends jersey and he is nervous about asking her and FLUFF btw, love you and your blog!💕

Authors Note- Thank you so much, love you too!!x I actually loved this request and I hope I got it close to how you wanted. Nervous Stiles is definitely the cutest Stiles x

“So, do you have everything for tonight’s game?” your boyfriend asked, while helping you swap your books into your locker. “Popcorn, chocolate, spare converse, a jacket and a drink” you smiled with an eye roll. He does this every lacrosse game, as if you’d forget. “I know it’s annoying but its my first match with you as my official girlfriend” he said, shutting your locker door for you. “Aww you’re nervous” you teased. “I am not nervous, I just want to make sure you’re fully prepared” he said stubbornly. “Tell that to your face, is that a blush I see?” you asked, wiggling your finger at him. He gave a small laugh and moved your hand out of his face by holding it, as you walked down the hallway. “Don’t forget it’s an away game, so it’s extra important” he claimed. “Why?” you questioned. “Because we’ll be in their territory and I don’t want the other team to try and make a move on my territory” he began. “You have been spending way too much time with werewolves, you’re even starting to sound like one” you joked, after understanding his reference. “I’m sorry I have no idea where that came from, but that’s besides the point. Its a sort of tradition and I was wondering-” he began to explain, before you got distracted. “OO, Lydia is there. Can we continue this later, I need to copy her English homework before next period” you said, already beginning to walk off. “Uhm yeah, sure. It can wait” he returned with a small smile. “Ill see you later babe” you blew a kiss, before joining her. “Real smooth bro” Scott said, after catching up to Stiles. “Shut up ok, I’m going to ask” he replied. “Did you really think it was a good idea to call her your territory?” Scott was trying so hard to hold in a laugh. “Omg you heard that?” he sighed. “Yep and so did Jackson” Scott claimed, pointing to him. Jackson shook his head disappointingly, before walking off smugly. “I don’t know man, what if she says no? What if she breaks up with me? Maybe she’ll think I’m too clingy and go for some other lacrosse douche. Maybe-” he began to ramble. “You’re overthinking this. Y/n is really into you, I mean her heartbeat goes insane whenever you’re around” Scott encouraged. “Really?” Stiles asked, with a huge grin. “Really” Scott confirmed with a smile.

Lunch time finally came around and you and Allison reserved your normal table for everyone. Lydia and Jackson soon joined you, hand in hand. Instead of being met by your usual forehead kiss, that Stiles insisted on doing everyday to show everyone you’re his, you were met by a different greeting. “Hey baby” Stiles said brightly, sitting next to you. You weren’t able to utter a word before he pressed his lips to yours gently and attentively, he cupped your face until you eventually pulled away from each other, to the sound of Scott whistling, Lydia and Allison squealing and making happy noises while Jackson rolled his eyes. “Now look who’s blushing” he teased, pulling you into his chest, knowing you’d want to hide it. “God Stilinski, some of us are trying to eat here” Jackson muttered, biting into an apple. “Why are you so bothered, I think they’re adorable” Allison said winking at you. “Yes Jackson, why are you so bothered?” Lydia continued while staring at him, concerned by his almost jealously. “Whatever” Jackson scoffed. Scott widened his eyes at Stiles and then did a beating heart gesture discreetly, to goad him on. “Uhm as I was saying earlier-” Stiles began nervously. You stopped looking at your precious food and met his beautiful brown eyes, they were slightly glazed and kept flickering, showing he was anxious. “This should be good” Jackson sniggered, earning him an elbow in the chest from Lydia. You laced Stiles’ hand with your own under the table, to reassure him that whatever he was about to say you weren’t going to laugh or judge him. “It’s sort of tradition when we go to away games that the players girlfriends uhm wear their jerseys” Stiles mumbled quietly. “And you wanted me to wear yours?” you asked. “Yeah, it’s stupid I know and if you don’t want to its completely ok” he said quickly, earning him another Scoff from Jackson. “Aww babe that’s so sweet, I’d love to wear it” you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug, taking in the scent of his cologne. You kissed him sweetly on the cheek, before continuing to eat your lunch, with a huge grin on your face.

“Is everyone ready now?” Coach Finstock asked, with his usual sarcastic tone. Luckily the school bus was big enough for the players and a few people from the school to ride together. The six of you sat in your usual seats; Jackson and Lydia together, Allison and Scott on the row behind them, with you and Stiles on the row behind them. To think, the last time you all sat on that school bus you and Stiles weren’t actually dating and it was filled with awkward silences every time you two accidently brushed hands or shoulders. This time Stiles spent the journey with his arm around you, as you both talked about anything and everything. When you were about ten minutes away he sifted though his gym bag and pulled out his practice lacrosse jersey. “I forgot to tell my dad to wash it before today, its ok if-” he began to say. “Stiles, I don’t care what it smells like. I’m wearing it because it’s yours and I want to show off the fact you’re my boyfriend” you smiled. “This is why I love you” he said, staring at you admiringly. You were taken back by this, you’d known Stiles and liked him since before you could remember but he’d never said he loved you. Before you could respond the bus came to a stop and everyone began standing up and getting off.

