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She’s the betta half of the two

Working through my anon prompts as promised.  This one got eaten by tumblr thanks for the efficiency guys so helpful.  The prompt was something along the lines of:

Bernie catches Serena changing into her scrubs.

So this happened.  I regret nothing.

Bernie Wolfe pushed through the door of the locker room and stopped mid-stride at the sight of Serena Campbell shrugging efficiently out of her ubiquitous orange blouse.  In the muted light Bernie could see the dusting of dark freckles across Serena’s creamy shoulders and she leaned against the wall, her blue scrubs dropping from her suddenly nerveless fingers.

After more than a month of sharing Serena’s bed, mapping the constellation of those same freckles with her lips as well as her hands, she was still caught off guard at how breathless she became at the sight of Serena as she stripped herself bare.

“Don’t just stand there Ms. Wolfe,” Serena was all business but there was an undercurrent of playfulness in her voice, “Quick as you can. That bowel isn’t going to resect itself.”

“How did you know it was me?” Bernie asked, “I could have been Morven.”

“Morven doesn’t smell like vanilla.”

“I do not smell like vanilla,” Bernie stated as she leaned over to pick up her scrubs.

“You do,” Serena shot back, “and furthermore Morven does not, pant.”

“Pardon?” With two steps Bernie was at Serena’s side, her eyebrow raised.

“You heard me,” Serena smiled and glanced up at Bernie even as she pulled her black camisole over her head, gratified to hear yet another sharp intake of breath from the blonde beside her.

“Your style of panting is fairly…..distinctive.”

“Distinctive?” Bernie innocently traced her fingertip along Serena’s collarbone, allowing it to dip into the hollow between her breasts. She raked her nails lightly across the swell of Serena’s belly, fingers barely brushing the top of Serena’s trousers.  Her lips found the shell of Serena’s ear.

“Really?” she whispered, her voice deliberately breathy, “Recognizable? Rather like that little mewling cry you make in the back of your throat just before you-“

“Yes, thank you Berenice,” Serena blushed furiously and decisively removed Bernie’s hand from her waist, “A girl doesn’t like having all her trade secrets revealed.”

“You’re blushing,” Bernie laughed as she slowly started unbuttoning her shirt.

Serena blushed even harder.

“I’m not,” she said imperiously as she yanked on her scrub top, “it’s just another bloody hot flush.”

“Shall I call ahead to theatre and ask them to set up a wee fan for you Ms. Campbell?”

“Keep that up and you might find I’m not nearly as accommodating when it comes to warming your freezing cold feet later this evening,” Serena warned.

Bernie snorted and bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing outright as she quickly shucked her jeans and grabbed for the bottoms of her own scrubs.

She stepped into them and watched as Serena deftly unzipped her trousers and let them fall to the tile floor. Bernie gasped for a third time since entering the locker bay, desire flooding through her even as her eyes widened in shock.  

“Who would have thought it,” she let out a low, appreciative whistle, “Serena Campbell.  Commando.”

“Well if someone had done the washing when it was her turn I wouldn’t be in this predicament,” Serena retorted, “On balance, I must say it’s been rather a freeing experience.”

“You’ve been wandering about all day, without knickers, and you didn’t think to tell me,” Bernie’s voice dropped an octave and she grabbed Serena around the waist, her hands moving instinctively to cup Serena’s bottom.

“I thought it would make for a nice surprise,” Serena’s tart reply was softened by the lingering kiss she planted at the corner of Bernie’s mouth, “after our shift.”

She extricated herself from Bernie’s arms and headed toward the door, putting a deliberate sway in her hips.

“And how am I supposed to concentrate in theatre,” Bernie sputtered, “ With you, when you, with you standing across the table from me bare-arsed under your scrubs?”

“Call on some of that army discipline,” Serena tossed a saucy look over her shoulder, “I’m sure you’ll be able to cope.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Bernie growled as she followed Serena out of the locker room.

“Perhaps next time when procrastination sets in you’ll think twice,” Serena replied sweetly,  “before leaving all the dirty washing in a giant heap on the floor.”

“This conversation isn’t over,” Bernie warned, her knuckles brushing over the swell of Serena’s hip before she stopped, allowing Serena the opportunity to put a respectable distance between them.

“It would be a tactical error to think I don’t know what you’re doing, Major.” she called as she continued down the hall.

“Just enjoying the view,” Bernie sighed to herself as she quickened her pace.

She had a feeling it was going to be a long, frustrating afternoon.

