because this is literally the quickest i can work

Fall Garden Unfucking

Starting Point:

I’ve come to the realization this is going to be something I have to do at least twice a year, unless I can figure out a way to stop the weeds from coming back (and somehow I doubt that).  Part of the problem, as you can see below, is that along the fence, the weeds are actually coming from both sides.  And not only do I not have control over what goes on next door, but nobody does, as the house has been empty since I moved in.

I posted closer-up shots of the Invasion of the Weeds here.  Up above is just a general overview of what I started out with.  Not terrible, but if I didn’t do something, it could get that way.

I couldn’t tell you how much time I actually spent working.  I did it in spurts, largely because it involved a lot of bending and sweeping and my back doesn’t like that very much.

But after day 1, in which I spent at least 2 hours outside (even if I wasn’t actively working the whole 2 hours), I had this:

No, the bin doesn’t live there but I left it there for the time being.

I’m trying the boiling water method of killing the weeds.  Obviously it’s too early to know whether it’s been any help or not, but I figured it was the simplest, cheapest, and quickest (since I can boil nearly 2 liters of water in my kettle in like 2 minutes) method to start with.

Aaaand this is what I have after day 2:

Tidy garden, complete with garden gnomecat.

The bins have been sent to their usual homes.

It may be green and mossy, but it’s weed-free (at least for the moment) and swept!  (I even moved all of my plant pots to sweep and hot-water the areas behind and under them.)