“Heyyy” you said, walking to the stands to join Lydia and Allison. You’d changed into Stiles’ lacrosse jersey but you had to shove your jacket on over the top because of how cold it was. “Welcome to the jersey gang” Allison laughed, referring to the two of them and the other players’ girlfriends, all wearing their boyfriend’s practice jerseys. After a while of watching Scott completely annihilate the other team, while competing with Jackson you were starting to get bored. That was until coach swapped Stiles with Greenburg half way through the match. “Omg Stiles is playing” you cheered, earing a smile from Scott who heard your enthusiasm and told Stiles. Stiles blew you a kiss as the whistle went to proceed. It was a while until Stiles actually got close to the ball, but even then her rarely threw it in the right direction. You took off your jacket and stood up, “Go on Stiles, you get a kiss for every ball you catch” you shouted, turning a few heads from the other school’s team. A minute later he caught the ball and automatically began to smile widely at you in the stands. “Stiles watch out” Scott called from across the field, right as he was tackled to the ground. “OOO” the crowd winced in unison. “You’ve got it babe, just walk it off” you tried to shout encouragingly. At the end of the match you ran over to the field and hugged your boyfriend, “Good job baby” you smiled as you quickly kissed him on the lips. “Are you kidding? I didn’t score one goal” he sighed. “That doesn’t matter, because you looked cute trying” you joked. “The one good thing is seeing you in my jersey” he grinned. “Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be getting this back anytime soon” you claimed. “About what I said earlier-” he said awkwardly. “It’s ok, because I love you too” you finished. “Really?” he asked in shock. “I always have” you said, pressing your lips to his, this time ignoring the chants from your friends. In that moment all that mattered was you and him.

I hope you enjoyed, requests are open but it may take a while because I have so much school work. Turn of post notifications if you want to be informed of my sporadic posting x

"They don’t need us anymore"
  • -"I feel like its the fans that they were talking about here. You know because we've been through it all with them and now we're all growing up and moving on"
  • It's true. I never really understood why some fans did the most peculiar things over made up people and shows but i now know. I saw the first episode of teen wolf when i was in grade 8 i think it was and the first episode didn't really get me but i decided to continue to watch it and i soon feel in love with it. I font know what it is, weather it was the plot or the fact i love werewolves and supernatural stuff or it was because the people who played a part in it slayed their character. Or it could have been the fact that these people made it work.
  • I had a shit highschool life and i remember getting picked on and not wanting to get up in the mornings but i always wanted to when teen wolf was on that night.
  • I remember always wanting to do nothing i jsut didn't want to be here some day's but watching shows like teen wolf really did make me happy.
  • I know know why tv shows and made up charecters really mean so much to some people.
  • Because we connect with them. They play roles that we never realized we needed.
  • They say the words that we never thought we'd here or ever thing of saying.
  • They bring the meaning to life for some.
  • And they give us hope.
  • They teach us anticipation.
  • How to laugh.
  • How to love.
  • How to cry.
  • How to get over a hearbreak or friendship.
  • How to get along with people.
  • They teach us how to live.
  • They give us life.
  • Im so proud of the cast of teen wolf and the director and creator's of the show.
  • And i thank them so much because weather they know it or not they made a big impact on my life.
  • And i appreciate them for all they have done and am extremely proud.
  • The same goes for the vampire diaries, chicago P.D, chicago med, chicago fire.
What’s Your Fantasy?

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Prompt: “What I really meant to say was very different.”

Summary: Liam lets a secret slip while under the influence and immediately regrets it.

Words: 2k+

A/N: Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

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A well known fact about werewolves is they can’t get drunk because of their healing factor. However Malia was determined to find a way around that fact and she actually did. Maybe.

“Malia, are you sure about this? You know this stuff is meant to kill us, right?” Scott asked, sitting on his couch and wearily watching Malia’s movements.

“What’s life without a little risk, right? Look I’ll try it out first and if anything goes bad you guys go get help.” Malia waved off Scott’s worry, carefully measuring out some wolfsbane.

“Wolfsbane laced bullets kill us, shouldn’t wolfsbane laced alcohol do the same?” Scott said, again voicing his worries to the pack who were all quietly watching Malia.

“That’s why you put in little doses, not enough to kill but enough to mimic the effects of being drunk. At least that’s what I read online.” Malia replied, shrugging as she shook the bottle of vodka.

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marino-kun  asked:

I just read your explanation about the abomination chapter in teen wolf and I almost cry. It was so deep, that there people (like stiles) doesn't see Derek like a monster."Stiles telling Derek it’s okay to be… Derek. " *crying😭❤️". So I want to ask, what it would be your theory about Derek being the King in Stiles's chessboard ? That was something really big but they never explain it.