You have your personal emails and school emails all tabbed and clogged on your bookmarks bar. You have two different tumblr accounts you have to switch over on a daily. Your essay’s reference sites are flooding in between your online shopping tabs. You want to separate your academic digital life on Chrome, but you just don’t know how.

Did you know you could by creating a secondary profile?

But why a secondary profile?
Exactly for the reasons above. To separate your personal life from your academic life and limit distractions and peering eyes when you’re at school or in a lecture. Personally I have it because I get to sift through my bookmarks and history better when looking for references before. I also have it to separate my Tumblr accounts.

This also helps me focus better on my stuff because I get to block websites and use the pomodoro method much more efficiently!

Do I need to do this?
No not necessary if you don’t want to! This is just a personal tip I wanted to share to everyone!

So how do I create a new profile?

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hey anon from yesterday

i made a text post when i shouldn’t have

i got kinda mad because you were rude to my friend and that’s still justified

but i can understand not liking to see selfies of random strangers on my dash i don’t like to see those much either

we do tag everything so just blacklist those tags if you don’t like em, there’s an easy solution


I’m going to try to start doing commissions soon.

It might be a bit complicated, as I have to work around some things. And it would only be digital at first, because I can’t ship things at all. Along with this it would have to be printed by the person who purchases, if they would like it printed.

However, I hope you all will be okay with this system I am developing, and I hope it will become more efficient and better in the future.

So far the plan is for it to be drawing people/characters. If you would like complex backgrounds that would be extra. The more people the more cost. The more complicate the people, the more cost.

If there is more time spent on it than the average of that level, I will request additional payment (ex: 2 extra dollars for every extra hour)

With the exception of 2 people, the plan is for every person will be the cost for one person times the number of people. (Ex: A sketch of 5 waist up people would be 5 times 5, ending up at a base cost of 25 dollars)

If you would like me to not post it anywhere online that would be a much greater cost, as my online posting of works will someday help with portfolio creation. That would be worked out based on the piece and time taken.

This is to let you all know that I am planning this out and it may take time to do.

Until I open commissions, I will still take requests for things such as characters.

Requests are basic, such as _____ character feeling ______ or _____ character in a *insert emotion* pose. Commissions can be complex, ex: “I would like a waist up Yurio looking solemn and cold. Here are some reference images for what I mean *Insert picture* *Insert picture*” from there we would discuss prices and exactly what you want. The more research I have to do, I will increase the cost slightly. Research time counts towards time on the piece. (Remember the 2 dollars for every extra hour?)

Once I open commissions, requests will likely close for a while.

I’m really excited to do this, but It may be a while yet.

Thank you for your time and patience, hopefully I can get this started!

A peek at the process

I regularly get requests for clarifications on the sigil-making process, so I thought I’d show a few of the steps I use to (quickly) create some of the custom sigils I make for Tumblr followers.

This isn’t meant to imply my process is the “right” way to do it, as there are many, many techniques and approaches to sigilcraft. This is a fast, efficient way to make a sigil I have no personal investment in. In your sigil work you probably aren’t going for speed, and you may need to go through dozens of versions to create the sigil that speaks to your personal desire.

The example below is one I made yesterday, and I chose it because it came together quickly, on a single page, and in a matter of a few minutes. It’s common for sigils to take a half-dozen pages like this before I finally settle on a design.

Step 1: Drafting

The request here was a simple one. “I am enough.” I wrote it out using a charcoal pencil on a page i my cheap sketchbook ($4 from Michael’s). At first, I thought I’d try working with Irish uncial characters (top left), but soon decided that Orkhon characters (”Turkic runes”) were a better fit for my mood.

Note that I didn’t strike out the vowels. I often don’t when I’m working with non-Latin alphabets, and if you’re curious about why, I explain it in this post.

You can see the merging of shapes as I play around with the basic structure. It may be harder to see the process, but a large part of my process is simply to turn letters and shapes until they overlap, then merge the lines.

The final rough sigil is in the middle.

Step 2: Clarifying

Once I have the overall symbol worked out, I break out the charcoals, conte crayons or oil pastels. Then I do a few versions with different line weights and proportions. It’s common for me to do pages and pages of these, looking for the one that comes together just right. I’m going to be showing these off on Tumblr, after all.

You don’t need to worry about this step. Your sigil is for you, and no one else. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. If you’re going to be activating it through a destructive ritual (burning, for instance), it’s usually best to keep it simple.