Ah thank you! I’m glad you appreciated my answer to that! :) And nice question because I do also have a theory about that one!

First of all I need to point out that season 3 is my favorite Sterek season, especially 3b even though you guys might think “why, Andi?! there was barely any sterek!”. Well, the sterek in 3b was subtle and I’m not saying whether it was intentional or not but fact is that it’s there and I was all over it. Oh yes.

Derek spent that whole season falling over himself trying to keep Stiles safe. I love Derek, he’s my favorite character ever so don’t take what I’m going to say too harshly, but that boy has had the same motto since season 1: kill those who are killing innocents. All Derek wants is to keep innocents safe from supernaturals that use their abilities for evil instead of good (something I think is a lot influenced by the fact that Derek lives with the guilt that his loved ones died because of him being a supernatural himself), and we saw him kill his own uncle and being supportive of killing Lydia when he thought she was the kanima because despite the fact that her human side was innocent he still knew the Kanima side was out there killing innocents and the life of one person can’t have more worth than the life of dozens.

But then 3B comes and by that point the elevator scene has already happened and Derek has already changed his anchor from anger to Stiles. So we have a boy who left town with his sister because he was finally feeling in perfect control again after finding an anchor that is kind and good and trustworthy, and then he comes back to chaos in Beacon Hills and his anchor being evil. 

Now you’d think, well this is Derek Hale, who only wants to help people, and that is Stiles Stilinski who, sure, is a good person but whose body is getting people killed left and right while no one has been able to find a way to separate him from the nogitsune. Under normal circumstances we would’ve had Derek chasing down Stiles and eliminating the threat - again, not because he’d be perfectly fine killing an innocent boy that was being forced to do horrible things, but because it’s a “one life vs dozens of lives” situation.

But what we get instead is Derek bending over backwards trying to keep Stiles safe, joining forces with Allison and Chris ARGENT (one of them, btw, that tried to kill him and his betas and got his betas imprisoned and tortured) to make sure they don’t have their own agenda and work against Stiles while he’s not looking. Then he also started working with the twins, who ACTUALLY got Erica and Boyd killed. Do you actually think Derek would do that out of his own volition? Nope, he really wouldn’t and this is where the king enters.

I don’t know much about chess, but I do know that while the King is the most important piece of the board it is not the strongest. We are told by Peter that chess is Stiles’ game, not the nogitsune’s, which means that the board had a message directly from Stiles and Derek (knowing perfectly well how smart and resourceful Stiles is) listened to Peter and looked for clues and he found them.

This is based on a lot of things I’ve read through the years, so I’m not the only person who believes this to be true: the board was Stiles’ way to keep Derek safe. How, you ask me? Because at that point Derek didn’t really have anyone to trust besides the Sheriff. He was running around with the Argents keeping an eye on them and Argents aren’t people Derek will trust to take to war, so there’s a really high chance that when the final battle against the nogitsune actually happened Derek would be a dumb dumb and go alone because you’re safer by yourself than with your enemies, right?

Wrong. And Stiles told him that through that chess board where he placed Derek as his king, one move away from check mate (from what I remember, but I might be wrong about this) and being protected by pawns that coincidentally have aiden and ethan’s names on them, which was Stiles’ way of saying “hey, sourwolf, I know you can be a butthead about things, but this is serious and we can end this but don’t you dare go fight alone because I fear you’ll die if you don’t have help and I can’t have that!”.

Derek read Stiles message, understood it, and against all odds he convinced the twins (whom, let’s be realistic here, he hates with good reason) to fight by his side and it was a fantastic move because alone Derek would’ve been most likely killed, but with his two backups Aiden ended up being the fallen one.

So, tldr: what is the meaning of Stiles making Derek his king? It means that, in the middle of all the fucked up shit that was going on, while being possessed by a thousand years old evil spirit that was killing and killing and killing, while being really fucking scared, Stiles Stilinski took a damn moment to trick the trickster and left a message in that board for the most important piece and the message was “Derek, don’t you dare die on me, we still haven’t said ‘I love you’”.

It worked pretty well in the end :)

Anyways the fact that stydia shippers and Lydia stans are more concerned with the fact that it was Parrish that she saved and it looked like a recycled stydia scene rather than Lydia overcoming her fears and being a badass after the mess her character was in 6A says a lot about what y'all really see Lydia as; stiles’ love interest and nothing more. Because apparently everything she does, y'all somehow trace back to stiles. Lydia is my least favorite character possibly ever, but even I know she deserves better than to only be shown concern and positive attention when it comes to stiles.

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Bulletproof//Liam Dunbar

Kinda short, but I think it’s cute

Characters: Liam Dunbar, Reader.


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Liam was spending the night and he’d been radiating heat all night. You normally didn’t mind, since you were cold natured. The heat index was getting up to 105 degrees, so tonight you minded.

You pushed him away and he groaned. “What’s wrong with you?”

“You. You’re too hot. Quit trying to cuddle me.”


“Yes. Stop.” You scooted over to the edge of the bed, the fan doing nothing but stirring around hot air.

By the time you’d fallen asleep, Liam found his way back to you, making you sweat an amount you didn’t know possible. You swatted him away.

“Jesus Christ, Liam. Give me room.”

He grunted in response and moved away.

You woke up again with his arms around your waist. You pushed him off. “That’s it. Get out of my bed.”

He sighed, “Really?”

“Yes. Go sleep in the guest room. It’s too hot for you to be all over me.”

You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!

“No it’s not. You’re in my room. The only thing in here belonging to you is me.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. You’re like a human furnace.”

“You’re crazy.” He got up and left the room. You suddenly felt much cooler and comfortable.

It was around five a.m. when you heard your door open. You sat up and looked at Liam in the doorway.

“Look…I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me…I just missed you.”

You sigh and reach over to turn the fan up higher. “Come on.” You pull the sheet back and he grins before getting back into bed with you.

“What do you even say about that? Dear diary, today I kicked my boyfriend out of bed because he was too hot.”

You smack his arm. “Shut up and go to sleep. I love you, but you really are too hot to sleep with.”

Fandom racism and hypocrisy are really the same everywhere… like, they pretend to not like a character of colour because his personnality/origin story/storyline are boring, but then they go around and give their asshole white fave all of the characteristics of the aforementioned character of colour… like, what is the truth ?

In the Teen Wolf fandom people go on and on about how boring and uninteresting Scott (a brown latino) is, but in the vast majority of TW fics they give Stiles (your basic white asshole) Scott’s personality and journey. Suddenly Stiles becomes kind, generous, sweet, he’s the Real True Alpha, the glue that sticks the pack together - even though in canon these are Scott’s characteristics. And suddenly when these traits apply to Stiles it isn’t boring at all anymore. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Alpha!Stiles and “pack mom” Stiles (also kudos for forcing heteronormative gender roles on Stiles for the sake of your white ship) fanfics that exist out there.

And now it’s the same thing in the TFA fandom. Racists keep saying that Finn is boring, bland, uninteresting, meanwhile Kylo is tortured!! complex!! dark and gritty!! (even though Finn’s backstory is way darker and more tortured than Kylo’s) And now Kylo stans are starting to take Finn’s characteristics, backstory and journey away from him to give them to Kylo. “What if Kylo were taken from Han and Leia as a baby and raised as a stormtrooper ! And when years later he finds his parents he comes back to the light ! Because even though he was raised in a terrible environment he didn’t become a monster ! Can you imagine that ??”

………..Yes my dude, i can, there’s already a character like this and his name is Finn, but you hate him because you find him “boring”. Suddenly everything that makes Finn “boring” becomes interesting when it’s applied to a white man. Hmmmmm, what’s it called again ? oh yeah, RACISM.


Okay y’all, time for a serious sticky minute. 

One of the things I’ve always loved about Dylan is his ability to be completely atypical.  He’s got the framework to be a douchey, hollywood “actor” but he’s got the home training, talent and personality to break the mold and be so much more. 

Except when it comes to Teen Wolf. 

I was talking to a friend today and she said that “He’s gone forever and does nothing, and when he does do something it’s this.  He behaves like he’s a nobody.”  and that’s when it really sunk in what’s been bothering about his involvement with Teen Wolf. 

Dylan feels like he owes Teen Wolf.  I feel like he even blames himself for the time he missed for the accident and if he just works hard he can make it up to them because he owes them so much.

How did that happen?  It really didn’t hit me until today that that’s what it was.  Everything in his stature, his words, his tone, his expressions belied his words to the point where I wondered “who is he trying to convince?”.  I wrote to @colethewolf that it seems like he wants to love this show because he wants this time to have been worth it.  And I think he knows that letting go means he’s going to have to grow up and figure out what he really wants from his career and maybe that terrifies him.  This show seems like it’s become a security blanket and if that isn’t years of Jeff Davis “I made you, I found you, stay humble and remember me your roots” Propoganda than I don’t know what is. 

He kept saying Teen Wolf was his first job ever and I’m like.. it clearly was not.  So why does he think that?  Why does he need to press that home so badly?  Teen Wolf was a big break and got him exposure, but does he really think he would be nothing without it and if that’s the case… YIKES.

I’m not making any declarations, this is just me talking and I know some of you are feeling some type of way.  I’ve had nonnies in tears and I’m so close myself, lol.  When I found out Hoechlin was in Africa and after ALL of this we couldn’t even get fake Hobrien, I literally burst out laughing and was about to lie on the floor until i remembered I was at work.  I take this ish way too srsly and will gladly concede I’m crazy, lol.  I just want it to end.  And I’m just now realizing that we’re not going to get the full Dylan Package until it does and that’s… distressing.  