As you can see, this isn’t a home run. The lines are uneven, and it’s pretty rough. It doesn’t look as polished as the things I post to my site and to Tumblr. It has also changed a little from the charcoal sketch, as I’m still playing around with some of the details.

In this case, I didn’t create a final charcoal version. I knew I was going to make yet another version in ink, so this was more like a second draft.

Step 3: Final Draft

Now that I had a draft I liked, I brought out my brushes and ink. After warming up with some rougher versions (just to practice the strokes), I made an ink version. Here’s how it looked.

Again, I’ve made a few tweaks to the design, but the fundamental shape hasn’t changed much from that first charcoal draft.

Step 4: Finalization

I didn’t feel like waiting for the ink to dry so that I could scan this in. Instead, I took a photo and ran that into Photoshop for a bit of cleanup. (If you’re curious, I cropped it, desaturated the image, and put it through the Treshhold process to get clean a black and white image.)

From there, it was just a matter of placing the text, resizing it for the web, and posting it.

In retrospect, I could have cleaned up the edges a little to make for smoother lines. But art isn’t supposed to be perfect, is it?

Vader: triumphant onscreen for the first time since ...

Most of the people I keep track of, in fandom, have a fairly nuanced understanding for Darth Vader as a character. They see an efficient killer, but they also see someone with weaknesses, character flaws, and nightmares. Someone who can be controlled and deceived.

They don’t tend to have much regard for people who really want to see Vader mow down Rebels and commit atrocities. (And to be honest, I’m not sure that’s actually what “fanboys“ want, because I’ve yet to see anyone put that forward in their own words. It’s not a common position to hold, unironically, IME of Tumblr.) So I got to the final scene in Rogue One, where Vader just slaughters Rebels, and was amazed at how much I loved it; how viscerally satisfying it was to watch him come out and kick ass.

I’d never had any particular disapproval for these people, who were allegedly impatient with Anakin and wanted more Vader action, but the way their interest had been explained to me, it hadn’t … connected with any particular “fuck, yeah!“ This did. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Disney’s overhaul of Darth Vader, starting with what they’ve done to his costume, but the scene where he kills every wretched enemy of the Emperor in sight with his lightsaber was a thing of beauty.

Okay, listen up

You guys have made Aunt “Three-Flavors-of-Queer” Dana angry.

Lauren Zuke was not queer baiting you.
I’m going to repeat that as many times as it takes to get it through your heads- Lauren Zuke was Not Queer Baiting You.

I think a lot of this stems from the fact that, hopefully, the people who were harassing her were young (under 20yo) and the general Tumblr Culture of calling people out without understanding all the facts because your friends are mad.

I’ve been guilty of the second, reblogging things that my friends are angry about because it matters to them. Often times, that’s a good thing. BLM, police brutality, the sexism that surrounds the woman’s soccer team’s pay, Lexa, Poussey, and how the media tried to make the guy who shot the Pulse club gay as opposed to someone infiltrating safe spaces to kill more efficiently. These are all good and important things to talk about.

What’s not a good thing to do is to go to a creator’s personal social media sites and harass them for your ship not being immediately canon. 

Steven Universe was created by a Bi woman who hired a very diverse team of queers and POC and I can promise you that they are NOT queer baiting you. 

This is queer baiting

THIS is queer baiting

This is NOT queer baiting

This is slow burn. This is ‘there are many possibilities for all the characters on this show to be in relationships’ and, at it’s heart, the show is ABOUT relationships. It’s about being open, and building trust and creating something new or better. It’s about learning and growing with others, as a person.

The show is full of NB Female-Pronoun using people, who, with the exception of Rose, are exclusively attracted to other NB Female-Pronoun using people. This is literally the exact opposite of queer baiting.

Queer baiting is pretending that two characters might form a relationship because it attracts the demographic and never making it a reality.

Steven universe has already shown that queer relationships are a reality- Garnet being the number one shining example but let’s not forget Pearl mournfully singing about her lost love on a balcony in a tux.

I’m angry. I’m angry that a handful of you decided to harass another queer person because you wanted a ship to be canon when we have a full two seasons already un-aired and possibly more for renewal. I’m angry that you didn’t even pause to think that the person you were yelling at was a human being, a queer person who has written about how sad she gets when she sees young queers fight each other online over ships. A queer person who was TRYING to bring representation to children’s prime time media- something that just 20 years ago was LITERALLY impossible. And I’m speaking from experience, since in the American dub of Sailor Moon they made Uranus and Neptune cousins as opposed to girlfriends.