To see the way the show has decimated its fandom is disappointing.  To see the way they disrespect and misuse Dylan at every turn is frustrating.  But to watch him sit there and take it, and try to gladly, like it’s a penance?  Infuriating.  I just… I got nothing.  I’m numb.  Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will go by quickly and then this stupid show and the three eps we watch will be over.  I just hope that Dylan can see that he needs to step up and step out and that we’ll support him.  Sigh, until then.

What I got from the Teen Wolf premiere

I wasn’t much intrigued beyond Liam and Parrish, but that’s just me
This ending though…listen.
I found Teen Wolf when I was 13-14, right around I believe a couple months before 3A-3B started. I’d watched shows before, and gotten invested in the sense that I’d watch Youtube videos about them sometimes, but never like Teen Wolf. It wasn’t a gateway for me, it didn’t help me through a tough time in my life, but it DID help me through things as I got older, and I became more and more attached to these characters. I started going on Omegle at 13-14 after starting the show, and in the Teen Wolf tag everyone always talked about Sterek. ‘What is Sterek?’ I’d ask myself, so I looked it up. And thus began the biggest obsession my life had ever known, has ever known, and will ever know till the day I die. I wanna cry just typing this out, because while Teen Wolf means so much to me, Sterek means the world to me. It is who I am at this point, a part of me and has been a part of me for so long that it’s something that, god forbid if I start to move away from someday, I will never, ever forget. I started writing fanfiction, for myself, that I’ve never let anyone see, at that age. Then I started role-playing, writing as Stiles, which I still do to this day. In a weird and honestly probably unhealthy sense, I see a lot of Stiles in myself, because more often then not, I am Stiles. I’m Stiles in all my writing, in all my stories, in my point of view on life in general. He even more so than Sterek, is a part of who I am, and i’m so happy he is, because Stiles Stilinski is incredible. He is, without a shred of doubt, the most amazing character I have ever had the pleasure to see grow, and had the pleasure to make my own in my writing. 
Seeing him in that last scene, hearing his voice, the smile on his face, the personality we haven’t seen since season 2, it hit me so hard. Because that’s my fucking Stiles, the sweet funny guy I fell in love with at such a young age, and attached so much meaning to ever since. 
Stiles being the one to discover Derek was wanted like that, was very purposeful, and we all know what they’re doing. Boosting ratings, baiting, trying to go out with the fan base they started with. And honestly? I couldn’t give two shits, because Sterek is what made me what I am today. It may not have begun that way, but it did get me through lots of shit in my life. Terrible awful shit, and I clung to these two men so fiercely through it all, and came out the other end loving them that much more. So bait me all you want Teen Wolf, bait me in the last fucking scene of this show, because at the end of the day, for me, all I see is the men I’ve grown to love with all my heart interacting, and making me happy, and tbh that’s all that really matters to me.

I am a fucking porn blog, I get it, but this episode brought so many emotions to the surface that I had to share it. If any of you guys gave the show your time, what did you think? How do you feel about the obvious Sterek they’re setting up? Happy bout it, mad about it? Lemme know, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Puppy Love - Part 1

Finally it’s here!! I hope y’all love lots!! 2333

Synopsis: Marianne’s new puppy must try to adapt to human life after mysteriously transforming, but they must be careful when falling in love because a wolf can only mate with one for life. It won’t be long until they realize this pup’s master might have a few unknown mysteries of her own.

Type: So much Chanyeol fluff you will die, dog and wolf hybrids, cuteness, hopefully a laugh or two, and action stuff

Puppy Love

“Miyoung, will you come down from there?” Luhan called up to Miyoung who was at least a hundred or so feet up in a tree.
“Come up here and make me,” Miyoung smirked, sitting on a tree branch. She swung her legs back and forth teasingly, “Unless you’re too scared.”
“Will you just come down already?” Luhan laughed, “Come on! We have to get back to the pack before nightfall.”
“Oh fine then.” Miyoung jumped off the branch she was on and fell all the way to the ground, landing perfectly on her feet right in front of Luhan. “Happy?”
“Overjoyed,” Luhan rolled his eyes playfully then nudged her shoulder as they started walking, “Hey, wanna race back?”
“Why? You always lose.”
Luhan pointed his finger at her, “I won the last time and you know it.”
“You keep telling yourself that.”
“Race in three, two, one, go!” Luhan then took off, leaving Miyoung in the dust.
“Luhan!” Miyoung scoffed then began to run after him, “No fair!”
“I did warn you!” Luhan chuckled. “First one to the territory gets first helping!”
“You really are trying to lose!” Miyoung giggled then sped in front of him. She did end up making it to their territory before him with Luhan a minute or so behind her. Once he caught up, she stuck her tongue out at him, “Told you so.”
Luhan pouted and rubbed the back of his neck, “I would’ve won if I wasn’t so stiff today.”
“You were pretty confident a few minutes ago.” Miyoung smirked but he growled at her.
“I’ll get you next time.” Luhan ran his fingers through his blonde hair then jumped up into a tree.
Miyoung rolled her eyes. He was always such a child. “Get down from there.”
“Come up here and make me.” Luhan mimicked her words from before as he squatted far up in the tree, “Unless you’re too scared.”
“You’re really gonna try testing me on that too?”
“Is he acting up again?” Their fellow pack member and friend, Sehun, appeared. Sehun looked up at Luhan in the tree and chuckled, “You beat him at racing again, didn’t you?”

Miyoung nodded confidently, “What else is new?”
“Hey Luhan! If you don’t get down here, I’ll be sure to tell Miyoung all about your little crush on-” Sehun threatened but was soon interrupted by Luhan leaping down and tackling him which turned into a wrestling match with Sehun winning.
“While you pups finish, I’ll be getting the first helping of rice and whatever else Minseok has cooked up.” Miyoung stepped past them.
She briefly thought about what Sehun said. Luhan had a crush? That was a laugh. The only girl Luhan really talked to was her, unless there was some other human or wolf she didn’t know about, which was impossible. She and Luhan were best friends since they were pups. They both swore a long time ago when they were young teens that they were like brother and sister. Maybe Sehun was just bluffing, maybe. But he couldn’t be, because then Luhan wouldn’t have cared.
“Hey, Miyoung?” Kai approached with a bunch of chicken stuffed in his cheeks, “You’re up tonight for night watch patrol.”
“Isn’t it still supposed to be your turn?”
Kai smirked then proceeded to whisper, “Yeah, I need you to cover for me. I’m going out tonight.”
“Blowing off patrol to go to the clubs with Minseok again?”
“Kind of.”
“Fine, but this is the last time. Got it?”
“Thanks Miyoung! You’re the best!” Kai patted her shoulder and ran back to the camp fire to continue eating.
“Ah, this kid.” Miyoung muttered to herself in annoyance.
Late into the night, Miyoung kept her promise to Kai and stood guard at their territory’s entrance. This was the spot where they liked to camp out at every weekend, which was the only time they slept in the woods and not at their own homes. Still, someone had to keep watch. They knew there were others out there who didn’t want to play nice. Their pack wasn’t going to risk anything.
Hearing what sounded like a twig snapping not too far away made her gasp a little. She turned her head where she heard the noise and attempted to use her good vision to see who or what was lurking in the darkness, only to see nothing. Just as she was brushing off the paranoia, she turned her head back in the same direction when she heard rustling leaves as if someone were walking through them. She could’ve sworn she saw a figure run from behind one tree to the other. A pair of hands grabbing her shoulders from behind was enough to make her nearly scream…