So, next time you think that it’s a good fucking idea to yell at people who are just trying to help, politely shut the actual fuck up. Thanks.

mutual-curiosity  asked:

Not sure if you saw bc tumblr isn't the most efficient site, but I @'d you in some meta I wrote if you're at all interesting in reading. I'm new to the fandom so I need ppl to yell with lol

Hey I think tumblr actually messed up because I didn’t see any @ noti lately even though I know I’ve been tagged. So if you could message me a link to the post that’d be great.

These just can’t wait to go to flower.

One pot with a grape can sustain much more plant life than just the main crop. This pot has a grape, a strawberry, a seedling citrus and these crocus in it. In summer there was even a sunflower growing in this pot, but since its winter it does not longer live. Letting it grow may also not have been the most sensible decision nutrient-wise, because sunflowers are very greedy.  You can also plant claytonia and rocket under your grapes, or other quick leafs i suspect. Maybe purslane. 

Anyway, it’s a efficient creating some undergrowth of edibles than growing them in another pot.

anonymous asked:

She deserves better than you, you've had years to prove me wrong and haven't shown you deserve her at all

Hello anon!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re the same anon who messaged my fiancée @hopelesslydimwitted a few years ago to tell them that they can’t date an atheist because I’ll force my lack of religion onto them. (Which I never did and still don’t, because I respect their choice of religion and they respect my lack of religion.)

I’m also going to assume that because you messaged me on anon, you PROBABLY didn’t want Baillie to know! But if you want to judge our relationship so bad, shouldn’t you get off of anon and talk to both of us in a group chat or something? It’s much more efficient at finding out how much we “deserve each other” than sending anon asks on tumblr, and you don’t have to wait “years” either.

Moving on though!

1) If you’re trying to judge how much I deserve Baillie through what I post on tumblr, you’re straight out of luck, because I’m not the type of person who flaunts off my relationship 24/7. So you probably don’t have enough evidence to support your claim anyway.

1.1) This leads me to the possibility that you could also just be a random anon trying to start shit and aren’t related to that previous anon at all. If so, props for trying, it didn’t work. Ignore the rest if this is true.

1.1.1) On the chance that you are that same anon, then you’ve known Baillie for at least 4.5years, and you should REALLY try talking to them about your concerns instead of randomly messaging me, and if you’re still not satisfied, then the three of us can have a group chat.

2) Have you been like lurking on my blog or something to go “you’ve had years to prove me wrong”? I have months where I don’t even show up on here.

3) If your claim is “if you really loved them, you’d have converted to Christianity for them,” fuck off. Here’s the thing. I was Catholic when we met, some things happened, and I lost my faith. They saw this and their faith got stronger. Our relationship works because we both respect each others’ decision and don’t try to force our beliefs onto the other. Trust me, if that were happening, from either side, we wouldn’t be together.

4) If your claim is “If you really loved them, you’d have moved closer already,” fuck off. Tell that to my homophobic parents who want me in their house til I’m 30 and tell that to the economy. I can barely afford in-state tuition, and I love Baillie, but I’m not going to go down being in debt for years on a teacher salary. Besides, we’ve been LDR forever, we know how to make it work.

5) If your claim is “If you really loved them, you would post more about them all the time,” fuck off. It’s our relationship, we have every right to decide how public or private it is.

6) If your claim is (to quote Queen B) “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it,” we did. Back in November.

7) If your claim is “You should break up because same sex relationships put you in Hell,” maybe lead with that next time. It has no effect because I’m atheist and don’t believe in Hell, but y’know. It’s a better attention getter.

8) If your claim is not listed, send another message and we’ll see.

I hope this cleared up some of your questions, anon! 

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering how you managed to, in your Masterlist, put a character's name (for example, Ramsay) and have that link to every post you've made about that character? I'm trying to figure out how to do it because it seems really efficient and I'd like to have it on my blog. Okay, thanks.

Okay, I’ll try to explain it haha

go to edit theme, scroll down to where you “add a page” and then you get the box that has the link symbol…it looks like an 8 but side ways. You click the “8″ and type in your url

For example, 

mine would be….

and then you would add tagged/

and then the characters name.

For example,

mango being last name and mandarin as the second

(mango mandarin is actually just my lotion, btw lololol)

And…that’s pretty much it. Here’s a link in case that confused you in anyway! :)

There is a lot of speculation as to why dolphins jump out of the water. Some people think they are looking for food by spotting seagulls or pelicans fishing. Some think they are communicating with other dolphins. Some even think that it’s more energy efficient to travel through the air versus the water ! (If that were true they’d have feathers !)😁

I think some people think too much. If you ever get a chance to, watch dolphins riding the bow wave of ships, they are obviously doing it just because it’s fun !

INTP Procrastination
  • is all about… it´s hard to explain, actually
  • made Immanuel Kant successful - it took him 12 years to write… the most famous book of philosophy! lmao
  • is Oscar-worthy (despite the fact that it doesn´t involve any acting)
  • encompasses a trade-off between being efficient and wanting to make things perfect? 
  • links to having so many possibilites (Ne) and thoughts (Ti) that won´t end. An infinite brainstorm, basically
  • roots in the assumption that we get things done quickly when focused
  • sucks
  • is a distinctive character trait. And now, let the nature VS nurture debate begin
  • destroys schedules since Descartes
  • creates good tumblr posts in the meantime
  • makes professors wonder how genius their INTP student actually is
  • or actually, how badass
  • is what Bill Gates wants in a Microsoft employee (“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”)
  • always makes the INTP wiser…
  • ….yet they will go on procrastinating anyway
  • is stressful for everyone involved
  • and has caused many emotional breakdowns, trust me
  • actually prevents the apocalypse!! 
  • is sexy
  • is fabulous
  • is inevitable
  • can be so powerful that even an ESTJ will have to slow down wow ok
  • will always be interpreted as idleness by others. We gotta deal with that
  • governs every aspect of the INTP life 
  • makes our enemies go mad
  • and helps others to keep up with us     
  • is the INTP´s best friend.     

- Love, Admin Ti                                                       

I'm about to get personal but,

I get a lot of messages about people feeling down on themselves because of a grade they got and that is not what studyblr is about. It is not a cult of people who only get straight A’s or get a 2400 on the SAT. Studyblr is a community on tumblr that is about encouraging others to do the best they can in school and be efficient in the ways that they study. I am growing up in a household were a b is unacceptable and that should not be how it is. Your grades do not define your work ethic. Your grades do not define how hard you tried. Your grades do not show that you paid for a homeless mans lunch yesterday. Your grades can’t show how you stood up for someone yesterday. Is getting good grades something you should strive for? Of course! But should you sink into a dark place because you got a 76 instead of a 99? No. I have sunk into a dark place because of my parents reactions to a bad grade. I have harmed myself because of a reaction to a bad grade and a feeling of being a failure. If any single one of you ever feel bad about yourself because of a grade I want you to think of all the things you got right not what you got wrong. And if anyone one of you ever feel bad enough that you want to hurt yourself because of a grade you message me right away.

Tumblr isn’t any more radically progressivist than a large number of previously existing communities and academic circles have been for decades upon decades but it may seem like we’re “out of control” and “overly politically correct” to you fucks because we’re finally adding bulk support to these progressive ideas through the convenience of social media’s (especially tumblr’s) remarkably quick methods of spreading media content through a populace. Now that media content concerning social justice reaches more of society more efficiently, bigots are freaking out that they’re being held responsible on a wider scale and generalizing entire websites as “irrationally liberal” despite that their “ridiculous” ideas are 100% not new at all and are based in centuries of observation and rational thinking.

People are now coming on tumblr and being exposed to all corners of activism movements and being forced to consider their privileges in entirely new ways and right now it’s baffling them, but whenever this happens in history, the bigots lose. When women wanted the right to vote, men were shocked and thought we shouldn’t have to let all kinds of people decide their own futures, but now women voting is so mundane. Maybe 100 years from now, complete social activism won’t be treated like something absurd, as it currently is.



 I’m  looking for a new rendering style that feels “me”, while also being time efficient so I can output more cleaner looking stuff. I feel self conscious that a lot of my work stays as uncolored sketches. I liked the direction for my girlfriend’s gift pic so I did that style again &  used Manga Studio to ink this time. I like the way the mechanical pencil tool’s lines look. I’m enjoying the results so far. I may stay up late to draw Veil/Gem spring pic just because I’m excited about it now <3.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently watched this TED talk by Kelly McGonigal titled "How to make stress your friend". I especially like what she says at the end, "... chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort... trust yourself to handle the stress that follows." I wanted to share it on tumblr because I believe it could benefit a lot of your followers! P.S. I love your blog! (It was published in 2013, but can be found under psychology in the topics section under watch.)

I just watched this and y'all can watch it here if you want. 

I found this to be pretty interesting. I’ve never really seen stress as all bad–generally we need a little bit of stress to function at peak efficiency.