1 year later…

“Good morning, baby~ Good morning~” Marianne heard Apink’s song “Good Morning Baby” blast from her phone at exactly 8:30 a.m. She reached her arm out from beneath the covers to reach for her phone to turn it off. Her fingers blindly felt for the screen of her phone so she could swipe it which turned the alarm off.
Marianne squeaked a little as she did a big full body stretch before throwing the covers off her body. She shuffled her feet to the bathroom, making sure to do a big yawn while stretching her arms again. She sniffled her nose and rubbed her eyes, of course never enjoying having to wake up early everyday. When she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she jolted in fear like a monster suddenly appeared in front of her. She saw her hair looking like a mess in its still sort of bun, dark circles under her eyes, and just an overall “I’m tired I just want to go back to sleep I look and feel like death right now” look.
She leaned one hand on the sink and pointed at the mirror to herself, “We have got some serious work to do my friend.”
One face wash, moisturization, teeth brushing, hair brushing, hair straightening, and makeup application later, she felt much more ready to step out into public. She decided to go with dark blue skinny jeans, a white V-neck, and black heels as her outfit for the day. She picked up her phone and the pet store adoption flier underneath it so she could tuck it into her bag on her way out from her apartment.
“Yes?” Marianne answered her phone as she walked down the street to the coffee shop.
“Did you get the puppy yet?” It was her friend Sandra. She could remember when Sandra first approached her on their university campus, and Marianne had absolutely no idea where she was going. She could be a little ditzy sometimes, but she was still a great friend.
“Not yet. I’m gonna go look at him today after work.” The day before, Marianne happened to walk by the pet store and saw the cutest little beagle puppy in the window so she took a flier and was determined to buy him. She couldn’t help but think the baby beagle was eager for her to have him as well just by the way he suddenly sprouted with energy at the sight of her through the window.
“Send me pictures as soon as you get him!”
“Will do.” Marianne giggled, “Anyway, I have to go now. You know the boss will make me turn off my phone the second I walk in.”
“Right. I’ll see you and the pup later then!”
Marianne hung up the phone, being sure to turn it off as she walked through the door of the coffee shop. She made her way behind the counter, putting her bag down on the floor with the flier beneath it, then tied her black apron around her waist.
“Morning.” The young man with blonde hair standing behind the register smiled and greeted her.
“Morning.” Marianne mimicked him with a big grin.
“You seem cheerful today.” He chuckled.
“Well, you remember that puppy I told you about yesterday?”
“I’m taking him home today.” Marianne squealed in excitement, making him want to laugh. “Now I’ll have a partner to beat your at our Saturday runs.”
“Nice try but I’ve been doing secret runs of my own, and girl, you are going to eat your words.”
“Really? Tell me, Luhan, name one time you beat me.” She smirked. Luhan opened his mouth to answer but no words came out, making her nod her head, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“What’s with all the chitchat?” Their boss, Kyungsoo, swung the door open from the kitchen, that usual annoyed expression on his face. “Back to work.”
Luhan’s and Marianne’s smiles quickly dropped, Marianne’s head dropping so she could look at her feet as she made her way around the counter to go start waiting tables. But as soon as Kyungsoo was back in the kitchen, Marianne lifted her head to look at Luhan, both their smiles returning as they silently laughed to each other once again. Luhan then pointed at the clock behind him then proceeded to count down silently from three to one.
“Morning coffee crew!” Marianne turned towards the door to see Sandra burst in just on time. “Where’s my usual?”
“Right here.” Luhan pulled out a medium sized coffee cup with her name on it. When Sandra came over and reached to grab it, Luhan teasingly pulled it back and squinted his eyes accusingly at her, “To be honest, it doesn’t look like you could use the extra caffeine.”
Sandra grimaced at him, snatching the cup from him, “I’m perfectly fine, thank you very much. Did you make sure it’s half regular and half decaffeinated?”
“Three packets of sugar?”
“Soy milk?”
“Inch of foam?”
“Melted mocha on the bottom and caramel on the top?”
“Okay, perfect.” Sandra tossed him the money but stopped and turned back around to him when she began to leave. She pointed to the cup confused, “You spelt my name wrong.”
“I did? Oh I’m sorry.” Luhan frowned sarcastically, “Silly me, I wrote Sandra instead of Annoying and Bossy Little Bi-”
“Luhan!” Marianne gasped at him, gesturing for him to lower his voice. “Don’t let Kyungsoo hear you say that.”
“Yeah, Luhan. Learn some manners.” Sandra smirked and Luhan did everything he could to not growl like his wolf self under his breath at her, fearing Marianne or someone else would hear it. “Anyways, I’m going to skedaddle. Remember Marianne, I’m expecting pictures of that puppy the second you get him, no later.”
“Yes sir ma'am.” Marianne saluted to her.
“Never say that to me ever again.” Sandra glanced with an unamused expression then left.
“You know,” Marianne waddled cutely toward Luhan, “You guys could at least try getting along a little better.”
“Why? She’s icky.”
Marianne chuckled, “No she is not. She’s my best friend.”
“I thought I was your best friend.” Luhan pouted.
“You’re my other best friend.” Marianne paused, thinking a little, “Was there a time when you two didn’t think about killing each other? I was starting to think that memory wasn’t even real.”
“Yeah, it was a while ago. That was before she turned icky.” He grumbled childishly.
“Careful, Luhan, or I might start to suspect you have a crush.”
“Yeah right, that’s the last thing on my mind. You know I don’t like anyone.”
“Okay, I believe you. For now.” She winked teasingly, going back to the people who just came in and sat down.
The hours seemed to pass even slower than usual. Every time Marianne looked at the clock to see if it was any closer to the time to go, she grunted and stomped her feet when she saw it was no closer than it was a whole minute and a half ago.
“Marianne, you’re closing up tonight.” Kyungsoo hung up his apron.
“Sir, I can’t. I have some place to be in a few minutes-”
“I don’t care. I need you here and that’s that.”
“That’s not fair-”
“I don’t care.” Kyungsoo repeated, pointing his finger at her then going back into the kitchen.
“Psst,” Luhan got Marianne’s attention, gesturing for her to come over to him at the register. Luhan couldn’t take seeing his close friend moping so much. When she approached him, he smiled sweetly and said in a hushed tone so Kyungsoo wouldn’t hear, “Go. I’ll cover for you.”
“Really? Thank you, thank you so much Luhan!” Marianne immediately threw off her apron, hung it up, then threw her arms around Luhan’s neck to hug him as tight as she could for a brief moment. She then grabbed her bag and ran out of the coffee shop, leaving Luhan to savor the moment he just shared with her.
“You’re still just like her.” Luhan whispered to Marianne as if she were still there.
He missed Miyoung so much. It had already been too long. Still, he guessed Marianne was enough even though it wasn’t quite the same. He knew he would see Miyoung again one day. He was sure of it.
By the time Marianne got to the pet shop, she thought for sure it was going to be closed. But when she saw the lights still on with people inside, she breathed a sigh of relief and quickly rushed inside.
“Hi, I’m here to purchase an animal and I wanted to know if all my paperwork checked out alright.” Marianne said happily to the person at the register.
“Marianne Park.”
“Oh, you’re here to pick up the five-week-old beagle puppy?”
“Yes.” Marianne smiled with excitement. The worker moved from behind the counter to lead Marianne to the dog pens. “How do you know he’s five weeks?”
“It’s just an estimate the vet gave when we found him.”
“Where did you find him?”
“We got a call a few days ago and found him wandering the highway nearby just outside the woods all alone, poor thing. He had a collar on with his name but no one ever came to claim him, so we decided put him up for adoption.” The worker unlocked the cage, following the little beagle puppy immediately running out in complete joy. He sniffed the floor and when he spotted Marianne, he quickly ran over to her feet and let out a small and squeaky bark while wagging his tail endlessly. “He seems to already be taking a liking to you.”
Marianne kneeled down to pick him up, making the puppy bark again then start licking her hand and wag his tail more.
“He’s so adorable! What’s his name?”
“Yeolie, at least that’s what it says on his collar. If you want, you can change it.”
Marianne shook her head, “No. Yeolie is perfect. Hi Yeolie, I’m Marianne. Would you like to come home with me?”
Yeolie immediately barked in response and wagged his tail faster, giving her cheek an eager kiss.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Hey Dob Stans, Let’s Talk...

So first off, I want to say that I don’t know if Dob is going back.  I personally don’t believe it, but that’s not what this is really about.  Secondly, this is for the stans, I don’t care to fight or discuss with the haters, they’re not worth the time. The only reason I’m even talking about this is because I know a LOT of you are up in your feelings and I just want to hit you with this friendly reminder:

If Dylan O’brien decides to go back to Teen Wolf, the only thing that makes him is a good and forgiving person. 

It doesn’t make him a flop, it doesn’t make him a failure.  It doesn’t make him gullible and it says nothing about his net worth, his cache in Hollywood nor will it have any negative impact on his future career and more importantly… my love for him and his craft. 

Y’all know I am petty af and this show has freaking hurt and burned me and because of that I would love nothing more than to see it burn to the ground so I can salt the earth it’s scattered on and nothing can grow there again. 

I’m not Dylan O’brien. 

Dylan O’brien who last year nearly got dragged to death, survived, persevered and shot as a lead in an upcoming franchise making film.  Dylan O’brien who traversed continents only to come back and fulfill his contract to a show that has a character he will always cherish and love. 

Dylan O’brien who is now preparing to traverse more continents to film a movie that will directly mirror the set on which he got injured.  Dylan O’brien who has always treated his fans with respect and decency and is always lauded for how kind, and generous he is.  Dylan O’brien who can do whatever he wants, when and however and he wants because he’s freaking earned it.  

I know Teen Wolf has used and abused him and treated him like crap. I know about stretching him thin and then using his name to try and hide their complete incompetence.  I know about using him to openly lie to the media and fans about their nonsense. I was there when they hinged an entire season on him knowing he wouldn’t be available and then decided to launch a romance knowing that he wouldn’t be there. I know about the ideas he had that they stopped listening to, about the scenes he had to say no to, about the ones they made him do anyway. I know about the times they told him no just because they could and I know how they’ve consistently shown exactly how little they respect him while denying (and yet somehow exploiting) how much they need him. 

What I don’t know is what it would take for Dylan to preserve the integrity of Stiles. I don’t know the relationships he’s formed with the people on set (not just the cast) and how he separates them from the show itself.  I don’t know what kind of pressure he’s getting to return and how it feels to try and preserve the love you had for a project while in the middle of its downfall.  I don’t know what could be said to convince him to come back, but I do know if he does, while I’ll be disappointed, I won’t stan for him any less, I won’t be worried about him.  Our boy is a trooper and he’s gone through hell; if coming out the other side for him means doing Jeff a solid and wrapping up this crap show then that’s what it means. I’ll just probably take a smooth break and wait until Amas comes out!

When Dob deserves to be dragged, y’all know I do so (albeit with great reservation because bae), but there are enough unknown variables involved in making a decision like this, that I don’t think it’s fair.  Dylan has shown us that he has the ability to make excellent choices. I don’t know what could justify him going back, but I trust him to know and understand his limits and the impact of his decisions. Call me a hypocrite, call me a stan, but he’s been through enough with this crap show, that he knows what’s up, even when we don’t. 

I’m still under the impression that all of this will be moot, but if you’re starting to waver over something we have no stakes in, and no control over, it’s time to refocus.  If anyone can withstand this mess completely unscathed, It’s Dylan. Rest in that fact and focus on the amazing future he’s going to bring us.